Brickbat: Here's Your Warrant


When Harris County, Texas, deputies arrived at his home seeking a Curtis Rogers, Louis Rodriguez told them they had the wrong house. Rodriguez, a retired police officer, then asked for their warrant. Instead, they knocked in his door and forced him and his family outside. The cops soon realized they were, as Rodriguez told them, at the wrong house. In a statement, the sheriff's office says it had the door replaced and "the incident is under review."

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  1. So the obvious observation that 4th Amendment protections are essentially process, I am reminded of Breyer’s condemnation that the withdraw of the exclusionary rule will render civil damages insufficient to curb violations.

    14 years later and it seems to be mostly correct.

    1. That’s backwards. The exclusionary rule only applies if you are prosecuted. It’s of no value to the victim in a case like this.

      Even a strong exclusionary rule is by itself insufficient.

  2. They had their poor little hearts set on busting down a door and roughing up the people inside so they just had to do it. It’s really hard to stop once the roids kick in.

    I don’t understand why they didn’t shoot that dangerous looking toy poodle.

  3. I would make sure they didn’t keep a key to the replacement door, not that they wouldn’t break it down anyway the next time those law enforcement professionals can’t be bothered to double check the home they’re invading.

    1. He should be thankful he got the replacement door. Others only received an apology and a wave goodbye.

      1. and still others were shot for insolence

  4. Rodriguez, a retired police officer….

    I wonder what sort of shit they dredged up about this scumbag motherfucker to post factorially justify treating him like shit?

    1. Conversely, I wonder what this former fine, up-standing officer of the law feels about being treated like a mundane or getting a taste of the few bad apples and an isolated incident.

  5. Cops are not cops.

    They’re essentially a state-backed gang.

    1. In the PNW essentially like Antifa then.

  6. Apparently none of those knuckle draggers bothered to read the warrant (had they actually had one), otherwise the address would have been spelled out for them.

    1. Reading comprehension is not prized among the police.

  7. In the words of William Pitt:

    “The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the crown. It may be frail – its roof may shake – the wind may blow through it – the storm may enter – the rain may enter – but the King of England cannot enter.”

    Good thing we rebelled from those tyrants.

  8. I see HCSD has learned the lessons from HPD’s colossal, tragic fuckup of the Nichols/Tuttle raid and killings…

    Jesus, is it that hard to make sure you’ve got the right guy and right address?

  9. And remember, in this sort of situation its the Citizens who are supposed to keep a calm head and quickly open the door to the cops….. while the cops are hyped up on adrenaline and not thinking clearly.

  10. From Swat Raid by Moctexuma Vega —

    Rubber stamp warrant from a government slug
    Falsified report swept under the rug……
    Swat Raid, it’s the wrong address
    Line ’em all up and leave a big mess.

  11. World Most Intelligent 1st Animals
    This incident shows how these police have contempt for the 4th amendment in spite of their oath to uphold the Constitution. This attitude has gotten worse since the “War on Drugs” was started up by Nixon and increased by every President and Congress since.

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