Brickbat: That's Not Who I Really Am


Arkansas County, Arkansas, Sheriff Todd Wright has resigned after he was recorded shouting racial slurs at a black man working in a local grocery store. Wright reportedly became angry when a woman he was with spoke to the man. Wright said he was "upset over certain things." "People who know me, know that's not me," he said.

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  3. ‘Oh boys, look what I got here’ ‘ Where are the white women at?’

  4. Seems like a couple layers of this-guy-shouldn’t-be-anywhere-near-law-enforcement-authority to this one. Even for Arkansas.

    1. He was “set up” and is owed an apology.

  5. Well, great, now I got to find the video so I can figure out what the guy was yelling. Saying he was yelling “racist slurs” doesn’t tell me a damn thing since everything’s racist now. “You, sir, are a cad and no gentleman” is racist if said to a black man.

    1. Did he say he was an articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy?

    2. It’s Reason, gotta go to the source. Unfortunately, the source has a paragraph that reads like this:

      The mother of the man Wright yelled at upbraided him for calling her son, a “hardworking” man with two jobs, “names like that” over and over.

      Probably blasted “Working Man” as he drove away too. Fucking racist.

      1. I saw that. I would be offended, too, if someone called me a hard working man.

        I quit my job, and now I’m making over $6,000 a month working online a few hours a week. That’s not really hard work.

  6. Wright said he was “upset over certain things.”

    “For instance, that Black Lives Matter is not getting all the support it deserves.”

  7. Wright said he was “upset over certain things.”

    “It’s just this damn war, and that lying Johnson!”

    1. +1 Uplifting movie about a woman giving AIDS to a retarded war hero.

  8. A sheriff in one of the most redneck states in the most racist country in the history of the universe had to resign after uttering racial slurs? They are doing the systemic racism all wrong

    1. Uh no. Mississippi has Arkansas beat by an order of magnitude. Remember the Arkansas motto, “Arkansas: At least we’re not Mississippi!”

      1. I like Arkansas, its beautiful and great for kayaking. I actually go there often, but there are tons of hillbillies including that famous hillbilly power couple the Clintons. Granted, I haven’t been to Mississippi

    2. Home of Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton, no less!

  9. >>became angry when a woman he was with spoke to the man

    where all the white women at?

  10. Can someone link to the video of what the cop said I cant find it.
    A few fun things stood out
    At around 20 min one woman testified that as she was walking in the door she felt that all the cops had bad feeling towards her and that made her unsafe. I’m glad we’re allowing esp now.
    At the middle someone texted out its okay he’s resigning. Since we can now use esp as evidence I’m guessing a riot was planned.
    At the very end there was a half black girl that they interviewed she said (paraphrased) the sherif was like a father to her and she would go to him for everything. Now that she heard what the sherif said she can’t believe he is such an awful person.
    This is really similar to the Mozilla CEO when people found out he supported prop 8 (CA gay marriage ban) one of the VP said something along the lines of. I am supprised he supported this. I have worked with him for many years and I am a very out very vocal lesbian, and he has always supported me and my career and helped me to become a VP. I am shocked that he is such an awful hateful person and am glad he is fired from Mozilla.

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    1. Wrong continent, bot.

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  13. Sheriff Todd Wright said “People who know me, know that’s not me…, that nice schoolteacher down the way is me and everyone knows he wouldn’t do this, so why blame me?”

  14. Of course, we all know that minorities would never ever use racial slurs to refer to anybody! Using racial slurs is unique to white males and their damaged evil white male brains!

  15. Many years ago, I had a work supervisor in college, he happened to be black, and was in an interracial marriage. He referred to another worker, a hispanic, as “that wetback” with such contempt in his voice, I remember it to this day. There are white racists, black ones, Asian ones, etc.

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