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No, AOC Didn't Snub Joe Biden

Plus: Laura Loomer's win, another hotel accused of sex trafficking, and more...


AOC nominates Sanders. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.) spoke to the Democratic National Convention last night for less than two minutes, but that was more than enough time for her to prove the most controversial part of the virtual gathering.

"In a time when millions of people in the United States are looking for deep systemic solutions to our crises of mass evictions, unemployment, and lack of health care, and espíritu del pueblo and out of a love for all people, I hereby second the nomination of Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont for president of the United States of America," said Ocasio-Cortez, one of the most left-leaning members of Congress in addition to the youngest.

AOC snubs Joe Biden!, or so the story immediately went.

Not so fast. Ocasio-Cortez's role last night was part of the planned convention procedure, not a way of sticking it to Biden, the party's presidential nominee.

"Convention rules require roll call & nominations for every candidate that passes the delegate threshold," explained Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter. "I was asked to 2nd the nom for Sen. Sanders for roll call. I extend my deepest congratulations to @JoeBiden—let's go win in November."

Ocasio-Cortez has been calling out NBC for making it seem otherwise:

Sanders' nomination "was symbolic," notes USA Today. "Sanders was allowed to keep many of the delegates he would have otherwise lost when he suspended his campaign due to an agreement with the Biden campaign, which was intended to show party unity."

There wasn't much for the party's leftier contingents to like in last night's convention segment, however. It was about as centrist, status quo, and swampy as you can get, complete with a gushy and sycophantic mini-doc about the friendship between Biden and late Sen. John McCain (R–Ariz.).

Some on the left saw Ocasio-Cortez's words as a bright spot nonetheless. "Joe Biden is the short-term future of the Democratic party: that much is obvious. But tonight, AOC … gently gestured toward a different kind of long-term future," writes Holly Baxter at The Independent.

Socialists versus war hawks—yippee!

Either way, we lose.


• The new American dream:

• President Donald Trump was demonstrably excited about Laura Loomer's win:

• State attorneys general are suing to stop planned Postal Service cuts.

• Another hotel is being targeted by advocate lawyers looking to make hotels criminally liable if prostitution takes place in hotel rooms, in the name of fighting "sex trafficking" and "human trafficking."

• A national Human Fetal Tissue Ethics Advisory Board stacked with a bunch of people who oppose all human fetal tissue research recommended against funding 13 of 14 research proposals under consideration.

• "While navigating a mammoth advertiser boycott and potential federal antitrust charges, Facebook Inc.'s chief financial officer may be most concerned about California's strict new privacy law." Here's why.

• Sex workers in Ireland are fighting for a say in the country's laws about them:

• "There is now a market, measured in attention and approbation, for anyone who can sniff out a Karen," writes Helen Lewis, in a piece dissecting The Karen.

• Politico looks at "how the Supreme Court dropped the ball on the right to protest."

• The Senate Intelligence Committee's final report on Russia and the 2016 U.S. election was released yesterday.

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  1. AOC snubs Joe Biden!

    And then she snubbed Sanders.

    1. Hello.

      AOC has multiple layers of crazy in that pic.

      The DNC are to the right of Alex Jones now.

    2. I bet she does, say no more, say no more.

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    3. It’s hard to read that intro without getting the distinct impression that our “libertarian” writer is a closet AOC supporter.

      1. I don’t think she’s closeted at all. Anyone who’s even slightly libertarian would have called out AOC for enumerating “rights” that aren’t.

        1. Not sure if ENB supports AOC or not, but she’s definitely not a libertarian.

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  2. Not so fast. Ocasio-Cortez’s role last night was part of the planned convention procedure, not a way of sticking it to Biden, the party’s presidential nominee.


    1. Do you think he noticed?

      1. he seemed surprised when he got the official nomination. Maybe it was the surprise of the balloons. He likes balloons.

    2. If there’s one thing they can’t stand, it’s the media falsely portraying a politician.

      1. unless he’s Orange

    3. “It was a PRE-PLANNED SNUB…not a spur-of-the-moment one”

      Cannot say I have seen many of these borefests where MULTIPLE people were nominated.

    4. I have to say, even if this was planned and she just phrased it poorly, nominating Sanders officially when he’s already lost is at best, a sham. We don’t need theater. We need policies.

  3. Sanders was allowed to keep many of the delegates he would have otherwise lost when he suspended his campaign due to an agreement with the Biden campaign, which was intended to show party unity.

    Mission Accomplished

    1. No refunds!

    2. Does anyone really need that many different kinds of delegates though?

  4. Lol at the pic of the sex worker with the big mouth.

  5. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had less time to speak at the DNC than a former Republican governor, a George W. Bush cabinet official and the party’s unsuccessful 2004 nominee.

    Her TDS isn’t unique enough to be interesting.

  6. Laura Loomer once chained herself to Twitter’s front door and demanded to be unbanned. Two years later, she’s a Republican congressional nominee.

    I thought we weren’t allowed to talk about congresswomen’s previous jobs.

    1. Another example of Republicans who have no respect for private property during their protests.

      1. Loomer is banned from making payments online due to tech firms banning her from everything.

        Fuck the whole lot of them.

        Hopefully, she’ll make them all eat her shit.

        1. “Hopefully, she’ll make them all eat her shit.”

          Not in that district.

          Post redistricting, it’s a solid Dem seat. Hillary +20.

        2. Surely seen licking his lips.

          1. Sqrsly *

        3. Eating shit? The way you have been swallowing progress shaped by mainstream America throughout your life at the anti-social, stomped-down fringe of our society?

          Open wider, damikesc.

          The better people who shove progress down your bigoted, inconsequential, pansy throat might not be so gentle after January.

          1. Ooooh you’re a true keyboard warrior!

            1. There are a lot of those around here.

              1. Stop raising your hand.

              2. And TWK rides to Kirkland’s rescue, fulfilling his moniker.

                1. Didn’t really defending Kirkland there. Was pointing out that any feigned offense at “keyboard warrioring” from frequent keyboard warriors, including me, is disingenuous.

                  1. Says the keyboard warrior.

                    1. I said myself, in the comment you are responding to, that I am also a keyboard warrior.

          2. Can somebody get the bot a better schtick?

            I’m not looking for OBL quality here, but I’d rather read our bot ads more than the usual Kirk nonsense.

          3. “…..after January.”

            Haha. It’s always just around the corner, eh rev? Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

            1. He’s literally butt hurt; I just have this conviction that the “Rev” was thrown over a barrel at some point in his life and has been in a revenge fantasy ever since. Something about the repeated use of the phrase “open wider…while I cram this in you” strongly suggests that. Recalling that scene from Deliverance: “squeal like a pig!’ Never again saw Ned Beatty the same way, did we?

        4. Her campaign website has a donate button so it looks like she got around that.

        5. She’s even gotten herself banned from accounts on food delivery apps. How the heck does someone accomplish that.

          1. You don’t. Left-wing lobbyists contact every company they can and do it for you.

            1. That’s not how it happened. She actually got booted for insisting her food delivery person not be Muslim.

              Now explain how she managed to get herself kicked out of CPAC, too.

          2. Perhaps one should ask how. Unless there is evidence of her assaulting delivery people, there seems to be a problem, no?

            1. “Hi, I’m a reporter for the New York Times. We are doing a story on racist and controversial political figures online presence. We are calling to ask you about Laura Loomer… other online services have banned her because of her extreme and offensive views. Has your company instituted such a ban yet? If not, why not?

              Yes, this is for our article to be published this Sunday in the New York Times.

              Oh, you are? Well that’s good. We’ll be sure to put that in the article.


      2. In her protest career, she has jumped a LOT of fences onto various private properties. According to several comments I’ve seen here over the past few weeks, it totally justified any of those property owners blowing her away with their weapon of choice.

        1. Shocking. A misrepresented strawman argument.

          Please continue with how me and others turned you into this pathetic mess who has no self agency.

            1. The ones the State AG says are undergoing a political prosecution? Tell me more.

              1. What is the relevance of how they are being prosecuted to whether or not you, or any other commenter here, argue the right of anyone to shoot a trespasser on their property.

                For the record, I support the right of a property owner to defend their property against intruders under reasonable circumstances. I suspect I’m more hardcore on the issue than DoL.

                The purpose of my original comment was to remind the conservative-leaning commenters here that it’s not just liberal protestors who trespass on private property.

            2. I missed that they blew anyone away! That DOES change my opinion.

              Oh wait, they didn’t, you’re just being a dishonest piece of shit again.

            1. Thanks for linking to facts I’ve previously listed that are included in even the D.A. report of the couple.

              What was your attempted point here?

              1. He’s white knighting white knights statement about shooting people.

                1. And I appreciate it.

              2. That, like turd, DOL can’t be bothered to read his own links.

        2. And if those property owners did so, that’d be a different conversation. That ain’t the case HERE, son.

          1. And you are off on a side topic I wasn’t even discussing. Never said anyone shot at her.

        3. You really think a corporation is going to bring out an armed guard to shoot her? Come on, doofus.

          1. She has done more than run afoul of social media corporations. She has literally jumped fences to go onto private property, more than once.

            1. And the owners of said property would be justified in defending their property. Did she damage and destroy said property? Did she refuse to leave when asked?

  7. State attorneys general are suing to stop planned Postal Service cuts.

    I wonder which political party.

    1. They’ve gone postal.

    2. What is the plural of “Dr. Pepper”?

      Drs. Pepper?

      Dr. Peppers?

      1. Messrs. Pibb?

      2. Diabetic coma?

      3. There’s only one doctor, DOCTOR Jill Biden.

      4. Dr peppex

    3. The USPS thing is way different than QAnon, somehow.

      1. Also, “Trump’s a Russian spy and Kavanaugh ran a secret gang rape cartel” is someone totally not like QAnon and Pizzagate at all…
        But that’s probably only because it was the DNC pushing the former, instead of kids at 4chan, I suppose.

        1. It isn’t like QAnon.

          Obama used the fake Russia spy story to violate a slew of civil rights for political advantage – actually using government power.

          QAnon is a bunch of people swapping conspiracy theories on the internet.

          The democrats used obviously made up stories of massive gang-rape parties to slander someone as an actual function of government, in government hearings about that person’s job. They spread the lies with great passion in senate hearings and on national TV and in print. With gusto.

          Pizzagate is a bunch of people swapping conspiracy theories on the internet. Although someone did manage to call in a complaint and get a pizza parlor searched, or something.

          So yeah, it actually isn’t such a great example after all.

          The USPS thing isn’t even a real conspiracy theory. It is a marketing campaign made up out of whole cloth and promulgated from the top down. It isn’t even new. They do this sort of thing every election, like clockwork. Michelle Obama went on the tired rant at the DNC convention – somehow republicans are closing polling stations in democrat controlled cities to suppress the vote.

          This is why you need a functioning 4th estate. It is the job of the press to present the truth of these matters to the people, not to carry the water for one party or the other.

          1. You guys know one of the links specifically addresses this, right? A bipartisan report from the senate which confirms all that is undeniable at this point. Which is that the Russians hacked both the DNC and RNC, Roger Stone and Wikileaks worked with Russian intelligence to coordinate the release of DNC emails immediately following the access hollywood pussy grabbing tape. It also confirms that Manafort was in constant and close contact with members of Russian intelligence services for the purpose of sharing information, and represents one of the greatest national security threats to our elections in history.

            This is a bipartisan report. Russians did attack our elections in favor of DJT. DJT knew they were and welcomed the help (he even asked for it on TV), and adjusted their campaign strategy to account for future thefts and releases.

            These are the facts. It simply does not pass muster to claim that this is a hoax, or a conspiracy theory, or fake news, or whatever. It happened. It cannot be denied.

            1. Walls, in.

            2. “A bipartisan report from the senate which confirms all that is undeniable at this point. Which is that the Russians hacked both the DNC and RNC”

              Odd, the company that was behind that report, Crowdstrike, has said they cannot actually verify Russia did anything.

              1. Odd that there is a bunch of evidence besides that which crowdstrike was involved in, and doubly odd that Senate GOP members also acknowledge that the hack happened and originated with Russian intelligence services. They must be trying to sabotage their own party now? Whom can you Trump cultists trust?

                1. Given that they were the ONLY ones who saw the server…no, there is not.

            3. “(he even asked for it on tv)”

              Haha. It ain’t trumps fault that you outrage enthusiasts are so easily trolled. Dude’s just havin a little fun.

    4. can’t wait for the Reason separation of powers article on the executive intruding on powers of the purse.

      1. I think the executive now has squatter’s rights on the funding process. The designated source of all spending has not actually followed the budget process for over two decades.

        1. The budget process as it currently stands is legal fiction. The president doesn’t actually have to create a budget for the house to develop one.

          1. But it would be pretty much impossible without the executive. There is no way for congress to know what the expenses of the department of energy’s nuclear waste transportation project is without such input.

            All of which is yet another reason that we need to take an axe to most of the federal government. Nobody can oversee anything that big. The federal government employs some 9.1 million people.


            Even finding a way to visualize a budget of that size would require hundreds of accountants, let alone actually understanding it and being able to make meaningful decisions. They dwarf the largest employer in the US by a factor of 6. And a private sector employer has the benefit of a bottom line to tell them when they are not operating efficiently. The feds have no such constraints.

    5. What cuts? There were _pending emergency funds_ which are apart from regular funding.

      Disputed emergency supplemental funding is not a cut in anyone’s dictionary except that of a government shill.

  8. There is now a market, measured in attention and approbation, for anyone who can sniff out a Karen…

    Sounds like something a Karen would say.

    1. ENB is just quoting, she didn’t say it herself.

        1. Relax, Karen!

          Calm down. Calm down…

    2. People seem to misunderstand who Karen is though.
      Karen isn’t the redneck conspiracy theorist who won’t wear a mask.
      Karen is the busy body who reports someone for not wearing a mask.

      1. and the Karen who wrote the article for The Atlantic wants to blame thinly veiled sexism for the meme, missing the whole point.

        1. Calling it sexist is incredibly lazy. I guess I’d be fine if we all wanted to switch it over to calling them all Kens. Anecdotally, the Karens (or Kens) I know are disproportionately women, so Karen strikes me as more appropriate. There’s also just something about Karens that has a great ring to it.

          BTW, the author of that article is such a Karen. I’m going to write a book called “Karen Fragility.” Denial of being a Karen is just proof that you are a Karen.

          1. There is a very good reason to call them Karens.

            The people were talking about are almost entirely made up of white, suburban women.

        2. She’s mad that there isn’t a culturally relevant word for a bossy man that calls the manager, while failing to realize that it isn’t a thing because it’s relatively rare to see a man leap towards involving authorities- whether it be police or a manager. Most men just make a mental note of businesses that are sub-par and then just stop shopping there. Of course there are men that act like Karen, but most men simply make fun of Karen-type men that would make a big fuss about other people or would do something so weak as to call an “authority”. Thus, no male equivalent of Karen has come up.

          The author is probably a Karen or at least knows that she’s borderline Karen and is trying to get ahead of it.

    3. The best part is the implication that ‘Karen’ is more synonymous with ‘crypto-Jew’ than ‘angry hippopotamus’.

    4. Did anyone else make the mistake of clicking on the Atlantic article?

      If not let me save you the trouble: “It’s just UNFAIR that only WOMEN are being called out for being a KAREN; what about MALE KARENS, huh? Why aren’t there any of those?”

      You’re welcome.

  9. Politico looks at “how the Supreme Court dropped the ball on the right to protest.”

    I’m guessing the word “protest” is continuing to do a great deal of work in these analyses.

    1. SC goes Big Tech, TwitGoogYouFace drops the ball on the right all the time.

  10. The media is fucked up. I think we can all agree. I watched the convention and loved it. I’ve never been more proud to call myself a Democrat but we’re not well served by filtering everything thru these media celebrities. I want to hear more from regular Democrats.

    1. Wtf is a regular democrat?

      1. A Democrat that’s not voting for Biden.

      2. They poop at the same time every day.

        1. Lots of kale and quinoia

      3. He meant neocons.

      4. A mentally ill Antifa soy vacuum.

      5. People who are republican but think the republican party are meanies?

        1. Throughout their careers Kasich and McCain liked republican voters in the same way that a pedophile likes kids. Once there was a cop around they did everything they could to get rid of him.

          1. “Throughout their careers Kasich and McCain liked republican voters in the same way that a pedophile likes kids. Once there was a cop around they did everything they could to get rid of him.”

            I’m dying here. Really well done.

          2. Funny of the day!

    2. They’ll tell you how much they hate republicans.

    3. “I watched the convention and loved it”


    4. Well, SOMEBODY had to like it. Not shocked it is you.

      1. If you look at the YouTube clips, the convention’s been getting disliked into oblivion.

        Strazele’s post is the epitome of cope.

        1. You misspelled dope.

          1. Strazele seems like he was hired by Tony to post on here so he wasn’t the dumbest commentator regurgitating Democrat talking points almost word for word.

            1. Hired by Tony? No, most likely is Tony.

    5. I’ve never been more proud to call myself a Democrat

      Thank you for admitting that you are just trolling the libertarians here. Now if you could just kindly fuck off, it would be much appreciated. Personally, I prefer to be gaslighted by the NYT and WaPo directly.

      1. Or at least ENB and the Reason staff

      2. So, you want a bubble of only opinions you want to hear.

        1. Caw caw?

          1. Lol. He literally complains when people dare deride Reasons article or narrative choice.

            1. Yes, I do push back on your complaints and conservative-leaning/Trump-supporting narratives.

              And I advocate for Reason having more moderation against spoofing and personal attacks.

              I don’t tell anyone to fuck off and go away. That’s a specialty of your gang of Trump mean girls.

              1. And I advocate for Reason having more moderation against spoofing and personal attacks.

                The White Knight
                August.18.2020 at 2:39 pm
                Yet, with this satisfying life, you feel the need to whine when Reason doesn’t immediately write an article about some topic you want them to write about

                1. It’s got to be hard for White Knight/Sarcasmic to shill here. He’s certainly earning his fifty cents.

                2. In that quote, did I tell John to “fuck off” and go away? Did I try to get his account banned?

                  Nope, I didn’t.

              2. You spoofed me you dishonest cunt.

                1. Yes, I have. After Tulpa started spoofing my handle.

                  Because you and others are perfectly happy and comfortable with Tulpa’s behavior, because he sides with the Trump mean girls.

                  And it got the effect I wanted. It got sarcasmic (and, sadly, no others) to complain to Reason IT about the spoofing. Sadly, they haven’t done anything to fix it.

                  1. So you spoofed me in retaliation for something tulpa did. Wow, you’re just a victim here.

                    1. Nope, I used to be a victim of the Trump mean girls. Now I fight back against them.

              3. By the way. You just committed a personal attack as well. Ban yourself fuckwit.

                1. You started this adversarial relationship with me. I used to make a point of being civil with everyone here, and you and other Trump mean girls showed a consistent pattern of being assholes. So, I am giving you back what you started.

                  1. No I didn’t. You’re just not self aware. You came in and started calling everyone who disagreed with you a Trump sycophant. You created strawman arguments of arguments for those you disagree with. You began the dishonest arguments. You cried when I started commenting on your logic.

                    1. No, I didn’t. But you probably think I did because you play the game of lumping together things said by separate individuals as being supposed sock puppets of each other.

                    2. I didn’t. But you probably think I did because you play the game of lumping together things said by separate individuals as being supposed sock puppets of each other.

                  2. I was here when you started Shreek. Your “civility” was all in your head.

                2. Totally willing to make a few with you, or anybody else here who wants to make a deal, to call a truce and go to civil, mutually respectful behavior.

                  Just let me know when you want to start.

              4. “And I advocate for Reason having more moderation”

                Just like on Twitter, huh. Make those mean old people with wrong, doubleplus ungood opinions shut up.

                1. Not their opinions. The way they express them. And handle spoofing.

                  1. Yes, you want a government like security blanket so you won’t be offended. you’re a karen.

                    1. Understanding the difference between a privately-owned site having moderation and a government engaging in censorship is Libertarianism 101.

                  2. You’re the only one who’s ever spoofed my handle, and I’ve never spoofed anyone else’s.

                    But you have no agency, so you had no choice, right?

                    1. And that’s why you have been perfectly comfortable with and have said nothing about Tulpa’s behavior. Because it only affects others.

                    2. Nope, I totally chose it.

                    3. I don’t feel the need to white knight for others. I don’t consider words to be violence, and anyone is free to argue with or ignore whoever the fuck they want. So if someone’s feelings are hurt by Tulpa, they should ignore him, or try to deal with him how they see fit. Like I did when you stole my handle. If they both show up in my yard and Tulpa is about to commit violence against them, I will stop him. But that’s silly, and so are you.

                      You seem to think that being an annoying twat is better than using bad words and making offensive statements. I think the opposite.

              5. I advocate for Reason having more moderation against spoofing and personal attacks… That’s a specialty of your gang of Trump mean girls.

                You piece of shit hypocrite. You contradict yourself in a single post.

                I am in no way, shape, or form a Trump advocate, but I tell you to fuck off all the time. Because you are a troll, not part of the discussion.

                1. But see, that makes you a Trumptard by rule.

            2. Dems gotta stick together, Jesse. You should know that by now.

              1. His bubble is the bestest

              2. they all say they have no team though. Lol.

                1. We don’t. It’s on of your tactics to divert from your own clear history of conservative-leaning posts and Trump support, to paint anyone who questions those views as a leftist.

                  1. You rush to the defense of anti democratic talking points, like just yesterday, all the time. Again, you’re not self aware.

                    You claim anyone who doesn’t agree with you is simply a trump cultist. You really have no standing to argue anyone else’s view here.

              3. Clearly you haven’t seen portland

          2. Now you’re getting it

        2. I got the impression he wants to have Libertarian discussions on a Libertarian website with other Libertarians.

          1. He doesn’t seem very smart, so spelling things out for him like that is probably the best bet.

            1. ? Wasn’t supposed to go there

        3. So, you want a bubble of only opinions you want to hear.

          Is it somehow shocking that I would prefer to hear libertarian opinions at Reason? You are the same kind of dipshit as LoS who doesn’t realize how unethical it is to completely ignore the preference that the audience here has made clear in their choosing to come to a libertarian website. What you do is trolling and bullying, not reasoning with like-minded individuals. I really don’t understand you, but I have known passive-aggressive people just like you throughout my life, so it certainly doesn’t surprise me.

          Go fuck yourself with a rusty cheese grater, you jackass. Which is something I would gladly say to your fat face if I ever met you, coward. I don’t hide behind some pretend ‘voice of reason’ personae like you. Shit is getting more totalitarian every day, and I will call it out when I see it.

          1. He is fat though. Why he is scared of the rona and threatens to have the government force you into masks. Just like he is begging reason to protect him from meanies using logic to destroy his sophistry.

            1. begging reason to protect him from meanies using logic to destroy his sophistry

              They deserve nothing but scorn and derision. And cookies. All the cookies their mommies will buy them.

        4. i enjoy watching you and strazele get stomped on every day.

    6. A bunch of neocons show up and endorse your candidate and you’ve never been more proud. You fascinate me.

      1. The liar Colin Powell is now telling the truth. The photos prove Trump is making Nuclear weapons to give to Russia.

  11. The Senate Intelligence Committee’s final report on Russia and the 2016 U.S. election was released yesterday.

    2020 document dump.

    1. what did they find that Mueller couldn’t or more likely who did they get to lie that Mueller couldn’t get to lie. I claim double jeapordy

      1. Maybe you guys should read the fucking things. Trump is a traitor. An actual, honest to god traitor. You look like the biggest dumb shit hypocrites in history when you claim the party of patriotism and cold warriors while simultaneously supporting a Russian stooge for your cult leader. It’s pathetic. It’s sad. It’s treason.

        1. Walls, in!

  12. Are mass evictions really a thing now? I haven’t heard much about it. I thought evictions had been paused.

    1. Haven’t you heard? Current models show that millions will die from evictions unless we take drastic actions.

      1. Should have let the original Covid models work…

      2. how are they going to pay their rent with only 400 extra per week?

  13. “In a time when millions of people in the United States are looking for deep systemic solutions…”

    Translation: as part of our totalitarian agenda, we have convinced millions of Americans that we can pander to their wishes for a work-free, responsibility-free society as long as they give us complete control over the economy, education, media, transportation, and just about everything else.

    1. Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism

      1. Luxury resorts for the elite, favelas for the rest.

  14. AOCs endorsement controversy was the big take away from last night? Lol.

    1. ENB seems to think any of us give a shit about it. I certainly don’t, one way or the other.

  15. The one thing we definitely know from Covid so far is how badly the media has misinformed Americans of the actual risks from Covid to cause the panic.

    1. I was saying this yesterday.

      I recently came into a new business unit, and I have spent a year trying to get metrics into place. This has been very frustrating to my staff, because they (and their customers) want to be launching features. But we are finally turning the corner now that several KPIs are in place. The team now realizes that they couldn’t even tell if they were helping the customer before because they didn’t take the time to understand what metrics were important.

      The study showing that Americans vastly, vastly overestimate the number of dead from COVID should be a clear KPI for the Media on their handling of the story. Americans think around 225 times more people have died- and millenials are by far the most wrong. If as a journalist, you wanted to measure how effective you were at informing the public, this is a clear example of how bad you are doing.

      1. Or, you could look past the obvious and see they are actually getting the desired result.

      2. “…If as a journalist, you wanted to measure how effective you were at informing the public, this is a clear example of how bad you are doing…”

        even admitting that their real purpose is not informing people, but welling ads, they’re failing there as well.
        Note the number of ambulance-chaser ads on national news broadcasts; that ain’t gonna support the make-up crew for the anchors, let alone the anchors.

      3. They’re not graded on how well they inform the public. They’re graded on how many people they can get to listen and watch what they have to say.

        So the question to ask is, “How have their ratings done as a result of how they’ve covered the COVID crisis?” Have they improved versus a ‘more informative’ approach, or not?

      4. +1 (+225 adjusted for error)

      5. I’d say those numbers show the media accomplishing their goal – create panic and destroy lives through misinformation

      6. 15,000 under the age of 55 have died out of 170,000. I have yet to see that stat shown on any news show or any mainstream article ever. Or any age broken out deaths.

        1. They stopped reporting deaths by age in March and instead focus on the 1 out of 10 million dead kids.

      7. I had a similar kind of situation….the challenge to integrate meaningful KPIs into a business unit. How many?

  16. tl;dr – Fergie published a paper about ChiCom Lung Aids and one of his data points, used to justify lockdown, was 6 cases on 6 flights out of Wuhan. It was the source of the infection fatality rate.

    Data on infection in repatriated international Wuhan residents
    Data on infection prevalence in repatriated expatriates returning to their home countries were obtained from government or ministry of health websites and media reports. To match to the incidence reported in Wuhan on Jan 30, 2020, we used data from six flights that departed between Jan 30 and Feb 1, 2020, inclusive.

    …In international Wuhan residents repatriated on six flights, we estimated a prevalence of infection of 0·87% (95% CI 0·32–1·9; six of 689).

    …From an extensive analysis of data from different regions of the world, our best estimate at the current time for the case fatality ratio of COVID-19 in China is 1·38% (95% CrI 1·23–1·53). Although this value remains lower than estimates for other coronaviruses, including SARS24 and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS),25 it is substantially higher than estimates from the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic.26, 27 Our estimate of an infection fatality ratio of 0·66% in China was informed by PCR testing of international Wuhan residents returning on repatriation flights.

    1. The world’s toughest lockdown has resulted in the world’s highest COVID-19 death toll

      Once hailed as a COVID-19 “success story,” Peru is now the COVID-19 case study that lockdown advocates no longer want to discuss. Lima is on pace to surpass Belgium (another strict lockdown country) sometime next week as having the world’s highest COVID-19 deaths per million. So why is no one talking about it?

      Pandemic panic promoters have been quick to criticize neighboring Brazil for its leadership’s more relaxed policies towards the virus, but they’ve been noticeably absent in discussing Peru. That’s because Peru implemented arguably the earliest (for their region) and strictest lockdowns in the entire world, along with several attempted suppression measures with the hopes to contain the virus, and none of it worked.

      1. The biggest problem is that, because the symptoms resembled a really bad flu, governments and scientists were going off of what happened during the 1918 flu pandemic. “Well, there wasn’t worldwide lockdowns back then, so if we do the opposite of that, we’ll keep it from spreading!”

        Except, as I keep pointing out, it’s a fucking coronavirus, and there’s really nothing you can do to actually stop it. There’s two types of people–those who’ve caught the coof, and those who are going to catch it.

        1. This is what I keep telling my daughter. It doesn’t matter whether you wear a mask at school or not. It doesn’t matter whether you are 6 feet away or not. What matters is if the virus comes to your school. And if it does, there will be an outbreak where roughly 25% of the kids/staff get the wu flu.

          The media will try to say how this school must have offended the gods and brought this scourge by failing to properly mask, or distance, but the fact will remain that there are hundreds of other schools that are just as careful, and will not get the disease- or will just get it later.

          For the record, my kids have been at daycare for 2 months now, and nobody has gotten sick.

          1. And the Dems are so damned serious about it that they blame Europe for it.

      2. California had the earliest and toughest lockdown in the US.
        And now has the most cases.

        1. To be fair though- Santa Clara was the first major hot spot. THey shut down hard, and still have not opened back up. The people up there are terrified (I talk with them daily on meetings) and stay in their house all the time. Santa Clara is still in good shape.

          The real hot spots in CA are down south where I am. Los Angeles and the border towns.

          I still agree that the lockdowns are unwarranted. But if you have a population willing to hide in their caves for 8 months straight, they will have an effect.

  17. When celebrities endorse the green new deal, they don’t mean practices like forcing them to turn their thermostat all the way up to 78.

    1. Hmm. I keep mine at 78-79 in the summer. That just happens to be the most comfortable setting.

      1. Those can be pretty comfortable if you have fans running. Sometimes it just depends on how the house is situated–in our old one, it got pretty warm upstairs in the afternoon because the sun was constantly beating down on the bedroom and giant family room windows. So we’d just run the upstairs fan to pull the warm air up to the ceiling. Downstairs, the windows were on the opposite side from the sun, so it actually got pretty chilly there even at 77 degrees.

    2. Acquaintances in Arizona have been bitching to no end about AZ utilities asking them to raise indoor temps to 80, to lessen strain on California’s electric grid. I guess they share one with AZ.

      This, after CA has closed how many power plants that don’t run on rainbows or unicorn farts? Amazing. So glad I got out.

      1. Oh, and this same grid is supposed to accommodate an additional 30-40 percent of demand, from vehicles going from IC to electric?

      2. As crooked as Enron was, I still enjoyed reading how they fucked with the California electricity market.

      3. Yeah, California buys excess power from this state. Believe they pay a premium so our power companies ask us to sacrifice for them.

        1. Imagine Macy’s asking you to buy less clothing from them.
          Gov’t run (or regulated) businesses are the only ones which fail when demand for their product increases.

        2. I never realized till now what the AZ in your handle meant. Derp.

          Are smart thermostats automatically throttling you guys, Jesse, or is it merely a ‘please do this’, or was my information incorrect about AZ utilities asking people to conserve?

          1. You can set up a program with utilities where you pay less to allow them to throttle power during the day. You can still use extra power if you stay home during peak hours, but the cost is way higher. So you gamble you’re never home M-F from 7 to 6pm (believe those are the times).

          2. But they only ask for conserving. They use rate fees to encourage good use by pricing differently at different hours. There is no forcing. We make more than enough power. We even send some to Mexico.

        3. Crank the AC up and leave the windows open, Californians can live in the dark.

      4. CA got rid of many powerplants in order to “go green”. They got rid of equivalent to 9 gigawatts of generation capability. Instead of producing electricity they buy it from neighboring states. They learned how to “go green” from Germany aparently


    This is a USPS worker that was taking down Trump signs, they found his truck full of them. Just think, he might be responsible for delivering your ballot and vote. Let that sink in!

    1. I am sure he was just taking them in for cleaning, and would have put them back out the next day.

    2. There is no evidence that anyone has ever tampered with the ballots in the mail!

      I know because I watch CNN.

    3. Apparently that happened four years ago.

    1. So, are you taking the position that abusing an effigy is an act of violence? A threat?

      1. Are you of the position than burning a cross on a lawn is a peaceful protest?

        Burning an effigy of the president in LA when he is in D.C. and he has secret service is a bit different than than going to a reporters house and threatening her don’t you think?

        Scratch that last part. You don’t.

        1. depends on whose lawn and whose cross

        2. I actually agree that it is threatening. Now, I’ll be watching that you are consistent about your position in the future.

          1. My position has always been clear fuckwit.

            What you’ll actually do is claim me not supporting flag burning is me calling for a law when I didn’t. Because you are dishonest.

            You’ll also not differentiate as I did here regarding those with protection vs those who do not. You can’t even admit Portland is on day 82 of violence.

            1. Portland is on day 82 of violence. I’ve never said otherwise.

              What I have said is that we shouldn’t engage in collectivist thinking by lumping in peaceful protestors with violent ones, using guilt by association.

              1. There are no peaceful protesters in MONTH THREE of a “protest” in one of the whitest cities on Earth run by hardcore leftists.

                1. Of course there are still some peaceful protestors in the mix.

          2. Lol, you’re so dishonest.
            It’s blatantly obvious that you were asking those questions rhetorically, and now after Jesse made you look like an idiot you’re pretending that it was honest inquiry.

            1. I was asking them to pin him down on a position that I can hold him to in the future.

              My opinion, by the way, is that attacking an effigy of a journalist is threatening behavior, but not violent. You can bookmark this comment and refer back to it, because I will be very consistent about that stance.

              1. My opinion, by the way, is that you are a deceitful asshole, and also violent. You can bookmark this comment and refer back to it, because I will be very consistent about that stance.

      2. Well, if they were speaking when they abused the effigy, that is violence.
        If they were silent when they abused the effigy, that is violence.
        So, yes; it was violence by any definitoin.

      3. If someone’s burning an effigy of me on my property, they can expect to not make it home alive and have a closed-casket funeral on top of that.

      4. No, Silence is Violence. So, caw caw

      5. “So, are you taking the position that abusing an effigy is an act of violence? A threat?”

        It’s not a threat? OK. Intriguing.

        1. I think it is. I was asking JesseAz to commit to stating what his view is.

  19. Nick Sandmann will speak at the Republican National Convention

    1. Yet more proof of the racism of Donald Trump’s Republican party. It is as if he is smirking in the face of every minority in the world.

  20. BREAKING: Democrat candidate chains himself to a mailbox in Oregon

    1. Easier for BLM thugs to beat him up

    2. I’d vote for him and any other politician who followed suit; as longer they agree to stay chained during their term.

    3. Will reason refer to him dismissively like the QAnon candidate?

    4. Of course it’s some Boomer trying to relive the glory days of the 60s.

      1. What does this have to do with the rev?

    5. and they say the Libertarians are the loony ones, and the Republicans are the conspiracy nuts


    According to
    tires, a MAGA shirt is a zero tolerance hate symbol. But Black Lives Matter is allowed.

    1. Companies wouldn’t do this if they felt it would hurt them in sales.

      Show them they’re wrong.

      1. NBA and mlb are below already viewership lows. They are doubling down. Some of the worst rated NBA playoff games ever.

        1. These games are so painfully boring to watch now. I can’t even stomach the highlights anymore because it all looks like a glorified pickup game.

          1. No joke. I had to watch some of one while eating with my fiancee at a restaurant. Looked like a glorified scrimmage with some terrible video wall shit in the background.

            They also had MLB which looked equally retarded with cardboard cutouts behind the dugout.

            I’ve never watched less sports in a year in my life than I am now. I don’t foresee much of a change in that. Ever.

            1. I’m just glad sports are back. The political activities of the athletes don’t interest me, just like the political activities of actors don’t stop me from enjoying their movies.

              1. Though I do really like the “How Many More” political message on Damian Lillard’s jersey. The Lakers were probably wondering that too as he torched them.

            2. They key is to find what live sports there are, and watch those.

              Adult baseball leagues, while certainly not being as talented as the pros, offer some pretty good baseball to watch, and for free.

              Our league is filled with ex-college players, and even a few ex-pros. We even had a guy removed from MLB for a year in our league.

              And if that’s not an option, check out youth baseball tournaments.

        2. Most team owners don’t personally need the revenue, and media adulation is worth far more to them than money.

          As for the regular CEO’s, they all have golden parachutes and their wives get to brag about how woke they are, so they don’t give a fuck either.
          The only people with actual skin in the game are the employees and they’re all working class deplorables, so fuck em.

          1. Except in woke California tech companies, where if the CEO tries to be remotely even-handed the employees act like he’s funding Hitler.

        3. I’ve been watching some of the NBA.
          Yes, they are glorified pick up games but they can be decent distraction from politics (once you tune out the political messages), but im not nearly as invested as usual

  22. California is having rolling blackouts and an energy crunch while their state is actively suppressing roughly 20% of the economy shuttering business’s, Schools are to dangerous to open but some school districts are charging fee’s to babysit your kids for the day, the democrats are actively promoting a mail in ballot scheme that even they are saying is going to be disastrous failure, building are getting lit on fire and people are getting assaulted in the street by insurrectionists, Covid-19 is largely getting exposed as the largest dud since al capone’s vault, Municipalites are currently or about to be going through the biggest fiscal apocalypse in our nations history, commercial real estate/ our national economy is facing a punctuated equilibrium due to remote working. And you lead with AOC 60 second spot at the DNC convention whose ticket consist of a pudding brained senile old man and a cop with reams of proscutorial misconduct under her name. Interesting.

    1. Yes, ENB lubs AOC.

      1. What’s the female equivalent of bromance?

        1. I’ve seen some videos and I’m a fan.

        2. Like, scissoring?

        3. Sapphic delight

        4. Bramance?

        5. Thelma and Louise. Except for ruining a perfectly good T-bird such a happy ending.

      2. Evidence of that?

        1. LOL RTFA

          1. So, you’ve got nothing except your feels about ENB.

            1. And the article.

              1. Point to whatever she said in the article that proves that “ENB lubs AOC”.

          2. Jeff wouldn’t be Jeff if not for dishonesty.

            1. Calling me Jeff is one of the dishonest things that you repeatedly do.

              1. What are they supposed to call you, Sybil?

                1. Tony

    2. Wymin power!

    3. They’re trying to figure out an ‘honourable exit strategy’ because there’s no way they believe this virus to be as lethal as first thought.

      They’re caught in a web of poor policy struggling to extricate themselves from. At least, that’s what I want to read into it.

      Because continuing the sham that Covid-19 is threatening enough to push for mandatory masks and kills at a 10% clip (as apparently a disturbing number of people believe thanks to asshole public officials and media sensationalist fear porn) is malice and criminal negligent for me.

      We’re now at the point where kids are being roped into this thing.

      1. work from home forever (or 30K basic income)
        school from home forever (but keep teachers unions and administrators and people to check on the kids)
        no bars or restaurants except for takeout (but no delivery services if they’re not unionized employees)

        there’s the exit strategy

      2. It’s like Vietnam all over.

        Forget that they made HUGE policy mistakes that has cost TRILLIONS of dollars, tens of millions of jobs, millions of businesses, and anything else you can think of.

        All they fucking care about is their goddamn image.

        Now instead of admitting fuckups, they double down with the hope that the chaos will make people forget.

  23. She is a communist scum pig. Her followers are also communist scum pig.

    Susan B. Anthony’s legacy is one of defiance and protest against inequality and injustice (although for white women only). She would NEVER consent to a presidential pardon were she alive today.

    President Trump just “rape-pardoned” Susan B. Anthony.

    1. She was asking for it dressed like that.

    2. A satirist ten years ago, couldn’t have written that and been taken seriously.

      I feel for writers at the Onion and Babylon Bee, who have to try and top what these insane people earnestly say.

      1. Modern America is normalizing cluster B personality disorders.

      2. I was thinking the same thing. It’s just like the peace activists protesting against the Israel-UAE peace agreement, this “Feminists Blast President For Pardoning Feminist Icon” headline should have been from the Onion, but this is 2020 so of course it’s real news.

      3. “I feel for writers at the Onion and Babylon Bee, who have to try and top what these insane people earnestly say.”

        Some of the articles from National Lampoon years ago were funny at the time but turned out to be accurate predictions…

    1. Is mental illness contagious? Is this the real pandemic of 2020?

      1. Mass hysteria, even psychosis, is a thing

    2. Isn’t it racist to portray all whites as racist?

      1. You’re obviously not woke.

    3. Next the American Library Association will say Cannon Hinnant got what was coming to him.

    4. Do libraries realize how not-terribly-necessary they are?

      Why would I ever take my son to one if they intend to lecture him on his racism?

      Fuck those people.

      1. For “Drag Queen Story Hour” of course.


    Southern Australian authorities could remove children from the care of their parents over ‘rona fears as they clamp down on the spread of infection.


      Authorities in Melbourne, Australia will use high-tech surveillance drones to catch people outside not wearing masks as well as to scan for vehicles that are in violation of curfew by being more than 5km from home.

      1. Substitute ‘carbon usage’ for ‘outside without a mask’, and it’s what those assholes want to do here. The Commonwealth countries are about 10-20 years ahead of the US in the ‘Let’s adopt some really stupid ideas’ race.

      2. Next step : If you are only going less than 5 kilometers, you don’t need a car.

      3. Appalling.

        Australia’s government are authoritarian pussies emasculating their population.

        ‘It’s ok! I’m following the rules!’

        And that still won’t protect you from the police state idiots.

  26. No, AOC Didn’t Snub Joe Biden

    Reason has become a gossip rag.

    1. Because ENB wrote about poor mainstream media coverage of the Democratic convention?

      1. Yes, because ENB wrote like she thought this was a gossip rag, exactly.

        1. In what way was it gossipy?

  27. The Babylon Bee and various other conservative accounts were mistakingly banned. Oh… and twitter fixed it except for deletion of their followers. All good

    1. Read this article… .it has important content.

      Something is happening at the social media sites. I follow a science communicator from England who has had content removed by youtube because he talked about another youtube account’s “unscientific” misinformation about covid. He is a skeptic who debunks stuff like that.

      They told him that even mentioning such content will get you banned.

      They are taking a very aggressive stand on all content that disagrees with the official narrative, all across social media. Facebook is deleting accounts for disagreeing with the WHO – or even for talking about people who disagree with the WHO.

      The same thing is happening on a variety of fronts.

      They are really ramping up the war on dissent.

      And they are being cheered on by many of the people who should know better.

      1. what happens when the WHO disagrees with what the WHO said earlier?

        1. Hey, nobody said Winston Smith’s job was easy…

    2. Those “accidents” just keep on happening. Conservative, religious and libertarian Twitter accounts sure have an awful lot of “bad luck”.

      1. In their defense, some leftie sites get hit too. But mainly antiwar (like ACTUAL anti war ones, not the “antiwar with an R in the WH” ones) ones. In fact, pretty much only them.

  28. The U.S. backed government in Kabul is clearly dragging its feet on the peace talks with the Taliban in the hope that President Trump will lose in November–and Biden won’t have the guts to press them to negotiate a power sharing agreement and then leave before the end of April.

    If Biden would be just as tough on Kabul and withdraw from Afghanistan in-line with the President Trump’s peace deal with the Taliban, then he should do the responsible thing and say so.

    His lack of a clear description of his plan is hurting the peace talks.

    On the other hand, if Biden would not follow through on President Trump’s peace plan and withdraw in April if he’s elected, then he should make that clear right now, too. American voters should know whether voting for Biden means we may never get out of Afghanistan.

    1. “…American voters should know whether voting for Biden means we may never get out of Afghanistan…”

      Pretty sure that’s spelled “Harris”.

      1. The chances of Harris being president before 2024 are pretty good. However, the timeline as it is in President Trump’s agreement with the Taliban has us withdrawing completely by this April.

        All Biden needs to do is not resign before April, and he’ll be the one in charge of whether we withdraw. If Trump loses and Biden doesn’t follow through on that agreement, we may never get out of Afghanistan–not even if President Harris wants us to go.

        1. Her chances are no better than the democrats at large. However, IF the democrats manage to sweep the ballots, ol’ Joe will not be around in April. The White House has no attic to keep the crazy uncles in, so he will be back in the basement, trying to figure out what the 25th amendment really says.

          1. I checked this with some 80-year olds the other day, and they agreed, anyway, that it was extremely unlikely that Biden would be up to the challenge of a national campaign come 2024, when he’s 82.

            This probably makes him more dangerous–if he goes into the White House with no intention of seeking reelection. We assume that a president won’t get out too far ahead of the swing voters on issues like the Green New Deal for fear of hurting his chances of reelection, but if he comes in with no intention and little hope of being reelected, all that goes out the window.

            The progressives aren’t kidding about this stuff.

            1. We just killed off about 100k 70 and 80 year old folks. That’s gotta go to Trump’s detriment in the election, given the voting proclivities of the elderly.


    We are now seeing anarchist groups like Antifa, BLM, and others carrying nice weaponry. Just look at a recent photo of a CHAZ resident with his tricked-out AR-15 or M-16.

    There are now several left-wing gun clubs such as the Socialist Rifle Association, Huey P. Newton Gun Club, Trigger Warning Queer & Trans Gun Club, and the John Brown Gun Club, with the last one often asked to provide security around the Seattle area for protests and rallies.

    We now know that Obama and Holder set up selling guns to the Mexican drug cartels in what is known as Fast and Furious.

    Perhaps it is high time that the president orders a detailed inventory and audit of these weapons and ammunition. If anything is missing, where is it? Also, has any of these weapons been used in any known crimes?

    Most have probably forgotten about Obama’s aforementioned statement and his subsequent unusual purchases for odd agencies, but maybe we had better wake up and take a look around before it is too late.

    1. sorry, the Second Amendment should prohibit the government from taking any inventory. prosecute actual crimes.

    2. Ping the real Donald & the prez of Mexico on twitter. DoJ would have kept inventory of the weapons for tracking. Mexico will be interested in how many of its citizens were murdered using weapons provided illegally by the US. The anti-gun groups here will likely fight against anything that shows criminal use of illegal weapons. The media isn’t likely to pursue the story. But OrangeManBad will. If the weapons crossed back into the States, then that is a story that is worth telling the public.

  30. I would care what you think except you’ve been beating the drum against Trump for so long, socialists vs war hawks is all you’re gonna get. And if history is a guide socialists usually topple the regime, take over, fuck everything up, admit to nothing, eventually lose out but the wreckage is done, years of rebuilding and lost lives and fortunes abound, and we do it all over again.

    Because you cannot take the simple step of pushing back against them now when it’s needed. So have fun in the new era assuming of course this site doesn’t get cancelled outright.

    1. Funny, Reason has been criticizing Trump a lot for about four years, which just happens to correlate with how long he has been President.

      Funny how that is similar to how they engaged in most of their criticism of Obama while he was President, Bush while he was President, Clinton while he was President, and so on.

      1. Nah.

      2. Dishonesty again. The engaged far more equally with states and the legislative branch when Obama was in. They even once understood the legislative branch was the primary debt driver.

        1. This is just your feels about Reason. I cannot be dishonest about your feels.

  31. One good thing about Twitter is the evidence it provides of exactly how dumb and lazy reporters are.

  32. I, for one, give my thanks to single-party rule, moonbeam and luddite enviro-fundies everywhere:

    “Another part of it is the state’s growing reliance on solar energy. The outages have been occurring between 6 to 9 p.m.
    “We are running a system with a lot of solar,” Borenstein said. “When solar goes away when the sun sets, we need other power. We have been rightly phasing out gas plants for very good reasons, but when you combine the lack of replacement for those with the crazy weather, we’re just in the situation where we’re going to be short.”

    Up yours with a rusty, running chain saw, lefty scumbag.

    1. “We’re just in the situation where we’re going to be short.””

      Forced sacrifice was the goal.

      The rolling blackouts in response to a surge in demand isn’t exposing a flaw in the system.

      The goal was to limit our ability to consume energy derived from fossil fuels. Rolling blackouts are the system working as intended.

      1. Moonbeam, in a royal decree, mandated 50% of CAs power be from ‘renewable’ sources by some arbitrary date.
        You can’t provide half of CA’s power requirement from wind or solar, so the way to accomplish that is be simply reducing what power is available.
        IOWs, yes, it’s designed to cause interruptions.
        I’m sure the poobahs of silicone valley all have gas-fired gen-sets, so they weren’t affected.

      2. And what comes next is the designation of “ESSENTIAL” consumers of electricity.

        The massive demand by agriculture for electricity for the refrigeration needs cannot be met by silly little windmills and solar panels.

        Who do we pay off to make sure we remain essential?

      3. It’s the implementation of “Agenda 21” and Jimmy fuckin’ Carter all over again. It probably won’t be long before the Californicators are only allowed to gas up their car on odd days or even days.

        We’re apparently doomed to have to suffer through the 1970s all over again because the average fool studies nothing and learns nothing.

        1. Haven’t both Biden and Harris promised to ban fracking?

      4. And they want this shit NATIONALLY.

        Imagine how bad it’ll be for NY in the winter? Takes way more energy to warm a house up more than 50 degrees than to cool one off less than 30.

    2. Interesting. I think psychologically, a call for shared sacrifice is stronger than promises of shared free shit, once you get people sacrificing for a noble cause they’re invested in the thing and don’t want to admit they’ve been hoodwinked into sacrificing for nothing. These rolling blackouts are simply and solely the result of the California greens refusing to invest in the power grid, blaming PGE for the short-sightedness as if PGE wasn’t a government monopoly doing exactly what the government tells them to do, but if it can be sold as doing what needs to be done in fighting climate change, those nutbags in California will gladly pay more for less and feel smug about it to boot. Meanwhile, their lords and masters in government ain’t sacrificing shit – how much have they grifted out of the “high-speed rail” boondoggle and how many pocket power plants could you have built with that money?

      1. No, not for “refusing to invest”.

        California took 9 gigawatts of gas generation offline over the last 5 years as a part of the state’s plan to move to “green energy”.

        They have been coming up 4 gigawatts short on their generation capacity.

        You do the math.

        1. They really only need like 4 Flux capacitors to cover the loss

          1. But Flux capacitors are racist!

    3. I’m beginning to suspect half the reason lockdowns are still in place is the grid literally can’t support the 20% increase of energy output that turning on the lights on in the shuttered business’s would cause.

    4. 6-9 PM is also when people charged their cars after work, when they used to drive to work

  33. The DNC think the post office conspiracy is real but Antifa is a myth.

    1. They don’t actually think Antifa is a myth–like I’ve said it’s like the Mafia. People in Mafia neighborhoods knew that the Mafia operated there, and freely did business with them, but whenever the state or federal law rolled in, it was always, “Mafia? There’s no Mafia here, just a bunch of hard-working people.”

      It’s the same with Antifa and the DNC–the latter is happy to use the former as their foot soldiers while pretending that they aren’t doing so.

      1. Literally Cosa Nostra/Our Thing.

  34. “There is now a market, measured in attention and approbation, for anyone who can sniff out a Karen,” writes Helen Lewis, in a piece dissecting The Karen.

    Whatever, Karen.

    1. Did you actually read the article? “Karenism” is a toxic mix of sexism, racism, and agism, given that “Karen” is generally perceived as a white woman of a certain age – but the piece of shit that wrote the article is obviously 1) a homophobe because she didn’t mention that “Karen” is a married woman and therefore heterosexual, 2) Islamaphobic for not mentioning that “Karen” is never seen in a hijab, 3) ablist for not mentioning that “Karen” rarely appears in a wheelchair, 4) classist for not mentioning that “Karen” generally carries an upper-middle class sense of entitlement, and 5) I could go on listing all the things she didn’t mention about “Karen” but I think you get the idea. The author needs to be shamed and cancelled for not mentioning all the problematic aspects of “Karen” simply because she’s either unaware of her own prejudices and biases or, more likely, thinks that her own prejudices and biases are the “right” sort of prejudices and biases. She needs to check her privilege! I can’t even with this sort of shit, I am so triggered.

      1. well played.

  35. I just saw an ad on this thread “Stand With Kamala Harris Against Mike Pence”. That’s why Pence leaves the door open when dealing with women.

  36. In one of the most affluent school districts in my state Fairfax County is reopening 37 public schools for their “Supporting Return to School Program” In which they are charging families up to $325 per child per week for k-12. That’s on top of what families already pay through property taxes. This is the county I pay all my business taxes in. To say I’m furious is an understatement. But it’s too dangerous to go back to school.

    1. If only there was a second amendment, and if Virginia still respected the state motto.
      Move away, my friend, move away.

  37. HERE► Brilliant article. I had wondered how future generations would view the mind boggling hysteria that is currently gripping the whole world, especially Europe and the USA. We look back at past centurhysteria can be – like a stampede. Thought the writer was a historian, his analysis is so sharpies and wonder how they could have been so stupid. I guess it shows how powerful mass . He has seen through the Emperor’s new clothes!Check my site.

  38. omfg the Sanders nomination was perfect. i love a true believer AOC is a hoot.

  39. I had to read the AOC bit twice. She didn’t snub Biden because she appeared to snub biden, got called out for it, then denied it?

    1. It clearly says she nominated Sanders because it was part of the convention procedure and she was asked to do it. It was also clearly explained in the article that that was misreported as a snub.

      It’s amazing. ENB basically made a conservative-friendly talking point about bad mainstream media coverage/fake news, and conservative-leaning commenters here are STILL complaining about what she wrote — I guess because ENB wrote it.

      1. How many conventions had multiple nominations done?

  40. Another hotel is being targeted by advocate lawyers looking to make hotels criminally liable if prostitution takes place in hotel rooms, in the name of fighting “sex trafficking” and “human trafficking.”

    Congress needs to make another a section 230 to protect hotels from the onslaught of troll lawyers so that, in 10 yrs., Congress can modify it to make sure hotels aren’t trafficking sex workers.

    1. well, guns cause violence and SUVs kill people, so why not blame the hotels?

  41. So @NBCNews how are you going to fix the incredible amount of damage and misinformation that you are now responsible for?

    Wow. AOC is a great example of what projection looks like.

    1. be a better example of what projection looks like with her hair down.

    2. who AOC snubs or doesn’t snub may be misinformation, but methinks NBCNews has caused a lot more damage with much more dangerous misinformation, such as regarding COVID-19

  42. I laughed hysterically at this ‘gem’ from AOC

    “So @NBCNews how are you going to fix the incredible amount of damage and misinformation that you are now responsible for?”

    Never thought AOC would ever agree with POTUS Trump on anything.

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  44. “…but that was more than enough time for her to prove the most controversial part of the virtual gathering.”

    Shouldn’t that be the “virtue signaling” gathering?

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