Free Trade

If Biden Really Wants to Stimulate the Economy, He Should End Trump's Trade War

The current administration’s trade policies have left the incoming president some low-hanging fruit.


For President-elect Joe Biden, the $908 billion stimulus plan being debated in Congress is just a "down payment." Meanwhile, he's neglecting a measure that would significantly stimulate the economy without increasing government debt: ending President Donald Trump's trade war with China.

Trump will likely leave office with 25 percent tariffs still in place on nearly half of Chinese imports, along with a vague "deal" for China to buy $200 billion in unspecified U.S. goods. His ratcheting up of tariffs slowed the economy and failed to benefit even the industries he sought to protect. Lifting those trade barriers would almost certainly lead to growth.

Tariffs' impact is always difficult to measure, in part because their initial economic damage is dispersed among many people and in part because that damage reverberates through the economy. But most economists agree that the damage is severe. One study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found the recent round of tariffs associated with at least a 1 percent drop in overall employment.

What would happen if Biden unilaterally removed the tariffs against China? First, it would lower the tax burden by tens of billions of dollars on U.S. companies. Despite Trump's adamant insistence to the contrary, tariffs are charged directly on firms importing goods, and a piece of the relief from ending them would be passed down the supply chain to consumers.

Ending the tariffs would also be good news for U.S. exporters. China retaliated against U.S. protectionism by slapping hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs on American automobiles and other goods. There's no good reason to think they would keep those tariffs in place if the U.S. acted first or as part of good-faith negotiations.

The economic benefits of removing the tariffs would not be limited to those directly buying and selling goods crossing the Pacific. Tariffs are taxes, and taxes distort economic activity. With these distortions removed, the market process would allocate resources between domestic and foreign activity far better than the president's boardroom scare tactics.

The optics of ending Trump's tariffs would also be positive. In a year when national borders have shut down and mistrust has festered, decisively pushing for free trade would show the world that American firms are open for business as the pandemic wanes.

Unfortunately, Biden's tepid position on trade emphasizes getting the U.S. "back on the same page with our allies." Like Trump, when he hears the phrase international trade he imagines world leaders sitting across chess boards, not transactions between billions of people who happen to live in different countries.

But the benefits of ending Trump's trade wars would be significant, and they would sidestep the usual spending and debt debates. (Economists fiercely debate whether and when the government can kickstart a sputtering economy through increased spending, but few ideas in the field come closer to unanimity than the benefits of free trade.) Trump's trade policies have left Biden some low-hanging fruit when it comes to getting the economy going again. If these tariffs persist, we'll have both presidents to blame.

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  1. Don’t worry, Trump will win the 12th Amendment vote in the House and keep trade pressure on countries like Communist China.

    Trump already offered free trade with our trading partners at the G-7 Summit and they refused.

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    2. That straight jacket that Trump put on you must be pretty comfortable for you.

      1. Straight jackets: When you can’t hug trump, hug yourself.

        1. If they have the jacket, what are we supposed to lick that represents Kamala’s boot?

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        2. Straitjacket, as in narrow, thereby tight. Not “straightjacket” as in not crooked.
          (Language Nazi off.)

      2. They are called “self-harm prevention jackets” today because calling them “straight” jackets is homophobic.

        1. The Coat of Many Colors is an LGBTQI2+-friendly jacket.

            1. “Which opens the possibility that Joseph could have been… a transgender kid just trying to survive in the family”

              Bronze age Levantine vizier who fathered two tribes is now a tranny because he’s gifted a fancy coat by his dad.

              1. Fact: Modern Western Queer Theory from Academia can be applied to every culture throughout all of human history.

                1. To be fair, Broadway did it first.

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                2. And great. If you (queer, xis person) want to interpret that Biblical tale in a way that makes you feel good inside, then wonderful. But please, stop there. Don’t then try to force that narrative on others, or force Bible studies groups to present the tale in your light for the betterment of all. See it through your eyes and heart in the way you want to see it and allow us the same grace.

              2. Revisionist history. Get used to it.

        2. CIS Jacket is an acceptable alternative.

    3. What color is the sky in your world?

      The only thing Trump is going to do before leaving office is torpedo the Georgia senators.

      1. They are shocked. Shocked, I tell you! That a Trump venture is ending in flames.

        1. Flames alright. second term for Trump AND utterly destroying the democrat election fraud machine.

          It should get us a few election cycles of less democrat election fraud.

          If the MSM covered georgia state legislature hearings they would hear state senators say what they will do. Call a special secession, reject fraudulent Fulton county ballots counts, and send trump electors.

          1. Subtract 16 EC from FOXs projection for Biden.

            Subtract 6 for NV, 16 for MI, 20 for PA, 11 for WI, and 11 for AZ. Constitution strikes again!

      2. Georgia senators are torpedoing themselves. They are hoping democrats treat them kindly.

        It will be fine. Trump will have his second term and Georgia will reelect loeffler and Perdue. With every democrat in georgia and the ground voting democrat, predue beat jon ossoff by 80,000 votes. The massive voter fraud mainly focused on defeating Trump. They didnt have enough time or manpower to beat every republican politician.

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  2. Joe Biteme wants to know where his pudding cup is and his next pain pill for that dog caused foot injury. His sociopathic staff will be making policy and their plans are quite different from yours.

    1. you know pain pills for an injury would be a good excuse for covering up mental difficencies ( if only i could spell)

  3. If Biden Really Wants to Stimulate the Economy, He Should End Trump’s Trade War

    How about we end the fauxpoaclypse and open up businesses instead?

    1. talk about low hanging fruit. you mean all the businesses were forced to shut down or run at 25% of capacity?

    2. It’s better we keep this discussion within “normal parameters”. Letting people go back to work and leave the house is outside normal parameters.

      1. Especially if you’re President Xi and that long-shot virus offensive is paying off HUGE!

    3. Have you considered the damage that would be done if businesses were allowed to open before all of Trump’s bad policies were reversed?

    4. Yeah, if he wants to stimulate it, first stop stomping on it. The first necessary step is to promise no more lockdowns, ever.

    5. fauxpocalypse is nice.

    6. It really was a wasted opportunity.

      Trump could have unveiled an alternative to the lock downs across the globe. He could have led from the front, and pressured GOP lawmakers to make a program to support vulnerable people to quarantine in their homes. Then the rest of us could go about our business. Much less costly than the covid shutdown induced recession. Maybe we could even travel to other countries again.

      1. I love concern trolling too.

      2. There was an alternative to lockdowns. Not locking down.

      3. I’ve repeatedly asked for examples of what Trump could have done differently to manage the situation. This is the first one I’ve seen that at least attempted to paint an alternate scenario that wasn’t “Mandatory masks and lockdown everything and then kill himself in the WH.”, or some variant.

        I only disagree cause they could have just not shutdown and panicked everyone in the first place.

      4. You and your ilk would have trashed him before the election for literally killing people.

      5. The fact that the president didn’t do those things are proof that he isn’t, or doesn’t want to be, the dictator your ilk says he is.
        It is not the federal government’s role to do the kinds of things you suggest, because the Constitution doesn’t give it the power.
        Unlike so many in government, Donald Trump knows his role, and it’s not one of dictating what the states are to do.

  4. Biden is already stimulating the economy and he hasn’t even taken office yet. Just look at how well the market has been doing since his historic landslide victory.

    And it’ll get even better. Once inaugurated, President Biden will do exactly what billionaires and Wall Street and multinational corporations want him to do — reverse Drumpf’s high-tariff / low-immigration policies that have prevented the richest people on the planet (like’s benefactor Charles Koch) from prospering.


    1. With No Nut November over, I plan on helping the Koch fortune by buying 2-ply Georgia Pacific toilet paper!

      1. I haven’t had an orgasm in over 3 years. It’s good for the brain. Let me know when you make it 6 months and I’ll be -almost- impressed.

        1. Anything that peels away can help. Fruit roll-ups can have any abstainer in wraps. Won ton wrappers can be boiled when not fried. Enchilada shells fillings often resemble sodomistic equation, so abstinence can be found there. Soft taco shells of corn or wheat divide one grain from another — surely know that abstinence does not combine grain; that could get kinky! (Ignore that, because it has not passed scrutiny.)

          To unwrap, it is not even required per chance to eat! Once wrapped — and properly prepared — it does not ever need to be unwrapped. How goes that for abstinence?!

          1. Get help. Now.

    2. Praise President Elect Biden! He’s single-handedly created not ONE but TWO Corona virus Vaccines! Imagine if he wasn’t President Elect ! We only have this miracle vaccine because of President Elect Biden! Praise President Elect Biden!

      1. Theodore was really in the mood. He hadn’t had a swim in days, and his urge to gnaw was fired up from finding too many styrofoam peanuts instead of grubs. If only he could find a political sign and plaster it on the dam with some talkative presidential candidate come to life …

  5. Biden should get us back into the TPP to counter China although the Dotard has let most of that advantage slip away.

    After all Trump’s blather about creating great new trade deals all we got was a warmed-over version of NAFTA.

    1. Now that Clinton is out of office (Clinton I), what’s our opinion of NAFTA?

    2. “Biden should get us back into the TPP”

      Yes, I’m desperate for more corporatism and far stronger copyright legislation too.

      1. By ‘stronger’ you of course mean ‘in perpetuity.’

        The public really cannot be trusted with any domain.

    3. Biden wont be president.

      1. Just like Hillary lost to Trump.

    4. Is this shriek again? Seriously dude, Palin hasn’t been relevant for at least 8 years.

      Oh, and that was some of the most retarded shit I have read.

  6. Biden should ALSO end the drug war! All those horrible pot smokers and coke sniffers? If they can handle a job, why not let them? They would do us all more good on the job, than in jail! If you need a “piss test” to tell who is a druggie to begin with… That kinda tells ya, drugs do NOT hurt job performance that badly! Duh!

    Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He “Make America Woke”! MAW! All who are against Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad, are into MAWlessness, chaos, badness, and MAW-breaking! They are out-MAWs! MAKE AMERICA WOKE, I say!!!

    We KNOW He can Make America Woke again, because, as a bad-ass politician, He PUNISHED all of the MAW-breakers! He Hair Smeller-Feller in Chief!

    BACK from Beyond the Beyond, Beyond the Grave, it is the MAGA that Wouldn’t Die! MAGA Part II; Make America GREEN Again! The USA flag will now be… Red, White, and GREEN!


    All Hail to THE Hair Smeller in Chief!!! His Punishment Boner is BIGGER than ALL the rest of ours, put together!

    Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! We CAN small ALL of THEIR hair, and they will NEVER think of smelling OUR hair, right back!

    Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad-Ass Hair-Smeller all right!

    Yes, we can! We CAN smell all the hair, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER smell our hair right back!

    These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can hair-smell all of the people some of the time, and you can hair-smell some of the people all of the time, but you cannot hair-smell all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will hair-smell you right back!

    1. Oh hell… that’s unparodyable.

      1. I always assumed Plug 2 was a parody.

      2. That’s why I just throw shit right back at it.

    2. Sung to the music of Sniff and the Tears.

  7. So you are the replacement dipsht, ok. How about we undo the exaggerated lockdown before we go back to giving away our IP and livelihoods to marxists in order to enrich Hunter Biden and his chairman.

    1. Jesus Christ, always with the lockdowns!

      Get over it. Lockdowns now, Lockdowns tomorrow, lockdowns forever! It’s the new normal parameters!

    2. We libertarians must never talk about the negative market externalities put in place by China. We are to ignore it. The only true market violators are the U.S. and western allies.

      1. Who would make seas stretch and buoy if there is no trade between nations?

  8. This is admirable, but also laughable. Biden snatched key manufacturer votes, including the Steel Workers Union out from under Trump by promising to tariff just as hard as him.

    1. Biden snatched defeat from victory.

      12th amendment here we come.

      1. Totally. They appear to have no idea.

  9. jeebus cripes what universe are you from where (D) stimulates economies?

    1. This universe. The universe in which the Democratic Party’s base is Silicon Valley, Wall Street, multimillionaire entertainers, and billionaires — not exactly the type of people who’d tolerate lackluster performance from their portfolios.

      1. the ironing of you answering a question about what universe we’re in is beautiful.

      2. And not just the American rich but the whole of Davos. The Democrats are that big-tent.

        1. Indeed.

          For obvious reasons I tend to focus on Charles Koch. But I notice Amancio Ortega, the third richest person in Europe, has also suffered under the global #DrumpfDepression, losing over $5 billion this year. No doubt he’s thrilled with Biden’s victory as well.

      3. Good point. My parents were very active in the old Democratic party of the 40-70’s…I met a ton of democratic pols and it was about economic kitchen table issues with them…helping the working class..but it changed starting in the 60’ woke elites from ivy league schools who focused on “globalism” cultural marxism started to take over..they had their power in Wall Street, the Media, and Academia and eventually ran the Italians, Irish, and others out of the party…they really are trotyskites…globalists in the worst way…destroying America while making themselves billions is what they have done…open borders and gutting our industrial base in what is not free trade is their religion. The true enemy here isn’t China..but Goldman Sachs, Big Tech and the entire media/big tech complex…we were warned of these folks back in the 30’s…and didn’t take heed.

      4. Yes, and their portfolios depend on China winning. I don’t get why this is not clear to these LP morons.

    2. My D can stimulate economies. If you know what I’m saying…

      1. Cut or uncut?

        Maybe I should be asking RabbiHarveyWeinstein this question.

      1. hey thanks for that legacy, Newt. ~~ Bill

  10. “What would happen if Biden unilaterally removed the tariffs against China?”

    I think this is a pipe dream. Early indications on Biden are that he’s looking for more means to increase pressure on China.

    First take a look at this:

    “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to work more closely with U.S. allies in confronting China on trade, and is seen as unlikely to roll back his predecessor’s tariffs on imported steel, aluminum, Chinese and European goods any time soon.


    November 7, 2020

    1. Then take a look at this:

      “TOKYO/NEW YORK — Talking about trade last year, then-U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden warned that “either China’s going to write the rules of the road for the 21st century on trade, or we are.”

      The president-elect will have to act quickly upon taking office, after China and 14 other Asia-Pacific countries banded together Sunday to sign the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement, creating the world’s largest tariff-free trading bloc.

      . . . .

      China, which had for years been unwilling to open up its markets, recently shifted course in its trade strategy. The new emphasis on opening doors to the outside world is a byproduct of trade tensions with the U.S. Calculating that American pressure is not likely to ease under the Biden administration, Beijing seeks to strengthen bonds with Asian neighbors to avoid being isolated internationally.

      —-Nikkei Asia

      November 16, 2020

      There is no good reason to believe that Joe Biden will ease trade tensions with China. I don’t think there is any constituency in the Democratic party that wants to ease trade tensions with China either. The idea that Biden will undo the tariffs on China is fantasy. Anyone who voted for Biden (or Jorgensen) because they thought Biden would unwind the tariffs was delusional.

      1. What’s the over/under on Reason no longer talking about tariffs once Biden is sworn in?

        1. It’s something they have been quite consistent about. I would bet that they continue.

      2. Biden is going to do whatever the teleprompter says. He isn’t particularly smart, but can waffle with the best of them.

        1. He;s been in the pocket of the unions for fifty years.

          I wish he were waffling.

    2. “President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to work more closely with U.S. allies in confronting China on trade, and is seen as unlikely to roll back his predecessor’s tariffs on imported steel, aluminum, Chinese and European goods any time soon.”

      Well yea, he’s gotta drive his price up.
      $1.5 to Hunter is going to get the job done anymore.

  11. For 30 years we’ve played footsie with the Dragon and now it’s big and ugly and perfectly capable of fucking us over with our nasty debt load and sending tailored viruses our way. Not to mention tens of millions of military age men with no girlfriends or wives just itching for a fight.

    And reason Koch thinks we should now play nice with them. No thanks. Anyone can see this coming if they cared to. Who knows what the far left thugs will do but I suspect caving into the Dragons whims is near the top of the list. So reason Koch is just an extension of the deep state so entrenched it won’t be removed by diplomacy or nice talk.

    1. But surely if we give them what they want, they will leave us alone..?

  12. It won’t make much difference. Trade war barely registered on the economy. Economic impact was always 98% hype.

    1. Minus the anecdotal griping about assumed increase of metals costs leading to increases in consumer goods costs…

  13. Also, people can remember 12 months ago. We had the best employment numbers since the 1960s.

    Are your economists just lying?

    1. Yes, after Obama set a record with 84 straight months of job creation it spilled over into the Trump years.

      1. That’s the hottest of the hot takes, senpai.

      2. So you agree that the tariffs didn’t derail the economy.

        I wonder why we’re being fed these lies about how the tariffs reduced employment by 1% when employment was already better than what economists have traditionally called “full employment” and wages were rising on the low end in a way that hasn’t been seen in decades.

      3. Sure he did, little buddy.

  14. Ask Australia how well playing nice with China and tariffs has worked for them.

    Time to start thinking about not just tariffs but an outright embargo on trade with China. Time to kneecap them.

    1. I’d like to. Is the phone # for Australia in the same rolodex as the one for the Black Community? Because NPR is hogging that one and won’t let me see it.

  15. Trump is worried that he may be prosecuted in New York after he leaves office

    Also, Trump is looking into a pardon for his children including his sons – Uday and Qusay.

    1. Another bombshell.
      We’ve reached the tipping point.
      The walls are closing in.
      It’s the beginning of the end.

    2. I too would be worried about political persecution given what the Democrats, including Kamala Harris, have been saying publicly. I’d also be worried about assassination.

    3. “including his sons – Uday and Qusay”

      I didn’t know that Eric and Barron had executed the Iraqi National Soccer team. Thanks Mr. Buttplug.

      You must be thrilled that a more decent, modest and moral first child like Hunter Biden is replacing them. A paragon of sobriety, fidelity and thriftiness.

    4. Its odd how leftists always compare Republicans to tyrants that the left didn’t seem to think were that bad when they were around.

    1. Trump should give the cowboy hat lady a press facing position on his team if he gets reelected

  16. Although Charles Koch will make billions of more dollars (and Reason writers and editors will get raises), ending Trump’s tariffs on and fair trade negotiations with China will turn the US into China’s bitch, will give millions more US jobs and thousands of US business secrets to China, and will assist the future rise in China’s domination of the world.

    China may even invade and take over Taiwan as a thank you present to Joe Biden, who China now owns because they have more evidence documenting Biden’s corruption via Hunter).

  17. this author misses some key points: Free trade doesnt exist…for it to exist both parties would have to remove all tariffs, end all subsidizes or domestic firms AND the big one….tie both currencies to gold or at least do not allow ether party to peg to the other’s currency. I hate to say it but old Milton Friedman was wrong..floating exchange rates do not act like the old gold standard..they too are manipulated. Now “free trade” with China does benefit the elites..they can run up massive debts and offshore the inflation that would kill deficit spending pretty darn quick. DC loves China for this reason…we get to spend as much as we want and China then buys the debt we issue (for now). And average America? Devastated. This woke author should visit hundreds of small factory towns in central and western NY…gutted completely. but hey with this policy Dollar stores have opened up and goods are cheaper for the uneducated rural white Christian folks to buy with their welfare checks.

    1. Specialization and exchange remain real as ever.

      And because trade isn’t entirely free doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support making it freer all the time. Because our system of justice has never been entirely free of injustice, should we stop trying to protect people’s rights, too?

      1. The game is rigged Ken. That market capitalizations do not remotely reflect anything of actual value is one of the tells.

    2. Back when NAFTA was big, free trade was the opposite condition of no trade.

      Now free trade looks like the opposite condition of duties, imposts, and other ways of funding essential government other than income tax permanence.

      Sure, economists say that tariffs are not great for labor and that jobs get axed because of them. Libertarians say tariffs were ruined by giving the president wartime control over foreign assets.

      But if tariffs, which I gather to be the generalized name for duties, imposts, etc. cited in USConst., are not all right, then there’s no manifest way that the income tax could be replaced.

  18. BOMBSHELL KRAKEN UPDATE: Finally, concrete evidence of voter fraud revealed!

    1. Ha! Funny. I can’t wait to watch the Trumpers squirm their way out of this one. Oh wait, this is what’s known in chess as ‘check mate’.

      2020 in a nutshell:

      1. No noticeable fraud, sorry not sorry.
      2. Guiliani is a freaky looking crook.
      3. Trump is a Fascist Tyrant-crook Neo+Ultra/ has a sore vagina from the pounding that Biden gave him.
      4. Sidney Powell is a crook/hack who barely knows English.
      5. Biden is old, yes, but he is the superior candidate for liberty-loving individuals.
      6. Harris isn’t perfect, but she’s a 1000x better than Pence and will probably make a fine president someday if the need arises.
      7. People know liberty is worth defending and chose to get the Fascist out of the WH.
      8. Dems aren’t perfect but they are clearly at least living in the correct century.
      8. Trump lost, time to get over it.

      Did I miss anything?

      1. “but they are clearly at least living in the correct century”

        CURRENT YEAR! I love that argument.
        Seriously, how can it be current year and yet people are still having opinions that deviate from what I deem acceptable. I like to keep reminding people it’s current year in order to derail their argument by inferring that they’re primitive.
        Sure it’s a form of ad hoc fallacy, but who cares? Because its current year!

      2. “7. People know liberty is worth defending and chose to get the Fascist out of the WH.”

        Ugh, I know.
        What with the First Step Act, his Jewish kids, praying at the Kotel in Jerusalem, Abraham Accords, attempts to bring troops home, peace deal with the Taliban and a total lack of new wars, he was literally Hitler.

        1. “his Jewish kids, praying at the Kotel in Jerusalem, Abraham Accords” -Even Whiter Knight

          People can be religious and fascists at the same time, you know. Religion=tyranny of the mind. Try freeing yourself from it and embracing science, logic and, you know reason? (no pun intended)

          1. “Jewish fascists”

            Go fuck yourself you anti-Semitic piece of shit.
            Your fedora-tipping horseshit equivalency of the Jews with their killers might play big on Stormfront, but everywhere else you’re disgusting.
            Unless you’re so retarded that you don’t actually realize what the real fascists actually stood for.

            1. Wow that’s a hot take, want to try that again? I’m guessing you don’t know history very well, ever heard of the Crusades? They took place from 1096 to 1271 and had the objective of recovering the Holy Land from Islamic rule? Do you even know how many people died for the sake of some imaginary breaded man in the sky?
              Look pops, (I’m assuming you’re old because you still believe in god) I don’t care what you do from the comfort of your own home, but don’t think you can force others to get on their knees and pray to your homo-erotic illusory fantasy daddy. And don’t think just because you believe in some bull-crap that no one else does that you have the right to go out and spread diseases that could possibly kill all the other old-timers who believe in that bull-crap too. No hard feelings, do whatever you want to do, it’s your life after all, just please live it within reason.

          2. If one needs to tell people one is ‘enlightened,’ the likelihood of this being a fact is low. Given the comment you’ve made, I would say that it is untrue.

            1. There’s nothing wrong with letting people know exactly what you are. You are Hank Ferrous. I am a genderless enlightened human with an IQ of over 140.

              1. Genderless. Does that mean dickless?

      3. Poor Lefties freaking out. The constitution strikes again.

      4. Lists are great for immature minds, particularly when they repeat numbers. This list has only one fact, the last, it does appear that Biden has won. The rest are ignorant opinions, tween buzz-phrases, name-calling, and, to make you especially ‘enlightened’ #3, sexism.

        1. “particularly when they repeat numbers.” -Hank Ferrous

          I made a mistake Hank. Everyone makes mistakes, particularly Christians and Fascists.

          “it does appear that Biden has won.”

          I would argue that’s the only bullet point on the list that isn’t a fact. Trump hasn’t conceded yet, so he’s not ‘technically’ the president yet.
          #3 is a fact and is also not sexist. Biden crushed Trump’s metaphorical pussy. Notice how there are no females in this sentence? How can this be sexist, and why would it even be sexist to crush pussy? And finally just to destroy your argument from every possible angle, men can have vaginas too so the idea that only women are allowed the privilege getting their pussies crushed is laughable at best. It’s a new world, and Boomers like yourself were not designed for it. Good look old man.

          1. *Good luck old man, jeesus this site needs an edit button.

            1. Fuck off, lefty shit.

      5. Yes. Everything. Parroting DNC talking points only embarrasses yourself. Harris? Are you kidding? I live in CA. She is a rare combo of liberal economics and clampdown policing. What are you even doing here?

    2. It’s official, Republicans have the wits but lack the intelligence to rig an election like the Democrats do.

      1. “Republicans have the wits” -Wearenotperfect

        That’s debatable. Also only a conservative would be amoral and shady enough to try to steal an election. Dems have too much pride and respect to do that. That’s why every time someone tries to tell me the Dems stole the election, I’m like what? They are literally the ones the entire world respects, and not for no reason. One party looks forward, one party scratches their ass and beats women. Not hard to figure out which is which.

        1. Your LieCheatSteal party is the one that ALWAYS fights efforts to tighten security in elections, like voter ID’s, limiting mail-in voting and having verification that mailed-in ballots be observed.
          You couldn’t have the positions on the honesty of the parties more backward.
          I think you mis-typed that IQ of yours. The “1” at the beginning doesn’t belong, but the rest does.

  19. “One study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found the recent round of tariffs associated with at least a 1 percent drop in overall employment.”

    Given how low unemployment was before covid, this is almost *theoretically * impossible, not that economic theories are laws, but they’re generally better than the stuff these think tanks put out.

  20. Economic interdependency should be understood rightly. Tariff is always a double-edged sword.

  21. The Wood Duck is probably the most amazingly colorful waterfowl in the world. The Wood Duck male bird has a metallic, purple-green head and ridge. His abdomen is white and his chest is dark red. Along the neck, they have attractive, narrow white stripes. Their wings are colored in blue and black.

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  22. Biden just announced he wants to raise capital gains tax and increase regulation. That should stimulate a recession!

    1. We’ll certainly have less growth in the future than we would have otherwise if we raise the capital gains tax (and the corporate tax as Biden has been promising to do).

      Progressive explanations for what makes economies grow are dumber than creationism. Just ask them what makes economies grow, and they’re sure to say something stupid. Being stupid about what makes economies grow is half the reason they’re progressive,

      Ask them, “How does discouraging investment by increasing the capital gains tax lead to more economic growth?”, and the smartest among them are likely to say something stupid.

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  24. Shocking, another libertarian screed in support of slavery and genocide if it gets them a few pennies off their Amazon purchases.

    1. Yeah, it turns out I care more about my money and my family’s standard of living than I do about the people of Xinjiang and the protesters in Hong Kong. And guess what? I expect our politicians to care more about me and my family than they do about people in China, too. If they care more about the people of China than they do about Americans and our standard of living, then they should move to China.

      P.S. I also expect our representatives to care more about Americans than Kurds, feminists in Afghanistan, or whether there’s a free press in Saudi Arabia, too. America first.

      1. If you want to advocate using the coercive power of government to force your fellow Americans to sacrifice their standard of living for the benefit of other people (be it the people of Xinjiang or someone else), why not be a progressive?

        That’s what being a progressive is all about.

      2. Please address IP and outsourcing in your pro-China posturing, Ken. My opinion is that, if I have any control over how I negotiate my own business deals, I would think twice before dealing with the CCP.

    2. All you had to say was blame the history of greed of the American people. I mean, who hasn’t seen that one play out before!

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      2. “All you had to say was blame the history of greed of the American people. I mean, who hasn’t seen that one play out before!”

        Define “greed”, in specifics.

  25. How anyone can argue that tariffs on steel and aluminum create more American jobs is beyond me. They may help those domestic industries but the bottom line will be “less steel and aluminum in America” This means less jobs turning steel and aluminum into other products, which is pretty much the definition of a manufacturing job!

  26. If Trump showed us one thing it is that trade wars are not easy to win. The way to address China is with multilateral trade agreements like the TTP. The far left and the far left hate these agreements and make big noise. The reality is that no we are not going to start manufacturing everything in the US. We live in a global economy and we need to be part of that economy. It is time that politician listen to the people in the center and get these trade deals made.

  27. This author is the kind of person who would say to a rape victim, “If you don’t want to be raped again, carry with you a vial of KY Jelly.”

  28. Protectionism was a major part of democrat agenda and a rallying cry for many unions. Trump repackaged it for his “America first” platform and that became one of his few crossover appeal. If Biden “ends” the trade war next year with EOs, you have to assume he became senile or the Chinese gently nudged him there.

    Ending trade wars won’t save the economy if anything smaller than Amazon continues to die out and both EU and America continues to lock down. We might save 5 dollars on a new GAP shirt if they’re made with materials from abroad that aren’t hit by tariffs. But those stores are closing in droves.

    America was in full swing recovery mode before the pandemic. Trump’s America saw record low unemployment numbers for blacks and Latinos. Reason tried to rain on that parade with stories about breweries and baby crib makers that were screwed by tariffs. Trade wars aren’t good for consumers, but in a robust economy they won’t be tortured over paying 40-50 dollars more for a refrigerator made all American.

    What good is ending trade war if only Walmart and Amazon can carry imports and Americans don’t have money to spend?

  29. The trade war is small stuff in sprite of all the noise. The lockdowns are the economy killer. Protect the vulnerable and let everyone else go back to work. All those that are recovering from the virus are effectively vaccinated.

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