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Shootings, Stabbings Mar a Weekend of Pro-Trump Protests

Plus: Vaccine distribution begins, stimulus talks continue, and more...


The weekend saw ugly incidents of post-election violence at right-wing street demonstrations organized to protest President Donald Trump's "stolen" election victory.

In Washington, D.C., multiple people were stabbed and at least 33 were arrested in connection with a Saturday "Stop the Steal" protest that saw pro-Trump demonstrators boozing in the streets and vandalizing historically black churches.

Videos posted to Twitter from Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott show a contingent of Proud Boys—a right-wing group whose members are frequently in attendance at political street brawls—burning a "Black Lives Matter" banner reportedly stolen from the Asbury United Methodist Church in downtown D.C.

The church's senior pastor described seeing the immolation of the church's sign as "reminiscent of cross burnings" to The Washington Post.

The Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church also had its Black Lives Matter signs torn up by men sporting Proud Boys insignia.

A D.C. resident, 29-year-old Phillip Johnson, was arrested in connection to a stabbing incident that left four people injured, and one critically so. Police have declined to say anything about the ideology or group affiliations of either Johnson or those stabbed.

Videos posted to Twitter of the stabbing incident show one black-clad man being shouted at by a group of Proud Boys as he walks down the sidewalk. A person punches him in the head, after which the punched man appears to pull out a knife and lunge at the people around him. He's later arrested at the scene.

In Olympia, Washington, one unnamed demonstrator—described as a right-winger by the Post­­­—was arrested and charged with first-degree assault for allegedly shooting a left-wing counter-demonstrator at a rally of a few hundred people held near the Washington state capitol building. This is the second time in a little over a week that a Trump supporter has been arrested for shooting a gun at people during protests in that city.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, both chambers of the state legislature have closed their offices on Monday in response to reported threats made against Michigan's Electoral College electors, who are set to vote for President-elect Joe Biden in the state senate's chambers.

The weekend's clashes were ugly, but fortunately much more limited than the violence and vandalism that accompanied many of the George Floyd protests over the summer or the constant left/right street wars in downtown Portland.

Hopefully, with the Electoral College's vote on Monday, we can move beyond this "Stop the Steal" nonsense, and get on with hating the forthcoming Biden administration.


Discussions about another federal COVID-19 relief bill are ongoing. The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that rank-and-file members of both parties are pushing for a broad bipartisan compromise package, while congressional leadership continues to mull the idea of passing a narrower stimulus bill that doesn't include the most controversial provisions on the table.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.) has proposed excluding from a potential relief bill Republicans' proposed liability protections for businesses, which would shield them from coronavirus-related lawsuits, in exchange for Democrats agreeing to drop more state and local aid from the bill. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D–Md.) signaled openness to that idea, according to the Journal.

Other members of Congress are hoping to pass a larger $908 billion package that, in addition to liability protections and aid to states and local governments, would include a renewal of expanded federal unemployment benefits, $300 billion in aid to small businesses, and $35 billion for health care providers.


It's here! This week, Pfizer will start distributing doses of its now FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine. The New York Times has some of the details:

Early on Sunday, the first boxes of a vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech that received emergency approval from federal regulators were packed in dry ice at a Pfizer plant in Kalamazoo, Mich. Workers applauded as the first truck left the plant, the earliest wave of vaccines bound for distribution sites across all 50 states.

The first doses will go to health care workers, who could start receiving shots by Monday. Residents of nursing homes, who have suffered a disproportionate share of Covid-19 deaths, are also being prioritized and are expected to begin getting vaccinations next week.


  • The New York Post's decision to publish an exposé on a New York City paramedic running an OnlyFans account on the side is receiving near-universal condemnation.

  • The Cleveland Indians will reportedly drop their name and Native American mascot, according to ESPN. Trump is not happy about this.

  • Russian hackers have allegedly broken into the networks of several federal agencies, including the Treasury and Commerce Departments, according to Department of Homeland Security officials.
  • Germany goes back into lockdown this week in an effort to combat the surge of COVID-19 cases in that country.
  • Amazon's Zoox is out with a new, fully autonomous robotaxi.

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  1. The weekend saw ugly incidents of post-election violence at right-wing street demonstrations organized to protest President Donald Trump’s “stolen” election victory.

    If only the president had stepped out awkwardly holding up the Holy Bible.

    1. Hello.


      1. Wolverines are chickens, and are appropriately swathed in yellow, for opting out of getting thrashed by Ohio State yet again this past weekend.

        1. 20 year olds pro athletes from coast to coast are dying, literally and in droves, due to COVID. How dare you minimize the dangers they face!

          1. This is about football, not fraternity initiation rituals.

            1. I thought it was about past glory vs past glory for the right to get trucked by the SEC.

              1. Things can be two things.

        2. It was their only chance to “beat” OSU

          1. This rivalry was far more fun when we ripped the heart out of Carr’s overrated squads than the underachievers of the past decade.

            1. Is it even a rivalry anymore?

              You got one team can’t win at all and anorheer that can’t win any games that matter. It’s Gonzaga vs Santa Clara.

              1. I’d hardly equate an inability to get over the hump against Clemson with an inability to win games that matter.

                The Meyer/Day Buckeyes are good for one brain fart against an inferior opponent per year but are otherwise as advertised.

                1. “I’d hardly equate an inability to get over the hump against Clemson with an inability to win games that matter”

                  If only people who weren’t delusional fans like you agreed.

                  1. OSU was one penalty from beating Clemson. They have been in the mix for the past 20 years; only Alabama has done better over that stretch.

                2. “I’d hardly equate an inability to get over the hump against Clemson with an inability to win games that matter”

                  It’s the exact defintion of “can’t win games that matter”

                  No wonder people laugh at OSU degrees.

                  1. So… RIP Bama?

                  2. So 5-0 in non-Clemson bowl/playoff games (5-3 overall) and 17-5 against the Top-10 since Meyer arrived, with a point differential in excess of a touchdown per game. That’s a pretty good record in games that matter.

                    For reference, Bama is 8-4 and 21-6, with a slighlty better PD over the same period. By the standards being applied to OSU they also have difficulty competing in games that matter.

                    1. Damn boy you got real upset when it was pointed out you lose games that matter.

                      “So 5-0 in non-Clemson”

                      I think I see your problem chief.

                    2. Dec 28, 2019
                      L (2) Ohio State 23 (3) Clemson 29

                      2018 you weren’t even in a big game to lose

                      2017 same

                      Dec 31, 2016 (2) Ohio State 0 (3) Clemson 31 (ouch!)

                      2015 no big game (again)

                      Damn son your boys are worse than I thought.

                    3. Yeah, Clemson is a problem, as previously noted. I won’t dispute that Clemson and Bama are a cut above as far as winning the games that matter, but they’re still far behind Notre Dame and Oklahoma in terms of losing them. And yeah, you don’t know that meaningful regular season games exist because you only play one every 10 years.

                      But let’s be fair: you guys do a good job of losing meaningful games every year anyway: Clemson’s still only 2-3 in the Playoff compared to 1-2 for the Buckeyes. And, full circle, only 14-7 when facing off against a Top-10 school since 2012.

              2. except Santa Clara can’t play now, and has to quarantine for 2 weeks after any road games more than 150 miles away.

            2. Someone’s forgotten John Cooper’s record against Michigan, including Lloyd Carr. JC at OSU 1988-2000 2-10-1 against UM.

      2. WOLVERINES!

        1. Fight the Commies with every breath.

    2. “A D.C. resident, 29-year-old Phillip Johnson, was arrested in connection to a stabbing incident that left four people injured, and one critically so. Police have declined to say anything about the ideology or group affiliations of either Johnson or those stabbed.”

      So he’s a leftist.

      1. All the violence was sold the proud boys. Didn’t you read the main of the roundup??

        Just like the other media narratives this weekend. Ignore the videos of antifa/BLM assaulting older couples leaving the rally. The violence only happened because of the extreme far right. Reason told us so. They would never push a lie over facts.

        1. Its not a lie if you believe it!

        2. Pathetic.

          Why was there a demonstration at all? Because of Trump planting lies in all his little cult member’s heads.

          Fucking unpatriotic losers.

          1. Because freedom of assembly is a constitutional right. Freedom from harassment, however, is not a right because the ‘counter-protestors’ can show up to silence your constitutional right to assembly, including assaulting you, and that is perfectly fine. Because, you know, they are smarter and know more about how everyone should behave than you do. The MSM will support your ‘counter-protest’ as a lawful right.

          2. Piss off WK.
            You just spent six months gaslighting for the Antifa rioters, and now when one you’re boys get stabby at a protest, it’s suddenly the protesters fault?
            Fuck you.

          3. “…Because of Trump planting lies in all his little cult member’s heads…”

            Guy’s magic, isn’t he?

          4. “couple times a month”

          5. Haha. Yeah. Lefty losers never demonstrate.

            What a doosh.

        3. Trump supporters “inciting violence” again.

      2. Some people did something

    3. The church’s senior pastor described seeing the immolation of the church’s sign as “reminiscent of cross burnings” to The Washington Post

      “”Thou shalt have no other gods before Me””

      1. Ask him about burning american flags or desecration of statues.

        1. There goes that good ol’ GOP water carriers’ anthem:

          watabout watabout watabout

          What about attacking several historically black churches?

          Going full on KKK, and thinking we won’t notice.

          Disgusting. Pathetic. Losers.

          1. If all the kkk did was burn signs things would be a lot different.

            It’s too bad you’re too ignorant to see that

          2. Nobody attacked the church you mendacious fifty-center.

            And never forget that the KKK was 100% Democrats, and the literal Blackshirts playing Kristallnacht all summer were your kids too.

            You’re so fucking dishonest.

          3. Nobody remembers the KKK for burning crosses. It’s the other stuff they did that made people a bit more upset.

          4. Haha. Yeah. White people are terrible.

      2. The church’s senior pastor described seeing the immolation of the church’s sign as “reminiscent of cross burnings” to The Washington Post.

        It’s so weird that it didn’t remind him of BLM looting and burning out black owned businesses a few weeks ago.

        1. That’s because Black Lives only matter when they’re killed by a white person, preferably a cop.

          1. Such a utilitarian.

      3. By saying thou shall have no other gads is admittance that there are other gods. Problem is we got the wrong one sometimes? Wish I knew for sure.

        1. No it really isn’t.

          1. it either means there are other gods or all the gods are made up, including the one demanding no other gods.

            1. The Science says there are no Gods. So settled…

              1. All hail the settled Science!

                “In 2(a) we dipped the divine litmus paper in the foundational æther, and found it had turned blue indicating that no gods were present in the sample. After repeating the process in several other samples, we can conclude…”

              2. Science says the Universe was created out of nothing. It’s the same story as Creation.

                1. Some of the theories of space consisting of nothing but logical relationships are getting awfully close to it being somebody’s idea, too.

            2. Not really, and that would be more an argument against the English translation rather than the original text.

            3. “it either means there are other gods or all the gods are made up, including the one demanding no other gods.”

              Ok so it was your sockpuopet.

              No it doesn’t mean that at all.

      4. It will be more difficult to argue that progressive in-group beliefs are not cult-like after this interpretation. But, the canard will be trotted out ad infinitum.

    4. They were mostly peaceful, though.

      1. The Proud Boys clearly don’t care about anything other than fucking up Antifart vermin; if they were down with property damage, it would have gotten a hell of a lot worse.

    5. At least it was mostly peaceful.

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  2. Poor unreason.

    Trump’s second term as president on Jan 20,2021 cant come soon enough.

    1. Get your TRUMP 2024! ASCII art ready, just in case.

      1. Trump can’t run in 2024 because he will have his second term as president 2021-2025.

        SCOTUS election fraud cases against Democrats still pending on Electoral vote day. I wonder what will happen.

        1. There must be some 22nd Amendment solution to the third term problem. Maybe Ted Cruz can figure it out by then.

    2. The problem is that it won’t come at all.

      Sorry, lc1789, absent a nuclear attack on DC, demented Joe will be sworn in.

      1. SCOTUS still have election fraud cases to hear and more coming up the appellate track.

        It will be funny that Democrats think they have won by election fraud and constitutional violations of election law because the Electors vote today.

        Remember in Jan 2017, when Democrat Congressmen challenged the Electoral College vote? Neither does the media.

        1. Seriously- I implore you- GET HELP.

          Your delusions are insane.

          1. Poor unreason.

            The tears of Lefties as Trump’s second term as President moves closer, are delicious.

            12th Amendment here we come!

            1. What part of this is driving you?

              The Electors shall meet in their respective states and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves; they shall name in their ballots the person voted for as President, and in distinct ballots the person voted for as Vice-President, and they shall make distinct lists of all persons voted for as President, and of all persons voted for as Vice-President, and of the number of votes for each, which lists they shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the seat of the government of the United States, directed to the President of the Senate;-The President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted;-The person having the greatest Number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice. And if the House of Representatives shall not choose a President whenever the right of choice shall devolve upon them, before the fourth day of March next following, then the Vice-President shall act as President, as in the case of the death or other constitutional disability of the President-The person having the greatest number of votes as Vice-President, shall be the Vice-President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed, and if no person have a majority, then from the two highest numbers on the list, the Senate shall choose the Vice-President; a quorum for the purpose shall consist of two-thirds of the whole number of Senators, and a majority of the whole number shall be necessary to a choice. But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.

              1. Yup. Election count wont be what you think it is because of massive Democrat election fraud.

                12th Amendment. Every state gets 1 vote.

                1. Yeah, how did every other prediction you guys made about lawsuits go for you? How did the Supreme Court case brought forth by Texas go for you? LOLZ

                  1. I said the SCOTUS would hear an election case.

                    Two election cases pending in SCOTUS from PA.

                    What else do you unreason staff got?

          2. Remember when Lefties spent the last 4 years delusional?

            Yeah neither does unreason.

            The Constitution Strikes Again!

    3. In a way I admire your consistency. But it seems that ship has sailed. At point would you concede that Biden will be President?

      1. The only date mentioned in Constitution is Inauguration Day, Jan 20 at noon. Let’s go with that.

        I don’t think Democrats and their Commie hacks at unreason will like Trump’s second Inauguration Day Jan 20, 2021.

        1. You’re coming off as a self-parody now dude.
          Weren’t you saying last week that the SC was going to rule in Trump’s favor in the Texas case?
          I’m not a leftie. It just seems like you’re grasping at straws at this point.

          1. Poor unreason.

            The SCOTUS will hear one case evidently it wasnt the Texas case.

            12th Amendment here we come! The Constitution strikes again.

            1. I just don’t know where you’re getting your certainty, as the SC has been unanimous in declining to hear the previous cases.
              Do you have some insider on the SC who’s feeding you information?

              1. Your citations fell off.

                Thomas and Alito dissented to not hearing the Texas v. Georgia et al case.

                Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Boockvar

                Linked with Scarnati v. Pennsylvania Democratic Party

                These Petitions with the SCOTUS are still pending.

                1. My expectation is that the other cases might get up to 3 to hear them. The Court simply doesn’t want to open this can of worms.

                  It’s funny, there’s a Reason video running right next to this comment box, about a legislator afraid that she’ll be fire bombed if if she is public about opposing Trump supporters.

                  But who spent all summer firebombing things? Wasn’t Trump supporters…

                  1. I would think the SCOTUS would just consolidate all the election cases unless they will issue a decision for each state. Since more than just MI, WI, PA, and GA had serious election issues, I just dont see a state by state decision matrix.

                    I suspect a 12th Amendment kick the can situation which puts the election “blame” on Congress and not the SCOTUS. There is too much evidence of widespread election fraud and unconstitutional changes to election laws to ignore.

            2. You’re like a really bad psychic. Changing the goalposts literally every time. “Oh wait, wait, thats not what I was referring to…”

              1. poor unreason bots.

        2. No it isn’t, but never mind.

      2. He could take a page from the left and simply state, as they have, that the election was illegitimate, all actions carried out by the administration are both illegitimate and unlawful, and so forth, no?

    4. There will be no second term. Get over it.

      1. Poor Lefties. They demand non-Lefties accept their criminal conduct but Democrats never “get over it”.

        12th Amendment here we come!

        1. I’m no lefty. I would have preferred to see both Trump and Biden lose (Yes, I know the system is set up so that’s not possible).

          1. Anarchyland from the ashes!

        2. Yeah, dude. Pretty soon you will be the only non-leftie left if you keep going like this.

          1. Youre so funny Zeb. You really care what I think of you when I challenge you dipshits on here.

            Hardly anyone is left that challenges unreason. Plenty of unreason bots and Useful unreason apologists though.

            It is extra funny that Lefties have failed in all their plans but this massive Democrat election fraud scheme will work…this time!

            1. Nah, you’re just a goof and it’s kind of funny when you call anyone who doubts that Trump will be sworn in for a second term a “lefty”. You haven’t challenged me. I haven’t said anything one way or another about the election challenges. I’d like it if you were right, but I just don’t see that happening.

    5. This must have been how Christians felt during the first few years after Jesus died. He’s coming back. I just know it.

      1. Some people give into to Lefty media lies. Some people don’t.

        Today is EC voting day.
        Jan 6 is EC counting day.
        Jan 20 is inauguration day.

        The SCOTUS will hear one election case. I wonder which day they will issue their decision to void state EC votes and send this for a 12th Amendment vote.

        Someone has to be the voice of opposition to unreason Commie lies covering up the largest election fraud in US history.

        1. It is cute that some people consider EC voting day the absolute end.
          Even though there is an EC vote counting day where EC votes can be challenged by Congressmen.

          But hey, let’s just do what the Commies who run unreason, the MSM, and Democrats Party say. That has never caused us problems.

          1. I hadn’t heard that EC votes counted in the Senate could be challenged. But who knows? It would make for great theater.

            BTW, will this be the new Senate, likely 51-49 R-D? If so, Biden is sure to win…..Romney, Collins, Murkoski.

            1. The EC votes from states are counted in a Joint Session of Congress.

              Democrats challenged the 2016 EC votes.

              12th Amendment gives every state 1 vote.

          2. ahhhh that’s where you set those goalposts down at.

            let me know when you want help moving them again. 12 hours from now?

            Sure no problem. A few of us will come back on Jan 6 and Jan 20th (after your fat messiah is carted out of WH and into the annals of history as the biggest embarrassment this country has seen). We can help you move them posts to whatever the next marker is kiddo 😉 Dont you worry.

            Good luck with your treason. Sorry, those that lose in a landslide dont get to stay in power, not in America anyways. Maybe you would be more comfortable in a banana republic, and should move there ASAP

            1. Parody. Try to keep up.

            2. Poor unreason. You know whats coming.

              12th Amendment here we come!

              1. Scarnati v. Pennsylvania Democratic Party and Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Boockvar still pending before SCOTUS.

            3. You know what’s hilarious about you and bullshitdinners’ responses to this guy? I haven’t responded to a single post he’s made for several years; what’s the fun in engaging someone who’s clearly kayfabing? But you people get off so hard on being outraged that you literally can’t help yourselves. Your ego DEMANDS that you try; even when you think you’re winning some sort of game with smug mockery, he’s owning you by virtue of the fact that you’re even bothering.

              It’s seriously funny that this lolcow owns you like this. I thought the 13th Amendment was supposed to prevent that sort of thing.

              1. What’s actually hilarious is that due to the ridiculous actual beliefs espoused by Trump supporters, no one is actually sure if lc is parody or not.

                I think he is not.

                4 years ago I would have said parody.

                1. You’re not one to talk Mr. Russian hackers.

                2. poor unreason staffers.

                  1. So you are parody?

            4. “…(after your fat messiah is carted out of WH and into the annals of history as the biggest embarrassment this country has seen)…”

              TDS is, seemingly, and icurable disease among the assholes of this world.

  3. Discussions about another federal COVID-19 relief bill are ongoing.

    Now that the ongoing financial suffering is no longer needed to end Trump.

    1. Trump could have put together a reasonable aid package, got all the GOP behind it, and presented it to the House. That is what a normal president would have done. Then it would have been up to to the House to pass or reject it. But the GOP could not agree among themselves what they would accept and Trump was on the sidelines.

      1. Aid for what Commie sympathizer?

      2. They passed a 500 billion dollar package that Nancy killed dumbass. That was still too much. But you’re mad they didn’t spend more.

      3. Trump could have put together a reasonable aid package

        The executive branch crafts legislation now?

        1. And Tony was misunderstanding federalism last night.
          These guys don’t even know what they’re arguing about. They’re obviously just here to shit disturb.

          Media Matters definitely has the “B” team working on Reason comment threads.

      4. On the other hand, congress could have put a bill together and sent it to Trump’s desk.
        See how it works both ways?

      5. He did though (through Mnuchin). The Democrats weren’t interested in passing a reasonable aid package unless it bailed out blue state pension plans.

        1. That’s the way I read the news reports, too. They wanted a state pension plan bailout rolled into it, that’s why their total was so much higher than what the Republicans were talking about.

      6. By law, federal spending bills mat originate in the House.

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  4. Election fraud cases before the SCOTUS and other appellate courts to be resolved after Electors vote but before the EC votes are counted.

    These next 3.5 weeks should be funnier than the last 4 years of Lefties thinking they can win.

    1. They’ve lost like 60 cases so far. You are delusional if you think they are going to win something now.

      1. Don’t be a quitter.

      2. Just like in 2000, the SCOTUS is hearing one election case.

        Trump vs Biden will go down in history as the best win for Trump as Bush win over Gore.

        It is cute that Lefties think Democrats are winning this.

        1. Lefties have a good grasp of how to do propaganda.

          It’s delusion that Trump will win the 2016 election – Trump wins
          It’s delusional that Trump will survive an impeachment – Trump wins
          It’s delusional that Trump will win the 2020 election – Trump wins
          It’s delusional that anyone will challenge Democrat fraud – Trump challenges

          It’s delusional that court dismissals for Trump equal victory – Trump wins second term

          1. I love your optimism, but there was no way that the Davos crowd and the political establishment was going to let Trump have another term. There was just way to much for them to lose. They had to manufacture an insane pandemic response and weekly riots just to get to this point.

            It was obvious ever since impeachment failed that they were going to fix the next election. If that had failed then there’s no doubt in my mind that the coup would have gone hot. Ultimately, any way you slice it, the idea of America is over.

            1. I dont think they have as much power as they think they have.

              Much of the reason that lower courts have not given Trump the relief requested on his proven claims of election fraud and violations of the Constitution are the bureaucrats are hoping to postpone the inevitable. Its one thing to send a single defendant to die for a capital crime. Its another thing to toss out millions of illegal ballots.

              Trump is not as much of a threat as Biden and Democrats being in power are. Democrats have already threatened to come for the SCOTUS if they get a chance.

              But I am sad that the day is here where Civil War 2.0 is here. Its only a matter of time before massive bloodletting starts. Trump being President only postpones it for a few years. Biden being president through election fraud means its coming before the next election.

    2. Under the constitution the SC has zero role in the presidential election.

      1. You will see. The SCOTUS can resolve disputes and one dispute is that elections in states were fraudulent and violated Constitutional law. Those EC from states can be thrown out just like illegal ballots can be tossed.

        12th Amendment here we come!

        1. Funny that courts can force state legislatures to do what Democrats want but the SCOTUS “has zero role in presidential election”.

      2. Wait… are you saying all of the state level judicial changes to elections are now unconstitutional???? Welcome to reality. Too bad you applauded the case fighting judicial changes being dismissed due to standing.

        1. The changes to the election rules ARE unconstitutional. However, the SCOTUS does not hear those cases unless they are sent there.

          1. Alito/thomas dissent stated they should have at least taken on the case before dismissing it.

            The problem is the standing issue is used to avoid difficult questions, Roberts especially believes this.

            Who has the validity to challenge these cases then? Remember that Roberts turned down one of these cases prior to the election. If a state Supreme court is ignoring the elector’s clause, who is supposed to uphold it constitutionally? Who has standing to do challenge?

            This issue is not a “this year” issue. This has been happening for a few decades now. This also ties into state judicial branches tossing district mapping which is also directly defended by the electors clause. The USSC has turned down challenges here as well. Basically the USSC has said they will ignore all judicial challenges to the elector’s cause based on the last 20 years of jurisprudence.

            They are doing this for the 2A as well. Why is this acceptable to some?

            1. The SCOTUS only denied review of the Texas vs Georgia et al case.

              Lefties know what is coming and they dont like it. Expect today to be another day of how Trump lost and Americans just accept this new norm of tyranny and fraudulent elections because Democrats are in charge now!

              unreason supports this message.

      3. Under the constitution the SC has zero role in the presidential election.

        You forgot 2000 already?

        1. No, but I said way back when all these dramatic vote swings took place that ultimately the SC was going to determine how this ultimately played out. Now that they’ve refused to take on the state lawsuit, Trump really needs to just hang it up and start figuring out how he’s going to keep in the spotlight once Twitter nukes his account about 5 minutes after Biden is formally sworn in.

          1. The SCOTUS still has the PA lawsuit pending. Plus other lawsuits are nearing denial of review in lower courts and are ripe for SCOTUS certiorari. The SCOTUS will only hear one election fraud case and who knows which one that will be.

            Trump wont concede anytime soon because he has until Jan 20, 2021 at 11:59am.

  5. The New York Post‘s decision to publish an exposé on a New York City paramedic running an OnlyFans account on the side is receiving near-universal condemnation.

    You’d think her father was running for president as a Democrat. (But seriously NYPost, wtf.)

    1. She had it coming for voting incorrectly.

    2. Her subs probably increased tenfold though.

      1. No press is bad press.
        I’m sure Stormy Daniel’s stock shot through the roof. (not that I’ve looked…)

    3. it just shows that our brave first responders clearly aren’t paid enough.

      and “near-universal” condemnation probably also means a lot of new fans.

  6. The Cleveland Indians will reportedly drop their name and Native American mascot…

    THANK you. Stop glorifying those peoples. They scalped innocent settlers.

    1. Indeed, these days tickets should be *given* away.

    2. Of course the name Indians was chosen by sportswriters in 1915 to honor Chief Louis Sockalexis who was a Cleveland favorite in the late 1890s. Wikipedia, of course, throws in some racist language in an effort to jump on the woke bandwagon. The real racists are the ones trying to change the name.

      Maybe these PC-mad fools should look at the Cleveland ‘Browns’, which is clearly a slap at a wide range of slightly more pigmented peoples. (of course the team was named for the greatest and most innovative football coach ever Paul Brown)

      1. Is this where we post the polls of native Americans saying they liked being represented in sports?

        1. there are also polls showing the Indigenous Native Americans preferred being called American Indians.

    3. So America is going to ‘remove’ the Indians. Again.

      1. Leading name replacement is Cleveland Steamers according to well-placed sources.

        1. Hahaha

        2. Name would be more fitting for the Browns though…

        3. As I mention lower the cleavland drunken gambler

    4. I could see them going back to the Spiders nickname. There’s already history there, and the team could make a mint on throwback gear.

      1. I thought “Cleveland Pallbearers” was the plan, so they can let you down one last time.

    5. You mean “the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions”, as the Declaration of Independence calls them?

  7. A night in DC with only 4 stabbing would be considered miraculous.

    1. If only we could increase the murders in Utah.

      Enjoy your stay in hell pedo worshipper!

      The only good Mormon is 15 million dead mormons.

  8. No Kungflu vaccine for me.

    Why you pussies (and you know who you are) are scared of a virus that has a death rate of <1% is beyond me.

    HAHA. This vaccine rollout blows up Lefty plans to make masks and lockdowns the new norm. Trump's second term as President should be hilarious as the US economy booms up again under Trump.

    1. Figures you would turn down a vaccine that can prevent you (and, more importantly, people around you) from coming down with a virus that can cause serious respiratory distress, and sometime death — for stupid partisan political reasons.

      To think I actually expressed concern for your health when you disappeared from the comments for a while. You are a moron.

      1. Just following the advice of your Queen Kamala. I suggest you keep safe by never going outside until all risks have been brought to zero which seems to be the endpoint for you leftists with the constant goalpost shifts.

        1. I actually dislike Kamala Harris, so you aren’t getting in much of a dig against me. Also, she doesn’t advise not getting vaccinated, so your comment doesn’t make any sense; you’re really stretching to try to get in a dig against me.

          1. I actually dislike Kamala Harris, so you aren’t getting in much of a dig against me.

            This is how you know the dig hit home.

            1. You mean White Knight lied badly again?

              My gast is flabbered.

            2. Did you actually read what it says in the article you linked to? Obviously not.

              1. I did.

                It says “If the urging comes from not public health officials but President Trump, Harris said on the debate stage: “I’m not taking it.”

                I know you’re going to try and quibble about the qualifier in your usual manner, but Kuririn was still right.

                1. The urging to be vaccinated has come from public health officials. Logic much?

                  1. Move those goalposts.

          2. “I actually dislike Kamala Harris”

            There is no evidence this claim is true.

      2. “serious respiratory distress, and sometime death ”

        Pants status : Offcially Shit

        Seriously that is some weak fucking scaremongering you pathetic bitch.

        1. Do you also turn down the annual flu shot? You’re a moron.

          1. “Do you also turn down the annual flu shot? ”

            I do!

            “You’re a moron”

            Pants status : Offcially Shit Again!

          2. The White Knight
            December.12.2020 at 1:06 pm
            He couldn’t just civilly disagree with you. He had to call you a “raging fuckwit”.

            Did people like JesseAzWhite Knight have mothers to teach them how to behave?

          3. Wait you GET the annual flu shot?

            Suddenly your posts make sense. Does the “White” in your name reference your hair gramps?

            1. OK, please lay on us all your brilliant rationale for not getting an annual flu shot.

              1. They’re only effective against a handful of strains, often don’t work because the flu mutates in the gap between the manufacture of the vaccine and the administration of the vaccine, and the vaccine causes flu symptoms that you wouldn’t experience if you, like 70% of the rest of the country, do not contract the flu.

          4. Sometimes I take it, sometimes I don’t. One year I did take it, I still got a nasty month-long flu bug.

      3. How vacant you possibly trust the Trump vaccine?

        1. That was an incoherent sentence.

      4. Figures you would turn down a vaccine that can prevent you (and, more importantly, people around you) from coming down with a virus that can cause serious respiratory distress,

        Some of us don’t lose our minds over extremely trivial risks like that, yes. As A Libertarian I recognize your right to freak out though.

        1. No, you’re just an asshole, like anyone else with the “fuck you, got mine” attitude.

          Heaven forbid you do a gd thing to help anyone else.

          I recognize you have no duty too- but that doesn’t absolve you from being an asshole who really should just be cast out from society.

          For no other reason than not having an overstressed healthcare system that might impact you, you should get it.

          But look what I’m doing- trying to talk reason into a dullard.

          1. I’m sorry not freaking out over an extremely trivial risk triggers you so much.

            1. That’s the sockpuppet White Knight uses to be a cunt to people sp he can pretend he isn’t a cunt to people with his main.

              1. Difficulty. He is an ignorant cunt on his WK sock just like he is on his main name.

                1. Yeah, if that’s what she’s trying to do, her impulse control is poor.

          2. No, you’re just an asshole, like anyone else with the “fuck you, got mine”

            Technically it would be “fuck you not getting mine” no?

            Did you accidentally post your BLM screed by mostake?

            1. I like how he admits he wants people to give him what they have while claiming to be libertarian.

          3. Life is full of risks sweetie. You driving everyday puts me at risk. Stay home and never leave.

          4. Maybe just maybe people on the side are pissed about people being put out of work because they aren’t “essential”. Now explain again which side has the “fuck you, got mine” attitude?

            1. *on the other side.

            2. politically connected multinationals are booming while minority owned businesses are closing at a 60% rate. Why would be concern ourselves with the lockdowns? The cosplay libertarians think your minute risk increase is worth the closing of small, independently owned businesses.

              1. To be fair, so do I. The minorites voted these people in, so they can live with their policies.

                1. Yeah, cutting off your nose to spite your face is a great idea. Fuck off with that shit.

                  1. No fuck YOU cunt.

                    I voted. They voted. I lost.

                    You want I should kvetch about it endlessly like you do? People can choose to govern themselves, and you can shut the fuck up if you think I should stop them from doing so.

                    1. I don’t care what you do. Voting has nothing to do with people governing themselves. Half of everyone who voted voted against this stuff.

            3. What does lockdowns resulting in people being out of work because they are told they are not essential have to do with getting the SARA-CoV-2 vaccine or not? People got screwed over one way, so they should want to screw themselves over in a completely different, second way?

          5. You engage in false virtue just like every dumbass pant shitter during this hyped up hysteria.

            1. False virtue? Getting a vaccination that will help stop the spread of a deadly disease? That sounds like real virtue.

              1. Covid 19 is less deadly than bus travel you pathetic piece of bootlicking shit. Odd that you weren’t spending 16 hours of your day castigating the 70% of the country that neglects to get an annual flu shot for the last 50 years.

            2. Wait! Light bulb just went on! It explains why CACLLs are such fans of Donald Trump, and many other things — you all don’t believe that virtue exists!!! How sad.

              1. Here we see what WK’s mom taught him.

              2. Not believing that your pathetic authoritarian state worshiping bootlicking is not virtuous is not the same thing as not believing that virtue exists you mentally retarded piece of shit.

          6. Heaven forbid you do a gd thing to help anyone else.

            I recognize you have no duty too- but that doesn’t absolve you from being an asshole who really should just be cast out from society.

            That right there is the progressive-libertarian in a nutshell. We are all free to do what the progs want us to do. If we refuse, ostracism, and banishment if they can get a way with it.

            1. Of course you have a choice, but if you make the wrong choice we’ll destroy your life.

              1. Now they just need to figure out how to turn their soy-boy rainbow sock wearing rage into something any of us care about.

            2. The two, progressivism and libertariianism, are mutually exclusive, except in progressives’ minds.

            3. Strangle your cunt wife with her magic underwear! Then tie your bastard fascist kids up with their magic underwear. Set your house on fire and shoot yourself.

              Please do one good thing for once in your live you evil Mormon fuck.

              Exterminate the Mormons before they destroy our country.

              1. SQLRSLY thinks he can chase me off by threatening my family with his sockpuppet. Luckily I can flag and refresh him in all his many guises.

                1. I’m not Sqrls. I’m your worst fucking nightmare Chuck. You deserve much worse than being ridiculed on the internet for belonging(and financially supporting) to a church that is trying to destroy our country.

                  Please kill yourself and as many Mormons as you can if you want to do something right for once.

                  1. The only good KillAllRednecks is a decapitated KillAllRednecks.

                    1. Hooray! Red rocks the Trump cock sucking hick made fun of me. That’s a good thing because you’re an inbred loser hick.

                      Sorry Trump lost. Next time make sure the dick you suck isn’t an authoritarian loon.

                    2. God I can’t wait until you take this LARP into real life and get Garrett Fostered. Wish I could be there to stick my raging hard cock in your sucking chest wound as the life slowly drains from your eyes.

          7. No, you’re just an asshole, like anyone else with the “fuck you, got mine” attitude.

            Heaven forbid you do a gd thing to help anyone else.

            Yet another Covidiot employing emotional manipulation and accusing others of lacking empathy, in a transparent effort to hide their own solipsism. I wonder if bullshitdinners here is equally as outraged by news stories highlighting how reluctant black people are to take the vaccine because they think it’s the Tuskegee syphilis experiments reborn (answer: he doesn’t, his outrage is reserved exclusively for white people, just like any lame-ass progressive).

            As I’ve pointed out before, being skeptical of a hyper-rushed vaccine with limited clinical tests is not the same as being anti-vax.

            I recognize you have no duty too- but that doesn’t absolve you from being an asshole who really should just be cast out from society.

            You deserve rape.

          8. Emotional blackmail is a hallmark of an abuser, no surprise. If you are so keen on duty, then stop the horseshit statist arguments, ad hominem attacks, and irrational emotive statements that you claim are ‘reason,’ they don’t add anything to the discussion.

        2. The Commies that work at unreason and their useful idiot bots demand YOU comply to their tyranny.

          It’s why Libertarians hate Democrats so much. The Democrat Party is the Party of slavery and enslave is their goal.

      5. Poor unreason staffers. They think working with powerful Georgia Republicans to prevent Democrats from defrauding Georgians and violating Georgia law is “disappearing from unreason”.

        I feel bad for unreason staffers. They are going to cry for months when Biden is never President.

        1. Figures that the Commies at unreason get pissed when Americans won’t go herd immunity for them.

        2. You were “working with powerful Georgia Republicans to prevent Democrats from defrauding Georgians and violating Georgia law”?

          Please tell us more.

      6. People under 50 have virtually zero risk of dying dumbfuck. Driving 5 miles to work daily is a greater risk.

        Man you’re just an ignorant coward.

        1. People under 50 can be carriers, spreading it to higher risk groups. So, you cannot be bothered to get a couple of shots to help out people over 50?

          1. Nope. Fuck them and you.

          2. I like how cytotoxic/chemjeff the obese lardass outs all of his socks because he literally can’t help himself from repeating the same bullshit verbatim every time he explodes into an impotent, violent rage because society won’t upend itself to mitigate the risk of his lardassery.

      7. I hope the vaccine is effective, but I’m not going to rush to get it either. This is a new vaccine based on new technologies. It makes sense for people with high risk to take it, but pressing people at minimal risk to take something that is still relatively untested is wrong. There have been plenty of cases of new vaccines being withdrawn because they are later found to be ineffective or dangerous.

        1. Don’t worry, there won’t be enough doses to provide to low risk people for at least 3-4 months. By then these guinea pigs will show us whether it is safe.

          From the beginning I have said I wouldn’t rush to be in the first wave of the vaccinated, but will wait a while. However, my wife may push me into getting it sooner since she is high risk. Prob January for us.

    2. Are you afraid of the vaccine?

      1. Same level of fear as I have for the virus.

        1. I feel that we actually know a lot more about the virus than any of the vaccines. At this point the vaccine seems scarier.

          1. *shrugs*

            No fear of either.

    3. it only has a low fatality rate if the hospitals are not overloaded. if we exceed capacity, the fatality rate jumps exponentially. it is our ability to treat the more severe cases that keeps the fatality rate low…….. not taking the situation seriously will kill people who would not have otherwise died.

      1. The return of the annoying nanny!
        Fuck off.

        1. Let the anger flow!!!

          1. lol – as if you haven’t been pouring out whiny righteous anger all over this thread. And all because people are rightfully concerned about a largely untested vaccine.

            Scream some more about other’s anger – I’m sure it fits your current worldview where everything you believe is 100% true and anyone who disagrees is morally wrong. With such strong convictions, I’m sure you’ll always be on the right side of every issue ever.

          2. Says cytotoxic the obese lardass who has been bitching, whining, crying, and throwing temper tantrums from 6 months because society is not doing enough to mitigate his risk of getting the coof.

        2. the return of the brain dead troll.

          1. Thanks for that correction, shreek. We’ll make sure to use your preferred pronouns from here on out.

      2. Has there been a situation where hospitals were overloaded and fatality went up significantly? Seems like an assumption without a ton to back it up.

        1. it happened in Italy, and almost happened in New York

          1. [[citation needed]]

            1. if you need a citation for what happened in Italy…. you might be an idiot without access to a search engine…..

              1. There’s no evidence that anyone died who wouldn’t have died otherwise in Italy or anywhere else. In New York we had a dozen emergency facilities including hospital ships that treated less than 200 patients collectively.

        2. Italy…… a situation anyone with a brain should want to avoid. keeping the caseload below capacity is the difference between a 0.3% and 9% fatality rate.

      3. that’s why we did the two weeks to flatten the curve, back in March

  9. Russian hackers have allegedly broken into the networks of several federal agencies, including the Treasury and Commerce Departments…

    No one ever hacks in to audit the Fed.

    1. “Russian”, because unnamed sources from the intel community quoted by the Washington Post are so reliable that Reason can safely repeat and spread their propaganda

      1. All hackers are Russian! Just as all monkeys are French.

        1. Just the surrender monkeys.

        2. Ask hartlepool

    2. You’d think these people would be questioning why our federal agencies have such piss-poor cybersecurity that foreign agents can hack into their databases with ease. Between this and the Chinks hacking OPM during the Obama administration, the federal government really needs to start getting on the ball about posturing for MAD cyberwarfare.

      1. Might have a little to do with rational, competent people in government being driven out in favor of incompetent but loyal people.

        See Chris Krebs.

        1. You mean the guy whose job it was to prevent this kind of thing when it started in March?

          Own goal, espresso

        2. No, that’s not it.

        3. rational, competent people in government being driven out

          Yes, Trump is being driven out.

          You do realize that the government is severely lacking in rational, competent people.

        4. “rational, competent people in government”

          “t0p mEn!1!!!”

          Self-serving Havard psychopaths and the aristocratic scions of Davos kleptocrats may not be the saviors you imagine them to be.

        5. Yeah because Trump replaced the lifelong bureaucrats who can’t be fired due to civil service rules. FFS he didn’t even get rid of the department heads who were literally continuing a manufactured coup against him using a DNC-sponsored oppo dossier. Would that Trump had the competence and genius to actually accomplish what you ascribe to him.

  10. Germany goes back into lockdown this week in an effort to combat the surge of COVID-19 cases in that country.

    Russian vaccine advancing from the east and allied vaccines marching in from the west. Who will make it to Berlin first?

    1. The virus will commit suicide in a bunker.

      1. No, the virus will fake it’s suicide and escape to South America.

        1. Hey, Netflix, I have this idea for a show…

  11. Amazon’s Zoox is out with a new, fully autonomous robotaxi.

    Skynet starts as a hack, you know.

    1. Wait till the hacks get hacked.

  12. Why did it take 4-5 days for the FDA to go from “prepared to approve the vaccine” to “has approved the vaccine”? Oh, right. Bureaucracy.

    1. And how many people could this vaccine have saved over the last month while the FDA was reviewing Pfizer’s data, even though Pfizer already knew it was safe and effective?

      How many people has the FDA killed over the years, in general? Millions? Or merely hundreds of thousands?

      1. .. even though Pfizer already knew it was safe and effective?

        They said the same about thalidomide to one point.

        1. And the FDA refused to approve thalidomide in the US.


            lolwut? Oh I forgot you’re that idiot who constantly lies poorly and gets caught.

            1. MollyGodiva is a shreek sock from circa 2010. He’s been busting out all his old classics here lately. Dajjal, AddictionMyth, JackandAce…


          3. “And the FDA refused to approve thalidomide in the US.”

            If you weren’t so amusing, you’d just be an annoying piece of lefty shit.

      2. That’s the thing. The fda doesn’t run any tests. They just look at data and see that things were reported correctly. The are essentially spell check

        1. No. No. No. Spell check is done concurrently in real time. They’re more like meatspace editors.

          1. Old school spell check.

      3. Joe Biden has saved us from covid with the vaccine he made possible.

        1. Joe Biden is senile. Kamala saved us.

          1. I loved the Moon and Stars makeup on his belly.

    2. RESIST!

      Trump’s policies led to super quick approval of the vaccine. Democrat bureaucrats seek to sabotage even if Americans die because of the delay.

      The Commie MSM and unreason hacks will never cover a story if anyone dies from COVID19 because of Democrat FDA bureaucrat delays.

    3. I’m on break.

    4. Different committees inside the FDA who both have to have power and act slowly.

  13. Early voting begins today in Georgia.

    Cant decide if I will early vote in-person without a mask or vote in-person on election day without a mask.

    2021 is gonna be a great year just like 2020 was. Georgia has no masks mandates, businesses are booming, Trump won the legal vote count for President, and Senator David Perdue beat Jon Ossoff by 80,000 legal votes.

    1. Cant decide if I will early vote in-person without a mask or vote in-person on election day without a mask.

      It’s 2020, why not both?

      1. the in-person election day is in 2021

        1. 2020 is too big to be confined to 365 days. It identifies as a 400 day year.

        2. 2021 is just a ridiculous conspiracy theory to undermine a legitimate election. You’ve got no standing.

    2. Cant decide if I will early vote in-person without a mask or vote in-person on election day without a mask.

      Claim to be a Democrat and do both!

    3. Do you-all have mail-in voting? Absentee voting?

    4. “Cant decide if I will early vote in-person without a mask or vote in-person on election day without a mask.”

      Refusing to wear a mask. The sign of a true macho man.

      1. Emotional blackmail doesnt work. Stop it.

      2. “Refusing to wear a mask. The sign of a true macho man”

        Zorro has a sad.

        1. Only cowards, like Klansmen, bank robbers, and machete-wielding mass murderers wear masks.

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  15. The church’s senior pastor described seeing the immolation of the church’s sign as “reminiscent of cross burnings” to The Washington Post.

    What is the Lake of Eternal Fire, chopped liver?

    1. “reminiscent of cross burnings”
      The good old days?

      1. “A little nostalgia for the old folks!”

    2. The Methodists may want to remind themselves why the AME broke away from them.

  16. RESIST!
    Not my president.

  17. Hopefully, with the Electoral College’s vote on Monday, we can move beyond this “Stop the Steal” nonsense, and get on with hating the forthcoming Biden administration “Steal the Stop” nonsense.

  18. 3 years of Trump/Russia nonsense and this site is as quiet on the CCP front as most of the mainstream media.

    From Swalwell sleeping with a Spy. To the Uigurs of China. To china peddling influence. To the professor in China stating how the CCP had high level people in China. And now silent to the release of a list of 2 million CCP loyalists in those positions (hacked from a Chinese dissident group).

    This is the same site who seems to still be pro Snowden and his leaks. But is ignoring all of these others ones that relate to China. Why?

    This is the same rag that props up Snowden who demonstrated the IC was spying on Americans although previously lawsuit after lawsuit was dismissed by any claims to the spying on Americans. Now this rag claims that lawsuit dismissals are proof there was no election tampering at all, that this was the cleanest election of all time. Weird how views change so quickly based on mean tweets.

    1. The site that implied Trump had committed obstruction of justice for not interviewing with Mueller in person is quietly ignoring the fact that Biden and his family are ignoring all requests for interviews.

    2. The same site that backed snowden releasing information held by the government is now applauding election information held solely by the government. It took a leak of information to inform americans of what everyone knew, that the IC was spying on Americans. Imagine if this site spent 20+ articles appealing to ridicule of every failed lawsuit against the IC, often rejected to the very same standing issues applauded by this rag the last few weeks. Amazing to think. And now we have a judge in Michigan saying to keep any findings of an audit into Antrim County (the only diagnostic audit that has been allowed) to remain under judicial seal and not released to the public. Does this sound like a no findings type of ruling to anyone else?

    3. Basically what it comes down to is that this site has lost its libertarian morals based solely on their hatred of an individual.

      A libertarian site that ignored tax cuts, regulatory reductions, political normalizations in the ME, no new wars, etc, all due to hatred.

      A site that applauded 3 years of Russia and 3 months of impeachment and now takes at face value that nothing about Hunter is true and this was the cleanest election of all time.

      Even if you believe Biden won unequivocally, a true libertarian would not be against audits to verify the integrity of the election. Yet this site is cheering lawsuits lost by technical ground, not argumentative grounds.

      It is sad to see.

      1. Jesse is correct.

        As one who has looked forward to reading Reason since the late 1970s and early 1980s (because it advocated free markets and free minds, and confronted the left wing ideology I was indoctrinated with at college and grad school), I’ve been so disappointed that Reason is now just another left wing media outlet.

      2. I don’t exactly agree. Yes you are correct that Reason suffers from TDS. But I can’t blame them. A whiny man child in charge for 4 years, pathologically lying non stop. Worst President ever! I will dislike Biden’s policies more than I disliked Trump’s agenda. But… it is worth it to not have the country run by an incompetent, narcissistic fool. Sometimes, you need to pick your poisons. Trump did a) redo the taxes, b) appointed 3 conservative Supreme Court justices, c) deregulated a fair amount, and d) helped usher in operation warp speed. Yay! I don’t care about immigration and neither does Reason. Other than that, Trump created chaos and helped spread hate and conspiracy theories. And lied, lied, lied…

        1. Wait a second–“I liked a lot of stuff that Trump did, but he was a meany-pants and we can’t have someone like that in charge regardless of whether I liked the stuff he did.”

          When the fuck did people get so damn soft that an openly shit-talking politician became a bridge too far?

          Other than that, Trump created chaos and helped spread hate and conspiracy theories.

          What’s wrong with hate, exactly? Why shouldn’t I hate people who want to punish me for not going along with their political agenda?

        2. “…I will dislike Biden’s policies more than I disliked Trump’s agenda. But… it is worth it to not have the country run by an incompetent, narcissistic fool…”

          You can thank fucking idiotic cultural snobs like this piece of shit for what we’ve got.
          It’s to the worlds regret that your mom chose no to abort you. Fuck off and die.

        3. Worst President ever!

          need to read more history I think

        4. Cthulunotmyfriend, show us where the orange man hurt you. Oh, it was just some tweets. Don’t forget what your Mommy said: Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt you.


        5. “pathologically lying non stop.”

          Have you ever even read those media compilations of the supposed “lies”.

          They’re full of inane shit like: “Trump said “We can build the wall in one year and we can build it for much less money than what they’re talking about.”” or “We have tremendous numbers of people and drugs pouring into our country. So in order to secure [the border] we need a wall.”

          Anyone who isn’t in full blown Derangement Syndrome would just shake their head with disgust at their conflation of promises or valid opinions with “lying”.

        6. This is the kind of fucktarded reasoning that is poisoning the country. People vote for perceived personality, not historical or expected policy, thus we end up with the greater of two evils in the WH.

        7. “And lied, lied, lied…”

          A politician LIED?


      3. You are simpleton and not a libertarian.

        That explains it all, and much more simply.

        1. You’re a cheap little fascist fifty-center. Your opinion of Jesse is worth less than garbage.

          1. He’s a true sociopath.

    4. And by the way, this isn’t crap that only “conservatives” are seeing. Taibbi and Greenwald have both had scathing articles covering these same acts. They have become more libertarian as of late than this rag has.


      By the way, remember that Hunter Biden thing that we spent two months insisting was a debunked conspiracy theory? Turns out it wasn’t debunked and it wasn’t a conspiracy theory, it was an active investigation by DOJ and we knew about it but decided to lie about it to help get Biden elected.

      1. 2 months? This goes back to last november during impeachment coverage.

      2. Yeah, and Bill Barr has a lot to answer for. The investigation should have been announced in the summer so it would not be an “october surprise” and yet could be discussed openly and thoroughly.

        1. Despite all the flack he gets from the left, Barr is just as much a swamp creature as the rest.

  19. “get on with hating the forthcoming Biden administration”

    Not me. I was almost as proud to vote for Biden as I was when I voted for Clinton in 2016. And I know several writers agree with me.


    1. All, not several.

  20. /sends up John smoke signal.

    1. White man make fun of red man again?

    2. Where the hell is he. This is the longest he’s been gone for ages.

  21. The Same Democrats Who Denounce Donald Trump as a Lawless, Treasonous Authoritarian Just Voted to Give Him Vast Warrantless Spying Powers

    To secure enactment of these safeguards, Amash needed support from a majority of House Democrats. That meant that House Democrats held the power in their hands to decide whether Trump — the president they have been vocally vilifying as a lawless tyrant threatening American democracy — would be subjected to serious limits and safeguards on how his FBI could spy on the conversations of American citizens.

    Debate on the bill and the amendments began on the House floor yesterday afternoon, and it became quickly apparent that leading Democrats intended to side with Trump and against those within their own party who favored imposing safeguards on the Trump administration’s ability to engage in domestic surveillance. The most bizarre aspect of this spectacle was that the Democrats who most aggressively defended Trump’s version of the surveillance bill — the Democrats most eager to preserve Trump’s spying powers as virtually limitless — were the very same Democratic House members who have become media stars this year by flamboyantly denouncing Trump as a treasonous, lawless despot in front of every television camera they could find.

    1. How much spying can you do in a few weeks?

      1. Ask Obama.

    2. What is it with you and posting years old articles?

      1. Facts don’t age with time. What isn’t applicable anymore?

    1. Don’t the insurance companies have insurance?

      1. Yes, generally they do. They don’t want their rates to go up either.

    2. I wouldn’t blame them. Too much of that town thinks “they have insurance” is an excuse to do whatever they want to a business. No reason to insure someone that is likely to cost you more than they pay in.

      1. but being located in Portland is a preexisting condition. Harris will just force them to write policies.

    3. Don’t worry, this will all be fixed when the $4 trillion bailout passes and Oregon can afford to give some of the crumbs to these businesses.

    4. I wonder what the people in downtown Minneapolis are doing for insurance, especially with the city’s ban on bars and shutters. You know, because feels.

      1. I don’t really give a damn what they’re doing, to be honest. They voted for this shit and support the politicians who turned a blind eye to it.

        There’s only so much you can do to make an abused person try to leave their abuser; if they keep making excuses for them, then it’s best to just walk away and let them suffer the consequences.

        1. About half of them did NOT vote for much of this shit. There are victims who are not at fault.

          1. Minneapolis,. that figure is highly doubtful. But yes, the ones who didn’t vote for these Clown World politicians don’t deserve this. Unfortunately, just moving may not be an option for most; a good lesson for why left-wing entryism needs to be continually squashed so it doesn’t infect the rest of society.

            The others, though, that did vote for these people? I have no problem at all with them suffering. It’s too bad most of them are too dumb to understand why it happens, though.


    Ex-CDC Director
    acknowledged overreach of the lockdown strategy in a recent
    article, saying that “the initial widespread closure in the spring poisoned the well.”

    Will Americans get accountability from public health officials?

    1. No.

  23. Here’s the evidence.

  24. Apple TV/Apple News:

    “Avoid portraying China in a poor light.”


      Congressional disclosure reports show that Fierce Government Relations lobbied for Apple on the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act and other bills aimed at pressuring U.S. companies to ensure that their supply chains do not depend on companies that use slave labor, particularly from a region called Xinjiang where many Uighur live. Apple has previously been criticized for working conditions within its supply chain. More recently, activists have urged Apple, other U.S. companies to cut their ties to suppliers that allegedly use forced labor from the Uighurs, a Muslim minority in China. The Chinese government has been accused of forcing Uyghur’s to work under oppressive working conditions and other human rights violations.

      1. It’s literally this:
        NGOs: “Please stop using actual slaves”
        Apple: “No. Now enjoy our new transgender ad, we are very woke”

    2. Well, yeah–it would cost too much money to shut down their suicide-net factories there and move them someplace that’s a little less oppressive, like Vietnam.

  25. Nice to see ENB and Reason really embrace their role as a Party organ.
    Do you think they feel safe?

    1. Christian Britschgi wrote this morning’s roundup.


    A whole generation of China hands in America, myself included, dedicated lives and years to the hope that the Chinese government could perhaps become as good and wise as the people it governs. It’s really hard to accept that we were wrong. It’s a profound grief.

    I want there to be a better superpower than the US has been. I want there to be a country that doesn’t act like the US too often has. But just because I want that, doesn’t mean I can fool myself into believing that China will be that better, kinder superpower.

    The Chinese government isn’t evil incarnate; neither is the US government of course. But I believe we are far, far past the point where anyone can hope that China will bring a better, fairer, and more just international system.

    1. We will be going to war with China. It is only a matter of time now.

      1. You really think basement bunker Biden will go to war with Communist China?
        Only long enough to surrender.

        1. You really think basement bunker Biden will go to war with Communist China?
          Only long enough to surrender.

          ‘With’ carries two connotations. I’m not 100% convinced Biden won’t go to war with China on what remains of deplorable America.

      2. And we’ll lose, since our military has been broken by endless pointless war and is all about diversity now because our ruling class doesn’t give a shit.

        Thank you, Reason. Fuck you and die.

        1. You’ve got to be kidding me. There’s no chance we’d lose that conflict unless we get into guerilla warfare territory.

          1. If they literally invade us, you’re right. Fighting closer to their home, not so much.

          2. You’re vastly underestimating how compromised the political class here has been. There’s a reason China has been allowed to operate solely in pursuit of its own interests in this relationship, while US politicians have been content to selectively subjugate our nation’s own when it’s been convenient to do so.

            That’s a big reason why “MUH RUSSHA” was always a red herring–because China is a far more insidious adversary and our political, technological, and media classes are compromised by Chinese money.

      3. We’re already in a de facto Cold War with them, it’s just that one side doesn’t want to admit that the conflict is happening because they’ve been getting bribed by the other side to let it happen for over 20 years.

    2. “China is harvesting thousands of human organs from its Uighur Muslim minority.
      They were “cut open while still alive for their kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, cornea and skin to be removed.”

      Zero articles by Reason on the Uighur holocaust, but Sullum has 24 in the last month whining about Trump challenging sketchy election results in court.

      It’s obvious what Reason has become.

  27. Hey look, lying leftist apologists want everyone to move on from the election where the candidate with no voter enthusiasm, lagging party affiliation registration and a defecting base is simultaneously the most popular and energizing candidate ever in their unexamined telling. You leftists have yet to reconcile the contradiction above beyond orangemanbad (because who wants a thriving economy anyway) so until you do the only conclusion I have is massive fraud. Maybe if there was a journalist, not propagandists, among you you might be able to investigate and resolve the contradiction rather than just pronouncing “move on” like the left refused to do for the last four years. Fuck you you lying propagandist whores.

  28. We hate billionaires until they call for government to kill off their small business competition. Then, they’re smart and they rock.
    on Covid: “Even through 2022” we should be prepared for life to not return to “normal”

    Says “sadly” it’s “appropriate” for bars and restaurants to close over the next “four to six months”


      Even if you agree with the message – I don’t — the optics of the world’s richest (or second or third richest, whatever) man telling other people to shut down their businesses for half a year are about as bad as it gets.

    2. Exactly why shouldn’t we consider people like Bill Gates to be economic terrorists, again?

      1. Because they are very rich.

  29. Ugh, I am SO over this appalling trend of mentally unstable women making up lies about prominent straight male Democrats.

    First there was Tara Reade with her absurd allegations against Biden. Fortunately the mainstream media did a fantastic job debunking that nonsense. But now some woman on Twitter accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment? Like, the same Andrew Cuomo who guided New York to the best-in-the-country pandemic response? Totally unbelievable.


    1. #OBLForAmbasadorToAntarctica

      1. OBL should be in charge of WH communications.

        First, get the required sex change because if you have a dick you can’t talk nice.

        Next, change the world!


    “they are not willing to be the guinea pig, uh, the rabbit as we say in dutch…”

    this is not a crazy statement. these early mRNA vaccines are essentially a form of gene therapy. such a vaccine has never been used in humans before.

    risk/benefit looks poor for many people.

    …a typical vaccine is 5-7 years in development. this has been 5-7 months.

    with a new vaccine type, you’d want to be more, not less careful. this has been the opposite.

    we really do not have a sufficient safety profile and won’t for years.

    that’s important to know.

    1. That’s why sleepy Joe will force it on you.


    3. I’m torn between listening to the science and not listening to Trump – what do I do when the scientists and Trump agree? Can it be possible that this vaccine is going to both save us all and kill us all? If only we could have waited until Biden was inaugurated before this vaccine was released, then I could have been sure it was safe!

      Hmmm…but maybe this vaccine had to be released before Biden was inaugurated because Biden is never going to be inaugurated! Has Kamala resigned her Senate seat yet?

    4. No one should have go take it, but many people want to because they lack critical thinking and the media doesn’t do its job. Its scary

      1. No one should have go take it, but many people want to because they lack critical thinking

        Agree that no one should be forced. But the tests on this vaccine have been substantial and done by reputable companies. I don’t want to be in the first wave in case something happens in the distribution chain, but once that is proven it is a godsend.


    this is the standard being used for a covid case in the moderna vaccine trial

    note that a +PCR test is NOT sufficient

    also requires 2 of the general symptoms or 1 specific

    it’s clear scientists and FDA know that PCR alone is not a “case” confirmation.

    why don’t politicians?


      So it is in fact somewhat ironic that the vaccine trials seek to count infections by requiring that classification of a subject as having Covid19 actually requires symptoms.

      Then and only then, these are confirmed as caused by SARSCOV2 by “confirmatory” PCR testing.


    Susan Michie – major player in SAGE – is “a leading member of Comminist Party of Britain”.

    As I have said before, I suspect some / many SAGE members are finding the authoritarian aspects of policy quite intoxicating.

    It’s no surprise they seem reluctant to give them up.

  33. Let’s summarize this ‘calamitous’ virus shall we?

    -99.97% survival rate.
    -Global excess deaths slightly above average. More or less in line in the USA and Canada.
    -We know the PCR comes with very high false positive rate and of those tested properly only 10% get infected.
    -Hospitals in North America are not over run.
    -Virus preys on ONE demographic in ONE specific setting.

    Greatest health panic in history and may everyone who had a hand (and continues to peddle this hysteria) rot in hell for all eternity.

    1. There are 300k+ excessive deaths this year alone you dumbass.

      1. LOL

      2. /face palm.

        You do understand Covid death totals don’t just get added right?

        1. No grasshopper, he does not.

        2. I don’t know where you are getting your data, Rufus. There is very clearly a signal of excess deaths.

          It even shows you excess deaths vs last year’s excess deaths.

          1. You are comparing data for this year solely to the average without any discussion on the sigma values. It is an invalid comparison. Half of the years will have an excess death rate based on this metric.

      3. That couldn’t possibly be true as we are currently sitting at 50k fewer flu deaths than normal.

        1. ^This

          What happened to all the flu deaths?

          Occam’s razor tells us they were reported as Covid deaths.

          1. Regardless of whether they were reported as flu, Covid, or traffic accidents, the EXCESS deaths is the number beyond the average over the past few years. In 2020 it ranges from 275k to 382k depending on the baseline chosen (average + SD, or average).

            So whatever is new about 2020 killed 300k folks in the USA. Got any other ideas on what that might have been? (wish it were TDS)

            1. And how many deviations away from average is that number? If it is under one standard deviation it is within a fairly normal distribution against non covid years. If we are 3 or more deviations away, then it is a valid talking point.

              1. FFS, how many of the excess deaths could be attributed to stress?

                1. Or diet, obesity, cardiac issues due to lack of fitness and eating stupid shit based on media guidance?

                2. I hope your cunt wife gets raped and your kids mutilated and you’re forced to watch.

                  Before being killed yourself.

                  Mormons are evil goddamn scumbags who deserve to suffer!

                  1. One thing you’ll certainly never have to worry about is having a wife and kids, hicklib.

        2. There was an article out the other day with a pharmaceutical salesman who said sales of Tamiflu are near zero. they are usually at well over 70k by this point.

        3. You can’t believe anything mormonsonofabitch Chuck says. Mormons are liars, cheats, and thieves. Also anyone dumb enough to believe the stupid goddamn horseshit mormons believe should be ignored.

          Enjoy your stay in hell you far right kook!

  34. Media shocked that BLM/Antifa threaten/harass them when they try to take pictures of the new autonomous zone. Finally realizing the cries from Ngo and Strickland were valid and should not have been ignored. BLM/Antifa use violence to control the narratives they want published, with all too many MSM members playing along.

    But they are 93% nonviolent…

    1. They’re not shocked, they’re jobbing to the radical left like they always do.

    2. Where was the part where you established that the Black Lives Matter organization has anything to do with this?

      Oh, that’s right. You didn’t bother.


    For overall mortality, it has been a bad year. Every bit as bad as 2001.


    1. And yet that’s where people like Tony and WK sole source the “evidence” for their narrative.

      Of course they don’t care if it’s dishonest, because they themselves are dishonest. Lies on top of lies, on top of lies, on top of lies, just so that they can call Trump a liar.

  36. STOP THE STEAL! The LameStream Media are reporting the Sleepy Chargers defeated the Atlanta Falcons yesterday, such a SCAM. Video shows mysterious points dump AFTER game clock was clearly at zero. 100% RIGGED GAME! Worst officiating in history! Lots of witnesses that game was unfairly called. Falcons won this game and won it by a LOT!

    1. Points cannot be counted after the game clock expires! There is NO WAY Chargers got 20 points!!! COURAGE AND WISDOM!

      1. Why won’t Commisioner @nflcommish, the hapless Commissioner of the NFL, use his emergency powers, which can be easily done, to overrule his obstinate referees, and OVERTURN the decision to allow the points dump after the clock for the Chargers? Restart the game and Falcons will easily WIN the game….


    Every take-out meal is prepared in an (often loud) kitchen by low-wage workers.

    Food, necessities, and niceties are cut, prepared, packaged, shelved, shipped, and delivered by people with far more exposure than many of those debating whether youth sports are “safe”.

    1. And those people are no more likely to get sick than people who have been hiding in their homes.

      1. Obviously not true. But give those folks a big shout out for taking the risk of getting Covid19.

        1. Is it? I thought there was a big survey of grocery workers that showed no greater risk than the population in general.

            According to this out of 835000 members of one grocery worker union about 2% (17400) have been infected and 0.04% (350) have died. Sounds about like the general population.

            1. People truly hiding in their homes have 0% infection.

              1. I thought you were talking about reality. That seems like a reasonable assumption, but: pretty much no one was completely isolated from all human contact for the past 9 months and viruses will surprise you. Everyone has been surprised that people staying mostly at home seem to get it about as much as people who have continued going to work. But that does seem to be the case.


    Around the world, very much including the Western world, real power is measured by the ability to silence criticism.

    The highest reaches of power are measured by the ability to force people to speak in politically-approved ways.

    …You can tell an ideological group has achieved REAL power, has become part of the authoritarian core, when its agenda becomes part of public school curricula. That’s the height of power: moving beyond merely silencing critics and forcing people to say things.

    1. Anyone have the “those in power want to force you to knowingly lie to make you complicit” quote? I can’t find it.

  39. Flashback…

    Kyle Griffin
    NBC Fact check: Coronavirus vaccine could come this year, Trump says. Experts say he needs a ‘miracle’ to be right.

    1. So Trump has three miracles so far; massive economic improvement, peace in the middle east, and the vaccine.
      And Biden gets man of the year for hiding in his basement.

      1. Obama got a Nobel for not being W. Nominations closed for that year one week after he took office.

        Can’t imagine why so many people think these awards are BS.

        Cuomo’s sexual harassment charge makes his Emmy make sense now.

      2. And Biden gets man of the year for hiding in his basement. not being Trump.


    According to Dr. Andrew Bostom, Covid-19 advisor to the Center and Rhode Island resident, a Brown University degreed epidemiologist, academic internist, and clinical trialist:

    “This first public revelation of cycle threshold (Ct) data, from over 5,000 RIDOH covid-19 rtPCR positive tests from late February through the end of June, reveals that a considerable number (36.2%) of these positive tests occurred at a Ct > 33, a level generally considered by the medical community to be associated with extremely low Covid-19 infectiousness.


      Rhode Islander’s are entitled to know the Ct values for any of their individual “positive tests,” and having the statewide trends for these “positive test” data, i.e., weekly updates at the R.I. DOH website (“Rhode Island Covid-19 Response Data”) made public, in a bar graph display: percentage of Cts ≤ 20; 21-25; 26-30; 31-35; and >35.

      As of 11/4/20, 77% of the state’s covid-19 deaths (938/1223) continue to accumulate from nursing homes and elder assisted living facilities, with 59% occurring in those ≥ 80 years old, including 27% among those 90+ years old, while no Rhode Islander <30 years old has died from covid-19.

      “Positive test” hysteria absent transparent release of the accompanying Ct data, and simultaneous acknowledgment of the unchanging covid-19 mortality demography, i.e., heavily skewed toward those at or above life expectancy in the state (=79.9 years), is ghoulishly dishonest.


    A rich woman getting a meaningless PhD in education at the age of 55 does not impress me, nor do I see why I should have to acknowledge the achievement every time I say her name.

    I mean EdD. Whatever.

    1. All stories about Cosby rape trials should call him Dr. Cosby.

      1. Meanwhile, my twitter feed is littered with actual MDs (like Ben Carson) not being called Dr. by the media.

        1. Some doctors are more doctor-y than others.

    2. Whoopi says she has enough certifications to be the Surgeon General.

    3. “The same people who want us to respect Joe’s wife spent the last 4 years calling the current First Lady a w**re and worse.”

  42. On a personal note, it looks like my (ex)brother-in-law is going to be dying of the coof. My sister (his wife) died of pancreatic cancer about six years ago and shortly thereafter he had a heart attack which led to him having triple bypass surgery. He did pretty well for about 5 years but then his health starting failing about a year ago. (He’s 70 years old.) He’s had to go back into the hospital for heart arrhythmia, a leaking heart valve, pulmonary edema, and blood clots in his lungs.

    A month ago, his daughter became somewhat alarmed when she couldn’t get him to answer his phone, went over to his house where she found him in bed “feeling crappy”. After checking his pill situation (he takes a shitload of pills) she realized he hadn’t taken his pills for 3 days and got him to admit that he’d been laying in bed for 3 days, not eating, not taking his pills, just sleeping because he was so very tired. So she took him to the hospital where they put him into the ICU because it turned out he had bacterial pneumonia, extremely low blood pressure and oxygen uptake. After checking, they discovered he had a partially-blocked artery which was going to require a stent, but they had to get rid of the pneumonia and the low blood pressure and oxygen uptake before they could operate. So after about ten days in the ICU, they could finally operate, and here comes the pneumonia back again. They finally figured out it was acute respiratory distress syndrome – fluid on the lungs – so he’s been battling that.

    In the meantime, he’s been barely eating – my niece said last time she saw him he looked like a Holocaust survivor, nothing but skin and bones – and he’s been locked in the ICU, only allowed one visitor per day and they have to be kitted up to be allowed in. Not on a respirator but on high-flow oxygen and they say there’s not much they can do with him because it’s like he’s given up the will to live and not fighting this thing.

    Now, they’ve been giving him coronavirus tests all along and they’ve always come back negative, until Saturday. Suddenly he’s got the coronavirus, where the hell did he get it? He’s been in the ICU for a month, nobody allowed in without being kitted up, mostly just his two daughters being allowed in and neither one of them have the coronavirus. (His one daughter is a surgical nurse so she gets tested every couple of days, the other has a daughter who recently had a close contact incident so my niece got tested as a precaution.) Did one of the ICU nurses have the coronavirus? They get tested constantly as well. My guess is this is a false positive, but they’re going with the diagnosis because he’s dying anyway, so might as well boost the numbers. Fuckers. I just hate it because my sister died just a few days before the youngest daughter’s birthday so she fucked up that anniversary and now if her dad dies just before Christmas it’s going to fuck up that holiday as well.

    1. Wow. Quite the story. Sorry to hear.

      I know someone whose friend works at a hospital here. Now that the piece of shit premier of Quebec Legault is inexplicably stopping surgeries again, her own nightmare is about to start up again. It seems the first time out it caused such a back log that when they resumed surgeries she had learned several people had died in the interim. It has permanently scarred her.

      These public officials mothefuckers who did all this for this stupid weak ass virus need to meet God’s wrath.

      1. COVID is God’s wrath. His wrath over his children allowing creeping authoritarianism to subvert the greatest period of freedom the world has ever seen. There was so little opportunity prior to this for the progs who infested the government to affect most of us in our day to day lives other than those times we had to go to the DMV or when we’d get a traffic ticket. Now they mandate who we can associate with and when.

        The West won the war against tyranny and succumbed to the disease of bureaucracy.

        1. Ha and your true fascist colors are shown you evil goddamn scumbag!


          Kill every Mormon!

          1. Kill every KillAllRednecks!

            1. Hahaha all hail president Biden!

              Your boy Trump lost you inbred hick.

              I know you’re fuming inside but it’s not my fault. It’s your fault for being an inbred hick.

              1. Seriously, hicklib, if you had any self-respect left you’d let a Proud Boy mario-stomp you and send us the footage.

      2. Sorry to hear that Rufus and Jerry

        My cousin in Illinois had an operation scheduled for around April, but it was canceled… because COVID.

        His wife took him to the ER the night before Thanksgiving and he was there the whole weekend, getting tests, and that operation he originally had scheduled for April.
        I wonder if there’s going to be any reports about the cost of these delayed procedures. At this point, they’re dreading getting the ER and ICU bills. no telling what those will be.

        1. Oh, there are reports and more being compiled. The question is whether they will ever be reported in the news.
          It is simply shocking that anyone thinks lockdowns are a good idea at this point. I can almost forgive people for thinking that 2 weeks in March might have been a good idea. At this point there is no excuse, it’s just plain evil.

    2. Sorry to hear about multiple losses in your family.

      If he was in the ICU for an extended period and got it there, either a false pos and he just died because he was sick, or happened to contract it from an asymptomatic carrier (either the nurse, who is in the room most, or family member)

      Unfortunately he is the exact person most vulnerable to the virus. Sounds like he was trending toward a bad outcome with or without the virus. Virus could have made it worse, that is for sure.

      Will add in that no one is getting tested in the manner you are mentioning. Certainly not surgical nurses (they have significantly less patient contact than ICU nurses and physicians, and less direct patient care responsibilities), and even ICU nurses, who are in the trenches are not getting tested regularly, certainly not every other day.

      The vast majority of hospitals have plenty of test available to those employees that ask for a test. But the most common scenario, by far, is people arent really getting tested unless they are displaying symptoms, in which case they get tested promptly and return to work if symptoms and test are good.

      I am at a major ICU in Pennsylvania, friends and colleagues I trained with are in major cities (and smaller ones) in GA, SC, AZ, TX, OH, NH, and CA. Not a single one of their ICU’s has a policy where the nurses or docs (or RTs) are getting regular scheduled tests. This is misconception that a lot of the public has, but really its not happening. Most areas of the hospital (esp surgical areas, and elective surgery areas) are actually testing less (our outpt center literally does not test if there are no symptoms and no plan to admit pt).

      All that to say, it could have been a number of asymptomatic hospital workers that he would have encountered, nurse, RT, tech etc. Or the doc. Or a fam member.

      Sounds like he was on the way toward the pearly gates as it was with or without the virus, but either way sorry for your loss.

    3. am i the only one who read this as sarcasm that he died of Covid when he obviously was nearing end of life already?


    We owe a great debt to China for reportedly having full access to our voting software via the Solarwinds hack and — according to CNN — helping us have an election that was 100% fair and free.

    1. Scott Adams was banned by Youtube recently.

    2. Democracy’s heroes.

  44. Reason went from being just dumb asses, to being solid FAKE NEWS. What the fuck is with that utterly biased reporting on DC violence. Almost everybody that got stabbed was one of the Proud Boys. So who’s the real violent ones there? Fuck off reason.

    1. ^This

      In every one of these street clashes between Trump supporters and antifa, it’s mostly antifa initiating and antifa causing the injuries. WTH media.

      The fourth estate my ass. More like the fifth column.

  45. Dear Reason,

    Your sex life? Your business? Pot? Sex work? Legalize.

    Having said that, this is who you’re in bed with now, ’cause Orange Man bad. I don’t remember Orange Man wanting to force powerful medications on kids over the culture war.

    Fuck you and die, Reason.

    If children can’t consent to puberty blockers which pause any permanent changes even with the relevant professional evaluation, how can they consent to the permanent and irreversible changes that come with their own puberty with no professional evaluation whatsoever?

    …An inability to offer informed consent or understand the long-term consequences is actually an argument for putting every single cis and trans person on puberty blockers until they acquire that ability.

    1. This is a very sick man. Seriously, he needs help.

  46. With the riots and stabbings in DC this weekend, the move toward disintegration of the union has started. God only knows where it will end. Does anyone think this country can come together and get along anytime soon? If so, tell me how that might happen.

    1. Please note that there were no riots.
      Reason is reporting only protests.

    2. When sleepy Joe is sworn in, peace and harmony will sweep over the globe.

  47. What’s this article naming the proud boys. The white night will be along any moment telling us that unless they are admitted card carrying member that have other members vouch for them then they aren’t actually in the proud boys

    1. It’s more of an idea , really.

    2. Ah yes. the ‘no true proud boys’ fallacy.

      1. You must be new here

        1. Not that new. I know what you’re referencing with WK.
          Tongue firmly in cheek here.

  48. Why can’t Reason simply acknowledge the fact that BLM, Antifa and their anti-Trump anti-police hooligans have caused virtually all acts of political violence in Democrat controlled American cities since May.

    Just like other left wing media outlets, Reason has been falsely blaming Trump supporters for creating violence in cities.

  49. Cleveland Indians changing their name amounts to cultural genocide. It wasn’t enough to physically wipe out native peoples…we need to cancel any and all references to Native Americans in our culture.

    Future generations will largely forget they existed at all thanks being replaced by the woke cancel culture.

    1. In cleaved defence they are changing it to the cleavland alcohalic gamblers.

    2. Well, remember that the Indians kept slaves, so – – – – – – – –

    3. Who will edit the movie “Major League” to make it align with the new wokenesss?


    ????BREAKING: Dominion Voting Systems forensic report:

    “We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”

    “The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of
    68.05%. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity.”

    “A staggering number of votes required adjudication. This was a 2020 issue not seen in previous election cycles still stored on the server … The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency or audit trail. ”

    “Significantly, the computer system shows vote adjudication logs for prior years; but all adjudication log entries for the 2020 election cycle are missing. The adjudication process is the simplest way to manually manipulate votes.”

    “The lack of records prevents any form of audit accountability, and their conspicuous absence is extremely suspicious since the files exist for previous years using the same software.” #DominionVotingSystems

    “Removal of these files violates state law and prevents a meaningful audit, even if the Secretary wanted to conduct an audit. We must conclude that the 2020 election cycle records have been manually removed.” #DominionVotingSystems

    “Other server logs before November 4, 2020 are present; therefore, there is no reasonable explanation for the security logs to be missing.” #DominionVotingSystems

    “These system changes affect how ballots are read and tabulated, and our examination demonstrated a significant change in voter results using the two different programs.” #DominionVotingSystems

    “Our findings show that the Central Lake Township tabulator tape totals were significantly altered by utilizing two different program versions (10/23/2020
    and 11/05/2020), both of which were software changes during an election which violates election law…

    … and not just human error associated with the Dominion Election Management System. “


    2. Twitter to label this post ‘dangerous’ in 3…2…1

  51. But Orange Man, Bad!!!!!
    The defense-industry swamp is eager to engulf the Biden administration

    According to a pre-IPO filing, Pine Island’s connections are a key part of its selling proposition. It touted its leadership as being “uniquely positioned to capitalize” on an anticipated increase in demand by the defense industry for certain key technologies.

  52. The left: If you don’t want laws, move to Somalia.
    Gascon: Hold my hop-laden, bitter IPA:
    NEW: L.A. County DA George Gascon has issued a directive to prosecutors that the following misdemeanors will be declined for prosecution, with exemptions.
    -Disturbing the peace
    -Driving without license
    -Resisting arrest

    Other crimes that will declined for prosecution, with exceptions, by LA DA George Gascon are:
    -Criminal threats
    -Drug possession
    -Minor w/ alcohol
    -Drinking in public
    -Under the influence of a controlled substance
    -Public intoxicating

    1. Make LA fun again!

    2. Somalia. Hey isn’t that the country where illan or Mars dad ran a socialist re-education camp?

    3. Almost all of these should NOT be crimes and should NOT be valid reasons for the cops to harass the citizenry.

      So, score one for crazy progressives I guess.

      1. Yeah, take trespassing and criminal threatening off the list and it’s pretty good.


    BREAKING: Georgia media covered up Warnock arrest in church camp child abuse case

      did not:

      Investigate Democrat Senate candidate Raphael Warnock’s 2002 arrest


      Doxx me, my political donations to Republicans, and posted my house’s value from tax records
      Quote Tweet
      Officer John M Posobiec III, USN IWC
      · 13h
      Lets review this

      Georgia’s @AJC refused to report on Warnock’s child abuse case arrest, and doxxed a child abuse group

      Then @AJC went hard after Senator Loeffler for being in a photo at a public event with a guy she didn’t know

      Bottom of the barrel scumbags


    The Democrats want us to believe that self induced poverty is brave. It’s not. It’s brave to stand up to them and to refuse to comply with their lunacy.

    Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock is coming under fire for serious incidents at a summer camp he ran in Maryland, including his own arrest for impeding a child abuse investigation.

    Warnock, a pastor at Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church since 2005, previously worked for five years as pastor of a Baltimore church whose camp was plagued with abuse and health code violations.

    In 2002, Warnock and a colleague were arrested for interfering with a police investigation of abuse claims.

    Warnock, then 33, was taken away in handcuffs after he interrupted a police interview with a camp counselor about possible abuse and blocked a camper from directing officers to other witnesses, according to a resurfaced Baltimore Sun article.

    About a year later, Camp Farthest Out in rural Carroll County was shut down by the Maryland Department of Health, which refused to issue a certificate to operate due to a poor health inspection that found 11 violations and the fact that the camp failed to report five findings of child abuse or neglect after an investigation by the Department of Social Services into camp director Brian Carter, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

    1. This isn’t newsworthy. What is newsworthy is the attempt to degrade and humiliate DOCTOR Jill Biden by some fascist, misogynist professor writing in the WSJ. If you were a journalist, even one without a PhD, you would understand the difference.

      1. Isn’t Jill Biden’s doctorate an EdD?

        So aren’t lesser doctorates like PhD and MD unqualified to criticize?

    2. Warnock is losing just like Ossoff lost to David Perdue in the general election.

      Both Warnock and Ossoff are carpetbaggers.

  56. Re Indians.

    Sports is so dead to me.

    1. Maybe this will make you feel better:

      “The Ravens-Steelers game, which originally cost advertisers an average of $1 million for 30 seconds of commercial time, drew only 11 million viewers, almost a 50% decline from the audience for last year’s Thanksgiving game on NBC.

      Some Thanksgiving advertisers that appeared in the NBC game on Wednesday didn’t pay at all, instead accepting the commercial time as a make-good for games earlier in the season that delivered disappointing ratings, according to people familiar with the matter.”

  57. Hopefully, with the Electoral College’s vote on Monday, we can move beyond this “Stop the Steal” nonsense, and get on with hating the forthcoming Biden administration.

    After the last 4 years of “RuShIn InTeRfEeRaNcE, DERRRP!” coming from the Dems, why would anyone think that’s even a remote possibility? It’s gonna be another 4 years of ~half the country believing, or at least strongly suspecting, that the president is illegitimate. Only difference is this time the media will be doing their level ass best to convince everyone else that those people are insane instead of feeding into the hysteria.

    FWIW, I believe the evidence this time around is a lot stronger than the “Russian collusion” fever dreams ever were (although that’s not saying much) but it doesn’t matter what anyone believes. As some dumb cunt once said, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

    Personally I’d be fine with just dissolving the federal government completely and doing away with the United States with each state becoming a separate country. And then if some states want to come together and form alliances or even larger polities, fine. But the USA as we know it might as well end. We had a good run, but it’s over now, and really has been for a while. We just didn’t realize it.

    1. That’s an interesting idea – the US can declare bankruptcy and do a reorganization.

      1. the US can declare bankruptcy and do a reorganization.

        I was (mostly) joking around but one thing I hadn’t considered is what happens to the $23+ trillion in US government debt if the fedgov were to actually dissolve and the USA cease to exist? Are all those creditors screwed or does that debt end up being owed by the individual nations that form from what’s left? Not sure how that plays out. Maybe if the collapse is done purposefully the feds could sell off all their land they own first and then hopefully pay off the debt prior to ceasing to exist. Although who would buy it and why and how much could they realistically get for all of it, I don’t know.

        Likewise, what about all the military bases and hardware scattered throughout the various states? I’m not sure what would happen to that. Not to mention all the military service men and women who represent a government that no longer exists. What happens to them, especially the ones who are deployed when the fed gov ceases to exist? Hopefully if it’s an organized, pre-planned collapse we can bring them all back beforehand. Otherwise are they all left to fend for themselves, some of them in hostile territory? IIRC, I think that’s what happened to a lot of the Roman military when the Roman Empire collapsed. I’m sure it didn’t end well for most of them.

        1. Cali and NY get the debt.
          We hold the nukes.

    2. “Hopefully, with the Electoral College’s vote on Monday, we can move beyond this “Stop the Steal” nonsense, and get on with hating the forthcoming Biden administration.”

      Whoever wrote that must be completely ignorant of the reason people are reluctant to accept Biden as the winner–and the reason is because Biden’s policy agenda is extremely awful. It should be noted that average Republican voters appear to be more libertarian than reason staff in recognizing that fact.

      The reluctance to accept Biden’s victory doesn’t go away until Biden’s horrible agenda disappears.

      The way progressives define democracy has two wolves and a rabbit arguing about what’s for lunch. The reason the rabbit refuses to accept the certification of the vote isn’t because he’s irrational, and his reluctance to accept the outcome of the election won’t disappear until someone convinces him that wolves aren’t really planning to eat him for lunch–despite promising to eat him during the campaign.

      1. Stop asserting that’s the only reason, Ken.
        I’d be pissed if it looked like Biden won a legitimate election, but I’d accept it.
        But it doesn’t look like that – it looks like Biden’s “win” is the product of unprecedented irregularities, unconstitutional procedures, and faith in an establishment political/media complex that does done nothing but lie to acquire more power over The People. None of that has been satisfactorily explained, and their reaction is even more indicative of a cover up.
        You speak for you, Ken.
        I suggest you argue your valid points without conceding the field before you try to negotiate the terms of your surrender, but do as you will.

        1. “Stop asserting that’s the only reason, Ken.”

          I didn’t say it was the only reason, but it’s the big one.

          Certainly, if Biden and the Democrats were less awful, people would be less reluctant to accept them winning.


    I’ve been puzzled about why Putin did not interfere in our elections this year, and now we know China protected us by hacking into our election software to keep Russia from doing us harm. Thank you, China.

  59. Videos posted to Twitter from Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott show a contingent of Proud Boys—a right-wing group whose members are frequently in attendance at political street brawls—burning a “Black Lives Matter” banner reportedly stolen from the Asbury United Methodist Church in downtown D.C.

    Or as Springsteen would put it – Greetings From Asbury Methodist, D.C.

    1. So their mostly peaceful protest did not intensify.

      Antifa stabs people, Proud Boys burn Marxist sign. Which is worse?

  60. Just for the record:
    We have had flu vaccines for years, and the flu still kills tens of thousands every year.
    Don’t expect any rational response from the fascists to the administration of the Communist Chinese Virus vaccine.
    They will continue to exploit the acceptance of dictatorial rule due to the “emergency”.

    1. Just 2 weeks to flatten the curve!

      1. Die you pedo con artist worshipping piece of goddamn fucking shit.
        Exterminate the Mormons!

        1. Exterminate KillAllRednecks!

    2. There are several strains of the flu. When the brew up the vaccine that make their best guess of which strain or strains will infect people, choose three, and roll the dice. Sometimes they get it right. Sometimes not.

      I don’t know how that applies to the covid vaccine.

      1. There are several strains of new flu too.
        Chuck is absolutely correct.

        1. SARS-CoV-2 does not mutate in the same manner as influenza. There are strains of SARS-CoV-2 but they retain commonality that allows one vaccine to cover them all.

          But, hey, go for the facile equivalence argument and lazy thinking! It suits the foregone conclusion you wanted to reach.

          1. Speaking of facile arguments and lazy thinking, you have little room to speak. As far as we know, NCoV doesn’t and hasn’t yet mutated in a manner ‘similar’ to influenza, and from what you understand, the mutations of NCoV should be covered by a single vaccine. The latter will be tested as the vaccines are rolled out, the former, as the virus continues to mutate. But, hey, you reached your foregone conclusion by making assertions in a field in which you are definitely not a specialist.

  61. “A Saturday “Stop the Steal” protest that saw pro-Trump demonstrators boozing in the streets and vandalizing historically black churches.”

    —-Christian Britschgi

    The link Britschgi gave to “vandalizing” goes to a Washington Post story about BLM signs being stolen. Is the vandalization of churches and the signs being stolen two different events or the same event?

    When we hear about right wing groups “vandalizing historically black churches” and it being investigated as a hate crime, stealing signs isn’t what most people are thinking. If you stayed up all night trying to think of a great way to help the Proud Boys, you could hardly come up with anything better than mischaracterizing their misbehavior and falsely accusing them of hate crimes.

    Is Britschgi on the Proud Boys’ payroll? He certainly has no business writing for a libertarian publication.

    P.S. I wasn’t aware that Reason was sanctioning prosecuting people for hate crimes if they spray painted vandalism using racial slurs! Does Britschgi mean to say that taking speech down is a legitimate hate crime, from a libertarian perspective, too? Is this an official position at Reason, Cato, or anywhere else where thinking libertarians like to congregate? How do Britschgi’s aberrant views mesh with the First Amendment?

    1. Well of course it’s a hate crime. If they had burned the church down, it would have just been a peaceful protest, but those evil violent Proud Boys are just to violent to do something that peaceful.

      1. The overwhelming libertarian position has always been that vandalism is just vandalism regardless of whether your spray painted something stupid that hurts people’s feelings. In fact, hurting people’s feelings by saying and writing stupid things is protected by the First Amendment. If Britschgi is cheering on people for calling it a hate crime–when someone takes a sign down? That’s really is going over the edge, isn’t it!

        Burning the flag is protected by the First Amendment as political speech. Burning a BLM sign isn’t political speech? Would it have been a hate crime if the Proud Boys had brought their own BLM sign to destroy?

        The problem with the OJ trial was that the police tried to frame a guilty man. If they were trying to get him exonerated, they could have done him a better favor than they did by trying to frame him! If you want to do the Proud Boys a solid favor, falsely accuse them of hate crimes. They can’t afford to buy that kind of positive publicity, and here are all these journalists giving it to them for free.

  62. I’m reading the stories about Governor Cuomo being accused of sexual harassment, and I don’t know what’s funnier–those who are surprised that a left wing figure could be accused of something like this or those who are surprised that someone would take advantage of the social justice environment. They’re all accusing each other, and I’m thinking Bonfire of the Vanities. Maybe they’re all guilty. The feminist prudes are guilty. The snowflakes are guilty. The lecherous and the cads are guilty. The whole social justice/progressive alliance is dumpster fire, and we’ll see it all come out into the open–now that they don’t have a common enemy anymore.

    1. Male feminist… which translates to trapping women in a bathroom and forcing them to watch you masturbate.

      1. “Lindsey Boylan, 36 years old, said in posts on Twitter that Mr. Cuomo “harassed me for years. Many saw it, and watched. I could never anticipate what to expect: would I be grilled on my work (which was very good) or harassed about my looks. Or would it be both in the same conversation?”

        Ms. Boylan didn’t return messages asking her to elaborate on her Twitter posts. She later tweeted that she wouldn’t be talking to reporters about the matter.”

        Complaining about being berated for the way you do your job sounds kinda snowflakey by itself, but even if she’s just being a snowflake, that’s the social justice, trigger culture coming home to roost. Progressives like Cuomo made that bed!

        Meanwhile, letting social justice issues like this rule New York politics for so long is why they’ve got–what may be the worst run state in the country. It seemed like California was in the running for worst run state last week, especially with Musk, HP Enterprises, and Oracle all basically announcing they were fleeing the state. But at least California had those new and growing industries to begin with.

        Maybe Cuomo looks good to New Yorkers in contrast to de Blasio? Maybe in social justice eyes, the shit-weasel looks better now because at least he isn’t a sexual harasser.

        1. For me, one of the dividing lines between conservatives and libertarians is the “due process for all” versus “he/she is getting what’s coming to him.” However insufferable Cuomo may be, he’s entitled to due process. His accuser is entitled to her day in court. I don’t think any outcome is particularly humorous and I don’t think the rule of law is well served when every claim becomes fodder for the never ending culture war shit throwing.

          1. “I don’t think any outcome is particularly humorous”

            Whether New York’s progressives need to face that their hero is a sexual harasser or social justice warriors are forced to rationalize a baloney harassment accusation, somebody’s taking a pie to the face.

          2. BELIEVE ALL WOMEN!

        2. Complaining about being berated for the way you do your job sounds kinda snowflakey by itself, but even if she’s just being a snowflake, that’s the social justice, trigger culture coming home to roost. Progressives like Cuomo made that bed!

          Exactly. She’s making comments on twitter without any evidence and won’t elaborate. She just let the twitter bombs drop and will let the media do the rest.


          Lucky for Cuomo, he’s in the right party and has the right opinions, so the media will treat this with the proper level of skepticism, like they did the Biden allegations.

  63. These protests appear to be mostly peaceful.

    1. +1

      If they burned a sign, I guess we should accuse them of arson just like the anti-fa folks in Portland, too.


    This is one of the most damning charts on COVID. It comes directly from the CDC.

    We hear a lot about excess mortality. If you just limit it to the age group under 65, you can see it rapidly falls to even or *below* modern averages.

    You do NOT shut down your country for THIS!

  65. “Flee a knife, charge a gun.”

    This is the advice given by Al Pacino playing the role of Jimmy Hoffa in a recent film.

    1. Taking tactical advice from hollywood is like taking dating advice from Harvey Weinstein, but dream on.

      1. Scorcese was never a creature of Hollywood.

  66. The Cleveland Indians will reportedly drop their name and Native American mascot, according to ESPN. Trump is not happy about this.

    because it’s dumb, and meaningless, and he’s right.

  67. So the Proud Boys didn’t pull down any statues or try to burn any Federal buildings? They’ve got a lot to learn about rioting.

    1. not rioting, mostly peaceful protests

  68. “A boat loaded with explosives attacked an oil tanker docked at the Saudi port city of Jeddah in what the authorities there called an act of terrorism, the latest in a string of attacks on the kingdom’s oil infrastructure in recent months.

    . . . .

    Previous attacks in the strategic waterway have been blamed on or claimed by Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi rebels, who have been battling a Saudi-led military coalition in a six-year civil war.


    This is an attempt by Iran to draw the U.S. into reasserting itself as the guarantor of security in the Middle East–and break up the historically amazing alliance forming between Arab states and Israel that Trump has brought about over the last four years . . . largely by refusing to respond to these attacks unless they targeted Americans.

    Watch for Biden to take the bait.

    1. He will 100% take the bait

  69. Russian hackers have allegedly broken into the networks of several federal agencies, including the Treasury and Commerce Departments, according to Department of Homeland Security officials.

    Am I a bad person for being glad about this and hoping they release all the info they got?

    1. Well, if it contains information that reflects badly on Democrats, the next Republican President will be accused of orchestrating the whole thing. The FBI may already have a dossier for Harris’ opposition research team to use come 2024.

      1. Something good happens while your party is in power, your party gets the credit.

        Something bad happens while your party is in power, blame the previous administration.

        1. Or if you’re sarcasmic, you just blame anybody whoever agreed with any policy Trump supported and then you run into everything making hyperbolic strawman arguments thinking you are saying something either profound or funny.

  70. yeah, those “left/right” street wars in Portland, “both sides” for sure.

  71. HAHA. Trump is ahead in Electoral College votes.

    Georgia Democrats are sending alternate set of Electoral votes.

    This is hilarious!

    1. Joint session of Congress gets to decide which set of Electors to pick.

      12th Amendment here we come!

    2. Can you link to your source of information?

      1. Took a whopping 2 seconds to find with the information he presented.

        You really have no desire to be intellectually curious at all.


          So, here’s one of many articles on the internet describing what Georgia’s actual electors did.

        2. loveconstitution1789
          December.14.2020 at 2:41 pm
          HAHA. Trump is ahead in Electoral College votes.

          Georgia Democrats are sending alternate set of Electoral votes.

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  73. The Cleveland Bangladeshis has a nice ring to it. Or the Cleveland Sri Lankans?

    1. How bout the Cleveland Step-N-Fetch-Its. Who could object to that.

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  75. So BLM can destroy churches, but others cannot? LOL

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