Brickbat: Slam Dunk


In Florida, officials at Miami-Dade County Public Schools say they are investigating a substitute teacher caught on video body-slamming a student at Barbara Goleman Senior High School. The student reportedly asked to go to the restroom. Because of coronavirus restrictions, the school is limiting the number of students going to the restroom at one time. One student had already left the classroom, so the teacher, who wasn't named by local media, told the student he'd have to wait. After waiting about a half hour for the other student to return, the student who'd asked to go to the restroom got up to leave. The teacher tried to block him, and the two got into a scuffle that ended with the teacher throwing the student to the ground.

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  1. I’ll bet his parents are pissed off.

    1. Did someone leak that poop-and-scoop to you?

      Also, please note, it is better to be pissed off, than to be pissed on!

      1. Reportedly, not it you’re Trump.

        1. ‘if’

      2. If you’re a dick your always either hanging around, hard up, or pissed off.

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  3. That teacher is a hero. COVID rules are inviolable. That little grandma killer should have known to sit there next to his his classmates and piss himself like the team player science demands that he be.

    1. I’m sure he did when he hit the floor.

      1. Did the teacher at least shout “gardy loo” before the slam so that the other students could duck for cover?

    2. So the teacher was able to body-slam the student while maintaining six feet of distance?

      1. He’s got really long arms.

      2. It was Darth Vader.

    3. Holding it in is bad for the kidneys. It’s in all the medical journals.

      1. You could get uromysitisis poisoning and die.

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  6. The broken toilets (windows) theory except in reverse or something. Stress begets violence.

  7. After waiting about a half hour for the other student to return, the student who’d asked to go to the restroom got up to leave.

    I would hope he got up to go check on the student who’s been in the bathroom for half an hour. Did he fall in? Is he sick? Did he ditch school? Did he fall and hit his head and he’s laying in there bleeding out? Somebody needs to go check.

    1. Maybe his zipper got stuck. As long as he passes the test, he can spend six weeks in there if needed.

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  8. Too bad the other students didn’t beat that teacher to death with books, backpacks and anything else available at hand.

    Submission is wrong. We need to teach kids to stand up for themselves against unjust power.

    Kill a commie for mommy. Kill a commie today. -Ramones

    Start with the commie teachers and commie police.

    1. This generation has been fed a steady diet of submission to authority. There may be no hope left.

  9. The young man would have had no problem if he just said “I’m identifying as a woman today, so I am going to the girl’s room.”

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  11. The continuing mystery of Florida.

    1. I am surprised that since it was in Florida, the kid didn’t just shit on the desk.

      1. Shitting on desks; is that a Florida thing?

  12. Got me thinking about that movie Summer School, where the one kid one day one asks to go to the bathroom…

    Shoop : Hey, I remember you. Where have you been?

    Jerome Watkins : Bathroom.

    Shoop : For the last six weeks?

    Jerome Watkins : My zipper got stuck.

    I feel for the kid who waited half-an-hour, especially since the first kid might have skipped.

  13. Why didnt he just piss/shit in the corner?

    1. Go full G.G. Allin and throw it at the teacher.

  14. Way to go on the “social distancing”!

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