Portland Protests

Even With a Biden Win, Portland's Protesters Vow to Keep Smashing Stuff

Portland’s protesters aren’t going to fade away after the election, but are they stuck in a rut?


"WHOEVER THEY VOTE FOR, WE ARE UNGOVERNABLE," reads one of the flyers for the event taking place the day after the presidential election, organized in part by the PNW Youth Liberation Front. The idea that activists in Portland, at least the kind we see breaking windows and spitting in cops' faces, are in the bag for the Democrats is a product of binary thinking. Sure, they hate the president, but anyone willing to be disabused of the notion that they prefer liberalism can check out their tweet at 11:30 p.m. on election night—"Fuck Trump, Fuck Biden, death to America! We want something better than this trash, and we're going to take it."

The first step to "taking it" begins in Portland's North Park Blocks at 2 p.m., though at start time it's not more than people in street clothes carrying stockpots of soup and cases of water out of minivans and setting up folding tables featuring flyers like, "Are You An Anarchist? (the answer may surprise you!)." 

By 3:30, a guy on the mic is talking about best practices when you are arrested, especially the importance of filming every encounter with the police.

"What you're doing is you're creating a clear record that you invoked your right to remain silent and asked to see a lawyer," he says. "You're reminding the good cops to be good cops—and I say good cops carefully. That's not to say that the good cops won't try to ruin your life and your friend's life and your family's life and your children's lives, because they will, that's their job…they will follow the law when they're in the process of trying to ruin your life." 

The maybe 150 people in attendance react with ennui; it's likely they've heard it before. Many of them have been in the streets at least since May 27 and while there have been more than 1,000 arrests, very few—owing to new rules by the district attorney—have stuck. That there is little fear of consequence, maybe, adds to the general lassitude.

If the crowd grows more animated when a young man named Truth explains why he voted for Biden—"With this election, I chose who I wanted to fight…I would much rather to fight a feeble-minded neoliberal than a narcissistic racist neo-fascist."—it's pretty clear politics bores them, too, but that what animates them is the fight, the release that comes with screaming in people's faces and breaking whatever is at hand.

Still, anarchy needs fuel; where to get it? From the uniform, evidently—the head-to-toe black covering that today strikes me as unfathomably sad, a squandering of youth and beauty they will never get back. The repetition of engagement is likewise depressing, the same mission night after night, the same sloganeering, the same objects of hatred: Mayor Ted Wheeler and the Portland police. If the protesters show remarkable tolerance for repetition, for the endless spray painting of FUCK TED and the chanting of, "All Cops Are Bastards—ACAB!", there is less willingness to try anything new, or not more new than infusing the same actions with more violence.

The anticipation of which you can feel as the clock ticks toward 5 p.m., as the music in the back of a pickup bumps up, and a murder of crows, just visible above the tall oaks, circles and caws in a way that might, if one is feeling poetic, seem eerie or ominous. 

But there's no poetry—it's the same marching; the same slogans; the same shining of high-beam flashlights into people's apartments; the same marching down Burnside, turning up Broadway; the same motorcycle riders clearing anyone up ahead; the same pickup trucks protecting the now maybe 400 protesters as they pass the venerable strip club Mary's Club and the luxury Benson Hotel, which claims to have hosted "every U.S. president since William H. Taft." Then they turn east, passing the Apple Store, which months ago tried to proactively protect its tall glass windows with plywood painted with pro-Black Lives Matter imagery. No luck: The protesters just threw the rocks higher.

"Check it out," my friend says, as a guy playing a banjo and his friend pass. They are each carrying rifles, not the usual M.O. of the antifa/BLM crew. Maybe I am wrong about their being unwilling to try anything new. Later, these two will tell me that they are here to protect people; that the other side—meaning, in their telling, the Proud Boys, though there do not appear to be any Proud Boys around tonight—have guns and they need to, too.

"We've started carrying in Portland and overall, we've gotten a great reception," says banjo player, who hands his rifle to another friend so he can strum a few chords. "It's nothing to be ashamed of, also, not everyone should do it. As long as you're cool-headed and know what you're doing."

Two minutes from the Apple Store, past an uncounted number of street tents and several piles of fresh vomit, the protesters intersect with a second protest, people holding "EVERY VOTE COUNTS" signs and a drumline and hundreds marching south, to where a bandstand of sorts is set up, with a deejay and messages of unity beamed onto the wall overlooking the Willamette River. This second event, put on by the Defend Democracy Coalition, kicks off with a heavyset man on the mic.

"Stop standing separately and get the fuck over here!" shouts the man in the direction of the antifa/BLM crew, who've parked themselves on the sidewalk across the street and do not, despite the man's entreaty that, "What we need to do is unify right now. Stop the fucking drama," show any sign of moving. 

The speakers—a rabbi, a member of a local native tribe, a longtime black activist—all talk of better understanding, of the work they have done for decades, of pulling together with resilience. By the time the native woman has counseled us to "keep respect in your heart for other people and more than anything, give the love," the crew across the street is on the move, marching west, greeted, as they pass Voodoo Donuts, by a canned message from a cop car up the block.

"This is the unified command of the Oregon State Police and Multnomah County Sheriff's office…"

"Go fuck yourself!"

"Fuck you!"

"We support your right to freedom of speech but please do not engage in criminal activity. If you engage in criminal activity, you will be subject to citation or arrest."

And then, quicker than I've seen before, the protesters and the cops are gone, with the exception of one almost child-size black bloc member, who films us from behind and then scoots around a corner.

"They're over by the Benson," says my friend, who's got a tracker of sorts on her phone. 

"It's such a shame," says a uniformed employee of the hotel, scrubbing freshly sprayed "ACAB" and "BLM" graffiti off the outside wall. "I asked the guy to stop, and he's just such a jerk. 'Oh, you guys are in business, you can afford it, it's no problem.' Yeah, right."

But for an antifa medic truck—a pickup with its front bumper falling off—there is no sign of the protesters, but we can hear them, can hear shouts and sirens. One more corner turn and there are dozens of police and sheriff vehicles with their lights blazing, parked alongside a strip of stores whose plate glass windows have just now been smashed in, including Wildfang, an apparel store whose tagline is "f*cking with gender stereotypes since 2013," and in whose window, or what remains of its window, hangs the message, "HATE CANNOT DRIVE OUT HATE. ONLY LOVE CAN DO THAT—MLK."

"When I heard [them] coming this way, I kind of just sat across the street and kind of watched it happen, because there was no way I could stop it," says Ryan, who works at Wildfang and who now stands in a pile of broken glass and waits for the plywood people to arrive. "So hammers and rocks and anything they can use to just [break] our windows as they ran by," he adds. "And there was nothing the police can do because they're running."

Ryan estimates there were more than a hundred of them, some of whom are currently around the corner, slipping on piles of broken glass as the police press in on them.

"PUT YOUR MASKS ON, YOU MURDERERS!" a protester shouts from inside the melee.

A guy looking at Wildfang's broken windows says to his friend, "Who would do anything like this?" 

The haw-haw-haw in his voice is unmistakable. I go up to the guy and point out Ryan, tell him that he works at Wildfang, that he might have a family—

"Who the fuck are you? Get the fuck out of my face," says the guy, who wears a mask with the words, I CAN'T BREATHE, which, to be honest, is pretty clever, even if his level of discourse is not—a not unexceptional occurrence when trying to talk with the antifa/BLM crew: You ask questions, they tell you to go fuck yourself. Which tells me they either have no interest in engaging or are incapable of doing so, in which case, I have only their actions to show me their intentions. So far, what they've mastered seems little more than what the toddler knows, how to smash and how to scream.

I turn from the guy telling me to go fuck myself to find three young people filming me with their phones, asking me questions, making accusations, telling me variously that they know who I am and that they've never heard of me, all in a kind of snotty tone. I can understand how someone would find this intimidating. I find it boring, as is—no disrespect intended—what happens as soon as the police move out, the burning of an American flag. Every night it's the same show, making one wonder when they will get some new ideas, when they might tilt toward joy, when they will become capable of building as avidly as they destroy.

NEXT: The 2020 Election Results Look Like a Massive Rebuke of Socialism

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  1. Shocked face…where did I leave my shocked face…

    1. It is utter insanity. But OR is free choosing to tolerate it. Let them have it.

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    3. I dunno… you probably dropped it when you went to get your “Awesome!” face for that time when armed morons in Hawaiian shirts setting out to start a race war marched through the streets.

      1. The ones that shot the black teenagers driving through CHAZ?

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      2. Oh, look. A commie.

        Stupid fuck.

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      3. You mean the pro-BLM Boogaloo Boyz? Those guyz?

    4. Shoot into the crowd

    5. Gee, I’m still waiting for a group of these communist tools to come marching down my street. I wonder why they don’t?

  2. Why isn’t prosecuting to the fullest extent each and every person arrested for the most serious crimes like assault, arson, and destruction of property the obvious answer?

    1. It is and that is exactly what they will do. The rioting hurt Democrats and whatever use it has is now over. Antifa was always cannon fodder. They will either sit down and go with the program or end up dead or in jail. They are no longer useful to the party.

      1. End up dead?! Hyperbole much?!

        Prosecutors will prosecute anyone who was actually breaking the law and they’ll get their time in court.

        The vast majority of protestors were not involved in illegal activity despite the way the OP chose to imply that all protesters were rioting. And the OP is correct to say that the anarchists aren’t interested in anything but a new government. They’re just like the right-wing militias hoping to start a race war.

        1. Wearing all black so arsonists, assaulted, and even murderers, allowing them to blend into the all black crowd and slowing down police in pursuit are involving themselves in riots no matter how ignorant you choose to be.

        2. Enough protestors have been rioting nationwide that the cost of damage is in the.Neighborhood of $2 billion. That isn’t just a few bad apples.

      2. They already brought in the National Guard and voted NOT to defund the police.

        Just after the election.


      3. I see no evidence it hurt them that much.

        Which also means I have no real argument against far right violence

    2. And put a disproportionate number of Black men in jail? I don’t think so you backward racist!

      1. I doubt there are very many blacks in those Portland crowds.

      2. Luckily, these are all a bunch of spoiled white brat LARPers, so they can be jailed with impunity once their usefulness to the lefties is over. Which happened right about 8pm Nov. 3rd.

      3. Portland is arguably the whitest big city in the US. I think even Salt Lake City is more diverse, thanks to all the Polynesian Mormons that live there.

        1. Gated community for the super diverse.

          You’re a gay Republican scuba diver? Sorry, we already have one of those.

      4. If they’re breaking the law, it ain’t racism, you back-woods idiot. It’s long-overdue justice!

    3. Because its Portland, dontchya know? That’s how da gummit roll these days.

    4. Because Soros and his billions got fellow communists elected to positions of power when people didn’t pay attention. The Portland DA is bought and paid for. He “dismissed” riot charges against THOUSANDS! And Soros also bought Sec. of State in many states. They control elections. This is why the chaos in election returns and millions of ILLEGAL votes going to the communists and Biden. If we don’t wise up in 2 years the U.S. of A. is OVER!

  3. Why should a conservative care if lib cities burn? They voted this destruction upon themselves. If you lay with dogs you get fleas right?

    1. They do not confine themselves to Portland and Seattle, they’ve already bused people to other cities to start shit. Contrary to how lefties smear conservative gun owners, most don’t want to shoot anyone and would prefer to not be put in a position where it seems like that’s the best option.

      I’d rather not see an American city burned down by a violent mob but if it’s Portland it doesn’t really affect me. I care a lot more if they decide to come to my town when they’re done with Portland.

      1. They do not confine themselves to Portland and Seattle, they’ve already bused people to other cities to start shit.

        That’s a big reason why, if they come to your town, the people to actually go after first in their crowd are the green-hatted/green-vested National Lawyers Guild representatives. Those commie fuckheads are the who make sure these guys get their charges dropped whenever they get arrested. They also typically act as spotters and coordinators to direct the crowds during the riots, so if they get removed, the mob tends to lose its energy quite fast because the chain of command breaks down instantly. Same thing applies to the ones who are on the bullhorns.

    2. And THIS is why I don’t care if Biden wins and the Dems roll in with a thousand years of urban plague.

      No fucks given.

  4. …what animates them is the fight, the release that comes with screaming in people’s faces and breaking whatever is at hand.

    The fight against free commerce and private property (or as much of either as one can have in Portland, I suppose).

    1. And here I thought it was the fight against systemic racism in the justice system and the way cops can shoot 12yo black kids and not even get fired let alone go to jail for it.

      Which part of Tamir Rice’s experience is “free commerce” or “private property” related? What animates the current protests is a realization that systemic racism is morally repugnant.

      1. And here I thought it was the fight against systemic racism in the justice system and the way cops can shoot 12yo black kids and not even get fired let alone go to jail for it.

        Nah, that wasn’t it.

      2. its been four or five years now since a white kid about 12 years old, was carrying a bright plastic toy puff dart gun that he’d borrowed from a friend, and it quit working, so he was walking the few blocks through their neighbourhood to bring it back to him and work out the issue with the toy gun. White Sheriff spotted him and shot him dead. I’ve never heard one word about that incident since the week it happened, nor about what did/did not happen to the cop.

        What’s this tripe about “systemic racism”? Hard numbers reveal that cops shoot more than twice as many unarmed white fokes avery year than they shoot unarmed black fokes. And armed black fokes shoot several times as many cops each year than do fokes of every other colour.

        Truth has a way of getting buried under the emotional and political rhetoric being spewed about everywhere these days, and Antifa/BLM are the champions of the spew.

        1. This Biden experiment testifies to the fact that humans can be propagandized with impunity and a majority will believe anything. And even if the majority didn’t fall for it, they’ll fall for the propaganda that says the majority voted for it.

          Now they can make they’re own reality, knowing we’ll subserviently nod in agreement, patting ourselves on the back about how woke we are for voting for sleepy Joe.

      3. (Roaring belly laughter)

  5. Imagine when Trump vs Biden case in SCOTUS give Trump the relection. Elections have consequences!

    You havent seen Lefties rage.

    1. You haven’t been watching the counts, have you? Looks like GA, PA, NV, and AZ are going blue this year. Biden could end up with over 300 electoral votes. Biden has nearly 4 million votes more than Trump as well.

      Things could still change, but Trump’s chances are exceptionally low at this point.

      1. It’s such a landslide that that it’s taken days to figure out who won!
        Is being brain-dead a requirement to become a lefty, or do you get your brains sucked out after you do so?

        1. Biden is up by less total votes on battleground states than Trump won by. Major landslide.

          1. If the courts fail us, we need to organize and shit down the country to stop the democrats. I’m thinking along the lines of the things Gandhi organized, but a little more militant.

            These prog bastardized can be allowed to get away with this. It’s our country, not theirs.

      2. Poor Lefties they forgot Trump won recounts and election court cases in 2016.

        Now there are millions of illegal mailin ballots that can be tossed.

        1. Nope, they are mixed in with the rest now. No way to filter them out.

          1. Seems like that would leave certifications delayed last dec 14th. The courts ordered ballot segregation in pa.

          2. There are potential remedies for that. If not, then a solution must be forced.

      3. December 14th. If the lawsuits remain active through then and not enough states can certify their electors, the election gets thrown to the House where each state gets 1 vote. Currently 26 states have a majority of their collective house members.

        Anything is possible. Especially given the issues being exposed in the Dominion software.

  6. I can’t comment yet because and have to go make popcorn and settle in. I get so excited when a new episode of Rommelmann Live gets posted.

    1. +100

  7. The questions was never whether antifa supports Biden specifically. That isn’t their role.

    The question was whether the left’s power brokers support antifa and the riots and/or are allowing them to happen for political reasons. We discovered the answer is yes when Wheeler started to arrest them on serious charges as soon as the election was over after previously refusing to do so.

    1. Are they actually being charged with anything, though, or is it just catch-and-release like its been all summer and fall?

    2. Palpatine supported the separatists until he consolidated his power base. Then they were eliminated in sort order.

  8. Sounds like a fun group. I wish them well. I hope they turn democrat cities into worse hellholes.

    1. Ft Worth voted Red. I’m trying to find another metropolitan city that voted Red. The rest all seem to be Blue… even Ft Worth’s partner Dallas is Blue.

      “Democrat city” is probably redundant.

      1. Houston reported deep blue but there are serious ‘”anomalies” in the voting… including stacks of “found” ballots , etc.

  9. past an uncounted number of street tents and several piles of fresh vomit

    This makes me so nostalgic for Portland! I barfed in the streets more than a few times there in my youth.

  10. “Stop standing separately and get the fuck over here!” shouts the man in the direction of the antifa/BLM crew, who’ve parked themselves on the sidewalk across the street and do not, despite the man’s entreaty that, “What we need to do is unify right now. Stop the fucking drama,”

    “PUT YOUR MASKS ON, YOU MURDERERS!” a protester shouts from inside the melee.

    If you ever wondered if the masks are anything but theater, anti-fa thinks so too…

  11. They are not protesters, they are rioters.
    Shoot them in the leg.

  12. The only thing shocking in this whole thing is that Ted Wheeler got re-elected. Seriously, with all the issues they have had, they re-elected the leaders that allowed all of this to happen?

    1. Communist party members were also pretty shocked when they found themselves kneeling in an NKVD basement under the orders of Comrade Stalin.

    2. It’s not surprising when you realize his only opposition was an actual communist who ran on a platform that Ted hadn’t conceded enough to the rioters.

      Maybe they are to blame for finding themselves with such a choice but on election day they didn’t have any good choices.

    3. The primary for Portland mayor doesn’t go by parties, and Wheeler’s opponent is very far left. She’s refused to denounce these protests. Wheeler lost because Portlanders are sick of this.

      1. Sorry – SHE lost because Portlanders are sick of this.

    4. Hey… I’ve been saying the same thing about the number of people voting for Trump, a serial sexual abuser white nationalist with an obvious distaste for democracy. He sent the national debt soaring to new heights without all the fiscal conservatives giving a single shit. And that closeted weasel Graham? How the heck did anyone, GOP or Dem vote for that piece of work?!

      1. Simple–John McCain’s cock broke off in his ass when McCain croaked, and now it functions as a spine.

        1. Funny as heck… but Graham has no spine, not even a penile implant with rigor mortis.

          1. He still managed to get more action than you, so you’re hardly one to mock.

            1. Lefty shit is hoping there’s a drive-in movie place nearby in the hopes of getting to second base.

      2. “…I’ve been saying the same thing about the number of people voting for Trump, a serial sexual abuser white nationalist with an obvious distaste for democracy…”

        Fucking lefty shits with TDS wake up in the morning spouting lies about Trump, do so all day long whether anyone cares about their bullshit or not, go to bed at night doing the same thing; Trump is there entire life…
        Tiresome little shits, aren’t they?

        1. All partisans are tiresome. Believers need their own species – they are dragging the rest of us down.

    5. The only choices were Wheeler and someone even more crazy.

    6. Mind you, he was way behind in the polls the entire time. Which shows that pollsters are only there for narrative and not reality.

  13. what they’ve mastered seems little more than what the toddler knows, how to smash and how to scream

    Nancy writes like Orwell. I have a huge crush on her.

    1. This article was gaslighting horseshit. Fuck that bitch.

  14. Nancy has given me a great idea. We should put conservatives into protective custody camps to safeguard them against violence.

    1. No need. Most conservatives self-segregate to “taker” Red states and make messes of their own economies for the sake of ideological purity.

      1. Soo why don’t you just leave us alone? It’s Democrats who keep insisting that every problem needs a federal solution, imposed by force on half the country.

      2. “Taker”? You mean when old NY citizens retire to FL because NY is a shithole?

      3. The economies that are growing faster than blue states and don’t have trillions in liabilities promised to unions?

      4. That statement is complete fiction. Which is expected, as you are an idiot.

  15. This reminds me of when there was a peaceful BLM protest in my city. The BLMers were chanting “I can’t breathe,” and a counter protestor on the other side of the street yelled “Take your masks off!” THAT was pretty clever.

  16. Who the fuck are these people?

    1. Anarchist hoping to overthrow the government. And they don’t care if it is Biden’s government or Trumps government.
      Which shows how stupid the government of Portland has been the last few months.

    2. Bored. Unemployed.

    3. They call themselves the “Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front”, though they’re not necessarily young, and don’t seem to have a clue what they’re liberating themselves from. They are basically against a lot of things but don’t seem to know what they’re FOR. The police keep arresting a few dozen a week for acts of violence, damage, or destruction (which ARE being prosecuted), but still they manage to gather crowds of a hundred or so. Portlanders were hoping the winter weather would end this, but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

      1. The cold rain is coming though! There’s hope!

    4. Answer: largely a bunch of strawmen invented for the sake of feeding conservative self-righteousness.

      1. Answer: A bunch of abysmally stupid lefty shits like this asshole.

      2. Yes. The hundreds of million in damage this summer was all a strawman argument.

      3. At this point I favor a civil war. If only for the silver lining that it will wipe the smug smirk off your face.


    5. They’re known as “useful idiots.”

      In this case, they’re useful to progs.

  17. You mean Biden’s feeble hand wringing won’t intimidate them?

    1. No, but the police will, and I suspect they’ll be allowed to do their jobs again now that rioting isn’t politically expedient.

      1. I suppose it can’t be trumps fault anymore.

        But biden suffers from white guilt too.

        1. Show ’em what real Nazis do, scumbag!

          1. You mean Israeli.

            Miko Peled is an Israeli, an author, a public speaker and the son of a famous Israeli general.

            He is also opposed to Israeli apartheid of Palestinians.

            In the following video he puts into perspective the facts that you won’t see in our media.

            Between 38:00 and 45:00 in the video he describes Israeli terrorism.


            1. Right, it’s the Palestinians that are peaceful, and the Israelis who want war.

              Peddle you’re anti Semitic bullshit somewhere else. Maybe WaPo or some other (even more) leftist rag. The left hates Jews, and Israel.

              1. Peled is a Jew, dipshit.

                Is he anti-Semitic because he exposes the truth about Israel?

                Dipshit Jews bandy that ridiculous term about to hide your ugly truth.

                1. I’ll explain my reference to that ridiculous term.

                  Here is the definition of Semitic.

                  “ of, relating to, or constituting a subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic language family that includes Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, and Amharic”

                  Jews only represent 25% of that group.

                  Only an extremely arrogant people would appropriate, take exclusive possession of, that term.

                  That’s what Jews do.

        2. Biden revels in having white guilt. It makes him one of the in crowd.

  18. I am sorry that communist woman lost the Portland mayoral election. The struggle sessions and show trials would have been LIT!

  19. “squandering of youth and beauty they will never get back”

    LOL. It’s like grandma is covering the riots.

    1. I see that as Nancy making her point about these sad, angry, peeps that are still hanging on to this protest. They are not having fun.

  20. these guys give anarchy a bad name. one good note….. imagine how much worse it would be if these guys were more effective at converting others to their anti-private property point of view instead of hurting defenseless shop owners….. how many people are actively pushed away from that through their actions?

    1. The greater the economic divide, the easier it will be for those anarchist yahoos to make converts. That’s the danger with letting the rich get richer at the expense of everyone else. Eventually, the idea of “eating the rich” starts to look like common sense.

      I know it’s not terribly libertarian of me to say this, but if you cannot keep the lower economic classes happy, they outnumber you by 9 to 1 and they’ll eventually make life miserable even for the richest among us. (the military is largely pulled from that same class, btw, so they’re not going to be much help.)

      1. Fuckin LOL–the tankies rioting in Portland and Denver are hardly of the lower economic classes. They’re largely upper middle class bourgeoisie, who either work in the local tech industry or are subsidized by mommy and daddy. I live in a majority Latino area, and the only place where any spiciness popped up was from the college students and a few townie upper middle class white kids when this all started. Thanks to COVID, there hasn’t been shit going on since the summer actually kicked off. Businesses didn’t even have to board up this week. The police have a crappy reputation, but the Mexican residents don’t give a rat’s ass whether they hurt black people, who are a very small minority and are mostly limited to a few Crips from California, who know not to fuck around lest they end up decapitated by some cartel acolyte looking to earn his spurs. Savior complex is a white leftist pretention.

        Blue-collar working class people, even Democratic ones, are too busy actually working to worry about rioting. Its the progressive white malbushim, saddled with tens of thousands in student loan debt from a useless degree, or tech goons who telework for half the day and then fuck around the rest of the time, who have time to do that.

      2. “…That’s the danger with letting the rich get richer at the expense of everyone else…”

        Idiotic claims like this are the danger of government schools. This pathetic piece of lefty shit hasn’t read what Trump’s efforts did prior to the D governors knee-capping the economy.

        1. Progtards see the economy as a zero sum game, as they produce nothing but Marxism.

      3. Well, you’ve never seemed libertarian before, so if you’re expecting surprised reactions…

        1. Whoops; comment meant for shawn_dude.

  21. “You ask questions, they tell you to go fuck yourself. Which tells me they either have no interest in engaging or are incapable of doing so”

    To be fair, it’s the same reaction I get from Dem friends with PhDs. Why hold antifa to a higher standard?

    1. “You ask questions, they tell you to go fuck yourself. Which tells me they either have no interest in engaging or are incapable of doing so”

      It’s the phenomenon of young people who are unable to react to reality in real time.

    2. Sounds like you need some new friends. Or at least tell them you’re going to stuff that PhD up their ass if they don’t apologize.

    3. To be fair, that’s the state of discourse on all sides these days. Even here in “Reason,” it’s largely dog-whistles and slogans. No one attempts to have a reasoned debate any longer. Even the OP title assumes bad faith on the part of all protesters rather than a more factual representation of the rioters as a small minority of participants. If the “journalists” here on Reason cannot even bother to represent things factually, there is no chance of honest discourse and the comment threads are largely a less angry version of 8kun as a result.

      1. “…No one attempts to have a reasoned debate any longer…”

        Given that shit-for-brains lefty ignoramuses like you show up; any attempt at ‘reasoned debate’ with slack-jawed lumps like you is wasted.

      2. I don’t want a debate. I don’t sit here waiting for people to reply to my posts. I have no idea why that would be entertaining. Once in a while I look back and see if anyone replied, but usually not for a day or so.
        There’s being interested in ideas, and then there’s wanting a reaction from an audience.
        Most people just want to talk about why they’re right. The idea of taking in outside information and synthesizing it into something better, is a total mystery.
        I think you haven’t been following Reason’s coverage of Portland for very long. Rommelmann is not restating the same things she wrote a few weeks ago. This is an installment in a series, not a one-off. There is some expectation that a reader will be familiar with the earlier installments. Several of those installments explore, in depth, who among the crowds in Portland is there for what reason. When you assert that Rommelmann is being dismissive of the protestors, it just shows you’re not paying attention.

  22. I stick by my prediction: They’ll evaporate faster than the anti-war protests of the Bush/Obama transition era.

    As Victor David Hansen wrote, this is not the protest movement of committed partisans, it’s the casual protest of middle class privileged white kids which turned violent because of the lack of consequences– evidence by the fact that the moment any consequences did appear (on rare occasion) the protester immediately started crying like a little bitch.

    There are upper-middle class LARPERs parroting a marxist theology who are nominal centrist Democrat Biden supporters.

    The Bush-era anti-war supporters were in the same boat. They didn’t give two shits about War, they just didn’t like Bush, so they hitched a ride on a movement. Once the critical mass of non-committed, upper middle class carpet baggers saw their guy in office, they went home.

    1. “”They’ll evaporate faster than the anti-war protests of the Bush/Obama transition era.””

      Kinda of like those who said it’s the Senate’s job to select a judge when SCOTUS has a vacancy.

    2. There are more consequences for rioters in Portland than for cops who shoot unarmed black Americans. And those “LARPERs” were willing to get shot, clubbed, gassed, and drug into unmarked vans and interrogated by anonymous Federal agents for their beliefs.

      You can try to minimize their willingness to get out there and put their body in jeopardy for their beliefs from the safety of your keyboard but the facts aren’t on your side.

      1. And those “LARPERs” were willing to get shot, clubbed, gassed, and drug into unmarked vans and interrogated by anonymous Federal agents for their beliefs.

        No, they’re actually not, because they know they’ve been largely handled with kid gloves so far. That’s why you don’t see riots last for long in Republican-run areas. The riots in Lancaster lasted a single night after the people who got arrested were saddled with million-dollar bail sentences. Kenosha dried up after Antifa got its shit pushed in by a pudgy 17-year-old who was in retreat mode or on his butt while they were trying to kill him. There haven’t been any further riots in Aurora after a bunch of the protesters got slapped with heavy charges.

        These people are not willing, under any circumstances, to be martyrs. They only operate as long as the local authorities enable them to do so.

      2. You can try to minimize their willingness to get out there and put their body in jeopardy for their beliefs from the safety of your keyboard but the facts aren’t on your side.

        They’re putting nothing in jeopardy. The facts are on my side. We have hard evidence as to what happens the moment they were actively opposed. They melt away like the little snowflakes that they are.

        1. Oh, and the ‘racists’ who stood up to them did more to protect a black woman than the entire seattle city government was willing to do. So you can fuck right off and do like the rest of antifa did, and shoot some unarmed black teenagers for justice.

        2. The quotes from the shitheads are pretty hilarious.

          “After months of making a general nuisance of ourselves and committing arson, I can’t *believe* that people wouldn’t put up with us marching into their residential neighborhood to make a bunch of noise and possibly set someone’s house on fire!”

  23. Nice work, Nancy. Best writer on reason right now

    1. Easily. By a country mile.

  24. If Biden cracks down on them, great. If he does not, great.
    I have popcorn either way.

  25. “Even With a Biden Win, Portland’s Protesters Vow to Keep Smashing Stuff”

    Swwwweet! Isn’t that what Sevo, LC, Red Rocks and Jesse all want? You know, disorder? Real patriots want to know!

    1. You know, if I’m occupying that much space in your pea-brain tankie head, the least you could do is make some money out of it and start charging me rent.

      1. So am I right or am I right? Have you seen your ilk protesting outside vote counting buildings? Trump should do the right thing and send authorities to gas them out of the way so he can stand in front of the buildings holding a Bible!

        1. “…Have you seen your ilk protesting outside vote counting buildings?…”

          My ‘ilk’, you steaming pile of lefty shit?
          Besides being abysmally stupid, you have an active fantasy life.

        2. I’m definitely right that I’m currently living rent-free in your head. A good libertarian would take advantage of the situation for some coin.

          1. So I’m a Libertarian now? Then, tomorrow, I’m a lefty piece of shit? You mother fuckers are so confused pieces of shit, that’s why Trump is on the verge of possibly loosing the election. You’ve had four years to figure out the American independent voter and you blew it!

            1. So I’m a Libertarian now?

              Are you? You got awfully butthurt about pointing out your side got beat by a reality TV star, bitch.

            2. Wearenotperfect
              November.6.2020 at 7:37 pm
              “So I’m a Libertarian now?..”
              No, you’re a pathetic piece of lefty shit who could make the world a better place, make your family proud, and make your dog happy…
              By jamming a rusty, running chainsaw up your ass.

  26. Are You An Anarchist? (the answer may surprise you!).

    1) Do you support Universal Healthcare?
    2) Are you in favor of a $15/hr Federal minimum wage?
    3) Are you in favor of a government ban on fossil fuels?
    4) Are you in favor of Universal Basic Income?
    5) Are you in favor of Net Neutrality?
    6) Are you in favor of government-enforced, identity-based hiring quotas?


    You may not be an Anarchist!

    1. 7) Are you in favor of agressive, confiscatory gun control?
      8) Are you in favor of free healthcare to anyone who does an end-zone dive across the border?
      9) Are you in favor of racially-based reparations?

      We must acknowledge that there can be no realization of the American dream without grappling with the original sin of slavery, and the centuries-long campaign of violence, fear, and trauma wrought upon black people in this country.

      –Joe Biden

      1. …what a parade of strawmen! Watch that tiki torch you’re holding, you could burn them all up!

        1. What a steaming pile of lefty shit.

          1. Quotes from Joe Biden scare and threaten our resident tween newcomer.

            1. ‘tween’ looks to be correct; all praise government schools!
              The lies add to the evidence.

    2. Best comment in this thread so far.

      1. Indeed. It’s the only way to #resist.

        1. Pretty sure ‘dude’ is not gonna get the sarc.

  27. “ You ask questions, they tell you to go fuck yourself.”

    Got a lot in common with JesseAz.

    1. Ya know, when you reply to a comment and refer to someone else, it tends to say more about you than any alternative.
      Given that you are who you are, that’s not surprising.
      Fuck off and die; make the world a better place and your dog happy!

  28. President Harris will crush them like bugs.

    1. Prosecutors love to prosecute.

  29. “Here hold my banjo”

  30. Ted Wheeler already found out you can’t control the Red Guard.

    Now more democrats get to learn the lesson.

    1. ^ This. I have popcorn at the ready.

      1. I kind of hope they come to Spokane and try that shit again. That might be fun.

  31. I predict a large upsurge in sapphire glass and polycarbonate window sales in Portaland.

  32. “…”Fuck Trump, Fuck Biden, death to America! We want something better than this trash, and we’re going to take it.”…”

    And then:

    “…By 3:30, a guy on the mic is talking about best practices when you are arrested, especially the importance of filming every encounter with the police.
    “What you’re doing is you’re creating a clear record that you invoked your right to remain silent and asked to see a lawyer,” he says…”

    Do they think their ‘something better’ is going to guarantee access to legal help?

    1. Their ‘something better’ isn’t much into filing their own activities.

  33. Democrats, liberals and socialists all get together to create good things. They hate this or that and then act like children in a fitful rage. I guess this is why they call it progressivism. This is the true face of socialism. Cowardice, hatred and anarchy.

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  37. “they either have no interest in engaging or are incapable of doing so”
    Incapable. Any time I attempt to engage in a reasonable discussion, name-calling and obscenity is the default response. Children can’t conceive of someone disagreeing with their juvenile aspirations.

  38. “when they will become capable of building as avidly as they destroy.”

    As a general rule of the universe: It is and always will be easier to destroy than to create.

  39. Biden will crush these protesters in the same way he and Obama crushed the Occupy protesters. And he’ll be applauded for doing so by many of the same Democrats now applauding the protesters.

  40. I lived downtown during the 2016 election. I had to take the MAX to work at 5am Wednesday morning. There was damage, and I saw some asshole steal a dudes bike who was on his way to work, but it wasn’t anarchy or hell on earth. I never felt in danger living round there.
    There will always be knuckleheads who cause trouble no matter what. I think ignoring them might be a strategy that could work. Nancy blowing their antics out of proportion to appeal to her far right, butthurt over Trump losing readers.

    Hey Nancy what are you still doing in Portland? I thought it was dangerous for a freethinker like you? I thought you didn’t like the people? You mentioned living near Irving and your kids going to Grant? So either you live in one of the nice neighborhoods around Grant, or just a bit west of there in the gentrified part of NE/N.
    Didn’t the socialist teachers at Grant try to indoctrinate your kids?

    Again I thought you didn’t like the people in Portland? Why are you still here?
    Portland hates you and your husband’s crummy coffee. After your stupid podcast pissed people off they exercised their 1st ammendment right to criticize you. No matter what you say you were involved with your husband’s business. Either way Portlanders exercised their right to not by coffee from right wing cunts who hate Portlanders.

    Ignoring the knuckleheads might work, but you don’t want them to stop. You gotta write articles for your Trump loving, far right readership.

    Please leave my city you right wing cunt. If I had known your kids went to Grant I’d tell the people I know there to make fun of them. I’m sure your kids are fucking lame.

    1. You’re a Portland faggot? That explains a lot.

      1. You’re a homophobic piece of shit? That explains a lot?

        Do you live in Colorado? You probably live in a shitty part. It’d explain why your an uneducated asshole.

        1. Wherever I live, it’s awesome because I’m there.

          Wherever you live, it’s AIDS-infected because you’re there. Fag.

          1. Probably some shithole small town that’s dying.

            Whats with the homophobic slurs?

            I criticize Mormons(who choose to believe the bullshit they believe) and am called a bigot and told how terrible I am.
            The far right kooks use homophobic slurs and nothing. I’m all for free speech and being politically incorrect if it’s funny.
            Conservatives usually aren’t funny so it’s just in poor taste.
            Anyway I’m better than you.
            My life has more value than yours because I’m smarter than you. I’m not a hateful bigot. I don’t support a horrible president like Trump.

            1. Do your family a favor and swallow a bullet.

            2. LOL you’re trying WAY too hard to convince yourself here, twinky.

      2. Wherever you live Portland is better. Denver’s great, but if you’re there that knocks it down a bunch.

        1. KillAllPortlanders

          1. I’m sure you won’t say where you live because it’s a white trash shithole. Portland isn’t for everyone, but lots of people want to live here and it gets rank high for quality of life.
            You racist far right assholes can talk shit and send patriot prayer here to cause trouble but in the end people will want to come here.
            Far right cunt Nancy can slander all she wants, but anyone with a brain knows she’s bitter she had to leave. No one would buyher husband’s crappy coffee because she worked there. She then tried to lie about it.
            This goes without saying for most but I guess Nancy the stupid cunt didn’t realize if you run a business it’s sma to avoid controversy. What did she think was gonna happen in a town like Portland by criticizing #metoo on a right wing podcast? She can call it cancel culture or whatever, but if your coffee fucking sucks people aren’t gonna buy it.

            Hey Nancy, if you don’t like Portland leave you stupid,ugly cunt. Stop slandering our town you far right cunt.

            1. “White trash shithole” seems to describe Portland pretty well, judging by your conduct.

            2. I live in a majority Hispanic area, which makes it better than your AIDS-ridden white trash shithole. Fag.

              1. Sure tha won’t say where it is. Not because your ashamed of it for being a shithole.

                It’s not the 80s anymore AIDS doesn’t havethe stigma it used to and Portlands AIDs rate isnt higher than other cities.

                Shows what kind of scumbags populate these comment sections. It’s fine to make homophobic comments, but talk shit about Mormons or Christians its “how hateful of you you bigot!”

                People choose their religion. People don’t choose their sexual orientation.
                To have the Trump worshipping bigots ridicule me on here is a compliment.
                The majority of the country agrees with me that’s why Trump lost you butthurt losers.

                1. Whether I live in a shithole or not, you’re still a hicklib fag. Fag.

        2. As a hint, if you have to tell people how great where you live is or how great you are, it’s an indication that all of it is a lie, really.

          1. If someone talks shit about a great place it’s customary to correct them.

            1. Except you don’t live in a great place.

  41. Quitters never win and winners never quit. BLM and Antifa should *double-down* on their efforts. I just hope the Bernie Bros don’t fall into complacency and rise up to fight the neo-liberal centrist menace. The enemy of my enemy may not always be my friend but I look forward to them fucking up the “Blue” states and taking their bike locks and urine bottles to the heads of the gentry center-left.
    I pray for internecine warfare. Remember LBJ, remember Chicago ’68 fight…Fight…FIGHT !!!

  42. I fear that Soros will stop funding the fireworks budget.

    1. What is with you right wing loons obsession with Soros? These knuckleheads in Portland are panhandling and selling dope.

  43. Hey Nancy I thought you hated Portland? Get the fuck out and stop slandering our town you ugly far right cunt. I’m tempted to go to a protest just so I can call you a cunt and tell Antifa/black block you’re a far right snitch.
    Stupid ugly cunt.

    1. It doesn’t bother you that bigots, Trump lovers, and incels adore your work?

    2. ^ Typical Portland resident.

      1. Yes Portlad residents tend to be smarter and better than far right, Trump loving bigots.

        1. Smarter? YOU couldn’t pour piss out of a boot, if the instructions were printed on the heel.

  44. Hey they are just doing what they are paid to do. It’s a job. I just hope the FICA guy is getting his share of their pay checks…

  45. We are a society that has abandoned the concepts of consequences. It’s perfectly visible in our huge welfare system where people are no longer expected to reap the consequences of their bad decisions. It’s visible in slap on the wrist law enforcement which breeds career criminals. It’s visible in the abandonment of letting companies fail and replacing it with endless bailouts.
    We shouldn’t be surprised violent domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM and still rioting and destroying property 5 months later. They are taking advantage of the fact that worse that will happen to them is maybe 1 night in jail. They’re aware that cops are now ordered to completely look away for disorderly conduct and are more worried about not being part of a PC fiasco filmed on a smart phone than their jobs of keeping the peace.
    You wanna stop this destruction? Institute capital punishment for ANY violent or property crime. Further yet for these assholes, ANYBODY who has ties to Antifa or BLM or is caught attending one of these riots should be arrested and tried for treason with execution as the punishment. If you do that, this insanity will stop overnight.

    1. How libertarian of you. Believing the government should be allowed to murder people.
      Capital punishment for property crime? Sounds authoritarian and ripe for abuse. Not to mention unconstitutional.

      Black lives matter is a movement of people who want police to treat everyone equally. It is not a terrorist group. It’s not a Marxist organization. If someone is using it as a name for their organization they don’t represent the millions of people who support BLM and are non violent.

      1. Black lives matter is a movement of people who want police to treat everyone equally. It is not a terrorist group. It’s not a Marxist organization. If someone is using it as a name for their organization they don’t represent the millions of people who support BLM and are non violent.

        “Just ignore everything they say and do, and you’ll see I’m right.”

      2. “How libertarian of you…”

        How pathetically stupid of you, you steaming pile of lefty shit.

      3. Are you serious? Is this sarcasm that isn’t coming through an internet forum?
        Capital punishment is NOT murder, it’s a harsh form of punishment that in my opinion is desperately needed. Killing in self defense or defense of people or property is NOT murder and this is exactly what execution of a convicted violent/property criminal is. And it takes one person who has proven they can’t be trusted to live in a civilized society and respect the natural rights of others off the streets for good. Sounds pretty libertarian to me if you consider the “social contract” for a libertarian to be the ability to respect the natural and property rights of others.
        What’s unconstitutional about capital punishment? The government CAN deprive someone of life (and liberty, property) as long as there is due process which is exactly what a conviction in court is. It’s also currently being done in plenty of locales in the US and has been forever.
        In addition when a group vows to completely dismantle and remake the country, chants “death to America” and burns the flag, we should grant them their wish of no longer being treated as an American and being treated as a foreign enemy. That’s exactly why those tried for treason should be executed. And why I fully support enacting the insurrection act against both Antifa and BLM and completely eliminating them. This isn’t East Germany, they are free to live if they hate the US, but they are NOT free to destroy it, at that point they are guilty of treason.
        The police DO treat people equally. The number of people who end up being killed in a given racial group of people is proportional to the number of people who commit violent crimes in that group. Unfortunately, blacks commit violent crime at a way disproportional rate, that’s a statistical fact. George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Jacob Blake, Walter Wallace Jr. were all violent criminals who were resisting arrest at the time the police used deadly force in self defense. Have you ever considered that to be the common thread and not that they were black?
        Yes, BLM is a terrorist group. The amount of violent and property crime as part of their “protests” that has happened has been tremendous, it’s not an isolated case of some lone wolf associated with them. They are indiscriminately destroying property, not even targeting it towards their supposed enemies (police). The exact definition of terrorism is using violence for political purposes, especially without giving a second thought to the harm done to innocent bystanders.
        Their founders are openly Marxist. They strongly support the democrats (which at this point nobody can claim with a straight face aren’t hard left) and despise republicans that at least somewhat still believe in America as it was founded and the capitalist economic system. And have you ever heard of aiding and abetting? People who support these savage thugs and their organizations should not be treated as innocent.

        1. They should be executed for saying “fuck the us”
          What about freedom of speech?
          Now that Trump lost you fascist fucks are showing your true stripes!
          Invoking the insurrection act on mostly peaceful protesters and a few people commiting property crimes?

          Goddamn you Trump Nazis are insane.

          You’re the ones destroying America you stupid fucks. By supporting Trump trying to cheat his way into a second term.

          Believing the government should have the power to MURDER people isnt libertarian at all.

          Fuck off and die you fascist scum.

          1. Do you work in a movie theater? Because you seem quite skilled at projection.

          2. Freedom of speech is great. Rioting isn’t freedom of speech. Neither is looting, burning, destroying historical artifacts, etc… And neither is disturbing the peace, blocking traffic, etc…
            Yes, groups hell bent on the destruction of the US are treasonous. They aren’t mostly peaceful, they’re mostly violent. It has happened countless times in countless cities over the last 6 months with plenty of evidence. Thanks to these animals, it is pretty much a given now any time a black man is rightfully shot for violently resisting arrest or attacking a police officer, there will be widespread riots. Same goes for if a politician they don’t like (Trump) would have gotten elected. Their terrorist tactics now give pause to actually enforcing rightful law and order based on how bad the violent backlash would be.
            People who support these groups even if they don’t destroy personally are aiding and abetting violent, terrorist treasonous organizations and are not innocent. There is more to an insurrection army than front line soldiers, you know. Personally, if I believed in a cause and the primary group supporting that cause started randomly rioting, looting and burning I would distance myself as far as possible. In fact, I would probably reconsider if the cause is really just a facade for a different priority.
            BTW, considering your handle is killallrednecks, you’re accusing me of supporting murder? Did I say kill all democrats? DId I say kill all blacks? Did I say kill anybody without a trial? I said execution for conviction of violent or property crimes. And standing trial for treason for membership and support for violent, terrorist, clearly anti american groups with execution as the punishment for conviction.
            FYI, I’m not a Trump supporter and I didn’t vote for him in 2016 or 2020. I just think the modern left are mostly batshit crazy communists with an identity politics fetish. I also think that random, violent rioting is not acceptable for any cause (a value most on the left do not agree with). Thanks for the premature judgement though. And I held the same beliefs on capital punishment and the terrorist, treasonous nature of BLM and Antifa 2 months ago, It has nothing to do with the election.
            And Nazi? I’m Jewish you asshole, with many relatives 2 generations ago who died in the holocaust. Because of this I know the dangers of socialism (you know the Zi part of Nazi) and that Nazism got it’s start with random riots, violence and domestic terror just like is happening right now.
            Do you have anything else to add to the conversation, or do you just want to call me a nazi, fasicst, whatever and make false assumptions about my political affiliations?

            1. My handle is in jest. I should change it to KillAllMormons.

              Nazism=\= Socialism. It’s facism and you saying people commiting property crimes and the people protesting near them should be executed is pretty fucking fascist. Doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish.
              Why do you cons not know history? The Nazis werent Socialists. They had some Socialistic policies, but they had far right policies as well.

            2. I believe letting the government execute criminals is giving the government too much power. I think “libertarians” who constantly complain about government doing too much and not doing anything right, but have no problem with the government having the power to kill people as punishment for crimes are stupid.
              I consider the death penalty a cruel and unusual punishment. A mock execution is considered torture. So wouldn’t a real execution be cruel and unusual too?
              Executing people for property crimes or for simply protesting near people comitting property crimes is excessive and fascist.

              I assumed you were a Trump supporter since you have the same far right, batshit, fascist views as his supporters.

              1. Libertarians believe in very strong rule of law, they are not anarchists. Property rights are very important as are all other natural and negative rights. And that is the 1 and only power and responsibility the government has. That is prohibition of violations of other’s natural rights and the enforcement mechanism to ensure violators never violate again (which capital punishment certainly accomplishes) and discourage future violators.
                Discouraging future violators is obviously needed as law and order has completely broken down in the second half of 2020 as looting, rioting, beating supporters of the opposite political opinion, arson, destruction of historical statues, etc… is now commonplace and a disturbing amount of people find acceptable if it’s for a woke enough cause. If you know of a better way than harsh enforcement to stop this violent unruly chaos and stop repeat property and violent criminals (you know, like George Floyd), let me know. If not, you either need to shut up or at least have the balls to admit that you’re perfectly fine with violent and property crime as long as the person committing the crimes shares your political beliefs or is in an identity group aligned with the left. There’s a huge difference between supporting big government than supporting a very limited government that just has a few critical laws (such as prohibition on theft, murder, etc…) but has strong enforcement mechanisms.

                1. “If you know of a better way than harsh enforcement to stop this violent unruly chaos and stop repeat property and violent criminals (you know, like George Floyd), let me know. If not, you either need to shut up or at least have the balls to admit that you’re perfectly fine with violent and property crime as long as the person committing the crimes shares your political beliefs or is in an identity group aligned with the left.”
                  Seeing as how the protests and civil unrest is mainly in response to OVERLY HARSH USE OF FORCE, ENFORCEMENT, AND SENTENCES by law enforcement and the criminal justice system I’d say anything is better than what you’re proposing.

                  You really think people should be executed for property crimes? And people just peacefully protesting if they’re near looters or rioters? How close do they have to be? Are you talking all property crime or some minimum value? Theft too?

                  Have you ever broken the law? Has your family or friends? Do you live in or near a city that’s seen protests and civil unrest this year? Have you personally seen it or just watched or read about it?

                  I’m from Portland which many right wingers portray as overrun by “looting, rioting, beating supporters of the opposite political opinion, arson, destruction of historical statues, etc… is now commonplace and a disturbing amount of people find acceptable if it’s for a woke enough cause,” as you put it.
                  There’s always been Antifa type knuckleheads who take advantage of protests to cause trouble. Lately we have the patriot prayer assholes who come down from Washington to cause trouble.
                  Antifa burns stuff and pp drives around shooting paintballs and mace. Not all are violent or destructive, but the ones who are need to be held accountable no matter what side they’re on. Most people here feel that way. It is a liberal city so they don’t like the Patriot prayer assholes who come here to cause trouble.

                  You do realize that the reason so many are upset is because of policing and the criminal justice system. What you’re suggesting is what people are mad about taken to an extreme.

                  I really hope your post is a joke. We’ve had the war on drugs and tough on crime bs for decades. It isn’t working, but to be fair you and I probably have completely different ideas of what works. People are starting to realize blanket “lock em up and throw away the key” law enforcement is not working. You’re suggesting the opposite of what we should be doing.

                  1. Well, cops have been looking the other way at most violent and property crimes now by these mobs, Antifa and BLM for 6 months now and not using harsh force, so that pretty much smashes your theory that lax policing is the key to law, order and peace. Wouldn’t you say?
                    Yes, I believe people should be executed for conviction of property crimes, I’ve said it over and over. People who support domestic terror organizations (for any cause) whose primary tactic is violence, rioting and property destruction need to be treated as aiding and abetting terrorists. Doubly so when you physically attend these riots and the goals of the organization is the destruction of the US when they are also guilty of aiding and abetting treason. The exact standard is up for a court of law to decide.
                    Have I broke the law, yes if it’s failing to follow arbitrary precautions like speeding. No, I’ve never stolen, broken into someone’s house, beat or murdered anyone, etc…. None of my family or friends have either because I don’t associate with subhuman pieces of shit.
                    I’m 20 minutes outside Albuquerque, it’s not Antifa happy Portland, but there has been rioting and property destruction here too. Regardless, when new videos surface of rioting every day, yes, it’s widespread. When businesses board up windows ahead of elections expecting widespread rioting and property destruction, law and order has broken down.
                    I’m against the war on drugs, if someone wants to ruin their own life by being a crackhead, that’s their business. However, if you go out stoned off your ass and start committing crimes that do have a victim (as George Floyd did), be prepared for harsh punishment. And if you can’t get a job because nobody wants to hire a crack addict, be prepared to starve to death instead of expecting welfare. Notice I consistently prefaced crime with violent and property crime.
                    Lefists are upset, not all people. And that’s because leftists are reverse racists and consistently side with the scummiest of society and never expect them to take responsibility for their own shit decisions.
                    You’re right, lock em up and throw away the key isn’t working. The moment they let em out they go right back to crime, no matter how long the sentence. So execute them as I’ve been saying all along which has the nice side effect of deterring future criminals.

                2. George floyd was accused of passing counterfeit money whenhe was murdered. If he was found guilty it wouldn’t be hard to compensate the victim for their loss and hardship.

                  Do you think Derek Chauvin(the cop who killed Floyd) should be executed?

                  As far as historic statues: there’s hundreds of statues in our country celebrating treason, slavery, and racism. These should come down, but through the legal process. The local community should have final say on what is commemerated as long as the WHOLE community is involved. Most were erected without the input of every citizen. The problem sometimes is the majority of concerned citizens want it gone, but the legal process isn’t there. Tennessee passed a law in 2013 that banned local governments from removing statues. A statue can be repaired and replaced. Civil disobedience is effective sometimes. Should someone be executed for knocking a statue down? What if the city council of the town it’s in voted unanimously to remove it, but the state government is blocking it? What about that girl who ripped down the Confederate flag at the South Carolina capitol about 5 years ago? Does her property crime warrant death? The flag eventually was removed and it’s not hard to replace a flag?

                  1. George Floyd is a repeat violent criminal piece of shit. If we look at it from a utilitarian point of view instead of due process point of view, we should be thanking Derek Chauvin. However, when someone resists arrests, they are trying to subvert due process so I’m not gonna shed a tear for him meeting his maker without due process. Here’s his rap shit https://i.redd.it/2sc99kysho151.jpg, yes plenty of drug charges but plenty of violent and property crimes. If we hard the harsh and sane law enforcement I advocate, he would have been executed back in 98 and saved society several other instances of violent crime over his life.
                    On the day of his demise he tried to pass off counterfeit money which the store clerk refused to accept so Floyd took the cigarettes anyway. There’s a term for taking something without paying, it’s called theft. He also resisted arrest and refused to enter the back of the police car. He was high and kept yelling he can’t breath long before the was pinned to the ground, so obviously the officer wouldn’t take his pleas that he can’t breath seriously when he was pinned. His physical condition of being stoned out of his mind on fentanyl was a key reason he died BTW. Worst charges you can levy against Chauvin is not being careful enough in how he handled the arrest. Considering Floyd refused to get into the police car peacefully, some physical restraint was most definitely warranted.
                    I don’t know the case of the girl who ripped down the flag, from the sound of it yes, she should be executed because she’s a property criminal. No statues should be torn down as knowing the righetous and egregious parts of history is important for perspective and to not repeat the mistakes of the past. But yes, if we’re gonna take down statues, it shouldn’t be by rioters defacing and destroying them. The people who do that are property criminals who for the 1000th time deserve execution.

                  2. FYI, I responded to your stupid post that the Nazis weren’t socialists. The supposedly free speech advocating pricks at reason have flagged it as waiting moderation.
                    Anyhow, are we done yet? You have yet to refute any of my points with anything beyond stupid claims I’m a fascist because I personally have a 0 tolerance policy with regards to violent and property crime. You’re obviously ruled by emotion and not logic or looking at empirical evidence. It’s like arguing with a 2 year old.

  46. The Biden Democrats will try to convince America that all of the damage they’re doing is the work of white supremacists.

    The AOC Democrats will cite their faux liberty talking points and call them libertarians.

    I would prefer to call them inmates.

  47. It’s hard for me to understand how people like this even exist? Where were their parents? Did their teachers turn them into this? They ought to be careful. Democrats are often the toughest on crime. Biden might send in the army.

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  49. anarchist – In popular use, one who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society and government, all law and order, and all rights of property, with no purpose of establishing any other system of order in the place of that destroyed; especially, such a person when actuated by mere lust of plunder.

    They don’t care who the President is, our politicians are that stupid.

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