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Officials in South Australia locked down the entire state after a man told them he got the coronavirus after picking up a takeout order at a pizza restaurant in an Adelaide suburb. Fearing they had a superspreader event on hand, authorities even banned outdoor exercise and dog walking. But three days into the lock down, officials lifted it. It turned out the man had lied. He actually worked at the restaurant along with a security guard who had tested positive for the virus. The guard also worked at a hotel where people who have tested positive for the disease as well as travelers entering South Australia must quarantine. "We were operating on a premise that this person had simply gone to a pizza shop, very short exposure, and walked away having contracted the virus," said South Australia police commissioner Grant Stevens. "We now know they are a very close contact of another person who has been confirmed as being positive with COVID."

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  1. If only he had been wearing a mask!

    1. Always blow on the pie.
      Safer communities together

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  2. I always thought that Aussies were tough, seeing the whole place is trying to kill them. Seems the political class though is a bunch of Shelia's .

    1. I don't know where you got that idea. Australia gave us seat belt laws, bike helmet laws, extreme restrictions on private gun ownership and any number of other nanny state follies.

      Check virtually any risk averse policy invoked in the last sixty years or so and you will most likely find it was first enacted into law in one of the Australian states. They have long since overtaken the UK as queen of the nannies.

      Not only are these laws passed in Australia, they are enthusiastically observed.

      1. "Wearing a seatbelt became mandatory [in Victoria] in 1970".

        It took about twelve years for an American state to pass a mandatory seat belt use law.

        1. Should be: "It took about another twelve years for an American state to pass a mandatory seat belt use law.

          1. You have to excuse the Australians for their nanny-state stuff... They face uniquely dangerous circumstances, derived from evolutionary history. Almost all of their native mammals (excluding bats) were marsupial mammals... Now humans have FUCKED IT ALL UP by introducing BUNCHES of placental mammals, and other (reptile, amphibian, insect) invaders!

            To wit...

            Rabbits are NOT native to Australia, and they have run AMOK down under! Suppose they ever successfully interbreed with kangaroos!!! The results would be HOPPERS FROM HELL, with super-hopper-powers!!! If they ever learn to shop at the shopping malls, in long shopping lines for super-popular products, they'd super-hop the lines in front of us, and maul us at the malls!!!
            The Aussies would have very little choice, other than to devise a GMO to go on the counter-attack...
            MeThinks that such GMO should be called the "Thunder from Down Under, Super-Mall-Mauling, Shopper Hopper Stoppers"!!!
            Or maybe "Thunder from Down Under, Super-Mall-Mauling, Shopper Hopper Stopper Coppers" (Coppers with police powers).
            The evolutionary arms race would be ON!!! To fight back against these "coppers", the Shopper Hopper Gang would need...
            "Thunder from Down Under, Super-Mall-Mauling, Shopper Hopper Stopper Copper Stoppers"!!!
            The counter-counter measure then becomes a device used by the coppers, to chop them all to pieces!

            This, then, is known as the…
            "Thunder from Down Under, Super-Mall-Mauling, Shopper Hopper Stopper Copper Stopper Chopper"!!!

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            2. If it’s first to arrive it’s native. If it’s comes later, it’s not native.

              Stupid reasoning. All things are non-native, because all things came after the Earth was formed.

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            3. Pay no attention to SQRLSY. He's just a crazy homeless guy that stole somebody's cell phone to make his nutty posts.

  3. Hey, at least they lifted it. That's something.

    1. It's all just an exercise for later, so the more the public gets used to sudden lockdowns now, the better.

      O tempora, o mores.

      1. What we have been experiencing here is nothing compared to what the 'strylyun federal and state governments have imposed.

        Thousands of Australian citizens are still stranded overseas because of the extreme restrictions on who can enter the country and how. There are only a fraction of the number of usual flights arriving or departing the country. Practically no foreign airlines are allowed to fly there and the number of flights by the Australian international carriers has been reduced so much that one, Qantas has permanently laid off 20 percent of its staff and furloughed another 50 percent and grounded a 100 planes while the other, Virgin has gone into bankruptcy and closed altogether.

        Otherwise, all the states have had some degree of total border closures, while internal travel has been curtailed to an extreme degree.

        1. The South Oz closure reported here was a re-imposition of what has been in effect for the whole summer after a brief relaxation and opening up.

  4. Someone once wrote that Australia was founded by prison guards, sounds like they are still in charge.

    1. Australia's love/hate relationship with authority has been attributed to the fact that its founding population consisted of Naval officers who were the first colonial governor and administrators, a company of Royal Marines who acted as prison guards and about 750 convicts 200 of them women.

      The only free women were the wives of the officers and the civilian administrators and clergymen.

      1. "The only free women ..."

        We need more free women here in the USA!!!

  5. Jesus Christ, why don't these people who contract the coronavirus tell the authorities they got it from a meeting with government officials? Why lie and implicate an innocent pizza parlor when you can lie and implicate the sheriff's department or the tax collector's office or CPS or some other useless collection of parasites?

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  7. Vegemite pizza?

    1. gross

  8. Kill them all and let God sort out who has Chicom-19 and who doesn't.

  9. When did Oz turn into pussy land?

    1. Just after WWI. Something about the Brits using all manly Aussies at Gallapoli.

      1. Don't tell that to the blokes that fought in WWII.

        Besides the British had plenty more "diggers" to kill off on the Western Front.

        No, the total pussification of Oz started in the 1970s,

        1. The Brits also used them in the Middle East fighting the Turks and supporting the Iraqi prince and installing him as king of TransJorden.

          1. If it's not on hormone replacement, I don't think it should be called "Trans-Jordan" anyway.

  10. And nobody died.

  11. But remember - these people are just following the science and not doing what they tell you, indeed, even implying that they might not be totally correct, is you being worse than Hitler.

    You don't want to be worse than Hitler, do you?

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  13. So what if he *had* contracted it based on a short exposure? It's one case! We're many months into this; if that sort of exposure regularly transmitted the virus, we'd all be infected by now regardless of what measures were taken.

    And... wait, the guy also worked at a *quarantine hotel*? A guy who you know works at a quarantine hotel gets covid, and your thought is "we have absolutely no idea how he possibly could have got covid, so we're locking down a million people"?

    1. You got that correct. They’re fools.

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  15. How provocative. Really need attention, don't you.....
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