If Trump Ends Term by Pulling Troops Out of Afghanistan, That's Good for America

Let’s not let fears of “Trump loyalists” overshadow positive outcomes.


As the end of President Donald Trump's term approaches, we're seeing a flurry of firings and replacements. Such turnover has been a hallmark of this administration, as Trump constantly seeks to surround himself with loyalists. This week's changes in the Pentagon leadership have prompted some fears of a pending coup to stop President-elect Joe Biden from taking office, a panicky theory that even Vox felt the need to tamp down.

Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Monday, replacing him with Christopher C. Miller, who only recently became director of the National Counterterrorism Center. Two narratives about Esper's departure have been going around, both involving clashes with Trump. One is that he resisted using the military to suppress this summer's protests. The other is that he resisted Trump's goal of getting troops out of Afghanistan by Christmas.

Trump has also hired retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor as an adviser to Miller. Macgregor is a Fox News regular who wants to pull troops out of Afghanistan and Syria more quickly. That's good! He also has a lot of terrible opinions about Muslims and immigrants, having called for martial law at the Mexican border and recommended shooting people attempting to enter the country there. That's bad! Hopefully that's not going to be relevant to Macgregor's position for his brief tenure.

Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump pitched themselves as wanting to end our military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both failed to live up to these promises. Trump tried hard to get the antiwar vote during his reelection effort, but right now troop levels in Afghanistan are about where they were when Trump took office—around 8,500 troops. For part of Trump's term, the number of troops in Afghanistan actually increased.

Americans want to get out of Afghanistan. It's also what every notable Democratic candidate for president (including Biden) promised. Following their wishes isn't reckless.

If the last thing Trump manages to accomplish before leaving office is pulling a bunch of troops out of Afghanistan, that will be a positive outcome for America. The people making the call may not be consistent friends of peace—Trump and allies seem to be itching for a fight with Iran—but pulling our men and women out of the Afghan morass would be a good thing either way.

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  1. Lame duck isn’t lame. Nice.

    1. Trump could pardon Snowden and release the classified information related to the domestic surveillance program and military drone strike program (forget the name but it had a cool sounding “kill matrix”) but Trump is too stupid to properly smear Biden and Obama before he leaves office.

      1. Disposition Matrix

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      2. He could, but it’s not like Snowden could return to the country. I personally know a couple Marines who would murder him if he did, and my social circle is small. I doubt he’d survive a day.

        1. Are Marines really that committed to engaging in war crimes?

          1. From their point of view he’s a traitor who needs hot lead poisoning.

            1. The fact that matt damon, jane fonda and a host of others are still alive in this country indicates that snowden will be ok.

              1. In Snowden’s case it wouldn’t be Marines but rather CIA that he had to worry about, IMO. Maybe that’s hyperbolic. *shrug*

                1. These guys would do it on their own time.

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            2. What if he passed out crayons?

        2. This is honestly just a bizarre statement.

          1. He’s just being sarcastic.

          2. I know.
            I can understand wanting to kill Manning because he dumped unnecessary shit that got allies killed and compromised troops, but Snowden just exposed criminality in Foggy Bottom.

            Sarcasmic’s marine pals must be confused or maybe stupid.

      3. There was no domestic surveillance program. You’re just repeating what you’ve been told.

    2. If Trump brings the troops home, that would be fantastic news.

      1. But it is better that people voted for the person who is sure not to bring home troops, right Chipper?

        1. yasafi (old school Cafehayek fans know what that means)

    3. He is still the commander in chief. Despite his whining they the Democrats blocked him at every turn, even when he had control of both houses, he has the constitutional authority to get out of Afghanistan without having to ask permission of anyone.

      His flip flop on getting out of Syria was just to stay friends with warmongering Dems and Neocons. He doesn’t have to worry about that now. He’s an old man, he needs to think how he’s going to get into heaven.

    4. Wait until Trump really fucks up the deep state his second term.

      Deep state went all in with democrats, kungflu, and mailin ballot fraud.

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    2. It’s purely lipservice. In reality, they want it good and hard from a possible Harris administration.

  3. FFS “We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed” ~ toddler trump BYE DON…..
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    1. turdbill is a warmonger.

  4. lmao. I honestly can’t wait for achually juicebox crowds takes when Biden to reinserts Troops into Afghanistan after Trump pulls them out.

    1. Who in the what now?

    2. The juicebox crowd hangs out at pre schools. Most aren’t old enough to vote.

  5. Even if Trump pulls the troops out, Biden will just bring them right back in and the people — yes, the people — will demand nothing less than a permanent occupation. The anti-war left is only anti-war when there is a Republican president in power. Otherwise, they are decidedly pro-war.

    1. I live in Maine and I got a chuckle when the protestors in Kennebunkport mysteriously vanished as soon as there was a Democrat in the White House. You’re just a law student so I doubt you remember such things, being that you were in diapers when it happened.

      1. Like the Teabaggers vanished when Trump nearly doubled federal spending from 2016-17.

        Not a peep out of them. I kept waiting for Rick Santelli or Joe Kernan on CNBC to denounce the massive increase by Trump/GOP in size of government but they still love The Con Man.

        1. Never change Buttplug your posts always make me rethink my outlook on life.

        2. It’s different when they do it because they cut taxes before they go on a spending spree.

          1. You’re pro taxes then?

            1. Citizens! In all times, two political systems have been in existence, and each may be maintained by good reasons. According to one of them, Government ought to do much, but then it ought to take much. According to the other, this two-fold activity ought to be little felt. We have to choose between these two systems. But as regards the third system, which partakes of both the others, and which consists in exacting everything from Government, without giving it anything, it is chimerical, absurd, childish, contradictory, and dangerous. Those who parade it, for the sake of the pleasure of accusing all governments of weakness, and thus exposing them to your attacks, are only flattering and deceiving you, while they are deceiving themselves.


              I’d provide a link but I’m positive that you will blacklist Bastiat as a matter of principle since I think he’s a good guy.

                1. Yeah, it does suck quoting libertarian thinkers on a libertarian forum that is rife with willfully ignorant conservative Trump suckers.

                  1. It wasn’t the quote that made me feel sorry for you. I actually like that quote.

                    1. Then why are you a Republican?

                    2. He’s an idiot.

      2. the coming achtually trump wasn’t so bad takes in 2023 are going to be fun.

        1. Just like the the “miss me yet” memes like they did with Dubya.

          1. No one missed the Bushpigs, the Iraq War, the financial crisis, the security state, the massive new spending programs or anything about 2001-09.

            1. And yet they voted in the senior senator who supported 99% of that. Strange

            2. And yet there were many a meme with that statement.

            3. How could we miss it? Nothing from that era ever went away

      3. Don’t you have a custody hearing to attend?


        As you’re browsing the web for the latest lesbian porn, your kids are being raised by two moms.

        1. Sure Giggle Goldshaft. Whatever you say.

          1. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being raised by two moms. As a point of comparison, you were raised by two retards … and you came out just fine, Puerile.

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                1. I didn’t mean to imply anything. I’m sorry. I know you’re not gay and neither is your boyfriend.

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                      Well, don’t stop now. Keep on keepin’ on.

                    5. I’m afraid I’m out of fresh material. Kinda like your bedsheets.

                    6. You have earned the right to keep your name, Puerile.

                    7. Look at what a bigot Geiger is. He still thinks there is something morally wrong with two dudes getting it on.

                    8. I don’t think there’s anything morally wrong about it, I just think it’s fucking gay.

                2. He once asked Tulpa out on a date. So the norm for him.

                  1. I was going to a concert with someone else who posts on this forum and made the mistake of attempting to treat Tulpa like a man. I would ask you if you wanted to join some of us guys and go do something fun like go to a concert or shoot guns, but that would be a mistake on par with treating Tulpa like a man. Because you’re not a man. You’re a coward who hides behind a keyboard, and you will never face the people you antagonize on a regular basis.

                    1. You are engaging with the posters in these comments on a personal level and it is starting to get weird.

                  2. I remember that. It was embarrassing. It’s also when sarc began to break.

                    1. It was embarrassing. I treated the guy like a human being. So fucking stupid of me.

                    2. I’m sorry that had to happen to you.

                    3. I still don’t understand this “broke” stuff. Did I lose my sanity? Was my penis broken from crazy sex positions? Did I let someone put a bridle in my mouth? I’m not getting it at all.

                      Or is it a bunch of monkeys repeating a word? Yeah! That’s it!

                    4. If you understood, you probably wouldn’t be so broken.

    2. Biden probably does exactly as you say, but force his hand and make him do it. It may splinter parts of the left and make it impossible for the Dems to keep the Greens off the ballot in 2024. If 10% of left leaning voters abandon the Dems in 2024 it may be the only way for another party to win that election.

      1. This is Bernie’s chance to secure the Democratic nomination for President in 2024! Will you join me by donating to the Bernie2024 campaign?

    3. actually, they’re not even anti-war when a Republican is in office. They’re anti-whatever-the-republican-is, which is why Democrats shrieked every time Trump made noise about pulling troops out.

      1. Indeed.

    4. The anti-war left is only anti-war when there is a Republican president in power.

      It may have been over 50 years ago, but that certainly was not the case in the spring of 1968.

      1. LBJ would dick-slap you for the slightest hint that his Democratic party is related to what we have today. He was man who knew that women belonged in the kitchen and gays belonged in the closet. An FBI supply closet.

        1. Watch out, the woke will get you for that bigoted statement.
          J. Edgar was trans, not gay.

          You have to get your alphabet people right.

  6. I bet somewhere in the middle of America, a billboard is being printed with a picture of Trump asking “Miss me yet?”

    1. Please let the billboard read: “You made a YUGE mistake not re-electing me!”

    2. “I guess America got tired of winning so much”

      1. Since Trump got (at least) 10 million more votes this year than in 2016, there’s definitely a sizeable contingent in this country who hadn’t yet grown tired of winning.

        1. translation: 10,000,000 losers aren’t tired of winning.

        2. “Since Trump got (at least) 10 million more votes this year than in 2016,”

          Wrong. He got ~155 million this year. 75 Million of which think he’s an incompetent asshole and needs to be fired.

  7. The neo-conservative/neo-progressive global interventionist coalition is salivating over a Biden presidency…..

  8. Trump and allies seem to be itching for a fight with Iran

    He would have gotten the Lincoln Project warmongers back on his side by fighting a war with Iran, you fucking idiot.

    “Itching for a fight” just means a successful policy of isolating a country that agrees with Reason, which shouts “Death to America” and, follow me, has led to peace agreements between Arab nations and Israel, which will now go away and not be extended to other Arab nations because Reason’s preferred candidate won.

    Free minds, free markets, and dead brown people. Thanks, Reason.

    1. I do love how isolating a country and not bowing to their threats = itching for a fight.

      Such adolescent use of language and insight by Scott on that one is just painful. But, when it comes to Trump, gotta make sure to include the required “both sides” statement.

      1. It’s the Carter Doctrine. Appease appease appease.

        1. The Carter Doctrine is still in place. It essentially turned the Persian Gulf into an American lake.

    2. Pulling out of the no-nuke treaty and letting Iran arm up is seen by many as a preliminary war action. Bibi the Rat does in fact want it.

      Now you could argue that Trump just pulled out of the treaty to piss on Obama and you would have a sound argument.

      1. That treaty gave Israel no reasonable expectation of long term security. America needs to take a harsher tone against Iranian Islamo-fascism.

      2. You mean the 10 year “wink wink” window to stop nuclear development as they simply switched to developing the carrier missiles (while still working on nuclear tech in private)?

    3. If we don’t fight Iran in Tehran, we’ll be fighting them in Tel Aviv instead. Libertarians should support the Lincoln Project and Reagan Battalion!

      1. Can we fight them in China? Or the Ukraine?

        1. How about fighting them on the beaches, landing grounds, fields and streets?

          1. How about fighting them with a goat, on a boat, in a moat? Would you, could you, fight them here, or there? Would you fight them anywhere?

  9. “If Trump Ends Term by Pulling Troops Out of Afghanistan, That’s Good for America”

    After four years of trashing Trump, and after six months of campaigning for Biden, Shackford and Reason finally report something positive about Trump (now that Biden’s been declared a winner).

    Pfizer similarly waited until this week to tout its new covid vaccine as 90% effective (after trashing Trump for trying to reduce drug prices).

  10. “Trump constantly seeks to surround himself with loyalists.”

    This kind of TDS delusion is tiresome. Trump certainly demands loyalty from his immediate circle, as does every POTUS, but Esper was never part of his circle.
    What Trump has been firing people for is they aren’t friggin following the orders that the executive and/or commander-in-chief is giving them. That is the right of any POTUS and acting like Trump is somehow different is absurdly juvenile

    1. I do love this narrative. Like you’re right, all other presidents surround themselves with people who are disloyal to them. Give me a brake.

      1. Yeah, Obama was surrounded by an Iron Wall of sycophants who wouldn’t even let anyone meet with the president if they even made a peep about issues with his narrative and policies. But Trump is totes unique in this regard.

    2. There is a famous video of a cabinet meeting where everyone was required to praise El Presidente in turn.

      1. But enough about Obama and his press conferences.

    3. Individual loyalty, and holding it as a virtue, is a sin to the left.
      It is one of their most disgusting qualities.

  11. if he pardons Snowden, Assange, and Ulbricht on the way out for spite, I would be so pleased.

    1. I don’t have a Twatter account but I hope someone puts the bug in his ear.

  12. “If Trump Ends Term by Pulling Troops Out of Afghanistan, That’s Good for America”

    Unless the troops being brought home are being brought back home to help Dear Leader stay in power, despite being elected OUT, and confirmed voted OUT, after all the lawyers fight it out? Such fears are NOT totally unfounded!
    More ‘Dictatorship Than a Democracy’: Trump Purge at Pentagon Increases Fears of Coup-in-Motion
    “The purge happening at the Department of Defense, in the middle of a messy transition, should worry us all.”

    1. I’d be ok with it.
      Good job fucking up the country so badly that it looks like the only way to avoid totalitarianism is to bring in the military to defend the constitution domestically.

      1. Dear Leader ***IS*** The Embodiment of The USA Constitution, just as Stalin was the The Embodiment of the USSR, Mao Tse Tung was The Embodiment of China, and Pol Pot was The Embodiment of Cambodia, right, Nadless?

        1. Trump respects it a hell of a lot more than your masters and the mandarins they’ve used to rig vote counts, spy on and frame their political opponents, create political prisoners, stoke fear as an excuse to destroy people’s lives and businesses, unleash zombie hordes to commit political destruction, and censor wrongthink.

      2. We have to kill it to save it.

        You’re such a good little brownshirt.

    2. All jokes aside, do you believe this?

      1. Trump’s mind has been overtaken by ego and disregard for all except Him and His. I would put nothing past him… AND, He has been telling us this all along! If we were paying attention! Democracy and USA long-long traditions of peaceful transfers of power mean VERY little to HIM compared to HIM and His Precious Ego!

        And right-wing extremists are buying His Egomaniacal Bullshit! BUT, of course, they will tell us they are doing it for the common good!

        HERE are the lies being told for MONTHS, to right-wing nut-jobs, in hopes of stirring up “Pizza-Gate Part II”!
        A list of the times Trump has said he won’t accept the election results or leave office if he loses
        Essential heart and core of the LIE by Trump: “ANY election results not confirming MEEE as Your Emperor, MUST be fraudulent!”
        September 13 rally: “The Democrats are trying to rig this election because that’s the only way they’re going to win,” he said.

        A call for all right-thinking folks to DEFEND THE EMPEROR at all costs!

        1. Yeah I’m not reading this. It was a yes no question.

          1. Yes, Trump could be our American Dictator! There are NO laws of physics, biology, or chemistry that prevent this possibility!

            You have ADD, ADHD? A VERY short attention span, or ability to focus? PRACTICE reading more than 1 or 3 words! Exercise makes the brain more powerful, just like your muscles!

            1. “Yes”

              Then you’re more of a lunatic than I thought. You should stop watching CNN or MSNBC or whatever is rotting your brain.

              1. Wow, what literary talent and rapier wit! Let’s see if I can match or exceed it, with some OTHER brilliantly smart comments that I have created just now!

                Fuck off, spaz!
                You eat shit, you said so yourself!
                You’re a racist Hitler-lover!
                Take your meds!
                That’s so retarded!
                You’re a Marxist!
                Your feet stink and you don’t love Trump!
                Your source is leftist, so it must be false!
                Trump rules and leftists drool!
                You are SOOO icky-poo!
                But Goo-Goo-Gah-Gah!

                Wow, I am now 11 times as smart and original as you are!

                1. Dumbfuck HihnSQRLSo drops his copypasta.

                  1. And that which Red-Rocks-for-shit-brains, shits out in turn, is NOT copypasta? Does your mommy help you type out your copypasta fresh, each and every time that you shit it out?

                    1. Dumbfuck HihnSQRSLo prints gibberish in response to having his copypasta called out.

                2. Your degradation from “Mostly annoying but occasionally tolerable commenter” to “Hihnesque lunatic” has been tiresome to observe.

  13. Or are the troops out of Afghanistanistanistanistanistan coming home to fight the FDA, and give us freedom from the flute police? We can always dream, right? I, for one, and sick and tired of paying blood and treasure, for the freedoms of foreigners, when we have so little freedoms here at home!

    So stay ye SAFE from the Flute Police! To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

    1. I am confused. Do the flute police go after people who play flutes, or are thee police armed only with flutes? I am kinda ok with either (or both).

      1. To TRULY, fully “grok” the issues at hand, here, one has to join (or at least be highly educated about) the “Church of Scienfoology”. Google that phrase to learn more!

  14. Well it has been 19 years, so yeah please do that.

    And also, it’s something Biteme wouldn’t do and Obama FAILED to do.

  15. “Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump pitched themselves as wanting to end our military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both failed to live up to these promises.”

    They still won’t acknowledge that Donald Trump negotiated and executed a peace deal with the Taliban, and that the Taliban hasn’t taken a single U.S. casualty since they signed that agreement on February 29th. No mention of the Taliban’s compliance wit the deal, no mention of the U.S. compliance with the deal, no mention of the deal at all?

    How do you write an entire article about Donald Trump pulling out of Afghanistan, and not mention that the Taliban and the U.S. backed government in Kabul have exchanged thousands of each others POWs–and are now embroiled in peace talks in Doha–all at President Trump’s insistence?

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration is slashing $1 billion in assistance to Afghanistan and threatening further reductions in all forms of cooperation after the country’s rival leaders failed to agree on forming a new government.

    . . .

    Pompeo, who after leaving Kabul met with a senior Taliban official in Qatar, also said Ghani and Abdullah were acting inconsistent with agreements they made to support a U.S.-Taliban peace agreement signed last month. That deal called for intra-Afghan peace talks to begin within 10 days, by March 10, but they have not begun. Ghani and Abdullah have not yet even agreed on who should be part of the non-Taliban delegation nor have they agreed to prisoner swaps with the Taliban as envisaged by the deal.

    Pompeo said the United States would continue to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan under the terms of its agreement with Taliban, which calls for the reduction in the next several months from about 13,000 to 8,600.”

    If Biden pulls our troops out at the end of April–in compliance with the peace deal Trump negotiated with the Taliban–the press give him credit for it, too, like Trump never did a thing.

    This is ridiculous.

    The reason so many libertarians are ignorant of the facts, here, is probably because they read this shit and imagine they’re being informed. How embarrassing!

    1. “How do you…”

      Because they’re fuckin’ chumps, Ken. Worthless fuckin’ scrub ass chumps.

      1. Their coverage of this issue is pretty pathetic.

    2. How do you write an entire article about Donald Trump pulling out of Afghanistan, and not mention that the Taliban and the U.S. backed government in Kabul have exchanged thousands of each others POWs–and are now embroiled in peace talks in Doha–all at President Trump’s insistence?

      Ken, Unreason propagandists traded away their integrity. They voluntarily chose that. That is why an article like this is written. Hopefully they have all covered the mirrors of their homes.

      1. No one could write an entire article about Trump pulling out of Afghanistan and leave those facts out of it by accident, could they?

        1. No Ken, it was no accident.

      2. They treat Stalin with objectivity than they do Trump.

    3. “They still won’t acknowledge that Donald Trump negotiated and executed a peace deal with the Taliban”

      Don’t take offense. They also don’t acknowledge these peace talks were initiated at Doha under the Obama regime.

      1. And went nowhere until Trump took action.
        You’re TDS ate what passed for your brain.

        1. I aksed you not to take offense.

  16. Let’s not let fears of “Trump loyalists” overshadow positive outcomes.

    We’ve been doing it for 4 years, why stop now?

    1. Well, they were so loyal that the second they were out, if not before, they loudly and publically called him a fucking moron, warmed to his impeachment, and started publishing exposès on the workings of his inner circle.

  17. trump never has and never will do anything that is not about him….. ain’t gonna happen.

    1. this is just delusional. Those people he pardoned from prison were somehow about him?

      1. Somewhat related, perhaps a way to get a presidential pardon is to speak well of Trump–maybe a little adulation. Trump loves himself like seemingly many powerful people do; if his actions have positive outcomes, his motivations needn’t matter.

      2. he issued pardons at less than half the rate of previous presidents. most of those he pardoned were not still in jail…. a few are long dead…. and the vast majority of them were swamp dwellers or white collar crime…. yeah…. he really cares….

  18. Is it even physically possible to pull the troops out in just two months?

    1. Yes, but they would leave a massive amount of equipment behind.

      1. thats what C-4 is for

        1. play more with Claymore

    2. I hear Afghanistan’s is like a Taiwanese lady-body’s asshole: what appears to be a loose hole becomes one witch a vacuum-like suction. Combine that with a decent penis, and leaving with a time frame of a two mere months is implausible.

  19. Die in a fire, Scott shackford

  20. Trump increased troops in Afganistan because he listened to his generals who said we need to increase to get out. Trump learned that was bogus and is now actively trying to get troops out. A pox on those who try to stop him they are evil

    1. Also Obama didn’t actively reduce troops he just followed the Bush plan in both Iraq and afganistan

  21. Trump pulling the troops out of Afghanistan? Sounds like another Qanon conspiracy theory.

  22. Andrew Cuomo has already announced that he will be working with other Democrat governors to block any effort by Trump to pull troops out of Afghanistan.

    1. This is going to be the most underrated comment here. +1000

    1. Nevermind, tis joke.

      Sadly believable.

  23. Fears of ‘Trump loyalists’ are why Biden won.

    No one voted for him. They voted against the other options.

  24. Does anyone here think Trump knows why he has troops in Afghanistan? Or that he has enough of a grasp of foreign policy (after having ignored it for four years) to make any intelligent decisions about anything?

    There’s a reason troops are still in Afghanistan after 20 years. It’s easier to break something that to fix it. And the “it” is a region that will be taken over by Islamic fundamentalists with ties to the intelligence service of the most dangerous nuclear power in the world, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    We’re not there to protect Afghanis or to steal oil. We’re there to prevent stuff from getting nuked. At least that’s what the foreign policy establishment believes. I know they’re all dastardly, but Trump is stupid and doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s a worry.

    1. Being as Trump is completely self absorbed and having just lost an existential election from his perspective being as he’ll likely be indicted and convicted I do wonder what the ultimate motivation is. I definitely don’t believe for one second these moves in the Pentagon are related to getting the troops out of Afghanistan. This is about Trump taking some type of revenge.

      1. Considering his major policy disagreement with Esper was that Esper wouldn’t use the military to crack down on domestic protests…

      2. “…being as he’ll likely be indicted and convicted…”

        Being that you’re full of shit.

    2. You don’t actually know why we’re still there, you’re just making shit up off the top of your head because you think it sounds good.

    3. Also, LO-fuckin’ L that you’re arguing like a neocon to remain there.

      1. My views are nuanced. Do you think Trump’s views are nuanced?

        1. My views are nuanced.

          No, they’re not.

          Do you think Trump’s views are nuanced?

          As long as he ends nearly 20 years of military ops in Afghanistan, I don’t give a shit what his reasons for doing so are. We’ve already been there nine years too long.

          1. “We’ve already been there nine years too long.”

            They’ve been glory days for Afghanistan’s heroin warlords. About 6,000 tonnes of opium each and every year.

    4. “We’re not there to protect Afghanis”

      Afghani is a unit of currency, like the dollar or peso. An Afghan is a person or hound.

      Sources tell me $US 1 = 77 Afghan afghanis.

  25. I would flip this around and caution you to not let the good news of getting troops out of Afghanistan blind you to the corruption that might possibly motive it or the corruption that more likely explains these unprecedented and unusual 11th hour moves.

    1. I don’t really give a shit as long as we’re out of there. The only thing I’m disappointed about is that we’re not pulling out of the whole damn region.

      30 years of non-stop combat operations is long enough, especially after managing to leave the place in far worse shape than we found it.

      1. Hell, the primary reason we had to do an additional 20 years in the first place is because we parked our ass there for the first ten.

    2. >>11th hour moves

      ~~two decades overdue = 11th hour.

    3. “I would flip this around and caution you to not let the good news of getting troops out of Afghanistan blind you to the corruption that might possibly motive it or the corruption that more likely explains these unprecedented and unusual 11th hour moves.”

      I would say you’re full of shit.
      Cite any ‘corruption’, or STFU.

  26. He had four years to do this, why would he do it now?

    Oh yeah, he’s leaving office and wants to be remembered for doing something positive. Maybe he could do a bunch of pardons too.

    1. Again, I don’t give a crap *why* he does it, just as long as he does it.

      A big reason he hasn’t gone ballistic on this until now is because Mattis and then Esper kept slow-rolling withdrawal plans, saying they “needed more time.” He asked for money earlier this year for a pullout, and Liz Cheney and Jason Crow conspired to deny the funding.

      Him telling these people “fuck you, I’m the Commander-in-chief, and we’re out of there,” would be the most intelligent use of executive authority he executed in four years, IF, and that’s a big if, he actually follows through. I believe it when I see it.

      1. “fuck you, I’m the Commander-in-chief, and we’re out of there,”

        Had he done that then all the usual suspects would have come unglued. Trump has had to be more circumspect when dealing with underlings – especially military – than Abraham Lincoln.

  27. So McGregor has the ability to recognize invaders when he sees them, something which most people who’ve incubated in liberalism long enough lose the ability to see. This McGregor guy sounds alright.

  28. “The people making the call may not be consistent friends of peace—Trump and allies seem to be itching for a fight with Iran”

    I want to thank you for explicitly showing what irrelevant, dishonest faggots all of you are. Of course, I expect nothing less from drug addled pedophiles.

  29. The United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Iraq, Italy, Niger, Chad, Korea, Greenland, Kenya, Australia, Bahrain, Norway, Israel, Romania, Tunisia, Poland, Libya, Mali, Greece, Spain, Philippines, Somalia, Belgium, Cameroon, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Singapore, Netherlands, Senegal, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Portugal, Canada, Uganda and Cuba.

  30. I have never voted for Trump (nor anyone since Ron Paul in 2012 primary).

    But if Trump pulls troops out of Afghanistan & Syria, I hope he runs again in 2024 (assuming the election challenges fail).

    He’ll probably be too old to run then, much less win, but he could help make the 2022 midterms an absolute disaster for Democrats.

  31. While I’m glad that Trump appears to have lost the election, I’m sad that Biden appears to have won the election.

    It would be very interesting if Trump signed a few executive orders ending our involvement in the Afghanistan war and other undeclared wars.

    It would be interesting if Trump eliminated entire departments and slashed as much as he can with executive orders.

    In would be interesting if Trump pardoned anyone convicted of a victimless crime.

    It would be interesting if Trump went full on Anarcho-Capitalist in his remaining time.

    1. “While I’m glad that Trump appears to have lost the election, I’m sad that Biden appears to have won the election…”

      Yeah, and your unicorn didn’t show up, either, right?

  32. I have never decided in favor of Trump. In any case, if Trump hauls troops out of Afghanistan and Syria, I trust he runs again in 2024 (expecting the political race difficulties fizzle).

    He’ll presumably be too old to even think about running at that point, significantly less win, however he could help make the 2022 midterms an outright catastrophe for Democrats.

  33. I’m glad she acknowledged the monstrous premise of this otherwise good comedy. A couple breaks up, so they decide to divide up their infant twins — so each girl will never see the other parent, her sister, or any of her other relatives again? Or even know she has a sister? Just as in the original version of this movie, the real villains a re clearly both follow detailsHere═❥❥  Read More  

  34. Individuals settling on the decision may not be steady companions of harmony—Trump and partners appear to tingle for a battle with Iran

  35. Trump pressed the issue but got push back from everyone starting with General Mattes. Trump unleashed may get it done. If so I will salute the Commander in Chief.

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  37. This is terrible news for warmongering Democrats and neocon swamp creatures!

  38. Wonder if Reason is going to do a follow-up on Trump being lied to about the number of troops in Syria by bureaucrats in order to prevent Trump from removing troops.

    It’s almost like the deep state is powerful and got in the way of what Trump wanted to accomplish. I know this goes against Reason’s hope of Trump being the problem, but maybe a little honesty from this “Libertarian” magazine could be helpful.

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  40. “The people making the call may not be consistent friends of peace …” and yet Trump did not get us into any new wars, brokered peace deals in the Middle East and tempered a tense situation with North Korea. Let’s see if Biden does better – I’m skeptical.

  41. “…Let’s not let fears of “Trump loyalists” overshadow positive outcomes…”

    TDS victims disagree.

    1. America bleeding itself white all over the world is good for officers looking for promotion and arms manufacturers. Trump so far has managed to increase the money wasted on foreign bases.

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