Belarus Rises Up

Citizens packed the streets to demand that President Alexander Lukashenko step down.


Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has run the formerly Soviet country since 1994, but his latest victory, following a Potemkin election on August 9, may be the beginning of the end for the man European media often call "Europe's last dictator." Within days of the vote, formerly loyal factory workers refused to allow him to speak, employees of state-run media walked off the job, and citizens packed the streets to demand Lukashenko step down.

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  1. So I keep seeing reporters using Europe’s last dictator as short hand for why this is a good thing, but what exactly did this guy do to spark protests? No seriously not criticizing the author of the brickbat. No ones mentioning what the guy did besides apparently a shady election, which doesn’t generally cause wide spread protests.

    1. Sure. After all, he could be a GOOD absolute dictator.

      1. The opponents he disappeared would argue otherwise. If he hadn’t disappeared them.

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        2. See buddy, that would be an actual reason, but that’s not what anyone is saying. Everyone just says he’s a dictator and leaves it at that. Which is just straight up namecalling if you don’t actually list anything bad he’s done.

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  2. Looks like another CIA controlled color revolution bois.

    1. That was my first thought, too. I’m not very well versed in the history and politics of a small, obscure Eastern European country, but at the very least it’s odd how much press this is getting compared to, eg, the Arab-Israeli peace deals or the Uighur concentration camps or the riots in Portland.

      1. I should add that I don’t consume much mainstream media directly, so my perception of the coverage is probably distorted. Still, it seems strange to me.

        1. I should add that I don’t consume much mainstream media directly

          +1. Consuming mainstream media is hazardous to your health. Hyper-sugar. Makes you agitated, erratic, then exhausted. Looking forward to the studies that show it leads to an early death.

          1. ^This is what people tell themselves to justify being plugged into their echo chamber, so they don’t have to be exposed to any opinions or facts that challenge their world view. It’s not healthy.

            1. Says the guy asking for citations he won’t read all day today. Lulz

      2. Or the shooting war between Armenia and Azerbaijan

        1. Notice this is from the November print issue. It was written several months ago and is no longer fresh.

          1. News about incumbents stealing elections is all the rage these days.
            This guy was particularly blatant about it. The photo is old, but protests contine

  3. I have for some time been trying to find a quotation, I think by Frederick Douglass, to the effect of “Show me how much [oppression] a people are willing to bear, and I will show you the exact amount of [oppression] the government will impose upon them.” I’m pretty sure “oppression” isn’t the word he used, but it was something with the same connotation.

    It’s funny that the people of Belarus seem to be willing to revolt at a fraudulent election, this is an oppression too far for these people, and here we are in the United States staring down the barrel of a fraudulent election. Are we going to find this an oppression too far as well, or are we just going to bend over and take it as many other places with fraudulent elections seem willing to do?

    1. Found it – “Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them.” – Frederick Douglass

    2. So you’ve already decided the forthcoming elections are invalid. I have some delicious Kool-Aid over here for you to try…

      1. Well of course the forthcoming election is going to be fraudulent, both candidates have already stated as much. If Trump wins, it will only be because the Russians have once again interfered in the election and the GOP has successfully suppressed the vote and if Biden wins it will only be because wide-spread voting fraud due to the Democrats insisting that unsolicited ballots be sent out and that all the votes be counted whether the ballots are sealed or signed or postmarked or “discovered” in the trunk of a car a month after election day.

        1. I see you already have your own ample supply of Kool-Aid™. Two flavors too!

    3. There is no reason to believe we are facing a fraudulent election. A good chance one where we won’t know who won on election night, but no more fraudulent than the small amount of fraud we typically have.

      1. LOL – this is an election like no other and Democratic lawyers have been hard at work demanding changes to the election laws which uniformly work to make fraud more likely and people are urging Biden not to concede under any circumstances – it sure sounds to me as if the Democrats are quite confident Biden is going to win one way or the other regardless of the actual vote.

  4. Do we have copies of their ID or notaries to prove they were citizens of belarus?

    1. They could have been citizens of Poland who historically dislike Belarusian presidents (please don’t check my bullshit claim), or Ukrainians who sound similar.

      Until I see signed affidavits from persons who have known each of the individual protesters for at least ten years, I’m not going to make any assumptions.

      1. handle funny.

  5. What has happened to Reason’s comments recently? Where did all the libertarians go?

    1. I’m confused. Are libertarians supposed to demand that our military gear up to kill some two-bit dictator and install some bint you’ve never heard of as president of an irrelevant country you’ve only learned of this year?

    2. The more important question is what happened to reason and why are they often shilling for the democrat party.

      1. No, it really isn’t.

    3. Because libertarians think that we need to send CIA agents and troops to Belarus because we’re exactly the same thing as neocons, and if you disagree you’re not a libertarian.

      1. Where did anyone suggest that?

        Can we not be happy to see “Europe’s last dictator” finally be (perhaps) on his way out, without advocating or supporting the use of American force to help him on his way?

  6. Not a mask in sight.

    1. mask production was not included in the current 5-year plan for Belarus

    2. Lukashenko has them all.

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  8. US backed coup attempt to turn Belarus into hell on Earth as Ukraine , Libya, Syria. Bastard bloody George Soros here as here. The US wants to make war with Russia by creating hell in pro-Russian places as Belarus and Ukraine. Russia will remain loyal to Putin as China to Pin. Who are these zombies in Minsk ? Traitors, perverts, faggots, and other paid scums.

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  10. So, is Putin now the hand of democracy?

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