George Floyd

Protesting Police Violence Is Critical. But Why Are the Social Distance Shamers Suddenly So Quiet?

What happened to staying at home to keep grandparents safe no matter what?


The protesters taking to the streets to demand justice for the killing of George Floyd certainly have a righteous cause. They are, however, breaking just about every rule of social distancing. And many of the most committed voices in support of continuing the aggressive, painful measure to contain the spread of coronavirus suddenly have nothing to say about it.

A month ago, when Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) ended the state's COVID-19 lockdown and allowed gyms, restaurants, nail salons, and other businesses to reopen, many in the mainstream media accused him of wanton disregard for human life. The Atlantic described the state's relaxation of the very strictest social distancing measures as "Georgia's Experiment in Human Sacrifice."

When Florida beaches reopened, it was the same story. CNN highlighted the activism of a local man who had dressed as the grim reaper and was warning sun-bathers that people would die unless they went home. Referencing the stereotype of the Florida man as a reckless and moronic thrill-seeker, The Washington Post wrote that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) was essentially "standing astride the alligator cage, hollering at the rest of the country to check out what's about to happen."

Photos and videos of people gathering in parks in New York City, beaches in California, and public places elsewhere, have generated thunderous denunciation on social media for the past few weeks. Shaming people for failing to socially distance is now common practice for health authorities, government officials, amateur social media sleuths, and of course, many journalists in the mainstream press. (There has also been some welcome pushback.)

It is no accident that the term Karen, a derisive nickname for a type of snitch who summons the authorities to intervene in trivial matters, has suddenly become culturally ubiquitous. Karens are calling out social distancing fails on social media. Karens are on cable news scolding the unmasked. Karens are giving press conferences threatening those who violate stay-at-home orders with arrest.

It's hard to imagine how that can continue.

In their formal statements, a lot of public officials are (correctly) endorsing the protesters' concerns about police violence, and many have condemned the street violence that occurred during the protests.

But what we are not seeing is widespread condemnation of the protesters on what might have been the most obvious point of criticism: They are manifestly violating the social distancing orders. Again, if we are to believe the earlier, dire warnings from public health officials about what would happen if lockdowns were relaxed too quickly, people who fail to practice aggressive social distancing will spread the disease and get others killed. By the logic of lockdown supporters, even the protesters who are practicing strict non-violence have a lot of blood on their hands.

And make no mistake, the protests unfolding all over the country are violating quarantine in any number of ways. Remember that many places are still under stay-at-home orders, and people are only supposed to go outside for essential work or allowable recreation in small numbers. On the plus side, some protesters are thankfully wearing masks, and their activities are unfolding outdoors, which are both factors that work to stop the spread of the virus. But the sheer number of people involved, packed tightly together, often engaging in high-spread activities—like yelling—certainly override much of the benefit. Even Denver protesters, whose comparatively restrained demonstration involved gathering in a public place and lying prone on the ground for eight minutes—the amount of time Floyd's alleged killer had a knee on Floyd's neck—shouted "I can't breathe," the entire time.

Holding police accountable is a very important cause. But the logic of the lockdowns was that they were so necessary to stem the spread of COVID-19 that they should override other pressing concerns. Small business owners were forced to shutter, and many will close permanently, because policymakers ordained that slowing the pandemic was the top priority. Daring to reopen was an "experiment in human sacrifice," a dangerous practice akin to riding an alligator while yelling yeehaw. California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has fought to prevent churches from reopening to the public, characteristically said the protesters were "rightfully outraged." He did not scold them to go back inside before they get their grandparents killed.

Media and government experts who fail to consistently call out social distancing violations risk giving the impression that their commitment to zealous enforcement of public health measures wasn't as absolute as they claimed. It turns out they are willing to make exceptions for their preferred causes. Perhaps those who previously went overboard on the social distance shaming should admit this was a mistake. The current silence of the Karens is deafening.

NEXT: D.C. Cops Kept Herding Protesters Into Harm's Way

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  1. Shot in the dark: their policies have more to do with domination than they do with safety.

    1. Which is why the “protests” are about race instead of policy

      1. Except they aren’t they’re about a lack of police accountability. Everyone is sick of the cops literally getting away with murder

        1. Yes. Everyone is tired of police murder. The police murder a lot of innocent people of all colors and we should all be equally mad about each and every one of those. We should also hold the people who actually commit these crimes accountable and not defend extremist groups who feel like they can destroy personal property with impunity. I don’t know about you, but I get upset when anyone who kills, steals, rapes, assaults, defrauds, ect…. has a lack of accountability. Cops are given superpowers without responsibility by the state and that is wrong. Giving an angry mob superpowers without responsibility is not the answer you’re looking for.

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          2. Where the fuck were all these people when the cops shot up a UPS truck in Miami several months ago?

        2. Except there’s never a riot when police murder a white guy, just a few egg headed articles on the internet trying to whip up the same furor which go nowhere.

          In my estimation there’s a few things rear their heads when you get the typical “black guy killed by a white guy brouhaha” package deal:
          1. Protestors. Police really do come down harder on poor and minority communities, especially black ones. Partly because those communities actually do generate the most crime per capita and partly because the cops assume that people who look like they come from them are more likely to be involved in crime. Some people in those communities get out and protest that. You can spot these people really easily because they stick to marches, wave pictures of loved ones, and focus on the negative effects that over-policing has on them and their communities.
          2. 16-25 yo Men With Nothing To Do. This includes your college students supporting a woke cause and your aimless part-time-or-un-employed (black) youth who have nowhere else to be after 5pm. These people probably don’t believe as strongly in the cause as Group 1 but with access to a little liquid courage or maybe just a loud enough chant they’ll happily smash a few windows, jump on top of cars, and maybe torch something. They revel in the general low level mayhem that these events bring. You can easily spot them because they are young men, which it is extremely rare to see any of these in Group 1.
          3. Actual Honest To God Racists. This group is smaller than the previous two but much louder and will show up quickly to try and whip up group 1 and 2 and will do leg work to boost numbers at the “events”. They hate white people and there is no floor to that depravity. For them, the events have nothing to do with police brutality and everything to do with striking back at “whitey” or “the jews”. There’s some overlap with Group 2 but the easiest way to spot them is that they have no sadness, only anger, and direct it not at police (of any race) but specifically at whites/jews (of any profession). The mayhem brought by this group is an order of magnitude higher than Group 2. They torch buildings, beat people severely/to death, and will gleefully participate in looting.
          4. The Professional Outrage Machine. About a day or two after the first protests you’ll see these hucksters show up to take zoom in the lens on a fifty person protest and shoot it from ten different angles to make it look like a five-hundred person protest. They appear on news networks to “explain” the “problem” and wonder aloud when America will ever learn. Also don’t forget to buy their newest book and donate to their charity which helps someone, somewhere, presumably. Also includes every single fringe group from communists to liberterians who see whatever event as the tipping point when the masses will suddenly start taking their opinions seriously (“libertarian moment!”).
          5. Organized and Disorganized Crime. These people use full scale riots as cover for theft. Looting can be a business for some. They know that there won’t be any arrests and no one will come looking for them, writing off the whole event as the black community “blowing off steam” so for that night only it’s a free license to smash and grab whatever you like. They don’t march. They don’t protest. They WILL smash things and torch stuff, but only as a pretext to get the cops to leave and to cover for their crimes.

          1. This is one of the most insightful comments I have read on Reason in years. Just curious, what do you do for a living, n00bdragon?

            Would you mind if I shared this on social media? I could credit n00bdragon from Reason forums.

            1. Do whatever you feel like. It’s the internet man. No one owns words.

              1. To borrow from that creepy birder in NYC, I’m going to do what I want, but you’re not going to like it.

                In all seriousness, because people/software are not the habit of labeling text with copyright/attribution marks (such as creativecommons) I tend to ask about sharing.

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          2. I don’t usually pay close attention to these kinds of events but now you give me something to look for in them. Thanks for posting n00bdragon.

          3. When we returned to the pad to unload everything
            It dawned on me that I need new home furnishings
            So once again we loaded the van until it was full
            Since that day my living room has been much more comfortable

            So brad nowell was organized crime?

          4. I agree with every word but one in what you wrote.

            Partly because those communities actually do generate the most crime per capita and partly because the cops assume that people who look like they come from them are more likely to be involved in crime.

            The word is “partly”. Is there any support for the implication that police are harsher on minorities in disproportion to their groups’ participation in crimes?

            That is not to defend the police. It is tyrannical to beat suspected shoplifters with nightsticks, and if black people commit 30% of the shoplifting, they will be the ones being beaten 30% of the time. That is bad for black people but the proper response is to insist that the police stop beating suspected shoplifters, not that black suspects be given special treatment.

            1. The fact that police presence and activity is heavier (and heavier handed) in poor and minority communities is indisputable. The “partly A, partly B” isn’t to say that either A or B isn’t a wholly a reason for it but that both A and B are reasons for it, additively, if that makes any sense. It can be simultaneously true that such communities DO produce higher crimes per capita and that police, faced with a choice of whether to patrol the local country club or the local slum in search of crime will choose to patrol the slum and will, on the average, be rougher on the people they interact with there.

              Nothing about my post was prescriptive and I don’t have any strong opinions about what “ought” to be done. Justice isn’t served with sweeping decisions but in incremental cases and when bad actors are held accountable for their misdeeds that’s the highest ideal I could hope for. I wouldn’t say “cops shouldn’t beat people with nightsticks period” because some people really do need a good clubbing. Police are literally the people society hires to muscle into submission those who cannot play nice in the sandbox. It’s when cops do so unjustly, without proper reason or judgement, and without the consent of written law that it’s a problem, and when they cross that line they should be punished for two reasons: For the misdeed itself and for violating the trust that was placed in them.

        3. Police accountability is a local matter.

    2. Why do libertarians resist good advice from government experts? You people are no different than a petulant child demanding another cookie instead of a healthy apple.

      1. An apple instead of a cookie?
        Not going to happen until the GMO crowd comes up with a chocolate chip apple.

      2. I’ve never heard any.

      3. Because they are often wrong?

        1. Because they are almost never right?

      4. Which government experts? The ones who told us that masks were not helpful and should be reserved for actual medical situations or the ones who say any type of face covering is essential, even crocheted face masks? [] Or the ones who told us COVID can live on surfaces for days and we should quake in fear at the prospect of opening our Amazon packages, but now say nevermind, the virus doesn’t live on surfaces for very long at all. The ones who told us that 2M Americans were doomed, based on a paper by a guy [Ferguson] who has been SO wrong SO many times before and who has since revised his estimates WAY WAY down?

        In a fluid situation, I don’t blame “experts” for getting something wrong.

        OTOH, consider this quote re: climate change…Unfortunately, as Kabat notes, the existence of an alarmed and sensitized public is all too useful to regulators and other interest groups. He quotes an honest but incautious remark in the air pollution researcher Robert Phalen’s 2010 testimony to the California Air Resources Board: “It benefits us personally to have the public be afraid, even if these risks are trivial.” []

        1. The Andy Cuomos who ordered NY nursing homes to not turn away patients with the virus. Look how that turned out. Why is that guy so popular?

      5. “good” advice
        government “experts”


  2. Its okay the rioters are wearing mask unlike those armed people who “stormed” the capitol a few weeks ago to call for ending lockdowns.

    Funny how the harmless sounding shelter in place became the totalitarian lockdown

    1. Nice try, but you scumbags have been claiming for weeks that large gatherings of people bunched in close together is a big no-no, masks or no masks. Do you seriously think we’ve forgotten all your bullshit?

      1. I think you’re missing the implied “/s” there

    2. GOP thugs, backed by our racist President, were intimidating minority and female Democrat politicians because they wanted to go to tanning salons and barber shops. The brave African-American protesters in Minneapolis are currently risking their lives to protest a police department filled with officers who sat by while one of their own suffocated a black man to death. When will you people understand? A black man’s life is worth more than your right to get a haircut!

      1. Rabbi, you’re the greatest. Please post more.

      2. And how exactly does looting a liquor store contribute to the cause?

        1. Vodka is a good hand sanitizer.

          1. 80 proof is not sufficiently concentrated in ethanol

        2. Well in theory, looting a liquor store contributes to the other cause, you know? the one everyone was obsessed with last week. A person stuck at home drinking does not have a chance to infect others at bars/barber shops/brothels/bodegas etc.

  3. By the logic of lockdown supporters, even the protesters who are practicing strict non-violence have a lot of blood on their hands.

    Thank you very much, Robby.

    If the pandemic is as bad as it’s claimed, shouldn’t we be hearing “When the social distancing stops, the shooting starts”?

    1. This is just another example of how brave the protestors are! Risking their lives by potentially exposing themselves to both COVID-19 and the racist police department shows that black America will no longer tolerate police brutality!

      1. Then they should be calling for an end to drug prohibition.

      2. And how many of them are potentially asymptomatic carriers, exposing others to their own contagion? Is that bravery, or reckless disregard for others’ safety?

  4. “Protesting Police Violence Is critical”

    Good idea, Maybe the rioters could try that instead of burning and looting everything in sight.

    1. Then they wouldn’t be rioters.

    2. Yup. But we have to get rid of government subsidized treatment programs at the same time.

  5. Good ‘ol Robbie.
    ‘To be sures’ aside, he’s one of the few writers here to ask the pertinent questions.

    1. Yep, I have been impressed by Robby’s journalisming over the past few weeks.

      I bash Reason when they get it wrong — which happens distressingly often — but I’ll give credit when they get it right.

      1. So they’re 1 for 5 today?
        I guess you could say the “undercharged” article was a walk, so 1 for 4.
        And of course one of those misses was the “tear gas” article, which was like striking out looking on 3 pitches with the bases loaded…

        1. My bad.
          1 for 5, with a single and a walk.
          No RBIs

    2. To be sure!

  6. COVID Karens are mostly progressive, and don’t want to be accused of being racist. Which is why they all have a black friend.

    1. They’re also cowards, and hide under their beds when things get violent.

  7. Few reasons:
    1. The protests are outside, which is much safer then being inside.
    2. It is important to take a stand against police violence, it is not that important that one does not get to go to the salon or gym for a few months.
    3. The protesters are mostly wearing masks, and the social distancing protesters were not, and were specifically not in order to knowingly spread a virus.

    1. 1. Lockdown protests were also outside.
      2. Tell it to the business owners who are being bankrupted. And who are you to make that decision, Karen?
      3. Most wore masks at the lockdown protests. And you’re as sharp as a bowling ball if you think rioters are wearing masks to prevent COVID.

    2. Looks like that contact tracing is about to get your ANTIFA buddies in some hot water the next few days.

      1. Those animals will be the first to achieve herd immunity!!

    3. Let’s see, one group was protesting the violent ruination of their businesses, and the other was violently ruining businesses as a means of protest.

    4. 1. We were told to stay home and if we go out avoid large gatherings.
      2. It is important to take a stand against government tyranny. It is also important to take a stand against bankrupting small businesses.
      3. The protesters are mostly wearing masks, therefore all other social distancing rules don’t apply to them. We get it. They are a special class that are allowed to kill grandma to stand against killing people.

    5. “in order to knowingly spread a virus.” You are actually insane. If 40 million people hadn’t lost their livelihoods due to customers being unable to patronize businesses, maybe we wouldn’t have nationwide looting by bored and unemployed college age kids. You are actually insane.

    6. “1. The protests are outside, which is much safer then being inside.”

      Some of the Floyd protesters” were inside of Target, AutoZone, and a variety of small businesses while looting, whereas the social distancing protesters didn’t go inside anyplace to engage in looting.

      “2. It is important to take a stand against police violence, it is not that important that one does not get to go to the salon or gym for a few months.”

      It is important to take a stand against government overreach; it is not that important to opportunistically burn and loot businesses for a few nights.

      “3. The protesters are mostly wearing masks, and the social distancing protesters were not, and were specifically not in order to knowingly spread a virus.”

      Either provide links establishing that a significant subset of the social distancing protesters not wearing masks were doing so with the intent of spreading the virus, or admit that you lied on this point.

    7. Yeah? How many people became infected at the anti-lockdown protests?

      I don’t know why people haven’t figured this out, but wearing a piece of dirty cloth over your mouth and nose doesn’t really do much. It’s just for show.

    8. Police violence and unconstitutional lockdown orders are two ends of the same turd. They’re both instances of government force. And you, buster, don’t get to decide what’s “that important” to anyone but yourself. Masks are for retards and they don’t work to stop viruses.

    9. Molly,
      The masks may reduce the viral load of exposure by a factor of 2 to 3. Moving from 6 ft separation to 1 or 2 ft increases the viral load exposure by 10x to 40x. Increasing time close by from less than 1 minute to 10 or 20 minutes increases exposure by 10x to as much as 100x.
      Now you can do the math.

      Your point was bogus as you neglected most of the science.

  8. Not to specifically pick on the left, but it’s not as if consistency has been their strong point.

    I mean going all the way back to the protest against Hitler Bush and his war crimes that curiously fell silent when Obama continued those same policies, it’s not as if the left has a set of principles as much as moods that are compliant to whatever context and who they can inflict them against.

    Masks today, riots tomorrow. You just don’t understand.

  9. Immaterial, but Newsom is the governor of CA, not Mayor of SF.

    You’re now in violation of section 230.

  10. Because. When people living in cities run by Democrats (you know where the vast majority of police shootings and riots occur) and people riot because of the failed policies these so called leaders put in place. They get “cover” from the Liberal Media and try to blame anyone else besides those policies they put in place and continued to support.

  11. Social signalling about black men evidently trump’s social signalling about their grandma.

  12. Roob nation figured out a couple of months ago the lock-down shit was draconian over-reaction.
    Rioting protest morons finally figured it out this weekend.

    1. Yeah, probably. It seems very likely that lockdown frustrations and fatigue have something to do with the unusually intense nature of these protests/riots.

      1. Yeah, I seem to remember reading many many things about the lockdowns being bad for mental health. Who knew it would blow up in this manner, certainly not the commentators at the time.

      2. Agreed.

  13. “…Why Are the Social Distance Shamers Suddenly So Quiet?”

    Insane tribalism. The Blues and the Oranges (You can’t call those led by a lifelong Democrat, until running for office as a Republican; that still taxes, spends, grows government, and bullies private companies like one Republican Reds.) will never shame their own tribe members, even “…if they shoot someone on 5th avenue.”

    1. Yep.

      “I would vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them. He wasn’t my candidate, but taking back the White House is that important.

      [progressive Katha Pollitt’s opinion piece in The Nation]

      I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway. The importance of owning an ugly moral choice.

      By Linda Hirshman [In NY Times]

      Representative Ilhan Omar said that even though she believes the accusations of Tara Reade, she is still going to vote for Joe Biden for President.

      Omar: “I Do Believe [Her]”

      “Believing survivors is consistent with my values. Yes, I endorsed against Biden and I didn’t pick him as our nominee. With that said, in this interview I did on May 6th, we talked about that and quotes aren’t always in context. I will vote for him and help him defeat Trump.

  14. So, the Science Party decides it needs to change its hat to the SJW party before it gets reminded of the last time it wore its science hat for too long, which did not go too well for brown people.

    1. I saw the term “sciencism” used recently. I use it now. A new, (maybe getting kinda old – ’70’s: Ice Age Coming. 80’s begins Global Warming and it’s various hystarical name changes. Oh yeah, 60’s Population…all the We’re All Gonna DIe In A Minute – religion – a religion used to dismiss , and disparage we rubes. The many who disagree with the entirety and utter acceptance of their piss-poor decades of being, uh, wrong about so much, of Sciencism. We hicks aware of a lot of the of the BS of much propagandized, (and very … incestuous $$$) global Scienceists out there.
      I haven’t been here in a very long time, but I do disagree with what’s his face? Ron Bailey? a lot though.

  15. I dunno, because it’s a fucking RIOT?

  16. Hard to believe the political left and the ‘mainstream’ media are hypocrites. Who knew?

  17. Ha! A little red meat for the commentariate from Robby!

    Careful Soave, you play the character long enough, you’ll start to become him.

  18. Congratulations Robbie “captain obvious” Soave. You found hypocrisy. But surely even you are not so ignorant to see that sometimes there are competing values. Surely you see the difference between going out in public for whimsical things vs protesting. Sureley you see that protesting public health measures is different than protesting against violence. And you can see that most of these protesters, unlike the gun-toters, are wearing masks.

    But I suppose people should just stay home and let the police have their way because they previously espoused concerns about the virus. We should all be trapped and obedient in order to appease the logical consistency cops.

    1. “ureley you see that protesting public health measures is different than protesting against violence.”

      Protesting against state-sanctioned violence against people who peaceably do their own thing is no different, to me, than protesting over forms of state-sanctioned violence.

      That the police give no shits about it here, nor do the pols, shows how truly serious this nonsense was.

      1. Yup. Orders with the force of law carry an implicit threat of violence. People protesting shutdown orders are just as right to do so as those protesting police violence. I’d argue that the lockdown protests are more important right now as lockdowns directly affect everyone and are currently doing tremendous harm.

    2. Robbie is asking – and I’ll ask you too: Why are the elected officials and the media that condemned people for previously protesting and violating the lock down laws – and they were laws – now silent when a different group of people are also violating those restrictions?
      Are these lock down restrictions now void? Why? If there’s a public health danger by allowing open/unsafe/close activity then that danger doesn’t disappear because the activity is just or good. Why the silence?
      And sorry, nobody believes that segment of the protesters who are wearing masks are doing so to prevent the spread of the virus. You don’t believe that, do you?

  19. OK Reason. Take the lead and come up with a new “contract model” between the police and the public. The current one is not working. Some control needs to be de-linked. Rewards and punishments should not be one way. Put out a list of 3 or 4 libertarian models for communities to embrace. Try something new that does not involve simply blaming other groups and dropping responsibility. Otherwise we will keep getting the same results.

    1. Prohibit government from initiating force.

      1. Who enforces that prohibition?

        1. In theory the checks and balances built into the constitution would do that, so the “who” would be each branch holding the others to account. In practice that would mean people getting their heads out of their asses and not constantly voting for parasites who promise to give them free shit.

        2. I need to review the rules on citizens’ arrest. I have a list. Didn’t that be a thing once?

  20. Social distancing? Are people still doing that?

    1. Perhaps those distancing recommendations were never sustainable.

  21. Is there a way to get notified about replies on here? Have not been active on reason in years. Came back for the free thinking, stayed for the casual racism.

  22. Oh fuck off already Robby.

    When the President has to go into the bunker it’s a little more than a stupid protest.

    This flat out rioting by these thugs that needs to be quelled.

    1. It seem obvious, I think, that’s it both a protest (with opportunistic elements taking advantage to loot) AND a radical violent element – Antifa/Marxists/Anarchists – inciting and causing violence and using the cover of the protest for their own agenda.
      It’s this latter group that is surprising me. They are far better organized and distributed around the country than I thought they were (note that it took about 4-5 days after the death of Floyd for this to explode; apparently they were putting their people out).
      This is a very dangerous group that will be difficult to go after. They’re fanatics but they’re smart and know what they’re doing. And we have an elite class – the media and others – who so loathe Trump that any resistance to him, even if it’s radicals like this, is defended and excused.

  23. THANK YOU for saying this. Concerns about the virus have been pushed way, way down to the bottom of the page on the websites of the major newspapers. The closest they get is that “experts are concerned protests might cause spike in cases.”

    That said, I am over the fetishization of masks. Why are the writers at Reason so convinced that they work? I don’t think any of them are doctors or epidemiologists. Most masks are loose, many people pull them down below their nose, or go all the way and pull them down onto their chins. I may be wrong, but I think the masks are more theatre than actual scientifically justified protective measures. This idea that rioters are “wisely” wearing masks is ridiculous. Nobody is thinking, “I’m gonna go burn down that AutoZone, but there could be other people there. Perhaps I shall wear a mask to reduce the spread of the virus. I must do my part.”

    And to be clear, not all protesters/rioters are wearing masks.

    1. Good points.
      If you touch the outside of the mask, to pull it down and then touch the inside as you pull it back up, voilá! you’re breathing through contaminated material.

  24. TLDR; The media are hypocrites who chase (or create) the latest controversy likely to generate clicks.

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  27. I guess the snitchers are keeping busy calling the police on all of these COVIDIOTS gathering together.

  28. The media’s selective outrage is palpable.

    1. As long as THEIR neighborhoods are safe, they are good with violent street theatre.

  29. Retards gonna go full retard.

  30. “But Why Are the Social Distance Shamers Suddenly So Quiet?”

    For the same reasons Target was looted.

  31. Simple. If you are a Libertarian or Conservative you are evil and have no right to protest. If you are a Leftist or Democrat you are cheered on because no matter the issue you are always correct.

  32. Why Are the Social Distance Shamers Suddenly So Quiet?


    I have come to appreciate the 6′ distance from all of you.

  33. Not to mention that these protests/riots are playing out in blue states and blue cities.

  34. The cops nor anybody else got away with murder, and I tire of having to swat away such rhetoric; it is not clever subterfuge. The biggest ruse of all is to mitigate the murder of a man by his race, or the race of the perpetrator; when did we start this?
    This is no “small point” either, this a system when an irrelevant fact is credited as a rational motive for a murder of a person. While it makes for convenient and a mob pleasing act to produce the usual boogeymen and serve them red meat, the filet of red herring – THE WHITE SUPREMISCT. But that’s never a satisfying meal, so new red herrings must be netted until you catch the great white wizard INSTITUTIONAL RACISM!

  35. Lockdown protests – right wing, mostly white, nominally pro Trump

    Rioters – Black. BLM and antifa are part of the left wing agenda.

    There you go. The fact that the former did not burn down cities is irrelevant. For the sake of equivalency, they appeared with scary guns and were only protesting because they wanted haircuts.

    But remember, people don’t trust the media because Trump made them hate it.

  36. this is one of the best Reason articles i have read in some time… spot on!

  37. It has always been social control. I told you this. The narrative is a lie.

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  39. The protesters are attempting to combat the social disease of racism, which will continue to kill black Americans long after COVID-19 is eradicated. In fact, racism makes COVID-19 more effective by increasing the occurrence co-morbidities and pushing minor offenders into overcrowded, under-sanitized prisons. The protesters are well aware of what might happen – it’s not a decision they make lightly.

    1. oops that’s minor offenders as in “people who commit victimless misdemeanors”, not “youth who commit crimes”. I have no idea how juvenile detention centers are faring in these times.

    2. Racism?
      The problem is police brutality.
      A cop who hates black people and ends up murdering one has committed police brutality.
      A cop who does not hate black people and ends up murdering one has committed police brutality.
      A cop who hates black people but treats them as any suspect should be treated, and thus does not murder anyone, has not committed police brutality.
      A cop who does not hate black people and treats suspects as they should be treated, and who does not murder anyone, has not committed police brutality.

      Stop trying to make it about race. It wasn’t about race when Tony Timpa was killed, and it’s not now. It’s about the police of the US acting like they’re an occupying army instead of peace officers. The entire militarization of the police over the last few decades has to be reversed, but it will be tough, now that an entire generation think that behaving oppressively is “officer safety.” The safety for the rest of us isn’t part of the deal, and in fact is the opposite of the deal, and that’s the case regardless of the race of the cop or his would-be victim.

      1. my response is still “awaiting moderation”, maybe because I had hyperlinked sources, so I’ll try again

        I’m not talking about racism as in “cop who hates black people”, I’m talking about systemic racism. Research suggests that black communities get over-policed and face brutality at disproportionate rates [1, 2]. Some of this is likely due to subconscious bias [3]. But I do agree that our aggressive police forces endanger people of all races.

        remove spaces
        [1] www . pbs . org /newshour/health/after-ferguson-black-men-and-boys-still-face-the-highest-risk-of-being-killed-by-police

        [2] www . prisonpolicy . org /blog/2018/10/12/policing/

        [3] time . com /5558181/jennifer-eberhardt-overcoming-implicit-bias/

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