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No, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Didn't Spawn 250,000 Coronavirus Cases

Plus: FDA meddles more in vaping market, GOP lawmakers take aim at social media (again), and more...


Here's what we were told: An August motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, helped spread COVID-19 to more than a quarter-million Americans, making it the root of about 20 percent of all new coronavirus cases in the U.S. last month. So said a new white paper from the IZA Institute of Labor Economics, at least. And national news outlets ran with it.

"Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was 'superspreading event' that cost public health $12.2 billion," tweeted The Hill.

"The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally held in South Dakota last month may have caused 250,000 new coronavirus cases," said NBC News.

"The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally represents a situation where many of the 'worst-case scenarios' for superspreading occurred simultaneously," the researchers write in the new paper, titled "The Contagion Externality of a Superspreading Event: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and COVID-19."

Not so fast. Let's take a look at what they actually tracked and what's mere speculation.

According to South Dakota health officials, 124 new cases in the state—including one fatal case—were directly linked to the rally. Overall, COVID-19 cases linked to the Sturgis rally were reported in 11 states as of September 2, to a tune of at least 260 new cases, according to The Washington Post.

There very well may be more cases that have been linked to the early August event, but so far, that's only 260 confirmed cases—about 0.1 percent of the number the IZA paper offers.

To get to the astronomical number of cases allegedly spread because of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the researchers analyzed "anonymized cellphone data to track the smartphone pings from non-residents and movement of those before and after the event," notes Newsweek. "The study then linked those who attended and traveled back to their home states, and compared changes in coronavirus trends after the rally's conclusion."

Essentially, the researchers assumed that new spikes in cases in areas where people went post-rally must have been caused by those rally attendees, despite there being no particular evidence that this was the case. The paper, which has not been peer-reviewed, failed to account for simultaneous happenings—like schools in South Dakota reopening, among other things—that could have contributed to coronavirus spread in some of the studied areas.

The researchers also assumed a $46,000 price tag for each person infected to calculate the $12.2 billion public health cost of the event—but this figure would only make sense if every person had a severe case requiring hospitalization.

The results of the IZA paper "do not align with what we know," South Dakota epidemiologist Joshua Clayton said at a Tuesday news briefing.

The IZA paper "isn't science; it's fiction," Gov. Kristi Noem (R) said.

It's also good election-time propaganda, apparently. Despite the dubious nature of the IZA study, a range of Democratic consultants and cheerleaders have been using it to condemn President Donald Trump.


Yet another piece of GOP stunt legislation takes aim at social media and Section 230.


Regulation alert:

See also: "How the FDA Is Saving the Cigarette."


  • The Trump administration is reportedly planning to announce more troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan:

  • The Academy Awards is revising its Oscar eligibility criteria for Best Picture:

  • Department of "War Is Peace":

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  1. CNN airs photo of Biden and son with Washington Redskins logo removed from son’s hat

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    5. Hello.

      Who is this Scott Dworkin guy?


      1. Is he related to,Andrea Dworkin?

  2. That Sturgis motorcycle event that should’ve never happened is now linked to an estimated 250,000 cases and it could cost us all up to $12 billion.

    Surely some of them were protesting racial injustice. That should have negated the spread.

    1. The protesters are already burdened with enough important work. There is no way they could contain the carnivorous. Be glad they kept the number from reaching into the millions.

      1. Ironically the group that did this Sturgis study is also the one that proved BLM marches had no effect on spread.

        1. This is my shocked face.

          Aside, that painting or drawing is certainly an…idealized view of the typical Sturgis crowd. The attendees should be scared of the WuFlu: not because the virus is so deadly, but because most are on far side of 60, and the ones not on meth are wayyyy past the overweight part of the BMI chart. Maybe if they stand on top of their Harley trike, they could see the normal weight section?

          Those poor tires.

        2. and blamed the July spike in cases and deaths on bars reopening, instead of the obvious connection to the mass protest super spreader event.

          1. If you truly believe in science, then correlation is causation, at least when it supports the desired narrative.

          2. Haha. They even put a price tag on it so we would know how upset to be. So thoughtful.

            Wonder how much the riots have cost?

            1. “Wonder how much the riots have cost?”

              Well, the Governor of Minnesota asked the Feds for $500 million to cover the damage in Minneapolis/ St. Paul.

              He didn’t get it.

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        3. English is tough, eh russkie?

    2. According to my progressive neighbor, everyone who went to Sturgis is dead. And they continue to spread disease. And every local motorcycle event will further the spread. Plus bikes are loud.

      1. Motorcycles are disease vectors.

        1. This is actually a true statement, but the disease in question is usually “Of course I need another motorcycle!” 😉

      2. I honestly think the majority of people are just functional retards. This is what the pandemic showed. If only after the vulnerable it knew how to knock off these utterly useless people.

        1. Before life got easy and secure (gee, thanks, Steven Pinker), almost every day things happened to weed out the stupid. The only penalties they suffer now (unless they are pretty) is economic misfortune. And if progressives get their way, even that incentive to try harder will be removed.

          1. Are you kidding? Progressives would love you ignorant, backwards, inbred, radical right-wingnuts, commies and nazis to try harder!

        2. I don’t think it is the majority just a lot. I do wonder about some kind of international cabal that is giving these people web cams and megaphones though.

          For sh1ts and giggles

      3. Florida has shown us that covid causes death via motorcycle accident. Why must we tempt fate by bringing them together? Why can’t we just listen to the science??

        1. LOL. I needed that laugh. Good one!

      4. They don’t have to be loud. They’re loud on purpose. Faggots.

        1. You enjoy hearing and functioning testes? Ok, Liberace.

          1. South Park reference, but we’re all so proud of you for jumping in! Give yourself a pat on the back!

        2. “loud on purpose”

          yup, that’s what I’ve been thinking as I hear these bleepers coming two miles away and then trailing off the same amount. Must be nice to be such a selfcentered s.o.b. that you get off on disturbing as many people as possible. And, it’s not just one, it’s the groups, one after the next, every weekend, all weekend, from August until October.

          Maybe I should set up some killer speakers in my car and come park outside their windows at 5 in the morning everyday for 3 months and blast Philip Glass or something like that for a few hours. See how long that lasts before they call the cops.

          “Everyone has to have an asshole, that doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole”

        3. Harley Davidson, The most effective machine at turning gas into noise. without the side effect of horsepower.

      5. Good. Nor should he.

    3. Surely some of them were protesting racial injustice. That should have negated the spread.

      Some actually were. There are numerous videos of bikers chasing off antifa. If you need me to connect the dots: antifa is racist… bikers chased them off…

      1. I would not have expected even Antifa to be retarded enough to go fuck around in Sturgis.

        1. Yes, yes, I know, it’s cruel to compare the retarded to Antifa.

      2. And don’t call me Shirley.

    4. First of all using numbers claimed by the utterly incompetent Noem administration is as much “fake news” as is claimed by Nolan Brown. Saying the 260 South Dakota claimed cases is all that can be proven totally ignores the fact that several hundred thousand people hung out together for seven days and went home. Many after being infected, who then now doubt shared their beautiful new infection with all around them. Claiming that all there was is related to direct infections completely ignores that this virulent pathogen is going spread to everyone it can before those infected actually get sick. This is nothing but willful ignorance of science.

      1. Let me guess, you’re a Michigan Democrat?

      2. Few SD residents took advantage of the free Chinese virus testing, even those living in Sturgis.

        Of course, since positive test results are just used to punish citizens, one can’t blame them for not getting tested unless they’re sick.

      3. So what’s the right number? The 250k number is clearly bunk. You say 260 is as well. So, what’s the right number, smart guy?

        1. The bottom line is we don’t know. There are too many inputs – was it bars opening, did they just do less (or more) testing. How many got COVID-19 and didn’t even realize it? (very mild symptoms).

          The good news they published all their data and how they got it. That way we could figure out it was complete bull sh*t (and that’s coming from someone that thinks those in public who don’t wear masks are A-holes).

          The bad news is the story / “study” was picked up by news to let the easily swayed (one way or another) to have yet another story to run with.

          That study is WORSE than a waste of time.

      4. Yes, yes. An outdoor event under the summer sun of SD is definitely a good place for respiratory viruses to spread. Do you even science, braugh?

    5. Throwing bricks and firebombs provides immunity to the virus.

  3. Urban Criminal Gangs in the Civil War to Come

    On September 2, the New York Post featured a news story headlined “FBI warns Chicago gangs have ‘shoot on sight’ pact against cops.” The FBI warned that, “Dozens of Chicago street gangs have made a pact to ‘shoot on-sight any cop that has a weapon drawn on any subject in public.’ ” These street gangs include “the Vice Lords, Black P Stones and Latin Kings,” that have a combined membership of several tens of thousands.

    Even before this “pact” among criminal gangs was agreed upon, lethal attacks on Chicago policemen were up significantly this year. The Post cites Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown that it was clear “people are seeking to do harm to cops.”

    …This has happened because of the close working relationship between gang leaders and many Chicago aldermen and City Hall functionaries. Major gangs have enjoyed substantial if not complete official protection from the Chicago police and prosecutors for at least twenty years.

    The single best account of how this works was provided in Chicago magazine in a cover story entitled Gangs and Politicians in Chicago: An Unholy Alliance. Replete with detailed neighborhood maps of gang territories and specific criminals in working relationships with specific aldermen (an alderman is a Chicago city councilman), the article is a goldmine of information. Unsurprisingly, gang territories correlate strongly with the number of murders committed in those territories.

    1. There’s been an outbreak of ambush shootings of Chicago police? Really? From what, one to two instances? I am going to need to see the numbers before I buy that.

      Successful criminal gangs commit crimes that get them richer or prevent rivals from taking their stuff. Killing cops does neither. It is far less costly to bribe an officer, their supervisor, or their alderman, than it is to kill them.

      Gangs that want to be thought of as the new government for an area, OTOH, do kill police. And politicians, and newsies, and anyone else dumb enough to stand in the way. See, Latin America.

      1. Yeah. Most criminals are stupid. So, never underestimate their stupidity. That said, I find it hard to believe that the typical drug gang is interested in killing cops and getting into a civil war potentially with the National Guard or feds if it went far enough. Even the Mexican Drug cartels are very careful to avoid killing US cops and US diplomatic officials for that reason. I don’t think the drug gangs are interested in dying and ruining their business for BLM.

        1. Agreed. Individual criminals can be amazingly shortsighted and amygdala-driven: see all of the latest canonized members of the Black criminal community. All of for whom, in the age of decriminalization and bail reform, the worst that would have happened was they would have had their probation or bail terms modified. No big deal, just out some more cheddar to their bondsman. Instead, they chose to fight, and made an increasingly temporary problem, a permanent one.

          Though on the US deaths side, I wonder if things have changed since the fallout from the infamous torture killing of Kiki Camarena? Whatever happened to that group that killed the US diplomat driving on the road to San Luis Potosi?

        2. And they are also have poor aim. Every weekend in Chicago it’s 29 shot, 3 dead.

          1. I keep telling you all that handguns are an awful way to try and kill someone. There was a brief trend where the bad guys started showing up with Dracos (bad) and AR-pistols (worse). Thankfully, it doesn’t look like it’s very common.

            Their aim does suck, but then so do most cops’.

          2. That’s because the hospital ERs have had a lot of practice on gunshot wounds. Really.

            1. Can’t fix a kill shot.

            2. The anecdotal tales of 18D candidates learning their trade by doing rotations assisting inner-city trauma wards, was pretty telling. That said, actually going to war for 20 years has really revamped a lot of emergency medicine. Remember when tourniquets were the devil?

            3. A lot of that comes from military experience over the years. Combat medics and surgeons needed to improvise and they did.

              Just one example. Henry Heimlich as an army surgeon in Korea thought about the patients with chest wounds. Often they wound die quickly from pneumothorax and hemothorax. Air and blood around the lung.

              So he invented a simple tube you could place in the field. A flutter valve which would relieve pressure in the pleural space around the lung. It is still in use today.

            4. Yes, the military sends doctors to hospitals in Chicago, Miami and Washington DC on Friday and Saturday nights to get training in treating gunshot wounds. That’s a fact.

        3. Actually they are NOT stupid. They see a system and systematically figure out how to maximize their gains. Its like trump declaring bankruptcy 7 times. Because he used the system to maximize his advantage.
          And yes, either by in-action, or perverse action, government supports criminal gangs. Make pot illegal, and criminal gangs can make profit by selling it. Ditto for prostitution, guns and whatever else they are selling.

      2. “Successful criminal gangs commit crimes that get them richer or prevent rivals from taking their stuff. Killing cops does neither. It is far less costly to bribe an officer, their supervisor, or their alderman, than it is to kill them.”

        From the Capone handbook.

        1. The one Bela Okmyx found?

          1. That was one good book.

      3. I find it hard to believe that the Vice Lords, Black P Stones, and Latin Kings have agreed to a pact about anything. Let alone something as specific as ‘shoot on sight any cop with a gun drawn in public’.

        I find it easy to believe that the police brow beat multiple suspects of multiple gangs into saying, “Yeah, sure.” to questions like “Would you shoot a cop with his weapon drawn?” and helped any media outlets extrapolate the war on cops narrative from there.

        When CPD intelligence comes through the media it’s always difficult to tell who’s projecting what.

    2. I wouldn’t be too worried. I had a Chicago GD put an SOS on me in 95 and I’m still here.

      “You don’t know me, I’m from Chicago!” – every black guy in Kenosha since 1989.

  4. The “Online Freedom and Viewpoint Diversity Act” — nice title.

    They’re always given such nice names. How can anyone be against that?

    1. Hey, they didn’t make it spell out a cutesy acronym, so I’m kinda impressed by that part at least.

      1. It will be referred to as “Donny’s Law.”

        1. “I understood that reference.”

    2. Right. Communications Decency Act is obviously a sham. But “Section 230”? Now that’s a fundamental legal principle! Right up there with Free Speech and States’ Rights. Above even.

      1. Yeah, weird how that works. Stick a number in there, and it is scripture straight from YHWH. Or make it a Roman Numeral, like Title IX, and it came from Jupiter

    3. Even the Patriot Act is actually an acronym. But either way you write it, it sounds good, not evil.

      “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT) Act of 2001.”

  5. It’s striking that’s there’s almost no national media coverage of how tomorrow’s FDA deadline is going to change vaping in the US.

    I think the FDA is above reproach again.

    RICH ‘RIOTER’ Wealthy college student, 20, among eight arrested for ‘causing $100k of damage to businesses during BLM rampage in NYC’

    The family reportedly purchased a $1.8million apartment in the city in 2016, and has a second home in Litchfield County, Connecticut.

    Kraebber, who is currently a student at Rice University in Texas, is now facing a first-degree riot charge and could face up to four years in prison.

    When reached by The Post for comment, the college student said she wasn’t interested in speaking about the charges.

    “No — not right now — I don’t want to talk about it,” she reportedly said.

    1. How would they feel if they graffitied their townhouse?
      Probably similar to a few mayors I’ve heard of.

    2. Looks like Carrot Top had a daughter. And LOL that her dad is an child and adolescent psychologist.

      Don’t try that shit in Houston, Clara. Even at Rice.

    3. Not shocked in the slightest. Rich kids know nothing they do will ever effect their parents or loved ones, so they’ve got nothing to hold them back from being scumbags.

    4. She’s facing a riot charger and “rioter” is still in scare quotes.

      I guess you lose your “mostly peaceful protester” status if you’re a 1 percenter.

    5. Honestly, the dumbest part about these riots isn’t even the losers looting stores and demanding restaurant patrons kiss hood rat ass–it’s the white bourgeoisie tankie scumbags who actually believe that they’ll still be in charge of a world where white people are a minority, instead of being used as rape dolls and manual labor for whatever Pee Ohh See warlord is running their particular feudal state.

      I can at least respect non-white people for having high in-group preferences and not feeling the need to apologize for it. It’s the “fellow white people” types who would readily sell their neighbors’ kids into slavery if they thought it might help them be the last ones up against the wall who are the real danger here, as they’d readily destroy whatever thin strands are holding civilization together in exchange for asspats on from the media.

      1. Cuckolds gotta cuck.

      2. Maybe she’s really looking forward to being passed around like a party favor.

    6. Keep him. We don’t want the bloke back.

  7. The Trump administration is reportedly planning to announce more troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan…

    The Democrats and most of the Republicans are not going to like this.

    1. Reason column will be along to point out it’s not enough and will lead to WWIII.

      1. Sad that when I came to Reason today, I actually expected to see that article. Maybe too soon.

        1. Friday’s special “WWIII: Orange Man Bad. COVID deaths rising despite statistics showing they’re dropping” edition.

    2. ….expect howls of protest from The Squad.

    3. Neither will the Kabul government, which is just too Goddamned bad for them.

      I hope the Embassy has their evacuation ducks in a row.

    4. You mean establishment republicans holding national office. Most republican voters are just fine with a significant reduction in foreign military adventures.

  8. The IZA paper “isn’t science; it’s fiction not even worth wiping your ass with,”


    1. The RZA and GZA papers though…

      1. They’re down with all that king flu shit

          1. Masks protec’ ya neck.

      2. And the Yeezy Papers.

      3. …ain’t nothin’ to fuck with!

  9. No, the government didn’t rescue dozens of sex-trafficked children from a double-wide trailer in Georgia.

    HuffPo breaking free of the narrative? Must be an election year.

  10. The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg says anonymous sources are ‘not good enough’

    Jeffrey Goldberg, editor-in-chief of The Atlantic and the journalist responsible for the “bombshell” report that President Trump disparaged America’s war dead, conceded that anonymous sources were “not good enough” in reporting such as his.


      Happening now:
      The Atlantic story allegedly falls apart.Sources now say Trump didn’t call fallen heroes names after all..he called live generals those names; different time/place.
      So narrative shifts: “Trump disrespects military leaders!”
      Original claims?Shoved down memory hole.

      1. Just some basic logic here: that Trump said disparaging things about live generals does not in any refute the claim (admittedly, a weak claim because backed only by “anonymous sources”) that he said disparaging things about dead soldiers. The thing about the claim based on anonymous sources is it isn’t possible to refute it. You cannot prove a negative.

        1. Nice try. The burden of proof is on the accuser.
          Anonymous sources = obvious smear campaign, until proven otherwise.

          1. It’s not a court case, but, yes, you would be correct about innocence till proven guilty and burden of proof IF it were.

            1. I’m not a court either and it is my standard.

              1. That’s fine. It is not my standard in this case because it is well documented that Trump is in the habit of calling people “loser”, including John McCain. And now, by Ra’s own link, Trump has said disparaging things about living generals.

                All that lends some credibility to the accusations. It is not like we are discussing someone a recorded of stellar behavior and demeanor.

                1. That’s fine you’re free to use those much lower standards if you like.

                  1. And it’s not that much lower. My position is that I don’t know if he said disparaging things about the soldier’s or not. I certainly don’t believe it is true just because of an article citing anonymous sources, especially if the story is from The Atlantic.

                    1. That’s fine you really don’t have to justify your much lower standards to me.

                    2. You keep bringing up a very weak claim, 21 public against, 4 anonymous for, over and over. So you apparently do care just a tiny bit.

                    3. Sure, I’d like to know the truth.

                2. John McCain also attacked Trump dummy. His status as a POW doesn’t allow him one sided personal attacks.

                  Let’s also not pretend you have any respect for any living general. If a war were to break out you’d probably call them baby killers.

                  1. So, Trump got caught lying about having called McCain a loser. He got caught lying about a well-known incident that is on video, which makes it not just a lie, but a dumb lie.

                    And you are not refuting that, correct?

                3. John McCain was a traitor and all around piece of garbage. Trump was accurate in calling him a loser.

                  1. Maybe so, but you agree then that Trump lied about not calling McCain a loser?

        2. If everybody on the flight with him disputes it, even people who dislike them, then it becomes the rare “Able to disprove a negative” moment.

          1. Where has it been established that everyone who interacted with Trump has been Interviewed?

            1. My position is that I don’t know if he said disparaging things about the soldier’s or not.

              Yet the overwhelming evidence against the story is still too much for you to accept Trump isn’t a meanie head in this instance.

              Again… 21 public statements on the record, 4 anonymous with Goldberg semi retracting the story on Sunday. Even the democratic media (see Brokaw) has switched to “oh well, it sounds true”.

              1. You have a talent for purposely doing a poor job of summarizing things.

        3. Let me be the first to tell you that we all appreciate you telling us how and what we can think.

          1. You are quite welcome.

            1. Go die in a fire.

            2. Of course it doesn’t work very well. For example, the cognitive abilities of most of us here are vastly superior to your own. The likely result is that you’re not capable of thinking on an equal level, with most of our thoughts unfathomable to one of your limited thought processes.

    2. The level of projection in that piece is astonishing.

      *They won’t go on record because they don’t want to interfere in the election

      *They fear retaliation from the twitter mob

      * Trump set a tone of fear about speaking out against his misdeeds (holy crap, that’s astonishing)

      *I’m always balancing out the moral ambiguities and complications after anonymous sourcing with the public’s right to know

      For such a short hit, that has some amazing levels of projection.

      1. “For such a short hit, that has some amazing levels of projection.”

        It’s what they do.

        Bolton not mentioning any of this in his tell-all, was the first clue this was all bullshit.

        1. It was the first confirmation maybe, but the first clue was when the words “anonymous sources” were used

      2. Interfering with the election was the whole point of the fabricated story though.

        1. And that’s a big part of the problem. Leftists are naturally masochistic people, and I wouldn’t be surprised if part of these reporters psyche secretly craves the idea of getting the shit stomped out of them by a Trump supporter so they can get martyr cred. They’re certainly going all-out now to provide the incentive to do so.

          Now that the media, for the most part, is a de facto mouthpiece for the Democratic party, why would anyone who wasn’t a Democrat even bother acting as if they’re operating in good faith?

        2. It was clearly Biden colluding with the Chinese, who previously bankrolled his son Hunter’s company.

      3. It was honestly all those excuses that confirmed to me that the story was bunk.

      4. It is all bullshit anyway. The problem isn’t so much that it was from anonymous sources. The problem was people who we know were there like John Bolton and have no reason to lie say it is bullshit and that the Atlantic did zero fact checking on the claim. I don’t think that using an anonymous source is a problem, provided their claim has been confirmed and fact checked. The Atlantic did none of that and just printed bullshit because they wanted to believe it was true. And now Goldberg pretends that the problem is with anonymous sources not his magazine’s sorry standards of honesty.

        1. If that is all it was, it would still be bad.

          But you leave out the important bits.

          The Biden campaign had an advertising campaign based on that article produced and on the air first thing the next morning. The advertisements featured parents of dead servicemen reacting to “what Trump said”. This would be absolutely impossible if The Atlantic and the Biden campaign were not coordinating their efforts. Nobody could find parents of dead servicemen who object to what they saw in that article and also support Joe Biden for president and also agree to be in a commercial, get a film crew to their home, get them ready for an interview, do proper vetting, film the interview, get the footage back to a central location, edit the raw video into an advertisement, secure ad time on all of the major networks on broadcast and cable, plus radio, plus internet, distribute the completed advertisement to all of those locations and get it on the air at the start of business the next day (which is what happened.) I sincerely doubt that you could even find a real mom in that amount of time, let alone do everything else.

          Next, you have several other news organizations who “verified” the story. Meaning that the Atlantic author (or Biden campaign) shared a list of sources to verify the story with. You’ll also note the careful use of language in the “verified” stories, making it clear that it isn’t actually “verified” in the normal sense of the word… but it is totally verified anyway.

          Then you have the punditry. They were champing at the bit, filled with talking points from the jump. Here’s the problem with that: It doesn’t fit the character.

          Trump is rude. We can all believe him being rude.

          But Trump is also jingoistic and slobbers affection on the military. Remember, at the start of his administration (and during the campaign) it was “all the best generals” who he sought out to run things. So the pundit class should not have been prepared to jump on this as the proof we finally needed that Trump despises the military, and the military despises Trump (which was the immediate response from all of the pundits and various reporters in the white house pool). That is not in character.. it is out of character. And the fact that exactly zero people in the washington press corps or pundit class said so lets you know that they were prepared and ready to buy any line that the campaign pushed out.

          1. We already have documentation of people like Chuck Todd coordinating talking points with the Hillary campaign and Donna Brazille giving her the debate questions ahead of time.

            Goldberg and the Biden campaign absolutely coordinated on this hit piece. Pretty much everything that’s going to be coming out from now through Election Day is going to be a full-court press by the Democrat-dick sucking mainstream media to get Biden elected.

            The press is the enemy. Full stop.

        2. The entire leftist media are a bunch of Dan Rathers.

    3. On one hand they don’t want to interfere in Democratic electoral processes,” Goldberg offered as one theory for why sources choose to stay anonymous.
      Because speaking anonymously has no impact.
      I think there is also fear. I think — and we see this across the board in Donald Trump’s Washington — there is a fear on a kind of a superficial level of a Twitter mob. There is also real fear of personal safety, fear for your family, fear for what you put everybody around you through if you started talking about this sort of thing,” he told the MSNBC host.
      They would be heroes of the mob. You only get canceled if you anger the mob.

      1. That was the funniest part of his bit, I laughed like hell at that. “We’re afraid to say bad things about Trump because you get into so much trouble daring to say bad things about him.” What fucking alternative universe are you living in?

        1. Meanwhile the salon owner in sf is literally getting assaulted for calling out Pelosi on her shit

    4. Jeffrey Goldberg conceded that anonymous sources were “not good enough”
      Close that barn door, Jeff

      1. This isn’t just closing the barn door after the horses have fled, this is closing the barn door after the horses have already been rendered into glue.

    5. But what is good enough? Anonymous sources have revealed this policy “logic” at the Atlantic:

      1. Trump is a bad man who does bad things.
      2. Here’s a bad thing that could have happened.
      3. Trump did it.


      1. Dan Rather came out to give it his “Fake But Accurate” certification.

        1. I couldn’t believe he did that! It was too perfect that at first I thought it an Onion or Bee tweet.

        2. Speaking of fake but accurate

          The White Knight
          September.9.2020 at 11:40 am
          That’s fine. It is not my standard in this case because it is well documented that Trump is in the habit of calling people “loser”, including John McCain. And now, by Ra’s own link, Trump has said disparaging things about living generals.

          All that lends some credibility to the accusations. It is not like we are discussing someone a recorded of stellar behavior and demeanor.

          He actually went with it.

        3. Holy shit.

          “Whether he said it or not, it is believable,” Rather said.

          It’s only particularly “believable” in the sense that about 50% of country would nod their heads if it were reported that Trump had grown horns out of his head, his tongue had forked, and he was now wearing a suit of flames and demanding to be referred to as Lucifer.

          I don’t particularly care for the man, but I dislike the mendacious shitweasel fucksmears on the other side even more.

    6. PIECE. OF. SHIT.

      Piece of shit.

      Resign if you have any honour.

      Piece of shit.

      He knew damn well what he was doing. This is a publication that has a nut job racist loon like Jamele Hill on the payroll.

      1. “This is a publication that has a nut job racist loon like Jamele Hill on the payroll.”

        Who was too crazy for ESPN to deal with. Chew on that one awhile.

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  12. We’ve announced new representation and inclusion standards for Best Picture eligibility…

    That just means more positive ChiCom characters.

    1. or Hollywood is worried about Korean films winning every year

  13. Soooo…..

    Why does Twitter allow these (D) politicians to tweet “fake news” about Sturgis? Their standard was that anything that was not in alignment with “science” (as defined by the WHO) was against policy and would be removed.

    This is clearly bunk, just on the face of it. The numbers are not even remotely reasonable… and that is without taking into account simultaneous coverage (or lack thereof) of other recurring large outdoor gatherings involving people travelling from far away.

    Could it be that Facebook, Twitter, Youtube et. al. have standards for “fake news” that are slightly different from their publicly stated standards?

    1. Hey, what’s a factor of a thousand between political enemies?

      1. Assumes malice when abject stupidity suffices.

        For that amount of money, they could’ve given 1 million cases of COVID to every man woman and child in America!

    2. “Could it be that Facebook, Twitter, Youtube et. al. have standards for “fake news” that are slightly different from their publicly stated standards?”

      I’m getting a lot of practice using this ‘I’m shocked!’ face today.


    Zuckerberg also is supporting preparing the public to expect weeks of mail-in ballot counting:

    “what we and the other media need to start doing is preparing the american people that there is nothing illegitimate about this election taking additional days or weeks to make sure all the votes are counted.”

    Zuckerberg: “what we and the other media need to start doing is preparing the american people that there is nothing illegitimate about this election taking additional days or weeks to make sure all the votes are counted.”

    1. Too late!

    2. Zuckerberg and Gates.

      Twin Towers of evil.

      ‘Prepare’ the people. ‘Vaccinate’ the people.

    3. Yep. They are going to keep counting votes until Biden wins so Kween Kamala can take over on Valentines day.

    4. OK, so no longer pretending to be anything but a propaganda outlet for government policy.

    5. Zuckerberg is media? I thought facebook was a platform…

  15. Well, they gave it to President Obama and he left office as the first two-term president in U.S. history to have been at war every single day of his presidency.

    At least he closed GITMO.

    1. On his first day!

      1. And he rolled back those unconstitutional Patriot Act provisions like spying on Americans.

    2. Don’t forget, he re-named all the military bases named for Confederate generals, got twenty or thirty Democrat mayors and police chiefs ousted for not controlling murder, and stopped the seas from rising.

      1. Well yeah, he did it so he could buy that nice place on the beach.

        1. He destroyed Robin’s Nest!

      2. 1 out of 3 is pretty good in baseball.
        At least the seas didn’t rise and flood New York and other coastal cities, as Al Gore had predicted.

    3. Did all that and still managed to eat his waffles.

      1. Ahem it’s chicken and waffles

  16. If the US had the death rate of NY/NJ we’d be at half a million. Instead the rest of the US looks like this

    1. Every mob hit was covid related.

      1. “So, dere I am, breakin dis guys ribs wit a Louisville Slugger, and he jus starts coughin up blood and keels over. I tink da coof got im, your honor.”

        1. Nice buisiness you’ve got here. It sure would be a shame if several of your employees developed COVID and had to work from home…

          1. Or the California style threat:

            Nice business you’ve got there. Now shut it down or we’ll cut off your power and water. Heck, PG&E might cut off your power either way.

            1. PG&E rep: “We can’t help it where the sparks fall…”

      2. I was reading the comments on an article about the poisoning of the Russian opposition leader (and how it didn’t kill him) on a left-of-center tech site (with a batshit crazy progressive commentariat). One of the comments mused about the possibility of putting coronavirus on something like the handle of a teacup as a new tool of assassination by poisoning. This is how deluded some people really are.

        1. “He’s alive?! Still???? How many times did you place the virus, Igor?”

          “Fifty, Boss.”


        2. You should have explained to the commenter how Covid-19 is typically only fatal when a serious comorbidity afflicts the patient. So, for the assassination attempt to be effective, some cancer should be put on the teacup handle as well. SCIENCE!

          1. Since the average American thinks that something like 10% of the country has died from COVID, a CFR greater than 100% makes sense, right?

            1. Ya know, I might actually feel a little better if average Americans were really that scared and believed that 10% figure. As it is, I think average Americans are just really stupid and don’t understand how numbers work.

          2. Second highest risk factor for Covid fatality is obesity. So it might take quite a few free meals.

    2. It’s true that many vulnerable died needlessly in NY, NJ. You can still take this lesson to the bank: The states where the virus swept through have the lowest death rates now (9/9/2020). Protect the vulnerable, expose the rest.

      1. Australia and New Zealand disagree. Keep people hidden and install a police state. That’s how you do it.

        Canada is slowly inching towards that model.

        The rot of incompetence paves the way for malice.

        1. New Zealand had the worst plan: kill your tourist industry to make sure no one gets exposed, so you remain a sitting duck forever.

    3. If NY/NJ had the death rate of the USA (even including their own stats that drive up the numbers), we’d have 30,000 less dead people JUST IN THOSE TWO STATES.

      These people were killed by bad policy. They are murders masquerading as covid deaths. And Cuomo is writing a book about leadership.


    But one of the leftist commentators, economist Thomas Piketty, actually said with impunity that “crises like pandemics are sometimes necessary” to “deliver big political change or ideological change.” In other words, the current pandemic may be “necessary” to change capitalism. Piketty has had some of his work financed by the Soros-funded Institute for New Economic Thinking, according to Time magazine.

    Schlesinger asked an insane question to Piketty at one point in the segment: “Do you believe that the pandemic presents an opportunity here?” Piketty then gave the cringe response: “What we see from history is that crises like pandemics are sometimes necessary, unfortunately in a way, to deliver big political change or ideological change.” Piketty then hedged himself by saying, “but we should not just count on crises to get very bad so that after crises, you know, things will get better. Because in practice, crises can also deliver political monsters as we’ve seen, after World War I in Europe.”

    1. Never let a crisis go to waste

      1. Even if you have to invent a crisis.

    2. Something tells me when Pinketty read about the history of Stalin’s gulags he rooted for the NKVD and wondered, ‘what’s the problem?’

    3. Say what you want but piketty was correct in his book. In a capitalist society a single person can corner all of the wealth. All the need is perfect knowledge of the future. (the book didn’t explore if haveing perfect knowledge of the future would help in socialist systems, but I assume it couldn’t hurt)

    4. And by “change capitalism” they mean kill off all small businesses operated by conservatives, in favor of large companies that can be easily intimidated into paying “living” wages and providing generous benefits, and then support everyone displaced from productive work with taxpayer bailouts and universal basic income.

      1. You mean fascism?

    5. Same logic as several folks have used regarding climate change…

      Monika Kopacz, atmospheric scientist: “It is no secret that a lot of climate-change research is subject to opinion, that climate models sometimes disagree even on the signs of the future changes (e.g. drier vs. wetter future climate). The problem is, only sensational exaggeration makes the kind of story that will get politicians’ — and readers’ — attention. So, yes, climate scientists might exaggerate, but in today’s world, this is the only way to assure any political action and thus more federal financing to reduce the scientific uncertainty.”

      Former U.S. Senator Timothy Wirth (D-CO), then representing the Clinton-Gore administration as U.S undersecretary of state for global issues: “We have got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic policy and environmental policy.”

      Christine Stewart, former Canadian Environment Minister: “No matter if the science is all phoney, there are collateral environmental benefits…. climate change [provides] the greatest chance to bring about justice and equality in the world.”

      Researcher Robert Phalen’s 2010 testimony to the California Air Resources Board: “It benefits us personally to have the public be afraid, even if these risks are trivial.”


    Michigan Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer’s state-owned residence is getting $1.1 million in security upgrades, including an eight-foot-tall perimeter fence.

    1. Is Ohio paying for the fence?

    2. Walls don’t work.


    3. I like to save the word ‘cunt’ for when it is really needed so that it remains impactful. Whitmer is a rotten cunt.

      1. She’s in the Pantheon of Cunts.

    4. Wow. Makes Kristi Noem and South Dakota look cheap.

      1. Never should have allowed women to vote.

      2. The South Dakota governor’s wall was a waste of taxpayer money because she was a COVID denier, and the people protesting her unscientific policies are mostly peaceful.

        The Michigan governor’s wall is a good investment, to protect her science based administration from the mostly violent COVID deniers.

    5. But Fences and Walls don’t work. This is well known by the people who have told us so.

      Therefore, it’s a waste of taxpayer money.

      1. Yeah, dude, that’s what people are saying. That no wall or fence ever had any effect on anything.
        Or maybe there is some difference between fencing off a small piece of property and a 1000 mile border in an unpopulated desert.

        1. “Yeah, dude, that’s what people are saying. ”

          goes to Google

          types in “walls don’t work”

          *About 735,000,000 results*

          1. And you believe that they mean that walls literally never work? That everything anyone ever says is to be interpreted absolutely literally?

            1. What I believe has nothing to do with it firefighter.

              You said ““Yeah, dude, that’s what people are saying. ”

              So I checked. And gave you the numbers. And you Rorschached the rest.

              Plenty of people are saying it, meaning it literally, and have been for a long time.

              1. Really? You could have fooled me.
                I’m pretty sure practically no one literally means walls don’t work. What they mean is that border walls don’t stop illegal immigration. That is a point worth debating. But this whole silly argument started from someone commenting on a fence around some politician’s residence. Sorry I got into it. I forget how many literal minded retards there are in the world who don’t seem to understand how people actually use language.

                1. “Really? You could have fooled me”

                  No doubt. You seem easily fooled.

        2. You could save yourself some embarrassment here by researching how the wall in SD shifted much of the crossings to other areas that didn’t have walls. So walls actually do things.

  19. “The Trump administration is reportedly planning to announce more troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan”

    Absolutely indefensible.

    Do not — I repeat, DO NOT fall for the desperate spin that this move should be applauded by libertarians. As Robert Mueller proved, literally everything Drumpf does is dictated by Putin. This is an obvious Russian plot to weaken America.


    1. Keep the troops there. Bring the Iraqis and Afghans here.

    2. The venerated panel of reason contributors just discussed how terrible this president has been on this topic.

      I mean, sure, the loyal opposition did loudly demand that he not only stay in Syria, but go to war with Turkey and Russia in Syria… that he bomb Iranian bases (but not kill Iranian commanders who are meeting with Iraqui terrorist leaders), that he increase troops in … well, everywhere….

      And sure, he has gotten us out of a lot of entanglements, and we are not bombing random countries without congressional authorization any more…

      But he’s an abject failure because he’s trying to put together a peace deal in Afghanistan before completely withdrawing.

      So vote for Biden. Because at least with Biden, you’ll get more of Obama’s policies of drone strikes and interventions in foreign lands without congressional authority. This is much more libertarian than withdrawing from everywhere…. but taking more than 4 years to complete the act.


    #BREAKING: @realDonaldTrump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his hand in reaching the #IsraelUAEDeal.

    1. He needs more drone strikes first.

      1. There is no such thing as “nominated for a nobel prize” of any type. At least that’s what I’ve been led to believe.

        1. Hey, if the self-appointed arbiters of justice can’t make faux nominations for Nobels, what can they do?

        2. Peace Prize is awarded by a different organization than the scientific awards. There’s a limited number of groups that can nominate, but really the bar’s not that high.

          1. It was an important moment when Obama got it, but if Trump gets one, it won’t be worth shit.

          2. There are nine nominating groups listed for the Nobel Peace Prize. One is “University professors, professors emeriti and associate professors of history, social sciences, law, philosophy, theology, and religion; university rectors and university directors (or their equivalents); directors of peace research institutes and foreign policy institutes”. That’s a pretty large group.

          3. The Nobel prize is extremely political, the sciences are probably more political than lit or peace. Talking to the people that win it (when their being honest, like during their office hours and never on the record) they campaign advertise, and trash talk others to get it.

            The book free radicals has a few chapters about it

        3. But Hollywood touts their Academy Award losers as “Academy Award Nominees” for the rest of their careers.

    2. That’s good, because he’ll never get an Oscar once the new standards go into effect.

    3. I’m actually pretty shocked he got a nomination. Europe tends to hate Trump nearly as much as the Democrat party does. I wouldn’t have guessed he’d have gotten any sort of nod.

      Doubtful he’ll win though. They’d probably get their building burned down in a “peaceful” protest if he did.

      1. It’s the Swedes. Trump is one of the few world leaders who didn’t denounce them for doing the right thing in regards to COVID.

        1. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

          1. It was a Swede that nominated him.

            1. Sorry. I thought you were countering the “I doubt he’ll win”.

    4. If he was nominated for that, it would be for the 2021 prize. Nominations for 2020 closed on 1 February*.

      * Yet somehow Obama was nominated with less than 2 weeks in office because:

      Obama has as President created a new climate in international politics. Multilateral diplomacy has regained a central position, with emphasis on the role that the United Nations and other international institutions can play. Dialogue and negotiations are preferred as instruments for resolving even the most difficult international conflicts. The vision of a world free from nuclear arms has powerfully stimulated disarmament and arms control negotiations. Thanks to Obama’s initiative, the USA is now playing a more constructive role in meeting the great climatic challenges the world is confronting. Democracy and human rights are to be strengthened.


    I wonder if BLM knows Antifa was allied with Hitler and helped him come to power. It feels as if that would be a source of tension, given BLM’s focus on history. Does Antifa owe reparations to anyone who lost a family member or property to Nazi Germany?

    1. Only if they are black.

    2. OK, that’s just wrong. Antifa was the group founded by the KPD to fight Nazis. I mean, I suppose they might have “helped Hitler to power” in the same way BLM is helping Trump get re-elected, but other than that, this claim is just historically inaccurate.

  22. Kurt Eichenwald gives it 5 stars.

    The Netflix documentary “My Octopus Teacher” explores the extraordinary bond—nay, romance—between a South African filmmaker and an octopus.

    1. Plot sounds more Japanese Hentai than South African Documentary.

  23. When you can’t see the teleprompter and gotta answer questions on the fly

    1. Cringe worthy.

  24. Question:

    Who the heck is Tarlton Gillespie?

    1. Nick served with a raw egg on top?

    2. Nick’s slave-owning ancestor, who probably has a statue in some far-flung corner of the deep south.

    3. Like Quentin Tarantino, when WASP’s take a dip in the WOP pool.

    4. “Gillespie”
      I bet he owns a legendary jacket too.

      1. So not one single person here has a clue who this is… yet a single tweet from this person is the authority cited?

        Can we start linking to posts by Fist and Cyto in the morning links now? Or is it just twitter that makes it weighty?

          1. Isn’t that why you got arrested?


    Granting anonymity to the people making these allegations against
    is very problematic journalistically. Here’s why.

    1: These are not whistleblowers trying to expose illegal or potentially illegal activity. The allegations are simple character assassination…

    2: They don’t even have any temporal urgency – meaning Trump didn’t do this yesterday, these (alleged) incidents are years old. So the people reporting them have an obligation to disclose as much as possible about the people making them to let readers judge motivation themselves.
    Alex Berenson
    Sep 5
    3: On top of that, all the usual caveats apply – the interactions are basically hearsay, no emails or other documentation exist, and so people should know whether the person who is reporting them heard what Trump said first-, second-, or third-hand.
    Alex Berenson
    Sep 5
    4: Finally, the political motivation is obvious here. And there’s no evidence anyone will face retribution – blowing the whistle on Trump seems more likely to lead to a book contract than anything else. So why exactly is anonymity required here?

    1. Chances are high the sources are Vindman, Vindman, Vindman and Ciaramella.

  26. BREAKING: That Sturgis motorcycle event that should’ve never happened is now linked to an estimated 250,000 cases and it could cost us all up to $12 billion. Vote out Trump and every anti-mask, virus-loving lap dog Republican. This election, and the next. And the next. And so on.

    — Scott Dworkin (@funder) September 8, 2020

    Scott Dwarkin is a scam artist. You might as well be quoting Alex Jones.

    1. ’90 percent of the proceeds went to fundraising consulting.’ LOL.

      I’m not even mad. Just amazed. Keep giving him your money, people.

    2. Best thing about that linked article is Mother Jones blaming Dworkin’s scammage on Trump.

    3. Hunh. Scamming Democrats who are terrified of Trump for fun and profit. Hadn’t thought of that one.

  27. President Trump has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

    “It is now to hope that the Nobel Committee is able to consider what Trump has achieved internationally and that it does not stumble in established prejudice against the U.S. President,” Tybring-Gjedde said in a Facebook post.

    Besides, today, announcing a reduction in troops levels in Iraq to 3,000 from 5,200, pushing The UAE to normalize relations with Israel, his willingness to meet face to face with Kim Jong-un, his willful refusal to go to war in Syria, and inking a peace deal to completely withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan by the end of April, what has the Warmonger-in-chief done to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize–anything?!

    1. Did I mention that President Trump has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize?

      1. But he is a ruthless authoritarian nazi!

        1. Yes but he joins the ranks of Yassir Arafat and Barack Obama.

          So he has that going for him.

    2. He also got Serbia and Kosovo to normalize relations.

      1. Just like he “got” UAR and Israel to normalize relations. He also negotiated peace with the Taliban. And Syria, don’t forget how wonderful things have turned out there. Plus North Korea and Iran are totally backing down on nuclear ballistic missile programs.

        1. Sounds like still more than what Obama did to “earn” his Nobel.

  28. Am I the only one who remembers the red/blue county maps from previous presidential elections? CA/WA/OR governments secede. Awesome. Red counties call in the Feds to support their right to stay in the Union (see West Virginia). State governments have no ability to resist that given US military firepower and the support of the locals. LA, SF, Portland, and Seattle become pockets of blue in a hostile sea of red which they depend on for food, water, and electricity.

    Where am I wrong?
    The left: The civil war is over losers and the Confederacy lost


    1. They won’t be missed.

    2. Think of the pension obligations that could be avoided.

    3. These people are actually deluded enough to believe that any Progressive Utopia won’t immediately be treated like a hostile entity and blasted into rubble.

    4. Washington, Oregon and California will secede and form Leftopia. The Feds won’t send in any troops at all. Trump is literally Hitler, not literally Lincoln. Conservatives in those states will flee to Idaho, Nevada and Arizona.

      1. [Trump]Wrong![/Trump]

        If only because stomping them prevents the Chinese from setting up bases on US soil.

        It could be an awful bloodletting though. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

        1. Well, technically it wouldn’t be US soil any more…

          But yes, your point is well taken.

          “OK, Cascadia, we’ll let you go, but you’re taking the entire National Debt with you…”

      2. Conservatives in those states, remain in the hills and commence guerrilla operations.

  29. The Academy Awards is revising its Oscar eligibility criteria for Best Picture

    Spend a billion dollars on a movie that nobody will see, using all the right people, and we might give you a prize!

    1. Hollywood, a saccharine but toxic combination of pretty-faced air heads and Machiavellian marketers. Where else should we look for moral leadership?


    Before: literally everyone is wearing a mask in the picture

    After: No one in the crowd is shown in the picture

  31. Well the acadamey awards already tested the waters with this by giving crash best picture, and every continues to mock it as one of the worst movies ever (for all movies not just those nominates). They essentially created wokest movie of the year award. Good thing the are getting away from technical excellence (titanic comes to mind) , actors and directors coming together to hone their skill to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts (I would put Rocky in this). But I am told that quality of work and wanting to be good at a job are racist white traits.

    1. Well, slaves certainly should not worry about quality and quantity of work.

      1. True.
        They just worried about the guy with the whip.
        HE worried about quality and quantity of work.


    “A new article in MIT Technology Review attempts to make the argument that coverage of riots in independent media is to blame for spreading violence that has been seen across America.”

    1. It’s all Freedom of the Press’s fault.

  33. Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize.

    This one is actually deserved.

    1. I would be happy to put him on the same platform as Yassir Arafat.

      1. Not bad.
        I sometimes forget that there are some people who deserved it even less than President Obama.

    1. He’s not wrong.
      Also, it’s puzzling that you’re pretending that this isn’t something that you’d love to happen, Jeff.

    2. You heard it here first last, and only; some churches have continued weekly services including communion without interruption.

    3. And if they do vote they will still be shut down if some asshole governor decides to keep their state of emergency going. A lot of things that seemed insane have come to be this year. It’s not some paranoid theory anymore, it actually happened.

      1. Huckabee:

        And if people don’t recognize it—they may say, ‘Well, yeah, but it’s a pandemic’—but if the government will tell us what we can do during a pandemic, and we all follow along and march in line, then when and how long will it be before the government will tell us that we cannot continue to meet or sing or pray, and a pandemic has nothing to do with it? Please don’t think that this is an alarm that doesn’t have substance; it does.

        This is a ridiculous slippery slope fallacy.

        1. Yeah it’s not like churches were closed while other similar gatherings were allowed or anything. Oh yeah, I remember now your ilk had “reeeeeeeeesons” for that.

        2. I might have thought so a year ago. I’m not so sure anymore.

        3. Have other governments restricted speech over the pulpit? Or punished preachers for saying the wrong thing?

          I understand thinking that the government restricting Church after the current state of emergency seems ridiculous. But, what we’re seeing now is that the government did restrict Churches from meeting for a fairly arbitrary reason as it is. You may disagree with the characterization that it’s arbitrary or capricious, but that’s part of the issue. The government’s insistence that it’s no big deal IS a very big deal.

        4. If the past 6 months have taught us anything, it is that the slippery slope is no fallacy.

          And yes, I think it is more than a little problematic (and convenient for those of certain social/political persuasions) that attending church services has been essentially identified as one of THE MOST RECKLESS AND DANGEROUS THINGS YOU CAN DO when there is a chance of people getting sick. The die has been cast to shut down churches during any particularly bad flu season, then during any flu season at all, and then…

    4. You mean like how Democrat governers and mayors shut down churches in their districts using the same policies that Biden has vowed to impose nationally? Yeah, it’s all just crazy talk…

  34. Deutsche Bank Hires Barr Friend to Up Its Game in Washington

    Hmm, seems kinda swampy to me.

    1. Like your pants?

      1. There’s alligators in there and everything!

    2. “Deutsche”

      That means German.

      Germany is not in DC.


    3. Sort ‘a like hiring Biden’s son to raise your game in the White House?


    Joe Biden’s former White House stenographer says the presidential candidate’s cognitive functioning and speaking ability has deteriorated significantly in the last few years.

    1. Say for the last 47 years?

  36. Donald Trump Jr.: “We all do stupid things at 17”

    Yeah, how many of us did something stupid like cosplay as some vigilante hero and murder two people, when we were 17? Glass houses and all that.

    1. Good morning left-wing propaganda guy. BTW, he shot in self-defense. Guess your anti-American pals shouldn’t have attacked and chased him.

      You Leftist have cornered the market on intellectual dishonesty. It’s been that way forever from you horrible, narcissistic fucks.

      1. “BTW, he shot in self-defense.”

        I wasn’t aware his trial had concluded.

        1. I noticed you didn’t use the word “alleged “ at any point.

          1. How would I use “alleged”?

            “I wasn’t aware his alleged trial had concluded.“?

            “I wasn’t aware his trial had allegedly concluded.“?

            “I allegedly wasn’t aware his trial had concluded.“?

            1. “I am innocent, I shot those men in self-defense”

              American criminal justice is based on a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

              Ergo: kid is innocent until his trial has concluded.

              His claim stands until disproven.

              Fuck you. Go home, you pathetic wanna-be slaver.

              1. Point taken. Yes, he is legally innocent until he is proven guilty.

        2. At least 2 of the people he shot had guns drawn on him. He certainly has a case for self defense. When you are making the same argument as a SQRLSY puppet, you are pretty fucking pathetic.

          1. Yes, he does have a case for self defense.

        3. This argument would also apply to the OP claim that two people were murdered.

          Bickering aside, I really don’t understand how someone can watch those videos and not come to the conclusion of self-defense. Like you said, it’s for a jury to decide. If I were a betting man, I would put down quite a bit on acquittal of any murder charges.

          1. Because it is important what went down _before_ the videos. It is important to know the parts of the story not shown in the videos. And the videos certainly don’t show the applicable laws.

            1. “Because it is important what went down_before_the videos.”

              From a legal standpoint, I don’t think it is though. Granted, I’m not a lawyer.

              The videos clearly show the kid attempting to retreat/escape from the situation. Regardless of what happened before, he ceased to be the aggressor in the altercations.

              The relevant question then, is would a reasonable person have cause to fear for their life or serious injury from the aggressors. I just don’t think there’s a jury out there that would unanimously agree to answer “no” to that question.

          2. I don’t think murder charges apply. At least not first-degree murder; there may be other categories of “murder” in Wisconsin that are more akin to manslaughter or reckless endangerment or some lesser charge.

        4. It certainly looks like he shot in self defense. But fair enough. Let’s not call it murder either until a trial has been completed.

        5. I wasn’t aware his trial had concluded.

          Well, then calling it “murder” is probably premature, then, que no?

      2. I know, right? It’s “left-wing propaganda” to mock Trump Jr. Everyone knows that the proper way to approach Jr. is with awe and reverence. Just like Dear Leader himself.

        1. “UHNORITE?”

    2. Your hero, Michael Reinoehl, was 48.

      1. It’s disgusting how chemjeff keeps posting comments praising Michael Reinoehl. Oh, wait, that’s funny — I cannot find a single example of his doing that.

    3. Murder, huh? This would be more of that not taking a side thing you claim to do.


      1. Oh I take sides all right. I’m very much anti-Republican.

        1. Jeff, I don’t hold any personal animus towards you, and I don’t really care about “sides” at all. However, why smear this 17 year old kid and use the situation as a cudgel?

          As a libertarian (or individualist if you prefer) I assume you support his 1A freedoms of assembly and association. Also, I assume you support his 2A freedoms to bear arms. Now, I recognize that doesn’t mean you have to support or condone the violence that occurred (I don’t). But to paint the kid a stupid, cosplay murderer seems to have a collectivist angle to it.

          1. As a libertarian (or individualist if you prefer) I assume you

            There’s your error right there, actually believing that chemjeff is anything other than a thoroughly-committed statist-collectivist.

            1. I don’t think that. I think his identity is more entwined with left-leaning culture than the average commenter here (myself included). I also think that compared to the average American, he is far, far less collectivist than normal.

          2. Jeff is the most un radical individualist ever. Everything he posts is an appeal to collective guilt or grievance. He must be parody.

    4. Yeah, I’d be salty, too, chemtard, if my left-wing boos got smoked by a pudgy 17-year-old who was either in retreat mode or on his back the entire time.

      You stanning for a guy who did ten years in prison for sexually assaulting five kids in Arizona is certainly right in your wheelhouse.

    5. WATCH: 98 Times Trump Disparaged Babies By Using Them as an Insult

      ROFLMAO! Seriously… my ribs… stpo it!

    6. chemjeff radical individualist
      September.9.2020 at 10:26 am
      Donald Trump Jr.: “We all do stupid things at 17”

      Yeah, how many of us did something stupid like cosplay as some vigilante hero and murder two people

      You should probably re-consider making actionable claims against people who haven’t been convicted yet.

      1. Awfully bold for someone in Libel-suing distance.

        Rittenhouse seems to have a similar case to the Covington kid. There’s been a lot of crap flung at him from established news organizations.

        1. Has the same lawyer, too. Kid might end up rich, same as Sandmann.

    7. Is chemjeff a reference to a super fund site you were born and raised on? Donald Trump Jr. was referring to the kid putting him self in a position where he had to take out a couple criminals in self defense. Wisconsin law allows deadly force in self-defense in the limited circumstances where the person defending themselves “reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm” to their person. As any reasonable person will or at least should will conclude he was in danger of imminent great bodily harm if not death and defended himself. Putting myself in the same situation regardless of how I arrived there I would do the same thing. When the grand jury exonerates him maybe you will understand more fully that self defense is a God given right the government can protect but not deny.

  37. Trump Admin: Hey, youngins, go ahead and get Covid, how bad could it be?

    Up next: Trump endorses “Covid Parties”

    1. Atlantic garbage.

    2. “Anonymous sources report…”

    3. I’m waiting for the Atlantic article “anonymous disable vet says trump raped his mom while pouring sugar into his gas tank”

    4. So true. I know since my progressive neighbor (he has one of those yard signs, so I know he’s smart) told me that just seeing a person who is not wearing a mask is likely to give me the COVID and then I will die.

      1. Even if it’s just a photo of a person without a mask. Deadly.

    1. Except that one-off time Trump tweeted a picture of himself wearing a mask:

      That’s a big problem with being a Trump supporter. You defend his positions, and he’ll go and randomly undermine you.

    2. The Jeffy-links really suck.

      1. I dunno. It’s a counterbalance to all the alt-right articles and tweets that get posted here.

        1. alt-right

          The fact that you are not using that moniker ironically makes you a fucking idiot.

        2. It’s not like he wasn’t already vigorously defending his lefty boos before this.

          1. Criticizing the right does not equal defending the left.

            1. Except he does the latter, so your counter-argument doesn’t even apply.

            2. Caw caw!

  38. The new post-mask paradigm for Hollywood movies —

    OUT — Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Scarlet Johansson getting paid $20 million per pic.

    IN — Anonymous models wearing masks for the physical parts and voice actors dubbing the dialogues for $100 thousand per pic.

    1. Coming soon: entire movies made up of computer generated characters and voices, scripts written by computers. 1000 movies a day are produced for pennies.

      1. 1000 movies a day are produced for pennies.

        And if we’re lucky maybe one or two might not completely suck.

        1. If by not suck you mean align with the CCP narrative.

        2. So, immaterial difference in quality; acceptable risk.

        3. Cool. That’s one or two more movies that don’t completely suck than right now. Bring it on. The future is going to be so bright we won’t need eyes to see it.

        4. So sort of like Netflix is now?

  39. The news media were practically gloating that they could trace a few COVID-19 cases back to the Sturgis rally. While avoiding the obvious question they’ve avoided all along — who is tracing all the COVID-19 cases from the mostly peaceful mass protest super spreader events?

    1. The right cannot do their own bogus study showing that riots are super spreading events because the right has staked out a narrative that there is no such thing.

      1. The White Knight
        September.9.2020 at 9:50 am

        Viewing people collectively rather than as individuals is the foundation of the oppressive nature of socialism.

        1. Zing!

      2. Maybe some fringy right-wingers think it’s all a lie. But I don’t see many who try to deny that there is in fact a virus and it is contagious and can be spread when people gather in crowds.
        Perhaps there is more crazy than I think, but I think you mischaracterize most people’s position. Thinking that the shutdowns, quarrantine and masks are not reasonable responses is not the same as denying that there is an epidemic going on.

      3. And the left can’t do that study cuz, you know. They just can’t. They believe in the awful scariness of the virus, but still…… yeaahh. Can’t do it. Goes against the pandering narrative.

        Which one of these is worse, WK?

  40. I know there’s a league playing some pansy version of a sport I grew up loving, getting ready to start broadcasting their games this week–along with a steady dose of contempt for America and all it stands for. I’ve completely lost interest beyond my contempt for the entire league.

    A league that can’t tolerate “the Redskins” is an intolerant league.

    Meanwhile, the Padres have a series with the Dodgers next week, and those games should be the most exciting thing on television–unless watching millionaires act like Jeremiah Wright singing a chorus of “God damn America” is your idea of entertainment.

    I suppose that might be entertaining if it were a movie, and then Captain America, Chuck Norris, and the ghost of George Washington showed up and started kicking all of their anti-American asses. Sadly, your hometown heroes disrespecting the national anthem isn’t a movie, and there probably won’t be a happy ending. After watching your favorite player disrespect America, will you be glad to see them win?

    Watching the Padres over the last few weeks, I haven’t seen any evidence that they hate America. Maybe it’s because San Diego is a Navy (and Marines) town and the fans wouldn’t stand for it, but maybe it’s also because they don’t hate America. I don’t know.
    They certainly don’t seem hate anything about grand slams–they banged another one out last night.

    I’m not saying the Padres are likely to beat the Dodgers, but who’s ready to say the Dodgers aren’t bothering to look over their shoulders right about now? 4.5 games back, 16 games to play–three of them against the Dodgers. Nobody’s looking forward to playing the Padres. And they aren’t using the American flag as toilet paper?!

    NFL who? Why isn’t everybody watching baseball?

    1. George Carlin: Football vs. baseball:

    2. Tangentially related to your point about football, LOL at Kaepernick being included in Madden 21 after not being on a team for 4 years AND being rated as a top 15 QB in the game.

      1. “LOL at Kaepernick being included in Madden 21 after not being on a team for 4 years AND being rated as a top 15 QB in the game.”

        Haha, no way. That’s hilarious. Was he even top 15 that year they lost to the Ravens in the blackout game?

        1. Was he even top 15 that year they lost to the Ravens in the blackout game?

          In short, no. He was a flash in the pan and once defenses figured out how to defend him he was toast. He never evolved as a QB and that was that. His last year in the league the 49ers obviously didn’t even consider him to be the best QB on their team. They benched him for Blane Gabbert. Think about that: they clearly thought Blane Gabbert gave them a better chance of winning football games than Kaepernick, and now Madden’s developers think he’s a top 15 QB. Absolutely ridiculous. Although now we know why they they’re working as video game developers instead of as NFL scouts.

          1. But does Madden 21 have enough BLM graphics?

          2. If NHL 2021 has Jeremy Roenick as an overall 85 free agent sniper, I may be OK with it.

            1. they’ll never top NHL ’94.

            2. No chance. JR got cancelled for saying Kathryn Tappen is hot.

              I know that I’d like to be “tappen” that ass…. nyuk nyuk.

    3. >> those games should be the most exciting thing on television

      yes, they *should*. but Aaron Boone destroyed baseball a week ago Friday when in full Yankees gear in front of a Yankees background he cried on television like a four year-old girl because his team had to have a meeting about whether to play or protest I don’t even know – God or the aliens or someone for making us all different and noticing the differences.

      1. That was in New York!

        Who cares about New York?

        The Yankees will be lucky to make the playoffs.

        1. If there’s any crying in baseball, it should be about not making the playoffs.

          The Yankees have a team salary of $64 million, and they may not make the playoffs.

          The Padres are weighing in at $42 million. If anybody should be crying, it’s the owner of the Yankees.

        2. it was embarrassing. i haven’t watched the little Affluenza bitches play ball since. shame, too i’m the biggest baseball fan i know.

          *my leagues* play seven-inning doubleheaders. the pitchers bat and we don’t have ghost runners.

    4. those games should be the most exciting thing on television

      Baseball. The most exciting thing on TV. Wow.

    5. Cultural sensitivity to American Indians now means that the Redskins have to go but the Cowboys can stay. Reminds me of how Land o Lakes did the woke thing and removed the Indian but kept the land.

      1. Reminds me of how Land o Lakes did the woke thing and removed the Indian but kept the land.

        To be fair, they were just trying to be historically accurate. 😉

    6. San Diego has really put together a talented team, and their minor leagues are loaded. They just need to avoid the Dodgers in the playoffs and let them choke against some other (cheating) team.

      1. … in a 162-game season with fans.

      2. All Eric Hosmer does is win.

        1. I miss Hos

          -Royals fan

          1. yeah me too. i kinda dig the Pads going back to the Winfield/Ozzie/Randy Jones times though


    The #COVID19 pandemic is demonstrating what we all know: millennia of patriarchy have resulted in a male-dominated world with a male-dominated culture which damages everyone – women, men, girls & boys.

    1. I don’t understand how that’s even supposed to try and make sense.

    2. Although men have a significantly higher rate of Covid fatalities than women.

    3. Everything is so terrible and unfair.


    Actually Im not done. This is rhetorical creep.

    <50 becomes <35

    And “almost none” becomes “just under one”.

    It’s intended to mislead.


    Pretty deranged video of that Jessica Krug person essentially praising the machete murder of a 15-year old Dominican kid in the Bronx by a gang as an act of revolutionary violence. How the hell was anyone saying stuff like this let alone her:

    1. machete murder of a 15-year old Dominican kid

      15? The guy should be on a t-shirt with their other hero, child-murderer Che.

  44. An August motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, helped spread COVID-19 to more than a quarter-million Americans, making it the root of about 20 percent of all new coronavirus cases in the U.S. last month. So said a new white paper from the IZA Institute of Labor Economics, at least. And national news outlets ran with it.

    I suspect they’re desperately trying to find something to blame other than the elephant in the room – that being the fact that thousands of BLM “protestors” (and rioters, looters, and arsonists) have been gathering in large numbers for months, often times with no masks and no “social distancing.” Bikers are just a convenient target because they often times tend to lean more Republican.

    1. Progressives, as a master race, are immune to Covid.

      1. Because they’re zombies, Ra’s, and the Undead don’t have to breathe.

    2. And more than the politics of the participants, it took place in South Dakota. SD is becoming the focus of leftist rage because, more than perhaps any other state, they have refused to even pay lip service to the crisis peddlers. They didn’t lock down or require masks, and had the guts to stick with that approach even when there was a “spike” in cases due to the meat packing plant (I want to say in Rapid City?), which was kind of before we realized that a) basically everyone in every meat packing or food processing plant in the country was getting infected and b) if you tested any large asymptomatic populations you were going to see significant percentages of infections. They had the Trump speech at Mt. Rushmore where they openly flouted the experts’ advice which, we had been told, if not followed to the letter would result in everyone dying. Then they announced Sturgis would go on, and it did. All of this, and no major problems in the state. Now, of course, the expert class is pulling out all the stops, focusing on testing and positive cases in the state and linking every outbreak anywhere within 100 miles of someone who has been to SD to their time in that state. They focus on things like SD going ahead with their state fair, as if that is some kind of major national event. They hate Kristi Noem with a white hot rage, and hate the people of SD for loving how she has handled this.

      1. They hate Kristi Noem with a white hot rage, and hate the people of SD for loving how she has handled this.

        Trump should probably appoint her as Secretary of Health and Human Services for his second term. For the lulz.

        1. I think Noem could be President in 24. She is a successful governor, has no connection to Washington, refused to impose a lock down on her state, and could absolutely recreate Trump’s coalition of voters.

          1. She is pretty much the only politician with any profile that I have even a little respect for at this point.

          2. Ivanka ’24! 😀

        2. Progressives love czars, nominate her as the COVID Czar and watch heads explode.

      2. >>as if that is some kind of major national event

        Texas canceled ours they celebrated so hard there was joy in the newsprint

        1. I’m sure… state fairs are something that the “wrong kind” of people enjoy, anyway. I will say that if any state fair IS a national event, it’s probably Texas’.

  45. T doubled down on your bitching about ending wars.

  46. “Not so fast. Let’s take a look at what they actually tracked and what’s mere speculation.”

    Uh, nothing and everything?

  47. ” IZA Institute of Labor Economics”

    The most trusted name in medical science, no doubt.

  48. The IZA “study” has been shared far and wide in my office, and I made a lot of people angry by criticizing it in the ways that this article does.

    The belief in such nonsense is real and widespread. These people do not critically examine things they want to believe.

    1. These people do not critically examine things they want to believe.

      Someone should make a meme of the “I want to believe” poster from The X-Files only with a coronavirus instead of a flying saucer.

      1. Why not both?

        1. A flying saucer, landed on the ground in the background, foreground image of a couple of Greys wearing masks.


    Meanwhile Australia has become a leftist police state nearly on the level of China. This woman is facing 15 years in prison for the crime of trying to set up a protest of the lock downs.

    1. There was a video of her being arrested. I don’t know how her husband managed not to beat the police to death with a cricket bat or something.

  50. I’m not a Harley guy. If I had to choose between being seen on a Harley or a Goldwing, I’d probably take the bus. I’ve never been to the Sturgis rally, and I have no interest in going to the Sturgis rally.

    I’ve been to MotoGP races, notably when they were held at Laguna Seca near Monterey Bay. Thousands of sportbike riders from all over the country converged there–120,000 over the course of three days. The sportbike riders take over the twisty highway (PCH) going up and down the coast for hundreds of miles in each direction. We took over the arteries that come in from the mountains, too.

    It is an awesome thing to see motorcyclists take over the streets by the shear force of their numbers. Suddenly, the laws that don’t make sense when you’re on a motorcycle don’t matter anymore–and there isn’t anything the police can do about it. What are they gonna do–chase you in their cars through a sea of motorcyclists, all of whom see what is happening and will get in the cop’s way? When you can’t enforce your rules, they don’t matter.

    I’m trying to get my head around what people plan to do to stop bikers from converging on Sturgis.

    Sturgis regularly attracts 500,000 people, sometimes topping 700,000–and you’ve decided to stop them from converging on Strugis this year. How do you plan to accomplish that?

    You’ve pronounced your decision, and maybe in the suburbs of New Jersey, that’s enough to stop people from doing things? Bikers aren’t like that. If you want to stop them from coming to Sturgis, you need to start by deploying the National Guard on the streets of Sturgis. And that won’t stop them from coming. That’ll just divert them elsewhere. Now they’re in Deadwood. Now they’re in Rapid City. What have you accomplished?

    You know what’s even less effective than the National Guard at keeping hundreds of thousands of bikers out of Sturgis?

    The condemnation of progressive news organizations.

    No one going to Sturgis gives a flying fuck what you think–and you are powerless to stop them from doing what they want. The more progressives come to terms with their powerlessness, the better off we’ll be as a nation, and progressives are powerless to implement so much of their jackhole agenda.

    They want to not only pass the Green New Deal but implement it, too? That’ll go about as well as Kamala Harris’ feckless attempt to confiscate guns from people who shouldn’t have them.

    “Attorney General Kamala Harris said eliminating a backlog that had grown to nearly 20,000 people was her “top priority” and estimated it could be done in three years.

    Six years later, the state has been able to cut the list only in half. As of July, the backlog of people whose guns should be confiscated totaled about 9,000”

    There are 400 million guns in the hands of 100 million Americans, and the progressives are planning to confiscate them; meanwhile, it takes Kamala Harris six years to confiscate 11,000 of them from known criminals, etc. in California?

    Never mind them trying to implement Medicare for All–which is even more ambitious than ObamaCare. Let’s just focus on Sturgis. What do they plan to do that will stop 500,000 bikers from going to Sturgis? Why are they talking about this as if they have any power to stop it from happening?

    1. Given that many weekend bikers, including those at Sturgis, are otherwise “normal” middle class people, the cognitive dissonance is again overwhelming. When my neighbors started whining about Sturgis, I asked how they felt about their dentist, since quite a few professionals have a Harley in their garage. I got blank looks.

      1. No doubt that Harleys became a status symbol among boomers.
        They haul their Harley to Sturgis behind a glamorous RV, and if they ride on weekends, it isn’t every weekend. Meanwhile, last I checked, Harley was still making more money selling apparel and Harley branded merch than they were selling motorcycles.

        Let’s be generous and say that accounts for half the Harley owners out there. What about the other half.

        I know rich guys that ride Harleys.

        I have an acquaintance who’s a prospect in the Boozefighters, too.

        1. “I know rich guys that ride Harleys.“

          So does Andrew Cuomo. Not a motorcycle guy myself. I do appreciate his love of muscle cars.

          Trump had a nice car collection. He preferred driving the Rolls Royce from what I know although he did own some other really nice cars.

        2. BFMC! *raises hand in Black (Bike) Power fist*

          The original 1%. 😀

      2. “Oh, that explains the bugs in his teeth!”

    2. Sturgis regularly attracts 500,000 people, sometimes topping 700,000–and you’ve decided to stop them from converging on Strugis this year. How do you plan to accomplish that?

      They really believe that laws are like magic, especially prohibitions. All you have to do is pass one and presto, whatever the law was supposed to ban will instantly be stopped.

      No one going to Sturgis gives a flying fuck what you think–and you are powerless to stop them from doing what they want.

      Which is what they really hate more than anything. They’ve convinced themselves that what they say really matters and that they have power to enforce their whims through the magic of government edicts. To be shown that they’re really powerless cunts is the worst thing that can happen to a progressive.

      1. I’m not sure they know they’re full of shit.

        They make these pronouncements with the full faith of their convictions.

        They genuinely believe that the insurance markets can and will reorder themselves to obey Obama’s commands.

        If they understood that they aren’t able to cash the checks their mouth is writing, maybe they’d limit the stupid shit they were saying.

        Last week, we were talking about how Biden’s Green New Deal will mandate 100% emissions free power generation in this country by 2035. He also says that he’s not going to ban fracking. You can’t get to 100% emissions free power generation nationwide by 2035 without banning fracking. Maybe people like Biden wouldn’t say these ridiculous things if more progressives understood that just because their leaders say they want something doesn’t mean it’s possible.

        1. There are definitely true believers out there. The echo chamber they’ve created allows them to come up with some really preposterous ideas and no one ever challenges them, so those ideas must be good.

          Combine that echo chamber with a near religious belief that everyone who disagrees with you is a racist and a Nazi and it’s no surprise these people think their own shit don’t stink.

      2. To be shown that they’re really powerless cunts is the worst thing that can happen to a progressive.

        That’s when they turn violent. Or continue ‘protesting’ to provide cover for the violent.

        1. ala average five year-olds

      3. All you have to do is pass one and presto, whatever the law was supposed to ban will instantly be stopped.

        Which is fucking weird that even they’re dumb enough to think that, given that they simultaneously constantly bitch about how people are breaking all sorts of laws in their quest to keep the BIPOC down.

      4. “All you have to do is pass one and presto, whatever the law was supposed to ban will instantly be stopped.”

        Well, then they need to pass one that make suicide by gun *really* illegal as “common sense” gun control, because about 2/3s of gun death every year are suicide-by-gun.

    3. There are 400 million guns in the hands of 100 million Americans

      More than that.

      I hang with folks who are very deep in the 2A scene, including people who have been in the business of selling firearms for decades. 600,000 is probably a much better guess, and there are people saying they think the number is more like 1,000,000 firearms in private hands in this country.

      I’m not certain it’s quite that high, but I think there’s a much better chance than it being as low as 400,000.

      1. 400 million guns.
        1.23 guns per person in the us.
        Almost half the guns in the world.

  51. Despite the dubious nature of the IZA study, a range of Democratic consultants and cheerleaders have been using it to condemn President Donald Trump.

    To be fair, a range of Democratic consultants and cheerleaders have been using *anything* to condemn President Donald Trump.

    We’ll see if this becomes increasingly backlashy. Of course, the GOP is not known as The Stupid Party for nothing.

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  53. Is anyone else going to object to the fact that they were somehow claiming to have tracked the cell phones of everyone in the rally back to their homes?

    Either they are lying through their teeth, or this is such an obscene breach of privacy that whoever authorized this needs to come under serious scrutiny.

    1. That kind of data has been available for some time. Supposed to be anonymous, but who knows? Assuming it is sufficiently anonymous, it’s pretty interesting data for studying how people move about.

      1. Anonymous-hahahahahahahHa!

        1. LOL! Anonymous tracing right up until you reach your home address?

  54. Ok, I dislike Trump but I really really fucking HATE proggies. Problem is that the only way to get them to STFU is for Biden to win, the rest of us would be fucked, but at least they would have to find something else to do with their lives for the first time in 4 years.

    1. Don’t sell them short. There is plenty more stupid for them to double down on.

      After all, the bees are dying and there has been no ice in the Arctic for the last 5 years. Think of all the displaced polar beers!

      1. I don’t think I’ve ever had a polar beer, but I bet I could displace a few of them if given the chance.

    2. Nah. They’ll just keep protesting something, until Biden sends in the National Guard.

    3. Ok, I dislike Trump but I really really fucking HATE proggies.

      This is an accurate description of the last four years for me as well.

  55. OMG, we’re all gonna die from the fake pandemic. 250K will become 250 million in another week. After we’re all dead, then the media won’t have nothing to do. I’d be worth dying to see that happen.

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  61. I’m not much of a democrat or republican fan. But the left scares me much more than the right does. 250,000? Yeah right. Or nutcase Joe saying 6,000 service members have gotten Covid. They are lies.

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  63. I’m glad she acknowledged the monstrous premise of this otherwise good comedy. A couple breaks up, so they decide to divide up their infant twins — so each girl will never see the other parent, her sister, or any of her other relatives again? Or even know she has a sister? Just as in the original version of this movie, the real villains are clearly both parents…….. Read More   

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