Justin Amash

Justin Amash Introduces Bill To End Forever National Emergencies

Current law can allow the president to route around Congress indefinitely.


Today Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.) unveiled the National Emergencies Reform Act, a bill to rein in presidential statutory control over emergency powers.

Under current law, the executive office can invoke a national emergency to enact a policy that lawmakers might otherwise reject. Such a declaration can go on without an end in sight: The National Emergencies Act (NEA) currently holds that an "emergency" is only over when the president says it is, or when Congress passes a veto-proof resolution.

Of the 69 national emergencies declared since the NEA's inception in 1976, 35 are still ongoing. Seven originated with President Donald Trump, 10 with President Barack Obama, 11 with President George W. Bush, and six with President Bill Clinton. The remaining one dates back to the reign of Jimmy Carter.

Amash's legislation would automatically sunset an emergency declaration after 60 days unless a simple majority of Congress votes to keep it alive. If Congress is unable to meet during that timeframe, it would have 48 hours to approve its continuation once it reconvenes.

"Going back to the Framers of the Constitution, Americans have recognized the president's inherent power as chief executive to act swiftly and unilaterally in an emergency. But such power exists only so long as Congress has no opportunity to act," Amash explained in a statement. "Laws like the National Emergencies Act are not—and, under our Constitution, cannot be—grants of legislative powers to the president. Too often, emergencies are being invoked without appropriate justification, and the transition of power back to Congress isn't happening. My bill will restore constitutional balance to these situations by limiting the duration of presidential emergency declarations without restricting the president's ability to act in true emergencies."

Most of the emergency declarations involve foreign sanctions. But not all of them: Trump, for instance, used the NEA to divert $8 billion for a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border, money Congress had declined to appropriate. It was the first time a president had successfully used the NEA to nab some taxpayer dollars after getting a "no" from the legislature. It was also the first time that both the Senate and the House approved a resolution to end an emergency declaration, though Trump refused to sign it. The so-called emergency is still ongoing.

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104 responses to “Justin Amash Introduces Bill To End Forever National Emergencies

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    2. Well Trump might actually sign this legislation, because it probably won’t affect him, just Biden. But in order to get it passed he probably needs to head fake congress, maybe by threatening to invoke a national emergency to end all the state shutdowns. Then congress will rush to pass it, thinking he’ll veto it, then he can sign it.

  3. What a concept. Congresscritter reclaims a role for Congress

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  4. 8 years he was there. 1 month he leaves. The timing is suspicious.

    1. He’s gotta think about his legacy! One hundred years from now, people will remember 2020 as the year when Congressman Justin Amash stood up against the national security agencies.

      1. But stood up for the IC.

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    2. He’s not running for re-election and pissed off the entire GOP before leaving it a few months ago. Now he’s a lame duck independent with no allies, no one even has to pretend to take him seriously.

      I appreciate his recent legislative ideas, but he knows they’re not even going to get voted on. I’m not sure what he’s trying to accomplish, but if it were bringing these ideas into the national conversation the time to do it was before he supported the coup, not now.

      1. He refused to compromise his values and accomplished nothing in Congress, like a good libertarian politician should do.

        1. Refusing to compromise values at all just means you want everyone to agree with yours and only your views. It ironically requires an authoritarian action to accomplish. Libertarians would do better to realize sometimes baby steps towards liberty accomplish more than stomping ones feet in place.

          1. Give me liberty or give me statism!
            t. Libertarian Party

          2. At least Libertarian values are about embracing individual freedom as the primary concern. If we have to dictate to others to prevent them from trampling our rights then so be it. I never gave my consent for these oppressive laws and demands nor was it asked. Id rather be principled when they come for my then to submit and say ok this time. People are afraid of responsibility and choice, and just want free things given. The left more than the right in this political game especially.

            1. Someone call the cops! I found another sovereign citizen on the board!

              1. Been reading alot of Spooner lately, i think its rubbed off.

              2. I believe it’s called a sanctuary citizen. If cities can be sanctuary cities and choose not to enforce laws than shouldn’t individuals have the same ability?

          3. no one has ever accomplished fundamental change by going along with it. Someone needs to stand up and make a stand.

          4. “baby steps” Like the Communists have done in the Dem Party.

      2. Identify the senators and representatives that do not pal around with the status quo. Marco Rubio, Amash, Gabbard, AOC, etc. working together, they can form a bloc that the sum is greater than the parts.

    3. hey, at least he’s doing it to stop Biden, not Trump.

  5. Go Justin!

    1. I forget. Did Justin Amash or Bernie Sanders have the renaming a post office as his main legislative achievement in Congress?

      1. Justin has 2.

      2. That was Beto.

      3. Since when do libertarians recognize “number of bills passed” as some sort of achievement?

        I don’t care how many bills he may or may not have passed. I only care about the quality of the bills put forth, and this one is Grade A.

  6. How dare Amash try to take power away from Great Leader at the very moment he is poised for his second four year term! He’s a Kulak and Wrecker and traitor to this Grate Nation!

    1. Try? There is no try for Amash. Only can’t. See his actual legislative history. He preens, that is all he does.

    2. >Great Leader
      Biden isn’t President yet.

    3. Just like he did when Obama declared a dozen national emergencies, most of which are still in effect. Remember how you shit your drawers for that entire 8 year period and the libertarian hero Justin Amash bravely spake truth to power? Yeah, me neither.

  7. “Current law can allow the president to route around Congress indefinitely.”

    And Congress has been so effective in dealing with the current emergency, right?

    1. They somehow have managed to spend what 3+ Trillion in the last few months with another trillion coming up. Spending money, the one thing democrats and republicans can agree on.

      1. Economists: The economy is flat on its back after all the lockdowns.
        Congress: Let’s borrow another 3 trillion, that’ll fix it.

  8. So the left will fight it since Joe Biden won, and the right will bow to the left cause they’re pussies. I guess time will tell.

  9. I thought dictatorial powers were great as long as the right dictator is in charge. What could possibly go wrong?

    1. Good thing the non federalist won isnt it.

    2. I thought dictatorial powers were great as long as the right dictator is in charge.

      That was your literal argument when you were gargling Biden’s nuts for the last year and a half and also for the entire 8 year Obama presidency. Remember how pens and phones were awesomesauce and executive orders were the permanent and irrevocable law of the land? Oh what am I saying. Of course you don’t. You barely remember which hole you fucked your daughter in this morning while you were blackout drunk at 9 AM.

  10. So Billy, what emergencies did Obama, Bush, Clinton and Carter declare that are still in effect? You only mention Trump. Kind of slanted there aren’t you?

    1. No shit. Only talking about the sitting president? Jeez.

      1. Well we are definitely never going to talk about Harris Biteme except in low tones and in awe maybe they can win a Nobel for just being. All hail!

        1. While you’re seeing the future here, got any stock tips? I hear companies growing legal weed are going gangbusters!

          1. Good old Sarc, always shilling for the democrats. You’re such a libertarian.

            1. Just sad at this point.

          2. That is literally a guarantee. They are already declaring as much climate change emergency powers as they can dummy.

  11. should have shown him unmasked for this story.

    1. Anyone who willingly wears a mask thinking it works is woke dumbass.

      1. Anyone who refuses to wear a mask because of politics is an inconsiderate asshole or a conservative. But I repeat myself.

        1. So leftists are hypocritical tyrants who are ok with rules for thee and not for me?

          1. I dunno, ask one.

            1. Dont need too. Plenty of leftist politicians have shown exactly those behaviors with covid. Rules for thee not for me.

              1. Is that only limited to leftists? I thought that was a basic rule of government.

                1. Youre the one that made it politically sided by calling out only conservatives. Call out both parties for their horseshit. And yes, both sides do it.

                  1. In this case I believe it to be appropriate. Refusal to wear a mask is conservative virtue signaling. What politicians do is a non-sequitur.

                    1. Virtue siganling. So trying to gain admiration from others for your actions. conservatives arent doing because theyre trying to garner praise from other conservatives,. Its because in the public sphere no one has a right to tell you to wear a mask.

                    2. Lol. Understanding your own inherent risks, asymptomatic spread not being real (ask the WHO in the latest report) , etc is conservative. Lol. God damn statist.

                    3. OBEY! SUBMIT! TRUST THE GOVERNMENT! If you question anything you are told and do not immediately OBEY SUBMIT AND TRUST THE GOVERNMENT you are a conservative virtue signaler! I mean who other than a mean girl inconsiderate asshole right winger would dare to walk around during a respiratory virus and not cover their face with an utterly ineffective paper or cloth mask as mandated by the government? REAL libertarians do what they are told!

                  2. Rather a red herring.

        2. As a progressive libertarian, I plan on wearing my “Black Trans Lives Matter” mask even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

          1. I use the disposable blue ones and refuse to by a cloth mask because to me doing so is to accept this as right or even permanent.

            1. Yet above you call people assholes for the same. Grow up statist.

              1. Aw, how cute!

                JesseAz’s Word Of The Day calendar had “statist” for December twenty first and now he’s trying to use it in as many sentences as possible!

                It’s almost as adorable as his first steps!

                1. You should commit suicide.

                2. Aw, how cute!

                  sarcasmic the bootlicking pathetic state-worshiping pussy got called out for saying two utterly and completely contradictory things within 5 minutes of each other and is throwing a bitch fit tantrum about it!

                  It’s almost as adorable as the first time he fucked his underage daughter in a drunken stupor!

        3. can I refuse to wear a mask because of not politics?

          1. Still makes you an asshole. I’ve got some frail elderly people in my family. Most of us do. Refusing to wear a mask is like saying “Fuck you I don’t care if I get you sick and cause your death.” Of course many people here would put that on a shirt and wear it with pride.

            1. >>Refusing to wear a mask is like saying

              “I don’t want to shackle my face because *some* scientists think it will help when *most* don’t. I remember the lessons of The Twilight Zone”

              1. It’s all about listening to the “right” scientists. You know the ones that fit my narrtive.

                1. It’s about showing respect for old people who can actually die from this shit.

                  1. Well then they should do whatever they think they need to so they don’t get sick. But they don’t get to rule my life. Why don’t you go troll Cuomo since you’re so concerned about old people getting sick.

                  2. He won’t, because Sarc is a lying hypocrite shitweasel. It’s all about the progressive narrative with him.

            2. Of you have no understanding of science you would be right.

              1. Sarc is pretty stupid. He probably wouldn’t be a progressive if he had any brains.

            3. Honest question. Do you blindly accept all “expert opinions” on TV with no research or questioning? You have 9 months of models to back you up. I have 9 months of data and 50 years of research with actual studies to back me up.

              Masks do Jack shit. Any effect is negligible. For 5 decades this was accepted. Masks are for bacteria. Current infection rates have no correlation to mask policies.

              You talk about virtue signaling? Lol. God damn statist.

              1. I respect people who believe things that may be false because I’m not an asshole like you.

                1. Respect has evolved to enabling them to craft public policy that is flat out idiotic. It’s more important to shout them down and crush their bad premise than it is to humor them out of ‘respect’.

                2. I respect people who believe things that may be false because I’m not an asshole like you.

                  You literally went with YOU’RE KILLING MUH GRANNY as your argument for supporting mask mandates and told anyone who disagrees that they are evil assholes, but yeah, you’re the reasonable guy who respects others.

              2. Have you gotten a shop that does silk screening to make that shirt for you yet?

        4. What if you refuse to wear a mask because it’s medically ineffective and only serves to frighten you and people around you?

          1. Then you’re an idiot. And an asshole.

            1. Luckily that’s my right, or at least it ought to be.

            2. And he goes full tony. I’m sorry your parents told you lief was without risks. Go hide under the bed.

              1. My parents are old, and they believe others wearing masks protects them from something fatal. Lot’s of people believe that. History will tell us who is right. In the mean time I’m not going to be a disrespectful prick like you.

                1. Anyone who doesn’t indulge the fantasies of believers is an asshole, even if they never interact with said believers.

                  Am I an asshole for eating a enjoying a delicious pork chop because Jews and Muslims exist somewhere, possibly even within sight of me?

                  1. Sarc is a lost cause. I choose to counsel him towards suicide as that is the best option for him.

                2. My parents are old, and they believe that black people should drink from separate fountains. Lots of people believe that. History will tell us who is right. In the mean time, I’m not going to be a disrespectful prick like you. Just drink from your separate fountain, nigger. It’s the law.

        5. Lol. You were against mask mandates just a month ago dipshit. Also you know Jack shit about science. Lastly you suck at statistics as mask policies don’t correlate with infection rates at all. God damn statist.

          1. I’m still against mandates, dipshit. However I respect that lots of people believe stupid shit, and I don’t want to stir the pot. At least not at the grocery store. I’m not going to be like you and refuse to wear and then go around coughing in the faces of old people. That is what you do, right? I mean, if masks are bull and the virus is a hoax, it’s your conservative duty to spit on people.

            1. “I’m not going to be like you and refuse to wear and then go around coughing in the faces of old people. That is what you do, right? I mean, if masks are bull and the virus is a hoax, it’s your conservative duty to spit on people.”
              I remember why I stopped hanging around here for awhile. Stupid shit like this, sad.

            2. So you used to walk up to old people and cough on them. Only stopping a month ago. You really are a stupid piece of shit. I’ve gone through my whole life and managed never to walk up to anyone, regardless of age, in public and cough on them.

              But you are you, so it’s understandable that you do such moronic things.

              1. Well bear in mind that sarcasmic gets piss drunk by 9 AM every day and then fucks his underage daughter every other weekend. It’s hard for him to imagine that normal people don’t do idiotic shit like he does.

            3. I’m still against mandates, dipshit.

              You just think anyone who fails to comply with them is a right wing terrorist asshole who is killing your granny?

              I’m not going to be like you and refuse to wear and then go around coughing in the faces of old people. That is what you do, right? I mean, if masks are bull and the virus is a hoax, it’s your conservative duty to spit on people.

              Hey remember the lecture you delivered the other day on false dichotomies right after you had constructed one yourself?

  12. Better 14 days, and the executive declaration must be approved by the same level legislative body exactly as proclaimed, or it expires and can not be re-issued.

  13. I always wondered why they didn’t just ban emergencies.

  14. Mr Amash:

    Please come back to your home state of Michigan and implant this idea with our legislators. We desperately need this at the state level to try to stop the Wicked Witch of the Midwest, Gretchen Whitmer, from using these the outrageous precedents she has set with Covid to punish us in future “emergencies”, as well as for the balance of Covid. According to her, the legislature is a “deliberative body” and cannot be consulted to make rules on an “emergency” that’s now been going on for the better (worser) part of a year.

    Please help us!

    Under House Arrest in Michigan

    1. Do as your told and enjoy watching your local businesses die! Heil Whitmer!

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  16. Way to go Justin, proving again you have as much back bone as any other Republican.

  17. As if Congress ever acts responsibly. No thanks, I don’t want one guy or a bunch of guys telling me anything. This fake pandemic has shown that the people who we allow to be responsible for making the right choices don’t know squat about anything. They are all like dominoes…following each other like a herd of lost lemmings.

  18. Needed to be done earlier, way earlier. It’ll be ignored as he walks away. He leaves it up to “da peoples” to do it – as if that was ever going to happen.

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