Brickbat: Garbage In, Garbage Out


Three more officers of the Los Angeles Police Department have been charged with falsifying information they placed into a state gang database. "In all three cases, the defendants are accused of writing on the (interview) card that a person admitted to being a gang member even though body-worn camera video showed the defendants either never asked the individuals about their gang membership or the individuals denied gang membership if they were asked," according to prosecutors. A total of six officers so far have been charged with entering false information into that database.

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  1. And yet the most dangerous gang in California sits in Sacramento and they run around scot free.

    1. We have one in Lansing just like that. The Gretch is a notorious tyrant hereabouts and she just tagged her homies in the Department of Health to get around some high court decision so she can fuck with us some more.

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    2. I thought the most dangerous gang in California was at 100 West 1st Street Los Angeles, CA.

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  2. Apparently systemic incentives are in place to enter as many into the database as law enforcement can get away with. The data is suspect and can’t be relied on.

    1. You’re not talking about rona deaths?

  3. Trying to get recruited by the FBI?

  4. And nothing else happened.


  5. California has bad government? Yawn.

  6. The officers are set to be arraigned in February. Braga faces up to three years and eight months in jail, while Uribe and Garcia each face up to three years.

    Holy shit, they’re actually taking this seriously!

    The board also said its expectation “is that any officer filling out a police report or field interview card does so with the utmost care and accuracy” and that the cases brought by Lacey reflect the department’s “rigorous internal investigative processes.”

    Three other LAPD Metro officers were charged by Lacey’s office in July. One of them, Braxton Shaw, stands accused of falsifying information on 43 field interview cards. His attorney has said Shaw did nothing wrong.

    An additional 18 officers remain under investigation. Of those, 11 are assigned to their homes, and seven are assigned to desk duties.

    Well, maybe not if they’re still claiming they have “rigorous internal investigative processes” when the evidence clearly indicates just the opposite.

    1. After what braga did to Star Trek, he deserves far more than that

      1. Braga’s a piker compared to Alex Kurtzman.

  7. For a moment, I thought the GIGO headline referred to Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s tripe.

  8. So if the Mayor declares the city to be a Sanctuary City, but the local police identify more immigrants as being part of gangs without evidence (and prosecute them harder and/or turn them over to CBP), do they lose their Sanctuary City status? Asking for a friend(‘s Sanctuary City).

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  12. This is bullshit. Cops do plenty of dumb things, but entering someone who is obviously a gang member into a gang member database isn’t misconduct. Criminals lie and it’s not a good use of cops’ time to ask criminals to identify who they do crimes with.

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