This documentary reminds us that the time people lose while "doing time" can never be replaced or relived.


"I feel like a champion," says a defiant Fox Rich in a decades-old grainy home video. She has recently been released from prison. Her husband, Rob, is not so lucky: He has been sentenced to 60 years for a robbery the two committed together. She promises to wait for him.

Over the course of Time, a documentary following Rich's 21-year wait to free her husband from the Louisiana State Penitentiary, her victor mentality never fades. But it does morph into something different as she navigates a bureaucratic justice system that can eat people up without mercy. She is hardened. "Success is the best revenge," she says.

The audience watches as Rich's kids grow up without a father. There are car rides, birthdays, a graduation, all the stuff of an everyday American life, but one in which something—someone—is missing. Rich asks for forgiveness from the women she robbed. She becomes an advocate for criminal justice reform. But this documentary reminds us that the time people lose while "doing time" can never be replaced or relived.

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  1. But this documentary reminds us that the time people lose while “doing time” can never be replaced or relived.

    Damn, I never thought about it that way. It’s almost as if prison were designed to be some kind of punishment or a deterrent to committing crimes or something.

    1. Should we, as libertarians, really support locking up another human being? How can we restrict personal freedom so strictly? Sure, homicide is a terrible crime that cannot be undone but why not force the guilty party to pay blood money instead of locking them up like a caged animal. Additionally, as an anti-racist libertarian, I oppose prisons that disproportionately lock up disadvantaged BIPOCs. We can do better in this country.

      1. As a libertarian, I object to the government having a monopoly on justice. I support the idea of individuals having the freedom to make mutually agreeable deals. If you go into Walmart and see a TV on the shelf for 298 dollars, Walmart is advertising the fact that 298 dollars is an acceptable price to them. If you do your TV shopping in my house, you may notice there’s no price tag on my TV, you don’t know what is an acceptable price for my TV to me. If you decide to take my TV anyway, you have no right to complain about what sort of price I may decide to charge you for my TV. So why does government claim they have the right to set a “fair” price for my TV? It’s my TV, why can’t I charge whatever price I feel is fair? (Hint: If I catch you taking my TV without offering to pay for it, it may very well cost you your life, or at least an expensive trip to the hospital to have the bullet removed.)

        1. You sound like another “Stand your Ground” Rethuglican. Black lives matter more that white property and until American law recognizes this FACT, BIPOC will be discriminated against by the “justice” system.

          1. And besides, insurance will buy you a nice new TV, so no harm done.

          2. I think Rabbi is a Communist that means he will put his fist in the air and say power to the people but what he means is power to the government Read the Gulag archipelago by Solzhenitsyn . Rabbi is not a libertarian he is a communist or a useful idiot as Lenin call them

      2. hmm yours is a foolish comment what would you do with the likes of gary ridgeway , ted bundy , and other psychopaths? As for the others Force them to pay how the only job many of these thugs can get are low paying at best and many do not have the social skills to keep a job for very long .I worked with violent felons for 23 years about one third will always come back to prison no matter what you do they see it as an entitlement not a punishment. One third will never come back and one third is a crap shoot. Every prison has a high school diploma program of some kind. that is never used to its full potential. The thug life chosen by these induhviduals is their choice they do not care about you or your bleeding heart

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  3. Everyone has a sob story after the crime. But as libertarians, we should recognize that some crimes should be harshly punished. If you attempt to deprive someone of their life, liberty or property, you shouldn’t be surprised when the State does the same to you.

    1. But the state disproportionately imprisons Blacks and Latinx far above their representation in the general population. How can libertarians support a racist outcome to state action when our own presidential candidate, Jo Jorgensen, demands that we be anti-racist.

      1. Given that blacks commit murder at 8 times the rate of whites, perhaps we should encourage more whites to kill someone. For equality.


  5. Can’t get back the time lost on lockdowns either.

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  7. This article is fucking useless. No mention of why I should feel sorry for this particular criminal. 21 years sure seems like a long time for just a robbery. So is that a miscarriage of justice, or was it more than “just” a robbery? Why did the wife get out so much sooner, or not go to prison at all, if they committed the robbery together?

    Sorry, I don’t feel sorry for criminals who get caught and have to do time. They knew the game before they committed the crime. Whether our system of “justice” could be reformed or not, do a better job or not, this particular criminal gets no sympathy from me, because TFA is fucking useless.

    1. I was looking around for more background on these two, and their specific crime. Seems that they robbed a bank at gunpoint. It was amateurishly done, they got away with about 5 grand but were apprehended almost immediately and they both confessed. Not career criminals.

      To your point about the disparate sentences – yeah, that’s my main takeaway. They both rob a bank together. She gets 3 years, he gets 60. If anything it goes to show that men are victims of disparate sentencing.

      In his case, it looks like he was actually working on a plea deal for a much shorter sentence – something like 6 months ‘shock’ time and the completion of a ‘boot camp’ type of program – when they switch prosecutors on him. New guy wouldn’t play ball, his defense attorney quit, and the public defender who replaced him wasn’t much use. So he went to trial and got the whole 60 year maximum.

      1. No she took a plea bargain and got a negotiated sentence .
        He took it to a jury trial and expects a lesser sentence ? he had the same plea deal offered to him as his wife got he gambled he lost suck it up buttercup

  8. How did they put Al Capone in jail? Tax evasion….. Read More

  9. But lockdowns are totes cool.

    Punish people who want to work to feed their families. Free crackhead thieves. Free minds and free markets baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey “Beau”, your brother creampied your widow a few times after the funeral.

      1. Fucking HOT

      2. Speaking of crackhead thieves . . .

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