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Here Come the New Lockdowns

Plus: Hallucinogen decriminalization is trendy, U.S. divorce rate reaches 50 year low, and more...


Surging coronavirus cases, surging restrictions. Rising COVID-19 case counts around the country are spurring new rounds of virus-related restrictions on business hours, at-home social gatherings, and in-person schooling.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's new orders go the furthest into hygiene theater, creating new limits on how many people can gather in private houses (10) and shutting down bars and other establishments that serve alcohol after 10 p.m. with little scientific evidence that such arbitrary limits will really help slow the spread. Even putting aside more philosophical concerns about dictating how many people can gather in private dwellings, the idea makes little practical sense, since there's a big difference between 10 people crammed into a tiny studio apartment and spread out in a four-story brownstone. Its necessarily selective enforcement threatens to come down hardest on politically or culturally disfavored communities. (See, for instance, New York City's obsessive focus on pandemic transgressions in large Orthodox Jewish communities.) Similarly, there's little reason to expect alcohol-serving establishments to be less safe than restaurants that don't serve alcohol. And giving New Yorkers fewer hours in which to congregate in semi-public spaces like bars and restaurants means more people packed into small indoor spaces at once, potentially exacerbating the virus's spread.

New Jersey's new restrictions—announced by Gov. Phil Murphy on Monday—have gotten less attention, but they follow the same illogic as Cuomo's. Murphy also instituted a 10 p.m. indoor closing time for bars and restaurants and banned people from sitting at a bar.

Meanwhile, Rhode Island is "strongly advising" people to stay at home between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. "It's an advisory. I am strongly advising you and asking you to stay home in your own house," Gov. Gina Raimondo said last Thursday.

In the Midwest, some states—such as Indiana and Illinois—are reinstituting restrictions in counties where recorded cases are high, and some areas are once again shutting down in-person schooling (or pausing reopening school plans). For instance: Earlier this week, the Cincinnati Public Schools board voted to entirely stop in-person learning again across the city school district; students return to online-only classes on November 23.

Other Midwestern states are extending emergency orders or putting new limitations on businesses and home-based gatherings statewide. In Minnesota, KSTP reports,

bars and restaurants are required to end dine-in services between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. Indoor capacity will also be capped at 150 people. Bar seating will also be closed, with the exception of establishments that only have bar seating.

In regards to gatherings, there is a 10-person limit for indoor and outdoor gatherings, and all social gatherings must be limited to members of three households or less.

For events like weddings and funerals, an instituted phased approach with be put in place. However, eventually, a 25-person cap will be put in place. Reception events may also not take place between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Iowa extended its state of emergency for another 30 days.

In Utah, "Gov. Gary Herbert issued a series of new restrictions, including a statewide mask mandate—a step he has resisted for months," reports The Salt Lake Tribune, and "unlike other restrictions, the governor intends to extend the mask mandate 'for the foreseeable future.' Businesses that fail to comply will face fines." In addition,

The new executive orders…limit any social gatherings to people in the same households and place a hold on all school extracurricular activities, including athletic and intramural events. These restrictions [took effect] Monday and will end Nov. 23, just a few days before Thanksgiving. The governor said the state will offer holiday recommendations in the coming days.

In Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine urged people not to get together for "banquets, wedding receptions, and social gatherings following funerals" and said "we will be issuing a new order soon to place significant new restrictions on these social activities. Specifically, open congregate areas can no longer be open. The order will require everyone to be seated and masked unless they are actively consuming food or drinks and it will prohibit things such as dancing and games."

Maryland's governor has reimposed restrictions as well:

Effective at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Maryland restaurants must reduce indoor dining capacity from 75 percent to 50 percent. A new health advisory urges a 25-person cap on indoor gatherings. The governor also issued a heightened travel advisory that warns against visiting states with high rates of infections, ruling out nonessential travel to 35 states.

And in North Carolina, the Washington Examiner notes, "Gov. Roy Cooper on Tuesday ordered indoor mass gatherings to be limited to 10 people, effective Friday."

Meanwhile out west, several California counties—including San Diego and Sacramento—have gone back into their most restrictive ("purple") tiers of pandemic rules.

The New York Times has published a state-by-state guide of pandemic reopenings and re-closings.

Not all state leaders are rushing back into restrictions. Maine, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Carolina, and South Dakota are among the jurisdictions resisting new pandemic-related emergency orders. Some leaders in other states are not happy about that.


• Some geniuses are taking cruises again. It's going about how you would expect.

• London has erected a new statue honoring early feminist writer Mary Wollstonecraft, and everyone hates it.

• "According to the new Census data, the median duration of current marriages in the U.S. has increased almost one year in the recent decade, from 19 years in 2010  to 19.8 years in 2019," reports the Institute for Family Studies. The U.S. divorce rate is now at its lowest point in 50 years—"even slightly lower than 1970, when 15 marriages ended in divorce per 1,000 marriages."

• A California state legislator is promising to introduce a measure to decriminalize psychedelic drugs:

• RIP due process on campus.

• Donald Trump lost in part because third-party voters from 2016 preferred Joe Biden this year.

• Vice president-elect Kamala Harris "is the first female vice president. The first Black vice president," and "the first South Asian vice president. But, as some have mistakenly claimed, she is not the first multiracial vice president or the first one of color," notes The Washington Post. "That distinction belongs to Charles Curtis, who served as vice president to Herbert Hoover from 1929 to 1933. Curtis's mother was a Native American who belonged to the Kaw Nation, and he was raised on a reservation by his maternal grandparents."

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  1. Surging coronavirus cases, surging restrictions.


    1. Or not it’s been fun either way.

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    2. I have it on good authority, from multiple anonymous sources and several dubious publications, that he plans to concede that day after Stacy Abrams does.

      1. I’d actually laugh my ass off if he made an announcement to that effect.

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    4. The American people voted for President-Elect Joe Biden by more than 5 million votes. We should respect their wishes and lock the country down NOW! Safety before liberty.

      1. Not going to work will set you free?

        1. Universal basic income and state mandated girlfriends are human rights!

          1. The state couldn’t find enough girlfriends for everyone. Curiously, when told about the mandate, 87% of women identified as lesbian.

            1. Here’s where the government will deploy the sophisticated Japanese concept of “waifus”.
              Anime saves the day yet again.

              1. I’m not really into tentacles

                1. You will have to be. The algorithms don’t make mistakes, there will be no appeal.

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            2. The state will tell you what gender you are and what your sexuality is.

          1. “Keine Arbeit macht frei” can be on the gates of every government housing complex.

            1. Lock everyone down except prisoners incarcerated for rape and murder. They should be released, given LSD, and provided an electric vehicle to drive home.

      2. Wonder if the lockdowns will apply to the progtards who plan to come to DC to celebrate Biden’s inauguration? Oh that’s right, like the BLM protests, the public health value of the inauguration is greater than the risk of COVID…

        1. COVID knows it’s a Dem celebration so it will refrain from infecting anyone.

          1. In the age of smart this and smart that, we now have a smart virus.

        2. Georgia still has no lockdowns with schools and businesses are fully open.

          No mask mandates or social distancing nonsense.

          1. Far from the truth, fucktard.

    5. Hello.

      These links and thoughts smell like burnt toast.

      1. Stroke me, stroke me. STROKE!

        1. Bah-nah-nah-nah NAAAH NAAAH

    6. Haven’t you killed enough people yet, Drumpf?!

    7. Appellate court sided with Trump campaign and tossed thousands of mailin ballots.

      Democrat candidate concede to GOP senators on AK and NC.

      Full hand recount in GA puts Trump in commanding lead after thousands of absentee ballots are tossed. Democrats dont win recounts in Georgia. Ask stacey Abrams. The democrat fraudulent ballots get tossed.

  2. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new orders go the furthest into hygiene theater…

    I’m beginning to suspect politicians and bureaucrats might be reluctant to give up the new powers we demanded they wield.

    1. What do you mean “we”?

      1. Me and the mouse in my pocket.

        1. Is that a sexy mouse?

      2. He means Representative Binks of the Naboo.

        1. This Sith lord seems to have Alzheimer’s though.

    2. Elections have consequences. This election is over, so it’s time to go back to NOT caring about the issues the people care about for a little while. Bring on the shutdowns!

    3. I love how much better you are at this dry sarcasm thing than, ahhh, certain other commenters.

      1. That’s why they pay me the big bitcoins.

    4. Trump is ‘incompetent’ because he didnt morph into the tyrrannical dictator they say he is

      1. Jewish family members, prayed at the Kotel, didn’t go to war anywhere, tried to pull out of Afghanistan and Germany until the Dems made it illegal, released more blacks from prison than anyone else…

        Orange Hitler really was terrible at hitlering. Worst Hitler ever.

    5. “……. threatens to come down hardest on politically or culturally disfavored communities…….”

      Ah, there it is. Sing the chorus, yo!

      I thought we were “all in this together”?

  3. Murphy also instituted a 10 p.m. indoor closing time for bars and restaurants and banned people from sitting at a bar.

    The Rona mostly comes out at night. Mostly.

    1. Why did Fincher have to kill Newt?

      1. It was a bad call, Rabbi, a bad call.

    2. Game over, Covid, GAME OVER

    3. I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.

      1. It’s the only way to be sure.

    4. Listen, and understand. That virus is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

      Different movie, I know, but it fits.

      1. Same director, so it still works.

        1. Shared same couple actors, too.

    5. “The Rona mostly comes out at night. Mostly.”

      Burning and rioting however can reduce its nocturnal effects.

    1. Why are most of the protestors female and fat?

      1. 10 pm last call. Less desperate drunk males settling before the lights come on.

        1. That would explain why they’re so pissed off. They haven’t gotten laid in forever. Quick, someone get a hold of John, I’m sure he’s be willing to take one for the team.

          1. Where is John lately? He seems to disappear for a few weeks every now and then.

            1. The article said some geniuses were taking cruises again.

      2. It’s Wisconsin. That’s about all we got.

      3. Is that a race? That would explain it.

  4. 80% of people who died in jails from COVID were not convicted of a crime.

    Biden and Harris are just the two to change all of this.

    1. Epstein was also not convicted of any crime when he committed suicide in jail because of judicial misconduct and police harassment.

    2. Send the prisoners to nursing homes.

    3. Ironically your chances of surviving Covid are better in jail than in a NY nursing home

  5. Some geniuses are taking cruises again.

    Those things are a ripoff.

    1. So all that stuff about people deciding for themselves what is important during a pandemic doesn’t apply to cruises for some reason?

      1. No, it applies. People are free to go on cruises if they want. People are also free to call those people idiots if they want.

    2. St Faucci the Allknowing told people to take cruises on March 10, 3 days before the country shut down

      1. March 9, my cruise was canceled and I was stuck in California for the week.

  6. ENB and other nonlibertarians at Reason not only love lockdowns, but have campaigned for the past six months to ensure that Biden, Cuomo and other freedom hating Democrats will impose more lockdowns to further destroy America.

    1. Her utopia is one where you they won’t throw you in jail for the blow and hookers, just the crime of leaving your own house to go out and get them.

      1. ‘Curbside delivery’ takes on a whole new meaning…

      2. She doesn’t understand the difference between libertarian and libertine.

    2. They said mean things about Trump!

      1. The turd has arrived.

        See you guys at tomorrow’s punch bowl.

        1. He can’t help it. It’s what he’s paid to do.

      2. STFU and GFU

    3. Reason has promoted Cuomo? Have you ever listened to the Roundtable podcast: Gillespie and Welch’s voices drip with disdain whenever they pronounce Cuomo’s name.

      Here’s an article from yesterday:

      1. If they don’t refer to him as Andrew “NaNakiller” Cuomo, then, yes, they are promoting him.

        1. Oh.

          1. Poor Dee. She doesn’t know what’s going on most of the time.

    4. funny thing about lockdowns no matter how hard or long there will always be reoccurances of the illness unless you lock down forever. Even once a vaccine is available.

      1. I think we’ve stumbled on the real motive.

        1. I see a Matrix reboot where there was no war with the machines. The people cocooned themselves.

          Take the blue pill, dude. You don’t wanna know.

    5. In an article talking about how stupid the new lockdown restrictions are, how do you get that ENB loves lockdowns?

      1. Trump was against nationwide lockdowns. Biden is all for them. ENB has complained about Trump all year, and probably voted for Biden.

        This really isn’t that hard.

  7. The U.S. divorce rate is now at its lowest point in 50 years…

    Pretty difficult to get a divorce when you’re not allowed to leave your home.

    1. I think this is more related to the overall decline in marriage as an institution. Naturally, this is excellent for human freedom as marriage is a restrictive, antiquated social institution. Liberated communities, like the African-American community, are thriving without the burden or expectation of marriage before sex and childbirth.

      1. Raysiss!

      2. Truly, the feminists have won.

    2. Ate they even holding divorce court?

  8. RIP due process on campus.


    1. Even due process has died from the scourge of corona in schools, smh

    2. It’s not gonna die in courts. Hopefully schools will get their asses sued.

      Which is kinda of funny, Devos actually helped the schools avoid lawsuits by allowing due process at the school instead if it having to go to court.

      1. I would have thought it would be dead by now. These people must have huge endowments to toss at plaintiffs.

          1. You trying to summon Tony? Because that’s how you summon Tony.

          2. Tony knows.

  9. Donald Trump lost in part because third-party voters from 2016 preferred Joe Biden this year.

    Well, not the Green Party. They were kept off of ballots.

    1. This. Still shocked when one 3rd party ignores the blatant removal of a different 3rd party.

      1. Keep piling up the reasons why Trump lost. He needs at least as many chapters as Hillary if he wants to top the bestseller list.

        1. Trump hasn’t lost.

          1. We’ve already established that “I won bigly” will be chapter 1.

  10. Trumpism is fraying:

    Proud Boys Infighting Sees Leading Member Form Breakaway Group to Fight ‘White Genocide’

    Infighting has broken out between two leading members of the Proud Boys group, with one announcing he will be taking control of the far-right organization to address “White Genocide” and the “failures of multiculturalism.”

    White nationalist Kyle Chapman—who set up the “tactical defense arm” of the Proud Boys, the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights (FOAK)—has criticized the group’s chairman Enrique Tarrio while announcing a so-called rebranding of the organization.

    “We will no longer cuck to the left by appointing token negroes as our leaders. We will no longer allow homosexuals or other ‘undesirables’ into our ranks. We will confront the Zionist criminals who wish to destroy our civilization.

    “We recognize that the West was built by the White Race alone and we owe nothing to any other race.”

    Hilarious. So the same thing happened to libertarians when the Paleos broke from the mainstream libertarian Cosmotarians.

    Splinter away, boys. Even Gavin McInnes is splitting off.

    1. Elsewhere, the Proud Boys and other far-right groups are planning a “Million MAGA March” in Washington on Saturday in support of President Donald Trump’s baseless claim that he lost the election because of voter fraud. (same link)

      So how many of you Peanuts are attending this Million MAGA March?

      LovesTrumpTinyMushroomDick1789? john? Jesse?

      1. TurdLovesLittleKiddies2020
        Are you president of the local NAMBLA chapter, turd?

        1. NAMBLA isn’t young enough for Buttplug.

    2. Now do BLM leadership.

      1. Or the Democrats in the house.

      2. Trump was more popular among blacks, latinos, women, and black women in 2020 than he was in 2016. Moreover, a bigger portion of black voters attest that their vote was against Trump rather than for Biden.

        Joe won because white male undecided voters supported him. It would seem that Joe Biden Kyle Chapman’s man. It’s way too early to forecast a win of course, but if the GOP runs *someone like* Cruz or Rubio, I don’t see how Sleepy Joe isn’t absolutely fucked with regard to the white nationalist/SJW narrative.

        1. Richard Spencer endorsed Biden.

          1. That’s different because shut up!

        2. ” I don’t see how Sleepy Joe isn’t absolutely fucked with regard to the white nationalist/SJW narrative”

          Not Joe, since he won’t be running, but the Ds don’t have to worry about much of anything when they can just program the vote count to say whatever they want it to.

          1. the Ds don’t have to worry about much of anything when they can just program the vote count to say whatever they want it to.

            The point I made previously/elsewhere is that when I say ‘absolutely fucked’ I don’t mean they won’t hold office or win votes. I mean they courted politically fickle (even childish) nihilists who aren’t averse to shooting people dead in the streets, and firebombing federal buildings. I get the impression that those people don’t much care if the vote is rigged in their favor or not. Especially, if black people keep getting chokestomped to death and/or you’ve only placated them with empty promises.

            Something tells me that if they can turn on Wheeler, Durkan, Wyden, and Best, their support for Crime Bill Joe and AG Harris isn’t a lead pipe cinch.

    3. “libertarians”

      Hahahahahahahah, fucking delusional, don’t even know who’s who.

    4. What’s fucking hilarious is you spent 4 years saying they were a white nationalist organization and this dumb motherfucker just announced that they haven’t been so he’s picking up his toys and leaving.

      1. The hypocrisy of it all doesn’t even faze Buttplug, in fact hypocrisy defines him.

  11. That distinction belongs to Charles Curtis, who served as vice president to Herbert Hoover…

    I’m beginning to wonder if, ultimately, any of it matters at all.

    1. Whelp……. in this year of black lives matter, the dems nominated joe “I wrote the damn crime bill” Biden, and Kamala “lock em up” Harris, quite possibly the two people responsible for locking up more black folks than any other two people alive today.

      The reps ran a dude who let a bunch of them out of jail.

      So no, it don’t matter. They’re just fucking with us.

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  13. ” Donald Trump lost in part because third-party voters from 2016 preferred Joe Biden this year.”

    Biden’s big advantage was in third-person voters.

    1. Biden’s only real advantage is that he wasn’t a Trump. Other than that he is completely unremarkable.

      1. He shares your penchant for a certain age group. So does his son if rumors about the laptop are true.

      2. Pretty much.

      3. Raising the dead is pretty remarkable.

      4. “Completely unremarkable” is what people were looking for after four years of waking up every morning to wonder what shit President Crazy Uncle is stirring up today.

        Crazy uncle with a short attention span:

        1. I didn’t see it that way because I don’t let Trump live in my head.

          1. Yeah, I don’t believe I ever woke up with that kind of thought in my mind. The Trump era was pretty unremarkable if you didn’t get all wound up in the permanent freakout over having a weirdo president.

        2. I have an assortment of friends on facebook. Probably about 65% liberal 35% conservative. If I deleted any friend that put a post about Trump in front of my face I would have lost about 90% of my liberal friends, and only about 15% of my conservative friends.

          1. 90% is fairly low. Your liberal friends must be more restrained than the average.

            1. I have a few that are liberal, but hate politics. Go figure.

        3. Sorry to whoever I accidentally flagged. Fucking pop ups on mobile.

          1. I do that too. The mobile website blows chunks.

        4. Yeah, I never wake up that way. There must be something wrong with you.

  14. “Some geniuses are taking cruises again.”

    ENB, not everybody gets their kicks sucking cock under the overpass.

    1. Choosing between those two options is almost as bad as voting in the last election.

  15. Noticed some REASON articles today that were critical of Joe Biden.

    Seems a tad late.

    1. They only criticize people when they get power.

      1. They only criticize people to virtue signal after it doesn’t matter.

        1. This^

          masturbatory impulse after they turned down a date with a 7.5 because she wasnt a 10

      2. That’s a fair cop. Reason does tend to pay a lot more attention to whoever is actually in power.

        1. Biden is not in power.

          1. OK, Reason pays attention to people who are in power and in proximity to power. They started ramping up critical articles about Biden about a month or two before the election.

            1. Are you still the intern at reason?

              1. I’d be honored to be, but no.

                1. Sometimes I wonder if WK is actually ENB… or maybe Boehm.

                  1. I might be dumb, but not that dumb.

                    1. Don’t sell yourself short.

          2. What do you mean, Biden is not in power?
            He’s exercising his power from the Office of the President Elect!

        2. Reason does tend to pay a lot more attention to whoever is actually in power sells ads.


          1. I think they’re more worried about pleasing Daddy Kochbucks.

    2. I thought Reason was never critical of Democrats because every employee is a closet communist.

      1. That’s because you’re a moron.

        1. Your comment was constructive and thoughtful as always.

          1. And your comment was a strawman.

            1. It was an exaggeration by a guy who calls himself ‘sarcasmic’. Take a sedative.

              A strawman is when someone deliberately misrepresents an argument, knowing they can’t refute the actual argument, and then takes down the deliberate misrepresentation with a flourish.
              Kinda like all the comments directed at me that accuse me of being a leftist before destroying arguments I have never made.

              1. But you’re sarcasm is bad and unfunny.

                1. Thank you for your opinion. I will store it in the circular file.

                2. By the way, have you come up with an example of me singing Biden’s praises?

                  I know the answer is no, because I have never done so.

                  Does that mean you’ll stop your strawman attacks on me saying I’m a leftist who supports Biden?

                  Didn’t think so.

                  1. “strawman attacks”

                    Are there two sarcasmics here? Because one of you is always parroting DNC talking points.

                    1. For example?

                      That’s the thing. I keep being accused of being a leftist, yet nobody can find a single example of me praising Biden or Democrats.

                      Your straw man is made of straw.

                    2. And for a while, yes, there were two. An imposter (Tulpa is my guess) spend much energy on the weekends ruining my reputation until I contacted Reason and got them to fix the loophole.

          2. It was an appropriate response.

            1. It was a reaction, not a response. Responses require thought. Unless that’s the best you can think up, in which case you are a sad, sad excuse for a Reason troll.

              1. No. Jesse’s right.
                It was an appropriate response.

                1. Sorry, R Mac’s right.

                  1. So show me an example of me being the leftist shill that everyone argues against.

  16. Screw Lockdown Larry Hogan. God damn him to hell and I had to vote for this asshole because the alternative was Ben Jealous. I hope he tries to pull an O’Malley and is thoroughly rejected and humiliated by the nation at large.

    1. He will pull an O’Malley and he will be rejected. RINOs don’t do well in the primaries.

      1. R govs from Blue states generally have promise for the party. Mittens made it through. Reagan, anyone?

        However, our particular Blue state has a fed-government-teat-sucking joke of an economy, and a nationally recognized shithole for its biggest city.

        So, yes, Hogan will be rejected.

  17. Just like how mask research prior to march of this year indicated no protection from viruses (especially respiratory viruses), now we are being asked to ignore the common use of Benford’s law to indicate election fraud (see WK yesterday and the multiple fact checkers). This is despite a decade of its use in flagging elections such as the 2009 Iranian elections and multiple Venezuela elections. Some examples of how it used to be accepted prior to this month:

      1. This research doesn’t use Benford’s law to detect Voter Fraud, merely mentions it in the introduction as an alternative that has been used in the past.

        Overall, this paper is pretty irrelevant, as it is trying to look at Voter Fraud, (i.e. coercing voters) as opposed to Vote fraud (tampering with ballots).

    1. In 2004, the US State Department called out Ukranian elections for many of the same issues that have shown up in Pa, Wisc, Michigan. Well above average voter counts, delays to counting, random statistically improbable jumps towards a single candidate.

      1. in other words the deep state department learned from Ukran how to rig an American election

        1. CIA has had lots of practice, it was only a matter of time before they put that experience to use here.

    2. It’s really obvious you have no idea what you are talking about. You learned about the existence of Benford’s law 3 days ago.

      1. Insightful rebuttal.

      2. Then explain why he is wrong.

      3. And even f’d up the right-wing talking point the first time he tried to hatch it on us, calling it “Brenfords Law”.

        1. Good morning, douchebag! You are like a dog licking his scrotum with that ‘Brenford’s Law’ gag. No matter how much you smack him with a newspaper, you just can’t stop him.

          1. JesseAz tried to bluff like he knew what he was talking about, and screwed it up.

          2. Brenfords law is Dee’s new “you’re Canadian!”

            1. Oh, WK will still canadamanbad whenever they can.

              1. Except Neil Young. And, I’ve decided I like Canadian Mormons, just to counter KillAllRednecks mormonmanbad thing.

                1. Neil young sucks ass. Can’t sing, can’t play, can’t write.

                  1. Dee also like Nickelback.

                    1. Take that back! Right now!

                    2. And this is how you remind me?

                2. Oh, and Alex Trebeck. He’s cool.

        2. You’ve never made a typo here?

          Seriously dude, this is low hanging fruit. Try harder.

          1. It wasn’t a typo. It was JesseAz trying to sound smart, and f’ing up the talking point.

            1. Cite?

            2. Do you have that notarized?

            3. Dude, the R and E are right next to each other on the keyboard. Typing RE for E is a perfect example of a fatfinger mistake on a phone.

              You are kind of being a little bitch.

              1. Oh my gosh. Hope I’m not hurting JesseAz’s feelings.

              2. “being a little bitch”

                WK’ll run just as fast as it can
                To the middle of nowhere
                To the middle of it’s frustrated fears
                And it swears, you’re just like a pill

      4. I learned about it 20 years ago. It is standard topic in auditing. What is your point, asshat?

      5. You learned about the existence of Benford’s law 3 days ago.

        Most people outside of statisticians and mathematicians had never heard of Benford’s Law until 3 days ago, and that more than likely includes you. The sad part is you probably think that some kind of smart, insightful “gotcha” rebuttal.

        Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

        1. I love that Jesse posted multiple links of studies from different years and they’re still trying to act like it’s this unknown thing that could never be applied to our elections.

    3. Facts are racist.

    4. So, JesseAz, have you listened to the entire two hour Richard Hopkins audio yet? I have, smoke breaks and all. I live blogged while listening to it:

      I’ll repeat my summary:

      The agents were manipulative in the sense that they kept telling him they were doing all this questioning to help him stay out of trouble. It wasn’t totally dishonest because they did work with him to write an new statement where he cut out all his assumptions and just said what he literally heard.

      The only thing that was coercive was their mentioning a few times they had the power to subject him to a polygraph. Hopkins did not feel badly treated; at the end he objects to the agents referring to their interaction as an “interrogation”.

      Hopkins had the right to shut up and ask for a lawyer at any time, and was clearly told that.

      He did not recant, he wrote a new statement correcting his affidavit. But he essentially did recant because his corrected story is much, much more narrow in its accusations than what he said in the affidavit that Project Veritas wrote for him.

      1. Getting called out and you backtrack to say it was an assumption was front and center in the impeachment. Yet, it was being call good evidence by the dems.

        1. What? That sentence was kind of incoherent.

          1. No it wasnt

          2. “Incoherent” isn’t another word for “shut up”, WK.

    5. The Benford’s Law argument was easily debunked.

      1. Sort of like how decades of research indicated masks weren’t effective at stopping community spread of viruses–until April 2020, when that research became politically inconvenient for our Best and Brightest. Now, a statistical principle that’s been used for years by the international community to indicate that election fraud might have taken place, suddenly is also no longer applicable that it’s politically convenient.

        1. “Sort of like…”

          Except one is a mathematical technique, with fairly well understood limits on when it is applicable to a data set; and the other is a messy question in biology with all kinds of unknown variables.

          1. …messy question in biology with all kinds of unknown variables.
            But we are supposed to wear masks anyway.

            1. What is the big downside to wearing a mask?

              1. Fogs up my glasses. Covers up hot chicks faces. It reduces non-verbal communication. If you have a small amount of the virus (or any other virus) you keep rebreathing it. Many people continually adjust their mask with their hands.

                Just off the top of my head in five seconds. Why don’t you try to think of some reasons?

          2. And both were laid aside when it became politically convenient to do so.

        2. Not at all the same, not even close. The Benford claim ended up being math done wrong, so easy to debunk.

          1. Thanks for proving my point.

          2. ” Benford claim ended up being math done wrong”

            Oh? How so?
            It didn’t seem wrong to me.

            Do you want to explain how it was “done wrong” and “debunked”.

            1. Mathematicians are not scientists? Whereas political appointees to government agencies are.

            2. It was applied to a data set that had constrained values and did not span orders of magnitude.

      2. Hahahahahahahahaha

      3. *Benford’s Systemic Racial Oppression

    6. JesseAz-

      Are you just doing a mad search and posting whatever the goog tells you? That first link

      “This essay, however, argues that, despite its apparent utility in looking at other phenomena, Benford’s Law is problematical at best as a forensic tool when applied to elections… It is not simply that the Law occasionally judges a fraudulent election fair or a fair election fraudulent. Its “success rate” either way is essentially equivalent to a toss of a coin, thereby rendering it problematical at best as a forensic tool and wholly misleading at worst.”

      1. LMAO

        He is either too dumb to realize he refuted his own argument, or didn’t actually read it and posted it as “more evidence”

        He and Nardz seem on the same page. Spam the comments with link after link of shoddy “evidence” to prove their point, hoping the sheep that already agree with them will nod their heads in acceptance and no one really looks into it. Between this one and Nardz’ pile of Twitter link hearsay (“my uncle said his friend saw someone that heard of illegals stuffing ballot boxes for Biden!”) these kids are kind of the bottom of the barrel when it comes to making a cogent argument. Sad to see

      2. So why does it fit every other vote tally but Biden’s?

  18. China congratulates Joe Biden on his ascent by kicking out the last remaining pro-democracy legislators in Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong is now fully embedded with friendly party officials. Democrats have to be really jealous at the news.

    1. Hey, they’re working on it. Give them time, will ya?

    2. Any concern for what Trump is doing to undermine democracy here at home?

      1. Cite?

        1. Tweet 11/3: “Last night I was leading, often solidly, in many key States, in almost all instances Democrat run & controlled. Then, one by one, they started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted. VERY STRANGE, and the “pollsters” got it completely & historically wrong!”

          There was no “surprise” about more ballots needing to be counted.

          1. 11/4, 11:52 am: “We are winning Pennsylvania big, but the PA Secretary of State just announced that there are ‘Millions of ballots left to be counted.'”

            Implying there is something shady about counting all the ballots in Pennsylvania.

            1. But there was something shady about those suddenly discovered ballots in Pennsylvania.

              You don’t find it suspicious that after years of decline, Pennsylvania suddenly had the biggest percentage of turnout in over 100 years.

              1. He tweated that on election night. Of course there were more ballots. Several states had mail-in ballots to count.

                1. 11/4, 11:52am was election night?

                  1. Haha Dee’s an idiot.

              2. Not particularly, considering how contentious the Presidential election was, and how there was record turnout all over the country.

                1. Contentious compared to Teddy Roosevelt vs Taft vs Woodrow Wilson? Or as contentious as Truman vs Dewey? Or as contentious as Kennedy vs Nixon? Or as contentious as Clinton vs Trump?

                  Each one of those happened in the last 100 years, were just as contentious if not more so, and had lower turnout percentages.

                  The voter decline has been steady and predictable over the last 64 years, only to jump to record breaking numbers, and you want us to believe that there’s nothing suspicious.

                  How bloody stupid.

                  1. Oh, now, the oddly-partisan Canadian is lecturing an American who experiences the on-the-ground reality of living in a deeply divided partisan America that it wasn’t all that contentious of an election.

        2. “We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (which won’t allow legal observers) the State of Georgia, and the State of North Carolina, each one of which has a BIG Trump lead. Additionally, we hereby claim the State of Michigan if, in fact,…..”

          WTF? “We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes…” Where in our Presidential election rules is there a part where the incumbent gets to call dibs?


          No, that’s not how it works.

          1. It kinda is.

            1. They were advised by SCOTUS to count them separately and neglected to do so.

              1. They? There was no specific “they” mentioned in “ANY VOTE THAT CAME IN AFTER ELECTION DAY WILL NOT BE COUNTED!”

        4. “STOP THE COUNT!”

          Do I need to go on? There are dozens.

          1. You havent provided a single example of undermining democracy yet, you imbecile.

            Has he sent spies into the Biden Camp yet? Has he launched bogus criminal probes under the pretext of Logan violations? Have the perjury traps been set for underlings who dont need a lawyer? Is the coup impeachment in the works already?

            1. Convincing his followers that the normal process of counting votes, and the well-established practice of mail-in voting, is fraudulent is not undermining democracy. Got it. Words, thoughts, concepts don’t matter, even when they are coming from the President.

              1. No, it’s the statistical and behavioral anomalies that only occur in a couple of states/cities, the ones that swing the election curiously enough, that are convincing any Americans with integrity that our electoral system is being undermined.

                1. All that was expressed by “STOP THE COUNT!”?

                  1. Keep crying Dee. It changes nothing.

                    1. Words Trump should pay heed to right now.

            2. Has he used false evidence to have the FBI wire tap Biden’s pick to head the NSA yet?


      2. I thought good democracy was one lawful ballot per citizen. If that becomes suspect, a good democracy is willing to investigate.

        1. So, why was Trump yelling “STOP THE COUNT” when many citizens’ votes still needed to be counted?

          1. Because he suspects they are flawed ballots?

          2. STOP THE COUNT – where Republican watchers were illegally barred from observing. You disengenuous shitbirds always leave that context out

            1. *I* didn’t leave the context out. Our ALL CAPITAL tweet ranting lame duck President did.

              1. You are such a dishonest piece of shit.

                In the post NashTiger was replying to you were definitely implying that Trump was just trying to get the count stopped period, and not just getting the count stopped where legitimate observers were barred.

                1. Trump’s words were not “Stop the count in states where Republican watchers are illegally being barred from observing.” His words were, “STOP THE COUNT!”

                  The incumbent President is an inarticulate piece of shit.

                  1. It was obvious what he was referring to,
                    and it’s obvious that you’re trying to divorce his statement from context,
                    and it’s obvious that you’re a dishonest piece of shit.

                    1. It was not obvious at all. It was borderline illiterate.

    1. They have been CREDIBLY ACCUSED in Treasonspeak

  19. I’m not an expert on budgeting, but I’m going to safely assume that instead of spending two trillion on shutting the economy down, we could’ve spent a fraction of that (100 – 500B ?), to help “at risk individuals” mitigate the virus on an actual individual basis, and to the extent necessary (from full gas masks, to in-home cleanrooms), while everyone else did their civic duty – get back to work and let the virus work it’s way through people who are able (and willing).

    To me, that STILL seems like a very pragmatic alternative to all this.

    1. Exactly.

      However, Covid really was one of those things that come along that is too good an opportunity to pass up.

      1. Covid is the American left’s Reichstag fire and they are making good use of it.

    2. It’s unfair. Not everyone would be suffering.

      1. Sadly, I presume this really would be the core of any argument against such a plan. On the other hand, it would not be coming from the entire D party, because I would bet serious money that the vast majority of those under 30 would be all for this plan.

        That’s only the obvious demographic, too. I have a hard time believing there is not a large subset of the D party (or anyone pro lockdown/mask, to be fair) that just go along to get along. Remove the, “you’re selfish for ricking granny” argument and really, what is left to any of this nonsense?

        1. D party *voters*, I should say.
          The party would, of course, always need to play their role as indispensable savior. Just don’t see the same level of people going along at that point.

          Practically, this plan was not possible early on due to the massive logistics needed, but going forward, do we really think this will be the last novel flu?

          “If I were president”, this would be my thought process and plan for future outbreaks, anyway.



    4. Yes. And there could have been a lot less deaths if it had happened that way instead of foolishly trying to protect everyone while failing to protect nursing homes.
      Could have also taken all these field hospitals and put all covid patients in them so they could be totally isolated from the regular hospitals. The dramatic numbers happened because it was allowed to get into those places while we totally failed to contain it (as if that was ever going to be possible).

      1. Exactly. If we can’t keep it out of jails and nursing homes, what chance do we have to keep it out of the general public?


    5. Yea, but how are leftists going to seize totalitarian power that way?

  20. If they don’t like the feminist statue they should just form a mob and tear it down.

    (Modern art claptrap, nothing of value would be lost.)

    1. Why not the beheaded a statue of a militant, immigrant abolitionist who died to free slaves in Wisconsin in the name of anti-racism.

  21. For those panicking over the new Covid hospitalization numbers. It is important to remember that it still ignores hospitalizations for covid or respiratory illnesses and just having people with covid for other issues in the hospital.

    But at least CNN decided to remove their death tracker this week.

    1. But at least CNN decided to remove their death tracker this week.

      And they would only do that if it no longer supports the chosen narrative.

    2. At our flagship hospital 90% of our COVID-positive admits had a primary or first-Secondary Dx of either COVID, a respiratory issue, or sepsis. And that number was above 80% every month except September.

      The sample is large enough (n~2k) I’m willing to apply an 85-90% estimate to the headline numbers on hospitalizations/deaths.

  22. Decriminalizing psychedelic drugs, especially if it’s decriminalizing possession only, makes no sense if the reason is that they have medicinal value. Like, what, you could use it for medicine and it’ll be illegal but not a crime, but your therapist might still be a criminal for giving it to you? It’d make more sense to allow it as a prescription drug, like medical marijuana.

    1. Be best if they just let you go to your local store and buy it like anything else. You don’t need a doctor to take them safely or effectively – just need reliable dosage and quality. In fact having a therapist “guide” my trip sounds horrible; I’ll stick with Trey Anastasio and other musicians.

      1. Lemonwheel was one hell of a weekend.

  23. “Vice president-elect Kamala Harris “is the first female vice president. The first Black vice president,” and “the first South Asian vice president. But, as some have mistakenly claimed, she is not the first multiracial vice president or the first one of color…”

    I can’t wait until we have checked all the “first” boxes. Then we’ll never have to worry about it again, and we can go back to voting based on the merits of the candidates.

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

    1. If we can get a deaf trans paraplegic Pacific Islander into office I think we’re golden.

      1. Tulsi Gabbard seems to have some balls. Since Roosevelt was a cripple his last term, I think she would check off the remaining boxes.

        1. If Biden doesn’t die soon, we can check “vegetable” off the diversity list.

        2. Minor correction; FDR got polio in 1921, so he was actually a cripple for all four of his terms.

      2. It was they’s turn!

      3. Never underestimate their ability to invent new categories. The grievance train stops for no reason. Especially not for achieving their stated goals.

        1. This is where libertarians save themselves a lot of work by never achieving any goals or denying when someone they’re instructed to dislike does.

        2. Everything is so terrible and unfair. In perpetuity.

    2. They were trying to do that after it came out (get it?) that Biden was considering Buttigieg for a Cabinet position (guess that was how they bribed him to drop out of the race, even though he’d done better than Biden up to that point), and completely ignored Richard Grenell serving as DNI earlier this year.

  24. Some geniuses are taking cruises again.

    “I’d rather die huddling in the dark with a mask on than floating in the warm sunny waters of the Carribbean.”

    Genius indeed.

    1. How dare they try to live a normal life and have fun before they get too old to do so.

  25. “According to the new Census data, the median duration of current marriages in the U.S. has increased almost one year in the recent decade, from 19 years in 2010 to 19.8 years in 2019,” reports the Institute for Family Studies. The U.S. divorce rate is now at its lowest point in 50 years—”even slightly lower than 1970, when 15 marriages ended in divorce per 1,000 marriages.”

    But marriage is a White construct and/or privilege. We must fight this trend!

    1. Does that mean non-whites who marry are engaging in cultural appropriation?

      1. Silly, only whites can appropriate culture.

        1. I know of at least a few educated upper class white women who are single moms by choice

  26. Meet the agent who interviewed the USPS whistleblower:

    Hey WK, did you listen to the 2 hour tape. Do you still believe WaPo’s three anonymous sources who had indirect information over the actual whisteblower?

    1. Dee doesn’t think that saying a senator and DOJ are involved, and saying “I’m not scaring you, but I am scaring you” is intimidation. Because she’s not very bright.

      1. Pop quiz, R Mac, to see if YOU have listened to the two-hour audio. What was the context of the “I’m not scaring you, but I am scaring you”? What were they talking about at the time?

        1. “Pop quiz, R Mac”

          Pop quiz Dee. Why do you squawk like a bird so much?

          1. What were the agents and Hopkins discussing when the “I’m not scaring you, but I am scaring you” quote was made? You don’t know, do you?

            1. The senators, officials, and other powerful people who are threatened by his revelations and have potentially a lot to lose because of his testimony.

              1. I’m Dee’s defense, she’s not very bright, so she needs a lot of context before she can figure out what’s going on.

              2. Nope, wrong answer. They were discussing Hopkins association with Project Veritas, and how they might not have his back as much as Hopkins thought they did.

                1. It’s funny that you think anyone trusts a word you say.

                  1. You don’t have to believe me. In the minute by minute analysis I did of the two-hour audio (link on this page), I give the exact time points in the video where these things were said. Go check it out yourself.

                    1. “…..minute by minute analysis I did…….”

                      Haha. You might need a vacation.

                    2. It’s just more squawking by Dee, the bird.

    2. Have you listened to the two-hour tape? Because I have.

      1. Get a life dude.

        1. It’s worth listening. The way they use fake friendliness to manipulate Hopkins is fascinating. They don’t coerce him, and by the end he is practically thanking them for their time and seems to be pondering whether he could have a career as a postal inspector.

          They got him to correct his story to only what he literally heard, cutting out all the parts where he made assumptions or Project Veritas put their interpretation on what happened. By the end, there isn’t much left — he heard a snippet of conversation, and constructed most of it in his mind. Although the agents were totally looking out for themselves, they did end up helping Hopkins back off from saying things that would never stand up in court, and from being manipulated by Project Veritas.

          In the end, it’s really sad. The guy is a libertarian who cares a lot about election integrity, not especially smart, and everyone is using him as a political football.

          1. Standard cop procedure. Never say anything to cops.

            1. Agreed. They explained to him that he had the right not to say anything, and asked him about whether he had a lawyer. He seemed to be under the impression that lawyers Project Veritas has to protect themselves were going to protect him. There were several points in the interview where he would have been smart to shut up and ask for a lawyer.

  27. At one Texas prison nearly 6% OF THE POPULATION has died of COVID-19.

    “OMFG! People are being sentenced to death in Texas!”

    The facility being described is the Duncan Unit Geriatric Prison. Cuomo killed a higher percentage in some retirement homes in NY.

    Fer fuck’s sake people…

    1. Liar! Cuomo told us how great he did, so I assume that not one person in NY has died from COVID.

      1. I believe the near universal fawning praise he’s received from the corporate press would confirm this as factual.

    2. I’m guessing a 6% death rate is par at a geriatric prison.

      1. and still better than a nursing home in New York

  28. “No more natural gas in new San Francisco buildings starting next year”

    So the supes prefer to burn more natural gas over there to cover the line losses and inefficiencies of electric heat over here.
    ‘Think globally, act locally!’

    And in a stunning pile of watermelon bullshit, we get:
    “…The world is changing,” Keighran said. “I came to see that buyers will want this. Buyers will expect this. The mind-set of the younger demographic is to want and demand this…”
    Which, if true, means there’s no need for legislation.
    If a watermelon isn’t lying, s/he isn’t speaking.

    1. You and your silly ideas about people making their own decisions.
      The Biden boys will do all the thinking for you, and you will want it.

    2. That’s good. Indoor heat and cooking food are a White construct.

      1. That is the correct response. Silly old Sevo up there thinks if they’re cutting off our gas heating supply, we must therefore be getting our heating from somewhere else. Little does he know.

        It’s like these jackasses that keep insisting we can’t get all the electricity we need from solar and wind power alone. Sure we can. You’re not going to get anywhere near the amount of electricity you want, mind you, but you’ll get all you need once the government decides how much you need. Most people don’t really need any electricity at all, and 3 or 4 hours a day is more than enough for the convenience of charging your battery-powered devices. Nobody really needs air conditioning, electric appliances, and such frivolities as electric lighting, those things are pure decadence and our society will be much stronger for forgoing these luxuries.

    3. Are they planning to buy more power from Arizona to make up the losses?

    4. can’t wait to see how many burn their homes down while starting a fire to heat their food during the next power shut down in California.

      Several houses have already burned down from improper generator use during power outages.

    5. Just about every single commercial kitchen uses gas appliances for cooking. Ranges, ovens, broilers, fryers . . . almost all of it is gas. It’s quicker, more reliable, cheaper, more predictable, etc.

      They begin talking about this like it’s all residential, which would be bad enough, but further reading seems to indicate that it’s not limited to residential. And even residential users / owners / renters / consumers should have the ability to choose, regardless.

    6. They have been talking about going 100% electric for years. Also, they talk about taking over PG&E and making it state owned. I personally can’t wait to see how that turns out. The popcorn is already popped and ready.

  29. As I was perusing Biden’s transition website, I remembered way back in the campaign, when Biden said he would probably veto Medicare for All–because of the cost.

    That was before the election. This week, on Biden’s transition website, he’s championing a “public option” like Medicare–which is nothing but the means to Medicare for All.

    It’s been four years since Obama’s constant river of bullshit. Hearing Biden kickstart the ol’ bullshit machine again is like getting back together with a crazy ex or taking a shower and putting your dirty clothes back on again.

    We’re not bailing out deadbeat home buyers! We’re “investing in communities”. We’re not bringing Medicare for All! We’re just making a “public option” available.

    If it were only the Biden Libertarians who had to suffer under Medicare for All, it would be funny, in a poetic justice sort of way, when they’re forced off their plans, forced onto Medicare, and end up with both an outrageous tax burden and health plan that treats them like they’re waiting in line at the DMV. Unfortunately, the negative consequences won’t be confined to Biden Libertarians, and what happens to the rest of us as a result of their stupidity won’t be funny at all.

    1. “As I was perusing Biden’s transition website…”

      Stop doing that! You’re gonna give yourself a stroke!

      1. Right? Unlike you, who’s excited for it.

        1. Yet nobody can find a single comment of mine singing Biden’s praises. Not a one.

      2. That’s denying reality, and I am not delusional. Maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t become a Biden Libertarian.

        1. It’s getting yourself worked up over things you have no control over.

          1. You say I have no control, but actually I voted for the the other of only two possible outcomes.

            I have other options for control, too. The reasons vicious dictators are scared to death of what their people are saying about them is because they’re smart. You should see the factual and rational things I say criticizing Biden–to the people who might support him and to others who might criticize him to their friends and family.

            The time to start undermining support for Biden, his enablers, and his socialist and authoritarian policies is right fuckin’ now, and I’m doing what I can to undermine him.

            You seem to be living in a dream world, where the choices you make don’t have any consequences in the real world. I assure you, this isn’t a dream. Biden will do everything he can to push through his “public option”, and the only thing that will stop him in the real world is Republican opposition.

            You have some control. Here’s a couple of links where you can exert some control:


            Hitting those “donate” buttons may be the most libertarian thing you can do right now.

              1. I donated to both. First time ever contributing to a political campaign for me.

            1. The Triple BBB.

              BIG BLACK BUTTS.

            2. Joe Biden is a crook.

              1. Yes.

                They want to stop us from saying that Joe Biden is a crook on social media because it’s supposedly a conspiracy theory, but Joe Biden is a crook, and we should keep reminding people of that every chance we get.

                This may not have an immediate impact, but when there’s a crisis and a scandal in his term–like there is in every presidential term–we’ll have already tilled the soil for those dissent seeds to grow.

                Meanwhile, Joe Biden really is a crook. We have three examples.

    2. Didn’t Biden raise his hand when the primary candidates were asked if their comprehensive healthcare plan would provide free healthcare to illegal aliens?

      1. After he looked around and went with the flow.

        This guy is so beta-male, indecisive and weak it’s going to be hilarious if he gets in. I mean, all we need is Benson and we get ourselves a sitcom.

    3. And, [the Biden Harris team] will work to lower health care costs and expand access to quality, affordable health care through a Medicare-like public option.

      —-Joe Biden via Build Back Better

      Elsewhere on the same site:

      “And [Joe Biden] is working to ensure that every American has access to quality, affordable health care, by providing a public option and lowering costs for care and for prescription drugs.

      —-Joe Biden via Build Back Better


      All you Trumpistas need to stop believing in your crazy conspiracy theories! It’s not that Joe Biden is championing Medicare for All. He’s simply providing a “public option” to which “every American” has access.

      1. Yeah, Sleepy Joe can go fuck himself.

        1. And give up the children?!

      2. [the Biden Harris team] will work to lower health care costs and expand access to quality, affordable health care through a Medicare-like public option.

        Careful, they will put up the Medicare-like Booth up right next to the Suicide Booth. You don’t want to walk into the wrong one*.

        *The Medicare-like Booth is the wrong one in this scenario.

    4. As far as offering Medicare for all as a magic solution, the WSJ has a piece today offering guidance for seniors to navigate all the supplemental insurance, and cost, for what Medicare does not cover. Not to mention that Medicare is not free, even for unrich people. And that many doctors refuse Medicare patients. And that Medicare does not reimburse at sustainable rates, and if not for private insurance paying more, many facilities would close.

      1. I recently had a minor surgery. Took less than an hour. The cost for the operating room alone was over eighteen thousand dollars. Just for the room. I don’t know how that can be justified. I really don’t.

          1. Thanks, I like Russ.

          2. That was an excellent episode. I tell everyone I get into a healthcare discussion with that they need to listen to it. It’s also a really good way to understand just how much government subsidies really screw up prices to the point where they don’t contain the needed information.

            1. And jives with the observation that you can take your cat or dog to the vet, or go to a laser eye surgeon, or several other services that are outside the government/insurance complex and get reasonable prices. Hell, it’s quite telling that you can go to such places and get a simple price quote up front for whatever medical/veterinary service you are seeking.

              1. Do you have a hard time finding vets that treat birds?

        1. It isn’t justified.

          Medicare only pays for a fraction of the cost of care. Medicaid pays for a smaller fraction of the cost of care they provide.

          Hospitals make up for the money they lose treating Medicare and Medicaid patients by gouging private insurers and private pay patients for the difference.

          This is why expanding Medicaid (by way of ObamaCare) and expanding Medicare (public option) will continue to squeeze private insurance until they have little or no option but to become fully owned subsidiaries of the government.

          Show me a community hospital in an area where the number of privately insured patients is low, and I’ll show you a community hospital that is always in serious danger of closing.

          1. If what you say about the healthcare systems and its problem doesn’t account for the data on this chart, you don’t know what we’re talking about:


          2. I don’t understand why it’s hard to believe that Medicare and Medicaid pay less than the cost of care.

            This is standard stuff.

            When Hugo Chavez nationalized the grocery stores, he didn’t set the price of food above market prices. Why would he do that?

            When the government sets the prices that they will pay hospitals for Medicare and Medicaid services, they don’t generally set them above market either.

            The only exceptions are politically hot topics–like AIDS patients or pregnant women.

            It costs $18,000 for an operating room because you’re not just paying for your own care. You’re paying for all the Medicare and Medicaid patients for whom Medicare and Medicaid are paying less than the cost of services.

        2. OMG! Things cost money!

          1. I can understand that the room and the equipment isn’t free, but $10 per second to use it? C’mon.

            1. I suspect it’s on par with what you pay for pussy.

              1. I’m not married anymore, so I’m not paying for pussy.

        3. No, it wasn’t. There might be a line that says so on your bill, but in no universe is anyone paying $18k to use that room.

          1. According to the statement the insurance company got it reduced to $16k, and they paid it.

          2. “As a top hospital system, Mayo stands to lose big on the spread between public and private insurance reimbursement from those sources, said Harold Miller, chief executive of the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform. Mayo told STAT that it lost $546 million in indigent care and in unpaid Medicaid portions in 2016 and $1.8 billion in unpaid Medicare portions.”


            Mayo Clinic did not lost money that year. They broke even.

            How do you lose $2.3 billion in a year taking care of Medicaid and Medicare patients–and break even?

            There’s only one way!

            They gouge private insurance and out of pocket patients to make up the difference.

            The true cost of his use of the operating room was probably less than half what was billed to the insurance company. The rest of it was legitimate cost, but it wasn’t a legitimate cost of his surgery. Most of that cost was going to pay for the underpaid services of Medicare and Medicaid patients.

            1. If FQHCs relied on Medicaid/Medicare money, they would go out of business.

              “”How do you lose $2.3 billion in a year taking care of Medicaid and Medicare patients–and break even?””

              Government grants. The last FQHC I worked for was getting around 1 million a year just from HRSA and we were not that big.
              Government loves to throw money at it and require you to report data. The UDS report for FQHCs and FQHC look a likes is a bitch.

        4. The cost for the operating room alone was over eighteen thousand dollars. Just for the room.

          I’ve said before how the charged cost for two of our kids’ births was $25,000 apiece–$10,000 for the birthing procedure, and $15,000 for the private room. Insurance negotiated it down to about $18K apiece.

          60 years ago, those same services cost about $1,000, inflation-adjusted, and they didn’t do anything different from back then other than hook up my wife to some slightly more advanced monitoring machines. If the inflation-adjusted cost was even remotely close, I wouldn’t bitch about it, but shit like this is why insurance rates are so fucking expensive. I could have paid $1,000 out of pocket easily.

          1. 60 years ago, Medicaid didn’t exist.

          2. I faced something similar when my daughter was born. Tens of thousands of dollars, most of it to pay for the room.

            1. It’s fucking ridiculous. The process of a normal live birth hasn’t changed in millennia, and I’ve yet to see anything published that justifies that sheer delta in price difference. We weren’t a third-world country in 1960, so why the massive increase?

              1. The same reason why an oil change would cost $500 if it was covered by car insurance. Third party payer system.

                1. Ding ding ding!

          3. The OBGYN ‘s Malpractice premium alone is over $100k a year

            1. We had mid-wives for all of the births. Not sure what their premium costs, and overall, I suspect that actually contributes quite little to a 2,500% difference in price for essentially the same procedure and service.

        5. I don’t know how that can be justified.

          I’m guessing you don’t know how the Pentagon justifies the cost of $600 hammers either. Or how I justify the $95 cost of coming out to look at your furnace. Every single piece of shit in that operating room and in that hospital has to be paid for, and you’re the one paying for it. Whether or not you used it, whether or not you needed it, that stuff had to be there and you’re paying for it to be there.

          1. I remember watching a hearing where congress was grilling some defense contractors about costs. When asked about a $1,000 wrench (might have been 5K), the contractor replied something to the affect of well not only can you put a bolt on with it, the same wrench can take the bolt off.

          2. I’m fully aware of what goes into building an OR. It’s part and parcel of my job. I also know what my reimbursements look like, and nobody’s receiving anywhere near $18k in technical revenue for a 1 hour surgery.

        6. I recently had a minor surgery. Took less than an hour. The cost for the operating room alone was over eighteen thousand dollars. Just for the room. I don’t know how that can be justified. I really don’t.

          It can be explained but not justified.

          The explanation is regulatory overhead and taxation.

    5. We’re not bailing out deadbeat home buyers! We’re “investing in communities”. We’re not bringing Medicare for All! We’re just making a “public option” available.
      kinetic military action

    6. I love the term ‘public option’. I envision randos diagnosing you from your comments on a WebMD forum.

    7. “”he’s championing a “public option” like Medicare””

      So he’s only willing to cover 80% of the cost. Will there be a mandate to buy supplemental insurance?

      1. “For while the Affordable Care Act has reduced the number of uninsured patients, it has increased the share covered by Medicaid, which pays around 50 to 85 cents on the dollar of the actual cost of medical care.”

        Meanwhile, Medicaid patients make up the overwhelming majority of patients in hospitals that are located in urban areas with a high percentage of low incomes or people on welfare.

        If you’re a hospital administrator, how do you make up for the money you lose treating Medicare and Medicaid patients when there aren’t any privately insured patients to gouge?

        The answer is that they either get direct support for the state or they just close.

        The other big question is this: If hospitals in those areas are under stress because there are so many Medicaid and Medicare patients, how does increasing the number of people on Medicaid and Medicare help?

        It makes things worse.

  30. U.S. divorce rate reaches 50 year low, and more…

    <a href=""As are Marriage rates, BTW.

    A cause I have championed long and hard. Tough to get divorced if’n y’never get hitched.

    1. Black Libidos Matter!

  31. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new orders go the furthest into hygiene theater, creating new limits on how many people can gather in private houses (10) and shutting down bars and other establishments that serve alcohol after 10 p.m.

    How long before we get the usual commenters saying that no one is “mandating” anything, it’s all just polite suggestions.

    1. Lying Jeffy hasn’t been around much lately, so it might be awhile.

      1. Sarc is here though

        1. Shouldn’t you be plotting someone’s murder?

        2. And yet you still haven’t been able to come up with a single example of me cheering Biden or Democrats. Not one. So who is the liar?

          1. That must’ve been other sarcasmic who was bitching about how impolite it is that people don’t wear masks, huh?

  32. Some geniuses are taking cruises again. It’s going about how you would expect.

    FTA: “The first cruise ship to set sail in the Caribbean since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic has reported that a passenger on board has tested positive for the virus, according to The Points Guy.”

    So we’re really going to do this? If even one single person is sick we must shit our pants and panic? Fuck, this is never going to end, is it?

    1. Maybe after the 2022 midterms.

    2. No grasshopper, it is not.

    3. BC used to mean Before Christ, in the future it’ll mean, Before Covid.

  33. So, now that even the media are admitting that Trump has been trying to get our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan for most of his term now, and a big reason Esper was shit-canned was due to the latter’s efforts to prevent that from happening by Christmas, I’ll go back to what I said the day after Election Day as to what Trump ought to do here:

    Make a public announcement saying “I’ve ordered our senior commanders to have all of our troops out of there by December 20th. If a single soldier has boots on the ground as of 12:01 am on December 21st, every single one of them will be fired.”

    The only way to force these guys to follow through is to leverage the emotions of the NCO and junior officer/enlisted corps against the media and the Pentagon, by getting them excited to be home in time for Christmas to see their families. If the brass try to slow-roll that or Congress blocks it, morale goes in the shitter and makes it that much harder to carry out operations, because they’re all going to be bitching about it on social media.

    I can understand going back into Iraq to combat ISIS when they were rolling through Iraq and Syria. But we should have left Afghanistan on May 3rd, 2011, after we eliminated the main reason that we were there in the first place. If we can’t “eliminate the Taliban” after being there for 19 years (hint: eliminating the Taliban hasn’t been the goal of our mission there for quite a while now, if it ever was), it’s never going to happen. And ISIS is a shell of what it was even three years ago, now reduced to operating as independent cells that can be engaged by the Iraqis and Kurds on an as-needed basis. American troops aren’t needed in Iraq to accomplish that.

    1. And if we’re not operating in Iraq and Afghanistan, then there’s no real reason to continue operating in the GCC countries, either, so that means pulling out of Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and everywhere else in that region we have troops stationed. If I’m Trump, I’d order a complete withdrawal on December 15th, the day after the Electoral College meets, just as a final “fuck you” to the neocons and their neolib enablers who have kept us there for 30 years.

    2. I’d do much more than that. I’d be issuing pardons and declassifying everything.

      Walk away with a cigarette in your mouth, light it and then throw the match behind and light the fucken swamp on fire.

      1. And when you walk by Joe and Kamala flailing screaming for help, kneel, wink, smirk and let ’em burn.

      2. Like I said in the Snowden article, I’m not holding my breath that Trump would actually pardon him, nor Assange, but that would be the ultimate troll to Biden and the glow-in-the-darks.

  34. You know what the worst part of the lockdowns (POTUS Trump correctly predicted Sleepy Joe would do lockdowns) will be? That we ignore them. Meaning, the American people will have such contempt for our leaders that they will refuse to obey their pronouncements.

    For Thanksgiving, I will have at least 16 people in my home. Nobody is canceling anything. Phailing Phil Murphy, Dictator of the People’s Republic of NJ can go phuck himself. I am knowingly and intentionally ignoring those restrictions because I no longer respect his authority.

    How many others will do the same. Where there is contempt for lawful authority, a country disintegrates.

    1. You’re confusing legal authority with abuse of power.

      1. To be fair, there’s frequently an intersection there.

        1. The people with power certainly don’t care about the difference.

          1. Amazing how that happens, isn’t it?

      2. At this point, the Venn diagram is essentially just one circle.

    2. I grew up in a household of seven with no extended family. Fuck these guys.

        1. My father has a brick of black hair that only started going salt and pepper 10 years ago. Dude is 78. Dick Van Patten only wishes!

    3. Meaning, the American people will have such contempt for our leaders that they will refuse to obey their pronouncements.
      We can only hope.
      But I’m not counting on it.

    4. if they had contempt Biden wouldn’t be, dare I say it here, “president-elect”

  35. At one Texas prison nearly 6% OF THE POPULATION has died of COVID-19.

    Not 6% of the covid patients died, but 6% of the entire prison population.

    That’s according to a fabulous new report out today.

    “Fabulous”? WOWWWWWW.

    1. Totally!

  36. Not all state leaders are rushing back into restrictions. Maine, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Carolina, and South Dakota are among the jurisdictions resisting new pandemic-related emergency orders. Some leaders in other states are not happy about that.

    The correct response from the governors of Maine, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Carolina, and South Dakota to those other states is “fuck off, slavers.” I just wish they had the balls to actually say it.

    1. It’s an RCT. Let’s see what happens.

      They can be the Swedens of America.

    2. All these blue-state governors and blue-state cities patting themselves on the back “following the Science!” and ordering everyone to wear masks and implementing restrictions on businesses and social gatherings, and it didn’t make a squirt of piss’ worth a difference because their cases skyrocketed anyway.

      It’s almost like this is flu season, and people end up getting sick anyway regardless of any social engineering measures our Best and Brightest recommend. A national 4-6 week lockdown like these assholes are threatening might legitimately cornhole whatever functioning economy we currently have right now.

      1. I keep looking at my watch waiting for people to CONNECT THOSE DOTS.

        But I keep cranking it waiting.


        But here’s the problem. They won’t admit it. Because science. Instead, what we get are cucked virologists on TV peddling ‘circuit break lockdowns’.

        See, what you do is you shut down everything for 20 days! EVERYTHING! WE ALL DO OUR PART (ahem, except the virologists who will still get their pay) and we break the case rise!

        It won’t eradicate it but it will go from 1000 to 300! See?

        Me: And then what when they rise again, Pineapple head?

        Criminals. All criminals. I’m serious. These people are criminals.

        1. That they actually believe a 4-6 week “lockdown” will stave this off shows the depth of their arrogance. 1) It wouldn’t be a true “lockdown” anyway because the lumpenproles would still need to go to work to keep our energy/utility infrastructure and goods delivery services from falling apart; 2) the only ones who would actually thrive in such a scenario, as we saw last spring, are the liberal upper middle class/upper class suburban yuppies that voted for Biden in such large numbers this month–which is why that class has been front and center in demanding that it happen. They get to sit on their ass binging Netflix and ordering from UberEats, while suffering none of the hardships that the regular middle and lower classes are experiencing.

          1. Which is why if they’re going to do it, the folks who have to deliver the power and food need to take part.

            I imagine that those New England states would get awfully cold and hungry with the power off, and the grocery stores closed.

      2. “All these blue-state governors and blue-state cities patting themselves on the back “following the Science!” and ordering everyone to wear masks and implementing restrictions on businesses and social gatherings, and it didn’t make a squirt of piss’ worth a difference because their cases skyrocketed anyway.”

        But if the goal was actually to make more people scared and obedient, in order to further the scope of the state and dependence on it, then those leaders have been successful. And if the goal is to reduce or eliminate free market economics, shut downs (with micro-managing of “essential” businesses) followed by hand-outs will have similar success.

        1. Well, sure–how many long-time small businesses went into the tank over the last several months, while the market share of big-box stores and Amazon continued to increase? Now that the Dems have gone all-in on globalist corporatism, they don’t need to be concerned about those small businesses anymore, nor what happens to the people running them.

      3. A national 4-6 week lockdown like these assholes are threatening might legitimately cornhole whatever functioning economy we currently have right now.

        It’s almost enough to make you wonder if maybe that’s the whole point. They need an excuse to seize the means of production, 86’ing what’s left of the economy could provide the crisis opportunity to do just that. Not saying I actually believe that, it’s more likely that they’re actually just that stupid (Occam’s Razor and all that), but if their intention was to destroy what’s left of our economy in order to justify a government takeover, would their actions look any different? And does it really matter if they’re doing it on purpose or because of stupidity when the end result is the same?

        1. Keep in mind that the people advising Biden are all-in on the Great Reset program that the World Economic Forum put together. Considering the hard-on these types have for One World Government globalism, I wouldn’t put it past them to deliberately tank the US economy again just so they could justify implementing that agenda.

      4. We’re going to get herd immunity whether we like it or not. We’re just going to get their slowly and with more damange to the economy.

  37. We need to stop criminalizing drug use & addiction.

    Why do I get a funny feeling that there’s a second part to that statement? By “stop criminalizing” it, I assume he doesn’t mean “it’s none of the state’s business”, I’m assuming he means “we must start medicalizing it” which means this whole huge bureaucratic state system of government-funded treatment programs which drug users will be funneled into against their wishes. “You’re not a criminal who needs to be punished, you’re just sick in the head and need to be treated!”

    1. ^this. it’s always this

  38. No no you told us Donald Trump wasn’t doing anything and you wanted change. Now enjoy that change because it’s good for you.

    1. Cite where Reason complained that “Donald Trump wasn’t doing anything”. I recall lots of articles complaining about things Trump was actively doing. E.g. persecuting Tik Tok.

      1. Jesus, WK, they wrote continually about ‘Trump mismanagement of the COVID-19 epidemic’ for months. They want more testing and more contract tracing, which might lead to more controlled quarantines, but those are still quarantines of many people who are not sick or not at risk.

        1. I saw several articles by Ron Bailey calling for more testing. I don’t recall his calling for more contact tracing, although I may be misremembering — are you sure you aren’t just enhancing your memories of what Reason writers have actually said, with a false memory that they called for more contact tracing?

          1. a false memory that they called for more contact tracing

            Look at this guy. Listens to one FBI interrogation and suddenly is a gaslighting expert.

  39. The good side of this is now these loser, cowardly, criminal sons of bitches in masks and lovers of lockdowns won’t have Trump to blame.

    They’ll have to own it and then people will be able to backdate it to even the Trump years about how incompetent and idiotic officials are – and them for voting for what’s about to come.

    1. But they will enjoy owning it, and will celebrate bringing capitalism to an end.

    2. That’s a pretty thin silver lining Rufus. See above; “Trump’s incompetence makes Andrew Cuomo’s performance look better than it is”

      Trump’s incompetence didn’t mask Cuomo’s performance, the media overtly used Trump’s “incompetence” to mask it. Now that the right people are in charge, the Pravda will make sure that the right people get credit for fixing Cuomo’s mistake. Hard to cheer too loudly as Antipov, Kirov, and Schvernik get erased from photographs no matter how much they may’ve deserved it.

      1. as Antipov, Kirov, and Schvernik get erased from photographs

        That is a damn fine deep state reference right there!

    3. That’s not how it works. When Andrew Cuomo gets to write a book on what a great job he did handling the coronavirus and people don’t beat him to death with a stick, it’s obvious that truth has no meaning to these people. They’ll continue blaming it all on Trump and just make up shit to justify their doing so, and who’s going to say otherwise? I mean, remember when Anthony Fauci wanted $300 million worth of masks and Trump told him to go to hell, that he wasn’t going to spend one thin dime on anybody that didn’t vote for him? And then when Fauci begged for the money, Trump laughed at him and threw a cheeseburger at his head? (Trump claimed that he was just gesturing widely and the cheeseburger just slipped out and accidentally hit Fauci, but that’s highly improbable.) Remember when that happened? You remember when that happened, don’t you? Remember the story about the cheeseburger? Aw, you’re probably going to claim you don’t remember that and that never happened. Typical Trumpalo denying what we all clearly remember happening.

      1. Dude, I seriously just googled ‘trump fauci cheesburger’.

        Thank you so much for the laugh, I really needed that.

      2. When Cuomo gets to write a book congratulating himself? I have bad news for you bud. Those ghost writers work fast.

        1. The book is noted as being #1 Best Seller in Forensic Medicine, which is a subcategory of ‹ Medical Books‹ Medicine‹ Internal Medicine‹ Pathology. How many copies do they have to sell to be at the top of that list?

  40. Well ya, 40% of the US has refused to take the basic public health measures recommended since the start, so state governments taking more drastic measures is expected. They claim they want no lockdowns, and no schools and business closures, yet refuse to do what it takes to avoid those.

    1. You’re an idiot. You should intern at Reason.

    2. Well ya, 40% of the US has refused to take the basic public health measures recommended since the start

      Someone hasn’t watched the concurrent skyrocketing case numbers in Democrat-controlled areas, it seems.

    3. That’s a nice loophole. Getting to 100% compliance isn’t possible, so the politicians will always be able to claim that.

    4. So did we flattened the curve with 40% non-compliance or with 60% compliance we didn’t make a dent, which argument are you advancing?

    5. Even if the problem is that we’re disobedient, what are you gonna do about it–replace the drug war with pandemic police?

      The solution to disobedient people is not the coercive power of government, and if other people exercising their free will is a problem for you, then the only appropriate response is, “Fuck off, slaver!”

      1. replace the drug war with pandemic police?

        It’s coming. Get ready.

    6. They claim they want no lockdowns, and no schools and business closures, yet refuse to do what it takes to avoid those.

      Recall their governors?

    7. Damn right. And the more it’s mandated, the more I will refuse. Some things are more important than not catching one particular virus.

    8. Fuck off, slaver.

      1. Keen beat me to it.

    9. Enjoy your senile crook president and his corrupt prosecutor sidekick.

  41. Didn’t read the article about the cruise ships (People is still around in print form?), but what are the details? Are the cases infections or it’s just more of the same old tired bull shit of just plain old cases?

    1. One. Case.

      1. Then ENB is an idiot for the line and her link.

        1. No, she’s an idiot for all the other lines and links. Not the least of which was the kid she said DC police shot in the back running away from the cops when bodycam footage, which she and Reason advocated for, showed the kid was shot in the chest, gun in hand, running towards cops.

          One case being contorted to her idiocy is just par for the course. At this point, she’s doing a disfavor to women’s agency.

          1. It’s reached the point where I’m certain she’s a pathological liar.

  42. I have a process question for folks who have voted by mail: how is the secrecy of the “secret ballot” maintained? Wouldn’t it be possible for the state to link you to the ballot you submitted and thus know who you voted for? (And don’t waste my time with “but they would never do that!”)

    1. When I voted by mail my name was on the envelope, but not the ballot. I asked them about it at the town hall and they said they use the name on the envelope to check you off the roles so you can’t go vote again in person on election day, and the ballot is just fed into the machine.

      1. That’s how I understand it to work in my state. But you have to trust them not to link the two.

        1. They would need a database and a means of entering the information, and it every municipality that counts votes would have to participate. I’m not worried about it.

          1. They would need a database and a means of entering the information, and it every municipality that counts votes would have to participate.

            This is exceedingly naive. How do you think they knew where you were allowed to vote?

            “They couldn’t possibly institute single-payer. They’d need a database keeping track of everyone’s medical history and every hospital where anyone could get treated would have to participate.”

            “They couldn’t possibly institute a social justice reputation system. They’d need a database to keep track of everyone’s socio-political preference and every media outlet would have to participate.”

            This mentality is pretty gullible/ill-informed by 1990s standards. I’m not asserting fraud or whatever, but the idea that setting up a database and keeping track of millions of people is some sort of feat or that everyone involved in such a task would have to be duly informed and fully consenting participants is just dumb.

            1. Setting up the database is easy. I could do it. It’s the entering of the information. Anonymous voting is considered to be sacred. To start storing this information you’d need staff at the polls to enter the information, knowingly removing the anonymity of voting. It would require a grand conspiracy among poll workers who take the trust that is invested in them very seriously. I don’t see it happening.

              1. To start storing this information you’d need staff at the polls to enter the information,

                Again, you say this like it’s 1992 and we don’t all have GPS-enabled text-to-speech translators that the FBI/NSA/CIA can turn on at any minute sitting on our hips. Campaigns already pay for a good chunk of this information. Nobody needs to enter jack shit. They could probably get poll workers to update their software the night before the election and make sure their bluetooth is turned on throughout the day. I can already get emails sent to my phone for my mail every step of the way between my house and the destination. GPS order tracking is standard even if you don’t pay for it.

                Again, not saying I know this to have happened. Just that the “They’d need a bank of secretaries using No. 2 pencils to start collecting information for it to work.” is bordering on willfully stupid.

                1. “They’d need a bank of secretaries using No. 2 pencils to start collecting information for it to work.” is bordering on willfully stupid.

                  And, yes, I’m being a bit hyperbolic/facetious. But my point still stands, the same crypto that says secrecy/anonymity is perfect also says that you can’t know the answer is unassailable. Moreover, no matter how secure the crypto itself is, zero knowledge still applies.

            2. You would need thousands of people at thousands of polling stations entering that information and willfully violating voter anonymity, meanwhile keeping it a secret. That’s the hard part. Not the database. And I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

              1. Paranoid, delusional, disaffected hillbillies may be my favorite culture war casualties.

                Mostly because they’re so much fun to mock.

                1. I find that to be true of asshole-bigots, asshole-bigot.

                2. Most people aren’t self-loathing enough to mock their own immediate family, but Arthur L. Hicklib can’t get over his white trash roots.

    2. Isn’t there some ‘chain of custody’ protocol? Even that has been alleged to not have been followed.

    3. Nope. In Oregon and Utah, you sign the outer envelope. The ballot goes into a ‘secrecy envelope’ inside the outer envelope which is intended to be separated once the signature is verified.

      That is the thing about recounts. If there was fraud at the signature verification stage or envelopes delivered after the cutoff, it is impossible to separate those ballots back out for a recount. That is why PA was supposed to keep any late ballots separate, which there are claims that they refused to do.

    4. teh envelope and ballot should be tagged with a bar code that can only be used to confirm that you voted and tracking but we know that would be abused so f it


    If this were a movie, Gates is confronted by Indiana Jones on top of a building while maniacally waving a vaccine that promises to eradicate half the world’s population. They scuffle. Jones, naturally, socks him and gets his hands on the vile as Gates losing his footing the ledge and falls to his justified death.

    Also, the virus may be mutating and antibodies don’t stick.

    That could pose a huge problem for Pfizer and Mr. Evil.

    Problem is, officials stupidly bet their horses on a vaccine and good luck walking that back from a population they psychologically bruised and battered.

    Sweden every day shows they’re smarter than everyone.

    1. socks him and gets his hands on the vile

      Vile/vial. Freudian slip? Tell us how you really feel about Gates, Mr. Rufus.

      Mr. Evil

      I see…

  44. Amazing how the left calls Trump a dictator but ignores Cuomo’s diktats.

    1. Did you hear them cry ‘MUH CORONA!’ when Biden Bro-Zombies took to the streets to celebrate a senile, corrupted, bigoted, idiotic, borderline pedo, Irish hoodlum?

    2. Yeah, calling Trump a dictator while most of the governors have actually made themselves dictators.

  45. Vice president-elect Kamala Harris “is the first female vice president. The first Black vice president,” and “the first South Asian vice president. But, as some have mistakenly claimed, she is not the first multiracial vice president or the first one of color,” notes The Washington Post. “That distinction belongs to Charles Curtis, who served as vice president to Herbert Hoover from 1929 to 1933.

    “Yeah, but that was, like, 100 years ago or some junk, and he was, like, still a man (yuck) and he was, like, half white, so… like, fuck that guy.” – morons

  46. ENB links to two articles that take Walz’s side without context. Apparently this far left dictator gets reason koch’s editors all atwitter. Do a little more research and you see a fraud of a governor in a failing state because of democrats who cannot lead. Liberaltarians don’t like to check out the facts though.

  47. London has erected a new statue honoring early feminist writer Mary Wollstonecraft, and everyone hates it.

    Thanks for nothing, asshole. I started reading that article and immediately lost about 40 IQ points, which I can ill-afford to lose since I’ve already gotten the, uh, thing where, you know, uh, you know, the thing, uh, whatchamacallit, dang it, I can’t remember what the thing is, whatever. What were we talking about? My brainy parts feel funny.

    1. Mr. President-elect? Is that you?

  48. educate, educate, educate…… stop even talking about force. the second you start talking about force, everything else you say is ignored as people reflexively hate it. this is why there is stupid anti-mask BS and other conspiracy theories out there to begin with. if those in power had done their job…. informed people, given people guidance, let the data drive reality, advocated personal responsibility and voluntary action…… all this would be going much better.

    and, not only do the lock downs lead to reflexive resistance, they also create false start and stop points. eventually you have to lift the lock down, and people go back out with the attitude that it is all over. when you try to take responsibility out of people’s hands, they stop taking responsibility for themselves.

    businesses were shifting to at home work forces, movies were delaying releases, large gathering events like sports were canceling, the world was losing it’s mind for hand sanitizer and additional cleaning in businesses (and toilet paper, masks were starting to be worn……. all before a single lock down. all voluntarily. where this whole thing went off the rails is when they stopped relying on voluntary actions and started exercising force to control people’s lives.

    1. if those in power had done their job…. informed people, given people guidance, let the data drive reality, advocated personal responsibility and voluntary action…… all this would be going much better.

      Considering several decades of medical research indicated that masks were ineffective at preventing community spread of a virus–which is exactly why the WHO and Fauci were telling us not to buy masks early in the pandemic–and this stance suddenly did a 180 after March of this year, it’s not exactly hard to see why there would be resistance to mandating mask-wearing.

      1. But it’s your fault they screwed up. See?

      2. you need to stop believing lies you saw on twitter. of course, nobody was spreading those lies until it was suggested someone might force you to wear one. (which was my point.)

        1. Feel free to cite any medical study published prior to March of this year that showed mask-wearing prevented community spread of a virus.

          Your powers of clairvoyance eats more ass than a porn star.

    2. educate, educate, educate…… stop even talking about force.

      The problem is at the end of the day, “government is force,” as a really smart guy once said. The only tool they have at their disposal is force and coercion and “when all you have is a hammer, eventually every problem starts to look like a nail.” So it was inevitable that the government would use force because that’s all they can do, really. The fact that most people were already starting to change their behavior doesn’t mean dick to them, especially to progressive “leaders.”

      Besides, using force to make people do things is the only way progressives can get hard. Surely you don’t want your “betters” to have to go without boners, do you?

    3. All of this right here. Once you cross the line from voluntary to coercive, all sorts of bad things need to happen to ensure “compliance.”

      “Don’t smoke that plant” is good advice.

      “You can’t smoke that plant” leads to the drug war.

      Masks are the same way.

  49. >>Surging coronavirus cases, surging restrictions.

    tyranny. and you assholes are the cheerleaders.

    1. if you talk about reality and give facts, you hate freedom!!! the only way people can be free is if they are completely uninformed and encouraged to do the stupidest thing possible!!!!!

      1. lol dude April called said it wants it loser arguments back.

        1. not surprising that i am not the first person to point out how stupid you are.

          1. dude you can’t even spell food

  50. James Lankford from Oklahoma, a Repuke, says he will make sure by Friday Joe starts getting the intel he needs, even if Trump doesn’t approve it…..

  51. >>Vice president-elect Kamala Harris


    1. Lethally reckless, delusional bigots are among my favorite culture war casualties.

      Your betters mock you, clingers.

      1. Your betters mock asshole-bigots, asshole bigot.

      2. not if I mock myself first! oh wait.

        1. I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!

  52. FFS “We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed” ~ toddler trump BYE DON…..
    click here for more trump info..thanks.. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAIL

  53. So, let’s recap:
    – JesseAz repeats talking point about Benford’s Law (f’ing up and calling it “Brenfords Law” because he isn’t really familiar with Benford’s Law, although he is bluffing and trying to sound like he knows all about statistic forensic analysis of elections). Several people, including me, look into Benford’s Law and post links here about how it isn’t valid to analyze precinct-level election results with Benford’s Law.
    – JesseAz repeats talking point that Richard Hopkins did not recant his affidavit. I actually listen to the two-hour audio and find out that Hopkins signed an affidavit written by Project Veritas that doesn’t accurately reflect his memories, that after talking to the postal inspectors he wrote and signed a new statement, written in his own words, that “corrects” his affidavit, reducing the original story down to his having partially overheard a conversation, and assumed virtually all of the accusations he made in the Project Veritas affidavit. So, he didn’t totally recant, but he did sign a correction that leaves very little of his original accusations intact. “Recant” seems to be wording originating with the House committee leaker; it is too strong a characterization of what happened, but it isn’t that far off.
    – JesseAz bluffs about knowing Wisconsin gun laws, but meanwhile Kyle Rittenhouse’s friend is in legal trouble for purchasing a rifle for Rittenhouse. I went and read all of Wisconsin’s gun laws, and can confirm that it was illegal for Rittenhouse to be carrying the rifle unless he was hunting with adult supervision.

    1. do you think about JesseAz when you’re not here?

      1. I do when I’m painting a bathroom stall white.
        I love you Jess~

      2. Yes, and he thinks of me. I find him talking about me all the time on comment threads where I am not even participating.

    2. JesseAz, maybe you should lay off repeating right-wing talking points and bluffing that you know things you don’t know.

      1. And you should probably just ignore him, as he should you.

        1. Or, he could go full Michael Hihn, which is the option he seems to be choosing.

          1. He’ll have to ingest bottles of pills to reach such a level.
            Also, RIP.

  54. Don’t like these state lockdowns? Just wait ’till you see what biden’s cooking up. Good job ENB, I’m sure the ‘libertarian’ support you threw behind him will pay dividends in the influence you and ‘the numbers’ will be able to wield in the new administration……..

  55. I would 100% take a cruise because I’m not scared of the virus.

    But ENB thinks I must be an idiot because I don’t share her preferences.

    1. I would if it didn’t sound boring as hell.

      1. Yeah. I’ve taken a half day cruise from Miami to the Bahamas. Besides being boring, you pay stadium level prices for beer. You’re at their mercy.

  56. They should be strongly advising people to go out between 10PM and 5AM — it’s less crowded and they’re less likely to catch COVID-19.

  57. More lockdowns? Arbitrary bedtimes? Arbitrary guest count limits?


  58. So Harris isn’t even the first Indian VP.

  59. All of these “scientific” Governors should be tarred and feathered and run out on a rail. Their not basing their choices on science. It’s all a power grab. The control freaks need the fear. They feast on it like fucking vultures. They have no idea what the Law of Unintended Consequences are and they wish they could just lock all of us up, quite honestly. Government policy has pushed more than 8 million people in this country into poverty this year. The toll on human life is incredible. The Misery Index…. All so we won’t get the Corona Sniffles. Drink from the garden hose, go outside and play in the dirt, take your vitamin D, eat healthy and make good choices (for the choices they’ve left us). Oh, and wash your hands, please.

    1. They’re*

  60. Appellate judge in PA sides with trump campaign and tosses thousands of mailin ballots.

  61. These tiers will be strengthened compared to the previous tiers in order to prevent a return to growing infections. We know that social contact spreads the virus. We need to impose these restrictions and it is right to target the toughest measures only in the areas where the virus is most prevalent or where we are seeing sharper increases in the rate of infection.

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