Brickbat: Hard Work


The furniture was sitting on the lawn, his work van was parked outside, and Roy Stucker was inside a Louisville, Kentucky, home, painting it for a new tenant. That's when 10 Louisville police officers broke out the windows, stormed into the house, and handcuffed Stucker and his girlfriend at gunpoint. They held them for about 20 minutes before realizing that Stucker wasn't the man they were looking for. Stucker's attorney says that man had been arrested by Louisville police 10 days earlier and was still in custody at the time cops raided the house. Stucker and his girlfriend have filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming unlawful imprisonment.

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  2. The couple should be thanking the police for keeping them safe that day. The war on drug users is too important and drug suspects too dangerous to citizens minding their own business to handcuff law enforcement with due diligence requirements every time they feel they want to gear up, invade private residences and point weapons at children.

    1. They finally topped themselves! It’s no longer sufficiently dumb to raid the wrong address. Now they’re going after people who are already in their custody. Are police departments just jobs programs for the mentally challenged?

      1. That’s a rhetorical question, right?

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      2. The last ticket I got was from a cop who talked like Rain Man. Seriously. The dude was fucking retarded.

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      3. Yes.

      4. And what do you expect will happen (already happened) with efforts to defund the police and eliminate qualified immunity?

        1. Fewer police to mess up our lives?

    2. Not a single person in my graduating highschool class that went to be a cop was higher than the bottom 10%

      1. You knew that because you were in the bottom 10%

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  3. Broken widows fallacy L.E.O addition. Now the guy has more work to help pay for an attorney to sue.

  4. And nothing else happened.


  5. Roy Stucker and his girlfriend are Democrats, so suppressing their vileness is totally OK!

    (Sad to say, I’d best add “/Sarc” tag here, to be clear).

  6. Stuckey was lucky he wasn’t wearing his earbuds, listening to music as he painted. There could have been a tragic accident there, requiring several cops to take a paid vacation to get over it.

    1. Too realistic to be funny!
      Louisville Police Officer Files Lawsuit Against Boyfriend Of Breonna Taylor
      October 30, 20202:32 PM ET

      The Louisville police officer who was shot during the botched narcotics raid on Breonna Taylor’s apartment has filed a countersuit against Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker.

      The lawsuit, filed by Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, says Walker committed battery, assault and intentional emotional distress.

      Walker, a licensed gun owner, has said he believed intruders had entered the home.

      1. I posted that a couple days earlier.

        Think of the implications. If the cop wins then it will become SOP for cops to take anyone charged with assaulting a police officer (with their face on the poor officer’s fist) to civil court, while themselves being immune thanks to QI.

    2. “Geez, I thought that paint brush he was using looked like a gun.
      Can I help out by spackling the 47 bullet holes we put in the wall board?”

  7. I don’t want to give cops too much credit, but you would THINK they keep track of everyone in the jail. A simple search of that list and this mess could have been avoided. But why let being a competent police officer get in the way of playing army man and terrorizing the citizenry…

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  9. I guess the lure of asset forfeiture money from drug raids is more important to the Democrats who run Louisville than the lives and rights of their citizens. You’d think that after the Breonna Taylor debacle, they’d back off a bit, but looks like they’re just doubling down.

    1. Not only that, but Dens can now point to the platform they rewrote after LP spoiler votes crushed their 2016 campaign: “We’re cool, see? But the Gee-Oh-Pee have always been at war with Woodstock Nation!”

  10. It was their turn! (to play SWAT)

  11. The cited event occurred 17 months ago.

    Looks like Reason is recycling old police misconduct stories to justify the illegal riots and looting in Democrat cities, and to help Joe Biden get elected.

    1. Hey, Googling is hard work!

    2. The event may have occurred 17 months ago but the rest of us generally don’t get to hear about such events until the lawsuit over it gets filed – and that was much more recent.

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    3. The Dems deleted their shoot-the-kids prohibition planks. God’s Own Prohibitionists kept their old platform promises to have First Responders™ shoot kids and dogs wherever plant leaf odors are detected. But go ahead and act surprised. Herbert Hoover acted real surprised.

  12. They are fortunate they didn’t have a dog on site. Either way:

    The owners dog would have been shot, point blank.

    A police dog would have chewed first and been given commands second.

  13. I think the “defund the police” movement is silly. People not thinking through what “defund” actually means.


    …there are some police departments that need to be completely disbanded, and their services performed by the county sheriffs office, until such a time as the entire city council can be recalled, and new city council sworn in, and a new police force hired from outside the region. Sometimes you need to cut out the tumor instead of coddling it.

  14. Gosh, what an unexpected outcome. I am truly surprised the piggies didn’t shoot both witnesses on the spot and throw down a pound of plant leaves so the freshly-painted home could be seized under asset-forfeiture regulations.

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