Election 2020

Voters Wisely Chose Divided Federal Government

Anyone who was rooting for both "teams" to lose on Election Day should be fairly satisfied right now.


At some point when his bruised ego allows it, President Donald Trump will quit acting like the spurned dictator of Belarus and curtail his civically destructive effort to overturn a legitimate election. At that point, we can embrace a satisfying reality, regardless of our presidential preference: America will have a bitterly divided government that won't accomplish very much.

Being libertarian, I rarely enjoy election night. It's like watching a football game between the Patriots and the Raiders. Is it possible for both teams to lose badly? Fortunately, that result is entirely possible in our political system—and is what took place on Tuesday. Democrats had hoped for a blue-wave election that would throw Trump to the curb, provide a Senate majority and expand their numbers in the House.

They succeeded in dumping Trump by a rather impressive margin. After Trump won 306 electoral votes in 2016 and lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million ballots, his campaign adviser Kellyanne Conway called it a landslide. Joe Biden won the 2020 election with a likely 306 electoral votes and a 5 million popular-vote margin. I wouldn't call it a landslide, but it was a decisive win by modern standards.

Instead of celebrating, Democrats are eating their own, given their failure to win states including Florida and Texas, and their failures in Congress. Republicans are angry and denial about the president's loss. I find myself relishing both sides' sorrows.

Control of the Senate is pending two runoff elections in Georgia. Democrats warn that if Republicans win either of those seats, Biden won't be able to advance a bold agenda. I'm unimpressed by any of the candidates in those races, but the possibility of gridlock doesn't frighten me. I'm fine that Biden won, but don't want him to accomplish anything.

Republicans also gained a number of seats in the House of Representatives, thus leaving Democrats with the slimmest governing majority in 60 years. Many voters split their tickets—preferring an end to this norm-busting presidency without giving an imprimatur to a progressive agenda. In their collective wisdom, the nation's voters appear to have shown a surprisingly libertarian sensibility.

Biden's job will be "mission impossible," according to Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus, and not just because of a divided Congress. "If Biden, limited in what he can accomplish legislatively, turns to regulation, he will confront a court that is reflexively hostile to the administrative state, and willing to consider extraordinary changes in law to limit its reach," she added. To Democrats that's a bad thing, but it's music to my ears.

Even California's lopsidedly Democratic voters issued a split decision. Californians continue to give Democrats legislative supermajorities. But, as I wrote last week, they shredded the Democratic leadership's priorities on statewide ballot initiatives. California remains a one-party state, but the initiative process maintains some semblance of division—an imperfect check on progressive nostrums.

For instance, voters gutted Assembly Bill 5's ban on independent contracting by approving—with incomprehensibly large margins—Proposition 22. They also solidly rejected Proposition 15, which would have ended Proposition 13's longstanding tax protections for commercial and industrial properties. They strongly opposed Proposition 21's plan to give local governments more rent-control powers.

Democratic primary voters smacked down the party's progressive wing this year when Bernie Sanders' candidacy hit the rocks. Biden is a liberal Democrat, but not a particularly activist one. He might actually do better with a GOP Senate because he could tell his party's base, "I'd love to nationalize health care, regulate the Internet and pass a Green New Deal, but those dastardly Republicans won't let me." He'll settle for minor legislative tweaks.

Some of my conservative friends have argued that libertarians should have jumped on the Trump bandwagon to stop the progressive onslaught. But Republicans support tariffs (which are huge taxes and regulations on business), heavy-handed immigration policies, boosts in military and intelligence spending, and they oppose limits on police powers. At least now, the GOP will rediscover its opposition to executive orders and debt spending.

In the ideal libertarian world, it shouldn't matter which party is in control of the government because its power would be so limited that government leaders wouldn't be able to make much mischief. We shouldn't even have to care who happens to be the president. (When Democrat Grover Cleveland was president, he mainly gave speeches and vetoed bills—and spent time greeting members of the public on his goodwill tour and at the White House.)

In an authoritarian state, the people pay heed to everything the Dear Leader utters. Consider that as you hang on every tweet from the president—or wait for the governor's daily edicts about which businesses may be open today. I'm not sure what we can do about our current predicament, but the best idea—from an election perspective—is to keep our governments as politically divided as possible.

This column was first published in The Orange County Register.

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  1. I’m fine that Biden won, but don’t want him to accomplish anything.
    pen and phone

    1. Seriously. We’re going to be executive ordered into Venezuela and these idiots will still be saying Orange Man Bad.

      1. But we will be Venezuela with open borders! (One way, of course)

        1. It will be fun watching immigrants leave for better futures in Guatemala and Honduras while Reason demands we Build The Wall to keep them in for the food trucks.

          1. Well said!

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                  I just PROVED that I am smarter than R Mac! Suggestion for you, R Mac: Triple or more, your dosages of “smart pills” from under the rabbit hutch!

                  Also BWFUBAR, and SMC, YMFB!

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      2. Executive orders, dear colleague letters, regulations, …

        1. Yes, but from a libertarian perspective, no Tweets is all that matters, you see

          1. And open borders.

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      3. But there won’t be MEAN TWEETS!!!

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    5. Treasonous unreason staffers are such liars and will say anything for the commies to win.

      Trump vs biden win for Trump is gonna be hilarious.

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    7. It would seem to be premature to describe the recent election as “divided Federal government” when there are two Senate races that will be re-run in January.
      It is still possible for the Dumbs to end up controlling the senate.

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  2. “I’m fine that Biden won, but don’t want him to accomplish anything.”

    From a Koch / Reason libertarian perspective, Biden’s Presidency will be a success if he accomplishes just one thing — implementing the open borders agenda favored by billionaires like Reason.com’s benefactor Charles Koch.


    1. You #DATS are always crying about “Open Borders” and yet all our #CRIMINALinCHIEF did was to create a false crisis so he could steal money from our military for his vanity wall. If you were serious about illegal immigration you would go after the employers of those illegal people; utilizing the RICO statutes and Asset Forfeiture Laws instead of stealing children at the border.

  3. Divided government? Why did I immediately envision “drawn-and-quartered?”

    1. Wood chipper.

  4. Yes, things will get better now. $7 trillion annual spending will be a thing of the Trump years.

    Only when there is a (D) president do Republicans find their small government gene. And it really is more opposition to anything Democrats want than a true small government mindset.

    Nevertheless – the Buttplug has been for gridlock from the beginning.

    1. Don’t give up hope yet, Mr. Buttplug. Your home state Georgia will deliver the Senate to Democrats.


    2. You’re mostly for raping small boys, and filming it.

    3. 7 trillion will seem like austerity when Biden and Harris are done.

    4. Yeah, now we’ll have 11 trillion dollar budgets l

  5. Does Greenhut know something about the Georgia runoff that I don’t?

    1. There are clearly reasons to be suspicious of Biden’s numbers coming out of this election, it’s not hard to imagine there are going to be suspicious numbers coming out of the Georgia Senatorial elections. I have a bad feeling that the Democrats are going to take the Senate.

      1. Well, we all know what the results will be if it’s left up to the media, billionaires club, globalists, silicon valley and every single communist/authoritarian government.

        No red flags there!

    2. Right? He makes the presumption that the Republicans will keep the Senate majority in January. With the amount of time and money that the Dems are sinking into the runoff, I’m not so sure it’s a given that the they will lose. The timing of the Obama book. Covid-19 is still front and center in the media. There are no intellectuals talking about liberty on 60 minutes. The frame keeps getting larger and larger. Yes, as a Libertarian, we all want gridlock, but my take is that it was still wrong to vote in Biden because the Dems have a such a shot at the biggest shift to the left that we’ve ever seen.

      1. The GOP will keep the Senate.

        I live in Georgia and every other commercial is about Kelly Flufflet and her campaign against Rev Jerimiah Wright.

        Yes, Rev Wright is on the ballot according to the TV device.

        GOD DAMN AMERICA! is her opponent.

        1. It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.

          1. The GOP counts the votes in Georgia.

            1. Including in Atlanta? Or do Democrats just accidentally burst pipes?

        2. Ok, this time you’re funny.

    3. that in the main race, the republican only failed to cross the 50% threshold because the libertarian pulled 2.3% of the vote. to win that election, the democrat would have to convince everyone who voted for the libertarian to vote for them AND get democrats to turn out at the same level their hatred of trump encouraged….. fat chance.

      for the special election it is less clear, because the vote was split so many different ways. but the dems don’t really have any chance of taking both.

      1. It’ll go 2-0 for Team Red.
        Not that Georgia has great Senate candidates (the LP guy was good), but they must just save the Supreme Court from getting stacked, and keep Harris from running up the debt by a few trillion more.

  6. “At some point when his bruised ego allows it, President Donald Trump will quit acting like the spurned dictator of Belarus and curtail his civically destructive effort to overturn a legitimate election.”

    So, unlike the Democrats, who spent four years of civically destructive effort trying to overturn the legitimate 2016 election, right?

    1. Ask Gov. Abrams about that.

      1. To paraphrase, fat, stupid, and inventing perpetual grievances is no way to go through life. But wannabe Gov. A. is making it pay dividends.

        1. She’s ugly as sin too.

    2. Everybody knows the Russians hacked our election in 2016 and Trump was never legitimately elected President.

    3. Hillary conceded the next day, and then wrote a book.
      If only Trump acted as graciously.

      1. Yes, he should have begun the spying, perjury traps in illegitimate investigations, and setting the stage for the impeachment before the inauguration. So gracious

        1. Did you really expect a more pithy observation from Pedo Jeffy? He doesn’t do pithy, just pissy.

      2. And all the democrat members of the house and senate called for unity and gracefully accepted the Trump presidency…..at least that is how the memory hole tells it.

      3. “Hillary conceded the next day, and then wrote a book.”

        So? Democrats still tried to delegitimize the election in various ways for four years.

      4. Don’t ever change Lying Jeffy.

      5. Hillary whined and undermined Trump for 4 fucking years. Whined about Putin no less, when she should have known better because all that crap was made up by her own campaign.

        What she DIDN’T do that Trump appears to be trying is to induce lawmakers in states he lost to certify a Trump slate of electors. If that happens, the Republicans are toast as a party.

        1. Actually, the Dems tried to pressure members of the electoral college to not vote for Trump and elect Hillary anyway.

          “Trump secured 304 electoral votes — two fewer than he earned in November, according to the Associated Press, which tracked results from capitol to capitol. That was despite a pitched effort by some on the left who wrote letters to Trump electors trying to persuade them to switch their votes or not vote at all and keep Trump short of the 270 needed.”


          1. These facts don’t matter to Lying Jeffy.

        2. If the fraud is allowed to succeed, which is likely, the Rs are finished as a party and the republic is finished as a free nation.

          1. IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!

            1. You are a fucking dumbass who can’t add 2+2

              1. There was no fraud, but I know you #DATS can’t accept accountability for any of your own actions. For 3+yrs, democrats tried getting #MoscowMitch to pass election security measures has he passed. The #POUTINGpotus established and then secretly disbanded a voting fraud commission, but hey – it’s fucked up now, LOL what a special #DATS you must be.

                The GOP will die because the GOP doesn’t have any policies designed to benefit those earning less than 7 figures/year. You Rubes continue to vote against your own financial interests year after year and then blame democrats for not doing the job. Imagine living in a country that focuses on the needs of the majority vs the minority.

          2. That’s not necessarily true. They will just learn to take advantage of legalized voter fraud and copy the Dems.

            1. away. As we’ve seen that will be norm breaking and punished to the fullest extent possible.

      6. She was still complaining a few weeks ago, while insulting the bad orange man. All grace.

      7. People didn’t vote for Trump because he’s gracious. Quite the opposite.

      8. “Hillary conceded the next day, and then wrote a book.
        If only Trump acted as graciously.”

        You give Hillary too much credit, for her only being “…wrong within normal parameters….”

        Election 2016 devolved into the very successful search for the worst two people in American public life.

        “It’s the second-worst thing that can happen to this country, but she’s way behind in second place. She’s wrong about absolutely everything, but she’s wrong within normal parameters.”
        ~ P.J. O’Rourke, endorsing Hillary in 2016.

    4. we called them evil when they did it….. now we should do it, and it totally won’t be wrong….

    5. In other words, “stop digging for dirt, you’ll make people doubt the system, and that’s not done”.

  7. Democrats had hoped for a blue-wave election that would throw Trump to the curb, provide a Senate majority and expand their numbers in the House.

    2/3 ain’t bad (depending on the donkey show coming up in GA)

  8. “Anyone who was rooting for both “teams” to lose on Election Day should be fairly satisfied right now.”

    I campaigned for Giant Meteor, but will settle for None of the Above.

  9. GFY, Proggy scum

    What happens when the Ds win GA?

    1. Serfs up! Revolution time!

    2. they won’t. they need turnout the same as trump inspired in their base, and they need every single libertarian vote to go their way. they might get the vacancy election, but they cannot get both.

  10. “In the ideal libertarian world, it shouldn’t matter which party is in control of the government because its power would be so limited that government leaders wouldn’t be able to make much mischief.”

    But in the real world with regular people, they want their side to win and then give them stuff they want while fucking over the other tribe.

  11. The problem with divided government occurs when the two sides simply fight about everything. What we need is a divided government that stalls or stops big items but works on getting consensus items accomplished. President Elect Biden seems to be in favor of this. The question is will Republicans at least work with him on some things.

    – We will likely have vaccines for Covid19, can we get consensus on getting these vaccines efficiently distributed?

    – We have the ACA is it is popular, can we put the health care fight behind us and just tweek this law back into shape to address health care. Leave M4A and repeal and replace behind?

    – Can we get some agreement on the deficit and the debt. Cut some spending and raise some taxes?

    If all divided government is just demagoguery, then it serves us no better than one party rule.

    1. There is no such thing as a consensus item in politics. Stop pretending otherwise.

      1. Both parties like massive spending.

        1. But can’t agree on what to waste the money on.

      2. Well there were consensus items up until recently. We need to work back toward some consensus.

    2. Other than the cut spending part, all of your ideas are bullshit, lefty slaver.

      1. As I frequently note in the comments, we are well past the time where cutting spending alone will solve our debt problems.

        1. Not if they did it seriously.

        2. That only proves you are an idiot. Spending less will fix the issue but shit for brains leftists like you instead dream up more ways to spend the earnings of others.

          1. Spending less, OK can we start by passing a law that says NO STATE shall receive more from the federal government than it provides? This will eliminate the those expenses that the 39 mooching states which are paid by the 11 profitable states. Then those 11 states will be able to focus their revenues to address all those big bad cities that the #DATS & gopers are always crying about.

        3. You’re absolutely correct. What we need is a new revenue model to fund our nation. Over 2/3rds of the IRS’s resources are utilized to collect a whopping 17% of our nation’s revenue from 98.3% of the taxpayers who earn less than congress’s $250K/yr ($174+benefits). Sadly, we lose more than this amount to medicare & medicaid fraud, which is usually committed by those in the 1.7%.

          If we instituted a 1% purchase 1% sales tax on stocks, corp. bonds, stock options, commodities our nation could eliminate federal income tax filing for everyone earning less than $250K/yr, pay for medicare for anyone who wanted it, free college, and a host of other social programs and STILL have enough money left over to pay down our debt. Those who would still be filing federal income tax forms, (+$250K) would see tax rate deductions.

          Moreover, all federally collected income tax could be specifically earmarked for Governmental operations, global operations, & the military, as well as debt reduction. Once our debt has been eliminated, we can review the federal income tax rates for the 1.7% earning more than $250K/yr. I also believe we can eliminate all corporate taxes since we will be taxing the corporate officers on their actual incomes, which would eliminate the whole idea of capital gains. Corps would have to simply file revenue statements just like any 501-3c organization.

          The one thing that I would love to see happen with a new revenue stream like this, is the elimination of the tax free status for PACs. These organizations are NO different than advertising agencies, and as such, they should be taxed accordingly. We had over a $1B dollars donated to these PACS during the last election, at a cheap rate of 10% that’s still $100M which could have been utilized to purchase NEW voting equipment.

    3. Don’t need government mucking up vaccine distribution, markets excel at that best when governments get out of the way.

      Ditto for health care. Get it out of government hands, take the tax exemption from employers and give it to employees, and you’ve solved 90% of the problems. If you still insist on taxes paying for poor people, that’s the normal proggie redistribution problem, nothing to do with government meddling in health care itself.

      Government spending is the problem, period. Whether paid for by taxes, borrowing, or inflation makes no difference. Cut spending period.

      Fuck off, slaver.

      1. Wow, you really are slow. The for-profit healthcare industry in country is the problem. The model works on the idea of denying as many procedures/medications as possible and you want more of this. Why aren’t you clambering to #EndSocialistMedicare? Given the healthcare costs incurred by seniors, there is NO free market for these folks, so should they die?

        The free market is successfully developing their vaccines on the government’s dime, why is that? Why are we bailing out farmers & businesses if the free market dictates all? Moreover, if you hate taxation, then you WANT the Government to earn it’s own money, so what businesses would you like to see our government get into?

    4. The ACA isn’t ‘popular’. Goddamn that’s a stupid thing to say. It doesn’t need tweaking, it needs to go on the scrap heap of history.

      1. I guess you are living proof that a person is what he/she eats of mighty lord of the Shit. I’m assuming you’re another free market guy given the vehemence you have to display your ignorance so proudly. The ACA didn’t work in rural areas of the country for 2 reasons; #1 the free market looks at the vicinity and if there is NOT enough of a client base, it doesn’t go into that area to establish business, & #2 Dumbass Republican governors refusing to expand medicaid, thus forcing their rural “for-profit” healthcare institutions to make a business decision to close down. Before Trump, over 150 hospital went out of business in these Red states, and post Trump, 5 states have voted to extend their medicaid programs to get that ACA money because over 250 rural hospitals have closed their doors.

        The ACA was the greatest free money give-away to a “for-profit” industry in US history, and the Insurance companies still complained. It was the medical device tax in the ACA that was responsible for encouraging our for-profit institutions to maintain the “Just-in-Case” inventory of PPE supplies and the like; maintain the JiC inventory and get a tax break…JiC we have a pandemic.

        What’s really sad is how you #DATS repeatedly claim that lower premiums & healthcare costs in 52% of the country, (where there were people), was a failure. That’s the problem with minority rule, the losers don’t even realize that they are losers.

    5. We will likely have vaccines for Covid19, can we get consensus on getting these vaccines efficiently distributed?

      Let the market take care of it. The government doesn’t need to be involved.

      1. Cali Gov Newsom has threatened to stand in the way of Californians getting access to potentially life-saving vaccines. Maybe he’ll back of that death threat with Trump gone.

    6. Biden hasn’t been elected. The election is on Dec 14. What took place on the 3rd is the vote for electors.

    7. Biden’s front man Pelosi wouldn’t even compromise on a limited stimulus package that both parties favored, because she thought by waiting she could throw in the blue state pension bailout and another trillion bucks or so.

      1. CE = #CluelessConservative Egghead. The House passed its bill in May and #MoscowMitch did nothing. Funny how you #DATS love to parrot the same bullshit over & over. Why should those “Blue States” be forced to pay the bills of mooching states like KY? IL went from receiving $0.82 for every $1 sent to DC down to $0.69/$1 after the new tax law while KY went from receiving $3.19 for every $1 sent to DC up to $3.89/$1, and yet you have the audacity to claim your smart bird…Also, Pelosi’s bill included money for Election Security, something we know you #POUTINGpotus propagandists love so much, lol…what a loser.

  12. Gridlock is materially better than either political party.

    1. Said the guy shilling for the CCP in another thread.

    2. Yes, let’s have a government that is completely helpless to stop the tide of Marxist woke radicals coming to take us to reeducation camps.

      How anyone can look at this election as anything other then a disaster for the Republic (a potentially fatal one), just goes to show how intellectually bankrupt libertarians and classical liberals (or any kind of liberal for that matter), actually are

      1. it could have been worse… Blue wave Prez/Senate/House, Supreme Court stacked to 21 “justices” or so, blue states bailed out for a few trillion bucks, 25 dollar per hour min wage, universal basic wealth transfer, dropping the estate tax threshold back to 1 million or so, and blowing a free trillion bucks on the Green Raw Deal.

      2. Wow, tout fear much? Good thing your claims of having a superior mental intellect can be seen by all the readers as just another typical #DATS pounding his own meat. Our country has been a laughing stock across the free world ever since the great #CHARLATANinCHIEF took office. He whined about this election being fraudulent even before it began; just like he did after he won in 2016. I love Freudian slip of bankrupt, especially when you’re supporting the Bankruptcy king.

  13. Georgia recount confirms Biden’s victory.

    Is there any other republican that could have blown this race so badly? Maybe instead of being mad at libertarians for voting for JoJo repubs should be mad at themselves for nominating Trump back in 2016 over literally any other R that would have cruised to an easy 8 years.

    1. True. Dubya, as pathetic as he was, won reelection.

      1. He was also running against John Kerry, and the Dems didn’t outright cheat back then. Bush also still had a lot of street cred from 9/11 by the time the election came around.

    2. Nah, they should just put a bullet into your hivemind

    3. “literally any other R that would have cruised to an easy 8 years.”

      This is some insane revisionism. Did you forget the 2016 primaries? Trump demolished every single other Republican and the front-runner propped up by the powers that be was fucking Jeb Bush.

      Every single time anti-conservatives talk about dignity and respect in politics, they back cucks like Romney because they know they won’t take a stand, they won’t fight back, and they won’t say anything that might be a little bit offensive. Meanwhile, in reality, people who don’t say how they really feel come across as inauthentic and offensive and people would much rather have a President who suffers from foot-in-mouth syndrome than a demented puppet hauled out of a retirement home who “sounds” nice but fucks you over by increasing your taxes, continuing forever wars, sacrificing your well being at the altars of political correctness and environmentalism, destroys your civil liberties and wants to do all this during a fucking pandemic. Oh, but none of these ACTIONS are offensive. WORDS matter more than actions. That’s the American way!

      If you voted Jojo, you’re either mentally ill or a useful idiot. Every single time we are told that a Republican has no chance of winning, the amount of Libertarian votes would have flipped the election result. GJ was a spoiler and now Jojo was too.

      This is why we’ve started to see some people openly say they want a racist and fascist President. Can we stop pretending that authoritarian scum are respectable just because they won’t admit what they’re doing to your face and they dress up their sadism with carefully rehearsed lines written by their party handlers?

      1. Tell us how you really feel.

        1. I feel that the American electorate is one of the dumbest on the planet that regularly votes against its own self interest, assuming they can even identify what their self interest is. There is zero unity or a common American identity anymore. This election makes me feel very uneasy about our future and I anticipate even more radical candidates who will continue to talk past one another and only govern those who vote for them.

          1. I appreciate your passion while not sharing it, and I can’t really disagree with you. Stick around. You’re pleasant compared to the usual assholes who pollute this place.

            1. You.
              You are an asshole.
              Accept some personal responsibility for once in your life.

              1. Still waiting for you to produce one comment of mine that backs up your claims that I’m a leftist.

                When will you admit to being a lying sack of shit?

                1. You don’t like Trump and make every excuse you can for woke radicals and Marxists and Democrats.

                  Why produce proof, when it is in the pudding?

                2. I haven’t called you a leftist, you broken, dimwitted, resentful asshole.

          2. I think you need to look more at other countries that have presidential elections before you can conclude that. Outside of France, that’s mostly in Latin America. Their voters don’t seem to have any genius to them.

            1. Voting is the only arena where people assume a better decision will be reached by asking more of the least well informed to join the committee.

      2. I do remember the 2016 Republican Primaries. The mainstream sane Republicans assumed that Donald Trump would never get nominated and so went after each other leaving Trump alone. The result was they weaken the best candidates and strengthen the worst. That is the downside to a big candidate field.

        1. Then how do you explain the Democrats? They went after each other even though they knew Biden had the inside track as soon as he said he was willing.

          1. I mean the Democrats in 2020. But you could look at 2016 and say mostly the same thing even with a field that got small faster.

            1. The Democrat and Republican primaries are run by different, party-specific rules. With the Dems, it doesn’t really matter who you vote for. The “insiders” picked Biden and that was the end of it. The rest is just a show for the plebs.

    4. Nobody cares how libertarians vote. People make fun of libertarians because you guys have shown you don’t actually have a philosophy of libertarianism.

      Rather, you guys are just pure contrarians, regardless of how your position results in increased government.

      You are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      1. Contrarian except for 100% parroting the anti Trump groupthink

      2. This guy gets it.

        Libertarianism is watered down Marxism at best. It is intellectually incapable of grasping the inevitability of increased government presence in our lives. What libertarians should be asking is, “what kind of authoritarian do I want in power” instead of asking “how do we not have authoritarians, wahhh wahhh wahh baby wants bottle.”

        In short, what do you think would be better for both libertarians and the country as a whole? A woke left socialist regime that gleefully takes your property and puts you in prison for believing things like drugs are bad for you, sodomy is bad for you, and that America belongs to Americans? Or a patriotic regime, dedicated to its citizenry, that has the courage and the resolve to tell the Marxist filth, “your ideas are poison, your goals are poison, people like you bring nothing good to society, you deserve to be marginalized”.

        Which is better for liberty?

        Hint: It ain’t a government that tolerates woke Marxism, that’s for goddamn sure.

        1. “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” – Samuel Adams

          1. __This is my favorite counter-response to a Libertarian-in-name-only in quite some time. Thank you. Samuel Adams was among the original patriots of our nation, and at that time that meant fighting a war for a system that recognized that Rights come from individuals to be lent to hired representatives, meaning Rights do not come from an imperial boot on your face or God-chosen members of a royal bloodline.
            __That we’ve accomplished Adams’ original goal is not the point. While Adams believed establishing a Republic was enough to create “freedom,” he remained in politics to contiue the fight after the war. Mr Adams’ spirit of “fighting to obtain what is best for the entire nation in the long-term” is a model for all generations to follow. So while voting for Jo Jorgensen is an imperfect and tiny action to take, it is one of many battles to attempt real change and was inarguably the best option on the ballot to create a freer world.
            __In the system he fought a war for, indeed, they are Representatives; your duty as a voter is in the very name of their occupation. To actually represent your community, they ought to be the genuine first choice of the most number of people who do care about the outcome and will be represented. Ergo, vote for who you think will do the most good if elected, and understand that the more voluntary options we have, the better off we are.

        2. I don’t understand how that patriotic regime is necessarily authoritarian just for standing up against Marxists.

          1. Then let me spell it out so simply even a libertarian might be able to understand it.

            There’s good authoritarians, and bad authoritarians.

      3. Our position of less government causes more government? Jeez and here I thought it was the people voting for more government that results in more government. Take your Rules for Radicals tactics and shove them up your ass.

      4. yeah, blame the people trying to stop the country from going off a cliff, instead of the people pushing it up the hill

    5. Yeah, we would have been so much better off under ‘Jeb!’……..

    6. How can you think that? Trump did better than the other Republicans running for the nomination, and even better in the states that allowed non-Republicans to vote in Republican presidential primaries. It’s possible that another GOP nominee could’ve won, but the election was close and there’s no evidence for your assertion that any of them were shoo-ins even in 2016, let alone would’ve been for 2020. I think Trump was their best shot, they took it and won.

      With presidential elections this close, it’s foolish to think anybody from either party could win 2 consecutive terms. That happens mostly when their first term election wasn’t close. Dissatisfaction with presidents is high these days, and it’s not about who it is so much as voters’ expectations.

      1. Actually I’m very happy we had Trump for 4 years, even if we don’t get him for 8. Even one term of Trump was better than I deserved.

    7. Sure because they just recounted the fraudulent votes.

    8. You mean like Bush or Cruz?

    9. It wasnt a recount dumdum. It was an audit of voting machines.

      Trump requested a hand recount in georgia.

  14. We could use a man like Grover Cleveland again.

  15. I keep seeing Biden’s latest totally-not-a-threat warning, about how people are going to die if Trump doesn’t aid the transition.

    Yes, we get it already, you’re evil. It’s like the bad movie cliche where the villain has the hero trapped and keeps pontificating and reveling in how dastardly he is until the hero escapes.

    1. Do you play “Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond…” from Cheapass Games?

  16. The most outrageous bullshit coming out of this election is the swooning and pearl-clutching about Trump undermining our faith in our sacred institutions of democracy. No, fucktards, Trump isn’t the cause of our distrust of our “sacred institutions”, he’s the result. The internet and 24-hour cable news shows are the cause.

    Time was, the NYT controlled the news, they published the news they saw fit to disclose to the American public and everybody followed their lead. All the papers looked to the NYT to decide what the national news stories were, the Big 3 networks evening news broadcasts were basically news reporters reading the NYT to their viewers. Everybody trusted the news and their “sacred institutions” because they had no alternative sources of information. Now we have alternative sources of information, and people have woken up to the fact that they’ve been getting mushroomed all these years. Well, they’re tired of being kept in the dark and covered in bullshit, they no longer trust the media and our sacred institutions because they realize they’ve been lied to all these years.

    All you need do is look at JFK and you know what a pack of shit-eating dogs the media are, how fucked-up the CIA and the FBI are, how twisted our “justice system” is, how screwy our state department and our foreign relations are, it’s all there. It’s no wonder the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are all-in on “fixing” the internet by making sure only “truthful and accurate” information gets out and “fake news” and “conspiracy theory nonsense” is suppressed – they miss the days when they told you what to believe and you believed it.

    1. Nice, but the cause of losing faith in our sacred institutions is the very concept of coercive monopolistic government. Bureaucracies expand by their very nature; competitive markets is the only thing shrinking them back or holding them in check, because they lose customers and leave gaping holes for smarter leaner competitors. Governments have no competitors and thus no check on their expansion, which makes them eventually meddle so much in so many aspects of everybody’s lives that everybody hates them.

      1. The people are supposed to be the check but they’re cowards.

      2. Outstanding observations, both. Reading Edward Bernays’s Propaganda opened my mind to how the NYT has manipulated public opinion dating back to the 1920s and before. The media lied us into the Spanish-American War and World War One. Nothing has changed even with the wealth of “alternative” news sources. The MSM can’t corral them, but they can attempt to discredit them in the minds of those who continue to rely on CNN, WaPo, NYT, et al. as their exclusive sources for news.

    2. the real problem, is the response to change. yes, the messaging and bias inherent in journalism has given people reason to distrust them, but there was always one important role that media traditionally fulfilled…. verification….. they might not have told you everything, and they might have told it in a way to build a certain bias, but what they told you was true…… just not the whole story. and then came the internet and the 24hr news cycles. outlets began to prioritize getting a story out first and started to fail on the verification….. and then distrust in the media has sent people deeper on the internet, and suddenly every tweet/blog/hair-brained conspiracy theory is treated as gospel truth. nobody trust the news, but they will trust some anonymous crack pot in their mom’s basement with zero effort to fact check anything.

  17. A little off topic, but why does it say waiting for facebook.com when you post to this site?

  18. Oh, Bull. Everyone knows that the GOP will cut spending and reduce deficits if they had total control.

    Haaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Cue the hatred in 5…4…3…

    1. More like pity, poor thing.

      1. It’s ok, you can stop sucking my dick now. Really.

        1. I say I pity you, and you bring up your dick. Very telling.


    2. Only a leftist would worry about spending and deficits at a time when that’s the least of our problems.

      A government that is constrained by this kind of thinking is completely helpless to the woke left. Of course, you and other “Reason” apologists are fully aware of this and that’s why you push for it.

      Watered down Marxism.

      1. Dude, the insight that political correctness and Marxism have something to do with each other is frankly retarded. You people are just lumping together your grievance du jour with familiar antisemitic tropes.

        Of course I’m sure we’ll agree that you’d have to be some kind of demented pussy to see what’s going on in the world and conclude that the big problem is leftists being too polite to trans people.

        1. Antisemitic? Really?

          Try harder, Tony. We support a President who’s son-in-law is JEWISH. His own daughter converted to JUDAISM. Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem. He secured peace between Israel and multiple Arab nations. There’s even a whole settlement in Israel named after Trump.

          You are just getting more retarded by the day. Are you going senile too like your hero?

  19. Take aways:

    “…it shouldn’t matter which party is in control of the government because its power would be so limited that government leaders wouldn’t be able to make much mischief. ”

    “If Biden, limited in what he can accomplish legislatively, turns to regulation, he will confront a court that is reflexively hostile to the administrative state, and willing to consider extraordinary changes in law to limit its reach,”

    Now for just one GA senate seat for Republicans and I will be more or less happy about this gridlock of which you speak.

    1. Does this dumb motherfucket think the rules applied to Trump will last into the next administration? We’ll be back to EOs being inviolate and extra-legal memos being given weight above the law.

      1. Libertarians for trust in the system!

      2. What do you mean back to? Trump has issued executive orders at a greater pace than Obama did. Do you people even remotely care about any facts?

  20. This is why I don’t like assigning narratives to anything. You can take the same basic set of facts (“we” elected a divided government) and spin it to seem as though the people intentionally split tickets for the purpose of not giving either party real power, when in reality we’re at each others’ throats and voted in what was probably the most partisan election of the past 100 years.

    1. Again the commenters have more perception and sound thinking than the bloggers here.

      1. In this instance [as well as others] I would agree. It certainly isn’t like we all had a big meeting and decided who would vote for who just to clog up the machine.

  21. No major legislation will pass. They will argue over budgets and ultimately cave to ever more spending with they sky is falling threats of yet another Government shutdown. That’s about as good as it gets.

    1. Yes, we’ll have us a real SCROTUS: so called ruler of the United States

      1. #GIANTSCROTUM2024

  22. “I’m fine that Biden won, but don’t want him to accomplish anything.”

    Dipshit naive pseudo-libertarians at reason. Do they know nothing about how the execute branch works? They already legalized voter fraud and his “term” hasn’t even started yet!

    1. How many state governments remain in GOP hands (Penna. is one)?
      I expect those legislators will start closing loopholes in the election process , and chicom-19 induced mail in balloting procedures, that makes fraud so possible. If they don’t, then point your fingers at Republicans and not Libertarians the next time your totally undignified candidate can’t articulate policies that admittedly were probably endorsed by most Americans.

      1. “It’s fine the democrats illegally stole the election, it’s the republicans fault if they don’t fix it. Also, your guy lost because he wasn’t articulate.”

    2. It’s the worst of both worlds. They want a Democrat in office and a government that’s weak.

      Fucked up priorities, man.

      If libertarians really opposed the woke left and Marxists like they always say they do (unconvincingly), they would appreciate a Republican with a lot of executive power. Instead, they want the opposite.

      How telling.

      Watered down Marxism.

  23. Since democrat governors act like dictators I certainly expect this president to act like one as well. He will just issue executive orders legal or not, his toady governors will try to enforce them.

  24. That’s a remarkably collectivist headline. Individual voters did no such thing. It’s only in the aggregate that this so-called wisdom came out.

  25. This talking point is one of the biggest cognitive dissonances in modern history.

    So, the electorate bitch slapped the hell out of the democrats in the Federal AND State houses and senates and somehow…. SOMEHOW…. Joe Biden won the presidency?


    Where’s the proof?

    Fraud? What fraud?

    “Voters Wisely Chose Divided Federal Government”

    yeah… ok… keep telling yourself that.

    1. You are welcome to take your vague feeling to a court and see if you do much better than Trump’s legal team.

      Especially when this could be simply explained by the fact that many people who usually vote Republican voted specifically against Trump.

    2. Lefties lie to themselves and us. Democrats know whats coming so they are cushioning the blow. They did the same thing after bush vs gore.

  26. Gridlock is good!

    Government can do no good. Government can only do and redistribute harm.

    1. Are you broadcasting this from the wilderness or Somalia? Or are you hiding behind the skirts of a massive government?

      1. Every government action harms someone else even if it helps someone, because it can only do so by redistributing harm from one to others. Since the government itself has to be supported it creates additional harm in addition to the initial harm that it redistributes. In even the best cases the government caused and redistributed harm is widely dispersed and causes many to only suffer a little while the “good” is tightly focused and alleviates the harm – likely caused be some previous government action – that some few were suffering.

        Wearing blinders to only see the “good” can not make government’s caused and redistributed harm cease to exist.

  27. I’m not convinced that people vote with that level of strategy. A lot of people came out to support Trump, and a lot of people came out against Trump but not with any design on down-ballot races.

    Also there’s the fact that millions more people voted for Democrats in the House and the Senate than for Republicans. So if you’re going to say what the people wanted by assessing their vote, you have to assess their vote.

  28. Yeah baby. We split the difference between those who believe Obama is an illegal immigrant from Kenya, and those who believe he’s actually a U.S. citizen. Whee.

  29. Trump was the only president on decades to keep democrats from getting away with their commie takeover of america.

    Of course unreason staffers and their bots are against trump.

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  30. Voting for people who will have the authority to initiate violence is self-sacrifice, self-enslavement, surrender to collectivism, e.g., socialism. I thank the elected who restrain themselves from violating rights, e.g., Ron Paul, aka, Dr. No, a man of principle among lost souls.
    Is the election result important? No! The fact the majority believe in the politics of force over reason is potentially life threatening, “The Most Dangerous Superstition”. Don’t forget it, voluntarists.
    Resistance is essential to your freedom and your psychological health; so is educating the political zombies.

  31. I’m fine that Biden won, but don’t want him to accomplish anything.

    I might change this to: I’m disappointed that Biden won, and don’t want him to accomplish anything.

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