Today in Supreme Court History

Today in Supreme Court History: September 26, 1986

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9/26/1986: Chief Justice Warren Burger resigns.

Chief Justice Warren Burger


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  1. Last year? Are you sure? That sounds like something I would remember.

    1. With all this talk about waiting too long to resign, Burger is particularly egregious – he didn’t quit until nearly a quarter century after his death.

      1. Did he change the outcome of any cases by voting while dead? Did RBG?

        1. Would not have voted with the majority in Heller or McDonald, obviously.

    2. Today’s Noble Prize for achievement in identifying error at “Today in Supreme Court History” has been earned by and is awarded to PeteRR.

      Congratulations, PeteRR for being first . . . today.

      1. Why are clingers so cranky these days?

        Can’t be the culture war — surely they’re accustomed to toeing the line established by their betters by now.

        So why all the grumpiness?

        1. What part of “shut the fuck up, troll” don’t you understand? You douchebag dinosaur. You add nothing to the comment sections you participate in. You represent the most reactionary wing of the old bull delusionary Democrat party. Walter Mondale called and he wants his positions on every issue back.

          You are universally reviled by the others here. Even the people who are supposedly on your side of the political spectrum. If this primitive comment software allowed it, I’d put you and your shit-smeared persona on ignore.

    3. He resigned in Reagan’s era

      1. Reagan stole his seat.

    1. Whoops, fixed, thanks!

      1. The main headline still says 2019.

  2. and trumps gets a retroactive 4th USSC appointment. willett?


    This White, male blog
    has operated for
    ZERO (0) DAYS
    without use of a
    vile racial slur
    and for
    519 DAYS
    without imposing partisan,
    viewpoint-driven censorship.

    1. Grow up, Kirkland.

      1. I acknowledge credits earned. More than 500 days since the Volokh Conspiracy engaged in hypocritical, low-grade, partisan, viewpoint-driven censorship.

        That I know of.

        1. Kirkland is in a triggered fog. Trump got three court picks his first term and will get 2 more his second term.

          1. Where are all of the bigots that Trump would need to pull off another Electoral College trick shot this time?

            Four years of improvement in our electorate — less rural, less religious, less White, less bigoted, etc. — makes it even tougher for the clingers to remain competitive.

            Are you guys planning to smuggle in a bunch of clingers? Did you perfect a machine that mass-produces knuckle-dragging, cranky, old, bigoted southern White males? How do you plan to compete with your betters this time around?

            1. People might take you slightly more seriously if you weren’t so much into the religious bigotry and hating people from rural areas.

              1. You are welcome to wallow in political correctness. I call a can’t-keep-up backwater a can’t-keep-up backwater, a half-educated bigot a half-educated bigot, a disaffected and superstitious clinger a disaffected and superstitious clinger. Enabling bigots to hide behind euphemisms — ‘traditional values,’ ‘family values,’ conservative values’ — is counterproductive and immoral. Accuracy is a virtue.

                And if you think accuracy is a virtue with respect to repeating racist slurs but not with respect to describing Republicans, you might be a movement conservative.

                1. So your kind of bigotry is OK. Got it. Just don’t be surprised when up against the wall time comes….

  4. Do you think Roberts would resign today?

    That would be great.

  5. “The individual rights theory of the Second Amendment is a fraud perpetrated by the gun industry.” — Warren Burger

    1. Appointed by a Republican, as was Earl Warren…

      1. It took until 2015 but the Republicans finally learned their lesson. You can’t govern like moderates when your enemy is as extreme as the left. “Playing nice” did nothing for all those decades and just got us to the trainwreck of today. Time to finally clear the deck and take care of the left like we should have back in 1980.

  6. The Right should dedicate a decent amount of bandwidth to casting individuals like this in the proper historical light. These people were anti-American scum who sought to undo our Republic.

    1. LOL, Burger? You are bad at this.

      1. Shows you how good the liberal indoctrination complex is at what they do if you don’t know the real truth behind Burger.

        1. Oh, c’mon Jimmy! Don’t leave us hanging! Give us the “real truth!”

          1. You can’t handle the truth.

  7. We are sick of these Ivy indoctrinated, failed elites. All should be impeached. Replace these little tyrants with wine besotted bums puking in the gutter, or with Life Skills students, learning to eat with a spoon. There would be an immediate upgrade in the common sense of the decisions, and in the clarity of the decision writing.

    They are all bookworms. They know about nothing, yet get to set national policy on complicated, technical subjects.

  8. Retires, actually.

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