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Police Kill Antifa Protester Who Confessed to Portland Shooting

Plus: D.C. admits to racist gun-law enforcement, Trump mulls more tech bans, Homeland Security wants more biometric data, and more...


"Investigators haven't yet determined how many rounds were fired." A few hours after the release of a video outing himself as the person who fatally shot a Patriot Prayer protester in Portland, Oregon, last week, 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl was himself shot and killed by police. The shooters were part of a federal task force that included U.S. marshals and FBI agents as well as local law enforcement, and they were there to take him in as a suspect in the August 29 slaying of 39-year-old Aaron "Jay" Danielson.

Reinoehl was "an Army veteran and father of two who has provided what he called 'security' at Black Lives Matter protests," reports Vice News. Reinoehl told journalist Donovan Farley that he shot Danielson in self-defense, believing that Danielson was about to stab him and his friend.

"You know, lots of lawyers suggest that I shouldn't even be saying anything, but I feel it's important that the world at least gets a little bit of what's really going on," Reinoehl said on camera. "I had no choice. I mean, I, I had a choice. I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color. But I wasn't going to do that."

Reinoehl "had described himself in a social media post as '100% ANTIFA,' and suggested the tactics of counter-protesters amounted to 'warfare,'" notes Seattle's KOMO. "He had been shot at one protest and cited for having a gun at another."

On Thursday night, Reinoehl allegedly pulled a gun on a team of federal agents who showed up to arrest him. "Initial reports indicate the suspect produced a firearm, threatening the lives of law enforcement officers," said the U.S. Marshals Service in a statement.

"Thurston County Sheriff's Lt. Ray Brady said four members of the fugitive task force fired their weapons, including two Pierce County Sheriff's deputies, an officer from the Lakewood Police Department and an officer from the Washington State Department of Corrections," reports KOMO. "Brady said investigators haven't yet determined how many rounds were fired."


The District of Columbia admits racist gun-law enforcement. The Washington Post reports:

An initiative cracking down on gun crimes in the District targeted three predominantly Black wards and was not enforced citywide as announced, U.S. prosecutors acknowledged in court records, drawing attacks that the policy disproportionately subjected African American defendants to lengthier prison terms.

The geographic targeting of the program launched in February 2019—under which felons caught illegally possessing guns are charged under federal statutes—was recently disclosed after a defendant challenged the program backed by D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D).


English tutors and teachers caught up in TikTok ban. Trump's executive order targeting ByteDance, the company behind popular video app TikTok, also hits the nearly 4,000 U.S. teachers who teach English to Chinese children through the ByteDance-owned app GOGOKID.

The Trump administration is also considering banning even more apps as part of the president's paranoid crusade against products from China. The administration says it's a matter of national security.


• The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may start demanding biometric data from all immigration applicants. A new proposal at the agency "would give DHS the authority to require biometrics for every application, petition or related immigration request," reports CNN, which notes that "currently, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the DHS agency responsible for managing immigration benefits, requires biometrics only for applications that require background checks."

• The Tax Foundation analyzes the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act, which is scheduled to get a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives later this month.

• Jessica Krug, a professor of African-American history at George Washington University, was just pretending to be black.

• An array of anonymous sources in The Atlantic have tales to tell about Trump's alleged disrespect for the military and dead troops. Make of them what you will.

• Protesters are heading to the Kentucky Derby.

• "Right under the nose of a president who promised to drain the swamp, one of the government's shadiest handouts to large banks and big companies looks like it will be renewed for another 25 years," writes Reason columnist Veronique de Rugy in The New York Times.

• Former Massachusetts governor and 2016 Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate Bill Weld is endorsing Joe Biden. According to The Hill, Weld joins "a group representing almost 100 former Republican lawmakers and officials" who want to see Trump defeated.

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  1. Police kill protester who confessed to Portland shooting.

    At least he retains his protester status.

    1. Andy Ngro has video of a full on fire fight the guy got into with the federal marshals. ENB somehow leaves that fact out and makes it sound like they just showed up and shot the guy.

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      2. I thought the only videos were of the immediate aftermath? Which appears to be the case at Ngo’s Twitter. Allegedly, Reinhold, or however you spell his name, got out of the car with a rifle. He may or may not have fired a few shots. The Marshals certainly did.

        Good riddance. And Lord, let it be widely believed that Vice News was the group that ended up giving up the guy’s location to the Feds.

        1. I guess it was of the aftermath but it was on a public street in broad daylight and the witnesses say there was a gun fight. It was pretty clearly suicide by cop.

          1. multiple sites are reporting witnesses saying shots were exchanged. Not sure this is in question at this point.

            1. I’m glad none of the Marshals, or anyone else standing around, got hit then. Bad juju to let a rifle-armed assailant get off any shots.

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            2. Well this one was fishy af from the beginning, and now we learn the fbi was on site.

              Dude kills someone allegedly, nothing is done until he publicly admits, then he goes on the run, gets confronted by cops, manages to escape in a car, and then the same SUV’s from Santa Barbara show up to stop him. But wait! He’s got a fucking AR and unloads 40-50 rounds into the SUV’s.

              Details are sketchy, he’s supposed to have worked for the army, but the army reportedly doesn’t have records, but Vice says they do, and dudes sister says she “vaguely remembers” him working for the army briefly. Plus she doesn’t know if it’s really her brother because the dude the cops showed her had tattoos that she didn’t remember him having. Specifically, a massive fist on his neck.

              The FBI is currently taking a knee for their fallen comrade whom they killed.

          2. More than likely It could have been stupicide.

            1. More than likely the white guy with a BLM tattoo on his neck didn’t want to go to a prison full of real white supremacists and got himself killed by the cops instead.

              In his mind, this makes him a martyr for “the cause”; in reality, he’s white so his death will be forgotten by “the cause” within a week.

              1. “I could have sat there and watched him kill a friend of mine of color……”

                If the friend had been white, totes cool tho, go ahead.

                Haha. Virtue signaling till the very end. Pathetic.

                1. And friend of color meant what? He’s obviously making up the story about the knife when the guy he shot only had a can of mace not aimed at anyone. Most psychopaths have bullshit stories.

                2. Is nobody recognizing that this was exactly what antifa was planning for? Idk whether it really happened or not, but I mean, let’s say there was an actual killing that day. No one was rushing to find the dude who did it until he goes on social media and admits to it.

                  Idk to me it sounds like antifa got this guy to sacrifice himself for the sole intention of giving them a reason to rally the troops.

                  How many journalists and commenters predicted antifa would kill someone so that the retaliation would get them killed?

                  1. Antifa doesn’t ever think that far ahead. Maybe their paymasters or commanders in the NLG have that kind of future-time orientation, but I don’t think there’s any conspiracy here.

                    The guy was a violent thug who might have gotten away with it had 4chan not engaged their weaponized autism on the dude.

        2. Vice’s OPSEC is horrible. I think they were the ones who got McAfee tagged because the reporter took a fucking selfie on his compound.

          1. I believe Vice reporters do this on purpose.

            1. Back when they were doing some very interesting pieces on wars during the mid-2000s, there were rumors that they had contacts in the CIA who were tipping them off on sources.

              1. They actually got access to a russoan/n Korea slave labor camp

                1. I guess that’s supposed to say “Russian/N Korean”. To which I have to ask “Well, which one was it?” I don’t think Russia and North Korea are cooperating in running such places. Maybe 50 or 60 years ago, but not since then.

            2. I’m not sure Vice reporters do anything on purpose.

        3. Fully deserved. And let me state what everyone in private thinks: If they kill, they all deserve the same fate.

          1. A U.S. Marshals Service statement later said the fugitive task force “attempted to peacefully arrest him.”

            peacefully arrest. That’s some grade A trolling by the U.S. Marshals Service

            1. BWA HA HA!

            2. Well played, Marshalls!

            3. Should have gone with “the arrest was mostly peaceful”

      3. ENB’s coverage yesterday was really shameful, of that D.C. idiot who got shot by the cops. ‘Comes out of the car with gun in his right hand and gets shot once in the front’ turned into ‘Police shoot unarmed black teenager running away, in the back.’

        Even for her, that’s atrocious.

        1. Let’s hope Lin Wood is paying attention.

        2. That shooting was so obviously legit, even the local news had pretty much dropped the story by this morning.

        3. evidently, blacks only have backs when it comes to gunshots – – – – – – –

        4. No retraction necessary. Because, let’s face it, does anyone ever really think what she says is based in fact?

          1. No….That harpy ENB should go work for Pravda

      4. Andy Ngro

        John has the best typos. No contenders, #1 hands down.

        1. His one the other day, about the mob in front of Portland Mayor Wheeler’s house, wanting to meat him, was outstanding.

          1. In a normal universe and not the Bizarro world we now live in those students would be expelled and the administrators who indulged them would be sacked.

            1. Those students are seeds

              1. To be sure.

          1. It’s funny because he’s Asian.

            1. “I’ll allow it.”

          2. Andy Ngo is all “that”. *three snaps in Z formation*

      5. Are the videos non shaky approved by WK yet? If not can we trust them? /s

        1. I haven’t watched any videos of his arrest. I wasn’t aware there are any. Apparently, John hasn’t, either, but it didn’t stop him from posting about what he saw in a non-existent video.

          1. You could read the reports on witness statements. But you’re probably too lazy to do that as well.

            But given your history as a legal scholar based on what you heard on the news. Was just hoping for your expert opinion.

          2. WK is living up to his name today. ENB is truly loved.


            1. Right, so like John himself said (“I guess it was of the aftermath but it was on a public street in broad daylight and the witnesses say there was a gun fight. It was pretty clearly suicide by cop.”).

      6. John owes someone ten bucks:

        “Ten bucks says he walks. They have this guy on film murdering the Trump supporter and he still hasn’t been questioned much less arrested. He won’t be.

        If you live in a place with a Democrat for a DA, Antifa has a license to kill. The only people getting prosecuted is you if you try and defend yourself.”

        After John held forth on the awfulness of Democratic DAs, so biased they won’t arrest a blatant murderer, I pointed out that the reason the Portland police hadn’t arrested him is because they didn’t know where he was.

        1. “they won’t arrest”

          He said “prosecute”

          Why do you always lie?

          1. It’s his job.
            If this were Dante’s Inferno, WK would be king of the eighth circle.

          2. But the guy certainly didn’t “walk” either, which was the explicit thing bet upon. And if they were arresting him, and he was the right guy, I strongly suspect prosecution would have followed. At any rate, they certainly didn’t just ignore him.

            1. The “bet” was with Commenter_XY, by the way. So, that’s whom John owes.

        2. Well, technically the Portland police couldn’t arrest him anyway because he had crossed state lines and was staying near the Washington state capital.

          His buddies cleaned up the crime scene (which also happened in Seattle when the CHAZ-tards shot those teenagers), and the main reason the autists at 4chan even found out who the wigger was in the first place was because of the black power tattoo on his neck.

          1. I’m still waiting for his accomplice (if there was just one) to be identified and arrested.
            Picking up the casings has to be, at the very least, accessory to murder

            1. Obstruction of Justice for sure. That is destroying evidence.

              1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he committed Suicide By Cop for the precise reason that he didn’t want to end up ratting his buddies out.

                1. Crazy thought.

                  It’s impossible to come to any solid conclusions about any person’s internal motivations, but you have to think this guy was expecting to die that die. Why else would you draw on police that were coming to arrest you?

                2. Also, if you read descriptions of some of his past behavior and brushes with the law, he was plain nuts.

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            2. I would say that there were several accomplices. The guy that filmed this seems to have been there for the purpose of capturing the event. I don’t buy the whole narrative spelled out in this video, but Reinoehl did not act alone. A link to the video can be found here:

              1. Yep.

                Skateboarder definitely knew what was going on. Timing was perfect, and no reaction to the shots fired, other than to immediately look for and pick up the casings.
                Camera guy didn’t have much of a reaction to the “unexpected” shooting, though the rest of his behavior was weird, and was very annoyed that someone was telling him to make the cops aware of his video.
                Then there’s the rest of the crew, one of whom calls out to identify the target, others who roll up right away in the black sedan.
                All these people who just moments earlier had huddled up with each other, then moved to separate locations, suddenly all come back together at the site of the shooting?
                And they’re there to misdirect the cops, send them after the red car that had driven by well before the shooting.
                Engine rev may or may not have been a signal, but the rest of it was well coordinated

              2. Thanks for sharing that. It confirms my suspicions.

                Who wants to watch a real false flag? Before you do, please first condescend to me about conspiracy theories and tin foil hats so that you can apologize after.

                What a joke.

          2. Virtually at the same time the news of Reinoehl’s death was coming out, Trump tweeted basically the same complaint as John:

            “Why aren’t the Portland Police ARRESTING the cold blooded killer of Aaron “Jay” Danielson. Do your job, and do it fast. Everybody knows who this thug is. No wonder Portland is going to hell!”

            The odd thing about this is that Trump is the head executive, and his own Federal agents were out there trying to arrest Reinoehl while he was tweeting. If Trump were competent and professional, he would have had them briefing him on what was going on with the case. Instead, Trump was obviously getting his news (and talking points) from alt-right sources.

            1. The odd thing about this is that Trump is the head executive, and his own Federal agents were out there trying to arrest Reinoehl while he was tweeting. If Trump were competent and professional, he would have had them briefing him on what was going on with the case.

              This really ignores just how big the federal government is.

              1. Yet the Portland shooting was something that Trump cares a lot about. He could have asked to be kept informed.

                1. “Trump tweeted out something and didn’t act like I think he should have acted!”

                  1. And, Trump is, like, just some bus driver from Poughkeepsie?

                    He is the President of the United States. It comes with the territory for that job that people watch your actions and the things you say, and attach some import to them.

                    1. And we call those people “children”

                    2. You are claiming it is childlike behavior for an American citizen to pay attention to and care about what the President is up to?

                    3. If you honestly think that the President gets updated on every single thing going on in the executive branch at every hour of the day, you’re dumber than I thought.

                2. Asked… whom? Every separate LEA that might have taken this on?

                  1. He could have asked the FBI to cover law enforcement news related to Portland, and this fugitive case in particular, in his daily briefings.

              2. No shit. WK seems to think that the President knows every single detail about what every single executive branch agency employee is doing at all times. As broad as government surveillance powers have gotten, the President himself does not have a “Remo Williams”-style computer in his office that can track anyone he wants to track. Does WK really think that a marshal’s field office in Washington state is going to be sending him constant updates to his phone on their efforts to track some random wigger that happens to be getting a bit of media attention?

                Remember Obama often claiming that he didn’t find out about random shit his employees had done until he heard it on the news? Sure, he may have been lying his ass off, but the bureaucracy is large enough that he legitimately may not have known even 10 percent of the shit that was going on under his nose.

                1. That argument would make sense if he were not aware of the arrest operation, and he were also not sitting on a toilet in the m White House in the middle of the night tweeting about the very same topic.

                  1. That argument would make sense if he were not aware of the arrest operation

                    Yes, why you think this would be the case is the part we’re baffled by.

                    1. Because he tweeted complaining about how nobody was arresting Reinoehl. If he and asked anyone knowledgeable from the FBI about it in the past few days they would have informed him that there were LE trying to arrest him but his location was not known. This wasn’t a big secret — I knew it just from reading the news.

                  2. That argument would make sense if he were not aware of the arrest operation

                    Maybe he wasn’t, have you considered that? Again, why do you think he gets briefed on every single activity in the executive branch at every specific moment?

                    This wasn’t the Bin Laden operation, dummy.

            2. White Knight, completely pathetic

        3. You might have a point, if he’d been arrested by Portland, State of Oregon, or even Washington state law enforcement. I have little doubt those groups would have let the killer walk around until the heat death of the Universe

          The US Marshals tried to arrest him. They have their own agenda.

          1. I dunno. Portland Police Department might have actually arrested him, if they’d been given permission to do so (and if he had still been in the city at the time), but they wouldn’t be. The Staties seem less impressed with the stance their elected supervisors are taking, though. The Oregon State Police left Portland after it became clear that Portland wasn’t doing anything about people attacking cops.

          2. The Portland police were trying to find him, but he was in hiding. Last night they found out he was hiding out in Washington state.

        4. I would argue, respectfully, that had be been tried in Portland, there’s a good chance he would have walked. Unfortunately he fucked up, crossed state lines and it became a federal matter, hence the marshals.

          1. I’m curious as to that house in Lacey that he was apparently staying in. Back during the early 70s, Ayers, Dorhn, and the other Weatherman bombers were being hidden out in bungalows in California by National Lawyers Guild members. Would be interesting to find out who owns the house and who they’re associated with, if anything.

            1. Indeed it would be. I suspect, however, that it’s just a friend who he smoked weed with.

              1. The Google street view of the area made it look like he’d found the one set of projects in the Greater Portland area. Seriously, you can look around, oh I dunno, Birmingham Alabama, and find the same sort of rows of shabby brick apartments.

                All they were missing were the chained up window a/c units.

                1. Google street view of what, Lacey? Lacey is a suburb of Olympia Washington.

                  1. Street views of Lacey. Which I thought was closer to Vancouver WA than it is. Mea culpa.

                    That you mention it’s actually a suburb of Olympia makes sense. I was warned about Olympia and Tacoma by relatives when they used to live near Seattle.

                    1. Heh. I’ve gotten the same warnings.

                    2. Look at a map. Tacoma is the armpit of Washington. Yakima is the taint.

        5. John owes someone ten bucks

          I’ll bet you $100 I’m better than you are at gambling.

          1. I’ll set the odds at 7:2 for that

          2. OK, that’s an odd thing to say on a public comments board, but if you want to believe you are better than me At gambling go for it! Why would I care?

            1. WHOOOOSH!

      7. Link? The statements released by the police themselves are ambiguous as to whether or not he shot first, or at all. The passive voice is used, something like “There were shots fired.”

      8. She also doesn’t seem to question the guy’s narrative that has literally zero correlation with video evidence.

      9. Andy Ngo is a known liar, manipulater of videos he posts, and colluder with far right loons in assaulting people. He has 0 credibility to anyone with a brain.

      10. Of course she did. She’s with antifa.

    2. Confessed to a shooting, not a killing.

      1. The gun just went of. Things happened. People did some things. ENB might as well be writing an Antifa press release here.

        1. “Sigh, if only they’d ask. So dangerous and sexy.
          I’d be their Jacques Hébert or Jean-Paul Marat… except for the bleeding in the bathtub part. Ick.”

      2. There is audio. His cover story was hilariously terrible about Jay going to stab his buddy, that is nowhere in the video of the incident.

        1. And besides that, if you run up to people walking down the street screaming “Get them!” you have started the altercation. To complain that they tried to defend themselves is a bit much.

    3. Hello.

      “Police Kill Antifa Protester”

      Just stop Elizabeth. Just fucken stop.

      1. She’s being accidentally honest here.
        There’s no separation between “protesters” and sociopathic rioters at this point, and they know it

      2. I actually think it’s fine. The word protester has officially become a catchall for the full spectrum of demonstrators, from peaceful to rioter. Nuance is no longer a thing journalists do or news consumers want.

        I do wish if they’re going to make a point of calling MAGA protesters right-wing, they have the courtesy to call ANTIFA protesters left-wing. It’s not like it’s the entire country against MAGA. It’s the entire country caught in the middle between the two minuscule but loud, demonstrating sides.

        1. No, ‘protester’ doesn’t apply to coronavirus lockdown protests. Those are still acts of terrorism committed by racist far-right bigots that want to kill grandma.

          1. Sorry, Grandma died months ago; killed by democratic mandates.

            1. Cuomo smiles.

            2. Nice.

        2. That’s the whole point – by applying only the “right wing” label and not “left wing”, you suggest the idea that the labeled is an aberration while the other is mainstream.
          It’s pure psychological warfare

          1. Like calling people who don’t wear masks ‘sociopaths’.


            Can you get anymore narcissistic than this?


              Three children in Sweden have been placed in care after their parents became so terrified of catching coronavirus that they shut them up in their flat for four months, going so far as to nail the front door shut and isolate each child in their own room.

              A civil court in southern Sweden ruled last week that the parents’ “psychological ill health and fear for Covid-19 had led to serious failings in the care for their children”.

            2. The progs are working on it.

        3. I agree with your analysis of where we are, but the headline is egregious.

          Any reasonable human being who reads that headline will immediately think “Police shot some dude carrying a BLM poster down Church Street in the middle of a peaceful march”.

          The real headline should be more like “Police shoot and kill confessed Antifa murderer during arrest attempt in Portland.”

          That headline contains most of the relevant facts.

          The other one paints an inaccurate picture, as does the writeup. The writeup features his protestations that he was protecting his poor defenseless friend (notably a person of color) from a violent racist bent on stabbing him to death.

          That version is impossible to square with the evidence we have thusfar. We have them on video pursuing the guy, surrounding him and yelling for others to join them – clearly targeting him for attack because of his opposing political attire. Within seconds he fires two execution style shots.

          Under no circumstances would a neutral journalist label that guy a “protester”, nor would they promote his version of “defending innocent people of color from a stabby white supremacist” as anything other than a ridiculous cover story.

          Note the treatment of the shooter in Wisconsin here and elsewhere. Despite reasonably incontrovertible video evidence of a case for self defense, most sources have a “white supremacist went hunting black people” slant to them, even as they have slowly been dropping the more debunked angles.

          This is why people get outraged. This is why people lose trust in the media.

          If you are the CWPA Newsletter, you are expected to color everything this way. The same is true if you are whatever the white nationalist version of that is.

          But if you are anywhere in the middle – even if it is left of center or right of center – pushing unbelievable propaganda is going to destroy your credibility.

          1. “A man who had been protesting earlier in the day, and later cold-bloodedly executed a political opponent, was killed today by police when he used a rifle to resist arrest.” 😀

            1. “Dems convince media to report on fake Antifa shooting after FBI commits to their roll in the orchestrated attempt to reignite tensions in Portland.”

          2. Keep in mind most stories about this start with “Convoy of Trump Supporters Riding Through Portland Leads To Fatal Shooting.”

            They don’t say anything about what the victim was specifically doing and they give the impression that the shooter was a MAGA hat-wearing Republican.

          3. “This is why people lose trust in the media.”

            ENB knows this. She simply does not care.

            Consider a sporting event. There are opposing teams, fans/supporters for each, and theoretically neutral referees. If it is big time sports there are also media people. The media will inevitably include home team and opposing team media, and possibly other media who play at being neutral in the hopes of attracting either the widest audience or people who do not have a dog in that particular fight,

            Now consider politics as the sport. There are no neutral referees. The only thing anyone can appeal to for judgement is the crowd.

            ENB isn’t even going to pretend to be one of those neutral media people, largely because she knows she can’t. And she can’t because in her heart of hearts she knows that nothing is outside of politics.

            ie. she’s a bog standard leftist.

            1. [Warning–extremely crude language ahead]

              Cunts gotta cunt.

              Too bad it happens on reason.

              1. “Too bad it happens on reason.”

                I know Reason has swung left over the last several years, but I’m still kinda surprised somebody at the top doesn’t realize how much dishonest bullshit she’s pedaling almost every morning and get rid of her.

                1. Read the other, previously sensible writers. It’s not just ENB, and I don’t think it’s solely KMW’s doing.

                  It’s their boss, the guy writing their checks, and the checks for CATO. For whatever reason, Koch wants things done this way, and the writers here can follow, stick to showing up once a blue moon to plug a book like Walker, or eject like Lucy, Kerry Howley, Sanchez, or McArdle. Not that McArdle would’ve had to have changed her text much.

      3. Suicide by cop. He wanted to go out in a blaze of glory.

      4. Yep should read ” Antifa murderer protester dies while trying to shot cops”

    4. And his ability to vote for Biden.

      1. Scratch one here, and two by Rittenhouse then [and it sure likes like he is going to prevail with self defense]; more reason for [more of] all hell to break loose on the riot front; as long as the political repercussions continue, I am fine with that.

      2. When has death prevented Democrat votes?

    5. And very careful to not identify him with any ‘wing’, whereas most of the stories in the dominant media were very keen to identify the victim with a “wing”.

      1. Here’s this gem from CNN:
        “He described himself as “100 percent anti-fascist,” though not a member of any Antifa group.”

        Then, later in the article, a direct quote from Reinoehl:
        “I am 100% ANTIFA all the way! I am willing to fight for my brothers and sisters. Even if some of them are too ignorant to realize what antifa truly stands for. We do not want violence but we will not run from it either!”

        How the hell is that direct quote construed to “not a member of any Antifa group”?

        1. Here’s this gem from CNN:
          “He described himself as “100 percent anti-fascist,” though not a member of any Antifa group.”

          Seriously? They couldn’t even cut-and-paste correctly?

        2. “He described himself as Antifa,” but did not say if he was descended from aristocracy.

          He confessed to being the shooter but did not confirm that he was invested in solar energy.

          If a story is specifically telling you what someone did NOT say, they’re giving you a slant.

          1. Not only is the author doing what you describe, he/she is rewording a part of a statement in quotations (100 percent anti-fascist vs 100% ANTIFA) and then adding a tangential conclusion (not a member of any Antifa group) that seems counter to a reasonable, objective interpretation of the full quote.

            1. Ha, and now I see they were actually quoting the Vice interview, not the tweet or whatever he’d sent out. My bad.

              Still a little telling that they find a line from the interview to distance him from any “official” Antifa organization.

            2. now do ISIS and one of their terrorist operatives who self-radicalized

        3. Just because he says he’s 100% ANTIFA doesn’t mean he really belongs to Antifa. Did he fill out the application? Was he accepted? Did he attend any meetings of the organization that doesn’t really exist but is a figment of right wing paranoia despite being reported on extensively by left wing media for 3 and a half years before they gaslighted us?

        4. He probably did not have an official membership card with a unique member number on it. So, not a “member”.

    6. Rest in Mostly Peace

      1. Haha. Nice.

  2. Reinoehl’s arrest was mostly peaceful. The real question is whether Jo Jorgenson is going to do the eulogy or be content to just be a pall bearer at his funeral.

    And the NYT says there is no evidence the guy was ever in the Army.

    1. Yeah, it’s of people claim to have served but it’s pretty easy to verify if they really did.

      The guy has that rabid dog look in his eyes-probably bipolar or schizophrenic like many in Antifa. I feel bad for his family.

      1. Antifa seems to come in two varieties. Some are mentally ill and seriously dangerous criminals like this guy. And some are just retarded white kids whose parents never corrected or told no out COSPLAYing.

        1. Those are the ones who head back to the basement when they detect that “tension in the air.”

        2. “COSPLAYing”

          It’s LARPing. LARPING. I will not have the respectable past-time of Cosplay sullied by these left wing marxists. If you want to dress up in body armor and run around slinging spells (fireworks) and pretending to engage in a medieval fight, you are LARPing.

          To call this cosplay is to stigmatize every socially-awkward-yet-still-hot nerd girl who wanted to dress up like an over sexualized cartoon character. We really need to be respectful of their feelings.

          1. +1 “Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!”

          2. I didn’t know it had it’s own term. But yes, these retards should not be confused with hot chicks dressed as Super Heroes and geeky guys out playing Quidich.

            1. “Live Action Role Play”. Like Dungeons and Dragons, with costuming and acting. 😀

            2. You had me at hot chicks dressed like super heroes.

          3. “socially-awkward-yet-still-hot nerd girl who wanted to dress up like an over sexualized cartoon character”

            The 21st century has been a continual disappointment for me, but this is okay.

          4. “To call this cosplay is to stigmatize every socially-awkward-yet-still-hot nerd girl who wanted to dress up like an over sexualized cartoon character. We really need to be respectful of their feelings.”

            A visual aid would be helpful. Here, let me help you all get started:

            1. I would like to be very respectful towards that young lady.

            2. But be careful how you pronounce her name, or you could be out of a job.

              1. “Vastly superior to comic book girls 1-18.”

                I’m so glad that Miley Cyrus has prepared herself for a career beyond the music industry…

                There’s a brunette on Imgur who is absolutely amazing with her makeup and costuming. Like Hollywood should hire her now, amazing. Let me see if I can remember who she is…

                Found her: Absolutely amazing skill, if not the titanic rack of Ms. Nigri.

            3. I doubt that she is socially awkward.

          5. Agree. There isn’t nearly the amount of intricately detailed costumes, impeccably coiffed hair, and full-on stage makeup for this to be cosplaying.

            One is an art. The other is a sign your kid is socially awkward.

        3. but they are all mostly peaceful.

      2. “He’s the kind of person who should have stayed as far away from the protests as possible, because he’s not the kind of person who could rationally work through that intense environment,” his sister said.

        1. Well, his actions don’t seemed to have involved much rationality, so looks like Sis has Bro nailed.

        2. Another quote attributed to the sister:

          “There was no way that the Michael I knew would have gone quietly, although that would have been the right thing to do.

          “I really had hoped he was in custody, because if he was out there, with his history of acting first and rationalizing later, odds were he was going to get himself killed.”

      3. Comments from his siter seem to pop up in every news article I read about him. The family basically has a “I’m surprised it took this long” attitude about the whole situation.

        1. I have a cousin like that. But getting someone committed is A.) hard, and B.) ethically fraught. Supposedly he’s in Bora Bora right now, and hell, maybe he straightened his brain out, but he used to literally yell at the demons in his head, so, I’m not sure that’s likely.

          1. Maybe the kava kava will help?

            I thought the guy looked like Woody Harrelson from that ‘Yellowstone Exploding’ clip.

            1. I really hope something helps him some day. But at this point, I mostly hope he just stays away from the rest of the family.

              That guy does rather have a resemblance.

      4. According to his family, he’s been ‘estranged’ from them.

        1. I think most of these Antifa fascists don’t have much connection to their families anymore.

          1. Just following after Pol Pot’s guidance.

    2. NPR also notes no record of service.

      While Reinoehl’s sister said she had a vague recollection of her brother serving in the military, a U.S. Army spokesperson was unable to find any records connected to Reinoehl in an Army database.

      1. Maybe he served in DoL’s unit. Or… has anybody heard from DoL lately?

        1. (Fingers crossed)

        2. Maybe it was paramilitary service.

        3. The Department of Labor? 😉

        4. Isn’t he now known as the White Knight?

      2. Well that sure makes for some sloppy reporting here, by way of quoting “Vox” as if it were a reliable source.

        1. Where else will ENB find the type of coverage she’s looking for?
          You can’t expect her to read Reason’s own woman in the field, Nancy Rommelman. She’s off message.

      3. “vague recollection”–well, I’m sure the guy’s DD-214 should be easy enough to produce.

      4. I suspect what his sister remembers is Reinoehl telling her he had served… but since he’s estranged, they had no reference or way to verify themselves.

    3. I doubted his ‘ex military’ bona fides from day one, but I had no counter evidence so I figured I’d let journalists do the journalisming on this one.

      1. When addressing a violent loser bet on the ‘service’ being a lie.

        You won’t always win, but the odds are heavily in your favor.

    4. The Jo Jorgeson connection being?

      1. Shut up Dee.

  3. The District of Columbia admits racist gun-law enforcement.

    Justice Thomas was right after all.

    1. 99,999 out of 100,000 times

  4. And I don’t think guns should be banned, even ‘assault rifles’, after this. Does that make a 2A absolutist? Probably.

    Also, suicide by cop is also a thing.

    1. It just means you read the 2nd Amendment and believe your lying eyes.

      1. Yep. Ain’t the English language a bitch?
        Turns out ” . . . shall not be infringed . . . ” means you can’t infringe that right.

        1. Buh … buh … compelling state interest!!!!

        2. Yeah, but “the people” referenced means “a group of approved government employees” just like it does everywhere else in the Bill of Rights, so we’re fucked there. Oh well.

    2. Fun fact; the M1 Garand, called the finest battle implement ever devised, lacks a thimbhole, has a fixed, 8 round magazine, is only semi-automatic, and is not scary black. Only the bayonet lug can be considered an “assault rifle” attribute.

      I do wonder why the piece is about the open racism of the black mayor, and not the unconstitutionality of the infringement.

  5. Zogby has Trump and Biden in a dead heat in Pennsylvania with Trump winning 27% of the black vote.

    Maybe sending mobs of retarded white people to burn down black businesses in the name of racial justice wasn’t the way to motivate black people to vote for Biden? Who knew?

    1. Trumps approval with blue collar blacks is something. Every guy of that ilk I talk to likes him but they invent reasons to not vote for him(republican). Ingrained voting patterns are hard to break I just can’t see him getting more than 15% of the vote.

      1. If he got 15% Biden is doomed. Also, I think a lot of the guys you are talking to will vote for him but just can’t say it aloud for fear of social sanction.

        1. Trump helped minorities far more than Obama did, and most people are smart enough to realize the economic difficulties this year are due to governors overreacting to SARS-CoV-2.

      2. This probably goes along with the whole hidden voter polling where many trump supporters won’t say so publicly.

      3. I suspect they like his shit-talking and conspicuous consumption more than anything he does politically. Christ, just about every damn rapper, white or black, referenced this guy as an ideal to aspire to before he got involved in politics–hell, Mac Miller had a Billboard hit named after the guy.

        I doubt it’s going to translate much into votes, though.

    2. What’s perplexingly bizarre is how this is even close to begin with.

      1. In the sense of “He was revealed as a completely empty shirt back in 1988, how is he even still around?”

    3. Zogby’s saying this? Not Rasmussen? And it’s only a dead heat if Trump has nearly 30 percent of the Black vote? Get your shit together, Karen, and wake up.

      I don’t know what you do about polling these days. Yes, I’ll admit being a Trump supporter to some stranger who has my name and probably my address. What’s the worst that could happen?

      1. I have not looked at the internal numbers of that poll. But if Trump is getting 27% and it is still a dead heat something is seriously amiss. They must have over sampled Democrats by 15 points or something. If it is true that Trump is getting 27% of the black vote, he has to be ahead by 10 or 15 points.

        1. It is a Rasmussen poll in the cite you linked, John. I believe it, but it is an easy point of attack for the resident leftists here.

          1. The Zoby one has it at 3 points Biden, which is within the margin of error. I just mixed up the names.

        2. That’s a good point. Pennsylvania has enough black voters that swinging from 8% of the black vote to 27% of the black vote should make it utterly unwinnable for Biden. Yet it is a dead heat?

          A quick google says Penn is just under 12% African American. That’s sort of in line with national numbers.

          A 20% bump for Trump among that group would mean 2 percent on the total swinging from one side to the other… or a 4% change in the margin.

          I guess that’s not all that unreasonable… that Biden added 5% (or Trump lost 5%) overall. That only requires 2.5% of Trump voters to abandon ship and go over to Biden.

          Still, that has to be a scary number for the Biden camp.

          1. And an unfashionable number fro Biden himself. Who is likely dependent on the below referenced consultant to help Biden follow the numbers.


      2. So, what? You think the polling companies are sending lists of Trump supporters to antifa or something? When close to half of the respondents are saying they support Trump (or might vote for him at least), that seems pretty far fetched.

        1. What point do you think you’re making here, zeb, and why the hell did you feel compelled to make it???

          1. Did I misunderstand his comment? I thought he was saying that he wouldn’t admit support for Trump to a poll for some reason. I’m just wondering what he’s worried about. Yeah, some people portray support for Trump as evidence that you are a nazi or something. But it’s still a mainstream political position.

            1. Depends on where you are. In Portland, wearing a t shirt for a metal band from scandinavia is all the evidence some people need to determine you are “a nazi”. Thank fucking God I don’t live there anymore.

              1. Yes, I’m sure that’s true. Where I live, no one seems to be too worried about declaring their support for Trump, with yard signs, letters to the editor or whatever.

                1. This is how you knew something was different from what we were told in 2016.

                  I live in a solid D area. Solid. There are zero elected Republicans around here. Lots of loud progressives. My city banned plastic straws.

                  Yet in 2016 I saw next to zero Clinton yard signs. And a noticeable number of Trump signs.

                  This time around, there are a handful of Biden signs. There are Trump signs everywhere. We have not even started yet, and people have Trump signs, Trump flags…. there is lots of visible support for Trump.

                  But you don’t talk about it in public. You don’t say anything in the checkout line.

                  Those people are unhinged.

                  And with our party going from nominating former Republicans to nominating the Green party reject…. well… I mostly just keep my mouth shut.

                  1. I live in a deep blue state, and I don’t see a lot of Biden signs. While I wouldn’t say Trump signs are everywhere, there are a lot more than you’d expect around these parts. And there are a lot of trucks with American flags and MAGA stickers at the local Dunkin Donuts…

                    I agree, though, about answering polls. If a stranger contacted me and claimed to be a pollster, I would absolutely not answer their questions. I have no idea who they actually are. At this point, I wouldn’t put it past them to use that kind of tactic to flush out Trump supporters.

                2. Where I live, expressing any opinion short of “Trump is literally Hitler” will draw out the torches and pitchfork folks.

                3. Allegedly a 12 year old was punched in the back of the head for having a Trump Yard sign in Boulder CO. Two women were arrested for assaulting a kid at a convention for wearing a MAGA cap.

        2. I don’t know. In a similar way to I don’t know who’s on the other end of that phone, asking those questions. I am not important enough to bother with, in the slightest, yet we live in an era now where publicly espousing the wrong sorts of beliefs gets you some lasting problems.

          I see very little upside to answering their call to begin with, and zero to helping them out. I doubt I’m alone, and I think it’s an effect that lowers perceived Trump or GOP in general support in these polls.

          1. Yes, the left has gone whole hog insisting that inocuous beliefs such as “Hard work” and “Individualism” are inherently white, and therefor racist. Why are they doing that? Because they want those beliefs to be out of discussion- unmentionable.

            And now everyone is surprised that people are afraid to discuss their political leanings to random people calling on the phone?

            1. And they aren’t just innocuous beliefs and principles. They are the very principles that allow us to have a sufficiently prosperous society that we even have time to worry about the whiteness of our beliefs and principles. It’s just insane.

              1. Agreed, Zeb. That Museum of African American History poster would’ve been thought a Stormfront production not ten years ago, yet the Smithsonian gave it its imprimatur.

                I hope we can learn to peacefully, publicly disagree again.

          2. I don’t respond to polls any longer at all. That seems to be the general sentiment among the people I know.

        3. people are irrational. Many of then are also sick of the media and politics. Why are they going to be willingly truthful?

          1. I don’t know. Maybe people who bother to respond to polls want their actual views to be registered in the results? Just speculation, but that’s what I’m thinking on the rare occasion I respond to a poll. I don’t know how many people think of it that way and how many lie, either to be funny or out of some kind of fear or embarrassment.

            1. Maybe people who bother to respond to polls want their actual views to be registered in the results?

              Or they don’t give a fuck and want to fuck with them.

              But let’s not pretend we don’t have a cancel culture.

              1. Yeah, I did include the lie to be funny/fuck with them option.

                You are quite right about cancel culture. I just don’t think it’s a significant worry for people not in the public eye at this point. It does happen, but it’s not like Trump supporters are some fringe group. You can’t doxx half the country.

                1. It’s not like any of them got shot execution style on the streets or anything.

                  1. One incident involving someone who was there specifically to confront the antifa assholes (which is his right and I’m not in any way blaming the victim here) is not going to make it a significant worry for most people. At least those who don’t live in places taken over by commie rioters, which is still the vat majority.

                    1. You forgot the bookstore owner in Milwaukee

                    2. OK, a few incidents.

                      In any case, I’m just speculating about why people answer polls the way they do. I very much doubt that fear of being doxxed is a major factor. Lots of people do state their support of Trump. And there are plenty of other explanations for why trump support might be underrepresented. I could be wrong. I don’t know.

            2. Polls are fucked. They ask questions with no nuance. I once was called for a poll and kept asking for clarifications to the questions. They hung up on me. Notice some polls ask “Do you like the direction the country is going?” That’s it. If you say yes, meaning you don’t like the actions of governors and mayor’s regarding the Wuhan Flu, your response is taken as anti Trump sentiment. The polls will as usual straighten themselves out after Halloween, like always. Don’t forget the polls had Dukakis ahead 10 points in Texas!

              1. That, I think, is a much bigger reason why poll results are not usually worth much. The questions are not very good ones if you actually want to find out what people are thinking.

        4. Leftists working for polling companies and stealing that info doesn’t seem far fetched at all.

          1. Even the vast majority of leftists aren’t trying to dox trump supporters. There is some very fucked up shit going on, but let’s keep a little perspective.

            1. Haven’t seen a single leftist condemn the murder of Danielson.
              Have seen quite a few try to justify or deflect it

            2. It only takes one.

              1. Did I say it was impossible? No. Only that it isn’t a significant worry for most people.

                1. I think if we judged based on your reaction that you’re starting to realize you were wrong.

        5. It’s not that pollsters are sending personal information to antifa, its the perception that they could do so, and with that in mind that telling some random guy that you support Trump may be a risk without any benefit.

        6. “So, what? You think the polling companies are sending lists of Trump supporters to antifa or something?”

          I wouldn’t entirely rule it out.

      3. The worst that can happen is that it’s a fake call, and the callers are trying to identify houses to burn down.

        But that’s just paranoia. But most people don’t even answer their phones for random callers any more, so I don’t see how polls are nearly as accurate as they used to be, even if people tell the truth.

    4. Not disagreeing with John, but Zogby polls tend to favor republicans

      1. Huh. I did not know that. I’d heard about Rasmussen, which is why I mentioned them, but didn’t know Zogby was classified similarly.

        1. Huh. I did not know that.

          Because it’s incorrect.

          Zogby and Rasmussen polls DON’T favor Democrats.

          They’re actual polls.

      2. Gray Jay points out above that I mixed up the names. Zoby has it Biden +3. This is Rasmussen.

      3. It’s just impossible for me to imagine a republican getting a 27% of the black vote. That would be the largest demographic voting switch of our lifetime.

        1. I agree. At the same time, I find it impossible to believe that a poll could be that wrong. Maybe it isn’t 27%. But, how wrong could it be? Even if it is off by 10%, that is still Trump getting 17% or nearly a fifth of the black vote, which would be a very big deal.

          1. Well, in that one state. Is there any evidence suggesting how he did with that demographic last time? I heard there were “lots” (relatively speaking) of black votes for Trump last go around.

    5. Perhaps you’ve missed the latest media stylings: It’s all right-wing provocateurs.

  6. Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’

    The president has repeatedly disparaged the intelligence of service members, and asked that wounded veterans be kept out of military parades, multiple sources tell The Atlantic.

    When President Donald Trump canceled a visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018, he blamed rain for the last-minute decision, saying that “the helicopter couldn’t fly” and that the Secret Service wouldn’t drive him there. Neither claim was true.

    Trump rejected the idea of the visit because he feared his hair would become disheveled in the rain, and because he did not believe it important to honor American war dead, according to four people with firsthand knowledge of the discussion that day. In a conversation with senior staff members on the morning of the scheduled visit, Trump said, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” In a separate conversation on the same trip, Trump referred to the more than 1,800 marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood as “suckers” for getting killed.

    1. Says “anonymous sources”. Also FOIA documents show the helicopter flight was canceled for whether. So the Atlantic didn’t even do basic fact checking.

      The Atlantic didn’t publish this to discredit Trump. They published it so retards like you would believe it and feel good about yourself. It is called boob bait. You being the boob, took it. God you are fucking stupid.

      1. The Dotard has been openly hostile to veterans and US POW’s like John McCain. John Kelly is the source.

        He is a sick fuck and you are his cult fan-boy.

        1. Yes, you are the boob that Atlantic was talking to. We know that dumb ass.

        2. according to four people with firsthand knowledge


        3. trump was hostile to a political opponent???? IMPEACHMENT.

          1. And then tried to say in Twitter last night that he never called McCain a “loser” even though there is video of Trunp saying it.

        4. > The Dotard

          Has anyone mentioned to you that Team Blue’s Presidential candidate is 77 years old? In that context, “dotard” is probably not the killer burn it used to be.

          1. He’s also senile.

            1. And a pedophile. Wait, are we talking about buttplug or Biden?

              1. can’t it be both?

          2. It’s not because it’s a killer burn. Nuttplug just likes imitating the DPRK.

            1. Also the DERP.

              He can count to potato.

          3. Trump is only about 3.5 years younger than Biden. An insignificant difference. They are both doddering old men.

            1. Man you’re just missing all the points today

              1. Dee’s not very bright.

        5. “The Dotard has been openly hostile to veterans and US POW’s like John McCain.”

          No, turd, he was hostile toward McCain, who deserved it regardless of whether he was in the military.

          1. Remember when McCain fucked everyone over on Obamacare just to spite Trump.

        6. That makes sense.

          One can never disagree with a veteran, now or ever.

          1. Unless it’s Mike Flynn.

      2. It’s obvious fake news, like the Russian bounties and the P dossier.

    2. Hey Mr. Buttplug, remember when I said we Biden supporters should quit complaining about the Iraq War, at least until after the election? Because many of the people who helped promote that war are on our side now? This Jeffrey Goldberg piece is another example of that.

      In 2002 Goldberg was writing about Saddam Hussein’s genocidal war on the Kurds — and of his possible ties to Al Qaeda.


      1. #AnythingToBeatTheOrangeHitler

    3. Anybody that doesn’t realize that ‘four people with firsthand knowledge’ is code for ‘shit I just made up’ is an idiot.

      1. I love a quote from NY Mag:

        traditional journalistic practice grants more credence to on-the-record sources than anonymous ones, because sources who put their name behind a claim are risking reputational embarrassment if it is falsified. That method would lend more credence to the named sources denying Goldberg’s account than to the unnamed ones endorsing it.

        However, that principle obviously does not apply to this administration. Lying is not only common in the Trump administration, it is the cultural glue that holds the president’s coalition together.

        Standard projection from professional liars.

        1. Exactly. And take note that ‘four people’ is completely gratuitous. One person on the record would suffice. ‘Four people’ actually makes it less plausible. Four people close enough to hear the president say this willing to talk shit about him behind his back? Not credible.

          1. They tried to go on the record with Ukraine. Unfortunately the on-the-record source didn’t have first hand knowledge. Now it is off the record, but more sources.

          2. Four people with first hand knowledge of something he said in 2018, who didn’t think to mention it until 60 days before the election. Seems like a solid source to me.

            1. With, as Rush pointed out on his show today, a tell-all book by John Bolton in between. Think Bolton would have passed on telling that tidbit if he knew about it?

          3. how about 100 Republican neocons and Bill Weld now supporting Joe Biden? Does that mean Trump is doomed, despite getting 95% support in the primaries?

    4. Btw… didn’t you promote Boltons anti trump book? Because Bolton wrote about this in the book… it matches what the WH said.

    5. Anonymous sources say Joe Biden has sexually assaulted at least 47 females, several of them children.

      Hey. If anonymous sources say it, it must be true.

      1. but was it 4 people with first hand information?

    6. I have no patience for stories about things Trump once said in a back closet, and publicly denies.

      If they want to lend any credibility at all to this story, they need to step out and publicly say who they are. We’ve been through this rodeo too many times with Trump already.

    7. Sounds as legit as the media claiming there were no Anthony Weiner dick pics.

  7. Trump’s executive order targeting ByteDance, the company behind popular video app TikTok, also hits the nearly 4,000 U.S. teachers who teach English to Chinese children through the ByteDance-owned app GOGOKID.

    There is a gap in the data collection on US teachers and Chinese children that is going unfilled.

    1. So what if they don’t learn English? It’s cultural appropriation anyway.

      1. No teaching foreign children english is Cultural Imperialism. Learning Chinese would be appropriation. Get your grievances together, man.

        1. Yeah. This ain’t rocket surgery here.

    2. This is a good thing. There are at least two Chinese words that sound like a vile racial insult that understandably cause pain and suffering! We should not allow such a White Supremacist language to be taught in our country!

      1. Wait til they learn what baizuo means

  8. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may start demanding biometric data from all immigration applicants.

    Speaking of data collection gaps…

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  10. The Tax Foundation analyzes the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act…

    The Taxing Opportunity K-Street Endorses Act.

  11. Jessica Krug, a professor of African-American history at George Washington University, was just pretending to be black.

    Ain’t we all, these days.

      1. You speak jive?

        1. Chump don’t want the help, chump don’t get the help.

          1. Man don’t want none, man don’t get none.

            1. Nigger nigger nigger!

          2. Hey… knock a self a pro, Slick! That gray matter backlot perform us DOWN, I take TCB-in’, man!

    1. Except when we get pulled over.

    2. But we are all of African descent, if you go back far enough.

      1. No, if you’re white you are the product of a mad scientist in a lab.

  12. An array of anonymous sources in The Atlantic have tales to tell about Trump’s alleged disrespect for the military and dead troops.

    By remaining anonymous, the resistance cred goes to The Atlantic.

    1. Do you have proof they were anonymous?

      1. Read the fucking article. The Atlantic says they were.

        Do you have any proof you are not braindead?

        1. Fuck off.

          1. I guess I’m supposed to be flattered someone took the time to copycat me?

            1. I thought it was a halarious white knight parody

              1. Oh God, it was. I totally missed that. But you are right. That is what it is.

              2. Glad someone got it.

                1. My apologies. I never get sarcasm on here. My sarcasm detector is hopeless.

              3. I laughed at it too.

              4. But WK is already a parody!

                1. That’s why I qualified it with “halarious”

                2. He’s a bird named Dee.

                3. A parody that caught John bloviating about how the Portland police would never arrest or charge the street killer, and called him out on his made-up partisan b.s.

              5. Not that brilliant. Note that I didn’t ask that question.

                I didn’t ask that question because: (a) duh, it says it in the article,
                (b) even I think the Atlantic is highly biased toward Blue Team.

    2. Anonomous sources that were not fact checked and mysteriously waited years to tell their story, because the media just wasn’t interested in anything negative about Trump until the brave reporters at the Atlantic decided to go against the grain and write a hit piece.

      The standard for journalism is now “it is believable”. This is a perfect example of why NYT v. Sullivan needs to go. This is clearly a slander against Trump. But, because Trump is a public figure, he can’t sue. The Atlantic just has to show someone told them this and they didn’t know it wasn’t true. Thanks to the public figure standard, they can print shit like this without any regard to it’s truthfulness. If we got rid of Sullivan, journalists would have to start doing their fucking jobs and make sure what they print is true. And God forbid they had to do that.

      1. there have been so many anonomous stories about Trump that turned out to be fake. One was called the Steel dosier then there was the phone call to Ukrane just o list two that I can remember.

  13. I have a theory. It’s not much of a theory. Heck-shucks, it may just be wishful thinking, but it seems to me the level of narcissistic and nihilistic psychosis on display such that it will just….stop. Just whiter.

    It can’t sustain itself like this.

    People are living in irrational fear wearing masks, idiot moronic criminals with mental illness (called protestors), TDS….all of it will collapse and then the birds will chirp again, the sun will rise, and the strong will come in and kick all these pricks to the curb where they belong.

    1. From your fingers to God’s eyes, Rufus.

    2. “…and the strong will come in and kick all these pricks to the curb where they belong.”

      Rufus, what do you think the specifics of that will entail?

      1. Lots of Mexican ass sex and then we’ll all eat deep dish.

        1. From a food truck. And it will have kind bud scattered over the top of it.

          I never understood the jihad here against deep dish pizza.

        2. Ugh. A loaf of bread with ketchup on it.

          1. Wrong. Deep dish is the only real pizza

              1. Learn what good food is. Anything under 15lbs isn’t pizza

            1. Real pizza doesn’t even need a dish. Because it’s flat.

          2. The crust should be so thin it barely holds the toppings. New York style.

        3. and weed. don’t forget the weed

          1. There should be beer, too.

            1. and unpasteurized milk

              1. and raw honey. but not artisanal mayonnaise.

  14. So, just to sum up all these events in chronological order:
    1. Antifa ‘protester’ kills a guy cause the latter was a Trump supporter and therefore he deserved to have been killed, because reasons.
    2. The media either memoryholed the whole murder or whitewashed it until it was somehow a perfectly a-okay thing to do cause you know, the victim was a Trump supporter so eff him.
    3. The ‘people of the internet’ mainly on 4chan managed to identify the suspect, yet somehow media and the authorities didn’t pursue the case until…
    4. … the suspected killer went on to give an interview on Vice…
    5. … and only after the interview did the authorities made an attempt to arrest him.

    TLDR: If you self identify as a member of Antifa, apparently you can virtually get away with murder, avoid media and state scrutiny, and you can even give interviews as a free man… strange times.

    1. 5. … and only after the interview did the authorities made an attempt to arrest him.

      The interview hadn’t actually aired yet when they went to pick him up. Vice just aired a teaser trailer.

      The reporter or Reinhol either had really bad OPSEC, or 4chan figured out where he was at based on details in the trailer and reported it to the marshal’s office. Remember, these guys are so fucking autistic that they were able to figure out where Shia LaBeouf hid his “He Will Not Divide Us” flag based on nothing more than a few aircraft contrails and some of his social media posts.

      1. That was damn amazing.

        They also located an IS camp and got it droned out of existence

      2. They didn’t just figure out where the flag was, they figured out what apartment in London the flag got moved to after they found it the first time.

        1. No, I’m talking about the time LaBeouf planted it in some buddy’s field in Tennessee:

          On March 8, 2017, the stream resumed from an “unknown location”, with the artists announcing that a flag emblazoned with the words “He Will Not Divide Us” would be flown for the duration of the presidency.[73] The camera was pointed up at the flag, set against a backdrop of nothing but sky. Reporting on the move, Nylon reflected that “in tumultuous times like these, it’s encouraging to see that art finds a way to exist and artists find a way to create, even when their work and message are under attack.”[73] Within 38 hours of resuming transmission, the flag was located by a collaboration of 4chan users, who used airplane contrails, flight tracking, celestial navigation, and other techniques to determine that it was located in Greeneville, Tennessee.[74][75] In the early hours of March 10, 2017, after approaching the camera and blaring their vehicle’s horn to verify that the location was correct and waiting until the evening,[75] a 4chan user took down and stole the flag, replacing it with a red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and a Pepe the Frog shirt.[76][77] These were later removed, and the stream continued broadcasting an empty flag pole.[78] Following escalating threats coordinated via 4chan and 8chan, and after a field at the location was set on fire, the artists were again forced to relocate the project.[77]

          1. Didn’t it end up in some field in Finland at one point?

    2. what i don’t get is why admit it in an interview then try to fire fight your way out of arrest.Scared of prison or maybe he thinks he will be a martyr but i think not.

      1. He’s was 48 years old, 21 years past youthful exuberance even per Pelosi’s new math.
        I love this quote “I had no choice. I mean, I, I had a choice. I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color.” Nice to see he keeps his friends sorted by color , even his imaginary ones, like Tony.
        There’s still time for Chris Elliot to play him in the TV movie.

    3. You went off the rails on 3. The Portland Police have been trying to arrest him for a few days but didn’t know where he was.

  15. “An array of anonymous sources in The Atlantic have tales to tell about Trump’s alleged disrespect for the military and dead troops. Make of them what you will.”

    Another bombshell.
    We’ve reached the tipping point.
    The walls are closing in.
    It’s the beginning of the end.


    1. this time we got him!

    2. “An array of anonymous sources in The Atlantic”

      “Journalism? What the hell is that?”

      1. Did they translate it from the original Ukranian?

    3. An array huh?
      How many is an array?

      1. As many as they can invent in their heads.

        1. Come talk to me when they have a plethora of anonymous sources. That’s when I’ll know there’s really something going on.

      2. An array means at least 4, as in 2×2.

  16. Former Massachusetts governor and 2016 Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate Bill Weld is endorsing Joe Biden.

    Biden isn’t as honorable as Hillary, but what can you do.

    1. Weld endorsed Hillary over his own running mate, so it’s a slight improvement this time around.

      1. Even Weld was embarrassed by the Aleppo gaffe.

    2. Does ANYBODY other than ENB really care what Bill Weld believes or thinks? Seriously, how does this guy get any attention at all. Fake Republican, fake Libertarian and closet Democrat. He’s pathetic.

      1. Does ANYBODY other than ENB really care what Bill Weld believes or thinks?

        Matt Welch lol

      2. he did run against Trump in the primaries.

  17. Not censorship, you can always start your own payment processor.

    It is amazing watching the usual woke corporations try to disallow a public defense of Rittenhouse despite the videos already public.

    1. Disgusting. He’s only been charged and there is tons of evidence in his favor.

      1. You know the rules that are set up. Progressives and socialists get away with murder, and anyone to the right of Mao doesn’t get a trial.

      2. It’s clear we are living in a two tiered system Zeb, act accordingly.

    2. Discover is still in business??!?

      1. Your comment explains this new marketing campaign on their part.
        Discover wokeness

      2. as Colin Jost said, ApplePay was just introduced, in a handful of retail outlets. And is already available at more locations than Discover.

    3. Well, if I had a Discover card, I’d cancel it.

      And if I knew anyone who had a Discover card, I’d urge them to cancel it.

      Does anyone actually have a Discover card?

      1. 2% cash back baby. 5% on something each quarter.

    4. Yeah, Gofundme removed his fund as well.

      Also, Facebook is blocking raw video of the Reinoehl shooting that hasn’t been edited by a trusted news source.

  18. So the shooter in the hit is dead.
    But convenient for somebody…

    1. Convenient for the 12 people who would have wasted weeks on a jury before bringing in a guilty verdict.

      1. Weeks? You mean minutes.

        1. Had a friend serve on a capital murder trial – 5 weeks. The verdict takes minutes. The trials take forever.

          1. Reading the jury charge on some of those can take an hour.

            GF very nearly got sucked into a capital murder jury. The questionnaire she had to fill out was ridiculously long. I remember it was about a hundred pages. Thankfully she got kicked towards the end of selection, but ugh.

          2. You got that right. I sat on just an assault charge jury for three weeks before they finally hammered out a plea deal. Most of the time you sit in a waiting room for the fifteen minutes it takes before someone calls for a recess, or lunch, or the judge has to pee, or you must get the ad infinitum by now and finally they let you go so you can sit in traffic for an hour to get home.

            The total “in court” time each day easily averages less than 30 minutes but they make you sit in the courthouse all day even though they know the case won’t be reconvened until the next day.

      2. He was clearly working with a group of people.
        Spotters, cleanup crew, fake medic and the disinfo squad.
        So at the least they benefit.
        Who else could this dude connect to?

        1. He claimed to be 100% Anitfa, but CNN assures me that he was not a member of Antifa, if such an organization exists.

  19. The geographic targeting of the program launched in February 2019—under which felons caught illegally possessing guns are charged under federal statutes—

    So did they choose the regions based on race or based on where known felons and gun crimes overlapped? Who am I kidding. Race is the only variable ever.

    1. Same reason Project Exile got shitcanned. Or deprioritized, if you prefer.

      It wasn’t due to a lack of effectiveness. We are going to have to stop automatically giving cries of, “But that’s racist!”, a heckler’s absolute veto in public policy.

    2. You are right about this one. The other (upscale) areas of D.C. are where politicians and their bodyguards are the primary gun owners.

  20. Protesters are heading to the Kentucky Derby.

    Screaming at the horses to say her name.

    1. Is Sarah Jessica Parker attending this year?

      1. She’s in gate 5

        1. Odds to place are good too. She’s been training with Gaga’s agent.

          1. Broderick’s still riding on her back. He weighs a lot more than the other jockeys.

            1. So long as you keep him from driving SJP on the left, he should be OK.

            2. not that much more.

      2. /narrows gaze. Ponders hitting flag button.

  21. • Jessica Krug, a professor of African-American history at George Washington University, was just pretending to be black.

    America is so racist, people lie about being black.

    1. I said it with Rachel Dolezal, and I’ll say it again.

      Incentives matter, and right now we live in a time where people are choosing to be black because it gets them on the victim scale. You don’t choose to identify as something else unless there’s some advantage to it. According to the narrative, in America you’re GTG if you’re white, and awaiting your murder at the hands of a white guy, or incarceration at the hands of a racist system if you’re black. Yet this guy chose that over being safe forever.

      It’s almost like the narrative is full of shit.

      1. Gal, not guy. But yes.

        1. Don’t be too quick to judge gender, Hitler.

          1. My bad. I’ll cancel myself.

  22. An array of anonymous sources in The Atlantic have tales to tell about Trump’s alleged disrespect for the military and dead troops. Make of them what you will.

    An array? Believe there were 2. People around Trump all day have already come out and said it is a complete fabrication. Maybe those anonymous stories should do their patriotic duty and step into the light.

    1. Maby it was an empty or a null array.

      1. Complex array, but only using the imaginary portions.

        1. How evenescent of you

  23. An initiative cracking down on gun crimes in the District targeted three predominantly Black wards and was … backed by D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D).

    So, racist Bowser will resign in disgrace, right? RIGHT?!

    1. Umm, did you not notice the (D)?

  24. • “Right under the nose of a president who promised to drain the swamp, one of the government’s shadiest handouts to large banks and big companies looks like it will be renewed for another 25 years,” writes Reason columnist Veronique de Rugy in The New York Times.

    Yes. Ex/Im bank should be abolished. No this isn’t unique to this year. I disagree fully with Trumps support on this. I also disagree fully with most of Washington’s support of it.

  25. US trade deficit surges in July to highest in 12 years

    Source: Associated Press

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. trade deficit surged in July to $63.6 billion, the highest level in 12 years, as imports jumped by a record amount.

    The Commerce Department reported that the July deficit, the gap between what America buys and what it sells to foreigners, was 18.9% higher than the June deficit of $53.5 billion. It was the largest monthly deficit since July 2008 during the 2007-2009 recession.

    The Con Man was supposed to make all these great trade deals and create tremendous exports.

    Another campaign lie and con.

    Although the trade deficit isn’t important his moron base thinks it is.

    Just like the wall Mexico was supposed to pay for and other fails.

    1. The trade deficit went up because Americans are buying again and the economy is picking up. The economy created 1.37 million jobs in August and unemployment is down to 8.7%. It looks like the Democratic created depression is not going to last long enough to save them.

      Sorry retard.

      1. There are no great trade deals, you imbecile. There is no export surge. You believed the liar.

        1. Took a break from kiddie porn, turd?

          1. I hear The Dotard has switched from Droxy to Oleander Leaf as a miracle cure for COVID, Sevo.

            What Is Oleandrin? Trump Reportedly Wants FDA to Approve Plant Extract for Coronavirus

            Go buy some you sucker.

            1. So he’s going from one thing that is proven to work to another?

              Why would that upset you so much?

        2. Based on your history of honesty especially in regards to wagers I will totally accept your word for it. And the biased cherry picked sources you choose too.

        3. No trade deal can make up for the US economy doing so much better post COVID than the rest of the world. Remember that the next time you talk about how Trump destroyed the country with the COVID response.

    2. if you’re going to blame all economic news on one person, shouldnt you balance it with the smaller unemployment numbers?

      Or realize the president isn’t the only knob for the economy.

  26. Reinoehl was “an Army veteran and father of two who has provided what he called ‘security’ at Black Lives Matter protests…”

    The military has yet to claim him, and they even acknowledged Christopher Dorner’s service.


    Harris relaxed the enforcement of rule against sex offenders living withing 2,000 feet of a school or a park while California AG. Harris was right to do this. The residency restricts are absurd and do nothing to protect the public. That said, the typical Karen whose vote the Democrats are depending on likely will think this is the worst thing ever. Also, the contrast between Harris’ flexibility on the law for sex offenders and her fucking complete fanaticism regarding virtually everyone else is not a flattering one.

    1. I’m guessing there are lots of sex offenders in SF left over from the days of sodomy laws. They may have been busted for homosexual acts or public nudity in 1970, but the sex offender status remains on their record. Nevertheless, the Karen types you mention probably check sex offender registries daily and will be freaked out by this. Karens also love the police, who the dems are now hostile towards.

      1. I don’t know but I would be very surprised if California did not purge their sex offender lists of people convicted of homosexuality back when it was still illegal.


    Jason Evangelho reports what happens when your smartphone, computer laptop, and tablet are denied access to “Google’s 8,699,648 (!) IP addresses,” and the results weren’t pretty:

    1. When trying to get across town for a meeting, Hill discovered that her Uber and Lyft apps were essentially useless. That’s because they rely on Google Maps.

    2. Hill was unable to stream her favorite on songs on Spotify. Yep. Spotify hosts all its music on the Google Cloud.

    3. Attempting to simply browse the web created flashbacks of the internet in the 90’s. “On Airbnb, photos won’t load,” Hill says. “New York Times articles won’t appear until the site has tried (and failed) to load Google Analytics, Google Pay, Google News, Google ads, and a Doubleclick tracker.” Many of the sites she visited were also dependent on Google Fonts. . .

    4. When trying to share video journals to her colleagues at Gizmodo, Dropbox refused to let her log in because the service uses an invisible CAPTCHA — hosted by Google — to verify that real humans are trying to access it.

    You can’t use the internet without using Google. I know all Libertarians love Google more than anything else with the exception of maybe pot and sodomy. But, how is this not an unlawful monopoly? And how is one company essentially controlling every American’s access to the internet in any way good for freedom?

    1. It’s stories like this that remind me that we’re living in a futuristic cyberpunk dystopia, and it’s not nearly as cool as the movies made it look.

      1. Evil is always just banality. The reality is never like it seems in fiction.

      2. Browse with a script blocker. You will be amazed at how many sites don’t work if you don’t whitelist the two or three Google-related scripts.

        1. Please explain that to Ken, who seems convinced we can just start our own Google.

    2. This is factually incorrect.

      I can’t stop people from sending me emails from a Google address. I can’t stop myself from wanting to use YouTube.

      Apart from that, I don’t use Google for much of anything.

      Get your head around e foundation phones:

      They’ll sell you an android phone without any Google services whatsoever–something you could do yourself if you bothered to learn how.

      The point isn’t that you need to buy one of their phones to substitute away from Google. The point is that they’re making it easy to avoid Google by preconfiguring your phone for you. There isn’t anything they’re doing for you that you couldn’t do yourself–including access their Google-free Android app store.

      If you don’t want to use Spotify because they host on Google, don’t use Spotify. There are other music services.

      The point is that there are alternatives for all of Google services, and if you choose not to use them, then the solution isn’t for the government to save you through freedom from choice. The solution is to use your freedom of choice and leave other people to choose to be lazy shitheads about their security and privacy.

      1. He was talking about Google captcha services.

      2. I can’t stop people from sending me emails from a Google address. I can’t stop myself from wanting to use YouTube.

        That is like saying Standard Oil wasn’t a monopoly because no one said you had to use kerosine or DeBeers isn’t a monopoly because no one says you have to buy diamonds.

        If you object to any sort of anti trust enforcement than says so. But the fact remains we still have anti trust laws and Google is clearly in violation of them. So, basically you are just arguing they should be above the law.

        Again, Libertarians love google almost as much as pot and sodomy.

        1. If you really want to trust-bust in Big Tech, you’ll need to look at Amazon too. Specifically, their Web Services, which I wouldn’t be surprised to learn is bigger than their retail storefront at this point.

          1. Specifically, their Web Services, which I wouldn’t be surprised to learn is bigger than their retail storefront at this point.

            Multiples larger for the better part of a decade. They’ve been a technology infrastructure company that operates a retail store on the side for at least 5 years.

          2. Amazon is Google’s biggest competitor–and that means for advertising, too.

            Google used to make a ton of money through product placements and ads in people’s searches. Millions of consumers have stopped going to Google to search for consumer products anymore. They go straight to Amazon and search there.

            And it isn’t just that Amazon is serving ads and product placements with that search. It’s also that Amazon is learning more about you every time you buy something–and that’s data that Google doesn’t get.

            They’re competing with each other directly on advertising, search, even on streaming services like YouTubeTV vs. Amazon Prime.

            One argument against going after one or other or both with regulation is that the competition between them is what we want. If hurting Google gives Amazon a free hand, or visa versa, that’s not what we want. Microsoft and Walmart teaming up together to go after TikTok may represent another new player to compete with both of them in all sorts of new ways. You can use streaming services through Xbox. Wal*mart is a direct competitor to Amazon in retail. Things won’t always be the way they are.

        2. No. This is pointing out that there are alternatives and substitutes, and people who care about their privacy and avoiding Google are and should be free to use them.

          Why use Google Maps if you can use a substitute. Is Magic Earth not availble in the app store. Mapquest uses OpenStreetMap, too.

          You don’t turn off Google Maps and then talk about how hard it is for Uber to find you. You turn off Google Maps and turn on another service!

          This makes me feel like 1998, when most Americans still thought that AOL’s website was the entirety of the internet. If it weren’t for Napster and Quake III driving the desire for broadband, some of them still might think they had no alternative but AOL. The fact is that you do have alternatives, and putting the bureaucrats at the Commerce Department and the Justice Department in charge of Google–under the supervision of Nancy Pelosi and President Harris–isn’t the solution to the problem of people refusing to use substitutes.

          1. But I bet you secretly miss all the free AOL coasters – – – – – – – –

            1. now there’s a flashback from deep in the memory hole

            2. Millions of years from now, alien archaeologists will find a layer of AOL coasters in our landfills and will use it to pinpoint the time when we built our internet and then when we left dial-up behind for broadband.

              People loved AOL.

              If it weren’t for Quake, Napster, and Pr0n, they’d still be on AOL today for sure. People loved Yahoo for offering everything they used to get from AOL’s homepage before they left dial-up, and the primary reason Google came out on top was because their home page was uncluttered.

              “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

              —-Ecclesiastes 9:11

              Bill Gates ended up with DOS because the developer refused to license it, IBM refused to buy, and so he bought it from the developer, and licensed it to IBM–so they would also license their programming language, which is what Gates really cared about.

              All is vanity.
              Chasing the wind.

              1. “That the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong,”

                But that’s the way to bet – – – – –

          2. “Putting the bureaucrats at the Commerce Department and the Justice Department in charge of Google–under the supervision of Nancy Pelosi and President Harris–isn’t the solution to the problem of people refusing to use substitutes.”

            Help me understand how putting social justice warriors and socialists in charge of Google and social media will make America a better place. I still won’t buy that government interference in this is a good idea, but at least I’ll have some kind of idea of what we’re trying to achieve here.

            Because armed robberies are a legitimate problem doesn’t mean repealing the Second Amendment is a good solution. Because Iran is a legitimate threat to U.S. security doesn’t mean going to war is the best solution. And whatever legitimate problems we have with Google and social media, I don’t see how putting politicians and bureaucrats in charge is the best solution.

            Maybe a better solution is to persuade our friends and family to stop using their services.

            1. “Help me understand how putting social justice warriors and socialists in charge of Google and social media will make America a better place.”

              Incase you haven’t been online in the last decade, they already are in charge.

              1. Surely you’re not suggesting things would be the same regardless of whether progressive bureaucrats and politicians were using the coercive power of government to regulate speech and commerce.

                1. Who do you think runs to Google?

      3. Youre smarter than me most of the time, but this is my wheel house. It is absolutely correct that if you block all google IP address, your internet is basically worthless. Go into your firewall and block every IP you can find related to google ad services and CDNs and report back to us.

        1. You have an alternative for pretty much everything.

          I hope the point is getting across that just because you can’t get by without a DNS server doesn’t mean you have to use Google’s DNS server by default.

          Why would I block my default DNS server and not set up a substitute? Try Cloudflare!

          Why would I block anything without setting up a substitute?

          1. This should be an interesting back n forth. (Goes to pour another cup of coffee…)

            1. Too early for popcorn?

            2. To early for martinis?

              1. It’s five o’clock somewhere

          2. You can’t set up a substitute for Google’s Captcha Service on someone else’s website. So if you’re blocking Google, but they’re using Google’s Captcha, you can’t use their service any more either. Which, if that’s the most popular platform and the way everyone wants to interact with you, is difficult.

            Now, as someone who is vastly more familiar with the technical side than the legal side here, I have no idea how this fares from the perspective of anti-trust law. For one thing, it’s hard to discern monopoly status on something non-physical.

            But just because “it’s super popular” and so you don’t want to cut yourself off from it doesn’t really qualify for “monopoly” status, though, IMO.

            I suppose a less frivolous example would be if your local power company used that Captcha service, and so you couldn’t interact with the power company over the internet, though even there, you can still use the phone or go in person. And what’s the remedy? Force the power company to not use the Captcha from Google? Force Google to stop providing the Captcha service? Force Google to spin the Captcha Division off into it’s own company?

            1. Yeah, there’s certainly a clear distinction between what you can or can’t do without Google–and whether other people should be allowed to use Google’s products if they choose.

              If we don’t want to shop at Walmart because they source their consumer goods from China, feel free. If we start using the government to prevent other people from making choices for themselves, we’re over the line.

              1. FYI, you’re my favorite commenter here, but you’re wrong on this.
                I have a feeling we’re not actually arguing the same premise.

          3. I didn’t mention dns. Really Ken, give it a shot. I’ve tried blocking all of googles tracking on my firewall and half off the internet is unusable. It isn’t because of google being evil. It’s more the fault of lazy programmers (or people not wanting to pay to reinvent the wheel) using google apis. Between blocking tracking (at the IP level) and cdns, my internet at best resembled the internet in 1999. I had to revert to allowing all of it. Just try using one of the shady web based VPNs and browsing the internet to get an idea of what it’s like.
            You can block scripts and still not be too bad off, but denying access to your network from google or Amazon’s (AWS) networks isn’t an option.

      4. Or you can do what I do… and use a flip phone.

        1. That’s an option!

    3. Banning *all* google IPs seems to be a stretch unless you are obsessed with punishing google. If you merely don’t want google to have access to your data, then using vendors who reside on a google cloud infrastructure should not be a concern for you.

      “But, how is this not an unlawful monopoly”

      What is unlawful about it? Is there some specific practice that google is engaged in that is unlawful? Remember, just because they are dominant in the market doesn’t mean they are in violation of antitrust regulation.

      Finally, as a Libertarian, I don’t love google more than pot and sodomy. I love free markets more than government intervention. It is precious to me that you seem to think that the same bureaucracy that almost succeeded in a coup against Trump can somehow be trusted to deal with Google in a way that will help your side.

    4. Now imagine Evangelho did, and then just go to China. That’s why nothing fucking works from China, unless the site is hosted INSIDE China.

  29. Anonymous: That President Trump said the troops were losers, I know from experience dude. If you know what I mean.

    Real Reporter: No, you don’t.

    Anonymous: Well, not me personally but a guy I know. He definitely heard em. WOOO-EEEE.

    Real Reporter: No he didn’t.

    Anonymous: No, No, he didn’t. But you could imagine what it’d be like if they, eh, eh…

    Real Reporter: *gently pats the “source” on the shoulder and walks away*

    Anonymous: everybody on, good, great, grand, wonderful, NO YELLING ON THE BUS.

    1. I was watching Mr. Jones the other day, and the sheer destructiveness of Walter Duranty and what he did really stood out. He was an accessory to the Holodomor. Just as guilty as Stalin and Kruschev.
      Journalism has had a few shining stars, but on the whole it’s been a force for evil.

      1. Was that any good, got it on my list to check out.

        1. Very good, though a little slow at times. Worth the watch.

    2. That movie was very prescient. Soon we’re going to have CNN reporters trying to convince the country that peeing your pants is the coolest when Biden does it at a press conference.

  30. Nonfarm payrolls increased by 1.37 million in August and the unemployment rate tumbled to 8.4% as the U.S. economy continued to climb its way out of the pandemic downturn.

    . . . .

    Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been expecting growth of 1.32 million and the jobless rate to decline to 9.8% from 10.2% in July.

    The unemployment rate was 14.7% in April.

    There is no need for the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion stimulus bill.

    1. There is no need for the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion stimulus bill.
      As always, correct.

    2. Instead of spending $3.7 trillion, how about they just occupy the field of public health or maybe threaten the cutoff of federal funds, and force the states to end all of the lockdowns completely. Do that and unemployment will be back below 5% by the end of the year and it wouldn’t cost a penny.

      1. What John and Ken said.

        Get government out of the way of hard working Americans trying to live their best life, and you’ll be amazed at what they come up with.

        1. I’ve been advocating this exact philosophy for 20 years. Get the fuck out of the way and let us just make everyone richer. But no, not everyone would get equally richer, so that’s bad.

      2. A big part of the unemployment picture may be about the schools, too. There are millions of working moms out there who aren’t leaving their kindergarten through third grader at home alone everyday while they’re at work. We’ll see more people go back to work when the schools reopen. Trump should really hammer the teachers’ unions on this. By refusing to let the schools reopen, they’re holding millions of working women hostage.

        1. Great point I’d not considered. If the white female mommy vote is going to determine this election, then doing things they want is a good idea.

          Even by the CDC’s own stats, I never understood the freakout about kids catching the WuFlu. Kids literally are harmed less by this than by the flu. Their teachers, especially if elderly, might be at risk, but kids are exactly who you want to get this, if we’re still banking on herd immunity to pull us out of this mess.

          1. When Trump went to Kenosha, he should have met with the woman who called the police for protection against Mr. Blake. Here’s Trump supporting domestic abuse victims. There’s Biden supporting her oppressor. Missed opportunity to grab more of the women’s vote

            1. That does sound like a good, missed opportunity. Bummer.

              That series of tweets mentioned a few days ago, about how her abuser has been lionized in the media, his family gets millions, and she is either ignored or actively denigrated, was heartrending.

              Indeed, why accuse your abuser, if this is what’s going to happen to you?

      3. Education, General; don’t forget education.


    George Washington University Professor admits to pretending to be black for her entire career. During Jim Crow it was common for lighter skinned black people to “pass” as white. The reasons for this are obvious. Now, you never see any examples of blacks passing as whites but there have been several high profile examples, this one, Rachel Dozeal, ‘Sean Talcum X’ King, of white people passing as black in academia and the media. I would love to hear someone try and square this fact with the claim the whole country is irredeemably racist against blacks.

    1. She wouldn’t be doing that if it were a negative.

      1. Outside of leftist academic circles, I haven’t heard of anyone claim to be Black who isn’t, unlike Native American or Latino/x, its much harder for a white person to pull off.

        1. As far as racists are concerned, one drop will do.

        2. That’s because most leftist academic circles have rarely met a black person. Usually blacks are just abstract theoretical concepts to them, or something you see on TV.

        3. That’s the difference–academia is a mentally ill incestuous bubble of IdPol where being a member of a progressive stack demographic is an actual status symbol. It influences people to take on identities that they have no real understanding of; they just put it on like a costume.

          I’ve got a childhood buddy who was in academia, until about 4 years ago, with his wife in a liberal arts field. They almost got divorced about 6 or 7 years ago because she apparently started questioning whether she was a lesbian–no doubt a case of Stockholm Syndrome from being around a bunch of socially cloistered Cluster-B psychotics and having to indulge their lunacy.

          He eventually got out to pursue another career when he wasn’t offered a permanent position, despite being named the department’s Instructor of the Year; in the meantime his wife ended up cheating on him with the head of the department (male) and they got divorced anyway.

    2. Didn’t mindys (comedian) brother say he was black to get into med school? As an Indian he was under qualified, but as a black he was perfect

    3. I think the time has come for Talcum X to get his comeuppance.
      This son of a bitch is like the little rat in school who’d spread rumours and start fights but then quality steps aside.

  32. The last month has lead me to actually contemplate the possibility that Trump is smarter and far more rational than 98% of our leadership/expert caste. And my opinion of him has not changed an iota since 2016. God help us the insufferable boomercons might have been right.

  33. An initiative cracking down on gun crimes in the District targeted three predominantly Black wards and was not enforced citywide as announced, U.S. prosecutors acknowledged in court records, drawing attacks that the policy disproportionately subjected African American defendants to lengthier prison terms.

    The geographic targeting of the program launched in February 2019—under which felons caught illegally possessing guns are charged under federal statutes—was recently disclosed after a defendant challenged the program backed by D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D).

    Amazing that the loudest voices against systemic racism and institutional racism are silent about the enforcement of “common sense”, “sensible” gun legislation.

    1. This might be the most DC story ever. The DC government enforcing “common sense gun controls” on black neighborhoods while giving the rich white neighborhoods a pass. I have had liberals tell me in so many words that when they talk about taking guns away from the public they don’t mean my white relatives in rural America, they mean dangerous people, which everyone knows is code for “black people who live in cities”. They are the most racist people on earth.

      1. You must know different liberals than I do. The ones I know are absolutely certain they want to take guns away from your white relatives living in rural areas, Which is interesting because they also consider them too stupid to even know how to operate a gun.

        1. The same arms they themselves don’t know how to operate.

          1. Or even describe. “Shoulder thing that goes up”.

  34. Whoever wrote this headline is a goddamn piece of shit. The deceased did not “confess” to killing. He admitted to committing homicide Bud tried to suggest that his act was justified as an act of self-defense. He did not confess in open court, did not plead guilty, did not seek to turn himself in, and did not attempt to surrender to police. In plain English, he remained at large and the police were attempting to arrest him him. To say that this guy “confessed“ is like saying that the Zodiac killer “confessed.”


    BENNETT: “Hello, my name is Portia Bennett. I’m just going to be honest, Mr. Biden. I was told to go off this paper, but I can’t.

    1. Oh man, this looks like it could be sweet.

  36. UN says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine

    LONDON (AP) — The World Health Organization says a new polio outbreak in Sudan is linked to an ongoing vaccine-sparked epidemic in Chad — a week after the U.N. health agency declared the African continent free of the wild polio virus.

    In a statement this week, WHO said two children in Sudan — one from South Darfur state and the other from Gedarif state, close to the border with Ethiopia and Eritrea — were paralyzed in March and April. Both had been recently vaccinated against polio. WHO said initial outbreak investigations show the cases are linked to an ongoing vaccine-derived outbreak in Chad that was first detected last year and is now spreading in Chad and Cameroon.

    1. Any connection to that psychopath Bill Gates?

    2. Omg. That picture. The look of terror on that kid’s face.

    3. WHO said initial outbreak investigations show the cases are linked to an ongoing vaccine-derived outbreak in Chad

      Wait, what the fuck? This vaccine has been around for decades, and Salk even kept it off-patent so it could be widely distributed.

      What the hell is so hard about replicating a decades-old, off-patent vaccine formula?

        1. “‘Curare’ is like ‘Quinine’, right?”


    The New York Times just scrubbed the accurate description of the far-left extremist being “an antifa supporter” from their report but made sure to continue smearing the victim as being “far-right”

    1. 100% Antifa, from what I’ve heard.

      1. According to ENB, he must have been 100% OF antifa – – – – – – –

  38. paranoid crusade against products from China

    It’s not paranoia if they really are a communist dictatorship.


    Today’s numbers: US & Sweden, at #10 & #11, with both reporting 577 deaths per million persons. Sweden never went into full lockdown.

    1. Sweden never went into full lockdown.

      To be fair, neither did Antifa.

    2. “Sweden, whose Covid-19 death rate soared above its locked-down Scandinavian neighbors at the peak of the pandemic, now has a case rate lower than those of Denmark and Norway for the first time since March.”

      1. Are you citing a special web site for the rev’s clingers and yahoos?

  40. Reinoehl was “an Army veteran and father of two who has provided what he called ‘security’ at Black Lives Matter protests,” reports Vice News. 

    He was just beginning to turn his life around

    1. The refrain of every journalist doing a heart-string story on someone who died doing stupid shit.

      1. Did you hear about the last time he got in trouble with the law? Apparently, earlier in the summer, he was driving over 100mph, while high, with his 11 year old daughter. He was racing his 17 year old son.

        I’m guessing that was left out of the Vice interview

        1. Oh yeah, I’m aware of all of it. He was also busted for an illegally concealed weapon but was ‘released’ without being charged because fucking Portland.

          1. But we need more gun control laws that won’t be enforced against criminals

        2. Good, wholesome family fun!

  41. An initiative cracking down on gun crimes in the District targeted three predominantly Black wards and was not enforced citywide as announced, U.S.

    FYI, if you don’t see what’s coming next, you’re doing it wrong.

  42. >>”Brady said investigators haven’t yet determined how many rounds were fired.”

    waiting for someone who can count that high

    1. To be fair, Michael Reinoehl proved you can kill an innocent, unarmed man with one shot.

      1. ya what a dummy. drawing down on 1100 l.e.o.’s at your door also bad idea

        1. I wonder if those U.S. Marshalls worked out of the Portland Federal building this asshole and his pals tried to burn down?

      2. Two, I believe.

  43. “Former ~Massachusetts governor and 2016 Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate~ *Raytheon lobbyist* Bill Weld is endorsing Joe Biden. …Weld joins a group representing almost 100 ~former Republican lawmakers and officials~ *war profiteers* who want to see Trump defeated.”


    1. >>~former Republican lawmakers

      fuck those guys. drain the swamp.

      1. Former with no future.

  44. WHAT media/Dem coordination? Biden campaign has already held a press call about ‘appalling allegations’ in The Atlantic’s crumbling hit piece about Trump

    As we told you a little earlier, many are smelling a media/Dem coordinated hit job on President Trump after The Atlantic’s story dropped (and it’s already falling apart), followed quickly by an ad that aired on MSNBC. That was quickly followed by a Biden campaign event in the form of a phone call

    1. Eat while the Secret Service confirmed an agent was suspended for shoving VP Biden after he sexually assaulted his girlfriend

      1. MEANWHILE

      2. YIKES. BIG YIKES.

      3. This one, I’ve not heard of, Nash. What else happened?

          1. “Anonymous source”, though.

            1. Most “former” guys have a bit of a reliability problem.
              There is a reason they are “former”.

  45. “The District of Columbia admits racist gun-law enforcement”

    Big deal. They just let them right out until trial.

    For example, three of the men arrested in the death of Davon McNeal, the 11 year old killed in the crossfire of a gang shootout in D.C., all had prior violent felony convictions, and were all recently arrested for felony firearms violations, but were out of jail pending trial.

    1. So the DA’s office is open for a RICO suit?

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  47. Let me take a wild guess…no bodycam footage.

    1. What would you expect to learn?

      1. If he was actually armed or threatening before they started firing at him.

  48. On Thursday night, Reinoehl allegedly pulled a gun on a team of federal agents who showed up to arrest him.

    Classic ENB burying the critical point five paragraphs down.

    1. Ahhh, you got to cut her some slack. Reality keeps getting in the way of her delusions. It’s a hard world for her.

      1. Maybe the voices in her head have started speaking Spanish – – – – – – –

  49. Excellent reporting as usual from Elisabeth! Please keep us updated on how entrenched looter prohibitionists vote on expungement. When Nixon was sworn in, on and at, Texas law called for 5 years in prison for an 18-year-old caught with a fistful of hemp seeds, roots, twigs or leaves.

  50. “Police Kill Antifa Protester Who Confessed to Portland Shooting”



    Readers come here to avoid sensational click-bait headlines and just want who, what, when, where, why. So, I must ask, why do you keep using click-bait / sensational titles that mislead people?

    That headline makes it sound like the police rolled up and killed him when they found him.

    Couldn’t you have penned something more clear such as, “Portland shooter pulls gun on police and is shot dead.”


    “Michael Forest Reinoehl tracked to Washington State, resist arrest and is shot by police after brandishing a firearm.”

    1. “Confessed killer starts gunfight with police, loses”

      “Feds accomplish more justice in days than all of Portland in three months”

      “Social media stupidity claims another victim”

      They headlines just write themselves.

  51. In a story that will probably be too local, Serbia and Kosovo normalize relations at the end of talks mediated by Trump. So far, WWIII has been the least bad of the three.

    1. Local news; has not impact on D.C. looters.

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  53. Reinoehl = Lee Harvey Oswald.

    He was set up by Trump operatives either to shoot McDaniels or to take credit for it.

    Then he was killed (permanently silenced) by said operatives.

    Simple as a pimple. This is getting old.

  54. I’m doing the happy dance as the real trash has been taken out! More death to Antifa!

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  56. So, a drug-addled, armed WhiteAntifa rioter playing policeman at a demonstration got triggered by American flags and executed an unarmed pedestrian, then claims he felt his imaginary Friend-of-Color was at risk.

  57. It’s about damn time. The Antifa terrorists (NOT protesters) have been violating civil rights in Portland’s no-go zone, with the help of the mayor and city police, since 2017. Exterminate them or we’ll replace you with police who do their job.

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  59. Narratives blown apart like a melon shot with a varmint bullet on Youtube.

    Police: “We are not a violent danger to citizen’s lives liberty and property rampantly killing, extorting, and maiming as accused by BLM.” Yet, in the first serious BLM arrest they promptly kill the guy.

    BLM: “The police are inextricably racist and only kill and abuse based on that racism.” Yet, in the first serious BLM arrest they promptly kill the whiter than anyone white guy, that looks more like a Neo-Nazi than a rabidly extreme BLM activist.

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