Brickbat: Open Up Your Engines, Let 'Em Roar


The government of Quebec, the second-largest province in Canada, says it will ban the sale of gasoline-powered passenger cars in 2035. The government of British Columbia has already announced it will ban the sale of gasoline-powered trucks and cars by 2040.

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  1. So their poutine their foot down on gas engines?

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  2. So they’ll introduce coal powered vehicles?

    Much of Canada is unlivable without personal transportation that can withstand very cold temperatures and traverse large distances.

    1. Riding moose! And moose-drawn carriages! Moose are VERY much so, renewable!

      You can also MILK them for all that they are worth! Governments LIKE to milk ya for all you’re worth, ya know!

      Moose milk! Moose cheese! Cheesy moose!

      1. But if you want to fly anywhere you’ll need a squirrel.

        1. I can help! You’ll need to top off my tank of LSD though!

          (Alternately, grass, ass, or gas; nobody flies for free. That was, sadly, before gas got outlawed).

          I can score you some coke and some grade one grass
          But I can’t get a gallon of gas
          I’ve got some downers, some speed, all the drugs that you need
          But I can’t get a gallon of gas
          There’s no more left to buy and sell
          There’s no more oil left in the well
          A gallon of gas can’t be purchased anywhere
          For any amount of cash

          I love your body-work, but you’re really no use
          How can I drive you when I got no juice?
          Because it’s stuck in neutral and my engine’s got no speed
          And the highways are deserted
          And the air smells unnaturally clean

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      2. a moose once bit my sister

        1. Did it die of food poisoning?

        2. Mynd you, moose bites Kan be pretti nasti

          1. That is why we replaced them with llamas.

    2. What’s the problem? I’m sure batteries work well in freezing temperatures.

  3. “He says it used to be a farm
    Before the Motor Law”

  4. I love these laws that are so far out that few of the politicians who voted for them will be around to suffer from the problems that occur from the legislation. So, other than banning the vehicles in fifteen to twenty years how are they preparing for the ban?

  5. They’d damn sure better have some affordable electric SUVs and pickups by them. It’s not easy carrying lumber in Prius.

    1. These movements are spreading quickly despite being a looming disaster for whomever tries to enact them.

      Let’s save the world by initiating a tremendous environmental disaster to produce enough batteries and electricity to replace gasoline. Never mind what we do with discarded batteries once their useful lives are done Let’s also tax unprepared electrical grids by dramatically increasing capacity.

      As a side benefit they get to force people to purchase their preferred products, limit their freedom of movement by limiting range and tack on whatever other tech requirements they seem necessary along the way.

      Being canada I suspect we’ll see a Roadkill-esk approach of strapping a gas generator to the roof of their ev.

      EV’s can be a reasonable option for urban areas where long range isn’t needed and cars spend much of their days sitting and able to recharge. The same isn’t true in rural America much less Canada.

      These cars also aren’t environmentally sound. They attack the carbon problem by moving the point of emission but not eliminating it and they’re ignoring the environmental impacts of battery production and disposal because again they won’t be happening locally.

      1. “EV’s can be a reasonable option for urban areas where long range isn’t needed and cars spend much of their days sitting and able to recharge.”

        For some people. The existing power grid couldn’t handled a full conversion of the existing fleet to electric.

      2. there is a picture floating in teh internet of a tesla with a generator in back for just that purpose

        1. Its an Australian cross-country in an electric vehicle trial.

      3. “EV’s can might be a reasonable option for urban areas where long range isn’t needed and cars spend much of their days sitting and able to recharge. The same isn’t true in rural America much less Canada. ”

        Pretty much my first thought, aside from the small correction.

        Seriously, since it’s generally urban / dense suburban types who think this is such a great idea, why don’t they all just take action (buy an EV) themselves, and leave the rest of us who need to travel more than 2 miles each day alone? But then, that kills all the joy of controlling the world, doesn’t it.

    2. Lumber? Lumber is mean to trees and will also soon be banned.

      Besides, what is lumber used for anyway, besides supporting some redneck MAGA (I know, Canadia) lumberjacks who eat owl sandwiches?

      Housing does not come from lumber. Housing comes from forward-looking progressive politicians and protestors, right?

    3. Actually, my Prius has more cargo capacity than my wife’s SUV. It’s amazing how much space you can get back when the engine is the size of a squirrel cage.

      That said, 1) while I can carry some lumber, I still have to borrow my son’s pickup when I want to get 4×8 sheets of drywall or plywood and 2) a Prius is still gas-powered and thus forbidden under this new legislation.

  6. We can pay off all our national debt by enacting an entrance fee for Canadians fleeing idiot governments.

    1. Have you not seen The US lately? Only an idiot would pay to get in to modern America. We’d have to change the welcome to America signs with pictures of Rod Seeking and “You’re about to pass through a door into another dimension….”

      1. All I can say is thank the Lord the other countries are mostly even worse.

      2. “Have you not seen The US lately? Only an idiot would pay to get in to modern America.”

        Have you not seen the alternatives lately?

      3. re: “Only an idiot would pay to get in to modern America.”

        And yet immigration attempts to the US, both legal and illegal, remain at near-all-time highs. Emigration from the US is so low that it’s pretty much not tracked. (According to the IRS, a few thousand a year.)

        We may be a clunker but we’re still the best car in the junkyard.

      4. This is something only people who have never left the US say.

        Its funny to listen to people who consider themselves ‘sophisticated’, ‘educated’, and ‘cultured’ talk about how bad the US is but then you find out they’ve never left the country – just like the yokels they want to make fun of.

        As someone who has lived outside the US for several years in both Japan and Italy I can tell you that if you want racism – go outside the US. If you want ridiculous taxes that get you nothing in return – go outside the US. If you want police who really will slap the shit out of you with no provocation – go outside the US. If you want misogyny and sexism . . .

  7. The ban will bring Quebec in line with other jurisdictions such as California…

    They’re going to have to work hard to catch up in the race to take their constituents’ power.

    1. And you want to keep up with California why?

  8. Well, Canada does get the majority of it’s electricity from hydropower, so they can just dam a few more rivers to generate the extra electricity.

    1. Think of the baby fish!

  9. What’s interesting about this is that the government is admitting, with this ban, that electric vehicles will not be ready for widespread use by 2035.

    For if they were then people would be buying them – and there’d be no need to ban new sales.

    1. But the 2034 model year is going to be a hot seller.

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