Election 2020

Americans Rightly Tune Out the Democratic National Convention

Compared to 2016, fewer people are watching on broadcast and cable TV because they know a dull infomercial when they see one.


In a presidential election in which a record-high percentage of Americans (25 percent overall, including 37 percent of independents) agree that neither major-party candidate "would make a good president," it makes sense that traditional viewership for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) is tanking. The shift to an all-online convention, including a high number of pre-taped speeches, certainly hasn't done anything for the intensity of audience engagement.

According to the ratings service Nielsen, the first night of the DNC pulled about 19.7 million viewers across broadcast and cable stations, down from 26 million viewers in 2016. The second night of the convention had about 19.2 million watchers, down from about 25 million four years ago. Nielsen hasn't released ratings for last night yet.

A spokesman for Joe Biden, TJ Ducklo, tweeted triumphantly after the first night that "28.9 million Americans tuned in to @DemConvention last night across TV & digital platforms, up from 2016 & shattering the previous record for digital streams, which totaled 10.2m even as numbers still come in." But Duckclo didn't include any source for his estimate of digital viewership, leading NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik to ask, "Where are you deriving streaming figures from?" No answer was forthcoming.

Apart from partisan hype, measuring the online audience is no simple matter. It is surely higher than in 2016, but it's far from clear that its growth would more than cover the decline in cable and broadcast watching. CNN Digital, which tracks audience on that channel's multimedia desktop site and mobile apps, reports that "digital multiplatform unique visitors and video starts are up 38% and 19% versus the second day of the 2016 DNC." But the channel also said that just "53k users live stream[ed] the average minute of the convention programming from 9-11p.m. (equivalent to the way TV ratings are calculated). Digital average audience was up +6% from day 2 of the conventions in 2016."

A 6 percent increase in digital average audience and 53,000 people livestreaming the DNC during its peak time are nothing to write home about, even if you multiply such figures out over other platforms and sites. With historically low levels of enthusiasm for either the Republican or Democratic candidate, the Biden campaign's claim to record viewership is highly dubious. 

The national conventions long ago stopped being a place where any real news might happen or where unscripted events would reveal something authentic or telling. The shift to online-only underscores the reality that the DNC and RNC are infomercials pitched to the parties' bases rather than events designed to reach out to uncommitted voters. The rest of us will simply have to bide our time for a more substantive discussion of the country's uncertain future. It's not clear when or whether we'll have presidential debates but if we do, they will certainly go a long way to settling questions about the mental acuity of Trump and Biden. And they might actually put some electricity into an election surprisingly devoid of energy despite the hyperbolic rhetoric of partisans declaring it (yet again!) as the most-important election in our lifetime.

NEXT: Kamala Night at the DNC: The Party Anoints Harris and Brags About Biden's Crime Bill

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  1. Yet again, the most important election of our lifetime.

    Frankly, I’m amazed that so many people literally believe this.

    1. Each one is. At that moment. But for just that moment.

      1. I mean, technically, some of the ‘our’ will be dead before the next election and some of the ‘our’ for the next election won’t have been born yet so…

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      2. I remember back in the seventies when I was barely able to form coherent thoughts, that my mother was busy telling everyone that voting for McGovern would mean the end of the world. It would mean communism, evolution being taught in schools, and cats living with dogs outside of wedlock. Or whatever else the scare was. In retrospect, McGovern was milquetoast. Would be seen as a reactionary today. And it was Nixon that ended up getting us out of Vietnam.

        Gawd how fast I would vote for McGovern if he were running today!

        1. McGovern was pro-life too. Just saying you would vote for him is now probably considered hate speech.

          1. And rape.

            1. And speech that promotes rape.

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        2. I remember in 1980 when my parents voted for Ed Clark (and David Koch!), even though Ronald Reagan himself was running.

          Clark won 921,128 votes (1.1%), even though there was already a third option for protest votes (the dull as dirt John Anderson, who won 6.6%).

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        3. Nixon also kept us in Vietnam so he would be re-elected. Nixon introduced wage and price controls, and Nixon (just like Obama) illegally spied on his opponents.

          1. And took us off Bretton Woods and any semblance of hard money, setting the stage for the shitshow we all see now.

            Arguing democrat vs. republican is like arguing hippo shit vs. rhino shit.

        4. It would mean communism, evolution being taught in schools, and cats living with dogs outside of wedlock.

          McGovern didn’t get elected, but we’re still getting communism, evolution is taught in schools and it’s now legal for cats to marry dogs.

          On a serious note, McGovern became imminently reasonable after getting slapped out of public life:

          My own business perspective has been limited to that small hotel and restaurant in Stratford, Conn., with an especially difficult lease and a severe recession. But my business associates and I also lived with federal, state and local rules that were all passed with the objective of helping employees, protecting the environment, raising tax dollars for schools, protecting our customers from fire hazards, etc. While I never doubted the worthiness of any of these goals, the concept that most often eludes legislators is: ‘Can we make consumers pay the higher prices for the increased operating costs that accompany public regulation and government reporting requirements with reams of red tape.’ It is a simple concern that is nonetheless often ignored by legislators.

        5. The one from the 60’s I would vote for in a heartbeat is Eugene McCarthy. Anti war and fiscally conservative. A true liberal who actually knew something about economics having been an economics professor.

    2. Just once…I would like to vote in an unimportant election. 🙂

      1. People may not be watching, I am not, but I have had to quit watching the evening news where the Democratic convention is pushed down your throats. I quit watching the evening news because of it.
        Not there is any substance there. What a nice guy Joe is, what Joe is going to do to solve all the US and worlds problems, but never HOW! No talk of a platform or it’s planks, what I want to know.
        Oh, yes, Joe is just going to tax the rich and every one of his miracles will happen. But remember, you are one of the RICH, no matter how poor you are!

      2. Where the hell have you been? It’s like over 30 in a row.

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  2. “Where are you deriving streaming figures from?”

    Average number of unicorn farts per hour divided by the number of coherent unscripted Biden statements.
    In other words, the same way they prove their economic successes.

    1. That’s going to be a problem for them once the Green New Deal makes unicorn farts illegal.

      1. I thought the Green New Deal relied entirely on unicorn farts. Or was it pixie dust?

        1. I believe unicorn farts are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm… could be an issue.

          1. “unicorn farts. Or was it pixie dust?”
            Steam turbines fueled by the incineration of the hopes and dreams of children.

        2. Pixie dust was determined to not be gender neutral. I believe they’ve got a fair trade, soy-based substitute.

          1. If anything, it’s homophobic. I’m okay with the soy version provided it’s locally sourced and 23% is bought from trans farmers of color.

  3. >>agree that neither major-party candidate “would make a good president”

    why this in first sentence of piece on why (D) convention sucks?

    1. Because Nick wanted to make it clear from the start that while the DNC’s convention sucks the Orange Man is still Bad.

      1. A truth that needs to be reiterated over and over.

    2. Seems like a good bit of context.

      1. unnecessary shot @T to decry his party’s shitty convention.

      2. Are you retarded? Your comment was.

    3. Self defense.

      Can you imagine a what would happen to a journalist who criticized The Party, but did not saying something nasty about Trump too to mitigate the attack?

      1. hopes always high one of them will stick a neck out.

  4. I don’t know where you can watch the DNC, is CNN or MSNBC covering it live? Because I’ve got just about zero interest in it, but I would maybe like to see Biden’s address tonight if he’s giving it live. Just to see if it is in fact live or “live”, as in they recorded it in 8-second bursts, which is as long as they can keep him moderately focused and coherent, and spliced together the best bits of his speech. I’m going to be on the lookout for continuity errors, like where his tie changes colors and then changes back again, indicating that it took several days to get 20 minutes worth of usable speech put together. Also going to be checking on how dilated his pupils are to get some reading on the dosage of medication they had to put him on to get him tolerably presentable and looking for the tell-tale twitching that indicates they had to shove a 460-volt electric elephant prod up his ass to stimulate him enough to appear life-like.

    1. If I go to YouTube or Hulu the links to the live stream are all in my face.

      1. Meanwhile, Google, Facebook and Twitter helped make sure that the RNC will only be accessible on The Daily Stormer and all ISP’s are required to block it.

    2. Every night’s broadcast has been on C-SPAN.

  5. Lying about the streaming audience figure is just icing on the cake for a democratic party so devoid of reason, logic, rationality, ethics, morals, and respect for law and order. Except when it benefits them. They do not care what happens as long as they get rich and if you suffer too bad for you. Their vision of government steamrolls over the population making you a virtual slave. Fuck all democrats everywhere for all time.

  6. they know a dull infomercial when they see one.

    They should book the Shamwow guy for the RNC.

    1. best comment today

    2. but wait, there’s more!
      Trump not only cut our taxes, he kept us from getting more involved in wars in Syria AND in Iran!

    3. Biden’s Law put Vince away for several years.

      1. He’s back out. Saw him hawking shamwow face masks on TV.

        1. wring out your virus-condensation wherever you are!

  7. Yeah, the DNC Convention is boring. It’s more fun seeing which Trump Trash con man is being indicted.

    1. Are you going to have another Mueller Christmas this year, Mr. Buttplug? I know I will!


    2. “Trump was right for firing Bannon”

  8. But Biden needs to score a Grand Slam with the working class voters he is trying to court.

    1. He’ll be lucky to get a warmed-over Eggo waffle.

      1. He needs a grand slam but he’s going to get french toast.

  9. Trump is going to be reelected.

    MAGA 2020

    1. LOL

      Another RED WAVE prediction, sure to be as successful as the last one.

      1. Exactly.

    2. I like how it reverted to MAGA because the first 4 years was enough of a shitshow to know it wasn’t anywhere close to “great again.”

      1. or…we just had a virus?

        1. And wearingit’s party threw an enormous tantrum that included several coup attempts and subsidized rioting.

          “Hey, we just smashed you’re country. Tell us again how ‘Great’ it was, lol” – t. DNC

  10. It’s not clear when or whether we’ll have presidential debates but if we do, they will certainly go a long way to settling questions about the mental acuity of Trump and Biden.

    Surely you can’t be serious.

    1. Yes I’m serious, and stop calling me Shirley.

      1. It’s really not all that different than brandy.

  11. My favorite Team D politician, Marianne Williamson, stated that watching the convention was like binge-watching a Marriott commercial. LOL.

    How come Tulsi isn’t speaking at the DNC?

    1. I would go on a date with Williamson. I’d try to plug into her kookiness.

      1. Yo….Tulsi seriously does it for me.

      2. absolutely. love her hippie side.

    2. “Tulsi was asked to speak, but she was too busy having a threesome with Assad and Putin on top of Hitler’s grave.”

      Official explanation from the DNC.

      1. they should air that instead.

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  13. The rest of us will simply have to bide our time for a more substantive discussion of the country’s uncertain future.

    If only some of us were competent journalists or editors who might know some competent journalists we might be able to seek out or even spark more substantive discussions. Shucks.

    1. ^Thread winner here!

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  15. Maybe people tune in to laugh at the Democrats?

    Two things. They’re an insufferable bunch of whack jobs. Always yapping about how good people they are. This means they’re rotten.

    And then there’s Barry. Oooo, Nelly! What’s left to be said that hasn’t already about this narcissistic twit? That was some piece of projection during that 30 minute babble of gibberish.

    It was so inappropriate the way he behaved. But hey, they go high as Michael likes to say.

    1. Personally, I would expect the numbers to go down in elections where it doesn’t matter who the candidate is. Why watch a thing that’s supposed to tell you who Biden and Harris are, when you don’t care who they are?

      This time around, the main qualification for a Democrat is to not be Donald Trump and you don’t need to watch the DNC broadcast to know that Biden isn’t Trump. You could run a turnip for President and it would probably get about the same viewership.

      And then, for the young types who might have been Democrats, they have now broken for full fledged socialism and communism and are fully aware they won’t be achieved via voting so why watch? They’re busy planning their next attack on a police station, and couldn’t give less of a fuck about Biden or the voting process.

      1. Man, what I wouldn’t give be able to vote for a turnip this time around.

  16. Apart from partisan hype, measuring the online audience is no simple matter.

    Uhh…this is basically false.

    It may be hard to get platforms to divulge numbers, that much is true. But digital platforms know how many unique visits a page gets and how many times it’s watched, partially or in full.

    Neilson numbers are a fucking stab in the dark that could be made up and no one would know the difference. And those ratings have a track record of being wildly wrong, to boot.

    1. Just send a request to the NSA. They got it all.

  17. One of the great things about streaming is that you can sign up for packages that don’t have cable news outlets–and not be forced to pay for them regardless of whether you watch them.

    In other words, millions of Americans are opting for streaming packages that don’t even include the cable networks or broadcast networks. Not only does more people streaming mean few of them are watching because they have better options, more people streaming also means that more of them are watching television without any access to cable news or network news–because they don’t want it.

    1. To paraphrase Leary, opt in, turn on, tune out.

    2. I mean, if I want to watch new Star Trek I must sign up for CBS All Access which is indeed bundled with CBS news so…not entirely sure this works as you say in practice.

      Of course, the same thing applies to my Hulu subscription. It comes with several cable nightly news programs.

      Netflix is basically the only streaming service I pay for that doesn’t come bundled with anything else. And Netflix is pretty much constantly under fire, and all the ‘experts’ are of the unanimous opinion that they will be forced to do ad’s five years ago because there is no way their model will sustain itself.

      Some days I think they’re right, and other days I think they’re full of shit.

      1. Because you can opt into a service that carries network news doesn’t mean you need to. You can opt out of network news and live stream cable channels–I do it.

        I will watch a couple of programs on Bloomerberg TV, which is free of charge on Roku.

        I use philo. The only news it gives me is BBC World, which I don’t give a shit about. No CNN. No Fox. No MSNBC. No broadcast networks. I just get the cable channels I watch without the cable news channels I hate.

        Most of my news comes from online sources, none of which are CNN, Fox, MSNBC, or broadcast networks.

        There are plenty of people who watch tubi and Xumo, both of which are free of charge, apparently have over 20 million viewers each, and neither of which offers CNN, Fox, or MSNBC. The big media companies have been buying the free streamers out because they’re so hot–because one of the fastest growing segments of the streaming revolution is consumers who are opting out of live cable entirely.

        I remember seeing over at Cord Cutters News (I think it was) when Sony’s Vue unit pulled the plug on their streaming service (they were originally selling cable streaming through Playstation and then became available on Roku), they had a poll of which cable streaming services Vue users were planning to switch to once Vue was over and done–and the most popular option when I saw the poll was “none”. Plenty of people are turning to free services + Hulu (without live TV), Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple+, or even Disney+, for just a few bucks a month, and they don’t feel like they’re missing out on anything.

        And they probably aren’t.

        When I kept track of all the shows I watched on cable compared to the things I watched on cheap streaming services–and how much I paid for live cable–it was a real eye opener.

        You pay, what, $55 a month for Hulu with live TV? Keep track of every show you watch on Hulu that is only available to you on live TV. And then compare how much you’re paying for that to how much it costs for a monthly Hulu subscription without live TV ($5.99 a month). Or compare that to Netflix at $8.99 a month. Realize your live local sports are free. Is what you’re getting from live TV really worth six times more than what you’re getting from Netflix? Or are we just stuck in a mindset that says we need to have live cable for some reason?

        Younger consumers don’t have that mindset.

        1. I’m not saying cable is ever a better choice, I’m saying that even if you’re off cable shows will be bundled and you’ll be paying for those right along with the one or two things you want to watch.

          And as far ‘the youth’, they have no idea what you’re talking about since they’re all using BitTorret for the price of their base internet connection. Or just subscribing to CBS or Disney+ for a day at the end of the season to watch the whole show in a day or two then cancelling.

          I have never paid for cable, and at this point probably never will. It would be like buying a Model T instead of a Lexus. It’s a choice that no price conscious person would make, and it shows in how many people still subscribe to cable.

          But the idea that when you subscribe you’re not also paying for things you never watch is a fallacy. They’ll set the price point to cover that, and most things that are ‘worth’ watching are going to be on a service that does this.

          1. The idea that you’re paying for channels you don’t watch may be the largest difference between the cost of traditional cable and the cost of streaming.

            The reason philo only costs $20 a month is because they don’t carry broadcast network stations, sports networks, or cable news channels. The reason Sling’s base package only costs $30 a month is because they don’t carry sports networks (unless you pay extra) or broadcast networks.

            Cable companies are legally required to carry local broadcasters’ signals, which is a big part of the reason they can’t compete on price with streaming services that don’t offer local broadcast channels. Meanwhile, since I’m on philo and only paying $20 a month for cable channels without CNN and MSNBC, I am NOT paying for those channels despite the fact that I never watch them. If I were on cable, my cable fee would be higher to pay for the cable company’s right to carry CNN and MSNBC.

            Out Republican commenters here who hate CNN and MSNBC and would never watch them under any circumstances are paying for them anyway when they pay their cable bill. The cable company doesn’t bill you based on what channels you watch. If the channel is in the package they’re selling, you’re paying for it whether you watch it or not. That is the reason why so many of CNN’s and MSNBC’s shows can stay on the air despite drawing fewer viewers than a college co-ed doing bikini try-on videos om YouTube from her dorm room–because they make money on Republican subscribers regardless of whether any of them watch the network.

            CNN, MSNBC, and Fox make nothing on Philo subscribers–because we get live cable without those channels.

            No, I don’t pay for channels I don’t want.

            I may pay for the Hallmark channel despite not watching it, but the reason I’m on Philo is because I refuse to pay for cable news channels or broadcast television stations. People pay a little more for Sling because they want the cable news but refuse to pay for broadcast television stations they can get for free by plugging an antenna through a conversion box into their wifi router. We’re not to the point where we can choose stations a la carte completely, but we’re getting closer to that all the time, and if you want to get live cable without the cable news, you can.

        2. Or compare it to the digital antenna I have – $39.95 from Costco about 6 years ago, and gives me 20+ channels.

          Except for me, practically the only reason to watch TV is the hockey game. Mine is almost never on. Didn’t turn it on after the Stupid Bowl until ice hockey restarted.

          I can live without brainless propaganda in my life. If more people would read instead of watching shit, we might not have a country going down the tubes.

      2. Unless you want to risk permanent brain damage from all the SJW crap and shitty writing, do not watch the new so called ‘star trek series’, better known as STD, and its latest incarnation, Picard. It has literally nothing to do with Roddenberry’s genuine ST.

        1. I don’t remember seeing any SJW crap in Picard. I thought it was fun.

      3. Netflix comes bundled with the Obamas.

        1. And if that doesn’t twinkle their subscribers’ titties, it won’t be back.

          That is unlike some of tertiary shows they run on MSNBC and CNN, that sometimes draw 80,000 viewers or less. MSNBC and CNN get subscription money from cable subscribers who don’t watch their shows–and the people who own them are measuring their profits in more than just dollars and cents.

          MSNBC began as a way for Bill Gates to fend off further attempts at anti-trust, and Bezos didn’t buy the Washington Post because he needed their earnings to pad his bottom line. Owning a news outlet is a great way to buy influence and break even on the cost of that–and scare off your critics while you’re at it. If you ever want to work at a media property owned by Disney, you better STFU about Warren Buffet–and you never know whether you might end up working for Disney through M&A activity, too.

  18. A lady on NPR this morning was complaining how boring Biden and Harris are. This does not bode well for the dems since voters usually go for charisma above all else. Look for them to force Joe off the ticket before November.

    1. Well after voting for Obama, who was supposed to reform the entire nation in his image, it’s hard to imagine what would ‘excite’ the Democrat base short of outright shredding the Constitution and pissing on it’s ashes.

      That, and the far left seems to have given up on the whole democracy thing in favor of violent revolution. It’s hard to excite that type without putting people against walls. Yet somehow, it’s still white supremacists we need to be on the lookout for. Specifically, white supremacists that mostly agree with Democrats on just about everything except issues of race.

  19. Granted, a lot of people hate Trump, but way more people also like Trump than like Sleepy Joe Biden.

    Absolutely nobody really likes Sleepy Joe. Not even in his own party. So of course nobody is paying attention to this sad shitshow.

  20. infomercial? ….more like tent revival…..the flags the symbols the apostles…..watch any documentary of Scientology/pick-a-cult-any-cult…a WWE event comes close, too

  21. Meh, I get a DNC convention in my local newspaper every day.

  22. How is nick’s boy (trump) going to pull off a virtual convention without cheering cult members in the background?

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  23. “dull infomercial”

    How charitable.

    I saw thinking more along the lines of “fetid crock of bullshit.”

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  25. While I mostly watched highlights, I though the parts I watched live were done well. I especially liked the nomination role call. It gave each state a chance to shine and reminded me that we are more than 50 states and there are a number of territories that also have an interest in who is President, even if they can not vote for the President.

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  28. Well, there was so much other stuff on TV to watch.

  29. I was flipping channels during a commercial and heard Estela Juarez’s letter: https://www.demconvention.com/press-releases/a-letter-to-donald-trump-on-immigration/
    I found it very effective and persuasive. Probably the only part of the convention that could get a libertarian to feel positivity towards the democrats……

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