Brickbat: Stay Out


A court in Perth, Australia, has sentenced a woman to six months in jail for trying to return to the state of Western Australia from the state of Victoria without spending two weeks in quarantine in a hotel (at her own expense) to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Asher Van Der Sandern sneaked back in by hitching a ride with a truck driver and was found in her boyfriend's home. The boyfriend also faces charges for his role in helping her evade quarantine.

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  3. “…was found in her boyfriend’s home.”
    Sounds like they have a rat problem down under.

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  4. The Aussies have become Pussies.

    1. Sounds like they’re real hard asses about quarantines.

      1. Yeah, making people hide in their houses, real bad ass.

        1. Worse, they’re making them hide in hotels at their own expense. It’s likely illegal to hide in your own home and obviously illegal to hide in the home of the person you’re currently knocking boots with.

  5. Well, thank the gods people aren’t totally over-reacting to this.

  6. It’s all Trump’s fault.

    1. You think you jest, but if he wasn’t so orange, COVID never would have happened!

      1. Trump had a chance to prevent COVID by resigning after he was impeached.

      2. There’s a reason Australia looks orange on a map. Think about it.

    2. Ya know, CNN found some anonymous sources who said he cooked up the bug in his lab in the WH!

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  8. See also the pregnant woman in Ballarat, Victoria handcuffed in her home for the kind of over the top actions the Australian state governments have resorted to.

  9. Once a penal colony, always a penal colony.

    1. Are we still allowed to say “penal”?

      1. As long as you include wimmin with penases.

        1. Women can have prostate issues too.

  10. So my cousin went to work in Australia. They are definitely on the liberal side. So in honor of union day, I’ll relate this story. He said it’s a union country over there, strictly union, as in the national religion kind of union. He was on a building project, and when the whistle blew everyone would stop working and go home. Nails only half way pounded in. Cement only half mixed. Etc. Stuff that would take only thirty more seconds to finish would be left. And NO ONE got to work one second early.

    1. Well, otherwise SLAVERY.

    2. My father was in a union job in the US. His stories are much darker.

      1. I’ve heard some amazing tales from the auto industry in the 70’s and 80’s. People who not only refused to do their job correctly, but actively did it poorly, resulting in rework, but who basically just couldn’t be gotten rid of.

        1. He had some more benign stories of the bureaucracy of job titles limiting who cold do what to the dangers of asking for a strike waiver.

        2. Years ago, there was a story in Sports illustrated about Brian Bosworth, the football player/movie actor, who talked about working in an auto plant during summers and he said he would purposely do stuff like throw loose nuts and bolts inside car doors during assembly just to cause problems.

        3. Someone evidently got rid of Jimmy Hoffa

        4. Nissan, Toyota, and Honda thank them all.

  11. Luckily for the Aussies Covid and lock downs will all be over after the American election….

    1. America isn’t the only place where good crises don’t go to waste.

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  14. Years ago, there was a story in Sports illustrated about Brian Bosworth, the football player/movie actor, who talked about working in an auto plant during summers and he said he would purposely do stuff like throw loose nuts and bolts inside car doors during assembly just to cause problems.

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