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Emergency Coronavirus Orders Upheld in Wisconsin, Rejected in Michigan

Plus: Pandemic brings rise in electronic ankle monitoring, a court rules on stimulus checks for incarcerated people, and more...


Courts in Michigan and Wisconsin rule on governors' emergency orders. In Wisconsin, a circuit court upheld a statewide face-mask mandate and other public health emergency orders from Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat. Meanwhile, the Michigan Supreme Court again ruled against Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's April 30 executive order instituting various coronavirus containment measures—but subsequent Whitmer orders to the same effect make the decision meaningless in practice.

Having already ruled on October 2 that Whitmer's orders were unconstitutional, the Michigan Supreme Court yesterday rejected her plea to let the orders play out a little longer anyway. Whitmer's office had asked last week for more time to ensure "an orderly transition during which some responsive measures can be placed under alternative executive authority and the Governor and Legislature can work to address many other pandemic-related matters."

The 4-3 decision to deny this request "added an exclamation mark" to the court's earlier ruling, says the Detroit Free Press.

Yet it means little in practical terms for Michigan residents, the paper points out, since "new emergency orders that the Whitmer administration has issued through the state health department director—which replicate mask requirements, restrictions on gathering sizes and restaurant capacity, among other features—are not affected by the court's ruling."

The same goes for another Monday ruling from Michigan's Supreme Court, which rejected a lower court's decision in support of the emergency orders. "The Emergency Powers of the Governor Act is incompatible with the Constitution of our state," the state Supreme Court wrote in its decision on this case.

In Wisconsin, where Evers' orders were challenged by three residents represented by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL), things went down differently.

The lawsuit argued that Evers "exceeded his statutory authority by declaring public health emergencies on three separate occasions, each related to the same health crisis—COVID-19," explained St. Croix County Circuit Court Judge Michael Waterman in his decision. Wisconsin law "allows the governor to declare a public health emergency for up to 60 days, unless extended by the legislature," he noted.

WILL argued that successive orders for the same public health emergency violated this limit.

The judge disagreed:

Nothing in the statute prohibits the governor from declaring successive states of emergency. Instead, the statute allows a declaration 'if the governor determines that a public health emergency exists.' That language gives the governor broad discretion to act whenever conditions in the state constitute a public health emergency. Although 'the governor cannot rely on emergency powers indefinitely,' … he can when a public health emergency exists and the legislature lets him do it.

"The legislature can end the state of emergency at anytime, but so far, it has declined to do so," he added. "As the statewide representative body of the citizens of Wisconsin, the legislature's inaction is relevant and it weighs against judicial intervention."

Evers called the ruling "a victory in our fight against COVID-19 and our efforts to keep the people of Wisconsin safe and healthy during this unprecedented crisis." WILL intends to appeal.


• A 25-year-old man in Nevada has contracted COVID-19 a second time.

• Germany's terrible internet censorship law is spreading.

• Reason staffers divulge how we plan to vote (or not) in the 2020 election.

• The EARN IT Act is "anti-evidence policy," writes Cathy Reisenwitz, in a detailed piece explaining why.

• The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has "ordered the Treasury Department and the IRS to reverse their decision to disallow stimulus funds to prisoners solely based on their incarcerated status," reports The Washington Post.

• Facebook is banning Holocaust denial content.

• Belarus has authorized its police to use lethal weapons against protesters.

• In North Carolina, another example of how city regulations make it harder to help people in need.

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    1. Hello.

      Let’s see:

      1) We may have cross/T cell immunity as more and more studies are showing.

      2) The PCR tests are grossly over stating cases for countries who set them at a 45 cT cycle. Experts say it should be set at no higher than 30.

      3) 99.8% survival rate.

      4) The virus has never fulfilled Koch’s Postulates. That is, it’s never been isolated. How it works:

      1. all diseased people with same sx have the same suspected microbe
      2. suspected cause of the disease is isolated and grown in a pure culture ( = a single species is replicated)
      3. the disease is reproduced in a healthy specimen (animal or human)
      4. the same microbe is re-isolated from the infected host

      There is no record of an isolate with Health Canada and the CDC admits as much.

      Go to page 38-39 for that on this link from the CDC.

      What a mess.

      1. Chicago showed an antibody test rate of 20% in their last random sample.

        1. They keep calling it a ‘deadly’ virus. It ‘was’ and mostly because nursing homes weren’t handled well. This is a virus that doesn’t kill most age groups like influenza does with over 80% of deaths restricted to the 65+ age group with at least one underlying condition.

          What the frick am I missing here?

          There is no pandemic. Just a casedemic.

          1. Not to steal anyone’s thunder. But it has to do with a man who may be orange.

            1. But how does that explain the retards running the Commonwealth who are acting the same way plus Italy, Spain and Germany? They’re all handling it in similar fashion.

              Imagine believing a piece of artisanal cloth protects you.

              2500 of Western science under our belt and this is the best we’ve got?

              The shame of it all.

              1. And France. Never forget France. T

              2. Fine, you got me. It is authoritarians on the left, many of whom see this as a trial run for Climate Change action. Also the know nothings with savior complexes who think they can save society through government.

                1. Don’t forget the cowards in the general public who believe that it’s a proper role of government to make personal decisions for us all. It’s frightening how many people are willing to give up fundamental rights for a false sense of security.

                  1. Open wider, clingers

                    — your betters

                    1. “Open wider, Arty”

                      –the hicklib’s uncle

                    2. It’s fun that you knew he meant you.

                  2. They think security IS a fundamental right, and they expect the government to guarantee it. They expect the government to keep them safe. From a germ. It’s insane.

              3. The people with power want more power and are using the excuse of the pandemic to gather more power. This seems straightforward to me.

            2. He’s definitely orange. What’s up with that?

    2. Well yeah? I thought everyone understood that this was where things had to end up. Sex changes after puberty are less effective, which means that the pressure is going to be have kids doing it when they are still prepubescent.

      1. It was sad to see JK Rowling subject to an attempted cancelation because she wants to have open dialog about this. But it was heartening for free speech that she is too popular and rich for the cancelation to succeed.

    3. “Speaking at a 2013 law forum, Barrett said that the “fundamental element” of Roe—that a woman can choose to have an abortytion—will likely stay intact, and that the question now is whether or not those procedures “will be publicly or privately funded.””Click here

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  1. <i.Covid-19 has led to a worrisome uptick in the use of electronic ankle monitors.

    You just knew the Criminal Justice Industrial Complex was behind the Rona.

    1. Isn’t the uptick due to releasing people from prison?

      1. I guess Reason writers are pissed that these criminals are being punished at all.

    2. I assume Reason is doing its part to memory hole the assassination off Lee Keltner?

      1. What assassination?

        1. It was a mostly peaceful assassination.

      2. Right. If they don’t obsess on the incident as much as you do, they are “memory holing” it.

        And remarkable neutrality on your part, by the way.

        1. I’m not some pussy who knows his positions are bullshit, so I don’t pretend to neutrality in a pathetic attempt to prop them up.

          Reason still brings up Charlottesville, but is silent on recent political assassinations because they’re coming from the left.
          It’s kind of a big deal.

          1. If you are going to take this stance, that everyone has to agree that left-wing street violence against right-wing demonstrators are to be a topic of focus (and if Reason focuses on other things is constitutes proof of their left-wing bias), then, if you have any interest in fairness and honesty, you would acknowledge that Reason did cover the assassination in Portland.

            1. Remebering something you don’t like is “obsessing”, got it

              1. I’m fine with Nardz being obsessed with the story and following it closely. It is unfair of him to impose this standard on Reason that they have to parallel all his obsessions or else it is supposedly proof they are in the pocket of big liberalism.

                1. Pointing out that you sound stupid because you think remembering something you don’t like is “obsessing” upsets you deeply, got it.

                2. “I’m fine with Nardz”

                  Your incessant whining proves otherwise.

                  1. You only quoted the first four words of my comment. Looks like you also read only the first four words.

          1. Mr. R Mac can moo!
            Can you?!

      3. Is it your position that if ENB doesn’t mention some news story in the morning links that she is suppressing the story?

        If that is so, I can link to some stories she didn’t mention, where she is clearly suppressing anti-Republican viewpoints.

        1. OMFG shut up no one gains a fucking thing when you stupidly shill like that

        2. You are the definition of a troll. Don’t you have anything else you could be doing? Are you getting paid to troll?

      4. Looked like self defense to me, unless there’s some evidence showing that Dolhoff attacked Keltner *before* Keltner came up and hit him in the head and maced him.

        1. If it was self defense, there’s still a huge problem between the treatment of Doloff and the treatment of Kyle Rittenhouse. The entire MSM was ready to string up a 17 year old kid who was repeatedly assaulted and who repeatedly tried to run away. There are countless photos of Rittenhouse being hit in the head with a skateboard, but he’s a national villain. Where is the similar outrage over Dolloff pulling a gun and shooting someone who slapped him in the head? Add to that the fact that much ink was spilled over why Rittenhouse was there, why he had a gun, etc. Where is the outrage over Dolloff working as an armed “security guard” without the required permits and licenses? Pinkerton is saying he didn’t even work for them.

          None of that changes whether it was self defense, and just based on the photos I’ve seen, it’s not really clear that it wasn’t self defense. But the difference in treatment by the media is outrageous.

          1. What really hurts the self defense claim is that Dolloff didn’t draw and fire until after Keltner had retreated several steps and showed no indication that he would advance.
            They’ve released the pictures most helpful to their side so far.
            Notably, the left has already tried rearranging them to make it look like Keltner was the aggressor.
            When/if more pictures come out, I bet they show Dolloff as the clear aggressor (which is already evident in the slap/shove pick).

          2. It’s odd you would start your narrative with someone hitting Rittenhouse with a skateboard, which is near the end of the sequence of events. At that point Rittenhouse had already shot someone, so the person who hit him with a skateboard wasn’t just doing it as an act of random violence.

            1. At that point Rittenhouse had already shot someone, so the person who hit him with a skateboard wasn’t just doing it as an act of random violence.

              Correct, it was a deliberately targeted one considering Huber was nowhere near Rittenhouse until he saw him on the ground. Thanks for admitting that.

              1. You may want to consider the role that the right-wing rhetoric that you and others promote has played in possibly ruining a 17-year-old’s life.

                1. You posted that copypasta already. Don’t act like an NPC bot and you won’t get treated like one.

  2. A 25-year-old man in Nevada has contracted COVID-19 a second time.

    Arrest him.

    1. Pff, we must burn him at the stake. He’s a habitual super spreader, I bet.

    2. Arrest him again.


    3. shouldn’t he be dead from the first time?

    4. probably a false positive

    5. A mostly peaceful second contraction?

  3. While the Poor Get Sick, Bill Gates Just Gets Richer
    The billionaire’s pandemic investments, like much of his work, remain a secret.

    …delivering a financial windfall to one of the most moneyed players in the pandemic response: the Gates Foundation.

    The foundation recently reported a $40 million stake in CureVac—one of dozens of investments the foundation reports having in companies working on Covid vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics or manufacturing, according to The Nation’s analysis of the foundation’s most recent tax return, web site, and various SEC filings. The foundation has also announced that it will “leverage a portion of its $2.5 billion Strategic Investment Fund” to advance its work on Covid.

    These investments, amounting to more than $250 million, show that the world’s most visible charity, and one of the world’s most influential voices in the pandemic response, is in a position to potentially reap considerable financial gains from the Covid-19 pandemic.

    1. My god that evil bastard, investing his money for the betterment of himself and the world. Sick, he should just give all his money to the government because they don’t make dirty profits!

      1. Or pandemic porn is making him richer.

      2. There’s a certain cares act that spent billions in government funding to these types of business ventures. He isn’t investing out of his own money, but with taxpayers.

      3. He’s not evil for investing his money, he’s evil for pushing hysteria that was used to justify destroying Americans civil rights and tens of millions of people’s lives.

        1. Nardz: I can only comment on the article at hand. No where does that article make any such claim.

          JesseAZ: per the article he invested his foundation’s money in a company making a cure, the fact the Trump admin wants to pay him for said cure doesn’t rankle my feathers.

          Some goodies from that wonderful article:

          Should the United States get priority access to the Covid vaccine just because we are the world’s wealthiest nation? Shouldn’t the most vulnerable—no matter their nationality or salary—get vaccinated first?

          Had Trump succeeded, the deal might also have sent another stark message about economic inequality—delivering a financial windfall to one of the most moneyed players in the pandemic response: the Gates Foundation.

          1. “per the article he invested his foundation’s money in”

            this is a deflection

          2. the fact the Trump admin wants to pay him for said cure doesn’t rankle my feathers.

            If this is like most other investment programs by the government, they will still pay even sans a cure. Again, he isn’t investing his own money, but largely the tax payers money.

            R&D funding in the CARES Act is being appropriated for agencies across the federal government and is dedicated to a wide range of research topics, including the development of vaccines, testing diagnostics, spatial analysis and mapping of infectious COVID-19 hot spots, and public health data analytics and infrastructure. Notably, $3.5 billion is provided to the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), which is part of the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, to support the manufacturing, production, and purchase of vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, and other similar initiatives.


            Gates just invested in essentially business start up funds so he could get the R&D dollars from CARES. The gamble is the research dollars will be more than the investment dollars up front.

            1. Yeah government contracting/grants suck; you won’t get an argument from me there. But that Nation article had none of that and was nothing but progressive bullshit. Some more gems:

              Jörg Schaaber, executive director of the German advocacy group BUKO Pharma-Kampagne, sees the Gates Foundation as having an ideological investment in this business model, pointing to many of the foundation’s senior staff who come from the pharmaceutical industry, including the president of Gates’s global health program.

              OMG the foundation searching for a cure for a disease hired people from the industry that researches cures for disease!

              If Gates followed disclosure rules, we would have transparency not just around the Gates Foundation’s $47 billion endowment but also about where Bill and Melinda Gates’s personal fortune is held.

              Yeah and Trump needs to disclose his tax return! (sarc)

    2. Hmmm, yeah, I’ve heard and read he’s in favor of Big Government. I can see why.

  4. Reason staffers divulge how we plan to vote (or not) in the 2020 election.

    Last check Biden and JoJo are neck and neck. Well, nose and neck.

    1. Biden is JoJo, just ask him. He is Joe Biden Jorgensen, running for Senate against that Mormon, you know, the governor.

    2. Just to inject some facts, the Reason staff’s vote was:
      Jo: 9
      Biden: 3
      Trump: 1
      Not voting/undecided: 11

      1. That’s just what they are saying. I need notarized copies of actual ballots.

        1. That joke would be more apropos if we were discussing a shaky, dark video of someone wearing a Reason t-shirt, stepping into a voting booth with the caption, “Reason Staffer on Video Caught Writing In Vote for Bernie!”

          1. It’s plenty apropo because it’s you.

            1. Are you, like, three years old?

              1. I am and even I can see it is apropos because it’s ypu.


      2. 3 out of 23 leftists voting for Biden is not a good sign for his voter enthusiasm.

        1. 3 out of 23 libertarians voting for Biden, all stating they are doing so because they are voting against Trump and the Republicans not because they like Biden, is not a good sign for libertarian enthusiasm for Trump and the Republican Party.

          Of course, trends among libertarians are insignificant to how the national vote will go.

      3. It seemed like swing state Reasoners were more likely to eschew throwing their votes away.

    3. I thought Biden was nose to hair/hand to skirt?

  5. I wonder what a credentialed expert with a mathematical model would have done with those numbers to predict the situation in 2020.

    The Great Horse Manure Crisis of 1894
    by Ben Johnson
    By the late 1800s, large cities all around the world were “drowning in horse manure”. In order for these cities to function, they were dependent on thousands of horses for the transport of both people and goods.

    In 1900, there were over 11,000 hansom cabs on the streets of London alone. There were also several thousand horse-drawn buses, each needing 12 horses per day, making a staggering total of over 50,000 horses transporting people around the city each day.

    To add to this, there were yet more horse-drawn carts and drays delivering goods around what was then the largest city in the world.

    This huge number of horses created major problems. The main concern was the large amount of manure left behind on the streets. On average a horse will produce between 15 and 35 pounds of manure per day, so you can imagine the sheer scale of the problem. The manure on London’s streets also attracted huge numbers of flies which then spread typhoid fever and other diseases.

    Each horse also produced around 2 pints of urine per day and to make things worse, the average life expectancy for a working horse was only around 3 years. Horse carcasses therefore also had to be removed from the streets. The bodies were often left to putrefy so the corpses could be more easily sawn into pieces for removal.

    1. Isn’t it obvious? Everyone died.

    2. The models would have predicted exponential growth of the horse manure and horse carcasses with the consequence being that the British would have to start eating Irish babies.

      As an aside, they drink their beer warm. I am sure many an entrepreneur took advantage of the fact that it is difficult to differentiate it from the horse piss.

      1. “… they drink their beer warm.”

        That’s because the British have Lucas refrigerators.

        1. The Prince of Darkness and Warm Beer.

  6. The EARN IT Act is “anti-evidence policy,” writes Cathy Reisenwitz, in a detailed piece explaining why.


    1. I see what you did there.

  7. Check out the pic on Twitter:
    Building Back Better is a program that was first officially used on the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held on March 14–18, 2015, in Sendai, Japan. The UN General Assembly adopted this document on June 3, 2015.

    All they needed was a `disaster` !

    1. When I was a kid my uncle had an old book from the late sixties or early seventies called “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”. It was about how communism and socialism was a scheme for control supported and directed by international bodies, large corporate entities and many of the world’s wealthiest people.

      I thought the idea was crazy and self-defeating.

      It doesn’t seem so strange anymore. I’d like to read the book again.

      1. By Larry Abraham. Good read.

  8. AOC responds after Biden says Green New Deal ‘not my plan’ during debate
    ‘Green New Deal is not my plan,’ Biden insisted during Tuesday’s first presidential debate against President Trump

    “The Green New Deal is not my plan,” Biden had responded to an assertion from President Trump during Tuesday night’s first presidential debate in Cleveland, referring to Ocasio-Cortez’s package of proposals for transforming energy production and consumption in the U.S.

    In June, Biden unveiled his ‘Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution & Environmental Justice’ — a $1.7 trillion, 10-year proposal that his campaign said would be supplemented by leveraging more than $5 trillion in additional private-sector and state and local investments. He pitched the plan as being considerably less expensive than the Green New Deal, for which cost estimates range as high as $93 trillion.

    Yesterday there was much confusion amongst you Peanuts about Biden’s plan for AGW. So, posted from FOX NEWS (your fave source so no claims of Fake News! can be levied) is the real scoop.

    Biden, as a centrist, rejects AOC’s Green New Deal in favor of one 1/50 the size and that uses the private sector.

    Thank me later, Peanuts.

    1. Great article. 🙂

    2. Wait, now you believe government projections? You really are retarded.

      1. I can’t imagine admitting that people got to me so badly that I camped out for an entire day just to impotently attempt and then fail to refute them.

        1. How does one refute an optimistic projection dumbass? Do you want me to post the long list of failed cost projections for government programs? Medicaid, Medicare, ACA, HUD, welfare.

          What a stupid comment you made.

          1. Apologies if your comment was in regards to the friendly pedo and not me.

            1. Pretty sure it was in response to dildo.

            2. Also, squirrel, Jeff, white Knight, etc, will never see this apology, somehow.

              1. The White Knight sees all.

                (Not really, but I saw this.)

        2. Try not to imagine being that guy. It is like watching a snuff film. It can’t be good for you.

          1. Aren’t snuffs an urban myth?

        3. Obviously Biden has not fallen under the spell of AOC’s policies like you all claim.

          Are you too stupid to see that or too loyal to The Con Man?

          Either is possible.

          1. “Are you too stupid to see that”

            Quote the part that you think proves it.

            Hint: having an alternative is not proof

          2. You can’t put a spell on someone who is out of his mind. Not even Merlin could pull that off.

            1. Who’s trying to cast a spell on the dildo?

    3. Aww you got mad because you were proven wrong and held onto it all night long!!!

      That’s some top shelf butthurt you have there!

    4. “The Green New Deal is not my plan,”

      No one said it was. The claim was Joe supports it, and he does.

      Maybe reading comprehension practice could have helped you avoid looking stupid again Shreek.

      1. Once again Pedos Buttplug shits the bed.

      2. Obviously Biden has not fallen under the spell of AOC’s policies like you all claim.

        Are you too stupid to see that or too loyal to The Con Man?

        Either is possible.

        1. Let the ass covering and backpedaling begin.

        2. I don’t know about “obviously” but your claim that he “rejects AOC’s Green New Deal” isn’t supported at all by the weak attempt you made there.

        3. The price tag is only one reason the whole idea is immoral. And you do realize that government programs like this usually 1. End up costing more than projected initially. 2. Continue to grow over time, and never stop.

          Oh wait, you’re an ignorant pedophile, so you probably never noticed this.

        4. Oh shit a cut and paste response the pedo knows he fucked up!

        5. Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face.

        6. Biden’s opinion matters to nobody in control

    5. Biden, as a centrist, rejects AOC’s Green New Deal

      No he didn’t. He just said it wasn’t his, not that he didn’t support it. Offering a cheaper plan doesnt mean anything about his supoort for a more expensive one.

      But Hey. You tried. That should count. It doesn’t but it should.

    6. that’s AOC’s value to the Left: she proposes a crazy Green Raw Deal and a 70% income tax rate, and everything everyone else proposes seems like a compromise solution.

    7. “uses the private sector”. So good to be used by our betters, isn’t it?


    Reporter: “56% of Americans said that they are better off today than they were 4 years ago under the Obama-Biden administration. Why should they vote for you?”

    Biden: “Well if they think that, they probably shouldn’t”


      Yesterday, Biden accidentally said (again) that he’s running for the Senate and forgot Mitt Romney’s name, referring to him as “the senator who was a Mormon, the governor.” I guess we’re all just going to keep pretending this is run of the mill misspeaking?

      1. Biden’s best defense against claims of mental decline is that his mind always worked that way.

        1. Nah, he used to be a much slicker liar.

  10. The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has “ordered the Treasury Department and the IRS to reverse their decision to disallow stimulus funds to prisoners solely based on their incarcerated status…”

    Big Prison Commissary is behind this one.

    1. Realistically, why would we send prisoners stimulus checks?

      It’s not like they can get evicted and they aren’t going to do a whole lot of stimulating of the economy from behind bars.

      1. That’s not means testing. Needs testing isn’t okay, is it?

    2. Cigarettes are getting scarce?

  11. The chart of covid deaths per capita better shows how terrible blue states handled the outbreak.

    1. They were trying to do the opposite of what they thought the Bad Orange Man wanted (such as encouraging massive crowds to go to Chinatown after Trump closed off travel from there, and long after Chinese tourists and visa workers had already begun seeding the virus across the globe), and in the end, it didn’t matter because people caught it anyway.

      Now they’re trying to scare-monger on these rising positive test numbers, even though the death rate on these new numbers are FAR lower due to it mostly hitting younger, healthier people, and most of the deaths having already scoured off about 200,000 unhealthy people with heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

      1. Oh, c’mon, it was clearly all the fault of the orange man trying to make democrats look bad. I bet he went around personally spreading covid in blue states. 😉

  12. Facebook is banning Holocaust denial content.

    You know who else tried banning the undesirable?

    1. I mean, Youtube has also gone on record saying they’ll ban anyone posting “misleading” election results. I’m fully expecting them to ban people saying Trump won on the basis that “we need to wait on mail in voting for weeks until the ‘right’ person wins”

    President of technology at
    basically admitting that they’re planning to provide the Chinese Communist Party with a digital back door to the US — and T-Mobile customers are going to pay for it.
    Quote Tweet

    Barbie video confronts racism, white privilege


      “The woke movement was supposed to be about people of color not getting opportunities. … Somehow, white women swung their Gucci-booted feet over the fence of oppression and stuck themselves at the front of the line,’’ said the creator of Netflix’s animated show “F is for Family” as he opened TV’s “SNL” on Saturday.

      “I’ve never heard such complaining in my life from white women,” Burr said.

      1. “Local comedian calls out fashion-obsessed liberal white women on their NPD, is proven correct.”

      2. White women wear Gucci?

  15. Belarus has authorized its police to use lethal weapons against protesters.

    Putting the white in White Russia.


    I see the Secretary of State isn’t happy about republicans using the ballot harvesting law that democrats passed. Allow me to clarify what the law allows:

    1. Did you intend to make an argument that the California Republican Party’s unauthorized collection boxes comply with the harvesting law?

      1. When did you pass the bar?

      2. They are authorized based on the text of the ballot harvesting parameters. It is your duty to argue they are not. I’ve posted the requirements below.

        1. Actually, it’s not my duty either way. The Secretary of State of California can handle it.

          1. But being a paid troll you chimed in anyway.

  17. Having already ruled on October 2 that Whitmer’s orders were unconstitutional, the Michigan Supreme Court yesterday rejected her plea to let the orders play out a little longer anyway.

    No sympathy stay? She was almost kidnapped by BLM – er, I mean, Trump supporters.

    1. you’d think that Whitmer might be reconsidering continuing the crackdown considering she’s getting actual attempts on her life now. Then again, thinking has never been her strong suit.

      1. No, she knows she was never in any real danger, my tax dollars can easily afford her additional security, and it gave her another excuse to blame Trump for something that had nothing to do with him.

        I’m sure there was some initial fear, but she probably hopes it happens again now.

        1. A bunch of basement-dwelling anarcho-commies trying to LARP as a resistance movement aren’t going to pose a real threat, especially with the state keeping an eye on communications, but Bob Everyman, the middle-aged hardworking blue-collar worker who went deer hunting every season, lost his parents due to Whitmer’s actions, and is working alone? All he needs is patience and a clear sightline. It isn’t the guys screeching the loudest she needs to worry about, it’s the ones who aren’t saying anything

          1. This, but it’s surprising someone hasn’t tried by now. I guess most ordinary people are pretty good and law-abiding at heart.

            I hope it continues.


    Today has been a bad day for Biden.

    To recap, he:

    Thumbs downConfused Ted Kennedy for Klansman Robert Byrd

    Thumbs downSaid he was running for the Senate

    Thumbs downForgot Mitt Romney’s name & called him “the Mormon”

    Thumbs downSaid he was in PA when he was in OH

    Thumbs downDirected voters to a nonexistent website

    1. Is he still Not Trump? Yes? Then that’s all Joe Biden needs to do.

      Pathetic, isn’t it?

  19. “Covid-19 has led to a worrisome uptick in the use of electronic ankle monitors. If we’re not careful, the negative effects of this surveillance creep could last long after the pandemic.”

    That’s actually the plan.


    This is what the bullet holes look like at his cafe. Antifa marked his cafe as an “unfriendly business”. Sounds like
    ’s new policy in action.

    John says: “This solidified my Trump vote. I’m done with this weakness & we need some real strong leadership.”


      Meet John Jackson. He’s a veteran of the Army AND the Marines. He owns a cafe called Heroes American. Antifa in Portland is targeting him for supporting police. They shot at his cafe and broke his windows. Why doesn’t his Black life matter to Antifa?

      1. Unless people checked their IDs, that wasn’t Antifa. Jeff and Shreek assure me of this.

        1. Those bullets were shot by ideas.

          1. There are four lights.

          2. Those ideas’ weapons were discharged and a window was struck by gunfire in a mostly peaceful way.

        2. Could’ve had fake IDs John. This’s why White Knight always insists these kind of reports be notarized.

          1. As I have explained many times, enough times that you have surely seen the explanation, I only argued that you need to back up claims of affiliation with Black Lives Matter when you claim them. This is directly analogous to Ken Schulz statement that the news media should back up claims that the Michigan conspirators are “militia”.

            I have never made any such statement about antifa. Antifa is a purposely decentralized organization, so it would be unreasonable to ask for evidence that someone is “antifa”.

            If you misrepresent my position again after seeing this, you are lying about me.

            1. Don’t try to compare yourself to Ken.

              1. Compare myself to Ken? OK:
                – Ken tends to be much more wordy than me.
                – Ken and I are both libertarians. I am voting for Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian. Ken is voting for Trump.
                – Ken is very concerned about the Green New Deal, and that seems to be the most important factor in his recent political support for Trump and the Republican Party. I have a wider ranging set of concerns (Green New Deal, yes, but also spending, drug war, foreign adventurism, growing partisan division, Reason’s comment section being taken over by conservatives and conservative-leaning commenters who don’t even like Reason, etc.); I don’t support either major political party, and am a more standard-issue libertarian than Ken.

                1. Don’t look at me!
                  October.13.2020 at 12:31 pm
                  Don’t try to compare yourself to Ken.

                  The White Knight
                  October.13.2020 at 12:50 pm
                  Compare myself to Ken? OK

                  It’s like you want everyone to know you’re an idiot.

                  1. It’s working.

                  2. White Blight can’t even read but he spams the board daily with his semi-literate insights.

                2. So you actively ignore Ken’s words on Afghanistan?

                  1. Ken gives Trump A LOT of partial credit.

            2. Videos of mobs on the scene of BLM protests committing acts of violence with the full sanction of everyone there just isn’t a enough.

              There is a reason why you are now a punch line to a joke.

              1. Right there, what you are saying is highly doubtful.

                Black Lives Matter organizes rallies, speeches, marches, that kind of thing, typically during daylight or early evening hours. Rioting tends to happen primarily late at night, long after any BLM event has officially ended.

                If you want to discuss a specific incident, please bring one up. Otherwise, you are casting vague aspersions on the BLM organization.

                1. Don’t forget to ask for notarized copies you little bitch.

                2. Black Lives Matter organizes rallies, speeches, marches, that kind of thing, typically during daylight or early evening hours. Rioting tends to happen primarily late at night, long after any BLM event has officially ended.

                  The protests and the riots go hand-in-hand. Stop lying.

                  1. For two things to go “hand in hand” they must be separate things.

                    1. Yes, a whole never consists of more than one part.

                    2. So, when Black Lives Matter organizes a peaceful protest and someone else shows up later that night and riots the rioting was not orchestrated by Black Lives Matter. The rioters are freelancing it, as rioters tend to do.

                    3. Or, when Black Lives Matter organizes a protest and that protest devolves into a riot, that riot was orchestrated by Black Lives Matter.
                      The rioters are part of Black Lives Matter and not freelancing.

            3. “As I have explained many times,”

              And as WE have explained many times, you’re a thief and a liar.

              1. Baselessly accusing someone of lying =/= “explaining”

            4. you need to

              No one “needs” to do anything, you’re the arbiter of nothing and no one looks to you for anything other than someone to mock.

            5. you are lying about me.

              Which would matter I guess if you weren’t lying yourself

            6. Yeah, why believe the independent journalists on the ground who know the primary actors and see them daily. Why pay attention to the actual BLM chants, hash tags, meet ups, demonstrations. Why believe any of that when you can ask for photo ID instead.

              1. Your “independent journalist” for many of these links that have been posted here is some random person on Twitter, who gives no context for the video or story.

                1. “Journalist Andy Ngo is some random person on Twitter”

                  Oh fuck off.

                  1. Being generous, maybe 20% of the links that have been posted here were to Andy Ngo.

                    I don’t recall seeing any story by Ngo where he gave any evidence to back up calling some rioter a “BLM rioter”. Often the link wasn’t directly to Ngo, but some retweeter adding their two cents about BLM.

                    For a bunch of people who will argue endlessly about how so-and-so offered only hearsay evidence in the Ukraine scandal, you CACLLs go along with claims of BLM affiliation with a very low bar of proof.

                    1. argue endlessly about how so-and-so offered only hearsay evidence in the Ukraine scandal

                      The Ukrainian president said it was horseshit, which made the hearsay moot. Didn’t stop your team though.
                      Perhaps he should’ve had his statement notarized.

                    2. Also, what the fuck are CACLLs.

                      Google doesn’t say and I’m looking for another reason to mock your 五毛 ass.

                    3. Conservatives and conservative-leaning libertarians.

                    4. Lots of CACLLs here threw hissy fits if I described them as Trump supporters, so I came up with a precise acronym.

                    5. Yes, direct video evidence of rioters chanting Black Lives Matter and throwing bricks through windows means they aren’t affiliated with Black Lives Matter.

                    6. They were chanting no such thing in that video. You just made that up.

                    7. Wrong.

      2. I’m not victim-blaming here, but it should have been obvious years ago that anyone sane shouldn’t be setting up shop in that city.

        Portlandia Delenda Est.

        1. Agreed. Two things can both be true: 1. it is morally wrong what the government of Portland is allowing there, since protecting life, liberty, and property is one of the few legitimate roles of government, and 2. It has become clear that the government of Portland has no interest in protecting those rights, and people should realize that and act accordingly.

        2. I just feel bad for the people who have been there their entire lives and now aren’t welcome anymore.

          If you move there now you deserve all the bad things that happen to you.

      3. I remember when he ran against Jack Johnson.

      4. I’ve heard Antifa is just an idea. And a mostly peaceful one at that.

  21. “The legislature can end the state of emergency at anytime, but so far, it has declined to do so,” he added. “As the statewide representative body of the citizens of Wisconsin, the legislature’s inaction is relevant and it weighs against judicial intervention.”

    Reminding voters that elections have consequences, even unconstitutional ones.

  22. • A 25-year-old man in Nevada has contracted COVID-19 a second time.

    Why does this piss me off so much? It has been obvious for a while that the healthcare experts and the media are loving all the attention, but deep down inside, I still struggle to believe that people are evil enough to keep up the scare tactics after all that has already been inflicted on the country.

    This shit is anecdotal. It is one case in 20,000,000. That isn’t science. The tests have been shown to have phenomenal rates of false positives.

    Whatever. Print the scariest shit you can find. Inflame the Karens to new heights of face-diaper madness. Fuck you ENB. You are part of the problem.

    1. No mention of the girl with brain damage from her breast implants.
      Crazy shit happens all the time. The reason it’s in the news is because it’s rare.

      1. or the documented cases of marijuana induced psychosis

    2. Any disease will have weird outliers. The fact that only a handful of people have been identified who were re-infected in the whole world should give pretty good confidence that almost everyone develops some lasting immunity.

      1. There are a lot of false positives. My guess is he never had it in the first place.

        1. Yup, it’s either this or you found a guy with some weird quirk to his immune system. It happens.

          If re-infection were a real risk you’d expect more cases to pop up given that roughly 34 billion Americans have already contracted COVID at least once.

          1. And 37 billion of them have died.

      2. Not necessarily, the disease run has been too short. Coronaviruses typically grant about 18-24 months of immunity for that particular strain, with gradual decreases over time. Come back in two years and see how many people have had COVID-19 twice for a more accurate estimation.

    3. >> I still struggle to believe that people are evil enough to keep up the scare tactics

      yep. I still believe in humanity because optimist, but they’re pushing hard

  23. Two deaths a day: S.F. drug overdoses fueled by fentanyl are spiking, figures show

    1. We need common sense fentanyl laws.

    2. The feds should stop encouraging the import of fentanyl by legalizing heroin.

    3. Good?

  24. As we all know, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden are bigly red states, Trump supporters all the way. Otherwise why would their health authorities possibly question masks?

    1. Because they are allowed to think for themselves?

    2. Facts?

  25. About the fearmongering story ENB pushed yesterday regarding non official ballot boxes… It turns out it was the GOP putting those boxes out due to California’s lax ballot harvesting laws:

    A vote by mail ballot collected by a ballot harvester does NOT have to include the name or signature of the harvester on the identification envelope in order to be valid.*

    A ballot harvester is NOT required to document the vote by mail ballots chain of custody in any way.

    A ballot harvester is NOT required to disclose to a voter who they are working on behalf of or if they are being paid to collect ballots.

    A ballot harvester is NOT required to provide any kind of documentation/receipt when collecting a vote by mail ballot.

    Election officials are NOT required to obtain any identifying information, including names, of ballot harvesters when they return collected ballots.

    Election officials are NOT required to maintain a list of persons who collect and submit collected ballots, regardless of how many ballots they submit.

    ANY individual is eligible to harvest ballots, including:

    Non-California residents
    Illegal immigrants
    Foreign nationals
    ANY entity may have and compensate its employees to harvest ballots (so long as the compensation is not on a per ballot basis), including:

    Non-profit organizations
    Businesses, including corporations
    Labor unions
    Ballot harvesters may collect an unlimited number of ballots.
    Campaigns may pay third party vendors to harvest ballots (so long as the compensation is not on a per ballot basis).

    Election officials are not required to categorize harvested ballots or otherwise distinguish them from vote by mail ballots submitted by other means.

    If the Democrats want to change their ballot harvesting laws, the GOP seems to be on board in California. Until then, the unofficial ballot return boxes seem to fall under guidelines no matter the cries from Democrats.

    1. It is only fraud if Republicans do it. Didn’t you know that?

      1. I wouldn’t trust the Dems to not steal the boxes.

        1. They don’t need to steal the boxes. They have a full set of boxes waiting for preliminary voting to tell them which boxes to “discover” in order to win, but not by so much the fraud is obvious.

  26. CDC study shows that 70% of all infections are from people who claim to constantly wear masks while only 4% are from those who claim to never wear masks.

    Masks save lives.

    1. Likewise, while there have been 1 milion covid deaths across the globe… the cost of that is subjecting 100 million people world wide to abject poverty.

      Once again, the preferred policies of the left seem to do more harm than good.

      For those of you who shout “science” like it’s a Tourette tick, this is from the New England Journal of Medicine on May 21, 2020:

      We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.

      1. If you keep going down the article, it gets better.

        They literally call masks talismans. They don’t do much, if anything, to protect health, but they make people have better feelz.

        1. I have no problem with wearing a mask, per se, but it’s pretty obvious by now that this whole exercise was a means of bringing Chinese-style social controls to the US.

          If masks were the magical virus blockers their advocates claim to be, there would be dozens of studies prior to this year showing that to be the case. Interestingly enough, it’s only in the last few months that various “studies” have been released promoting their widespread use, and the media always gloss over the fact that the only ones shown to be truly effective are the N95-grade ones, IF used properly (not constantly adjusting it, not touching your face, etc.).

          1. Yep.

            Up until it was politically necessary to tout masks as lifesavers, they were known to science to be minimally effective, with “cloth face coverings” known to be about as effective as an ass fuck in controlling the spread of respiratory illness.


    3. The CDC website, prior to the Communist Chinese Virus:
      “1. “If you are sick,” the CDC says, “you should wear a facemask when you are around other people (e.g., sharing a room or vehicle) and before you enter a healthcare provider’s office.” But “if you are NOT sick,” it adds, “you do not need to wear a facemask unless you are caring for someone who is sick (and they are not able to wear a facemask).”

      The CDC website, for flu that is not the Communist Chinese Virus:
      “Unvaccinated Asymptomatic Persons, Including Those at High Risk for Influenza Complications
      No recommendation can be made at this time for mask use in the community by asymptomatic persons, including those at high risk for complications, to prevent exposure to influenza viruses.”

      So tell me, Basement Bunker Biden, will you follow the medical science instead of the political science?

    4. That’s not what the study said. In a group of 154 patients that tested positive for COVID-19, 70% always wore facemasks and 4% didn’t. This doesn’t mean that 70% of all infections are from people that wear facemasks. In the control group of 160 patients that had symptoms but had a negative test for COVID-19, 74% wore masks. The article you cited is making claims that the study did not make.

      1. Shut up Lying Jeffy.

      2. The point is that the mask isn’t the Magical Scientific Talisman that the media and the I Fucking Love Science! Left have been pimping it as.

        1. The point is that it IS a talisman, just not an effective one.

          It’s an article of faith, like a rosary or a statue of Saint Christopher on the dashboard. People FEEL it protects them, when in reality it doesn’t.

          1. Get yourself a sweet Madonna
            Dressed in rhinestones sittin’ on a
            Pedestal of abalone shell.

            Going ninety I ain’t scary
            Cause I got the Virgin Mary
            Assurin’ me that I won’t go to Hell.

      3. Stop lying about knowing what the study said Jeff you clearly didn’t read it.

      4. Someone doesn’t understand how studies work. Hint. They never analyze the entire population, but utilize sub samples.

        Holy crap the left gets dumber by the day.


    In Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism, some experiences of women in East Germany and their interactions with West German men are detailed and the men are upset the East Germany women have more economic agency and higher dating standards.

    1. “higher dating standards”. Is that what this bitch calls getting fucked in exchange for food?

      1. East Germany had to build a wall to keep men from fleeing away from these women.

        1. Ha! Thanks.

      2. No, trading pussy for food was the “more economic agency” part.

        1. you’re not wrong

  28. “You’ll know my opinion on court packing when the election is over”

    —-Joe Biden

    I’m trying to think of a legitimate interpretation of this that doesn’t include a tacit admission that Joe Biden will pack the Supreme Court if the Democrats win control of the Senate.

    Even the interpretation that he doesn’t want to alienate his radical base by revealing that he opposes packing the Court is an admission that the Democrats will push him hard for this if they take control of the Senate.

    If a Democratic Congress increases the size of the Supreme Court, so that Joe Biden can appoint seven new Supreme Court justices, does anyone genuinely believe he will refuse to fill those positions on principle?!

    I don’t think there’s a reasonable interpretation here that doesn’t include an admission that Joe Biden will pack the Supreme Court if given the opportunity. Somebody show me how I’m wrong.

    1. You have to pass the bill in order to see what’s in it.

      Again. I can’t believe anyone could possibly vote Democrat.

      They’re just plain despicable.

      1. Venezuela packed their court and now they’re eating zoo animals in a dictatorship.

        1. No, they WERE eating zoo animals. There aren’t any zoo animals left at this point.

          1. ‘Roof rabbits’

            1. Rabbit stew can be delicious in the winter times with a family. Do you like semen?
              Great article. 🙂

            2. yep. And strays.

      2. Fear is the Mindkiller.

        The pandemic and the recession are making everyone crazy. That’s why they don’t like letting a crisis go to waste. They want to change things while people are scared and crazy. People would never fall for it under normal circumstances.

        1. Leftism is making people go crazy, not the pandemic.

        2. That’s what the whole “Build Back Better” stupidity is all about.

          Joe Biden, a Democrat who came up in an era when that party was trying to keep jobs from being shipped overseas, quoting a UN scheme based on the broken window fallacy as his campaign slogan is 2020 at its finest, and shows just how much the neoliberal corporatist syndicate controls the party now.

    2. He hasn’t been told, or couldn’t rememberer, what his position is on court packing.

      1. he has to get reelected to the Senate first

    3. Biden has recently taken to accusing the Republicans of packing the courts for filling a vacancy, if that helps solve the mystery.

    4. Joe can’t say whether or not he’d pack the Supreme Court, because A) either way he’s going to piss off half his base. His answer could very well be “No”, but he’s afraid to say it. And 2) he hasn’t been told yet what his position is. Biden is a very stupid man who has never had an original thought in his life, and he’s far too old to start thinking for himself now.

      1. Even the fear that he’s afraid of alienating his base is a tacit admission that the Democrats in Congress are likely to expand the number of Supreme Court justices if he’s elected president. Surely, the Democrats in Congress are much further to the left than Joe Biden–and they’re the ones who are taking orders from the people who would be upset if Biden said he wouldn’t pack the Supreme Court.

        1. It also shows that despite his claim, he is not the leader of the Democratic Party.

      2. 2! 2! 2!

    5. Basement Bunker Biden’s position is irrelevant; the position that matters is Kween Kamala’s, and she is all in on court packing.

    6. The Democrats have been crying that the Republicans filling up vacant court seats, not just the SC, is “packing the court.” They’re literally arguing that judicial appointments should be set up to only favor their own party. And the reason they are doing this is because they’ve relied on the courts for decades as an extra-legal means to ram through their political agenda when they get outvoted at the polls.

      The gaslighting going on here is bright enough to light up Pluto.

      1. Yup, they’ve been thwarted one too many times by that pesky Constitution. Amending it is too damn hard too, all those deplorables from flyover country get to participate and it ruins the whole thing.

        Much easier to just get a bunch of crony judges to reinterpret it.

    7. Since when do we elect people who wont’ say what they will do? I guess Pelosi started it when she say we have to vote on it to find out whats in it.

    8. He’s not only saying they’ll do it, he’s also being a wise guy about it. It’s a big “fuck you”.

    9. The Constitution is a contract between the people and the government. Once abrogated, *both* parties are unbound from it. Court-packing is juggling unstable dynamite in variable gravity. The people advocating for it are too stupid to grasp what a bad idea it would be.

      If nothing else, you’d think they’d want to avoid giving Trump the idea, should he be re-elected and the Republicans retake the House. “Six more SCOTUS positions to fill? Greatest idea ever. Really big.”

  29. Catherine Herridge continues to do good work, reading the primary source documents being released in regards to Trump/Russia (you know, basic journalistic practices).

    The spreadsheet recently released finds the FBI relied heavily on the information they leaked to reporters as they used media stories to justify their warrants/evidence.

    1. That’s sort of old news, considering that all came out in the IG report.

      1. The docs were released unredacted in their entirety this week.

  30. • Facebook is banning Holocaust denial content.
    Misek hardest hit.

    1. They always ban the sketchy, reprehensible shit first. Then they evolve the definition of reprehensible.

  31. Obey. Check ‘expert’ predictions against history? No, Obey. ‘Expert’ accountability? No, Obey. It’s not authoritarian if the authorities have white lab coats and PhDs.

    You Must Not ‘Do Your Own Research’ When It Comes To Science

    The reason is simple: most of us, even those of us who are scientists ourselves, lack the relevant scientific expertise needed to adequately evaluate that research on our own. In our own fields, we are aware of the full suite of data, of how those puzzle pieces fit together, and what the frontiers of our knowledge is. When laypersons espouse opinions on those matters, it’s immediately clear to us where the gaps in their understanding are and where they’ve misled themselves in their reasoning. When they take up the arguments of a contrarian scientist, we recognize what they’re overlooking, misinterpreting, or omitting. Unless we start valuing the actual expertise that legitimate experts have spent lifetimes developing, “doing our own research” could lead to immeasurable, unnecessary suffering.

    1. This doesn’t happen to ‘experts’:

      There’s an old saying that I’ve grown quite fond of recently: you can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into. When most of us “research” an issue, what we are actually doing is:

      formulating an initial opinion the first time we hear about something,
      evaluating everything we encounter after that through that lens of our gut instinct,
      finding reasons to think positively about the portions of the narrative that support or justify our initial opinion,
      and finding reasons to discount or otherwise dismiss the portions that detract from it.

      1. Even those of us with excellent critical thinking skills and lots of experience trying to dig up the truth behind a variety of claims are lacking one important asset: the scientific expertise necessary to understand any finds or claims in the context of the full state of knowledge of your field. It’s part of why scientific consensus is so remarkably valuable: it only exists when the overwhelming majority of qualified professionals all hold the same consistent professional opinion. It truly is one of the most important and valuable types of expertise that humanity has ever developed.

        1. Because scientists would never fall prey to peer pressure and careerism. Is the person who wrote that really that stupid or just lying?

          1. Both. Stupid enough to think he is smart enough to justify lying to get his way.

            1. Dozens Of Scientific Papers Withdrawn After Peer-Review Fraud Uncovered

              1. This has been going for decades at this point.

        2. If you notice, the dumber and more offensive the article, the less likely there are any comments or the author has a public email address. It is almost like these people don’t want to have to defend their ideas or something.


            The replication crisis (or replicability crisis or reproducibility crisis) is, as of 2020, an ongoing methodological crisis in which it has been found that many scientific studies are difficult or impossible to replicate or reproduce. The replication crisis affects the social sciences and medicine most severely.[2][3] The crisis has long-standing roots; the phrase was coined in the early 2010s[4] as part of a growing awareness of the problem. The replication crisis represents an important body of research in the field of metascience.[5]

            Because the reproducibility of experimental results is an essential part of the scientific method,[6] the inability to replicate the studies of others has potentially grave consequences for many fields of science in which significant theories are grounded on unreproducible experimental work. The replication crisis has been particularly widely discussed in the field of psychology and in medicine, where a number of efforts have been made to re-investigate classic results, to determine both the reliability of the results and, if found to be unreliable, the reasons for the failure of replication.[7][8]

            1. Yep, but there isn’t much motivation to fix it. No one who funds them is demanding there be replication, so there’s no reason to do so.

            2. If you can’t reproduce results, all you have is a story.


            Before Friday, March 20, Marina Kirkeide, who graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering in 2019, was a School of Public Health part-time research assistant working on HPV transmission for Kulasingam. On a gap year before starting Medical School at the University in fall 2020, Kirkeide also had a second job as a lab tech at St. Paul’s Regions Hospital. That Friday, Kulasingam called her and two other research assistants and asked if anyone was available to “work through the day and night” to get a COVID-19 model to Governor Walz the following Monday. They all jumped at the chance.

            “I don’t think a lot of researchers get to work on something over the weekend and have public figures talk about it and make decisions based on it three days later,” says Kirkeide, who had to leave her hospital job to focus solely on modeling. She feels the responsibility of such a big project, too. “[In this situation] you don’t have the time to validate as much as you normally would. You want to get it right the first time. And your work has to be really, really quick.”

            …On March 25, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz presented two scenarios describing the state’s future outlook related to the COVID-19 outbreak. One projection showed that cases would peak around April 26 in Minnesota if there were no mitigating steps to slow the virus. The death toll in this scenario could reach 74,000. The other scenario showed a time frame with significant and staged mitigations in place that pushed the peak to about June 29 and projected deaths in the 50,000–55,000 range.

            1. Actual number: Just under 2,200.

            2. I get really annoyed when dumb people talk about model validation that is actually verification. They probably didn’t even verify it. But unless you have some valid referent, you can’t validate the model.

    2. Haven’t you heard? They have models or p-values or something. Just shut up and accept their policy proposals. The priests have spoken.

  32. In addition to removing content that denies or distorts the Holocaust, the company says that, starting later this year, it will direct anyone searching on Facebook for terms related to this topic to “credible information” supplied by third-party sources.

    You’re welcome

  33. Wisconsin’s Republican controlled legislature sits on the sideline afraid to either support or oppose the Governor’s actions. Because if they take a vote then they can be held accountable for that vote. What a bunch of cowards. Wisconsin has a history of strong Republicans who would lead the state, but those days are over. Vos and Fitzgerald have taken the RP to about as low as they can go.

    1. So we’re supposed to LOOK OVER THERE!!!!?
      Good, for a 15 year old.

    2. Go away Mike.


    Retweet if you’ve never worked out of a Klansman’s office.

    Quote Tweet

    Zach Parkinson
    · 15h
    Biden’s now confusing Ted Kennedy with Robert Byrd

    Biden says he used Kennedy’s Whip office to interview staff after he was elected in 1972

    But it was Robert Byrd’s office he used – Kennedy was ousted as whip a nearly two years before Biden was elected

  35. If you get your news from the Chron, The Great Barrington Declaration does not exist.
    Pants shitting over the perfectly legal nomination of a SCOTUS justice took precedence.

    1. Been reading the criticism agains TGBD. It’s amazing how they refuse to look at the crux of the argument which is the trade-offs at this point can no longer be ignored.

      No. Let’s keep hammering a dead horse and keep locking down and masking up indefinitely. It’s obscene as it is anti-human and bad science.

      Not a shred of evidence backs up going on this dumb path.

      1. Who needs evidence when you have models spitting out just exactly what the modeler, via garbage input, wants it to say?

  36. Facebook is banning Holocaust denial content.
    Misek hardest hit.
    Great article. 🙂

  37. NYC’s High End Boutiques Still Rocked By Weekly ‘Waves’ Of Looting

  38. “We then brought on our longtime collaborator, Julie Coyle, who began experimenting with different tampon types to gauge stability. She and her team then created the speciality pegboard filled with nearly 20,000 hand-painted tampons of the ‘notorious’ RBG, notorious for her fearless, and often humorous and controversial, advocacy of women.”
    — Andrea Sheehan

  39. Nothing in the statute prohibits the governor from declaring successive states of emergency.

    Nothing in the statute prohibits the governor from ordering you to be raped to death by a baboon, either, so, you know, you’ve been warned.

    1. Wow! That’s racist. You sound racist saying this. Great article though. 🙂

      1. On today’s episode of “Advanced Bot or Parody”.

        1. Not sure, but I bet Tony loves the name.

          1. Dildo hopes it’s a 10 year old.

  40. FACT CHECK: More People Delaying Health Care Over Costs Now Than Pre-Obamacare

    Unfortunately for the Democrats, the data suggests otherwise. According to a Gallup survey from December 2019, 33 percent of Americans say they or a family member put off treatment for a health condition because of the costs.

    This number has remained virtually unchanged since Obamacare was passed. In fact, the number has averaged about 30 percent since 2006, which is significantly higher than it was back in 2001, when only 19 percent of Americans said they or a family member put off treatment for a health condition because of the cost.

    1. Who would have thought that introducing a more government into the healthcare industry would make things more expensive? Clearly the solution to this is more government in the healthcare industry.

      1. or government run medical care review boards, to ensure that scarce medical resources aren’t going towards those who don’t have long to live (but don’t call them “death panels”)

    2. If you ever want costs to come down, this is what has to happen.

    3. If you listen to John gruber this is the goal it was designed to drive up cost be unweildy and fail so people would demand single payer. It’s not a failure if it’s in the design. The socialists are pure evil

  41. Internal Dem polling says its a loser:

    Why Has Immigration Disappeared From The Presidential Debates?

    We still don’t know if there will be another debate between President Trump and Joe Biden or where or when it will happen if so. Of the two debates that have taken place between the tickets thus far, did you notice anything missing? A recent editorial at the Free Beacon brings up what should be a relevant topic for election observers. What happened to the subject of immigration? In the entirety of both the first presidential debate and the only vice presidential debate, they note that not one single question on the subject was asked and none of the four candidates thought to inject it into the conversation on their own. Considering that not very long ago it was almost the only issue making any headlines, this represents a rather stark change.

    1. Probably because pimping unchecked immigration during a pandemic when they’ve been screeching “lock it up!” for months is such blatant hypocrisy (as if arguing that rioting is a “public health necessity” wasn’t) that even the media don’t want to touch it.

      1. Strange. Considering that Telemundo poll immediately after Debate 1, that had 2/3 Hispanics in favor of Trump, I’d have bet a lot that Immigration would have been a hot issue for the Democrats to push.

        Like they give a shit about logical inconsistency or hypocrisy.

        1. all the Dem primary contenders raised their hands in favor of free medical care for undocumented immigrants. that video by itself would make a good Republican campaign ad

  42. We’re getting another data point in the “Get woke, go broke” sweepstakes.

    According to data from Nielsen Media Research, 5.6 million viewers tuned into Game 6 of the Finals to watch the Lakers clinch a record-equaling 17th NBA title, compared with 18.34 million viewers in Game 6 of the 2019 Finals between the Raptors and the Warriors.

    That’s a 69.5% drop in the number of people watching the game in 2020 compared to 2019.

    If you look at the woke media covering this, they’re writing about these NBA ratings in terms of football–they’re saying that twice as many people were watching Sunday Night Football as were watching the NBA championship game. What they don’t seem to be mentioning is that the 11.5 million who were watching Sunday Night Football is also down about 35% from the same week in 2019.

    If you added the entire audience of Sunday Night Football (11.5 million) to the audience of the NBA championship game (5.6 million), the audience of the NBA championship game would still only be 17.1 million–a 7% decline from 2019. The argument that the NBA and NFL are hurting each other’s ratings doesn’t hold a drop of water if combining the viewership from both leagues shows that there are less viewers for both of them put together in 2020 than there was for either one of them separately in 2019.

    Support for BLM and disgracing the national anthem aren’t the only possibly explanations for why ratings are down, but the explanation that it’s because the NBA and NFL are scheduling games against each other in the same time slot doesn’t hold an ounce of water. Maybe it’s because there aren’t any fans in the stadiums. I’m sure that’s at least part of it. On the other hand, pissing off your customers by offending their sense of patriotism has never been good for business–and the “Get woke go broke” argument keeps making more and more sense as more data comes in.

    1. In addition to that, it was game six of the NBA finals. Anyone who watches a run of the mill NFL regular season game over that, likely wasn’t going to watch the NBA at all.

      The NBA may never recover from this.

      1. What happens when the advertisers don’t show up or aren’t willing to pay what they used to for a smaller audience?

        Broadcasters aren’t willing to pay much of a premium to broadcast the games in the future to a smaller audience that doesn’t appeal to as many advertisers anymore.

        The salary cap for both of these leagues isn’t likely to go up as anticipated in players’ contract. The salary cap is likely to go down if they don’t turn things around!

        This will come out of the players’ paychecks eventually. If things don’t improve next year, the teams will be looking to bench players and renegotiate their contracts. They better get some first reponders out there in a color guard with a cop in uniform to sing the national anthem PDQ or it’s gonna come out of the players’ pockets.

        1. And they’ll cry bloody murder about how greedy the owners are being when that happens. Any coverage of pro sports always makes it out like the owners have infinite money that just falls out of the sky and the only reason players don’t get more of it is because all owners are racist versions of Scrooge McDuck.

          COVID already damaged revenue streams and would likely lead to a flat cap over the next few years anyways, the NHL is doing that even though they haven’t gone full woketard yet. Because they haven’t gone full woketard they can count on their TV and advertising deals to keep them afloat until they can sell out arenas again.

          The NBA can’t count on that with the ratings they got during the finals. You had the biggest team in the Lakers, with the biggest star in LeBron, playing in the finals and you couldn’t convince anyone to watch. There’s a legitimate argument to make that LeBron is the best to ever play, if you can’t get people to watch him you should probably find a new line of work.

        2. it’s gonna come out of the players’ pockets.

          What were the Chinese ratings? Because I don’t think they will be taking a pay cut soon, they just will be playing games in Beijing and finding out how woke the communist are.

          1. For the rights to broadcast in China, Tencent (an ISP in China) paid $1.5 billion for five years–about $300 million a year.


            For the broadcast rights in the United States, ABC, ESPN, and Turner Broadcasting are paying about $2.6 billion per year. (link below)

            The median payroll for a team in the NBA is at $130 million–and there are 30 teams.

            That revenue from China won’t even cover the player salaries of the three lowest paid teams in the league.

            Disney will come looking to clawback money on those broadcasting rights. I’m sure there’s a clause in there somewhere that lets them renegotiate if the ratings collapse, and if there isn’t, Disney could simply come back and refuse to perform on the contract. We’re not paying you for right rights, and we’re not broadcasting your games. Paying $2.6 billion for the rights to broadcast to one-third of the audience they had before isn’t likely.

            1. P.S. Disney announced yesterday that they’re completely reorganizing their business units. They need to because they’re hurting in every way but their streaming business. Mulan was a flop in China, and hardly anyone paid an extra $30 to watch it on Disney+ either. Making movies for U.S. theater goers is making buggy whips. Their parks businesses are complete disasters. Everything is being reorganized around Hulu and Disney+. ESPN is part of the reorganization, too.

              Markets are fantastic things. You can only hate your customers for so long before it starts to impact your business. The pandemic and the lockdowns hurt some of their businesses so badly, and it doesn’t look like woke takes on Marvel characters or Woke Wars is about to save the day. Things may have gotten so bad during the recession that Disney has to to start focusing, again, on content that people actually want to see.

      2. no no they just need another Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan oh wait …

    2. Some of it was “eh, the Lakers again. Let’s skip that.” Maybe the NBA needed to remind everyone for the umpteenth time that Gene Altobelli, his wife, daughter, and an NBA star were killed earlier this year in a helicopter crash?

      1. I was watching just about every game, despite the ridiculous lecturing on the court.
        After their little boycott stunt, I haven’t watched any games.
        I think that was a backbreaker for more people than just me.

        1. Yeah, I don’t think they understand how fans work. I’m sure some people just stumble into games, but actual fans (the ones you make the most money on) know when the games are happening and plan on watching them.

          Fans will spend their whole day thinking about a game, they might even organize their schedule so that they have time to watch it. Then it gets canceled last second because the players get butthurt about something the fan has no control over or interest in. That fan is now pissed off and has to find some other way to spend their time, if you do that to them enough they don’t come back.

        2. the right response to the Milwaukee boycott would have been to hand them a loss in that playoff series. but the league cared more about not offending their employees than about not offending their customers.

      2. but it’s been 10 years since the Lakers won a title. and historically good teams are usually a good thing for ratings. Miami with no hyped stars (although Butler and Bam and Herro ought to be) was part of it, but ratings should be much higher.

    3. “That’s a 69.5% drop in the number of people watching the game in 2020 compared to 2019.”

      Not like there’s a lot of stuff on right now, with places still shutdown, to compete with the Finals for eyeballs. This is huge. Their league can’t survive under these economic conditions without serious changes to the TV contracts and CBA.

      Guess there’s more Americans like me than I thought.

      1. I think this whole drop has been building for a while an for myself some of the actions recently just made it solidified I wasn’t watching any of the leagues this year. We have a group that went and watched football almost every Sunday for years and years. Each year we kept talking about how the sports leagues kept drifting away from sports and to fringe aspects of society, it made the game and the experience of watching worse. It was no longer fun, it stoked political discussions and societal discussions. We came to watch sports which brought us of all aspects together but recently our Twitter/Social media loudmouths have done a good job of allowing this to break us apart too.

        1. The left is miserable on an existential level, and their primary mission in life is to make everyone else miserable

          1. They really like closing gaps, the misery gap included.

    4. I’m used to being at team sporting events that have very few people watching them — sometimes effectively 0, like when the only onlookers are those waiting to play in the next game and relatives of the contestants. That’s never affected my interest. Why should I care even if I’m the only one watching, if I’m interested in it myself?

      1. Yup agree with your thoughts on those types of sports and games. I’m still going to watch basketball if it’s played at the park with my friends. I’m still going to watch a flag football tournament. I’m going to watching a curling match where I’m the only person in the stands. That’s awesome and fun to watch even if I’m not participating. The sport(s) itself is a great thing. Many of us however even alone aren’t going to watch pro sports where we get hammered by advertisements and in-game comments that are pushing an issue we don’t support or need to hear about at that time.

      2. Did those sporting events cost at least a million dollars to put on each night? If not, then there’s your answer. You won’t have the option to watch it because they will be broke.

        1. You won’t have the option to watch it because they will be broke.
          What a glorious day that will be.

    5. and TV ratings should be even higher now, with more people stuck at home and fewer places to go out and do stuff.


    Which one of the losers pictured at the link is our loser Portland leftie troll Kill all Rednecks?

    My guess is the beardo on the far left of the third row from the top.

    1. No sane person would hire any of those pathetic losers.

      1. None of those pathetic losers are interested in working anyways so this is really a non-issue.

  44. Michigan will go Trump. Wisconsin will go Biden.

    1. Doesn’t Trump need both to win?

      1. not with the other 45 states he’ll take


    I saw these posts within seconds of each other and couldn’t help but smile

    1. Well, if we are very lucky this is going to become a real issue for those in the major in the coming years. 4 years is enough time to undermine the political clout this ideology has gotten through the force of law.

  46. Note: photographer still hasn’t released earlier sequence photos (probably because they show Dolloff initiating encounter w/victim)

    Extended sequence of events in Denver. The victim backed off. He never stood a chance.

    1. What’s interesting here is the whole context behind what happened, especially in light of what happened to that Patriot Prayer guy who was stalked and killed.

      We already know that Antifa cells have lists of local journalists who are friendly to them, and they’ve identified 9News anchor Kyle Clark as one of them. The photographer, Helen Richardson, is a commie-symp based on her Twitter history, and the producer who was there, Randy Newman, was the guy who Dolloff was supposedly “guarding” (probably because he knew the local Antifa guys from the Occupy Denver protests in 2012 and had stayed in touch).

      Prior to the shooting, one of Antifa’s designated agitators, Jacob LeBron Kelly, who was also at the Aurora protest back in June where they tried to set the courthouse on fire (interestingly enough, an internet search showed that he has relatives that live just a few blocks away from there, providing him with a convenient safe house to go to if shit got too hot), was getting in Keltner’s face trying to provoke him. A separate photo shows Helen Richardson (she was the one in the orange vest) standing literally right next to them taking pictures.

      Shortly after that confrontation got dispersed, Dolloff went after Keltner, initiating contact. Keltner slapped him and started to back away

      What’s interesting here is that almost immediately after Keltner was killed, a local Antifa group released a dossier they had on him on their Twitter account. They’ve clearly been tracking this guy, and although there’s no proof they were looking for him at the protest, it’s not hard to imagine that they saw a target of opportunity and marked him for execution or a beatdown, since he’d been separated from the rest of the group. That’s probably what Jacob LeBron Kelly was trying to initiate. However, it’s more likely that Dolloff initiated contact because he saw one of his allies getting in argument with Keltner, and decided to play hero if Keltner hit Kelly after being subjected to Kelly’s semi-feral screechings.

      Keep in mind that Dolloff is supposed to be Newman’s “security guard”–the last thing he should be doing is involving himself in a minor dispute between two random bystanders. Instead, he initiated contact, likely tard-raged at being smacked, and pulled his gun because he was pissed at being bitch-slapped.

      A society with balls would at least be charging Dolloff with murder 3 at the very least, considering he was never in danger, initiated the encounter, tried to put his hands on Dolloff, drew his gun while Keltner was backing away (keep in mind Keltner’s can of spray was clearly visible in his hand the whole time), and then shot him after Keltner sprayed him. But Denver’s DA is a Demo-slime Boomer who’s been part of the local party machine there for decades, so the likelihood that Dolloff gets off with nothing more than a misdemeanor at worst, even taking his lack of security licensure into account, is quite high.

      1. Side note: Kyle Clark was supposedly going to moderate a debate for one of our Senate seats. That murder brought his Antifa ties to light and means he probably won’t get the gig.

        1. That news station’s whole reputation is in tatters now. Every normie on the Front Range that isn’t a neurotic leftist (granted, that number grows smaller by the month) knows now that these guys are simps for a group that burns buildings, destroys monuments, and smashes private and public property buildings like the Colorado History Museum. Literally nothing the 9News crew says can be taken at face value anymore. They’re propagandists, not journalists.

          They were starting to go off the deep end before Adele Arakawa retired, but Kyle Clark’s ascension as the face of the station appears to have sent them right over the edge.

      2. Dolloff was arrested on suspicion of first degree murder. It is all on film and it is very clearly a case of murder 2 not 3. I would be very surprised if he walks. It is not like the DA or any of the people funding Antifa give a shit about Dolloff. He is just a useful idiot. Throwing Dolloff in jail for the rest of his life will allow them to say they are doing something and give them cover to go after the next guy on the other side who defends himself. Meanwhile, the Patriot prayer guy is dead and the message to the normals is sent.

        If they don’t charge Dolloff, they don’t really gain anything and give themselves a lot of heat and problems. Dolloff is just cannon fodder. So, I imagine they will lock him up and move on.

        1. They better. Because if they let him off on a self-defense charge here, they’re basically sanctioning political violence by the left.

          That’s going to break the dam open and result in a whole lot of people getting hurt and killed. Denver’s rapidly descending into becoming the Rocky Mountain Portland as it is, and this would just cement it.

      3. Kelly, I take it, is the guy in the “black guns matter” shirt?
        There are several witness reports and videos of him getting in multiple people’s faces, completely unprovoked. Indeed, the patriot group was leaving and were followed.
        Here’s what I think was going on (and will happen again):
        -They were all working together; Dolloff, Kelly, Newman, Richardson, and possibly others. The 4 of them are pictured together the whole time in multiple places.
        -Pinkerton was a red herring the station threw out to try to deflect responsibility. Kyle Clark was the contact who worked w/local organizers.
        -The encounter went as you describe. But the plan, the script, was for Kelly to provoke someone into attacking him, where Dolloff could intervene (possibly with deadly force), with Richardson and Newman there to provide the “white supremacist attacks black guy” narrative, only they didn’t get the attack they wanted. Dolloff overreacted, either naturally as you say or because he was following through on the script. His face after shooting the guy inclines me to your explanation.

        Richardson isn’t getting nearly enough scrutiny. She almost certainly has photos of the entire encounter. The initial picture she releases is indeed the most photogenic, with mist of spray in the air, and conveniently paints Keltner as the aggressor, which is the narrative she tried to push. Only problem is people noticed the slide position proving that the gun was fired almost simultaneously to the mace being deployed. Uh oh. Then a still from another video shows Dolloff with his gun drawn and aimed prior to mace deployment. So she releases another picture, carefully chosen to make Keltner appear as much as possible – the slap/shove. But this one isn’t perfect either, as Dolloff is in an aggressive position reaching for something on Keltner’s person.
        I only wonder if she’s deleted the other photos, and if the Denver PD – who immediately came out to spin it with the leftist narrative – has her memory card and if they’ll try to retrieve those images. I bet they will be incriminating.

        Blmantifa has hit squads working US cities.
        Be aware.

        1. Kelly, I take it, is the guy in the “black guns matter” shirt?

          Yeah, that’s him. Will be interesting to see if he shows up at any future riots for a while. This dumbass went around with his bandanna hanging off of his face all the time, so now people are going to be looking for him whenever one of these pops off down the line, especially in Aurora.

          His handlers will probably tell him to lay low for a while until this blows over, but it’s pretty much too late because his dox and his face are out there now.

  47. “The legislature can end the state of emergency at anytime, but so far, it has declined to do so,” he added. “As the statewide representative body of the citizens of Wisconsin, the legislature’s inaction is relevant and it weighs against judicial intervention.”

    While I completely disagree with the judge’s ruling (just because two branches of government are failing ensure the intent of the law is followed doesn’t mean that the third should also just throw up it’s hands), this is an important point. Both branches of the legislature are Republican controlled, and no one has really disputed that they have the power to overturn these latest round of executive orders with a simple majority vote, which they should be able to do easily. Since day one of the mask mandate, the Republican leadership in the Senate has said they “stood ready” to vote to overturn if the Assembly would just send it to them (Assembly needs to initiate)- but the Assembly leadership has pussed out again and again. Resulting in Evers becoming bolder after having been a non-entity for a few months after the spring Supreme Court ruling overturning his initial actions. Clearly, the Assembly Republicans are hoping that the courts bail them out and throw this out without them actually having to man up and take a stand. This judge (a Walker appointee, I believe) is calling them out on that, basically telling them that they can’t just keep throwing controversial issues in the court’s lap to avoid doing their jobs.

    1. At least someone is trying = WILL

      1. Indeed, and I do think that ultimately they will be successful. I’m not sure how the courts could keep squaring letting these orders stand with the spring Supreme Court decision. Thing is, it would have been nice to get it overturned sooner than later. The longer this goes on, the more ingrained it gets as “just how things are.”

  48. “Sorry boys, the guvnor says you can’t come in without a mask.”

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  50. I’m amazed that no one has pointed out that keith olberman has called for the arrest and prosecution of anyone who supports Trump. did he just give the ultimate goal of the left is to literally shut up anyone who disagrees to the point of arrest

    1. It’s not like he’s revealing anything about the America left we didn’t already know.

  51. Facebook is banning Holocaust denial content.

    I weep for knowledge and open debate.

    1. there’s only room for 58 different kinds of stupid on Facebook

  52. “Nothing in the statute prohibits the governor from declaring successive states of emergency.”

    I guess the governor does not have to actually PROVE their is an emergency to declare one. Grand. Totes freedom.

    1. The timing on this was unfortunate as, to the extent anyplace has a problem with Covid right now, Wisconsin does. I totally do not buy that it’s a crisis or an emergency and “something must be done” but there are a lot of positive tests (whether you consider those cases or not is another matter), and hospitals are relatively full. I don’t see the problem with that- that’s what hospitals are there for. Much like in the past 7 months we have decided no one should ever die, we have apparently also decided that hospitals should never be full of sick people and doctors should not have to deal with sick people. So of course in WI we have the MD bureaucrats from all the hospitals on the local news shows crying and bitching about sick people being in their hospitals and actually having to work instead of make TikTok videos. While obviously none of that BS should have an impact on legal matters, particularly on how a judge rules, the fact is it unfortunately does. Politicians and judges see all this going on and how our “heroes” are pleading to keep us in masks forever and are loathe to be the ones to pull the trigger and end any restrictions. Even if there is zero evidence they make an impact, which is the case with masks in WI; bars and everything else were open for months with no state restrictions, and the numbers were remarkably low. Within weeks of Evers’ mask mandate, positive tests exploded and hospitals had a lot more patients. I’m not saying masks caused the spike, but they sure as hell didn’t stop it. But yet the takeaway that Dems and sheep-minded Rs get from this data is that bars need to be closed and we need MOAR MASKS.

      1. This is the case everywhere. Relatively low infections until mask mandates were forced up on us. Then the numbers began to steadily rise.

        Two likely reasons for this:

        We got out an about more and, because masks don’t actually work at stopping viral spread (which any surgeon will tell you), we were in contact with more people and therefore more people caught the virus.

        The virus has had months at this point to move through the population AND we’re testing more people. You go back to work, you get tested. You start a movie production, you get tested. You go into a recording studio, you get tested. You get back from vacation and need to go in for a meeting, you get tested. Yada yada.

    2. but the statute DOES prohibit that. the legislature has to extend the emergency if it goes over 60 days. the 60 day limit would be meaningless if a new emergency could just be declared every 60 days.

  53. So the Wisconsin court reaches the conclusion that not ending an expired order is the same thing as extending it. Gorsuch would be proud.

  54. This needs to be fought at the state legislative level. Those legislators who still give a shit about liberty need to amend their respective orders to contain wording that spells out exactly what constitutes a public health emergency (traditionally, it’s been the imminent threat of mass death, which was never the case during COVID, irony of ironies), what criteria must be in place for that emergency to no longer be an emergency, and for how long a governor can wield this power. It should be weeks, NOT months, and certainly not indefinitely, as is the case with so many states.

    Otherwise, we’re never going to see this end, and governors will enact emergency powers over god only knows what next.

  55. A CDC study published on Sept 11 found that 70% of Covid patients studied had reported ALWAYS wearing a mask when in public during the 14 preceding days, indicating that masks are not very effective for protecting people from contracting the virus.

    But amazingly, the CDC never highlighted this key finding in the study’s discussion, which is why nobody in the news media reported this finding until the Federalist did so yesterday.

    1. But of course, all the Democrat governors who have mandated the wearing of masks in public places have stated that they are following the scientific evidence.

      Meanwhile, Joe Biden recently stated that, if elected, he wants to mandate mask wearing by all Americans even outdoors. And of course, Biden claims his Covid policies are and will be based upon scientific evidence.

    2. The CDC’s study (finding 70% of Covid patients reported always wearing a mask in public during the preceding 14 days) raises many important issues. For example:

      Why didn’t CDC flag this finding on Sept 11, and issue a press release to the news media highlighting it?

      Why haven’t the news media rereported this Federalist article yesterday or today?

      Do certain masks work better than other masks, or face coverings?

      Does covering the nose with a mask reduce risk of contracting and/or spreading the virus?

      Are mask mandates and mask wearing resulting in people increasing their risks by going to indoor areas with lots of other people, no longer social distancing, touching other people again, no washing hands, etc.?

  56. Tucker Carlson just spent the first 15 minutes of his show on Fox News exposing the CDC study (that found 70% of Covid patients had reported always wearing masks) and criticizing the marginalization and censorship of those who challenge WHO or CDC policies and claims about Covid).

  57. Many of these state and local restrictions are unconstitutional and need to be challenged – specifically the closing of churches and limits on gatherings. The First Amendment is very clear on the freedoms of religion and assembly. There are no exceptions.

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