Anthony Fauci: 'Close the Bars and Keep the Schools Open'

"If you look at the data, the spread among children and from children is not very big at all."


Anthony Fauci, an infectious diseases expert and top advisor to the White House on the COVID-19 pandemic, said that he was for closing bars and restaurants but reopening schools in an interview on Sunday.

"The default position should be to try as best as possible, within reason, to keep the children in school, to get them back to school," Fauci told ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz, who noted that New York City public schools had recently closed down again due to rising coronavirus rates in the community.

While some on Twitter reacted as if Fauci had finally admitted some truth that he had previously denied, this is not really a new opinion: In May, when Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.) questioned the doctor about pandemic mitigation efforts, the two appeared to largely agree that a one-size-fits-all policy was the wrong approach, and that some school schools should open on a district-by-district basis. Still, with public schools not even attempting to reopen in many large city districts—including Washington D.C. and Los Angeles—it's useful to hear Fauci state so clearly and unequivocally that this is misguided.

"If you look at the data, the spread among children and from children is not very big at all, not like one would have suspected," said Fauci. "So let's try to get the kids back and try to mitigate the things that maintain and push the kind of community spread we are trying to avoid."

Public officials giving in to the increasingly unreasonable demands of teachers union leaders—many of whom expect schools to remain closed for at least another year—are not following the science. They are ignoring what's best for the kids. And they certainly aren't listening to Fauci.



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  1. Are people still listening to this kook?

    1. Fauci knows public schools are really only glorified babysitting services, and Charmaine, Tracy and Shaquina might vote Trump next time if they have to spend all day with the little bastards.

      Bar owners aren’t as big a demographic.

      1. Sure, because he couldn’t possibly be basing his judgement on his knowledge of pandemics and of data from this particular pandemic. The only possible explanation is he is part of the Deep State undermining Trump, even though Trump’s political career is most likely over.

        1. Has the state of the art in epidemiology and infectious diseases really changed so much in the last 6 months?

          Because the guy keeps changing around what he says works.

          1. Which is something to remember.

            He didn’t know – fair enough.

            He pretended to know – in order to give stability and prevent panic

            That now undermines his credibility. He was wrong and/or lying before – maybe for ‘good’ reasons – but that leaves us sitting here going ‘why should we listen to you now?’

            1. Something similar has happened post-Biden email. Social media got caught interfering – whether you agree with them doing so or not – and that exposed a bias on their part.

              Now, after that, they’ve lost any ability to convince people Biden won the election fairly.

              Sometimes the best thing to do is just be honest and show your cards.

              1. But that’s the difference between libertarianism and the sort of technocratic future you support – we believe people can be convinced to do the right thing if you treat them like adults.

                You think we’re all (but not you) herd animals that must be controlled for the ‘greater good’.

                1. Your comments seem to be addressed to me. I’m a libertarian and agree with what your wrote.

                  I was only disputing Mother’s Laments deep state fantasies.

                  1. “…I’m a libertarian and agree with what your wrote.
                    I was only disputing Mother’s Laments deep state fantasies.”

                    If you were a libertarian, you would see there is no deep state fantasies involved:

                    “Fauci knows public schools are really only glorified babysitting services, and Charmaine, Tracy and Shaquina might vote Trump next time if they have to spend all day with the little bastards.
                    Bar owners aren’t as big a demographic.”

                    Care to explain how any DSF applies to a career bureaucrat’s standard triangulation of values? They are highly paid, rewarded with access to the rich and powerful, protected from the normal employment ‘contracts’, and while the calcs may not be conscious, they often make the ‘right’ call.
                    Let’s read it in specifics, please.

                    Ooops, missed the mention of “Trump”! Perhaps that alone triggered a short-circuit in what passes for your brain and prompted your bullshit?

                    1. TDS asshole, still waiting for response.

                  2. I’m a libertarian
                    Lol, there’s a Tony-size lie if there ever was one.

                    I was only disputing Mother’s Laments deep state fantasies
                    Naw, you were being kneejerk oppositional because I said something, and your butthurt wouldn’t let it stand. You’re like a creepy ex-girlfriend.

                  3. Still waiting.
                    Perhaps anything approaching an honest response is beyond WK’s abiltity.
                    If WK can’t find a way to blame *TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!*, there’s a good chance that WK has no comment at all, right WK?

                    1. It’s all just squawking from Dee.

                  4. They are addressed to you.

                    . . . because he couldn’t possibly be basing his judgement on his knowledge of pandemics and of data from this particular pandemic.

                    Which is why I was asking if the state-of-the-art has advanced so much in the last year that he keeps changing what he’s telling people ‘the science says’ and what they need to do.

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    3. He is a hypocritical inconsistent oaf. He has previously said people should wear goggles in addition to masks. What better than beer goggles? Free, recyclable, no need to ramp up manufacture, no distribution bottleneck. What’s not to like? Did the Women’s Christian Temperance Union get to him before the beer distributors had woken up?

      1. It’s probably the case that you’re less likely to get virus in you if you cover up your virus entry holes.

        I take it we’re not gonna get to the higher physics with Trumpers any time soon.

        1. …and if anyone knows about virus entry holes it’d be a Bugchaser like Tony.

          1. Trump is the king of the bugchasers right now, isn’t he?

            1. Tony
              November.29.2020 at 10:54 pm
              “Trump is the king of the bugchasers right now, isn’t he”
              Drunk again or still? Did you think that comment had any relevance to other than a drunk flyover country gay fucking idiot?

        2. Still no sense of humor. You really must be fun at parties.

        3. China and the left worked to politicize the virus. It should come as no surprise the right is skeptical of what the left is demanding.

          Further, Fauci assisted in this politicization.

          NOW he says schools are cool? Fuck him and fuck you too, Anyone with a brain cell to think has known this since March. But bootlicking puppet Fauci, has been playing sides with his virus, undermining all credibility he and his department may have once had.

    4. Georgia has bars AND schools open.

      Were fine after being this way for 10 months. No mask mandates pr any other nonsense state restrictions.

      1. Everyone is fine except for the elderly and disabled – aka the leeches.

        1. Oh yes, the elderly did so well in New York.

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    7. Are people still listening to this kook?

      females listen to him; they adore him…if he ran for president he’d win the popular vote by a landslide…

  2. Punchable face

    1. Not an advocate for violence but in Fauci’s case I could be persuaded.

      1. So – – not all that libertarian?

        1. I’m not sure he hasn’t initiated force.

          1. Defense of the Nation, deserving of a medal, or at least no jail time.

          2. He’s supposed to help with killing the enemy virus that you’ve been sheltering in your state, yeah that’s it …

        2. Thoughtcrimes are not crimes.

          1. New to the US? Give the NY donkeyrep a listen, and imagine her deciding the direction of the party. Vermont, I believe, is going to interrogate the students (ok, I think it’s actually a survey) to see if they socialized over Thanksgiving.

            1. It’s not a survey.

    2. He looks like John McCain and Alfred E. Newman had a baby.

  3. “If you look at the data” there’s no evidence that restaurants and bars are major sources of outbreaks, either. In fact, where the data has been broken down, they’re running at about the same rate as grocery/retail.

    There’s no evidence that barber shops, gyms, or beauty parlors have been sources of outbreaks, either but that didn’t stop these idiots from declaring these businesses “non-essential” and forcing them to close.

    The idea that these “experts” have a single fucking clue what they’re talking about has been debunked by the very case numbers they’re saying requires the shutdowns to take place.

    1. Exactly what I came to say.

      The data says open everything and has since the very first antibody tests came out.

      1. Exactly what I came to say as well. Fauci says the data doesn’t support closing the schools – where the hell is the data supporting closing the bars? Or anything else for that matter?

    2. Linked to a WSJ article multiple times last week.

      We don’t know where the vast majority (upwards of 75% per German health officials) of all cases come from. Neither does Fauxchi.

      1. Tony linked a Washington Post article on 11/22 making the bald assertion about small gatherings and restaurants and bars a couple days ago. It wasn’t hard to call him out on that bullshit, because the NYT had done an article just three days later where they actually dug into the data collected by states that had even bothered to break it down to that level, and found that it was mostly prisons and nursing homes that made up the vast majority of cases.

        Colorado’s COVID website is fantastic in that it breaks the outbreaks down into several categories, and the data is quite clear that the disease mainly spreads through populations that are cloistered together for several days at a time. The media has deliberately distorted this by emphasizing cases on the margins, like families that got together for a wedding or whatever, and a bunch got COVID (oddly enough, these families tend to be filled with people who easily break the BMI for obesity, fancy that). Or the rare case of someone who was perfectly healthy and fell over from a stroke.

        So technically speaking, these governors and public health leaders should be celebrating, because of the implication that masks and occupation limits are helping to limit the spread. But the fact that they’re imposing these draconian limits again–despite the fact that Colorado’s website shows that prisons and nursing homes continue to make up the bulk of the new cases, along with colleges since those students went back to school–shows that they aren’t even paying attention to their own data and acting accordingly. They’re flailing about because the media is jerking themselves off on the scaremongering, and these officials don’t want to give the impression that there’s no problem without a technocratic solution.

        1. I think it was Matt Taibbi who, early in the AIDS epidemic, pointed out that promiscuously sleeping around with one-night stands gave you less chance of falling ill to that disease than did multiple encounters with the same sexual partner.

          1. The trouble is, experts are prone to adopting stochastic models of transmission that don’t factor in level and frequency of exposure. Like every virus particle has an equal chance of establishing infection — single hit kinetics — rather than dosage mattering.

            If dosage matters, then we’re better off mingling and diluting the virus among larger crowds than we are shutting ourselves in our homes among the same few people all the time.

        2. In LA California it was found that government buildings were the worse contributer

    3. Exactly. How about the “contact tracers” not being allowed to ask if you were at a protest, riot or Democrat rally? How about the Democrat politicians who say it is ok to be at celebrations for Biden, but it isn’t ok to eat dinner with your family? No consistency equals bullshit.

  4. Open everything. Arrest and prosecute Newsom, Whitmer, and Cuomo. Restore civil rights.

    1. And Inslee/Brown.

      1. Yep, can’t forget Inslee. He should be strung up by his toes and by chimps.

        1. ‘Beaten by chimps’.

          1. I’m perfectly fine allowing the chimps to string him up by his toes as well. Should take longer that way.

        2. I’d suggest feeding them to alligators, or sharks, but I can’t make myself hate the alligators and sharks that much.

      2. Mayor Michael Hancock. Public stockades.

    2. Don’t forget Wolf.

  5. As a Koch / Reason libertarian, I’m less upset by closed schools than I am by closed borders. Of course our philosophy demands unlimited, unrestricted immigration whether there’s a pandemic or not. But immigration is especially necessary right now. Just think of all the doctors eager to move from Mexico to the US to help our overwhelmed hospitals.


    1. Yeah but those Mexican kids need government schools to get free breakfast and lunch. Mr Koch needs well nourished employees.

    2. If the kids aren’t in school maybe you can have them work in your factory. You can pay them even less than the border crossers.

  6. They like hurting children. I think it’s because why have unlimited totalitarian power if you can’t make a giant impact upon people.

    1. It is important to start the breaking of spirits early to ensure compliant adults.

  7. Well, the unions disagree, so case closed.

    1. Democrats “believe” in Science!, but they believe in unions more.

  8. I’d say he’s had his fifteen minutes but I suspect he’ll get more under Biden.

    I have tuned out the narcissism from government and the left. Time to prepare for the dark ages that await.

    1. He’s the kind who hopes, if he stands at the front of a crowd and says serious sounding things that people will think he’s a leader.

      So far he is only fooling WK.

      So, no people yet.

  9. There should be a one size fits all policy and it should be to reopen and let the chips fall where they may.

  10. That little ferret is a perfect example of how bureaucracy has murdered academia.

    I can’t even get my fellow molecular biologists to critically evaluate this mess because administrator established policy on his recommendations despite the fact we’re experts ourselves.

    1. You can’t have government make all your decisions for you unless you also let them do all your thinking for you.

      1. For a second I read that as “all your drinking for you.”

    2. How about we get a ‘journalist’ to ask him about peanuts?

    3. “…administrator established policy…”

      Academia is now the new clergy.

  11. In the Woody Allen movie ‘Sleeper’ Allen awakes in a distant future where a nuclear war was caused by Albert Shanker, leader of the NY teachers’ union.

  12. Don’t worry, he’ll walk it back in a week or so.

  13. Our schools teach White students that they are immoral and contemptible if they don’t support the White Genocide that is being carried out by massive 3rd world immigration and forced assimilation i.e diversity in Every White country and Only White countries.
    Their teachers never tell them, “White self-hatred is SICK!!!“
    Those teachers claim to be anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    1. Piss off, Jeff.
      Nobody’s falling for your astroturfing.

  14. Why doesn’t the state, rather than close bars, assist bar owners to operate open air bars set up in public parks or parking lots. Jobs for people setting up the tents, tables and heaters, revenue for a small business, and tax revenue for the city.

    Nah, that’s too rational.

    1. Oh, yeah, good times for the people who make this all possible.

    2. Why don’t you?

      You can always go buy some tables and land and what not and let them use it.

      We are, after all, libertarians. Why in the world would anyone think this is something the state should do, let alone something the state won’t massively screw up.

      1. He didn’t say the State should assist the bars and restaurants. He said that would be more productive and more helpful than just shutting them down. It’s a comparison of knee-jerk simple-minded authoritarian actions with what an actual useful State would do. An example of how useless governments are.

        1. Assistance could be ease of permitting, traffic maintenance, security (nearby), coordinating trash removal. You know, all the gov hurdles being removed or modified.

      2. You can’t buy land, put tables on it, and have an open air bar: the state won’t let you.

        1. I work at one of those. So, yes, the state will let you.

          1. Need a liquor license and zoning. So, some hurdles.

      3. Given the current stance of government what in the world makes you think they are trying to find, or would be tolerant of helpful alternative solutions?

        Your question is just another variant of “build your own search engine.”

    3. I’d prefer the state just get out of the way.

    4. You can do that here. If you get delivery from the local tavern you can get cocktails. The booze store you can walk in and buy anything you want. You can even order online and they will deliver it to your car. We have plenty of that.

      Schools is another matter. You can’t replace that. Last thing you want is to close schools.

    5. “Why doesn’t the state, rather than close bars, assist bar owners to operate open air bars set up in public parks or parking lots…”

      Like lice, once you get the state involved, it’s hard to get rid of them.
      I don’t WANT the state to help; I want the lot of them for fuck off.

      1. The government is too puritanical to ever consider subsidizing bars anyway, and if they did, you can bet that everyone would be limited to two drinks measured with an eye dropper and then ordered to attend AA meetings. Definitely not something I would want the government involved in.

        1. Utah mandates that no more than 1.5 ounces of spirits can go into a cocktail.

          1. But can I order a Tom Collins and then a shot of Jagermeister?

          2. Utah. Drive right through.
            Going east? I got some suggestions for you in Kentucky. West ? Know some folks in Oregon. Set you right up. South? Keep driving until you hit New Orleans. There is a place there. Meyer the Hatter on St Charles. Ask for Irving. Tell him I sent you. North? Don’t go north.

            Arlo Guthrie covering City of New Orleans by Steve Goodman. Good morning America how are you. Many of us getting up for work today.


    6. Why doesn’t the state lay off 40% of their workers, since tax revenues are down that much?

  15. O/T – The mysterious monolith Britschgi alerted us to on Friday has disappeared

    1. No it hasn’t.

      You just can’t see it now.

      And it could not have shown up at a better time. Right when we needed a mystery monolith in the middle of nowhere.

      1. Maybe only true believers can see it.

  16. It’s been very interesting to see many of our prog friends who “believed” in public schools now search for private schools that offer in class or hybrid instruction, but still won’t dare criticize the teachers’ unions.

  17. “I came up with vaccines that people didn’t think we’d have for five years,”

    Donald Trump

    Oh ya did. I knew you were up to something in that secret lab.

    1. It’s called leading on what matters, instead of leading on COVID-19 theater.

      1. It’s called another stupid Trump quote.

        Doesn’t matter now but this is the kind of thing that got him unelected.

        1. He did the right thing, but said it awkwardly and comes across as self-centered. You’d prefer an incompetent, evil smooth talker, like Obama. We get it.

  18. It used to be Puritans who were worried that someone, somewhere might be having fun. Now it’s progressives.

    California rolled out new 3 week lockdowns in multiple counties starting tomorrow. No pro or college sports, even though there’s approximately 0 risk to professional or collegiate athletes.

    1. Progressives ARE Puritans, they just wear different clothes. But scratch the surface of any progressive, and there’s that puritan, just itching to Karen all over somebody.

    2. Spending a month on a ventilator then dying isn’t fun. We’re just doing the best we can to save hundreds of thousands of lives.

      And by we I don’t mean you.

      1. Just curious, Tony: what have you contributed to humanity? How have you ever helped your fellow human beings?

      2. You will die Tony, it is inevitable. More than likely, it won’t be pleasant.

      3. Claim what you will, but you are absolutely not doing the best you can to save hundreds of thousands of lives.

      4. Who cares if we kill many thousands of people and severely disrupt hundreds of millions of lives in the process?

        1. I care and without saying too much personal on this website I know. The spike in severe cases in just the past few weeks is like nothing else I have witnessed in over 20 years of practice.

          I do not know the correct measures to take in public health. I am not an expert in that. This disease can be ferocious in a short time. That I am seeing. I cannot share case reports here.

          It is very dangerous and the only advice I can offer is please take it seriously.

      5. re: “We’re just doing the best we can to save hundreds of thousands of lives.”

        Bullshit. You’re not doing that because you can’t. That’s not how epidemic disease progression works. All you can do is slow things down. You can flatten the curve but neither you nor anyone else can decrease the area under the curve.

        More to the point, you are willfully ignoring the many millions of lives you are destroying through the entirely predictable and preventable harms of increased poverty, social isolation, mental illness and domestic violence that are the direct result of your misguided attempts.

        1. People are isolated because there’s a pandemic. Government directives to stay in the home may be happening in Europe, but where all hospitals are filling up in the US, the place is fucking open.

          You keep harping on a false choice because you are using political tribalism as a substitute for thought.

          The people who actually care about saving lives are not perfect, and all you people are doing is picking out every little mistake they make to confirm your conspiracy theories or half-baked assessments of how reality works.

          You will be remembered by history as the people who did everything possible to ensure a maximum death rate from this virus. I don’t know if that’s ever happened before. There isn’t a choice between fixing the virus and saving the economy, or caring for the mental well-being of people. You can’t seriously argue that letting the virus take its course, filling up hospitals and infecting the maximum number of people before a vaccine exists, is the only option to save us from the problems of isolation.

          I honestly think these arguments exist for one single reason, to let Trump off the hook for his catastrophic failure.

          1. Why do I even reply to Tony? Not one sentence in that diatribe is actually true. But despite being repeatedly debunked, he keeps reposting the same falsehoods and logical fallacies. Worse, he keeps projecting his own political tribalism on everyone else.

          2. You can’t seriously argue that letting the virus take its course, filling up hospitals and infecting the maximum number of people before a vaccine exists, is the only option to save us from the problems of isolation.

            sure you can, brainiac; when the ‘disease’ in question has a survival rate of over 98 percent of the populace at large, you can very seriously question the idiocy of the over responses to it…

      6. You really shouldn’t be poking your head up here, after lying your ass off about where the most COVID cases have been with that conjecture-filled WaPo article.

        1. You do nothing but spread misinformation about a deadly disease.

          1. And you lied your ass off about where the cases were coming from. My data beats your conjecture.

    3. Newsflash:. Progressives are Puritans. Only the details have changed but the primary urge to dominate, and dictate all aspects of society remains.

      1. And the masks are their pitchforks. The asymptomatic are the witches.

  19. Dr. Anthony Fauci: ‘Close the Bars
    Prohibition again?

    1. From the World Health Organization (WHO- yes Trump doesn’t like them):

      “Any situation in which people are in close proximity to one another for long periods of time increases the risk of transmission. Indoor locations, especially settings where there is poor or no ventilation, are riskier than outdoor locations.

      Transmission can occur more easily in the “Three C’s”:

      Crowded places with many people nearby;
      Close-contact settings, especially where people have conversations very near each other;
      Confined and enclosed spaces with poor ventilation.

      The risk of COVID-19 spreading is higher in places where these “3Cs” overlap.”

  20. To A.F. or Current Resident:

    So…those policy opinions are based on data?

    What data specifically? Which aspects of it? What assumptions did you have to make to permit those specific conclusions? What do you consider to be the potential for mistake given those assumptions?

    Are there other questions one needs to ask about the data or its interpretation to understand the basis for the conclusions? If so, what are they?

    The thing is, this seems kinda vague, and some detail would really help us all make sure you’re not just talking out of your…let’s just say…memory hole.

    Because if you’re gonna say “This is The Data that we Experts use to interpret the divine will of The Science and you should stop asking questions because shut up peasants!” then I’m gonna go ahead and dismiss your statements re: bars and restaurants staying closed offhand.

    After all—bars already have the infrastructure in place to card patrons at the door, and restaurants could implement the same techniques with little cost (I bet some former employees of now-closed bars could help make that painless in exchange for pay), and thus it would be pretty easy to turn away people who are over the age of greatest risk.

    Also—most people going out to bars face a very low risk of mortality from COVID infection, and anyone really worried about it can totally stay home if they decide to for themselves.

    But hey, if you’re really wanting to cling to that police state vibe though, don’t worry! That’s in my plan too! Here’s how:

    Even though there is but a tiny sliver of risk that over-age drinkers will seek fake IDs depicting themselves as younger to evade rules we put in place for their own good, it’d probably be worth keeping an army of police and bureaucrats busy making sure rebellious oldsters accept that we’re doing what’s best for them. And just think of all the new mandatory drug and alcohol abuse courses you will be able to subject them to? (Hey non-medically-credentialed substance abuse counselor special interest lobby—can I get a “cha-Ching”?! High five!!)

    Anyway—I digress. The fact is, we’re all about to be done pretending to care what it is you have to say, so no biggie if you keep to the status quo and go on making unilateral policy decisions without engaging in dialogue with the public—or to put it in your jargon—“key stakeholders”.

    TLDR: Some of us strongly suspect you’re just going along with the continued closure of bars and restaurants without any rational justification beyond “angry people who want to have fun together” are a trivial political risk vis-a-vis “angry parents who want their children to receive the education their taxes already pay for”.


    Pretty much everyone in the US.

    PS—Get bent.

    PPS—universal public masking was a dumb idea and it’s going away for good waaaay before you’re cool with it.

    PPPS—Reason is not doing a very good job of fact-checking your citation-free claims, as in this article they only referenced outside material to make your critics look uncharitable and perhaps mildly unhinged. Did you notice that too?

    1. Conservatards trying to play off their frightened whiny little bitch attitude about everything as strength.

      Do you not like masks because they get in the way of your binky? I’m sorry you’re the worst able to handle living in a crisis. That’s hardly a good argument for why you should be allowed to roam free.

      1. Nothing says “strength” like lying about where the most outbreaks are.

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  22. ‘Close the Bars and Keep the Schools Open’

    Welcome to O’Shaughnessy’s Adult Education Center. We instruct our students in the finer points of mixology, and then insist that you consume the resulting drink as a quality test.

  23. Didn’t Birx say everyone should go get tested yesterday because you’ve all been vewwy, vewwy bad?

    Anyway. What’s with the false equivalence? For the life of me, I don’t know how anyone listens to psychopath medical bureaucrats at this point.

    Yeh, I totes trust that freak in PA. Or Tam up here who is clearly a creature of the WHO. Or Quebec’s bozo doctor who wears a UN Agenda pin and acts more like a cop than a doctor.

    And Fauci – he who lurks deep within the bowels of NIH to emerge like Erik. Except at least Erik played an instrument.

    How about this? It’s over. Keep it all open.

    The trade-offs are already devastating. Mother Nature made her point. One, she always wins and two, humans are scared, retarded apes.

  24. What we have done to children is an abomination and a crime.

    We have domestic abuse laws. How is what we’ve done not psychological and physical abuse? That is we masked them up making them think they pose a danger to people and prevented them from engaging in physical activities.

    Everything the government does is pure demonic idiocy.

    Do the OPPOSITE of what these incompetent clowns order or demand.

  25. He might be right, but his credibility was pretty-much shot to #*!! back in March and April. His opinion is worthless, so iff he wants to get my attention, he will need to bring the results of real-live, honest-to-gosh, peer reviewed studies to the table.

  26. “Close the Bars and Keep the Schools Open”

    Even Fauci’s apparent intellect and impressive education and career can not find him an escape from statism’s worst trap of necessitating the ordering of the less unpopular of bad, partial, or faux solutions. The state must prop up its facade by ordering something; but it dare not order the best solution, if it be more unpopular with either the populace or its own “leaders” and enforcers, which might prompt someone to peer behind the facade or kick down those props.

    The irrefutable and irreducible fact of how to avoid the human to human spread of disease is to physically avoid other humans. Avoid the bars and keep your kids home from school. Ignore the statists. Most of them do not have your best interests in mind; and even the best of them, like Fauci, can not escape satisms worst trap.

    “…from a scientific and public health perspective, the evidence strongly indicates school closures are among the most effective strategies we have for reducing the spread of viral infections.

    In a new book, Apollo’s Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live, Yale physician and sociologist Nicholas Christakis reviews the historical and epidemiological data on this issue. While not discounting the ambiguities and tradeoffs associated with school closings, he argues that “the impact of banning occasional large gatherings like sporting events or religious services does not even come close to that of school closure” and that “school closures are the most consequential [public health measure] that can be employed, short of requiring everyone to stay home.” Moreover, Christakis says, the data show that these policies are most effective in reducing disease when they are imposed early, even before cases show up in a community, and are maintained for prolonged periods.”

    Willingly sending our children to government schools is a form of child abuse.

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