Election 2020

Would Both Trump and Biden Bring More of the Same?

Neither candidate promised fiscal solvency or less government interference in our lives.


Once again, Election Day in America has come and gone with some lingering questions as to when the results will be certified. In the run-up to the presidential contest, each side overflowed with hope about the many wonders its guy, once in power, might bring about. Unfortunately, for those of us who prefer smaller government—for those of us who value individual liberty as an end in itself—neither candidate really promised fiscal solvency or less government interference in our lives.

Despite corporate tax reform, deregulatory efforts, some criminal justice reforms, and an anti-socialist rhetoric, President Donald Trump has shown little interest in free market policies. His administration promised and failed to get rid of the Affordable Care Act and would have likely replaced it with what is best described as Obamacare Light. With the Republicans' support, Trump opened wide the spending spigot for the Pentagon and its defense contractors. Ditto for other kinds of spending, much of which was irresponsibly funded with debt.

And don't forget: Although the prepandemic economy was growing steadily and wages were increasing, the government's budget deficits almost doubled on Trump's watch. This fiscal incontinence is inexcusable.

Further, Trump's trade policy has been notoriously ignorant and destructive. His administration erected harmful barriers to trade, which—as any competent economist could tell you—increase prices for consumers. And the president's tariffs failed to achieve their stated goals of bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States. Of course, Trumpian immigration policies have been horrendous and even inhumane.

A second Trump term could bring more of this bad stuff, along with additional layers of likely government interventions. One could anticipate an intensified push for industrial policy—that is, government picking industrial "winners." Also on tap would be the attempted arbitrary repatriation of medical and other supply chains.

As demonstrated during the past four years, rather than draining of the swamp as candidate Trump promised during his 2016 campaign, he and his team have filled it. He hasn't hesitated to indulge—at taxpayer expense—all manner of cronies, from Boeing executives to steel moguls. In a second Trump term, such cronyism would surely continue, along with his chaotic style of governing, his narcissism, and his unpresidential tweets. And let's not forget that, like Presidents Barack Obama and George Bush before him, Trump would continue his first-term abuse of executive powers by ruling arbitrarily through executive orders.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, should also scare small-government types. He never really cared about enhancing freedom in the almost 50 years he served in the Senate and White House. If elected president, he'd want to implement an "ambitious" agenda to grow government's size enormously. The Manhattan Institute's Brian Riedl calculates that the Biden plan could raise national government spending over the next decade by an additional $11 trillion. It would do so chiefly by expanding the Affordable Care Act, reducing Medicare eligibility to 60, further increasing spending on climate issues and infrastructure, and pouring more government largesse into college and K-12 programs, among other things.

Biden would also likely be as protectionist as Trump. For evidence, note that this darling of the left supports "buy America" requirements. Also, there's no doubt that his administration would indulge cronies. I'm willing to bet that this fact could be on display, if a Biden administration is sworn into office, with the new president putting his signature on a bill to extend bailouts to airline shareholders and creditors while being cynically marketed as assistance for workers.

There are many other similarities between both men. They both have anti-freedom and anti-choice agendas. Nick Gillespie of Reason puts it best. He writes: "If Donald Trump wins, anti-immigration, anti-abortion, and protectionist Republicans will continue pushing their largely unpopular agenda in Washington. If Joe Biden wins, then anti-capitalist, anti-school choice, and pro-regulation progressives will rush to pass legislation similarly out of sync with America's more centrist electorate."

Finally, this quote from the great H.L. Mencken comes to mind: "Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods." So, the question is, which candidate will let you keep more of your stuff. Or maybe in this particular election, it was mostly about competence and character. Either way, it is depressing.


NEXT: The Media Had 4 Years to Figure Out Trump Voters. They Blew It.

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  1. Biden won’t be around he will retire willfully or against his wishes. So please analyze his successors statements regarding limited government. If you like many believe she is a sociopath you’re on the right track.

    Because I suspect that your ability to speak out has a limited time frame. Democrats don’t wish to share power so this could be the last election for president in your lifetime. What comes next will be worse.

    1. Trump Heads Into 2020 Election in Search of a Blockbuster Deal
      On trade, guns and nuclear proliferation, the president has mostly been unable to strike the agreements he said he would….Read More

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    3. Kamala Rouge is agreeing to a plan to use an old man with clear mental health issues to become VP and then push the old guy out so she can become President without ever being the voted in presidential candidate.

      That’s why this whole bullshit about Wuhanflu being to “protect” Americans is a lie.

      Democrats wont even protect an old man from being taken advantage of. Of course, Biden’s only hope of not being in jail is for a Democrat VP to president to pardon him.

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  2. No mention of Freedom of speech, kangaroo courts on college, right to bear arms, and the fact that his climate change program is literally forcing industries to convert, and citizens to convert to energy production that is likely unachievable while costing trillions and likely lowering the standard of living for everyone but the wealthiest Americans? While also seeming to have no plan to get out of Iraq (again) and Afghanistan, in fact he criticized Trump for proposing both those items? Also, the remark about Trump’s immigration policies applies almost equally to the administration that Biden served as VP. Is Trump a libertarian? Fuck no. Will a libertarian likely win federal office on the next decade? Magic 8 Ball says “outcome doesn’t look promising”. Work with what you have to make things better. Lack of pragmatism will doom the libertarian movement to a bunch of cumedgeons making snide remarks on an internet website and magazine, funded by a wealthy donor, that seems hell bent on alienating it’s readers instead of growing the movement for the foreseeable future.

    1. Oh and I forgot, schisming more often than the early Protestant churches after Luther failed to pass a kidney stone and found out if his interpretation of the Bible was correct.

      1. The author is an economist.

        When push comes to shove, just about the most important thing everyone cares about is economic — putting food on the table. When that’s in danger, worries about freedom of speech, Title IX, or fracking goes out the window.

        The left hates wealth because they hate independence. The people like wealth, even though they think of “wealth” as Scrooge McDuck swimming in gold and jewels, precisely because it gives them independence and choice.

        1. The left doesn’t hate wealth. That’s disingenuous. Perhaps some small number of crazy devout Marxists at some super-liberal colleges truly hate wealth, but most people that identify as liberals don’t. What they do hate is large wealth inequality and corporations taking advantage of workers. Most liberals admire and support small businesses and self-made people.

          1. The world is not divided between left and right. The moderates you speak of are not the loony lefties who peaceably try to burn occupied buildings and shoot up baseball games. The lefties who control the Democratic party despise wealth in the hands of individuals precisely because of the independence it provides. They want control more than anything else, because they are incompetent leeches, parasites, and freeloaders sucking at the public teat, and control of that public teat requires smashing independent thinkers.

            1. The moderates are not loony leftists, true, but they are in some ways anti-libertarian. The most prominent one I can think of is that the norm, worldwide, is socialized medicine, with just a little trend away from it lately. The USA is an outlier which has seemed doomed to fall on this one for my entire lifetime, such that it may have to be conceded soon so we can get on with libertarian advances in other areas. The USA will not go for a National Health Service, but they’ll demand single payer fairly soon, and then it’ll be a matter of funding it lavishly enough to maintain some semblance of choice and avoidance of rationing, so it’ll be more expensive than elsewhere. It might be done by the federal government’s acquiring all the assets and liabilities of all health insurers, extending all policies for a time.

              As I understand it, the military establishment in this country has been over-extended and under-equipped. I think the public will go for a grand force reduction by attrition, which is going to take some time and may be upset by any one Congress or administration, but Trump set us on the right pathway for it.

              These are the two broad policy areas I think the center will go for. One is anti-liberty but fairly well inevitable, the other is pro-liberty but gradual.

          2. The left is defined by their jealousy of competent people, people who think for themselves, people who get along without the nanny state guiding and controlling their every move. It is why they hate cars, hate single family homes, hate Uber/Lyft contractors, hate private and charter schools and vouchers, hate armed citizens, hate successful businesses, and hate every other manifestation of independence.

            Pre-Trump conservatives had, and still have, their own hangups about pornography, drugs, fashion, and a lot of other stuff, but those are all trivial in comparison to the left’s hangup over independence.

            1. They don’t hate all manifestations of independence. They support the right to choose one’s own sex, to abort pregnancy, and to use any language.

          3. The leftists aren’t liberal (root of the word the same as liberty) except freedom for legalized methamphetamine, etc.
            The lockdowns pushed by leftists have squeezed billions out poor people’s pockets and sent them to Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, etc. Just the opposite of what Trump’s policies did before the Wuhan flu. The leftists, like AOC and the rest of the squad are doing the bidding of the mega-corporations. Obama’s economic legacy was crony-capitalism which is the opposite of capitalism – your company succeeds, not by the quality of its product, but by how much you grease the palms of bureaucrats.

            1. Lefties dont want to make drugs 100% legal or they would have done it already.

              They want to buy votes with deregulation of drugs plus many Lefties are drug users. Drug criminalization can directly affect them.

              Lefties never want to use government to actually make people more free. There is always an ulterior motive.

          4. Most liberals admire and support small businesses and self-made people.

            Liberals perhaps do, but when people refer to the left I generally assume they’re talking about the far left, progressive SJW cultists. When they’re not trying to “cancel” anyone who dares share a thought anywhere to the right of Joseph Stalin they are hating the very concept of “wealth” and of wealthy people (defined as anyone with more wealth than them).

          5. Unfortunately for the workers and those without much wealth, the policies that the left insists on using to combat inequality have the side effect of accelerating wealth concentration and putting the acquisition of assets further out of reach for those they’re pretending to help.

            Some of the “revolutionaries” seem to have maybe figured out that while it’s very difficult to decrease inequality while increasing prosperity, it’s much less difficult to reduce inequality by simply destroying wealth and reducing the “haves” to be closer in status to the “have nots”. Policies claiming to produce “equality of outcomes” have a much greater likelihood of succeeding on that metric by aiming to impoverish everyone and leave them permanently dependent on the State; coincidentally, this also becomes a strong electoral strategy for any pols willing to scare people into beliving that their opponents are so callous that they’d be willing to leave the dependents to fend for themselves and “starve in the streets”.

    2. Exactly. Pragmatists get some of their way; non-pragmatists get nothing.

      If you listen to every ideological group, they all bemoan how the broader public is nowhere near where they’d want it to be. Socialists view the general public as intolerably accepting of financial inequalities, the woke people view it as intolerably accepting of racial inequalities, the environmentalists view Americans as too greedy and not willing to pay a buck more for the sake of the Earth, the religious folks view the public as dangerously secularizing and losing its moral compass, the white nationalists view today’s Americans as too accepting of their own racial demise, and so on.

      If each of these factions refused to work with others and make compromises, they’d get nothing. Because none of these factions alone has anywhere near a majority support. So, they coalesce with the major parties. The GOP is basically a coalition of religious / culturally traditional folks, nationalists, business interests, gun rights’ advocates, and economic libertarians; the Dems are a coalition of labor unions, environmentalists, SJWs, and overall economic leftists.

      The socialists will probably not get their wealth tax or fully socialized medicine. The super-religious folks will probably not reverse the legalization of same-sex marriage for example. The environmentalists are unlikely to get Americans to sacrifice too much for unclear climate benefits. The white nationalists are unlikely to fully stop immigration. And the woke people are unlikely to get nationwide reparations for slavery (they’re struggling to even convince Californians of the virtues of affirmative action).

      BUT, each of these groups will get SOME DEGREE of what they want — libertarians included — provided they get in the midst of a coalition that has a shot at winning. Because the alternative to not “getting in there” is getting nothing. That’s how politics works. That’s how politics always worked. And if these establishment Reason libertarian types don’t get it, then it’s their loss.

      1. So. Much. THAT.

        And libertarians in the USA have had phenomenal success with Trump. Even if he loses re-election, the past 4 years have been great on net in the USA if you take the trends into account. The ballooning national deficit and then some was going to happen anyway on the trajectory we were on before.

    3. No mention of Freedom of speech

      Sure, let’s talk about how Team Red wants to put the federal government in charge of social media.


      1. How is eliminating a special exemption from liability for big corporations an infringement on free speech?

        1. Lefties use government use government to protect their cronies. They dont want universal protections for all persons and businesses similarly situated.

          the Democrat Party is the party of graft and slavery.

      2. Section 230 is the epitome of the 1A? Nothing about cancel culture, open discussion of reeducation camps (Robert Reich and others) no mention of proposing hate speech laws, no mention of trying to restrict campaigning? Yeah some obscure regulation that people interpret to their own goals is totes the peak of the 1A, none of the things that I listed. If you believe the left is more tolerant of free speech you are obviously voluntarily looking at the world through rose colored glasses. The right isn’t perfect but appears less threatening to free speech and free religion than the left.

        1. And mostly the right opposed section 230 because they feel corporations are using it to enforce speech codes, with at least some evidence. I don’t think they are completely correct. But their attempts to repeal 230 is because they mistakenly believe it will enhance freedom of speech on the internet. They are wrong but they aren’t in favor of repealing 230 to restrict speech but they believe it will enhance free speech. That is a huge difference. But good intentions and all that.

      3. Sure, let’s talk about how Team Blue want’s to introduce full-on censorship (look no further than the Dinesh documentary case) as well as Joe Biden ALSO in full-effort pushing to repeal Section 230.


        I use to even agree with Democrats on a VERY very slim line of particular issues but today they cannot even be relied on to do that! The only bipartisan effort we get is in the WORST legislation of more “commie-money” and more “censorship”.

  3. From a certain libertarian perspective, we’re probably about to get the best of worlds: A Biden presidency that is likely to take it easy on the trade wars (“buy American” mandates notwithstanding), coupled with a Republican Senate to get in the way of tax hikes and massive spending and labor regulation bills.

    Still, a Trump presidency would’ve continued to be the much-lesser of two evils in my view, especially on the regulatory front. Trump has been uniquely good at obtaining permits and fast-tracking the bureaucratic process for many industries throughout his endeavors to cut red tape.

    I’ve seen some morons here call Biden “neoliberal” and “centrist”. I call these people morons because they either haven’t bothered to check his agenda right on his website, or know what his agenda is but consider substantial tax increases and getting the federal government massively involved between virtually every employee-employer deal or interaction (which includes slapping a once-fits-all minimum wage hike across the nation) to be neoliberalism (aka capitalism).

    1. Biden probably is a centrist in today’s terms, but only because the lefties have moved so far left. But Biden isn’t in charge, as witnessed by his support for Green New Deal Lite. He will blow with the lefty wing. His centrism is meaningless.

      1. Biden is a centrist as is most of America. It is the left and the right racing for the edges.

        1. Biden’s political program is objectively a far leftist.

          And most of America is not on board with that. Only most people in a few wealthy, populous enclaves are.

          1. What exactly is the “far leftist” part of BIDEN’S plan? Not AOC’s plan, not Bernie’s plan, not Kamala Harris’ plan, but BIDEN’S plan?

            And if your only response is “well, Biden is just a puppet for AOC/Bernie/Harris” then you are not answering the question and just substituting fantasy for reality.

            And by the way this is not a defense of Biden’s plan, I am sure it has quite a few awful parts in it. It is just a request to argue against what the plan ACTUALLY IS, and not against someone else’s plan, or some imaginary plan.

            1. Biden is pro slavery. pro segregation.

              1. Pro slavery. Sure. Whatever.

            2. Assault weapons ban, more socialized healthcare not totally socialized buy moving in that direction, higher taxes, more regulations, green New deal, etc. Just about everything on his campaign website is nowhere near moderate or centrist.

      2. Biden might not blow with the “Squad”, but he also probably won’t blow for long. I’d lay long money on Biden leaving office (either “willingly” or via 25A) before the 2022 mid-terms, and Harris taking over as POTUS.

        Harris seems very likely to side with the far-left woke agenda, and also seems to be at least as authoritarian as the left has been claiming trump is for the last 4 years; her view of constitutional limits on the executive branch seems to be fairly dismissive (at least in a scenario where she’s wielding the power of that branch). The lack of a “blue wave” in the legislature will be a check on that agenda, especially if the GOP retains control of the Senate.

        The other part of a possible Biden win that scares me is the likelihood that the MSM will lose their recent zest for trying to hold government accountable (even if a lot of their focus was somewhat fabricated) and return to the “see no evil” mode they were in from 2009-2016. I almost wonder if WaPo will replace their masthead “Democracy dies in the dark” with “Ignorance is Strength” or “Freedom is Slavery”, or maybe just some variation on “Two legs bad, four legs good”.

    2. Spending will probably be better, but we’ll likely we more wars, an energy policy that will cripple the economy and punish everyone who isn’t wealthy, a crackdown on guns (which hopefully won’t stand the supreme court),

    3. Don’t forget Biden’s commitment to teaching every federal employee critical race theory (CRT) and requiring that government contractors also promote diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace. Yes, a Biden presidency is truly a win for progressive libertarians!

      1. I’d kind of love to see Richard Spencer apply for a job as a CRT instructor. He can pretty much honestly claim that he’s been promoting a version of those ideas for decades.

    4. Dude, both Team Red and Team Blue support the minimum wage. Minimum wage increases are supported everywhere, in both red states and blue states. I don’t know why you think that minimum wage increases are anything other than an issue for which there is almost complete consensus. The only weirdos on the issue are the libertarians. Everyone else is in favor of a minimum wage.

      1. Republicans have kept the $15 minimum wage from being enacted.

        About 1/3 of Americans oppose the minimum wage: those are the people who listen to science and reason, and who oppose racism.

        1. https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/states-15-minimum-wage-increase

          Florida increases minimum wage to $15/hr
          You know, the same Florida which went for Trump, with all those Republican voters voting for it.

          About 1/3 of Americans oppose the minimum wage:

          About 1/3 of Americans oppose raising the federal minimum wage to $15/hr. Virtually no one is in favor of getting rid of the minimum wage entirely.

    1. That’s odd

  4. More of the same?
    The party of totalitarianism via forced business closures/lockdowns, giving free reign to rioters/assassins, and blatant electoral fraud (not just on election day but wholesale changes to process) says:
    Build back better.
    There is a new normal.

    1. Don’t forget to donate to Reason Magazine!

  5. http://twitter.com/davidharsanyi/status/1324188252375572481?s=19

    You can share 8000 word conspiracy theories accusing the president of being a Russian spy but Twitter won’t let you question irregular voting activities.

  6. This is who we are letting take power:


    Best to get the message sooner than later. Read their sign. Get it in your head.

    They’re chanting “No USA at all” Denver, CO.

    1. Democrats are gonna find out like Ted Wheeler did that the Red Guard cannot be controlled.

      1. Kate Brown’s gonna try though. She called out the OR National Guard either yesterday or the day before.

    2. interesting and as usual they are now going after those who enabled them. history repeating itself.

  7. Trump Heads Into 2020 Election in Search of a Blockbuster Deal
    On trade, guns and nuclear proliferation, the president has mostly been unable to strike the agreements he said he would….Read More

  8. What does anti-abortion have to do with anything? SCOTUS took it 98% off the table. What can be done by Congress about abortion that’s “unpopular”?

    Obviously not much. But you knew that. So what was the point of mentioning it? Not to inform. Not to talk about agendas. Not to seriously discuss the next congress.

    1. If Roe v Wade is overturned, then the states will have to regulate intrastate commerce and I don’t think they have the authority to do that with the Commerce clause in the Constitution.

      1. It would lower prevalence in states and, eventually, result in changed behavior wrt sex (in response to lack of get out of jail free card).

        People respond to incentives. Removing consequences of choices typically results in more negative choices, because the feedback mechanism is broken.

        With states controlling it, you’d still have abortions on the margins, but the incidence rate would decrease.

        1. P.s. that’s without trying to control the interstate commerce.

  9. “Neither candidate promised fiscal solvency or less government interference in our lives.”

    And yet that wasn’t really the question.

    The fact is that one of the candidates was substantially better than the other on both counts.

    1. Hitler’s skull piece at the Kremlin?

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  11. >Despite his free market policies, President Donald Trump has shown little interest in free market policies.
    Veronica needs to change her name to “Veronique de Cunty”

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  13. this quote from the great H.L. Mencken comes to mind

    This quote from the great Pete Townshend comes to mind: “Don’t get fooled again.”

    1. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I can’t get fooled again.

  14. “Would Both Trump and Biden Bring More of the Same?”
    Yes, and no. Yes, fiscally the hole towards fiscal insolvency would continue to be dug deeper regardless, and freedoms would erode with domestic spying with both.
    No, Biden will pull the country left, and his followers will continue with the violence. Trump right, locking up more people (many who should be locked up) and fight the violence.
    Also Biden will hurry the fiscal crisis, while Trump would have forestalled it, for a bit longer.
    Whatever party in power when the crash comes will probably be finished. This is going to be one hell of a crash when it comes.

  15. Maybe now Republicans can pretend to care about spending again.

    1. And you can continue to pretend you’re not a lefty, Lying Jeffy.

      1. Oh look it’s Troll Mac heading up the Troll Train!

        1. Sure Jeff, you just claim the Democrats really care and Republicans pretend, but you are not a lying leftist piece of shit or anything.

          1. Republicans are the ones who harped on OMG SPENDING while Obama was in charge, then conveniently forgot it all once their team took over.

            I don’t think Democrats really give a shit about excessive spending either, frankly. Look at their MMT nonsense.

            But I look forward to your howls of OMG SPENDING when Biden submits a budget that is as bad as Trump’s budgets were.

    2. Why? You don’t.

  16. The calculus begins with not believing a word coming out of any politician’s mouth with the exception of the “grab ’em by the pussy” comments. I totally believe Trump’s sincerity in that utterance.

  17. Joe Biden will come in as a weak President, winning by a slim margin and with a Republican led Senate. This will give him a opportunity to set aside any ideas for a grand makeover of the government and new initiatives. His greatest task will be to bring the country together. If we decide to work together this could be a time to address fiscal solvency. That will mean compromises, spending will have to be cut and in return taxes will need to be adjusted to more reasonably reflect services provided. It remains to be seen if we take this path.

    1. Biden wouldn’t be able to do shit.

      This Republican Senate might actually stand up to Democrats since many of the RINOs are gone.

      1. Stand up and do what. The Senate has not done much, except appoint judges for the last four years. Senator McConnell has not want to have member vote on anything since they could then be held accountable for that vote.

        As for RINOs does that have any meaning? Because most of the people with R behind their names have little in common with what was the basic tenants of the Republican party when I was growing up.

  18. “Unfortunately, for those of us who prefer smaller government—for those of us who value individual liberty as an end in itself—neither candidate really promised fiscal solvency or less government interference in our lives.”

    The problem is not just these or other candidates; the problem is our fellow Americans. When polled, people who identify as both D and R support bigger government. Basic human nature includes nannies and Karens–leaving others alone is NOT an easy thing for most people. And for economics, why should we expect government–which in a democracy will always incline to giving voters stuff they want–to be more fiscally intelligent and responsible than the average family?

    1. Well, you are right that in *many* ways (not all, but many), the government is a reflection of society at large. A libertarian project could just be doing things like teaching basic fiscal prudence for ordinary people in their household budgets, with the idea that over time, THIS tendency to be frugal would be reflected in the government that THEY would later demand.

      1. Good points. Too often those advocating for smaller government don’t have good alternatives. Government should be the choice of last resort, to often that is all we leave people.

    2. Calling BS on Rs wanting bigger government. Every single policy issue involves not involving government in our lives. Almost every time an “R” supports big government, there’s typically nothing about them that is Republican other than their registration.

  19. Let’s set aside that Trump isn’t the first President ever to reduce the size and power of the regulatory state and isn’t the first President since Carter not to start a new war and just pretend that putting tariffs on a few goods from China and enforcing the immigration laws is totally the same thing as a President who promises to literally force every building in America to be rebuilt and to begin the process of banning the use of fossil fuels.

    Reason needs to rename itself “the magazine of false equivalency” because that seems to be the only thing they have these days.

    1. a President who promises to literally force every building in America to be rebuilt

      I guess we could rename you “John the Strawman” then.

      It would be nice for a change if you could just argue against what Biden is proposing on its own merits, instead of these outlandish claims. Why not try something like: “Biden’s plan would increase housing costs and regulations for a very marginal increase in energy efficiency, and the costs are not worth the benefits”. Instead we get demagogic nonsense like


      I think Team Red has already scared everyone into compliance that they are going to be able to do. If you want to reach more people, it will take persuasion, not obvious scare tactics.

      1. And how do you figure the regs can be adhered to? I’ll give you a clue; it involves fundamental changes to buildings more integral than a coat of paint. Some people would refer to this as “rebuilding” homes. And when the government mandates this rebuilding, most people would call that “forced.” And when it applies to most buildings, many people would call that “every building.”

    2. See how unreason is trying to play nice because Trump is likely to win after all the media pushing a “Biden won” narrative.

      Then they will go back to Orangeman bad for the next 4 years.

      If Biden wins, unreason will post glowing articles of Democrats but they could be better…at least for 2 years until Biden gets the boot. Then it will be glorious WOMAN PRESIDENT propaganda for her last 2 years.

      unreason never did an article how everyone knows Harris is the true choice but couldn’t beat Trump, so they used Biden. Biden cannot even beat Trump without help.

  20. The Democrats explicitly promise greater government spending and greater interference in our lives. That is their brand.

  21. I think there are bigger problems at the moment.

  22. Harris’s policies will mostly harm her voters so I have no dog in this fight.

    1. You’re not going to be affected by a Green New Deal, an AR ban, or a continued free hand for social media companies to silence your public opinions?

      Sounds great, bro. Is there any room left in Mr. Lee’s Greater Hong Kong?

  23. So, the question is, which candidate will let you keep more of your stuff. Or maybe in this particular election, it was mostly about competence and character.

    I suppose if I have to chose between an experienced, competent thief who knows how to work the system and an incompetent one I’d prefer the incompetent.

  24. Since when do we care about what candidates promise?

    Trump’s actions have been far more libertarian, although being more libertarian than a democrat isn’t a high bar to clear. It’s inherently un-libertarian to be a registered democrat at this point.

  25. Yeah, I’m totally sure Biden would continue cutting regulations just like Trump.

  26. As bad as Trump is, at least he hasn’t taken away any of our freedom. That’s not true of the left-wing tyrants who initiated lockdowns and mask requirements, which unfortunately have been adopted even by some “conservative” governors. Look for this on a national scale when Biden takes office. After locking down the country for six months, he (and a complicit media) will declare that he defeated the coronavirus, and he can pat himself on the back.

  27. the only one that can tell for sure is the time and I think we must wait and let the time decide


  28. Better believe it, I’m absolutely certain Biden would keep cutting guidelines simply like Trump.


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