Brickbat: Kiss This


Argentine lawmaker Juan Emilio Ameri has resigned after he was seen uncovering and kissing the breast of his girlfriend during a legislative meeting conducted by Zoom. Video shows the woman sitting on Ameri's lap. As another lawmaker speaks, Ameri pulls down the woman's top and kisses her breast. Ameri said he did not realize he could be seen, claiming he thought the internet connection was down.

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    2. now they have bots to do public service spam?

  2. People need to be responsable and should know that today each move is watch by the world via social media !

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  3. Nice pic for the head line, I’d eat her ‘cookie ‘ too. By the way, what was the article about?

    1. I can’t believe there’s a stock image for gingerbread implants.

  4. Ameri said he did not realize he could be seen, claiming he thought the internet connection was down.

    Argentina, so that tracks.

    1. Dude must be the Argentinian equivalent of a Republican. Sounds pretty baller to me….

      In mexico, grandma went topless to the senate meeting and she was supported

      It seems like this has happened quite a bit, with at least two politicians getting caught having sex with the secretary on zoom.

      1. You say “oops” and move on. Having secksie time while you’re supposed to be in a government meeting is different. Fire their asses. But forgetting your camera is on? Hubby walk in with his tighty whities? Toddler runs in laughing in his birthday suit? Jeepers cripes, just laugh and move on.

  5. Kiss This! “The Golden pheasant”
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  6. I’m sorry but how is this a brickbat?

    1. If you use a brick bat to whack your ball with, it is gonna be PAINFUL, and, you might break your brick bat ass well!

      If you are a fat-cat, and you use a gingerbread bat, now THAT’s where it’s at! But do NOT get caught (on video) using your gingerbread bat while you snack at your treat, or you will go down in defeat!

    2. A politician Karen suspended the guy and probably forced him to resign.

      1. How is this different from a mother feeding her infant on a Zoom call? Because complaining about that would probably require him to resign too.

  7. didn’t get past the pic.

    1. As long as you click, it counts; doesn’t matter why.

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