Brickbat: If We Let You Teach, the Students Might Actually Learn Something


Sacramento County, California, Public Health, has closed Capital Christian School, claiming that teaching is going on there. Under a state mandate, schools in counties with high levels of coronavirus cases, such as Sacramento County, cannot hold in-person high school classes. However, daycares are still allowed to operate. Capital Christian recently reopened its high school as daycare. Head of School Tim Wong denies it is providing on-site instruction but says that by being in daycare the high school students can get a level of support they can't get at home while they individually work on their online assignments. The school faces fines of up to $1,000 a day if it remains open to high school students.

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    2. And the rules change daily (or at the whim of the official). So fucking pay attention.

      1. You must live in Michigan, no?

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    3. That which was permitted yesterday is forbidden today.

      1. I’m pissed that my grandson is not able to receive speech therapy in public school since the local county “authority” deems opening schools DANGEROUS bc COVID.

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  2. I love the creative ways people are getting around this bullshit erected by leftists in jackboots. This goes right up there with the gym in NJ that is now an official campaign and rally site for the GOP Senate candidate.

    1. How about a gym recast as a white privilege atonement center, with people punished by doing physical labor?

      1. I’m going to assume that involves lifting bales and toting barges?

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      1. That’s mean. This one was creative and uplifting. The spam is better than the real comments!

        1. So we’re going to behave as though bots have feelings and rights now? Can I only be mean to the designated trolls [The Rev, Squirrel, and Tony] or do they have rights, too?

          They all come here for abuse, you know. It’s part of their masochistic life style.

  5. You know who else tried to keep Christians from gathering?

    1. Lions?

    2. The kkk

    3. Sulieman the Magnificent?

    4. Saul?

      1. Ooh, I know!
        Emperor Nero!

    5. The man who farted in church?

      1. Correct; they called him the “church sneaker:” he crept in, crapped, and crept out.

        1. Otherwise known as Cotton Hill

  6. Someone’s authoritarian boner is getting hard. Arbitrary laws must be enforced!

    1. The fact that it would be ok if they weren’t teaching ought to convince even the most knee-jerk deferential judge how arbitrary the rule is. Gather as daycare and do nothing: ok. Do something productive in the same setting: illegal.

      Pretty funny to us outsiders. Must be infuriating as hell for those involved.

      1. Arbitrariness if a feature of the system, not a bug.

  7. Kids are learning there? Unfair advantage over public schools.

    1. If the kids don’t stay out of public schools and their own private schools we’ll have to start throwing them in jail to teach them a lesson.

  8. Open as a daycare. Then the students use computers to receive distance learning from teachers that are at home. Is that bureaucratic enough for you?

    1. As long as the precious public school teachers, who are much smarter than regular people, can hide in their basements.

    2. My public school is doing this. $900/month/kid for suboptimal at best distance learning proctored by non-teacher school district staff.
      I am pissed. And homeschooling until private school spots open up.

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  10. It will be like this everywhere if Biden is elected.

    1. Again and again, feature, not bug.

      This is how it is supposed to be, with technocrats and “scientific ‘experts'” deciding for you. We cannot leave decisions up to individuals, that would deny control. And without control it’s just mayhem, you know, with people learning things that are not correctly revised and without the proper imprimatur.*

      *Yes, that used to be a Roman Catholic thing, but there’s a new religion in town now. And deniers will be persecuted.

  11. The school faces fines of up to $1,000 a day if it remains open to high school students.

    Sheesh, just fine the school anyway. The state needs the money.

  12. Call it a BLM research and reference center.
    Claim everything not BLM friendly is just opposition research for the next election.
    Send the kiddies home with a frozen bottle of water and a box of matches.

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    1. We’d only need 180, not 365. (Weekends, summer, holidays, etc…)

      And I’d pitch in a day for this.

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          Speaking of bots, does anyone here have the capability to send malware to those email addresses they post? That would be fun. Since Reason does not seem to have the wherewithal to get rid of them. it’s sort of like justifiable self defense, right?

  14. There’s not much difference between a school and a daycare anyway.

  15. Knowledge is infectious.
    Don’t catch it!

  16. I’m shocked that there is g̶a̶m̶b̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ learning in this establishment!

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