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A 2018 Cover of the National Law Journal Has Aged Well

It predicted Judges Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett, and Willett on the Supreme Court

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In January 2018, I tweeted the cover story of the National Law Journal. It was titled The Great Reshaping: How the Trump Administration is Changing the Game on Judicial Nominations. And it depicted portraits of then-Justice Gorsuch, and Judges Kavanaugh, Barrett, and Willett. So far, these predictions are looking good. I'm still holding out for Justice Willett.


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8 responses to “A 2018 Cover of the National Law Journal Has Aged Well

  1. Trump has almost nothing to do with this, this is all McConnell, McGahn, and Leo. Trump’s original sin was outsourcing this to McConnell which is why only 3 miles of border wall has been built. Trump could make McConnell bark like a dog by holding up this appointment but Trump is such an imbecile he has no clue what power he had over McConnell.

  2. Let’s see how it stands up next spring.

    1. When Trump is in his second term? Ok we will. I predict he’ll get 2 more picks which would be an unprecedented 5 and beautifully tip the court to 7-2 conservative.

  3. Does Blackman get paid by the word?
    If so, pretty good gig.

  4. Go Willet! He seems like the meme candidate.

  5. Willett can replace Breyer next term …

  6. I doubt the nod will go to Willet, Amul Thapar is a far better choice for Trump (if he does win I doubt it). I personally have some issues with his very deferential views of law enforcement, but otherwise he’s solid, and he’s young and Trumps chance to nominate the first Asian American Supreme Court Justice.

    On that note, I am not sure why Obsms passed on that opportunity with Sri Shrivastava.

  7. Willett will never be appointed to the Supreme Court. He struggled to make it to the 5th Circuit because people took offense to his tweets. If he were ever nominated, that would be pulled up again.

    While Trump’s fans love him doing the tweeting, they’re not going to care enough about a particular judge to get Republican senators to deal with the political heat. Particularly not while republicans can find younger candidates who have the same philosophy and maybe bring political benefits (such as supporting a woman for the court).

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