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In Convention Speech, Pence Warns: 'You Won't Be Safe In Joe Biden's America'

Plus: What's the evidence for social distancing?, WeChat ban would be bad for businesses, and more...


On the third night of the 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC), Vice President Mike Pence suggested the key to conquering COVID-19 was believing in miracles. "Last week, Joe Biden said 'no miracle is coming,'" Pence said last night. "What Joe doesn't seem to understand is that America is a nation of miracles and we're on track to have the world's first safe, effective coronavirus vaccine by the end of this year."

Breaking somewhat from the previous two nights, the third evening of the RNC was a good old-fashioned ode to American conservative hopes and fears. The night's theme was "Land of Heroes," and Republicans did a moderately good job of sketching out what that means to them—or, at least, what they want people to think it means to them—in a way that shaped up to a positive vision for America, not merely a litany of liberal sins and Biden bashing. Neither of those things was in short supply, however. And on both the positive and negative fronts, none of it bore much resemblance to reality.

There are plenty of good things to criticize about former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Kamala Harris (D–Calif.), and the Democratic Party's 2020 ticket choices, just as there's never been a shortage of legit faults in the Trump administration. But just as many Democrats aren't content to point out President Donald Trump's real flaws—preferring fantasies about him being a Putin stooge and a secret Nazi—the Republican convention has chosen to go full conspiracy-mongering, portraying Biden (Biden! The most milquetoast man on the Democratic debate stage throughout the primary season!) as some sort of radical commie who wants to let gang members defile the suburbs, to cancel your church, to abort your newborns, and to start making Marxism and Mandarin mandatory in U.S. schools.

"You won't be safe in Joe Biden's America," Pence told Americans. "Joe Biden has been a cheerleader for communist China…Joe Biden is for open borders; sanctuary cities; and free lawyers and healthcare for illegal immigrants…Joe Biden would set America on a path of socialism and decline."

Pence's speech—and Wednesday's RNC overall—was also brimming with wild tales about Trump, though less in the wide-eyed way of newly-minted cult converts we saw during previous nights and more like the kind of standard, shallow hagiography common in American politics.

Speakers mostly played the hits, bringing up abortion, crime, and more military spending. And Pence's speech to close the night could have been given in 2008, minus the disdain for free markets and free trade.

Pence praised Trump's work on ridding the world of "radical Islamic terrorists," appointing "more than 200 conservative judges to our federal courts," backing Israel, and supporting "the right to life and all our God-given liberties including the second amendment right to keep and bear arms." It was boilerplate conservative talking points all the way down, followed by the now-standard line that Trump's America was a shining city on a hill until COVID-19 hit.

Read Pence's full speech here.


New study finds contradictions in social distancing recommendations: 


American businesses in China fear Trump's app ban. A ban on the messaging app WeChat—as ordered by Trump earlier this month in a crackdown on parent company Tencent—could be bad for American citizens and companies in China. A poll of members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai found 88 percent "expect a negative impact on operations if WeChat cannot be used for communication," with 56 percent anticipating a "loss of competitiveness" and more than 40 percent saying it would negatively affect their revenue.

"If WeChat has or is doing anything illegal in the U.S., then take appropriate action in that jurisdiction but do not ban American citizens from choosing to use the application," said one survey respondent.

"The app is the predominant messaging and social media platform in mainland China, with functions ranging from voice messages to mini-apps for online shopping," and "WeChat Pay is the primary mobile payments rival to Alibaba's Alipay," notes CNBC.


• The U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted approval to an at-home test for COVID-19 that can be taken in 15 minutes and will only cost $5.

• Not letting students use a bathroom that matches their gender identity is a violation of Title IX—the federal law preventing sex discrimination in schools—according to a new ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit.

• A 17-year-old was arrested as a suspect in the fatal shootings that took place during protests and riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday. He was charged with intentional homicide.

• "An online sting operation to catch child predators snared hundreds of men. What were they really guilty of?" The New York Times takes a look at how U.S. law enforcement creates "child sex predators."

• A Republican convention video that purported to show riots of the sort we could expect in "Biden's America" featured footage from Spain.

• Zoning reform is not leftism.

NEXT: Brickbat: If We Let You Teach, the Students Might Actually Learn Something

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462 responses to “In Convention Speech, Pence Warns: 'You Won't Be Safe In Joe Biden's America'

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        3. The bot makes more sense than Elizabeth Nolan Brown.

      1. Bots may be only semi-coherent, but they can spew nonsense even faster than Fist can type.

    2. Hello.

      Nah. I think the RNC was pretty much on cue. Sure, there were some liberties, cliches and embellishments here and there, but on the balance? Yeh, the DNC is out of its fucken mind.

      1. Other than some YouTube clips, is anyone really watching these things? The ratings probably aren’t at WNBA levels, but they have to be pretty bad.

        1. I think the RNC ratings are better than the DNC.

          WNBA. I’m surprised they put the ‘W’. Isn’t that gender discrimination or something?

          1. How can it be gender discrimination when there are no genders, per the US Supreme Court?

        2. I’ve been watching the RNC on the PBS Newshour. Best of both worlds. I get to watch the show, then the dems reaction as they try to establish the talking points immediately. Surprising how close to Ken S was on the suburban white women scope. More interesting is the Repub black vote continues to climb for the Rs.

          1. The Rs should be repeating that lowest ever black unemployment every minute until Nov 3rd

        3. I doubt many are watching it live, but does anyone watch anything live anymore? Extrapolating from YouTube stats, the RNC is well over 10-20x more popular than the DNC, however you slice the numbers.

          But, to put it all in perspective, if you added up all the view counts across all media for both conventions, including the shorter ‘speaker only’ videos, the number would still be less than 10% of what the latest BTS video hit in the first 24 hours.

      2. I think you better get your mind checked instead.

        1. If you got the Full Huber, would anyone really miss you?

        2. “I think you better get your mind checked instead.”

          Advice from a brain-dead lefty.

  2. On the third night of the 2020 Republican National Convention, Vice President Mike Pence suggested the key to conquering COVID-19 was believing in miracles.


    1. Actually I think we all know that COVID-19 will miraculously disappear as soon as Trump concedes the election.

      1. Actually I think we all know that COVID-19 will miraculously disappear as soon as Trump concedes the election.

        If Trump loses, I can see that happening. I can also see him crack down on the rioters, because, what does he have to lose?

        When he wins, I can see him crack down on the riots, because, fuck ’em, what does he have to lose?

        1. So Americans win either way!! Nice. MAGA

          1. They’re rioters. Fuck ’em.

            1. Rioters is code for black protesters you want the government to shoot to death, right?

              1. God you’re dumb. Most of the rioters are actually white.

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              2. Under Tony’s logic, I can hold him personally responsible for the Trump supporter killed in Portland last night.

                You’re a fucking murderer, Tony.

      2. It won’t be a miracle. It will be science, when it mutates to a virus that is only 0.3% lethal (which it was all along), and sufficient herd immunity has been achieved (despite the efforts of state governors to slow that down and finish off the elderly.)

    2. What about conquering “racism”?

      1. You cannot conquer racism. You can only submit to anti-racism

        1. re: the “at-home test for COVID-1”

          From the company’s own press release, the test has a “sensitivity of 97.1% and specificity of 98.5%”. That means it will correctly diagnose an infection 97 percent of the time and will correctly return a negative result 98 percent of the time.”

          That sounds good but let’s put it at scale. If 100 million people take the test (about a quarter of the US population) and, to keep the math simple, 1% of them are infected, this test will correctly identify 970 thousand of the 1 million sick people as sick. It would also incorrectly identify almost 1.5 million healthy people as sick. The same test would correctly identify 97.5 million healthy people as healthy while incorrectly identifying 30 thousand sick as healthy. In other words, it will say that 2.5 times as many people are sick as are actually sick. To continue translating, if this test says you are sick then there is only a 40% chance that you actually are sick.

          As the incidence of sickness goes down, the test gets even less reliable. If the percentage of actual sick is 0.1% of the population, this test will say that 16 times that many are sick. So if this test says you are sick, that will be true only 6% of the time.

          This test is better than nothing – but just barely. It is going to generate huge numbers of false positives.

          1. What? How did that become a reply here? I intended that as a stand-alone comment at the bottom of the thread.

            @#$%! commenting system squirrels…

          2. Meh. More important is the 5 minute, at-home racist test.

            1. Time is a racist construct, you white supremacist.

            2. Does it really take 5 minutes to look at a mirror?

          3. This is why it’s important to only test people with some prior probability of being sick. Either symptoms or exposure.

          4. 97% accuracy is still better than the presidential opinion polls.

          5. A screening test is expected to generate false positives and few false negatives.

          6. So what?? Re-test, re-test.

            1. Re-test only works if the tests are independent. If the re-test is looking for the same detection factor in the same way, it could give you the same, wrong answer.

              Unfortunately, the company’s press release doesn’t give nearly enough information about how the test works to know if a wrong answer would be random or systemic.

  3. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted approval to an at-home test for COVID-19 that can be taken in 15 minutes and will only cost $5.

    When Big Pharma loses the FDA.

  4. The VP recited conservative talking points at the RNC? Where’s my fainting couch?!?

    1. The “analysts” on whichever channel I was watching were shocked SHOCKED! that he was vociferously defending Donald Trump and attacking Joe Biden.

      I would never expect such words from the Republican VP candidate at the Republican National Convention!

      1. And it won’t happen again once they get power.

    2. If you clutch those pearls hard enough, it may keep you from falling!!!

  5. Not letting students use a bathroom that matches their gender identity is a violation of Title IX…

    Man they can wring a lot out of that one sentence.

    1. How is segregating previously sex segregrated facilities on the basis of gender identity not a violation of Title IX?

      1. They were previously segregated based on gender. Not gender identity. Those are two different concepts. BTW, my comment is not intended to answer your specific question.

        No idea. Some woman wants to stand next to me at the urinal? Go for it.

        1. Unless she is wielding pinking shears!

    2. And if girls don’t want boys who claim to be girls in the bathroom with them? Well, tough shit, Nancy. This is fucking feminism, bitch!

  6. New study finds…
    …The 6-foot rule comes to us from 1897.

    The danger zone = most combinations of shouting, indoors, poor ventilation, extended exposure

    Don’t shout at the COVID patients in a steam bath for hours on end. Got it.

    Brilliant work everyone, all around. Just brilliant.

    1. Looks like the actual new research was inconclusive on whether ariborne spread occurs and how much. The rest is just more modeling and results of old research on respiratory droplet movement.

      1. I stand by my recommendation against hours long shouting matches with COVID patients in saunas. You’ll need data to convince me otherwise.

      2. Hmm, let’s do “science”.

        Chance of transmission at a distance of 1 mile, with two people wrapped in plastic and sprayed with lysol: 0%

        Chance of transmission at a distance of zero, with a hundred people sneezing into each others’ noses, and sharing the same closet full of air for a week: 100%*

        Therefore, safe distance = 6 feet.

        *Probably not true, but what the fuck.

        1. *Probably not true, but what the fuck.

          The chance of transmission is probably indistinguishable from 100%. The chance of infection still wouldn’t be near 100%.

          1. Stop using logic, you racist!

        2. 10,000 people standing shoulder-to-shoulder and shouting = 0% chance of transmission if they are shouting for social justice.

          Which party believes in miracles?

    2. LOL. Just saw this.

      The other day my brother in law witnesses someone SNEEZE into their masks.

      He stood there stunned. ’45 years of teaching me to sneeze or cough into a kleenex or sleeve right out the window with this stupid situation.’

      He’s been red-pilled. At first he was all like ‘yeh it’s probably dumb but what’s the harm?’ Now he’s seeing stories about how it’s traumatizing kids, my wife’s stories at school, and witnessing the all around mishandling of masks, he realizes it’s probably futile if not harmful.


      Mask Nazis can shove their faux-virtue up their asses.

      1. Devil’s advocate: Is it not obvious that sneezing into a mask is better than sneezing onto your bare arm or hand?

        1. It’s a wash then. So why wear a mask?

      2. Also staph infections are way up. Just so those who don’t know, a good portion of the population already has MRSA (Methicillin Resistance Staphylococcus Aureus) a potentially fatal infection in their sinuses. Most the time the population is low and our natural flora keeps it in check and out immune system can deal with this low population. However, breathing into a mask for 6 to 8 hours straight, creating a warm moist environment, and stressing the immune system (as a result of decreased O2 and increased CO2 concentrations and the abrasiveness and constant pressure of a face mask on skin not used to constant pressure) can increase this population to the point that it is no longer kept in check. If it gets into pressure sores created by the mask, or into your lungs from breathing in large concentrations, it can result in serious, even fatal infections. And guess who may be most at risk? Adolescents and children who are being made to wear masks (mostly cloth that aren’t properly washed and disinfected, becoming a reservoir for germs) 6 hours a day at school. The mortality rate at one year for MRSA according to one study was 17.8%, this study excluded deaths in the first 30 days (which is higher) and only focused on those that “recovered”.

        1. CDC estimates 33% of the population is colonized with MRSA. Just so you understand what is meant by a large portion of the population.

    3. yeah, and now the Sturgis motorcycle rally is responsible for spreading COVID-19 far and wide, but the BLM protests apparently had no reported impact on the case and death spikes that followed them.

      1. Yes I love the headline. If you read the actual story, they are hypothesizing it has lead to more infections but don’t have actual evidence so they are trying to track everyone who went to Sturgis to test them (how much you want to bet, even if the exposure came after the Rally, it will still get blamed?).

  7. So the most important variable is shutting your mouth. We see that singing and screaming is about the worst, unless you scream blm (I’m sure it’s implied in the study somewhere).
    Now what situations do you have for medium occupancy where most (all but 1) people are not talking and it is sparsely populated… The first two that come to mind are church and school.

    1. I had to give up on Scientific American for ever yesterday since they are claiming its a myth that covid can be transmitted during a riot, I mean protest, and its myth the Hydroxy is able to help. talk about ignoring science there is no science at SciAm anymore just politics. Its very dissapointing.

      1. I gave up on them about 20 years ago when they announced their editorial policy was to go all in on global warming. Meaning they were actively promoting the theory and would not publish sceptical research findings.

        1. I gave up on SciAm in the 70’s after a decade of scare stories about nuclear weapons. They’ve gone full Marxist lately, I understand.

          1. I gave up on them when they dropped the Amateur Scientist column. It’s been decades since the main articles weren’t reliably left wing.

        2. The problem is not with the magazine.

          1. True, it’s the editors, writers, staff, subscribers, and owners.

      2. What’s more important? Science or “science justice”?

      3. Are they suggesting that Covid 19 cares about why crowds gather together?

      4. Wait until you see the News sections of Science and Nature.

      5. I’m old enough to remember when Scientific American was about science. Now it’s all climate change fear mongering and TDS.

        1. Some of today’s SA articles:

          Storm Surge: The Science Behind This Year’s Unusual Hurricane Season (do they run this every year now?)

          Can Redwoods Survive the Devastating California Wildfires? (not sure why not, since they have for the past 300 years or so)

          Medical Education Needs Rethinking

          Nine COVID-19 Myths That Just Won’t Go Away

          India is in Denial about the COVID-19 Crisis

          1. “Storm Surge: The Science Behind This Year’s Unusual Hurricane Season (do they run this every year now?)”

            If not them, someone else does, yes.

  8. March 21, 2020 at 2:21 PM EDT

    Facing covid-19 reality: A national lockdown is no cure

    1. The origin story of COVID-19 lockdowns
      China’s Wuhan lockdown was “new to science.” It was pseudoscience. It didn’t work.

      Remember the Feb, March photos of random bodies in the streets in China? This is one of the many photos that came out of Wuhan, which contributed to setting off the worldwide panic, which led to mass lockdowns. China wanted to convince us it was an Ebola-level plague.

      1. But China stopped the virus with their lock down look at the numbers they reached 80k in late Feb and the it went completely flat, so massive lock downs work

        1. #BelieveChina

          1. Please don’t.

            1. thanks for the shoes, Money. ~~Mars Blackmon

        2. So, Rev., you support Trump acting as a military dictator?

          1. What is this trump everyone keeps speeking of? Is everyone in the comment section That into bridge?

              1. Racist

                1. Interestingly enough I usually played spades in the service with blacks. With mixed groups it was generally hearts, and with predominantly white it was euchre of pinochle. Oh and poker with all groups. We played a lot of cards while in the field.

                  1. *or pinochle.

                  2. If there were only two, cribbage was the game. If we didn’t have a board we just wrote the score done on a piece of paper until someone passed 120 points.

            1. I prefer pinochle.

            2. Euchre for the upper midwesterners and canucks, eh?

      2. This link is in the comments section of your link. Pretty interesting and if true much more effective that Russian Meddling.

    2. PDF

      A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened; it
      could be that they are reassured by the low death rate in their demographic group (8), although levels of
      concern may be rising (9). Having a good understanding of the risk has been found to be positively
      associated with adoption of COVID-19 social distancing measures in Hong Kong (10). The perceived level
      of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.

      1. Amazing how evil, eh?

        I don’t feel threatened or scared and they can’t make me.

        If I get it, I get it.

        Jesus, what is it with these psychopaths with keeping people in fear?

        They messed up with the lockdowns – as many of us questioned from the beginning only to be called ‘granny killers’. They’re messing up people’s psyches with masks (which are just as traumatizing as lockdowns. No amount of ‘virtuous’ propaganda will change this) and they’re messing up with the constant ‘it’s gonna get ya why aren’t you scared?’ rhetoric.

        I accept the risk. Now fuck off and die.

        1. Rufus, you are NOT qualified to determine risk for yourself.

          signed, the Nanny State

        2. I think I had it in January…

          And I admit, at first I was afraid.
          I was petrified.
          Thinking how could I go on with kungflu inside.
          Then I spent so many hours on how it made me feel wrong.
          But my immune system came along,
          And I grew strong.
          I hear it’s back
          At the experts’ pace.
          They speak and tweet to stoke our fear
          With that dumb mask on their face.
          We should have put them on a clock.
          We should have made them let us free
          If we’d known for just one second
          Flatten the curve was fantasy.
          Go on now go
          Walk out the door
          Just turn around now
          Cause we won’t stay in anymore.
          Weren’t you the ones who tried to hurt us with scary lies
          Did you think we’d crumble?
          Did you think we’d lie down and cry?
          Fuck no, not I.
          I will survive.

            1. Gracias
              Gonna try to do the whole song

      2. Mind you, that’s from March. Most sane countries have somewhat moved on from that.

        Only Canada (not Quebec for the most part anyway), some U.S. states, the UK, NZ and AUS are acting like cucked-pussies. What do these countries have in common?

        1. Fat people?

        2. They’re controlled by the Jews.

          1. Your controlled by bigotry and stupidity.

          2. Lol

            Way to stay on brand, misek

      3. Another real factor: people, both as individuals and groups, have different perceptions of risk and response. Many in the privileged class have jobs and home lives with essentially zero risk of physical harm. Many other people work in occupations where injury and death happen frequently enough to change peoples’ perceptions. And their home lives also include enough tragedy to reset feelings about risk.

        Guess which group over-reacts to any tiny hint of danger.

        1. And it’s their pant-shitting that finds its way into policy.

          I’ll never forget a buddy telling me ‘I’m glad your following the science’ after I sarcastically said we were following the government protocols at my daycare. The condescension still peeves me.

          Anyway, I’ve instructed my workers to not keep the masks on all day because it’s cruel and unusual punishment for what the science says.

          Put it on when you see a client or some government bureaucrat (if they show up) to avoid trouble because snitches and bitches live among us. But off it comes. I don’t want to see that shit in my presence.

          Life is too short.

          Think of it. The people who brought us the four food groups and lockdowns are the ones pushing for mask mandates and the people who cackle most about them shaming others aren’t exactly the brightest sparrows in the bird’s nest if you ask me.

          1. But to give them any consideration, they are probably truly frightened more than average. The problem, as you said, is their influence on policy. But that’s what we get for letting women vote. (Only half kidding)

          2. Funnily enough our county is under a face mask mandate (from the Governor) and everyone is ignoring it for the most part, even the commissioners. We have nine cases in a population of 11,000 residents spread out over 2,369 square miles. Twenty five percent of our population works directly in agriculture, and it’s harvest season, so most of them are isolated in the cabs of their harvesters or grain trucks 14 to 16 hours a day.

            1. Also all cases are in the county seat, which is on the far west side of the county, and most on the east side rarely go there because Sidney and Williston are closer, larger and have better shopping (and cheaper) and less crime.

              1. For comparison, Rhode Island is 1,212 sq miles in area.

      4. not just the nanny-state TV ads to wear a mask “for Gavin”

  9. A 17-year-old was arrested as a suspect in the fatal shootings that took place during protests and riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday.

    I’m told he’s white supremacist, maybe because one of the white people he shot used the n-word.

    1. Wait! I thought canceling someone who used the N-word would earn a first class SJW medal.

      1. Only if a minority does it. White people aren’t supposed to do it, we’re just supposed to apologize for being white. If we cancel another white person we deprived a minority from the opportunity to do it, which is of course white privilege.

        1. LOL, thanks.

        2. “If we cancel another white person we deprived a minority from the opportunity to do it, which is of course white privilege.”

          I love it. Applause.

  10. The C130 normally holds 92 people.
    JEFFERSON COUNTY — DEVELOPING: From City of Port Arthur – The State has sent 2 C130’s to provide a “last chance” evacuation for general population at the Jack Brooks airport. If you have citizens that need evacuation after your embarkation hubs have closed, they can go to the Jack Brooks airport and be evacuated via the C130s. They are not equipped for medical needs citizens, general population only.

    Each C130 can only accept 40 people for a total of 80 evacuees per their COVID guidelines. Once they are loaded they will fly the evacuees to the DFW area. They will not make a return trip.

    The aircraft are on the ground now and are ready to accept evacuees.

    1. Not equipped for medical needs? Cue the ADA lawsuits!

    2. So, more health risks in crowding onto an evac flight than trying to survive a category 4 hurricane?


    3. After Katrina, the Governor of Idaho sent two C-130s loaded with supplies to Louisiana, and instructed the pilots not to take off after unloading until their planes were full of refugees from New Orleans, and fly them back to Boise where they would be houses at Gowen Field, housed, fed and cared for at Idaho tax payer expense. After three days, the Governor recalled them, empty.

  11. Koch / Reason libertarianism will not tolerate this kind of economic inequality.

    Jeff Bezos has crossed the $200,000,000,000 barrier — while’s benefactor Charles Koch is stuck below $60,000,000,000.

    Yeah, apparently Bezos got lucky and built a business that can thrive in a high-tariff / low-immigration environment. It’s still not fair for his wealth to grow so rapidly while Mr. Koch’s stagnates. Only a Joe Biden Presidency will create an economy that works for all billionaires.


  12. An online sting operation to catch child predators snared hundreds of men.

    It’s illegal to get off talking sexy to pervert cops pretending to be kids.

    1. Through the looking glass of 2020, shouldn’t it be “men” or predominantly male-identifying? It is the internet after all.

      Or are we just supposed to believe that men who chat up “minors” via the internet all choose strictly masculine chat handles and have some sort of universally ingrained taboo against dressing up in women’s clothing?

      1. Uh…. I’m pretty sure they all identified as 12-year olds.

        1. Can a 12 year old identify as 18? Palin buttplug would like to know

          1. “Why don’t you…have a seat over there.”

          2. Actually he doesn’t care.

  13. Zoning reform is not leftism.

    Often far from it.

  14. portraying Biden (Biden! The most milquetoast man on the Democratic debate stage throughout the primary season!) as some sort of radical commie

    While Pence is certainly simplifying the equation for soundbite purposes, the real belief is that *because* Biden is the most milquetoast candidate he will cave to the more socialist wing of his party and give them what they want. This already seems to be happening with how much ground he gave up to Bernie’s side while putting together a platform and his selection of Harris as VP

    1. And ENB either knows this, or she should.

      1. I have little faith in ENB’s knowledge of anything except hookers.

      1. There have to be bets at stake in his war room, to see what the most outlandish thing is they can get him to say.

        Way to win over swing voters, Joe. Keep it up.

    2. I am trying to understand how Biden has that reputation given how irrationally hostile he gets when challenged, especially by a regular citizen.

      1. While hiding behind secret service (armed) bodyguards.

      2. He would be like that guy in the bar, peacefully punching you in the face.

      3. only a lying dog faced pony soldier would say something like that


    ‘Major victory’ for paedophiles as baffling law is passed that could see rape and sexual assault victims thrown into JAIL just for telling their stories
    Victorian sexual assault survivors could face prison time for telling their stories
    A law change in February prevents them from using their real names publicly
    The law is retrospective and applies when an offender has been found guilty
    Breaches can result in up to four months in prison or fines exceeding $3000

    1. What in the hell happened to Australia?

      1. Progressivism.

    2. Pedophilia is trying to be normalized. I didn’t agree necessarily with the Puritan wing of the conservatives who said normalizing homosexuality was a slippery slope. But…

      1. You think this is about that? I wouldn’t discount it completely, but I’m guessing it’s something like, “To protect the privacy of victims, you must be forbidden to talk about your debility/victimization.”

    3. The legislation comes as the result of the Victorian government making a series of changes to fix another problem with the law.

      But it didn’t say what the problem was or how this fixes it. Baffling indeed.

  16. An RNC video that purported to show riots of the sort we could expect in “Biden’s America” was footage from Spain.

    Biden is going to turn us into Spaniards? Pass.

    1. What a waste–they could have just shown clips from the riots going on in Minneapolis at that very moment.

      1. Those are already being memory holed

    2. Biden is going to turn us into Spaniards?

      No good, I’ve known too many Spaniards.

      1. “Is there ANY way you’ll trust me?” — Biden

        1. Nothing comes to mind.

          1. “I swear on the grave of my father chocolate squirrels do backstroke in space ohhh look a kitty” – biden

    3. Well, most of the Dems do long to be European

    4. I wasn’t expecting some kind of Spanish Inquisition.

  17. The reality is that ideal distance depends on masks, occupancy, indoor vs. outdoor, silence vs. speaking vs. shouting, and ventilation.

    Nuance is a public health crisis.

  18. It was an awesome speech. Exactly what we need. Lizzie has some vapors that Biden got sideswiped. Hilarious.

    Now do the thing where democrats get concerned that promoting looting, rioting, burning and other violence has done them harm at the polls. That would go against the libertarian credo to avoid criticizing “peaceful protestors” I guess.

    1. They were perfectly ok with criticizing anti lockdown protesters

      1. and Sturgis motorcycle enthusiasts

    2. Hmm. I read last week that Biden’s acceptance speech was not only the best one ever delivered at a political convention but probably in the entire history of humankind. Opinion writers and pundits across the nation were moved to tears followed by joyous jubilation. The clouds parted and magnificent rainbow appeared. I didn’t watch either one and I’m not go to bother but from what I’ve read there’s no way Pence could compete.


    If you want to know why Biden suddenly found his voice…
    Quote Tweet

    Charles Franklin
    · 10h
    Public opinion of Black Lives Matter protests in Wisconsin, police behavior and related topics.

    This is a dry look at the data and what has changed recently.

    All data from before the Jacob Blake shooting and events in Kenosha. 1/n

    1. This is potentially really fucking distubing but not for the reasons mentioned. We have between a couple and a handful of polls showing that there’s no desire to reduce the amount of policing but these show that there is support for what BLM is doing. The obvious “We want the best free shit (most subservient police force) the government can buy us!” message is one interpretation. The prototypical and sensible “The public are idiots who have no idea what they want.” is a second option. The third option is that they would like to have a better police department and they know/understand/acknowledge that they’re going to have to burn the house down to get it.


    I am serious – how did the DNC not mention impeachment at all?


      Trump’s impeachment has been mentioned a few times now at the GOP convention. It was mentioned not once at the Dem convention. I guess that whole impeachment thing ended up giving more political ammunition to Republicans than Democrats. Huh, who could’ve predicted

    2. Oh shit. I had totally forgotten about that.

  21. A ban on the messaging app WeChat—as ordered by Trump earlier this month in a crackdown on parent company Tencent—could be bad for American citizens and companies in China.

    Exchange Russia for China in this story and one wonders how it would be reported.


  22. CNN: “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests”


      “We cut the best part of the video out – why did we do that?”–CNN

      The gaslighting even astounds their own.

    2. Baghdad Bob was more honest than CNN.

      1. “We will crush the infidels!”

    3. Great description. Given the number of non-combat soldiers assigned to rear echelon and supply duties, I guess you could say the Normandy invasion or Hitler’s attack on Soviet Union, were “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

      1. Given that more soldiers died of disease than in battle, the US Civil War was “a mostly peaceful public health crisis”.

    4. I wonder how they think this will play out.

      Historically, people vote Republican when they think crime is on the rise and their towns are becoming too dangerous. Desire for safety overrides pretty much any other political motivation they have, even if they like things like the Green New Deal it’s not nearly as important as not being burned alive in their own home.

      Biden even knows this, it was his entire motivation for his crime bill that fucked so many people over. He had to look like he was tough on crime, and that horrible bill is how he did it.

  23. I haven’t watched any of the conventions so I’ll have to take your word for what was said, but if Pence or anybody else was suggesting Biden was somehow going to destroy America, they’re retarded. Biden has to be reminded every morning that his pants don’t go on his head, so Biden ain’t doing shit as President. It’s his handlers that are going to be running the show, and those are the fuckers that are hell-bent on destroying America.

    Also, fuck you for printing some shit about a fake study that questions the 6-foot rule, the science is settled, goddammit, and all the experts agree. It’s some sort of evil, treasonous bullshit for you to be questioning the experts, it’s no doubt some sort of Russian propaganda that the science isn’t settled and I have no idea why you would want to instigate this sort of discord except that you hate America.

    1. I think the point is that Kamaltoe and whatever super-progressive cabinet Joe is instructed to appoint will destroy America. No one thinks Slow Joe is in going to be in charge.


    “Austere Religious Scholar”
    “Peaceful Protest”
    “15 Days To Slow The Spread”

  25. Apparently, professional sports decided to commit mass-suicide last night.

    I don’t think many people will miss it.

    1. Hockey still exists, and it is objectively the best team sport so we haven’t lost much. They threw some scraps to BLM, but they haven’t gone full retard yet.

      Professional basketball has sucked for decades, and MLB was always something you just put on in the background while doing something else (drinking beer, sleeping). I’m sure we can find something else to fill that role.

      1. Whenever i want to take a nap I turn on baseball or golf ZZZZZZZZzzzz

        1. God, yes! Golf is the ultimate Ambien. I think it’s the way the commentators whisper in combination with the network overlaying birds chirping and I can hardly make it 15 minutes and I’m out like a light!

      2. The Canadian factor plays into this.

        But don’t be fooled. Patrice Bergeron gave $10 000 to the NAACP. It wasn’t BLM but they do probably align mostly with most athletes.

        They’re not exactly intellectuals.

        1. Yeah, that’s why I said “yet”. I don’t think they’ve made some principled stand against wokeness ruining their league, I think that they don’t have a team in Wisconsin so they haven’t felt the same pressure yet.

          It would not surprise me in the least if they get cowed into doing what the other leagues have done. If something like what happened in Kenosha happens in an NHL city, that team is going to be pressured to do something.

          In the meantime, go Avs!

      3. Baseball is best in person. It really is true. And compared to the other professional sports (not sure about Hockey as I’ve only ever been to minor league games) fairly affordable for average middle class families to attend. NFL tickets are outrageously expensive.
        So when the MLB started the truncated season with no fans, they lost the appeal of the sport. And to be frankly honest, despite being a fairly solid Mariners fan my whole life, and a secondary Dodgers fan (they were my Dad’s team but he abandoned baseball after the 90 strike) I have no idea what is happening this season and could care less. About the only thing I even remotely remember is something about the Astros cheating, but don’t ask me what actually happened, because I haven’t paid any attention.

        1. Just googled MLB standings, didn’t pay attention to anything but the Mariners record. Limping along at under .400, why am I not surprised? Exactly where I thought they’d be. Bring back Sweet Lou!

          1. I don’t care if he is 76. He is only 8 years older than Carrol.

        2. I’ve attended NHL games in DC and Denver, and they certainly aren’t as affordable as baseball games. I went to an Avalanche game last year and I think I paid $60, and we were up in the nosebleeds.

          And I agree that live baseball is a different animal, way more entertaining. Plus you have an excuse to day drink outdoors and that’s always welcome.

          The Astros were stealing signs at their home stadium via a camera they had in center field. The home dugout had a monitor that got the camera feed, and players in the dugout would bang on a trash can to alert the batter to what kind of pitch was coming. This was scandal enough, because knowing what pitch is coming makes the hardest part of the game way easier, but MLB didn’t even really punish anyone as a result so the whole league feels the Astros won the World Series by cheating and got away with it. The lack of action by MLB is almost as big a story as the cheating is at this point.

    2. News flash this morning: NBA players vote to resume playoffs, after protesting for one more day. I guess they do appreciate their paychecks after all.

      1. Man, if 2 days of not playing basketball is all it took to fix systemic racism we’ve been way off base for a while now.

  26. But otherwise unarmed
    NEW: Wisconsin DOJ says the officer who shot Jacob Blake is Officer Rusten Sheskey. He alone shot Blake 7 times. He is in administrative leave. DOJ also says the Blake told investigators that he had a knife in his possession. No updates on if officer will be charged.

  27. “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America,” Pence told Americans. “Joe Biden has been a cheerleader for communist China… Joe Biden is for open borders; sanctuary cities; and free lawyers and healthcare for illegal immigrants…Joe Biden would set America on a path of socialism and decline.”

    Fact check: True

    1. It’s pretty much in line with their own rhetoric.

      I find it hilarious people are pretending otherwise.

      The DNC is pulling far left. And even if it were half true, why take a chance?

      This is a bit like the ‘peaceful protest’ or ‘conservatives aren’t being singled out by big tech’ tortured logic. It’s all in your mind.

      1. The DNC is pulling far left.

        I keep hearing this maybe some more dedicated historians could enlighten me but, isn’t the DNC redefining the far left? Places that would traditionally be defined as the far left, like the Soviet Union or China, supported and/or enforced the opposite of some of these policies and the DNC calling for them in selective defense of their socialist policies.

        They aren’t just rooting for Drago to beat Rocky, they’re actively trying to rewrite the rules so that Drago can legally punch Rocky below the belt and not in a “Drago can punch Rocky below the belt” rather than a “below-the-belt punches will be allowed for both sides” sense.

        1. Sorry, not in a “Drago can punch Rocky below the belt” and *not* in a “below-the-belt punches will be allowed for both sides” sense.

        2. Good point.

          I based it on surveys done by The Economist, Pew and NYT who looked at policy for both parties. The DNC was going left.

      2. When your enemy says he intends to destroy you, you should believe him.

  28. “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted approval to an at-home test for COVID-19 that can be taken in 15 minutes and will only cost $5.”

    For an extra #2 you can find out if your pregnant, what gender you are and if you’re a peaceful protestor.

    1. Because otherwise squirlsy is gonna try to get a job giving these tests.

      1. Why? Does they involve giving a stool sample?

        1. He’s a fan of #2.

          1. Ya know, I completely missed that typo by Rufus the first time. Amazing what our brain fills in when we read.

            1. No biggie, it was a lazy joke you ruined anyway.

              1. (Hangs head. Shuffles off to reddit.)

    2. Democrats demand that this test be covered under the ACA, and require a doctor’s prescription.

  29. Lakers, Clippers vote to boycott remainder of NBA season


      The NBA never said no to the players. They okayed everything — political messages on jerseys, kneeling for the national anthem, political messages on the court itself — and it still wasn’t enough. And now their business doesn’t exist. Lesson: you can’t ever be woke enough.


        NBA players think if they don’t play people will care immensely. I think they’re totally wrong. Most will just find another form of entertainment to watch instead. Only 2 million people watch playoffs now. Meaning 320 million+ are already finding something else to do.


          The NBA players are effectively locking themselves out of their own jobs while demanding an action that their business has no control over. I don’t see how this boycott/strike/lockout ends. The NBA can’t address any demands with the players or institute any additional changes.

          1. Yeah, I honestly don’t know what they think they are going to accomplish by doing this or what needs to occur for them to start playing again. This doesn’t seem well thought-out in the least.

            1. It’s a childish temper tantrum.

            2. This doesn’t seem well thought-out in the least.

              *Mumble mumble* culture *mumble mumble* uneducated *mumble mumble* low IQ.

            3. It’s honestly fine if they don’t want to play–it’s not like anyone was watching the games, anyway.

              These athletes might be the top in their profession, but ultimately that platform is driven by fans. TV and merchandise money will only go so far, because it’s the fans who sustain the actual product.

              You’re not going to sustain a league by appealing primarily to a demographic that’s 13% of the population and falling, especially with all the cord-cutting going on. The league is either going to have to migrate to China, since they’re already a de facto partner with the CCP anyway, or start hyping Luka Doncic as the modern Larry Bird to get white people excited to watch the game again.

              1. They were hyping Luca before all the players decided that a bunch of millionaires whining about equality was going to resonate with their audience.

                Michael Jordan was far smarter than any of the guys playing today with his “Republicans buy sneakers too” logic. He got paid to put a ball in a hoop, and that’s what he was going to do.

                1. Luka deserves hype.
                  So mad ATL traded him for a poor man’s Steph Curry

                  1. So yea, my tie to the NBA, despite being a fan for 30 years and playing basketball my whole life, is pretty much done.
                    I was tolerating the BLM on the court and the idiotic sjw mottos on jerseys, those were a distraction that could be dealt with because the game was still being played.
                    Now it’s not, and their message to me is “fuck you… that’s why”

                    1. What was it someone here said their girlfriend mentioned about it? “A bunch of spoiled millionaires who legitimately hate you, want you to support everything they do without question. No thanks.”

                    2. “How Many More” on Lillard’s jersey was pretty funny though, as he torched the Lakers

                    3. That is perfect for Dame.
                      We’re gonna need to send in a special forces unit to get him the hell out of there this November

                  2. He’s definitely fun to watch, at least for the little basketball I’ve watched recently. It is pretty entertaining that a doughy Eastern European kid might be the best basketball player on Earth right now.

          2. I don’t see how this boycott/strike/lockout ends.

            If the owners had any balls they would go out and hire replacement players.

            1. Isn’t it really more of a fold the franchises and start a new league situation? Even if you find a new team contracts are gonna say that the NBA logos if not the entire design of the uniforms have to come off, no?

              1. Isn’t it really more of a fold the franchises and start a new league situation?

                I’m not sure. If it’s an organized strike called by the player’s union then I think they can bring in scabs (the NFL did it a couple of times in the ’80s). If it’s not an organized strike but just a bunch of petulant man-children having a temper tantrum, then I’m not sure what the legal ramifications would be. I would hope that the players would be in breach of contract and therefore can be cut without any consequences for the teams, but who knows? It’s possible the league as a whole would have to fold and reform, but I don’t know.

                1. Link to the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement here:

                  Maybe it has language addressing this situation?

                  1. probably too long to read … did players sacrifice any money by not playing yesterday?

                    1. Probably “risked” fines and/or suspension, but their CBA is about the most player friendly possible in pro sports

                    2. Reg season salaries have been paid in full, only risk playoff money.

            2. didn’t they make a movie about this type of thing I know there was a football movie called “the replacements” not to be confused with the excellent movie ” the Replacement Killers”.

              1. Just watched the Replacements again the other night.
                Simple, well executed and enjoyable movie

                1. It’s actually one of the better football movies out there, IMO (not a very high bar though). Like you say, simple story, but well made, enjoyable and pretty funny.

                  1. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy…

                  2. Any Given Sunday is actually really good, though Stone did way too much coke when making/editing it.

                    And Necessary Roughness will always have a special place in my heart.
                    Varsity Blues was good, but haven’t watched it since college

                  3. Replacements is exactly what it’s supposed to be, and doesn’t try to be anything else.
                    The most basic of sports stories (underdog misfits who overcome petty disagreements to become a team and gain redemption/glory before being put back in their place), corny as hell (John Favreau, Pat Summerall narration over the star QB’s first kiss with head cheerleader – who’s obviously knowledgeable about football and a serious fan… and hot, etc) but with not overdone leads from Keanu and Gene Hackman, good supporting cast, solid football action that doesn’t try to be spectacular.

                    It knows what it is and executes. Eminently rewatchable

        2. I’ve never seen the appeal of basketball – only the last two minutes of the game matter (if it isn’t a blowout), 75% of the teams make the play-offs and the playoffs last longer than the regular season? What the hell is entertaining about that when the only part of the games that matter are the last two minutes of the finals and the semi-finals? That’s about 15 minutes of entertainment, tops.

          1. only the last two minutes of the game matter

            Is there a competitive sport for which this isn’ t true?

            1. Is there a competitive sport for which this isn’ t true?

              Golf. But mainly because there’s no timer.

            2. For baseball, football, hockey and many others, the winning score could be at the beginning of the game.

              1. Especially in a pitching duel. I know broadcasters hate pitching duels and hate defensive football games, but for the true fan, they are the best. Who makes a mistake first. Who can take advantage of a minor mistake. Who has the endurance to last 9 innings, or four quarters of grind it out ball?

          2. Some of us actually just enjoy watching it because we like the game. But now that it’s about lefty politics and suppressing criticism of the Chicoms, it’s no longer enjoyable. I watched a bunch of games the first week it was back, but it just got too irritating, and I haven’t watched since.

          3. the beauty of basketball is in the first 46 minutes. players can get creative and show off. the last two minutes are boring — an endless list of timeouts, coaches drawing up plays, then teams running a clearout for one guy to take a bad shot.

            basketball was far better before Popovich and Jordan and Kobe made it all about winning a championship. it used to be about fun and creativity, and most of the teams were never going to win anyway.

            1. I thought Red Auerbach and Bill Russel made it all about winning.

              1. And they were the best of all time!

            2. Can we go back to Bird vs Johnson, highly competitive on the court but close friends off the court?

              1. Bird and Magic were unusual for that time, and even then it was only after their agents basically bribed them to do that commercial together in the mid-80s. Prior to that, they hated each other’s guts.

                That was the same thing for anyone else at the time–up through the late 90s, the league was filled with legitimate street fighters, black and white, who saw it as their mission to grind the other team into the floor. Some of this started changing in the late 90s with free agency becoming more prominent and ESPN’s hype machine kicking into high gear, but it was really LeBron, Wade, and Chris Bosh who started the trend of superstars from different teams hanging out together in the off-season. It’s not really a coincidence now that most NBA players are largely plushies who have spent their entire life being sheltered from the AAU system through the NBA, and so they all typically think of each other like distant relatives–they’ve never had anyone demand anything else of them other than play basketball, so they don’t really know what it’s like to try and put your foot on another team’s throat and smile while you’re doing it.

                Guys like Bird, Magic, Jordan, Isaiah Thomas, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkely–they’d dominate the game even more now than in their prime just because of the lopsided mental edge they’d have over these overgrown spoiled children.

                1. It’s why LeBron will never be better than Jordan – MJ would’ve killed a man to win. LBJ is kinda a pussy (but he will pimp for the Ds and not care about people who are hurt by the bullshit attitude he pushes)

    2. “Strike”, not “boycott”.

    3. James told the owners he wants them to be more involved and take action on social justice and racial issues, per Charania.

      Oh, so the NBA is boycotting the Chinese market, right? RIGHT?


      1. Well, they did strike that time an unarmed white kid was gunned down by the cops, didn’t they?

    4. Perhaps the federal government should investigate a certain sector of the economy for open, continuous, and blatant racism.
      You know, the one that has 80% of one race that makes up only 13% of the population.
      Sort of the definition of disparate impact.

    5. Disney rumored to be ending woke messaging in Star Wars and Marvel franchises:

      1. I’ll believe it when I see it.
        They’ve been all in on woke, and it ruined ESPN (among other things…)

        1. The new boss is supposed to have already started cleaning out the rot, because revenue is way down. Star Wars did well at the box office but sales of merchandise etc have not been what they projected. ESPN viewership is way down as well, as is ABC. The rumor is that the new boss told everyone “we are a for profit company and our job is to make profits not alienate our customers”. He has also steered Marvel to emphasize Olsen’s Scarlett Witch character over Larson’s Captain Marvel and has told Larson to stop insulting fans, or she won’t work for Disney.

          1. Huh, I’m kind of shocked. Thought Disney was one of those organizations that just never had to care about its fans. It’s so big it would take decades for it to even shrink significantly.

            1. They really, REALLY f’d up with Star Wars and ESPN

        2. Yeah, they haven’t gone totally the other way, having removed Zippie a do day from playlists at Disneyland and World, but considering how bad Song of the South was, I’m okay with that. Not really a big deal.

          1. J can’t wait for song of the south to be public. The uncle reemus stories a great, and the music is superb

            1. It needs a remake! With rap lyrics. Where’s Lin Manuel-whatever when you need him?

  30. I have an idea for Reason. Two words: Teen Reason.

    Making libertarianism cool for teens!

    1. I thought ENB, Boehm and Shikha already were Teen Reason?
      (Robby is Tiger Beat)

      1. Teen or tween?

      2. Yes but it has to be branded.


      3. We’re talking targeting, not maturity level of writing.

    2. I like that idea, although “Teen Reason” is an oxymoron

      1. Staffed by two women in the 35-50 demographic, what could go wrong? It’s not like any teens would ever just expect someone like their moms to make them a sandwich or something.

        1. ‘Five porn sites who pay a living wage’ and ‘How porn is fighting back against sex trafficking’ and ‘How to accept when your daughter tells you she’s a porn star.’

          1. OK, you’re right, that’s probably where it will go wrong: To combat closed borders and the illusion of human trafficking, libertarian writers ENB and Shikha Dalmia will team up to show teens how to pimp themselves across borders.

            1. “Sex trafficking isn’t real… but here’s how you whore yourself out!”

    3. That’s just going to get Buttplug hanging out offering them cigarettes and beer if they’ll hop in his van.

    4. Isn’t that what they have now? I guess changing the name would be truth in advertising.

    5. people like to be warriors and fight for social justice and against the existential risk of slightly nicer weather.

      How about call libertarians “Social Freedom Warriors”?

      1. Literally none of those words are applicable to them

    6. Interesting idea, but critical failure when it comes to name shortening.

  31. There are plenty of good things to criticize about former Joe Biden

    “Former Joe Biden?” Did he change his name to that weird symbol like Prince did? That crazy “Diamond” Joe, you never what he’s gonna do next.


    On Wednesday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) formally requested COVID-19 data from Democrat governors who required nursing homes to admit patients who had previously tested positive for the disease caused by the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

    “Protecting the rights of some of society’s most vulnerable members, including elderly nursing home residents, is one of our country’s most important obligations,” Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Division Eric Dreiband said in a statement. “We must ensure they are adequately cared for with dignity and respect and not unnecessarily put at risk.”

    The DOJ’s Civil Rights Division is considering launching investigations under the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA), which protects the civil rights of persons in state-run nursing homes, among other institutions. “The Civil Rights Division seeks to determine if the state orders requiring admission of COVID-19 patients to nursing homes [are] responsible for the deaths of nursing home residents.”

    1. They should. But it’s noise until we see indictments.

      Whitmore was warned and she ignored the pleas.

      Cuomo is just a moron so he should be arrested just for his dumbassery.

      1. If there was a charge of felony stupidity, Cuomo would be guilty as hell.

    2. The DOJ’s Civil Rights Division is considering launching investigations under the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA), which protects the civil rights of persons in state-run nursing homes, among other institutions.

      *pops popcorn*

      This should be fun.

      1. Hey Asshole,

        Make extra please.

      2. Let’s make it a drinking game. Drink every time some one in the media claims this is a political hit job by Trump to cover up his malfeasance.

  33. portraying Biden (Biden! The most milquetoast man on the Democratic debate stage throughout the primary season!) as some sort of radical commie

    He only seemed milquetoast by comparison. A senile Bolshevik surrounded by Khmer Rouge.

  34. China’s hidden camps
    What’s happened to the vanished Uighurs of Xinjiang?

    The first reports that China was operating a system of internment camps for Muslims in Xinjiang began to emerge last year.

    The satellite photograph was discovered by researchers looking for evidence of that system on the global mapping software, Google Earth.

    It places the site just outside the small town of Dabancheng, about an hour’s drive from the provincial capital, Urumqi.

    1. Good for BBC.
      The American media’s general silence on this is deafening.

      If you asked American journalists if they’d known about Treblinka or Auschwitz in the early 40’s would they have kept silent, they’d be offended. And yet here we are.

      Disney/ABC have been particularly repugnant on the Uighur genocide.

      1. Somebody has to suck Pooh-bear’s little, yellow dick.

    2. The Uighur Muslims all have the vid and have been permanently locked down in the manner supported by Rev. Kirkland.

  35. So, RNC is in full demagoguery mode, combined with promising miracles.

    1. Joe Biden: senile milquetoast moderate who hasn’t done anything in DC for 47 years? Or, RADICAL ANTIFA LOVING COMMIE MARXIST RADICAL who will destroy the suburbs and burn down America? THE CHOICE IS CLEAR, PEOPLE

      1. 0/10

        1. That’s quite the generous score.

          1. I’ve yet to see a negative score from it. This would have been appropriate time to establish that precedent.

            1. I gave someone a negative score, but obviously it was unofficial

            2. I was gonna say…….

              And yet, I trust that the judge is fair and accurate.

      2. “who hasn’t done anything in DC for 47 years”
        There’s a lot of people serving insane prison terms who’d disagree.

        Anyway, both you and ENB know that was aimed at Kamala the Red, the DNC’s actual presidential candidate.

        1. Jeff is an individualist, but some individuals he really doesn’t care about.

          1. Last evening I gave him an extensive list of crimes and violence committed by the riots across the nation, including the murders of unarmed people. I asked him to condemn just one of them. He went all straw man and tried to say I was trying to get him to condemn all the protestors by extension, even after I told him no, just one of the specific cases I listed. He doubled down and kept misrepresenting what I asked and couldn’t bring himself to say these acts were wrong.

          2. Chemjeff literally CAN’T see from a non-collectivist perspective.
            It’s kinda hilarious

            1. Dude’s gotta be parody.

      3. hasn’t done anything in DC for 47 years

        He’s done more than plenty.

      4. Once again, Democrats are quite literally destroying the cities they control. Why would they be any different if given control of the whole country?

    2. Republicans are panicking because they know voters are sick and tired of right-wing infiltrators causing property damage at otherwise peaceful Antifa / BLM protests.

      1. +3 internets. One of the best OBL posts in living memory.

      2. Tut-tut, remember that Antifa doesn’t actually exist.

      3. No hashtag?

        1. #skateboardsareviolence

          1. #skateboardingisnotacrime

            1. have one of those stickers still. no hashtag

            2. #shootmeniggaiswhatheroessay

        2. #bantikitorches

    3. So, RNC is in full demagoguery mode

      When are they, or the DNC, ever not?

      1. Jeff told me yesterday and the list I provided if similar demagoguing from the left over the last 3 decades was all lies and it is all Trump’s fault.

        1. This was even after WK admitted the left was guilty of the same thing. But no, not Jeff. Left wing demagoguing is all a FNC/Breitbart conspiracy taking things out of context or blowing them out of proportion.

          1. Well, he’s psychotic

          2. Was this before or after WK said the video of the 17 year old Wisconsin kid was too shaky to determine if he was being chased before firing?

            1. After

    4. In other words they had an effective convention and the Democrats has a shit show and you are butt hurt about it. It is a real shame that the Democrats message of burn loot and murder isn’t resonating with the public

  36. Notice how Kungflu stories have started lowering in news priority to election news?

    1. Not on network morning shows.

      Today had more covid coverage than convention yesterday – although they did tie it together because the top story coming out of the convention was that nobody was wearing a mask at Melania’s outdoor speech.

      Today it was hurricane coverage that trumped convention coverage – again tied together because the convention callously did not address the hurricane. Well, not beyond the times they mentioned it.

      And NBA boycotts. That was totally more important than the convention too.

  37. Tucker Carlson statement taken out of context. Hollywood commies demand he be fired.

    Fox News Host Condemned for Comments on Deadly Shooting of Kenosha Protesters

    1. This thing the left does where they lie about what someone says then insist the world ignore their own senses and accept that lie has gotten pretty old.

      1. And once the lie becomes untenable they start referring obliquely to the controversy their lies caused as if it were the original sin.

        “Controversial Fox news host”, “Tucker Carlson who is mired in controversy”, “The host, who has been seen as controversial by some”, ad nauseam…

      2. They only do it because it works.


        1. Does it?
          Or rather, who does it work on?

          More and more they’re restricted to their echo chamber

          1. Guess we’ll find out in less than 70 days.

  38. The reality is that ideal distance depends on masks, occupancy, indoor vs. outdoor, silence vs. speaking vs. shouting, and ventilation.

    I don’t care about the ideal distance I care about the effective distance as a rule of thumb I can apply broadly. Of course the ideal distance depends on several factors.

    Modern journalism is such garbage.

  39. LOL! National Review accidentally makes the case FOR Biden:

    Joe Biden supports the right of unlimited abortion, funded by the taxpayers, up until the moment of birth.

    Ummmmmm ……. yeah? The Democratic Presidential nominee agrees with the official Democratic Party position on access to abortion care? Shocking!


    1. ya. accidentally.

    2. You’re behind the times. Democrats are all about fourth, fifth, and three hundredth trimester abortions now.

  40. Democrat (Party of slavery) plans to steal the election:

    1. Use the 12th Amendment to force a House of Representatives choice for President and/or Vice President, if the swing states (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin) cannot certify their Electoral College votes by March 4, 2021.

    2. Get swing states to agree to mail-in-voting and commit voter fraud on behalf of the Democrat Party.

    3. Use violence or threats of violence to prevent voters in swing states from voting.

    4. Democrat controlled states secede from the Union (AGAIN) and hold their own 20202 elections where Hillary finally wins.

    5. Pull off a <1% chance of winning the 2020 election then Biden resign or be removed via the 25th Amendment because Kamala Rouge was the REAL Democrat choice for President.

    1. As for case 1, doesn’t each state delegation get one vote? What’s the current tally of Red vs Blue?

      1. Looking at 270 to win, and being insanely generous, 27-23 Blue. That’s counting toss up states as all Blue, and includes PA, OH, GA, AZ as Blue.

        I doubt it.

        1. I’m waiting for the Democrat supermajority to come up with a new ammendment
          “if the Republicans take a majority of the vote then the electoral votes will be proportional to the popular vote. If the Democrat wins the popular vote then the candidate will get all electoral votes

    2. Not going to happen, Trump is going to win in a very clear victory. The Democrats will try to steal votes, but it won’t be enough.

      Even on the off-chance that they can pull some shenanigans through to next year, that will just mean that Republicans will be in an even stronger position than now. They’ll have taken back the House and a bunch of state legislatures and governorships by the time any fishy not-elections are held to appoint a president in 2021.

  41. “(Biden! The most milquetoast man on the Democratic debate stage throughout the primary season!) as some sort of radical commie who wants to let gang members defile the suburbs, to cancel your church, to abort your newborns, and to start making Marxism and Mandarin mandatory in U.S. schools.”

    I wonder who ENB is voting for

    1. Hopefully Jo.

      Will we have another article on the Reason office’s Presidential choices?

    2. Wow, is that really in the article? Let’s see…

      -radical commie
      He’s taking platform planks for a self-described commie, so this is at least partially true

      -let gang members defile the suburbs
      Democrats are trying to make that happen wherever they’re in charge, and Biden has yet to say anything to denounce them. On the contrary, he has made very clear that he supports the cause of the thugs. This one is completely true.

      -cancel your church
      Again, Democrats are already doing this wherever they’re in control. Biden has explicitly promised to take these local lockdowns and implement them nation-wide. Completely true.

      -abort your newborns
      Isn’t this a central plank in the Democrat party platform? I don’t know if Biden has personally said anything about abortion this year, so I’ll put this as at least partially true.

      -start making Marxism and Mandarin mandatory in U.S. schools
      Again, marxism is already mandatory in most U.S. schools. Unless I missed something, Biden is all for keeping the stranglehold that far left teachers unions have on public education. This one’s also true.

      So was she trying to prove Pence right, or is she just stupid?

      1. Embrace the healing power of ‘and’.

  42. RNC Night 3 Pulls No Punches, Delivering Triumphant Outsider Challenge To All Of DC

    Trump still draining the swamp and Lefties hate him for it.

    1. Why do you hate grandma?!?

  43. Georgia has been “open” for months and we have had 5,311 deaths while infected.

    No masks, no “social distancing”, and no to Lefty hysteria.

    We are just fine.

  44. How Chaos in Kenosha Is Already Swaying Some Voters in Wisconsin

    The story reason doesn’t want you to read.

    1. “And some Democrats, nervous about condemning the looting because they said they understood the rage behind it”

      Democrats are immoral but they make up for it by being retarded

      1. Progressive ethic number one: no person is responsible for their own thoughts and actions.

        1. Unless they’re white, in which case everything they do was premeditated to be as evil and racist as possible.

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    2. Who is going to tell the NYT to come get their girls?

    3. All over America Democratic mayors are refusing to allow police to protect the public from rampaging mobs. Republicans are just pouncing and being demagogues by claiming the public isn’t safe with Democrats in office. I mean where would anyone get that idea?


    Newly released evidence filed in the case against the four former Minneapolis Police officers accused of murdering George Floyd indicate that a “fatal level” of fentanyl was found in Floyd’s blood, suggesting that he died of an overdose, not asphyxiation. The toxicology report also found Methamphetamine, Norfentanyl, and 4-ANPP in Floyd’s bloodstream.

    1. He was dying they just didn’t want him dying in the car, thats just too messy

      1. Just trying to save the his family from the embarrassment of another senseless OD death.

    2. Are they seriously claiming that he would have died that day anyway? That his dying after a cop kneeled on his neck for 8 minutes is just a coincidence? k

      1. If he had overdosed on drugs, why would that not be the case? The other thing is that there where no injuries to his neck or wind pipe. How did they choke him to death and leave no injuries?

        1. Positional asphyxia? Due to Floyd being the criminal law equivalent of an eggshell plaintiff because of his obesity, WuFlu symptoms, and opiate ingestion?

          Going to be hard, theoretically, to overcome reasonable doubt on this one though. I kinda like the defense attorney theory that Floyd did it to himself, by inadvertently ingesting an overdose with the remainder of his drugs when the police initially approached him.

          1. They overcharged once again, as I predicted they would. It would be a slam dunk indifferent manslaughter charge. Or negligent manslaughter charge, but no the DA decided for murder 3 without even waiting for the autopsy, because the crowd demanded it.

            1. Depraved indifference.

            2. I believe I predicted this the day after the killing in June.

              1. Same thing in the Trayvon case. Good ol Sharpton and cohorts demanded murder two, when negligent manslaughter was the obvious and likely successful choice.

            3. Negligence is a lesser mental state than that required for manslaughter. Manslaughter requires recklessness.

              Seemingly pedantic, but the difference is important.

          2. Have a gander at this memo between the ME and Prosecutors Office:

            Note the doctor’s comment, “if Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors he [Dr. Baker] would conclude that it was an overdose death.”


      2. It makes the murder charge a lot harder to convict on, though I personally don’t think it absolves Chauvin in the least

      3. When you OD on Fentanyl, you basically drown in your own lungs from secretion. Floyd’s lungs were 3x the weight they should have been in the autopsy.

  46. BMJ is a good source and I have to read that link later in detail.

    “Physical distancing should be seen as only one part of a wider public health approach to containing the covid-19 pandemic. It needs to be implemented alongside combined strategies of people-air-surface-space management, including hand hygiene, cleaning, occupancy and indoor space and air managements, and appropriate protective equipment, such as masks, for the setting.”

    The worst has left us. The virus is likely to never go away if true what they say about coronaviruses. So the question is for how long do they expect to keep this up. Are they trying to say forever then we should absolutely reject all this. I find these studies a little too late to the game.

    Sneeze in you sleeves, keep your distance if you must and just be careful as we’ve always done.

    But this social engineering is UNACCEPTABLE for this virus. It’s simply not an existential threat. The hysteria must end soon.

    And DO NOT get me going about how we’re traumatizing kids.

    I can seriously punch someone.

    1. The Democrats are gambling that these lockdowns will have to last to the election and beyond, their base is the sort of people who don’t have a problem with the lockdowns. They forget that for the working class, the lockdowns simply can’t last that long. It’s one thing to be staring down the loss of your job and bankruptcy, when you start looking at starvation the lockdowns are going out the window. I’m betting that sometime well before the election, the negative effects of the lockdowns are going to be so obvious and so unbearable that even the Democrats are going to realize they fucked up by championing the lockdowns. Same as these “peaceful protests”, the Democrats backed the wrong horse on that one and it’s too late for the MSM to change the narrative on that one without it being obvious that they’re simply lying their ass off about the Democratic support for the rioters.

      1. Maybe so, but the Heffalumps are too stupid to take advantage of it.

    2. And DO NOT get me going about how we’re traumatizing kids.

      Not to mention that it’s actually directly counterproductive in this regard. Like chickenpox (chickenpox vaccine aside), contract it when you’re young, itch and feel crummy but get a week off school and play outside, maybe get a scar. Contract it when you’re 65, overweight, and just recovering from your first heart attack and it very well could kill you… unless you contracted it 60 yrs. ago.

      The longer you isolate these kids from the pathogen, the more you guarantee they’re susceptible to this virus when it comes back around and, as the evidence clearly shows, the next one as well.

      1. Exactly.

        What’s especially galling is the protocols in place aren’t to protect the kids anyway. It’s to protect the adults.

        So we’re double screwing kids.

        We’re despicable cowards.

    3. Rufus, you keep misunderstanding the social engineering as the means, when for many people it is the goal.

      1. I want to not believe that. Perhaps naively.

        1. But you do at this point, don’t ya?

  47. Behind Trump’s Surprise Pardon To Black American Who Helps Prisoners Start Life Fresh

    First Lincoln got Black Americans to vote Republican and now Trump.

    1. It’s been downplayed, but the GOP has been actively recruiting female and minority candidates in solid blue districts this year and making targeted messaging to blacks and Hispanics. The convention has gone out of it’s way to feature a diversity of speakers (notice the line up is more diverse than the DNC convention, and the media hasn’t been trumpeting the old trope about how the RNC convention is lilly white compared to the DNC convention). The first nights lineup with three black speakers, and Indian and two hispanic speakers praising Trump and the Republicans set the tone.

      1. I also expect that Haley, Scott and Cameron just effectively threw their hats in the ring for 2024. Won’t it eat up Hillary, if the first female President is an Indian daughter of immigrants from the Republican Party?

        1. Haley then Scott are on deck.
          Scott needs to be governor at some point before running for prez

          1. Though I’d say Scott is much more popular with the base than Haley, who’s not entirely trusted by us Trumplicans

            1. And Noem has quickly become a strong contender, though she hasn’t been tested much yet

              1. Susanna Martinez is always a dark horse, but I think she missed her chance. Yes, Norm is definitely in play.

              2. I don’t think Pence can ride the coattails, especially if Trump loses

                1. Pence is a good right hand man.
                  Better than I expected from a guy I initially thought was just a mannequin.
                  Would be funny to see him stay on as the 2024 candidate’s veep

  48. And in case none of you are paying close attention, notice how Europe is slowly walking it all back – except for the UK who never turn down a chance for more draconian measures.

    Lockdowns were a mistake and people will not tolerate masks mandates much longer.

    On with it already.

    All articles henceforth shall be titled: Sweden was right all along.

    1. I prefer “Sweden Did Nothing Wrong”.

    1. A subcommittee will look into whether the sun rises in the east.

  49. Hmm, last I checked we’re well over 170k dead from something that could’ve been far less deadly (compare deaths per capita with other countries).

    But yes, please tell us all about how Joe Biden’s administration would be hell on Earth. Only a completely mindless moron could lap up this bullshit.

    1. True. It will be interesting to see what the DOJ finds about governors putting CoVid infected patients in nursing homes.

    2. “compare deaths per capita with other countries”

      Why? Each case is different.

    3. “If it saves one life…”

      I don’t know that turning communist is a small price to pay for 30,000 or so fewer dead geezers. (Unless you’re suggesting that under Biden nobody at all would have died and fucksticks like Cuomo wouldn’t have deliberately killed grandma.)

      1. Remember, Cuomo killed someone else’s grandma to protect his mom. He actually told us that.

    4. Only a completely mindless moron could lap up this bullshit.

      SQRLSY? Is that you?

  50. CNN Changing Tune On Violent Riots Because Of Polls

    Democrats dont want to give Trump a 1972 Nixon landslide.

    1. Probably too late. Their platform over the last 6 months is “no one is allowed outside or allowed to do anything with each other, except BLM who are allowed to burn down whatever they feel like”.

      It’s a wonder that isn’t more popular.

    2. ship sailed.

    3. They’ve stepped in a massive pile of their own shit.

      How can they possibly go about telling us that the riots they’ve allowed happen (at the least) are now no good without being called racist? They’ve championed for months the idea that “silence is violence” and carried water for the “peaceful protestors.” There is no way the mob lets them get out of the corner they’ve painted themselves in to.

      This should be fun.

      1. Meh, leftists are lemmings.
        They literally got themselves routed into then trapped in a tunnel by the LA cops last night

  51. Key Russian Collusion Hoaxer And Dossier Peddler At Obama’s State Dept. Worked For Sanctioned Russian Oligarch

    I can’t wait to see all the unreason articles about how the Democrats and their propagandists lied about Trump-Russian ties.

  52. Trying again re: the “at-home test for COVID-1”

    From the company’s own press release, the test has a “sensitivity of 97.1% and specificity of 98.5%”. That means it will correctly diagnose an infection 97 percent of the time and will correctly return a negative result 98 percent of the time.”

    That sounds good but let’s put it at scale. If 100 million people take the test (about a quarter of the US population) and, to keep the math simple, 1% of them are infected, this test will correctly identify 970 thousand of the 1 million sick people as sick. It would also incorrectly identify almost 1.5 million healthy people as sick. The same test would correctly identify 97.5 million healthy people as healthy while incorrectly identifying 30 thousand sick as healthy. In other words, it will say that 2.5 times as many people are sick as are actually sick. To continue translating, if this test says you are sick then there is only a 40% chance that you actually are sick.

    As the incidence of sickness goes down, the test gets even less reliable. If the percentage of actual sick is 0.1% of the population, this test will say that 16 times that many are sick. So if this test says you are sick, that will be true only 6% of the time.

    This test is better than nothing – but just barely. It is going to generate huge numbers of false positives.

    1. Weren’t some of these tests revealed to generate positives because they were detecting COVID cells that were actually dead?

      1. Don’t know. The company’s press release for this test doesn’t give any details about what they’re looking for or how it works.

    2. Wait, it’s a binary test. That is, it gives a yes or no answer to the question, “Does this person have COVID-19?”

      It will misdiagnose 30,000 people who actually do have COVID-19, and 1.5 million who do not. That adds up to roughly 1.5 million misdiagnoses. That means it correctly diagnoses the other 98.5 million people. (This is all assuming 1% true infection rate.)

      1. Which as you know is what a screening test does. You accept a higher false positive rate.

    3. Or putting it another way, of 100 million people it will correctly diagnose 970,000 who do have COVID-19, and correctly diagnose 98,500,000 who do not have COVID-19. That adds up to 99,470,000 correct diagnoses out of 100,000,000 tested.

  53. Biden National Outdoor Mask Mandate Isn’t Just Unconstitutional, It’s Anti-Science

    unreason rarely uses the term “unconstitutional” to describe laws, rules, or mandates that have no constitutional authority.

  54. The BLM Mob Doesn’t Just Want You To Raise Your Fist, It Wants To Rule You

    Chanting “silence is violence,” the mobs in D.C. demanded that random people they came across do as they were told: raise a fist or else. In one video, a seated woman is surrounded by angry BLM activists, nearly all of them white, fists raised, haranguing her to do the same.

    The woman, showing good American instincts, reportedly said she agreed with them but refused to be bullied by a mob.

    Funny that mobs like this dont do this in Georgia. Nothing like a customer pulling out a pistol to defend themselves against a mob of violence.

    1. The raised fist is just a left-wing version of the Nazi salute.

      1. The behavior of the mobs in D.C. were Brownshirt-like and worrisome. On the other hand, the Nazis were much more organized than these feckless college kids.

    2. Considering that this is an event that happened in D.C., mobs have not been doing this in lots of other places besides Georgia. Pretty much every place other than Georgia.

      1. It’s a revival of the Black Brunch events that started five years ago, where black people entered restaurants and started yelling at diners to pay attention to their grievances.

        1. “I’ve considered your grievances and I’ve decided you should go fuck yourself”

          If more people replied that way this shit would stop. These entitled little weenies behave this way because no one tells them to go fuck themselves when they’re being ridiculous.

          1. Probably because the shriekers in this case are a bunch of low-impulse-control, minimum future-time-orientation animals who would beat the person to death like those ferals did to the 59-year-old at the Frederick Fair earlier this month, or the shithead who shot Cannon Hinnant, or the mob that shot Jessica Whitaker in the back.

            Or, just recently, tried to knife a white guy to death in Aurora, Colorado while shrieking “Black Lives Matter.”

            1. Or the brainiac in Columbus GA who after watching a bunch of social media videos hyped by leftist cretins decided he needed to stab a white guy so found one in an Autozone parking lot.

  55. “New study finds contradictions in social distancing recommendations:”

    So that 6′ rule is something someone pulled out of their ass? How….

    1. The WHO and EU recommended half of that.

      I’m going with none.

      In any event, I naturally social distance as an introvert.

      1. And by the way, the vast majority of our decisions and policies during this pandemic were just that: Pulling shit out of our asses.

        When you have public health officials saying stupid shit like ‘Social justice, before social distance’ to justify mass protests and rioting you know things are a tad askew.

        Right there you saw the bull shit of it all.

        If it were up to me, I’d clean slate and rid the system of these officials by firing them. I have no confidence in them.

        All they do is constantly ‘warn’ and ‘worry’.

  56. portraying Biden (Biden! The most milquetoast man on the Democratic debate stage throughout the primary season!) as some sort of radical commie who wants to let gang members defile the suburbs, to cancel your church, to abort your newborns, and to start making Marxism and Mandarin mandatory in U.S. schools.

    Biden is just a figurehead and placeholder. He said this himself.

    Biden’s shtick is to let “the experts” and intellectuals run the country, and they are just what you describe.

    Biden isn’t going to make it much past the election anyway, and Harris is one of the most left wing senators around (and a truly vile human being).

    1. good thing nobody’s here for the political analysis.

    2. Meanwhile, the other major party is offering us one capricious, doddering, dimwit who won’t listen to anyone and condemns a major chunk of his own administration’s people as being “Deep State” who are undermining, even after his being chief executive for nearly four years.

      Two bad choices.

      1. Trump is so much smarter than white knight, though that’s not a high bar

        1. Really? Just one example: I am not baffled by the concept of per-capita statistics.

          1. The list of what baffles you is too long to fit into one comment.

  57. Officials investigate sailor for arson in Navy warship fire in July: report

    Officials are investigating a sailor for arson in connection to a fire that engulfed the USS Bonhomme Richard in July, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

    A senior Navy official told the newspaper that no motive has been identified and no one has been charged.

    Here we go with systemic failures of following Navy regulations by command blaming junior sailors. USS Iowa and the “gay lover” lie.

    Ships dont normally have combustible material lying around to catch fire and halon systems turned off.

    1. While I will never discount incompetence in the navy, getting this ship out of commission was a huge win for China were they planning to do something with Taiwan.

    2. They might during a major overhaul evolution in the yard. The paint store catching fire sounds reasonable to me.

      On the one hand, the coverup for the Iowa. On the other, Miami did get burned out by a disgruntled sailor. Split the difference and have it be due to negligence at NASSCO?

  58. They told me if I voted for __________________, I wouldn’t be safe. And they were right!

    1. Either way you’re fucked,

      If you vote for Biden, President Kamala will let her Stormtroopers have their revenge on the deplorables, meanwhile her party institutes all those great ideas from 1984 that they’ve been advocating lately.

      If you vote for Trump they’ll be rioting 24/7 and burning down cities, while the deep state kicks off revolving coup attempts and tries to bring the country to a standstill.

      1. Option Segunda is better because rioters eventually get sleepy.

        1. 77 grain pills to the head will cause that…

          1. That pedophile who took one to the dome in Kenosha kind of flopped around like he was having a seizure before he took the long nap. Watching people frantically apply pressure to the hole in his skull that wasn’t bleeding sure was something. Pressure ain’t gonna fix the hole in his worthless brain, sweetie.

      2. Eh, I don’t live in those cities. I don’t wish for violence, but it doesn’t effect me, so no way am I going to be intimidated by it. And I’ll never move somewhere that the local government shits on the 2nd amendment.

        As far as the deep state, if Trump wins re-election I think he’ll learn from the first win, and go after them aggressively from day one, with both firing a lot of people, and having Barr prosecute some of them.

  59. “You Won’t Be Safe In Joe Biden’s America”, is a line from several Trump ads I’ve seen over the last few weeks. Because the campaign isn’t the crowd spectacle they usually have (which draws people into the crowd and makes viewers at home feel like part of the convention), they’re smart to make the convention more of an integrated whole with their advertising campaign.

    That ad ends with, “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America”, and it’s from July. That speech tied together a bunch of strands that have been running through the Trump reelection campaign for months, like the season finale of a television, and it was highly effective for that reason–in addition to the message. When swing voters start to see themselves as part of narrative, they’re more likely to tune in, turn on and vote for you.

    1. It’s a very smart move on the Trump campaign’s part. As I pointed out up thread, safety trumps almost all other political goals. No one cares about the Green New Deal if they’re worried a violent mob is going to burn their town down (which isn’t very environmentally friendly btw).

      If the undecided suburban housewife is going to swing this election, this angle from Trump is going to get him a big slice of that pie. They might want to be woke because it feels good and they get kudos on social media, but in the voting booth they’re going to vote for the guy they think will give their family safety, wokeness be damned.

    2. That’s very weak soup.

      Where’s the 2020 Lee Atwater? We need to take the gloves off. Democrats are literally killing cops, jobs, and free speech. I get very frustrated when I see their lame commercials. I’m sure I could do a better job.

      Idea 1: Have a Trump double debate a Biden double using their exact words.
      Idea 2: Run the SOTU where Trump says ‘lowest black unemployment ever’ and show the Donkeys sitting on their hands while the narrator says: If Democrats support black lives, why aren’t they happy to hear about black progress?

  60. “…the Republican convention has chosen to go full conspiracy-mongering, portraying Biden… as some sort of radical commie who wants to let gang members defile the suburbs, to cancel your church, to abort your newborns, and to start making Marxism and Mandarin mandatory in U.S. schools.”

    Biden is no radical commie, but the evidence is clear that all the Democrats are okay with gang members defiling downtown and living in the suburbs with subsidies, canceling church over paranoid virus fears when similar businesses are allowed to operate, and as always, protecting a woman’s right to choose to kill her developing baby. But no, they don’t want to teach Marxism in schools, because more people might figure out what they’re trying to accomplish.

  61. excited to see whether Lebron eats crow or never plays again.

    1. Imagine if you were some marginal player and this year was your make it or break it year. LeBron and a bunch of other millionaires who never have to work again just cratered your career because they had some feelz.

      1. These guys are almost all on the same page, and the ones who aren’t are hiding it so they don’t get frozen out.

        The NBA is about the closest thing right now to a true Players’ League, which is why their product is turning to shit and ratings are going in the toilet.

    2. I really hope he puts his money where his mouth is and retires to become a political activist. It seems he’s far more interested in that than playing basketball anyway.

      He really makes me miss Michael “Republicans buy sneakers too” Jordan.

    3. He’s a cowardly hypocrite. Physical specimen on the outside, weak sauce on the inside.

      Sorry. That they bend for China like they do is all I need to know about this lame league.

    4. yahoo says China told them to play ball, bitches.

  62. A ban on the messaging app WeChat—as ordered by Trump earlier this month in a crackdown on parent company Tencent—could be bad for American citizens and companies in China.

    Yeah, no shit. That’s kind of the point of the ban. If it were good for American citizens and companies in China that it be banned, you wouldn’t have to ban it.

    The problem is that, as with all things Chinese, the Communist Party has their hand in it and is no doubt using the app to spy on Americans and gather all sorts of information on them that they don’t know is being gathered. It’s pretty scary that the Chinese are gathering information on you, they should just be buying all that information from Google and Facebook like everybody else. Leave the clandestine information gathering to the NSA. Of course, that’s what really has their panties in a wad – since it’s a Chinese app, the NSA has no way of forcing them to accept American spyware like patriotic Americans would.

  63. ‘You Won’t Be Safe In Joe Biden’s America’

    Is his statement controversial? It’s most definitely hyperbolic, but we’ve been treated for decades (yes, decades) of Republicans Want to Kill Old People– which is both hyperbolic and untrue. But Pence’s statement certainly rings more true, at least in the context of the right-the-fuck-now current events picture.

    I actually believe that if Biden gets elected, BLM, Antifa and most of the raw violence we’re seeing on the streets in various cities will dry up like so much puddle on Texas asphalt, EXACTLY as the anti-war movement dried up when Obama slid into the white house. The subtext being, “BLM ain’t getting shit from the Democrats beyond a few platitudes and gestures”.

    1. These people are far more unhinged than the anti-war folks were though. I don’t know that they stop rioting just because Biden wins, they want their policies implemented. His election might cause a lull, but the next time a cop shoots a black dude the whole thing sparks off again unless Biden has made some serious moves on police reform.

      That’s Biden’s dilemma right now, and he’s starting to come around to the “rioting is bad” side because he realizes that there aren’t enough pro-riot people to elect him. Most people do not agree with the rioters demands, but most people aren’t willing to burn a town down over it either. He wants a lot of votes AND for the riots to stop, and he’s in the wrong party for both of those things to be possible simultaneously.

    2. It’s not even hyperbolic. Democrats are literally destroying their own cities. It’s not a stretch to assume they’ll do the same to the whole country given half a chance.

    3. As to the rioters suddenly disappearing, I don’t think that’s guaranteed. They’re not on the Dem party’s leash anymore like the anti-war movement was, so the Dems can’t just snap their fingers and bring them to heel. Biden will lose, but in the parallel universe where he could possibly win, it would take the same sort of militarized police intervention it will take Trump to bring the riots to an end. And that then moves to making newly armed non-far leftists paranoid about what the government will do to them.

      1. I believe they will. I believe a lot of the rioting has been enabled by the mass-media, and when the mass media goes back to sleep like they did from 2008-2016, it’s going to be more difficult to gin up outrage when the “likes” dry up.

    4. Considering the mobs are targeting Democratic politicians for cancelling, and we have seen the same tactics used to drive out progressive Progressives at universities who don’t toe the line 100% (and progressive authors, J.K. Rowlings anyone?) I doubt they will be happy with just a Biden win. They want everyone to bow to their demands. And they promise violence if they don’t get 100% of what they want. This is what happens when kids who throw a fit when you tell them no they can’t have a candy bar, are placated by giving them a candy bar, rather than ignoring or punishing their tantrum.
      On a related note, when my 16 yo was 3 we bought him a candy bar and put it on the conveyor belt. He threw a fit because he wanted the candy bar. I told him no, he’ll have to wait until he got home. The sales attendent said “oh it’s okay if he has it now”. I told her no, he doesn’t get it because he is throwing a fit. She gave me a dirty eye and said “but it will make him happy, don’t you want that?” No, I want him to learn proper behavior and understand that you don’t get what you want because you throw a fit. She was aghast, like I was beating him with a belt for not letting him have the candy bar. Later middle age white woman BTW. I can see her kids acting just like these morons.

      1. That’s why you have a night of the long knives

        1. AKA, my ex wife after a nail salon appointment.

  64. Not letting students use a bathroom that matches their gender identity is a violation of Title IX—the federal law preventing sex discrimination in schools—according to a new ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit.

    Good grief. where does it end?

    1. When all of us are watching Trans acceptance videos while our eyelids are held open by some sort of contraption, a-la Clockwork Orange.

    2. It once was hyperbole, but now it is becoming an actual thing… Pedophilia is there next step. We have politicians introducing bills in California to decriminalize pedophilia and Australia passing laws that punish victims of rape and pedophilia for telling their stories. The UK has been covering up actual rape gangs (mostly underage girls as the victim) for several years. And activist are growing louder that pedophilia be added to the alphabet soup of alternative sexualities.

      1. Remember when the Transgender rights movement assured us no biological male who identifies as female would use that to compete in female sports or invade female only spaces? That lasted about one week. And when they assured us legalizing gay marriage wouldn’t result in gays and the state punishing Christians who opposed gay marriage or churches that refused to host gay marriages. The ink was even dry on the USSC case before a lesbian couple sued a church in Kansas for refusing to host the wedding and wedding reception.
        Do what you want with consenting adults. Sleep with who you want, if they are of age. Marry who you want. Call yourself what you want. You should be able to do that, and you should be free from violence, but also realize not everyone is going to agree or accept you.

      2. If it gets rid of the criminalization of teen sexting and those “predator” stings, decriminalization or legalization might be worth it.

    3. With a few people having some minor new access to rights while your life changes not one ounce from how it was before?

      1. If you are a woman who now has to shower with strange biological males, yes your life is impacted.

        1. There’s a group of Asian women working at a salon in Canada whose lives were definitely impacted.

      2. soldiermedic76: “We have politicians introducing bills in California to decriminalize pedophilia”

        Tony: “With a few people having some minor new access to rights while your life changes not one ounce from how it was before?”


    4. Well perhaps things have changed in dorm living since my day. Was no big deal then.

      Snowflake nonsense. Grow up kiddos.

  65. A Republican convention video that purported to show riots of the sort we could expect in “Biden’s America” featured footage from Spain.

    Well that’s stupid. All they need to do is show footage from __________, USA.

  66. Give the killer/rapist a lead injection instead. No prescription needed.

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  68. Mike Pence is the republican Al Gore – both empty stuffed suits with no personality, charisma, or logical thought.

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