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    1. R Mac won’t help out Reason because Alex Jones has persuaded R Mac that Reason is in favor of the Demon-rat plan to install mind-control devices on all of us! It is KNOWN! It is a FACT!

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      2. Mr. Sqrlsy’s an expert on mind-control. All the nurses are in on it. You’d all do well to listen to him.

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    2. Fellow CACLLs signaled. Let the unreason whinefest commence!

      1. Why do you take pleasure in being a sycophantic fuck without any original thought?

        “The media told me things and I have no reason to disagree ” – WhiteKnight.

        Youre just pathetic at this point.

        1. It’s all your fault Mr. Jesse. White Knight senpai just wants your attention. Don’t be so cold and invite senpai to dinner.

          1. At least he would never complain it is bad. And would defend it from anyone else who thought it was.

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      2. I love how you steal my acronym and just go on pretending like it’s yours.

        1. The White Knight
          October.22.2020 at 3:18 pm

          It means conservative and conservative-leaning libertarian, and I coined it.

          1. Lies all the way down. He even stole my handle and just made a (poorly) translated english version. This dude’s a fraud.

        2. Acronym theft is a thing now? WTHK…

          1. Oh look, wayyy up there. It’s the joke.

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  1. According to the donation widget, Reason has already exceeded its contributions target. Interesting.

    1. The great Mr. Koch has stepped in to help us.

    2. Less donors and more money per donor.

      Kind of like how the democrat party operates.

  2. In Most Libertarian President since Before World War II News, President Trump is ordering U.S. troops to all but evacuate Somalia completely.

    “President Trump ordered the Pentagon to pull nearly all U.S. troops out of Somalia, where for 13 years they have been fighting a low-intensity battle against the local al Qaeda affiliate, al-Shabaab, U.S. officials said.”

    The Trump administration’s push to reduce U.S. forces in Africa has drawn opposition from lawmakers from both parties who see a need for a continued American engagement in the continent’s conflict zones. Rep. Anthony Brown (D., Md.), vice chairman of the Armed Services Committee, questioned the wisdom ofsuch troop moves during a presidential transition in Washington.”

    —-Wall Street Journal


    Bold added.

    I’ve been highlighting the differences between Democrats and Republicans over the last few weeks, but there is one way in which they’re a lot alike–and it’s the one way in which President Trump was extremely different from both of them.

    If we ever see less of a warmonger for President in our lifetimes, it will be amazing. If we aren’t out of Afghanistan completely by the end of April, it will be the fault of everyone who voted against him.

    No one is more deserving of the Noble Peace Prize than President Trump.

    1. ^^^. None of the ‘Bring the Troops Home’ statements from Trump (or anyone in the Excecutive Branch or WSJ editorial boardroom) have resulted in ….checks notes… **actual troops** coming home! Reason readers like me are always on the look out for what politicians DO and distrust a lot of what they say. No drawing down of expenses tied to the DOD’s vast global apparatus has occurred under Trump. He deserves a Nobel Peace prize – sure – if only on the perverted and twisted criteria that Obama was awarded it, and then expanded US’ participation in intervention and regime change wars within months afterwards. I’m on team “GO Reason,” congrats on shattering the fundraising goals.

      1. Oh. So thats why most of the staff said they preferred a 47byear stalwart on the wrong side of every international conflict.

        Way to say stupid shit sweetie.

        1. Link to this “most of the staff” claim you just threw out there?

          1. Google it you dishonest piece of shit. We know the last thing you actually want is a link.

          2. I’m with senpai.
            And if the cite isn’t notarized by an archangel and Judge Judy we won’t accept it as real… oh, and we want to see their drivers licenses to be a sure they’re really the Reason staffers.

          3. My God man. You’ve been wrong on this point so many times. Go to their voting article.

            1. I did miscount, and admitted I did. Now, admit you are blatantly lying when you say “most of the staff”.

              1. admit you are blatantly lying when you say “most of the staff”

                If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck… even if they swear they’re eagles.

                1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/reason.com/2020/10/12/how-will-reason-staffers-vote-in-2020/%3famp

                  I welcome you to do your own count, but I come up with 3 definite votes, and 2 maybes for Biden:

                  C.J. CIARAMELLA
                  SHIKHA DALMIA
                  STEPHANIE SLADE (maybe)
                  ZACH WEISSMUELLER
                  ERIC BOEHM (maybe)

                  That’s 3 or 5 (depending on how you want to count) out of 24 queried.

                  One of the above downs work for Reason anymore.

                  In other words, you are lying and I just showed that you are lying.

                  1. I don’t see any ballots there, so you only proved they said something.

                    1. JesseAz has seen their ballots? How does he know that “most” of them voted for Biden?

                      It was a blatant lie.

                  2. I’m not Jesse you stupid shit.

      2. NDAA Seeks To Halt Trump’s Troop Withdrawals From Afghanistan & Germany

        1. That was completely unconstitutional as far as I can tell–and Trump ignored it.

          Congress has the power to declare war–but that doesn’t make them Commander-in-chief.

          But it does speak to the seriousness of Trump’s commitment to get us out of Afghanistan. They wouldn’t have been trying so hard to stop him if he weren’t so serious about getting us out of there.

      3. ^^^. None of the ‘Bring the Troops Home’ statements from Trump (or anyone in the Excecutive Branch or WSJ editorial boardroom) have resulted in ….checks notes… **actual troops** coming home!

        Selling arms to the Saudis means we don’t need to defend them from the Iranians. They can defend themselves. Bringing them together and having them formalize relations is all about them defending themselves–because Trump refused to guarantee their security for them.

        The Saudis met with Israel to consider formalizing relations a few weeks ago, but decided not to at the last moment–because Trump lost the election, and they didn’t want to undermine their relationship with the incoming Biden administration. Regardless, Saudi Arabia’s closest allies have made peace with Israel–and they see Israel as an important ally in the fight against Iranian aggression. The reason they did that was because Trump made it clear that he wouldn’t protect them because it wasn’t in the interests of the United States–unless Americans were targeted by the Iranians.

        After all, when the Iranians targeted our allies’ oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, Trump did nothing. When the Iranians through their Yemeni proxies attacked Saudi oil production facilities, Trump did nothing. When the Iranians targeted Americans in Iraq, Trump retaliated against the general who ordered the attack–because Trump didn’t care so much about attacking Iran in retaliation for attacking our allies because it wasn’t in America’s best interests to do so. When Turkey invaded Syria to go after the Kurds, Trump withdrew our troops rather than open a new American war in Syria. Sorry Kurds, we’re taking America’s interests into consideration first.

        That is why all those normalization of relations are happening with Israel, and if you don’t think obviating the need for American troops in the region for decades to come was the goal of that, you’re nuts.

        Meanwhile, Trump made a deal with Putin to have his Iranian and Syrian allies focus their attention on wiping out ISIS in Syria rather than fighting American backed rebels in Syria–white Trump pushed our allies in Syria to do likewise. This was something he campaigned on doing–which is why neocons like McCain hated Trump so much. When he actually followed through, ISIS was all but completely wiped out–with a neocon invasion of Syria like the neoconservatives (Hillary included) wanted so much.

        Again, if you don’t see the upside in avoiding quagmires in the first place, you’re missing half the upside of having a pragmatic president focused on American interests rather than what’s in the best interests of the Kurds, the Syrians, or the feminists of Afghanistan. If Trump had invaded Syria–and then withdrawn–would that have been worthy of your recognition?! Isn’t it better to never invade in the first place–like we did with Lebanon and Rwanda?

        Meanwhile, yes, Trump negotiated and signed a full withdrawal agreement with the Taliban at the end of February, which gets us out of Afghanistan completely by the end of April 2021. There has not been a single American casualty in Afghanistan for nine months–since the day Trump signed the peace agreement with the Taliban. Since then, per the terms of the agreement, we withdrew from approximately 8,500 troops to 4,500 and then from 4,500 to 2,500. The reason we were scheduled to withdraw troops in stages is in the prudent hope of avoiding a bloodbath when we leave at the end of April. As the Taliban followed through with their commitments–releasing POWs, opening a peace conference with the U.S. backed government of Afghanistan, etc.–President Trump has followed through with his commitment at every stage.

        In fact, it has been the U.S. backed government in Afghanistan that dragged its feet, and Trump has clearly demonstrated his commitment to getting us out of Afghanistan by lighting a fire under the U.S. backed government in Kabul. For instance, when the U.S. backed government in Kabul dragged its feet on releasing Taliban prisoners, thousands of them actually, and naming delegates to attend the peace talks with the Taliban in Doha, President Trump suspended U.S. aid to the Afghan government until they released those prisoners and send delegates to the talks.

        The reason the U.S. backed government was dragging their feet is because it’s become clear to everyone who’s paying attention that the peace talks aren’t really peace talks per se. Because President Trump is so intent on withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan by the end of April–regardless of what the Afghan government negotiates with the Taliban–it’s become painfully clear to the U.S. backed government in Kabul that what they’re really negotiating with the Taliban is the terms of their surrender.

        Their only hope was that Biden would be elected–because he’s stated that he wants to keep American Troop in Afghanistan indefinitely. We can’t leave, I guess, until the Taliban decides to stop being Islamic fundamentalists and the Afghan feminists win.

        So, let’s be frank, here. The U.S. backed government in Kabul believes that Trump is serious about leaving–so much so that they released thousands of Taliban POWs they were holding at Trump’s insistence. The U.S. backed government in Kabul thinks Trump is serious enough about leaving that they sent an official delegation to the peace conference in Doha at Trump’s insistence. The Taliban thinks Trump is serious enough about leaving at the end of April that they have abided by the terms of the agreement they signed with Trump for nine months. Congress was convinced that Trump was serious about leaving–so much so that they tried passing a bill prohibiting Trump from withdrawing troops. What do you know about Trump’s intentions that the U.S. backed government in Kabul, Congress, and the Taliban doesn’t know?

        1. “When he actually followed through, ISIS was all but completely wiped out–with [without] a neocon invasion of Syria like the neoconservatives (Hillary included) wanted so much.”

          —-Ken Shultz

          Typo fixed.

          1. Once again, Ken is correct.

            As one who began opposing the Vietnam war at age 12 in 1969, I’ve been amazed how left wing media outlets and Democrats who opposed the Vietnam war have demonized Trump for the past four years as he eliminated ISIS (that Obama/Biden created), forged peace treaties with Israel and Arab countries in the middle east, and has reduced the US military occupations and excursions in many foreign countries.

            Trump has been the most libertarian president since Cal Coolidge, and if Trump was president a century ago, he’d have repealed prohibition as well.

            1. I’m your age and that is my take also. Maybe it’s because we grew up during a real war with a draft, body bags coming home every day and widely publicized atrocities that for some of us Trump was our best hope. I’ve been reading Reason since before .com was invented and I assumed they would at least acknowledge that Trump’s foreign policy was a huge improvement over the neocon/Bush/Clinton/Obama/Biden alternative. But when it was mentioned at all the story was always too little too late and to be sure Orange Man Bad. Reason along with the rest of the media put the War Party back in power. Unforgiveable.

              1. Just to clarify, I’m not saying current wars are not real. But the pentagon (thanks to GHWB) and the media have sanitized the coverage to the extent that the average individual is completely disconnected from them. It wasn’t that way in the 60s and 70s.

              2. ^This.

        2. Selling arms to the Saudis means they get to murder Yemenis with our guns.

          1. https://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/peace-earth-free-trade-men

            Advocates of free trade have long argued that its benefits are not merely economic. Free trade also encourages people and nations to live in peace with one another. Free trade raises the cost of war by making nations more economically interdependent. Free trade makes it more profitable for people of one nation to produce goods and services for people of another nation than to conquer them. By promoting communication across borders, trade increases understanding and reduces suspicion toward people in other countries.

            International trade creates a network of human contacts. Phone calls, emails, faxes and face‐​to‐​face meetings are an integral part of commercial relations between people of different nations. This human interaction encourages tolerance and respect between people of different cultures (if not toward protectionist politicians).

          2. Woah, we are discussing a government selling arms and free trade is relevant how?

            1. Piss off. Arms sales are trade.
              Go be deliberately ignorant somewhere else.

              1. A government sale of arms is not FREE trade.

                1. He asserted.

                2. FFS. It’s Lockheed Martin selling the jets, the US government is just allowing the UAE to buy them.

                  You just can’t stop lying, huh.

                  1. No she’s just a lefty that thinks the government should be in charge of arms in general, so of course they should be in charge of selling them.

            2. We aren’t?

            3. Are you being serious?

            4. Serious question Dee: what’s your stance on 2A? Cuz all the sudden I think we’ve discovered another example of you not being a real libertarian.

      4. None of the ‘Bring the Troops Home’ statements from Trump (or anyone in the Excecutive Branch or WSJ editorial boardroom) have resulted in ….checks notes… **actual troops** coming home!

        Maybe because you greasy, warmongering fucks have made a
        law against it after the Taliban peace deal was signed?

        On July 1, 2020, the Democrat-controlled House Armed Services Committee overwhelmingly voted in favor of a National Defense Authorization Act amendment to restrict President Trump’s ability to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Germany.[111][112]


        The sheer audacity of you gaslighting fucks never ceases to amaze me. You pass an act forbidding Trump from removing troops, and then you’re all “He lied about bringing home troops”.

    2. OK, now please include discussion of the UAE fighter jet deal that Trump is pushing in your argument for him being the most peaceful President ever.

      1. So youre not a globalist now? Do confusing how you switch back and forth solely based on what trump did.

        1. When was I ever a globalist?

          1. Explain to us why selling jets to the UAE is unlibertarian or an act of war. Did the UAE attack or threaten another country we don’t know about?

            You’re so pathetic.

            1. Selling advanced arms to one side or another in a conflict of theological nation-stated is destabilizing to the entire region. Taking sides in interfaith conflicts within Islam is also arguably a violation of the separation of church and state.

              It is also foreign meddling, which has a history of triggering wars, not preventing them.

              1. Right. Now explain why your implying the UAE is in a war with anyone. Has the UAE been threatening its neighbors? Looks like its actually been doing the complete fucking opposite you pathetic hack.

                And arms sales aren’t foreign meddling, you sad little weirdo, unless they’re subsidized by the seller. And these aren’t.

                1. Damn, I just can’t get over what a willfully dishonest scumbag you are WK… and they’re not even good lies, just cheap, stupid ones a child could see through.

                2. Didn’t say they are at war with anyone.

                  1. Taking sides in interfaith conflicts within Islam is also arguably a violation of the separation of church and state.

                    You totally did you lying sack of shit. Internecine religious conflict was your entire argument.

              2. “is destabilizing to the entire region. ”

                He asserted.

                1. It’s so racist too, “can’t let those violent sand N’s get guns no sir.”

          2. So you’ve never been against tariffs as your default position? You’ve never argued for internationalist bodies?

            1. Being against tariffs is something I support for domestic economic reasons, not globalist reasons.

              I don’t recall arguing for international bodies ever, at least not for them to have any power.

              1. “Being against tariffs is something I support for domestic economic reasons, not globalist reasons.”

                Ends up in the same place regardless though. You still end up supporting globalism.

                1. Not at all.

                  International trade is what’s best for the United States, our economy, and our standard of living, and anyone who wants to sell that short is hurting the United States and the American people.

                  1. I guess you didn’t read my post.

                    1. Are you saying that “globalism” is doing what’s in the best interest of the United States?

                2. I don’t agree or accept that characterization at all.

                  1. I’m sure you don’t but so what?

                  2. The White Knight
                    December.5.2020 at 4:48 pm

                    I don’t agree

                    Quelle surprise.
                    Le White Knight n’est pas d’accord avec l’évidence.

      2. “OK, now please include discussion of the UAE fighter jet deal that Trump is pushing in your argument for him being the most peaceful President ever.”

        To the extent that the UAE, Qatar, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel can defend themselves–together–it means we are no longer the guarantor of their security.

        The driving force for peace among them is their shared interests in defending themselves against a belligerent state sponsor of terror with a legitimate WMD program–and a space program.

        So long as we continued to guarantee their security, they had no reason to work with each other and could let things like the Palestinian question stand in the way.

        The ability to defend yourself is a prerequisite for peace.

    3. https://twitter.com/andrewrcraig/status/1335221518125707275?s=21

      “First Trump ordered more troops to Somalia than Obama had left there, spent his term dropping more bombs there than Obama did, and just now is moving some of those troops into countries next door from which they will continue to fight in Somalia.”

      1. You’re quoting Trump critics on Twitter?


        What did you expect the Pentagon to announce–that now that we’ll no longer have troops in Somalia, we’ll no longer be retaliating against Al Qaeda organizations in Somalia? Even if that was their intent, why would they announce that to Al Qaeda.

        Yes, I’m sure the Pentagon will continue to strike at Al Qaeda targets from outside the country, especially with air support. And we’ll no longer have a significant troop presence on the ground.

        1. We’ll no longer have a troop presence on the ground . . . unless Biden orders us back in.

        2. You need to ask why he chooses lefty narrative accounts?

          1. Because she’s a lefty.

          2. Because you and your clique are constantly advancing a right-wing narrative and I am challenging your mutual thought bubble.

            1. It’d be nice if you actually were challenging it, instead of regurgitating poorly-thought-out blatherskite, based on rants you heard on CNN.

              1. The White Knight has to be one of the few people on the planet to think that repeating bien pensant orthodoxy is somehow breaking paradigms and bursting bubbles.

            2. Ken advances a libertarian narrative.

        3. Here’s another Trump critic from Twitter:


          “In classic Trump fashion, he’ll pull troops from Somalia, not to bring them home but rather to bordering countries—to keep launching ops in Somalia. Theater for libertarians; continued war for the MIC. From a man who’s dropped more bombs there than his two predecessors combined.“

          1. Justin Amash lost his mind over Trump a long time ago. Amash going anti-Trump over the impeachment is why Amash is a soon to be ex-politician.

            The fact is that withdrawing troops from what is practically an open war zone (barely a state in the technical sense) to a couple of countries where they’re welcome make a big difference.

            Meanwhile, just because the Pentagon is rationalizing how they’ll deal with Al Qaeda in the region doesn’t mean that’s what President Trump would have them do if he were still the president for the next four years.

            Do you imagine that Trump is making these moves because he’s trying to impress the voters? That ship done sailed. He’s making these moves now because this is what he wants–to get us out of these quagmires.

            1. For goodness’ sake:


              He wanted to impeach Trump over nothing.

          2. Gee Amash, you posturing shit, it couldn’t possibly be because the Democrats made it either impossible and/or illegal back in July to pull out troops completely?

            Amash is such a dishonest poseur… and so are you WK.

      2. Twitter is gonna Be the only place for biden to act like a president because aint the president.

  3. Anyone else notice that Reason memory-holed the first begathon piece they put up today? If my memory is correct, comments were running about 99.99% against.

    1. For a while the writers really ramped up their response sockpuppets, but that’s a lot of work by their standards and wears them out after a while.

      1. It is quite rare for anyone from the Reason staff to look at the comments.

        1. No it actually isn’t, newbie.

        2. Thats why they complain about commenter on their Twitter threads. Lol. God you’re such a sycophantic fuck.

        3. They said they read the comments the other day. Are you calling them liars?

        4. That must be why they whine about it on twitter.

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  5. Nope. You wanted Biden, and you’ll get a Socialist (Harris) running twice as an incumbent (the Constitution lets you serve 10 years if you take over the last part of someone else’s term).

    You watched “The Science” being used for freedom and economy killing lockdowns without questioning the 40 cycle PCR or our less restrictive definition of a C19 death, both of which will be changed now that there is a Dem in the White House. This will be used to say “submission to a Government that followed The Science saved us all and we must continue to submit or be Science Deniers” once case and death counts drop due to the new definitions.

    Free minds and free markets? Nope, submission to The State that saved us all. You could have put yourselves on the record before that happened, but you lacked the balls to do so. Orange Man Bad.

    Enjoy our new Wall Street Wars and sellout to human rights abusing China – what’s a few dead non-Anglo foreigners when there is an Orange Man to remove.

    Seriously, fuck all of you with Postrel’s dick. She has more of one than anyone else left on your staff. Eat cat food. Blow random organs coming thru holes in mens’ room doors. Sell your organs on the Chinese black market. Do anything but ask me for a dime.

    Die, Reason.

  6. Nah liberaltarians support the worst of human nature. You’re a step up from democrats but not much.

  7. “Libertarians.”
    Just disaffected clingers
    in ‘no one’s fooled’ drag.

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    2. Narrator: “But Kirkland was fooled…”

    3. Under every single bed and 2 in your closet.

  8. I hate videos they are a waste of time. Videos are blocked on my web browser. I prefer to read my news and opinion. Maybe of more people could read, we would have a better America.

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  10. https://twitter.com/joshtpm/status/1335253780477210626?s=21

    “Rudy’s costar at that voter fraud clown show ‘hearing’ in Michigan just got off probation for harassment campaign/restraining order violation that involved her sending multiple sex tapes to her boyfriends ex-wife.”

    1. So?
      Your “gotchas” are really becoming increasingly pointless.

      Also, where can I review the evidence?

      1. It’s more of a “you should be really embarrassed” than a “gotcha”.

    2. So? Biden shoves his fingers up women’s private parts and you still want him to be president.

      1. Both Trump and Biden have such accusations against them. (Well, Trump said himself that he grabs women by the pussy.) I didn’t want either one to be President.

  11. Der Trumpen-Furher is holding a Nuremburg rally in Valdosta and the rednecks in attendance all have blood dripping from their nostrils.

    1. You watched Rudolph again and got triggered.

    2. Buttplug, you’re barely making sense. Did you just crack open your “Big Book of Nazi Slurs” and copy the first page?

    3. I completely agree Mr. Buttplug.
      When I see that Jew-lover Trump and his Kike family I always think “Nazi” too.
      The rednecks wouldn’t have blood dripping from their nostrils if we’d had more wars to thin out their numbers. The Neocons were right about Trump.

  12. The “r” in the fundraising graphic reminds me of an upside down boot. Maybe someone wearing a boot with her leg sticking up in the air? Now, why did that particular comparison occur to me?

  13. Support communism. Support unreason.

  14. I’m looking forward to the day when Reason goes out of business.

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