President Trump, First Lady Test Positive for Coronavirus

The announcement comes hours after aide Hope Hicks also tested positive.


At about 1:00 Friday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted that he and Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19:

Earlier in the day Thursday, White House adviser Hope Hicks, who had been traveling recently with Trump and attended a rally in Duluth, Minnesota, tested positive for the coronavirus. Subsequently Trump announced that he and the first lady would be quarantining themselves and getting tested.

A note from Trump's physician confirms that the two tested positive for the virus, but it doesn't indicate whether either or them have developed any symptoms of illness:

Obviously, there will be more to come.

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  1. Hoisted on his own retard.

    1. No, just an object lesson in that (1) COVID-19 is not a serious disease in most people, and (2) that almost everybody who is susceptible will get it sooner or later.

      1. It is a serious disease in old fat people.

        1. You should know, Tony. Trump is fine, however.

          1. The next stage is anger. How fun will that be.

            1. Here’s something to think about, you stupid faggot, Trump takes a dirt nap but the country still votes him in over retard Biden. Oh the crying and pants shitting you fucking deviant animals will do will be glorious. How fun will that be?

              1. Indeed, Pence is like the wicked witch of the west. She’s worse than the other one was.

                1. You’re not wrong. If it did happen then all of the sudden, the American public would learn who the real monster was this whole time, Mike Pence. It will be framed as if Trump was Darth Vader and Pence was Emperor Palpatine. So predictable it’s sad.

            2. Anger over what? The fact that Trump with COVID-19 is more lively and mentally alert than Biden without?

              1. You watched the debate right?

                1. Not all of us spring a 3 inch punisher at the sight of a pasty old white dementia patient like you, kiddo.

                  1. You should have watched it. You would be absolutely cured of any notion that Trump is the more mentally fit of the two.

                    1. “Everywhere I look I see exactly what I’m looking for!”

                    2. Oh fuck off, Tony.
                      Nobody’s going to believe that old corpse is as mentally acute as a ham sandwich, let alone Trump.

                      A for effort though. Here’s your gold star.

                    3. So you really didn’t watch it or any of the news coverage of it.

                    4. I did, and the bennies and virgin’s blood worked and Biden was more coherent than he’s been in months.
                      That still doesn’t mean he sounded better than Trump, Wallace or the drunken hobo passed out in the trash a block away.

                      You’re delusional but not that delusional, so I assume you are lying as usual.

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      2. Exactly. He showed no sign of illness in the debate, and he would’ve already been infected by then if he’s already positive for virus RNA.

    2. Wait.

      People can be blamed for catching a virus?

      Isn’t specializing in infecting people exactly what viruses do?

      1. If anyone can be blamed, Trump can be blamed.

        1. Masks don’t protect the wearer, at most they protect other people slightly. So what Trump did or did not do makes no difference for him getting infected.

          1. It doesn’t matter to the idiots. This is just another stupid reason to say OMB, as if they need one.

            Meanwhile, having America thinking that getting the virus is some sort of moral failing is going to have serious lasting impact on society. This psychosis won’t be shut off like a lightswitch.

            1. It’s only a moral failure if you deliberately flout sanitary precautions and prance around the executive branch of the US government like Typhoid Mary.

              1. And that’s why it took him 8 months to get it. THE BUG IS SO DANGEROUS!

                If there’s one thing Twitter IS good for, it’s knowing exactly what is going on in the hivemind. And jesus fuck are you guys a bunch of intolerant assholes fellating yourself about how virtuous you are. What happened to sympathy when somebody got sick?

                Or did he totally deserve it for what he wasn’t wearing?

                1. I don’t care do u

                  1. You don’t care so much that you made the first post in the thread within 9 minutes of the article being posted and have subsequently made 18 posts on the subject?

                    1. It’s a question of sympathy. Should I have as much sympathy for Trump as he displayed for Beau Biden?

                    2. Lol. Whether or not you compulsively replied dozens of times to a thread on a subject that you now claim you don’t care about is a question of sympathy? Do you even read the shit that you write, Tony?

                      It Hurt Itself in Its Confusion!

                    3. You’re also replying a lot for a subject that is no big deal.

                    4. I never made a claim of disinterest, you did. I’m just here to wind yo up and make you look like the retarded prick that you are.

                    5. It’s not enough for Joe Biden to hide behind his son’s corpse, Tony has to do it too.

                    6. Tony’s such a useless piece of shit.
                      Media Matters deserves their fifty-cents back.

                    7. So should I have as much sympathy as Trump showed for Hillary when she fainted that one time?

                    8. Now what the hell are you babbling about, Tony.

                    9. Tony, if you want to pretend to be better than Trump, then yes, you should do better than what you perceive his failures to be. If you had any moral compass at all, you’d know that. Progressives like you have given yourselves permission to behave like fiends for four years, all because Trump got elected. You think that gives you a pass on any and all misbehavior. It doesn’t. This is why the left, in the most insufferable way imaginable, has done more damage to this country than Trump ever has or could.

                      I didn’t vote for Trump and I’m not a fan, but I wish him and his wife a speedy recovery. If you coming here shitting yourself with glee over this news is an example of your moral superiority, you can have it.

                2. There is this supposed hive mind, yet the only commenter I see gloating about Trump catching COVID-19 is Tony.

                  I dislike Trump but I don’t wish serious illness or death on him. And I’m also smart enough in my TDS to know that if Trump sails through this asymptotically, it will reinforce the message COVID-19 is no big deal. And touch off some stupid public debate where partisans go back and forth, without a lot of scientific evidence, on whether he is now permanently immune.

                  1. Sorry I am not gloating, I am observing. The man is on tape admitting to lying about the severity of the virus to his supporters, has spent months downplaying it and promising a miracle cure against any actual scientific reality, promotes the flouting of sanitary rules to the detriment of possibly half of the 200,000 dead people, all in service of his own selfish desire to head our government against the better judgment of everyone.

                    All of this in a context where his supporters have insisted that there are no such things as manners, dignity, or empathy anymore. I don’t want anyone to suffer, not even my enemies. But seriously fuck their tears. Just because it’s obvious that they’re coming from a place of deep weakness and insecurity doesn’t mean all of a sudden the rules change when they have a sad.

                    1. Dude, you are gloating.

                    2. Thing is, as I pointed out, if you dislike Trump (something I share with you), gloating is premature. If you are going to gloat, wait until it is reported that he is actually experiencing horrible symptoms — then there would be something to gloat about.

              2. So is getting AIDS from having unprotected anal sex a ‘moral failing’, too?

                1. This is not how I framed this. At most I’d say poetic justice. Oedipus wasn’t strictly at fault either, but he still gouged his eyes out.

                2. No Tony’s gonna sue park management for not keeping condom machines by the glory holes.

              3. If they are so effective then one ought to be able look at unlabled charts of daily cases and see patterns and determine which jurisdictions forced people to wear them and which ones didn’t.

                1. You have to amend that a bit. A mandate isn’t necessarily enforced or complied with.

                  You would really have to be able to tell the places where most people actually wore masks vs places where they did not. You cannot assume that a mandate was followed.

                  I happen to live in a county that has a mandate that is very loosely enforced and has a lot of non-compliance.

                  1. Its not hard to find jurisdictions with a heavy handed mask gestapo.

                    Doesn’t change the fact that if they work as described then one ought to be able to readily see differences.

                    I live in a county with basically no restrictions in a state with basically no restrictions. We had our first real spike in mid August and it naturally subsided about 2-3 weeks later. No one changed their behavior. In fact kids went back to school a couple days after the peak.

                    1. God bless Texas.

                  2. So , Knight, if looking at numbers can’t reveal where there are mandates, can we agree that mandates are worthless for stopping the virus and only successful in government more power to arbitrarily (potentially violently) intrude into people’s lives.

                    What you are saying is that we might as well let people do as they see fit.

            2. Yep, believing that your fellow humans are vectors for disease, each human body a time bomb just waiting to kill and therefore magical thinking and ritual must be undertaken IMMEDIATELY! and at ALL TIMES! is going to work out real well for our species going forward.

        2. What if he exposed Diaper Joe to the rona?

      2. > People can be blamed for catching a virus?

        It’s politics. Anyone can be blamed for anyone. Have you not been paying attention?

    3. Tony seems to have forgotten that masks at most protect other people, not the wearer.

      1. Nobody in the White House wears a mask at work.

        1. And it took Trump 8 months to get infected? Damn!

          Only after he put a mask, you’ll note.

          1. I don’t suppose simply accepting the commonly understood facts about a thing is ever an option for you people?

            1. Amazingly enough libertarians want proof of outlandish claims. The data is quite clear that mask mandates do nothing to stop the virus.

              1. No it isn’t. And if so, that’s all the worse isn’t it?

                1. No it isn’t.

                  Actually it is, you retarded fucking faggot.

                  1. Pick that cherry. Try reading it too:

                    Editor’s Note: This article was published on April 1, 2020, at In a letter to the editor on June 3, 2020, the authors of this article state “We strongly support the calls of public health agencies for all people to wear masks when circumstances compel them to be within 6 ft of others for sustained periods.”

                    1. Yeah, I know they reversed themselves entirely with absolutely no evidence. That was the point you colossally retarded fucking faggot.

                      Here, let’s pick some more cherries. We’ll see how many we can fit up your faggot ass:

                      Jacobs, J. L. et al. (2009) “Use of surgical face masks to reduce the incidence of the common cold among health care workers in Japan: A randomized controlled trial,” American Journal of Infection Control, Volume 37, Issue 5, 417 – 419

                      Cowling, B. et al. (2010) “Face masks to prevent transmission of influenza virus: A systematic review,” Epidemiology and Infection, 138(4), 449-456.

                      bin-Reza et al. (2012) “The use of masks and respirators to prevent transmission of influenza: a systematic review of the scientific evidence,” Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses 6(4), 257–267.

                      Smith, J.D. et al. (2016) “Effectiveness of N95 respirators versus surgical masks in protecting health care workers from acute respiratory infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis,” CMAJ Mar 2016

                      Offeddu, V. et al. (2017) “Effectiveness of Masks and Respirators Against Respiratory Infections in Healthcare Workers: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis,” Clinical Infectious Diseases, Volume 65, Issue 11, 1 December 2017, Pages 1934–1942

                      Radonovich, L.J. et al. (2019) “N95 Respirators vs Medical Masks for Preventing Influenza Among Health Care Personnel: A Randomized Clinical Trial,” JAMA. 2019; 322(9): 824–833.

                      Long, Y. et al. (2020) “Effectiveness of N95 respirators versus surgical masks against influenza: A systematic review and meta-analysis,” J Evid Based Med. 2020; 1- 9.

                      Inglesby, T.V. et al. (2006) “Disease Mitigation Measures in the Control of Pandemic Influenza,” BIOSECURITY AND BIOTERRORISM: BIODEFENSE STRATEGY, PRACTICE, AND SCIENCE Volume 4, Number 4

                    2. You seriously overestimate my emotional investment in this “controversy.” If masks don’t work, so much the worse for the economy. All I have to go on is what medical authorities say, not what some cherry picking bigot from the internet says.

                    3. Yes, I understand that you have no argument except for appeals to non-authority, Tony. Thank you so much for clarifying that with every new post in this thread.

                      Please continue compulsively replying to every post in this thread to further demonstrate your lack of emotional investment in this topic too. Retardation is a good look for you.

                    4. It’s okay to appeal to authorities who are legitimate authorities you dumb racist.

                    5. “You dumb racist”

                      no u.

            2. The commonly understood fact about masks is that there is no evidence that they are effective.

              1. No it isn’t. But if you believe that you should be for even stricter lockdowns, right?

                1. “Commonly understood” means “understood by people who aren’t abject retards”, Tony. Don’t ever mistake yourself for someone with a common IQ. Literally every study on masks and respiratory viruses from 1905 until this year, including several studies published prior to June when mask mandates hit the mainstream, has indicated either their inefficacy or a complete lack of evidence that they do anything in isolation. Dr. Fauci, the old prick whose wrinkled, senile nuts you like to gargle, in the NEJ called masks “talismans” as late as March this year.

                  1. What does he say now?

                    1. LMFAO. Whatever he’s told, it looks like.

                    2. Either experts agree with you or they’ve been compromised. It’s jus science.

                    3. Either experts agree with you or they’ve been compromised. It’s jus science.

                      IMAX does less projecting than you do, Tony. You realize that this is exactly, verbatim, the argument that you are making when you say that all the experts agree with you, then ignore mountains of data that don’t comport with your biases, and disavow the very same experts you cite when they flip flop positions multiple times in a handful of months.

                    4. Maybe we can achieve herd mentality with convalescent plozma.

                2. If you are in an at-risk population, you should isolate yourself.

                  For the rest of the population, the risk from COVID-19 is lower than from the seasonal flu.

                  So, no lockdowns at all. No mask mandates.

                  1. But you’ll understand if I assume medical authorities are more likely to be right about this than some random Trump cheerleader from the internet.

                    I agree that we’d all be better off if Trump had kept himself isolated for the past nine months.

                    1. But you’ll understand if I assume medical authorities are more likely to be right about this than some random Trump cheerleader from the internet.

                      Yes, we understand that you’re a bootlicking faggot who would cower before ANY authority, Tony. What’s hilarious is that the authorities whose boots you are licking now came out strongly against all of the measures you support as few as 3 months ago. You seem awfully selective about which medical authorities to trust. And of course it goes without saying that you are far too stupid to comprehend much less evaluate any of the medical evidence yourself without appealing to bootlicking.

                    2. You seem to be under the impression that the 80% of the country who don’t think like you do actually enjoy wearing masks.

                    3. I wasn’t talking about anybody except you, Tony. You enjoy being under the heel of authority because you are worthless, spineless, subhuman piece of shit with no character. Now it’s true that there is a sizeable number of worthless, spineless, subhuman pieces of shit with no character just like you, but as you’ve probably learned from the last 6 years of elections, you’re actually a pretty small minority.

                    4. My bedroom habits are none of your business.

                    5. Tony, you believe what the party tells you. The science is clear, however: the vast majority of people is simply not at significant risk from COVID.

              2. But that was only from 1905 until June of this year. Now the science is settled.

        2. People that wear masks (like Fredo Cuomo) can and do get COVID-19.

      2. Reportedly his close advisor, Hope Hicks, was around the President for the last few days, not wearing a mask. And he was around her, not wearing a mask. They both caught COVID-19, so one of them may have spread it to the other.

        That would be an argument in favor of wearing masks.

    4. “Hoisted on his own retard.”

      Or alternatively, Trump got infected just like many Americans, especially Latinos, who continue to go outside, mingle with extended family, and play volleyball maskless in public parks. Are these people Trump supporters? They deny science like jefe Trump? Nope, but they are the most vulnerable group. But they don’t want to live in fear of a virus that kills like 1% of the infected.

      Trump got tested regularly in the WH. He went to some rallies that were never genuine super spreaders. Meanwhile the left said “dur” as giant protest spread the disease to the west coast. Most of the victims are non white, meaning they’re not Trump supporters but did what they wanted to despite democrats urging them to stay holed up at home.

      1. a virus that kills like 1% of the infected

        About 10 times less than that, actually.

      2. I thought it was all a bad idea, for what it’s worth.

      3. And the uber-lib Tony mangled the aphorism. It is: Hoist (not hoisted) upon one’s own petard.

    5. Everybody knows what a snotty little lefturd you are, Tony. You really don’t need to keep proving it every chance you get.

      Remember how scummy it was when Jerry Falwell blamed AIDS on the victims? You’re that scummy.


      1. Trump probably does have AIDS. That poor man.

        1. Did he use the toilet after you, or something?

    6. I’m not surprised that you would fasten upon this one case and insist that it “proves” that your opinions about COVID-19 are true. And I’m sure you’ll hand-wave away any contrary cases, such as Virginia’s governor getting it despite wearing a mask religiously.

    7. Given how easily this virus apparently spreads it was never about preventing the majority of the population catching it over the long term. With how many people the President and the White House staff come into contact with daily, it is something that they did get it sooner. This would go for anyone who would be in that office.

    8. The infection mortality rate of the China virus is 5.4% among those aged 70-79.

      That means 95% recover.

      Meanwhile, the clearly biased Chris Wallace just criticized Trump on Fox News for not wearing a mask, and not taking the virus threat seriously.

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  2. Oh no! In 3-5 days they will be fine! The horror!

    1. Probably a little longer than that, but depending on the severity of symptoms.

      1. Which so far are none far as I can tell.

  3. Will be interesting to see if he takes HCQ again

    1. If he’s been taking it with zinc on a regular basis, then he’ll probably remain asymptomatic.


      1. No, that level of symptom reduction, also, requires frequent Clorox nasal sprays and the new Trump brand 23 hour a day UV light suppository.

    2. The vast majority of studies on HCQ indicate it is most effective when taken early. One mistake made in early studies was to use it late in the disease or at very high doses. There is a web site, c19study . com , that lists (as of Oct 1) 126 HCQ studies and 13 Vitamin D studies on their effect on Covid-19. The web site is constantly updated as studies are published. The major media outlets including Reason seem oblivious to the results these ongoing studies are producing

      1. It is more important to say that Trump was WRONG, than to pay attention to any actual science.

        1. It is more important to cling to the possibility that Trump was right than to pay attention to any actual evidence.

          The partisanship kills actual science, on both sides of the aisle. The Red vs. Blue Team makes us all collectively dumber.

  4. How many cycles did the test take to detect the virus? More than 30 and it’s non contagious.

    1. This would be the ultimate troll move to use this to start talking about PCR cycles and how he and most other people didn’t even know they were “sick” until the test told them.

  5. Should have shaken hands.

    1. Because you want Biden to get a mild flu?

      1. No, because Biden’s head would explode trying to figure out how to spin the fact that nothing happened.

      2. Oh is it a mild flu now, Tony? Not a deadly epidemic with a 20% fatality rate that will kill 2 million people?

        1. Try to keep up.

        2. That’s someone spoofing Tony. (I.e. Tulpa)

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  7. All you goobers, LISSEN UP!

    This is 36DD chess, you morons. It’s how Trump gets out of the next two weeks of debates, then comes back for a final one as the hero who conquered COVID-19.

    Damn you monkeys are so damn stupid.

    1. I mean, the next Trump/Biden debate wasn’t scheduled for two weeks anyways, but sure.

    2. goobers

      Is this Hihn? Did the institution give him back his computer privileges?

    3. That may well be how it plays out. Which is one of the reasons this TDS victim isn’t gloating about Trump catching the ‘rona.

  8. Covid-19 is the new bone spurs. Unless he dies from the virus, we can be sure that the lifelong coward Trump is faking for another deferment.

    Trump’s reelection bid is in the toilet. His businesses and finances are moribund. He is facing a legion of prosecutors and plaintiffs trembling to pounce.

    Faking Covid-19 is his escape pod. Play sick. Pence takes over and pardons Trump and family. Between the legal cover of the pardon(s) and the public opinion cover of sympathy. Trump escapes a humiliating landslide loss, another eminent serial bankruptcy(ies), and a torrent of prosecutions and suits. Trump is free and clear and doing slimy infomercials for hydroxychlorquine and UV suppositories faster than you can say snake oil drummer.

    1. LMFAO. The walls are closing in!

      But remember kids, the people who think maybe it’s not a good idea to let rampaging gangs of thousands of chimps murder, maim, steal, burn and vandalize are conspiracy theorists.

      1. A complete moron like you would be a racist.

        1. Tell us again how minorities lack their own personal agency, Stroozele.

    2. Another bombshell!

  9. Hopefully he interacted with Rob Bishop, Chris Stewart, Ben McAdams, John Curtis, Mike Lee, Romney, Mike Crappo, the Udalls, Mike Simpson, and Andy Biggs. If enough of them get it maybe a few will die. Hopefully Lee! I hate that crazy son of a bitch.

    1. There’s a 1/10th of 1% fatality rate, but explaining basic probability to an inbred paint chip eating cum pet is like trying to teach ethics to a Democrat.

      1. If you’re not old and fat and American, maybe.

        1. True. In Trump’s age and health category the fatality rate skyrockets to about 1%.

          1. Embedded in this comment is the assertion that 200,000 deaths are no big deal (because the president is a Republican).

            1. So… about 3 times as many deaths as an average flu season? And that’s even with auto accidents being counted as Covid deaths? Yeah, that wouldn’t be a big deal if Christ himself descended and was elected president, Tony. Just imagine that those 200k deaths were people starved to death under Stalin and they’ll miraculously stop mattering to you as well.

              1. I don’t know why we’re debating one of your ridiculous Trump conspiracy theories when the actual subject is the leadership of the US government being decimated. Also Trump admitted to lying about all that. He admitted it on tape.

                1. “the actual subject is the leadership of the US government being decimated”

                  Lol, you can’t even concern troll properly. You’re so shit at your job, Tony.

            2. 200,000 deaths while infected is not a big deal. Most of those 200k did not die from the virus.

              650,000 Americans die every year from heart disease. that is not a big deal either.

            3. “Embedded in this comment is the assertion that 200,000 deaths are no big deal (because the president is a Republican).”

              …given the models you hold sacrosanct predicted millions, 200,000 is better than millions, yes.

              And fewer young have died than did with swine flu. Just sayin’.

      2. Never said they will die(a lot are older, but healthy because of their pussy Mormon lifestyle). It can’t hurt to be optimistic!!!

        1. You’re hilarious.

    2. If enough of them get it maybe a few will die

      Is this Reason’s Welch letting off TDS steam, or is this Tucker Carlson astroturfing as a stereotypical lefty?

    3. Both Lee and Ronna McDaniel tested positive! I’m praying to the non-LDS Lord that they both die! And spread it to other Mormons!

  10. It’s not surprising …
    More you meet people and better chance you have to catch the virus !
    A president of any country inevitably is in contact with a lot of people !

  11. I they talk about on the news in Ohio is the positivity rate. Very few mentions of number of people admitted or died. I my county, over 700 ‘positive’ , 28 that were in the hospital at one point or another and two deaths. 87% of all ‘positive’ were under 30 years old. It’s centered around O.U. in Athens.

    1. The news universally fails to note positivity rate is not just a measure of “how bad it is getting”; it’s also a reflection of how much less people are volunteering to be tested.

      Quantity of tests is the denominator. Positive results is the numerator.

      Less people could be coming back positive, but if less and less people are willing to take the (useless and inaccurate) coronavirus tests, it will appear that “positivity rate” is increasing.

  12. I love how people here hone in on JUST the deaths to claim it’s no big deal, and then not even acknowledge how the many more people who survived still suffered terrible symptoms that left horrible scarring and damage to their heart/lungs that will impede them for the rest of their lives.

    1. A. How many? B. Does it really matter if they’re overweight and not moving around anyways?

    2. 3 million people die a year in America. The average age of death from Covid is above the average age of death from all other causes. In the grand scheme it is statistically insignificant given percentage and age. The average death rate for those over 70 is already 13% a year per the CDC, so Covid is less deadly than normal death rates for that age bracket. If you’re under 65 your risk from driving daily is greater than Covid.

      I’m sorry your parents told you you would never die. You should call your mom.

      1. No please, do go on about how much you don’t care about people who suffered/died because of a pandemic. It makes you so sympathetic.

  13. Yet another Secret Service failure.

    1. Or is it?

  14. I hope POTUS and FLOTUS (indeed, anyone who contracts it) recover quickly. I have never understood the thought process behind wishing this upon anyone. It is morally repugnant and sickening.

    1. Agreed

    2. If you are dumb enough to think that Trump is literally Hitler and if you are scientifically illiterate enough to think that COVID is nearly as deadly as Ebola, it makes sense. The left suffers from both delusions and many others.

    3. Agreed.

    4. Lefties have thrown everything at Trump and cannot beat him.

      Trump will be reelected.

      All Lefties can do is pray the virus away….except for Trump.

  15. And of course the “Lock The Economy Down Forever!” crowd will be crowing too.

  16. Covid almost killed Boris Johnson and I seem to remember him saying he didn’t have symptoms before it went south.

    1. Trump is asymptomatic. He didnt even know he had it or from how long.

      1. Most Americans have been or will be exposed to Kungflu and 99% will be just fine. Like a flu/cold.

  17. Good thing Trump was such a disgraceful asshole at the debate or there might have been a handshake.

    1. The ironic thing is it has been reported that Trump dislikes shaking people’s hands and is a bit of a germophobe, despite his play a mocker of germophobes on TV.

  18. Of course mfer could be lying about it but that seems unlikely considering his delusional narcissism.

    1. Says the delusional narcissist

  19. In other news, Trump and Mrs. Trump announced they had the coronavirus and, I don’t know if you heard about this, but apparently they both have the coronavirus. Both Trump and Mrs. Trump tweeted that they have the coronavirus. We don’t know much of anything else, but Trump and Mrs. Trump have the coronavirus. The news is reporting that Trump and Mrs. Trump have the coronavirus. Details are still sketchy at this time, but Trump and Mrs. Trump have the coronavirus. Trump and Mrs. Trump have the coronavirus. Yep, both Trump and Mrs. Trump have the coronavirus, it’s all over the news. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any other news except the news that Trump and Mrs. Trump have the coronavirus. If you turn on the news right now, it’s probably about Trump and Mrs. Trump having the coronavirus. You do know that Trump and Mrs. Trump have the coronavirus, don’t you? Because Trump and Mrs. Trump do have the coronavirus.

    1. President Trump’s personal physician confirms. “Yep! They have the coronavirus!”

    2. So, you say the POTUS and his wife both have the coronavirus? Any news on Stormy Daniels? Does she have it ass well?

      Oh, and, WHERE does this news come from, can it be trusted? Is it from Breitbart, or is it a MARXIST news source?

      Finally… INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW, dammit!… Does Leona Helmsley have the virus ass well, now, too?

      Last I had heard, The Donald had sent Her a Love Letter, ass imported below…

      Mash Letter from The Donald to Leona Helmsley

      Roses are red,
      Violets are blue,
      Won’t you come here,
      And join My Crew?
      Won’t you please join My Quest?
      The honest taxpayers, to molest?
      I like to collect babes, as if they were Cocker Spaniels,
      You’d look quite nice, right next to Stormy Daniels!
      You’d be quite sexy, in My YUUGE harem,
      With my BIGLY contributors, I like to share ‘em!
      “Taxes are for the little people”
      For a campaign slogan, it sounds GREAT!
      Won’t you help Me fool the greedy sheeple?
      To their suffering, you and I, we could masturbate!
      Brad Parscale, My old campaign pal,
      Wants to kill himself, what killer style!
      Won’t you stay with Me a while,
      And be My campaign gal?

  20. Of course, Virginia governor Ralph Northam (D) and his wife have tested positive for coronavirus as well, despite taking all precautions a politician can.

    Somehow, there was not the rejoicing in the Republican ranks when this was reported, like there is in the Democratic ranks now that the President’s positive test has been announced.

    1. Well at least now Trump can’t hold a rally and kill other people so that’s worth celebrating.

      1. Why don’t you go over to WAPO and join the other 27 thousand commenters celebrating that the President and his wife are infected?

        At least it shows just how classy Democrats are.

        1. You can actually type this shit with a straight face can’t you? Since when has classy been something you value? Since five hours ago perhaps?

      2. Is he also killing people if they get into a car accident on their way to the rally?

        NO ONE IS BEING FORCED TO ATTEND. Private citizens are weighing the pros and cons, and for some reason decide that attending the rally is worth the risk of being infected. I respect their decision. I’m not going to try to take that choice from anyone.

        1. I shouldn’t have to state something so obvious, but the people who attend the rallies then have contact with other people, who did not.

          1. You’re a very stupid person.

          2. Who cares if we get this cold?

            Its death rate is less than 1% and infection rates for those under 65 years old is less than 5%.

            Most infected are asymptomatic.

            You must be super upset that Kungflu hysteria is not working on most Americans anymore.

          3. The same applies to those people.
            If you order takeout, you’re accepting the risk.
            If you go to the grocery store, you’re accepting the risk.
            If you go to Church, you’re accepting the risk.
            If you go to the office, you’re accepting the risk.
            If you invite your family over, you’re accepting the risk.

            Let people live their lives. They must value these things above the slight risk of contraction.

  21. The glee on the left is palpable, if a bit disturbing. The memes are already flying around the internet.

    The best one I’ve seen so far: Looks like RBG won her first case before God.

    1. That’s not God RBG is talking to.

    2. The Right tends to think of their opponents as wrong. The Left tends to think of their opponents as evil.

      Therefore the Left tends to make everything more about the person than the ideas put forward by the person.

      1. Yeah, sure. “Crazy Nancy”, “Sleepy Joe”, “Mini Mike”, “Crooked Hillary”, “Braindead Bernie”, …

    3. For those of you “out there” who wish to appeal to supernatural intervention, of any kind, in this matter: I do ‘fess up that I am NOT well connected in these matters, but I do have ONE contact point here, which I share below. Also… Physician, heal thyself! I’m not at all hopeful that bleach injections work very well!

      Your contact point for appealing for supernatural intervention:

      Satan J. Trump
      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
      Washington, D.C. 20500

  22. This will be the opportunity for President Trump to show that Covid19 is not that bad. To show that an old fat man who has a medical team constantly monitoring him and providing the best medical care available can survive this with no trouble.

    1. Yep, that’ll do it.

  23. Eh, whatever. In about two weeks, the first couple will have at least a good two to three years of immunity in them. Let Weigel, Chony Krugscum, Chemjeff Status Quo Collectivist, Mary Stack, Cjopper Morning Wood, sarcasmic, Welchie Boy, Mango, Goth Fonzie Wop, and all the rest of the Obama lefties celebrate and enjoy today.

    We’ll see just how happy and celebratory they are in about four weeks or so from now when Amy Coney Barrett gets rammed straight up all their big fat asses.

  24. Oh well, anyway we got three SC justices so the court will at least stay out of lefties hands. Yeah yeah the could add more but they know that won’t go over well. It’s why Biden won’t talk about it.

    So when it’s announced sometime next year that Biden has covid and he’s shuffled out to be replaced by his cackling shrew of a vice president who’s a serious Tupac fan, remember it was reason that helped it along.

    1. “reason helped it along” — by reporting the news that the President has COVID-19?

      1. I’m lost as well.

  25. So Trump, Melania and Hope Hicks all have COVID. How many conspiracy theories involve a threesome?

    1. Mine involves Trump, Stormy Daniels, and Leona Helmsley!

      1. Only if COVID is capable of time travel.

  26. I see the punchline to this four year old joke finally came around!

    1. Trump cannot be stopped even by Lefty hoaxes?

    2. Democrats cannot prevent Trump from being reelected?

  27. Trump is asymptomatic.


  28. Apparently Hope was symptomatic which is how they found it. Trump has had some symptoms like fatigue. From what I have read it takes about 4 days to a week to see how severe it progresses to.

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