Brickbat: I Can't Breathe


A Spanish police officer knelt on the back of a 14-year-old boy and used a hand to press the boy's face into the ground after cops spotted the youth on a Miranda de Ebro city street not wearing a face mask properly. Video shows the officer kneeling on the boy for at least a minute as the boy screamed in pain. Cops say the boy ignored multiple commands to put his mask on correctly. The boy and his mother face charges of not complying with the country's mask requirements and could face other charges as well.

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  3. “could face other charges as well.”

    Assaulting a police officer’s knee.

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  5. I’m just wondering how long it will be before something like this happens here. I look for this crap to go through the spring. The flu season will be another excuse for more harsh measures.

    1. “On my first day in office, I will institute a nationwide mask mandate”. /JB


      1. And form the Bureau of Health Police in HHS to enforce it.

    2. Here, where? The US? People have been arrested for not putting on the face diaper.

    3. From what the MSM tells me, cops here only do that sort of thing to people because of their skin color. Law enforcement would never abuse their authority while enforcing laws that are “Dem approved”, so there’s no danger from any expansion of State authority as long at it’s being implemented as part of an agenda of “progress”.

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  7. Spaniard lives matter!

    1. According to the French and Portuguese, no they dont

  8. How do you say “I’ll give you something to have the coronavirus about” in Spanish?

    1. ¡Deja de resistir!

      1. against the community guiadline..READ MORE

        1. Joe, go back to your room.

  9. In the linked Newsweek article it says that “Spain officials have said the requirements (wearing masks indoors and outdoors) will remain in place until a coronavirus vaccine or cure is found.”

    Is this true in other countries? Will herd immunity be sufficient to change their laws? I wonder if the coronavirus goes away if they will keep the mask laws in place during flu season forever.

    1. If they do find a cure, it might work against the common cold.

      1. Only about 15% of colds. The other 85% are not corona viruses.

        And that’s one of the reasons there will never be a cold vaccine. Say there was a 100% effective vaccine against the corona virus that causes “colds”. If you sold it, you’d have customers complaining that they still got the cold _5 times_, and would not be mollified by your explanation that without the vaccine, they’d have caught it 6 times.

        And if you found vaccines for the dozen most common cold viruses and mixed them into one shot, that shot would make you sicker than the typical case of the cold – and it still wouldn’t prevent all colds.

    2. If the experts are right about it being another 12-18 months before widespread vaccination is possible (which is something that’s reasonable to believe considering the systems and scale involved), then a lot of the world is probably likely to reach natural herd immunity before that happens; of course the left will probably continue to call any acknowledgement of that as being somewhere between “barbaric” and “human sacrifice”.

  10. Something interesting for your rotation:

    Cop turned lawyer NateTheLawyer breaks down police use of force rules in shooting cases. This is from a couple of weeks ago immediately after the Jacob Blake shooting. He breaks down the federal law on use of force from the old “fleeing felon” rule to today’s controlling law, and then presents example cases for you to decide – legal, or illegal.

    It makes something very stark that I’ve been saying for quite a while – there’s a big difference between “never should have happened” and “Illegal”. That is a chasm that our society just is not prepared to deal with. Sometimes police can act well within their training – or even in a manner that is perfectly reasonable given what they know at the time – and still shoot someone who poses no real threat.

    1. Easier to blame the cops than to grapple with the incentives we have constructed.

      1. See the “Woman with HIV and fungal infection dies in jail” article.

        My favorite are the posts about the for-profit nature of the jail. Like people without HIV or fungal infections don’t die in state run jails and prisons all. the. time.

        1. About 40% of people who enter regular hospitals suffer medical errors, and a substantial percentage of those die.

          Unless the rate of medical errors in prisons is substantially higher than that, I’m not sure why this is a prison-specific issue.

    2. It makes something very stark that I’ve been saying for quite a while – there’s a big difference between “never should have happened” and “Illegal”.

      More interesting, perhaps, is the “everybody behaved legally, yet one person ends up dead” scenario, which is also very common.

      For example, there are situations in which it is both legal for you to run away from police and it is legal for police to use deadly force to kill you. There are situations in which it is legal for a private citizen to shoot you even though you haven’t violated any law. Etc.

  11. “press the boy’s face into the ground after cops spotted the youth not wearing a face mask properly. The boy and his mother face charges of not complying with the country’s mask requirements”

    Tony giggles with glee.

    1. It will probably more of a full-on orgasm.

      1. And there shall be a great spraying of pant[ies]s

  12. it should be obvious by now that our “leaders” don’t know what the hell they’re doing, their response to this pandemic is essentially that of a scared rabbit, let’s just freeze in place here until the threat goes away. We can’t just freeze in place, there’s no miracle cure coming any time soon that’s going to allow us to just hand-wave away the last 6 months or so and just go back to business as usual. They have no plan for how we’re going to fix the economic catastrophe they’ve caused, they don’t even seem to realize that we have an economic catastrophe on our hands. If you’re waiting around for our “leaders” to come up with a plan, you’re fucked. Better to go ahead and revolt now, things ain’t going to get any better.

    1. This is Joe Biden’s plan – first we need to get this coronavirus under control, so he’s going to urge people to wear masks and socially distance and stay at home and ramp up government research on developing a vaccine, as if that isn’t exactly what we’re doing right now. And then what? Well, he doesn’t say. Just, first thing we need to do is get this pandemic beaten down. What if it takes a year or more to develop a vaccine? What if we never find a vaccine, what if the coronavirus vaccine proves to be as elusive as a vaccine for the common cold? You got a Plan B there, Joe? Have you even got a Plan A? How long do you think we can last with half the economy shut down? How much cash do you think the government can print? How much do you think that cash is going to be worth when there’s nothing to buy?

      1. As I listen to the Democrats, I can’t help thinking of Dr. Cocteau in Demolition Man: “Now I’ll have carte blanche to create the perfect society. My society. San Angeles will be a beacon of order with the purity of an ant colony. And the beauty of a flawless pearl.”

        1. In other words, the backdrop of a Star Trek movie. Everything is so perfect and orderly.

          1. LOL, yeah, an entire huge spaceship with no bathrooms.

            1. A technical manual for the original Enterprise was published once, long ago. Anyone remember if that showed bathrooms? Or any plumbing that wasn’t for something like warp plasma?

              1. When you have matter [de]synthesizers in every room, every chair is a toilet.

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    2. RCP linked to an article today saying we need to reimpose business lockdowns. USAToday ran a story yesterday decrying the Big 10 reopening football as the worse thing ever to happen in Big 10 history (they forgot the sexual abuse scandals obviously).

      1. (they forgot the sexual abuse scandals obviously)

        Not to mention Indiana University’s joining the conference in 1899.

    3. 1000000000000%, including the quotes around “leaders”.

  13. Gov. Newsom starts a GoFundMe page for the Spanish policeman’s defense.

  14. Now that’s how you do it, lefties. See you do need the cops after all to enforce your bullshit mask ordinances.

    1. Which will lead to more police abuse…which will fire up their base even more!

      1. ¡¡ Increase funding for the Militarized Mask Police !!

        1. But only Deplorables and racist rednecks don’t wear masks. So says the media.

    2. We can’t defund the police! We still need them to abuse kids who don’t wear their masks properly!

  15. That’s depressing. I guess the Franco regime really never ended. I love Spain. I have family there. I really wanted to go this year, but now I don’t know when I will be able to.

  16. Meh. Not black, and violating core nanny state directives. Progs will have no problem with this lawful imposition of State Justice.

  17. Florida is on the brink of all-out war over the response.

    The south Florida counties (heavily democrat) were set to go back to school this fall, with some accommodations. All of the private schools opened and have strategies for dealing with Covid.

    But the teacher’s unions revolted. They insisted on staying closed.

    So the school boards and superintendents changed their plans and remained closed.

    My county – Broward – kept moving the date for even meeting about opening back up. It felt an awful lot like election politics was impacting their choices. They went from having a whole range of plans for opening to “we’ll meet later to start talking about making a plan”.

    Then the governor got involved. He said “open back up”. They didn’t. So he said “Only students actually attending a school on Oct 5 will count toward funding numbers”. In other words, keep schools shuttered and you’ll be costing yourselves millions of dollars.

    Guess what? Broward is opening schools on October 5.

    But they are making it pretty onerous. It is almost as if they are intentionally making it miserable so that people will be mad. They are not having “real” school. The kids will be seated at their desks in their class… but the teachers will be teaching over the computer just like they were when they were at home. So the teacher is in the class, teaching over the computer. That way, kids whose parents decided to keep home will get the same instruction and work.

    It really, really feels like the teachers unions have been given a nudge from on high that the DNC wants as much disruption this fall as possible. The teachers who are involved heavily in the union are really, really mad about this. They are saying they will not go back to the classroom. The district says they have to take unpaid leave if they don’t.

    It should be interesting.

    1. Hoping this is the end for government schools. So many sensible ways to reopen schools, but the government unions had to go and shit on them all.

    2. Teachers catch a lot of colds and “flu” from their students even in normal times. I can see them being worried about COVID, especially all those that are somewhat elderly or unhealthy. But “We demand full pay for not doing our jobs” won’t fly with all the people that are either clocking in at Walmart, etc., and taking their chances, or trying to live on unemployment.

  18. The kid should have just claimed he was protesting police brutality, then it would have been fine.

    This story is pron for progs here. As long as the kid’s not black, natch.

  19. > Cops say the boy ignored multiple commands to put his mask on correctly.

    Cops can do what the fuck the want, so long as their commands were ignored. Broken orbital sockets? No problem, commands were issued and ignored. Ruptured testicles? No problem, he commands were issued and ignored.

    Kid’s lucky he didn’t get shot in the back. [blam blam blam] Your mask is on wrong! [blam blam]

  20. So what’s the point? Cops are out of control everywhere and not just in the US? This so not-news that the Roman’s were talking about it: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  21. the cops in Spain kneel mainly on the teens.

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  23. How long did it take you Charles to search the world over for a policeman to overreact to someone not wearing a mask? Spain! That a contributing editor here would post such tripe, and it is rubbish, tells you all you need to know about a libertarian’s understanding of the danger of COVID and how masks are our best defense against it without a vaccine. Wait…Trumps head of the CDC said it might even be better than a vaccine, but 95% of the people would need to wear them.

    But hey, Bill Barr says regulations for mask wearing fall just short of slavery. No wonder everyone here will vote for Trump and all the true infringements on liberty he already has started. Science illiterates are all the rage here. Congrats!

    There’s your cue, phony libertarians…have at it!

    1. meds dude …

        1. i don’t need to read more thanks.

    2. Can you cite the Constitutional authority for any level of government to mandate masks?

      Knowing that lack of Constitutional authority won’t stop the politicians, how will they enforce it?

    3. So you support using force to wear masks correctly?

      Wait, you think masks are useless. Because it’s Trump’s head of the CDC so therefore it’s meaningless. Don’t vote for Trump because his head of the CDC is science illiterate. I think that is what you are saying.

      Now I’m confused.

      1. Exactly. You’re confused.

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