Brickbat: Virginia Isn't for Lovers of Privacy


Virginia's Supreme Court has overturned a lower court ruling that barred the Fairfax Police Department from using automatic license plate scanners. The Supreme Court ruled that because the system doesn't include personal information such as phone numbers or addresses it doesn't violate the state's privacy law. The court noted that law enforcement can cross-reference license plate data with other databases to obtain such information. But because that other data isn't part of the license plate scanner data it isn't illegal.

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  1. What made the plaintiff believe in the first place that laws ever really apply to the state and its agents?

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    2. Virginia isn’t for dreamers either.

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    3. Virginia is way too close to D.C.

      You may laugh at me living in California, but at least I’m as far away from D.C. as I can get without having to take a boat.

      1. Alaska would be even further away and no boat required

        1. Someday we will have high-speed rail to Hawaii.

          1. ahem, high speed SOLAR rail to Hawaii.

            1. or maybe wind power. they can put the train’s passenger cars on boats and sail there.

              The Green Raw Deal — setting humanity back 3 centuries or so.

        2. I mean, if you’re willing to go through Canada

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  2. How else are cops gonna troll for women?

    1. And Hunter Biden worked at shop rite.

      1. They have Shop Rite in Ukraine?

        1. In Ukraine, Shop Rite has you.

    2. I hope the license plate scanners do reveal the owners’ current employment, because I bet those same cops think the hottest and most fun-loving women work at shop rite!

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      1. I’m amused that the spam bots are more on topic and coherent than some of the Commentariat.

        1. I especially enjoy the scam-bots posting on the “elected officials doing corrupt stuff” articles.

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  5. Joe Biden killed the #MeToo movement

    1. Joe Biden is a crook.

  6. I wonder how long it will be before the State just goes full Demolition Man and puts a chip in everybody. “Why don’t you just stick a leash up my ass?”

    1. “Why don’t you just stick a leash up my ass?”

      Now you’re talking Tony’s language.

      1. I think Tony likes to take the leash up the ass; if his presence here isn’t sado-masochism I don’t know what is.

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  8. Virginia has never been transparent about police. They only recently allowed civilian review boards.

  9. They also don’t allow vanity plates in VA that contain even mildly offensive words in foreign languages. Apparently all requests are searched

  10. California scans your license plate to send you the toll bill when you cross the Golden Gate bridge. If the DMV doesn’t have your current address, you get hit with a hefty fine for late payment when the bill is forwarded.

    1. It’s against the law not to keep the DMV up to date, you know.
      Consider the late fees a fine for not telling them you moved.

  11. Sounds like when we promised Japan never to dock a ship with nuclear weapons there. By keeping the fuses apart from the warheads, they were not “weapons”, so it was all good.

  12. If the code displayed on a license plate were subject to privacy laws, you could be prosecuted for looking at one. Writing down the plate number of whoever pulled a hit & run on you would be enough to convict you of violating those laws.

    Just imagine going to jail on a peeping tom charge because you glanced at someone’s license plate!

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  15. And that will never be abused by police. It certainly won’t be used to track spouses trying to get away from cops who have a long history of spousal abuse.

  16. Virginians sure aren’t living up to their state motto.

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