Brickbat: Aloha! Here's Your Fine.


Lawmakers in Hawaii are looking at instituting a statewide mask mandate. As part of that effort, some officials want to give police the power to issue fines on the spot for violations of the mandate rather than wait for courts to determine if a fine will be issued. Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell says he would like to see a fine of $500 for violating any mask mandate.

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  1. Let them make it to be favorable to every one.

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  3. You know who else gave his police the power to declare guilt on the spot?

    1. Thomas Gurney?

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    2. Mega-City One?

    3. Idaho, I think; or maybe it was Montana. I was driving through that area, came across a road work zone; they were re-graveling a 12 mile stretch of road, and we had to follow a pilot car through at low speed to not scatter the gravel. The cars in front of me pulled off into local roads, I was behind the pilot car. The orange cones disappeared, the loose gravel reverted to chip sealed, old surface, and the pilot car pulled off and waved me on. I sped up, and then saw the cop car on the side just in front of the sign which said “END ROAD WORK”, immediately recognized the speed trap, and pulled over so quickly that teh cop never even got to turn his siren on.

      I was mostly worried about my drivers license. It was for a state I had just moved out of, to a PO Box which I had just canceled, and I figured it would be bad juju to have them mail a ticket and have it bounce back. “Luckily”, as the saying goes, the cop told me that the state had a new provision where I could pay a reduced fine directly to the cop. I did. I do not remember if I got a receipt or not, if it was official or just simple corruption, but I was plenty happy to not have to show him a drivers license which had a non-longer-valid address.

      1. That’s a time-honored way for cops to ask for bribes without asking for bribes

      2. but I was plenty happy to not have to show him a drivers license which had a non-longer-valid address.

        My state mandates you update your address within 10 days of moving.

        My license has an address I haven’t lived in for 8 years.

        My state also doesn’t cancel driver’s licenses just because another state demands they do so.

        1. It wasn’t a canceled drivers license, it was a canceled PO Box making the address on the license no longer valid.

  4. Getting mixed signals on ending public confusion here. Do they want a one-size-fits-all solution or do they want cops to make shit up as they go.

    1. The one-size-fits-all solution is telling the cops to make shit up.

    2. They want to give cops the power to negotiate your fine down on the spot, like in most third world countries.

      1. I was in Italy about 25 years ago and was stopped by the police in my rental car for no apparent reason, they demanded I pay the equivalent of about $50 or they would cease the car for not having the right license. Not quite a third world country but still…

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  6. Hmmm, so let me understand this, a leftist state wants to make the police also the judge, jury, and executioner. Will they take Visa? Priceless!

    1. Ask people in Mexico how this works.

      1. Se paga la mordida directamente al oficial.

    2. Cancelled my Hawaii plans for next year.

  7. Why President Trump Has A Strong Supreme Court Case To Contest Pennsylvania

    Poor Lefties. Trying to control everyone and everything still is not working.

    Federalist following election news as counting still going on and appellate court sides with Trump in PA to toss mail-in ballots.

      1. Reminds me of Obama’s no lobbyist rule that he could waive if he deemed the lobbyist was needed.

      2. The NYC and Chicago mayors, and the Michigan and Illinois governors (among others) are notorious for doing that.

        “You stay home or get fucked by the legal system. I’ll shit in your face.”

      3. Sort of like when Newsom locked down California, but declared all state workers “essential”.

        1. Add Grewsom to the list.
          Cali Gov says fuck off as he throws a massive birthday bash for his cronies at a facility closed to normal citizens.

      4. I like how they bothered to put the (D) behind her name. Like the mayor of DC would be anything else. Heh.

  8. Re-fund the police!

    1. Sorry, there’s a no return policy on police, all sales final.

  9. Predicted CNN headline:

    “Hawaii’s mandate follows closely on the heels of New York’s requirement to wear cloth coverings.

    Governor Andrew Cuomo has presented epidemiological studies which show that coverings with six points are easier to affix adjustment strings to. Additionally, he claims that the masks’ required yellow hue is the easiest to see from great distances, allowing police to ensure compliance.

    The Governor says that there will be no fines for violators, but instead they will be quarantined Upstate. Cuomo’s office believes that the most efficient way to move the large number of non-compliant people is by rail.

    CNN contacted multiple local community leaders in NYC, many were hesitant but said they would comply. Representatives from JCRC member organizations were all unavailable for comment.”

    1. Violators will have a serial number tattooed on their forearm for ease of identification.

    2. I suspect sarcasm.

      but –


  10. Note to Hawaii: The election’s over. You can stop trying to destroy the economy with your Covid restrictions now.

    1. What economy? What does Hawaii produce that the rest of the world is willing to pay for?

      1. Coffee? Pineapple? Beau Bridges? Don Ho? Maggie Q?

      2. Surf, dude, surf.

        1. Ya, but Charlie don’t surf, so about 2.5 million Americans aren’t in the market for riding the waves…

  11. The progressive mantra:

    People do not do what they are supposed [I want them] to do.

    There need to be rules.

    They need to be made to follow them.

  12. Maybe it would be best if we went our separate ways, and two fewer democrat senators is just fine with me.

    1. Can we go back in time and do it retroactively? Let the Hawaiian people enjoy the loving embrace of the Imperial Japanese?

      Hawaii was where a very naive 10 year old perlhaqr learned that racism is totally, in fact, still a thing. I can’t say that I cared for the education on the subject.

  13. Why don’t we just shoot people without masks? It’s easier. And you won’t have any repeat offenders. Guaranteed 100% compliance rate after news of the first casualty.

    1. and guaranteed to slow the spread of COVID-19


  15. Hawaii is probably had the worst response of all the states.

    Hawaii had been near the lowest infection and death rates in the country the whole time. CDC’s numbers say that it might have been in a pandemic for 2 weeks in early September. Influenza is still a larger cause of death than COVID-19 on 2020. So, there really wasn’t a lot of justification for their actions.

    They forced anyone coming to the state or between islands to quarantine for 14 days. In the last few weeks they have finally allowed a negative test result to get people out of quarantine. The Big Island still requires a second, rapid test on arrival even though it hasn’t found any on the thousands of people that arrived as positive cases.

    Hawaii is one of the states that said they were flattening the curve so that medical resources weren’t drained, but also refused to allow more hospital beds to be opened because of the certificate of need law.

    Hawaii decided to shut down beaches and hiking trails in August even though all studies show those to be the safest thing people can do.

    All of this was done using emergency powers that are allowed for only 60 days. They think they are being clever be issuing new emergency orders every 60 days.

  16. In San Francisco, all the privately owned gyms were shut down for COVID, but later it was discovered that all the ones inside government facilities were still bing used.

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