Brickbat: A Zoom with a View


Stockton University, a public college in New Jersey, has charged doctoral student Robert Dailyda with disruption for a Facebook post that read: "We are a diverse, yet assimilated population from all backgrounds. I believe all must have the same opportunities and I commit to make that a priority. Beyond that, I am done with the leftist agenda of BLM and the white self haters. I have seen it in action in my doctoral classes at Stockton and the general media. I'm not backing down. If we can't get past this, OK, I'm ready to fight to the death for our country and against those that want to take it down." University officials say other students found the post to be "offensive, threatening and concerning." He faces a semester of probation, a $50 fine or community service. The university had also charged Dailyda with discrimination, harassment, hostile environment and harm after he used a photo of President Donald Trump as a Zoom background during a virtual class. The school dropped those charges after the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) protested but is pressing on with the disruption charge.

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  1. Funny I find BLM offensive, threatening and concerning can I get it cancelled?

    1. Marxian academics need canceling too. Anyone praising the philosophy which murdered 100 million people is offensive to the entire planet.

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    2. Given cancel culture, you’d be cancelled for your post, which they’d erase.

      That’s the good thing about Trader Joe’s just not accepting the complaints of the cancel culture. They’re like Joe McCarthy and his blacklisting of Communist sympathizers.

      The difference being McCarthy had government power, while organizations like BLM only have money. And in this case, it’s a government subsidized university punishing someone for their political speech; thus, is government subsidized abuse of one’s civil right to freedom of speech.

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  2. The revolution can’t be won till the Kulaks are eliminated .

  3. Good thing he didn’t call the college officials over-sensitive leftists stifling free speech.

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  6. Did anybody click on the link and see the number one trending story, entitled:

    ‘Affidavit: Pa. man grabbed 12-year-old girl’s chest, buttocks in the ocean off Sea Isle City[…]Stephen Gallagher, 60, of Lafayette Hill, has been charged with sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child in the July 12 incident.’

    There’s an ‘(underwater) she-said, he-said’ for you! Might make a good Brickbat to be filed under the heading of ‘no good deed shall go unpunished.’ I guess the next kid drowns…or maybe that’s just the foul stench of eternal victimhood emanating from the ‘University Commissars’ story tainting my thoughts.

    1. Before I get to that, I’m reading the one about the Philadelphia lawyer (really) whose car got towed without notice by police, as is their custom for tree trimming, reported “stolen” (so as to find out where it was left, and avoid parking tickets), then reported and confirm “found”, an then in New Jersey she and her passengers were ordered out at gunpoint by their police and…well, just read it.

      How much other stuff in these links is grist for Brickbats?

      1. I think I see the problem here.

        “This was a complete failure — not on our end — as far as timely information entered and removed which led to the confusion,” he said. “My sergeant on the scene received information from Philly PD, who said, ‘Go ahead. Lock her up. It’s (a) good (arrest).’ My sergeant went the extra yard because she had documentation.”

        Apparently the “public servants” there think going an extra yard is actually a special effort, when the phrase is “going the extra mile“…

        1. Is due diligence is not a requirement for law enforcement ‘professionals’?

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        2. when the phrase is “going the extra mile“…

          The phrase could be “went the whole nine yards” too but, even in that case it still leaves them 8 yards short of simply going the full distance.

  7. The ‘Wrong Think’ mentality of Stockton State perfectly reflects the ideals of the People’s Republic of NJ. Hell, we don’t really have a 2-A right. Now authorities want to do away with 1-A rights as well, by chipping away at it constantly.

    I did not interpret the post as an articulated threat to any person.

    1. Is Stockton the one referred to as “TSC by the sea”? Looks like it’s pretty close to Brigantine.

      1. Right in downtown Atlantic City….sometimes referred to as ‘Camden By The Sea’.

  8. … And they lost all federal and state funding… Hmmm that’s no where in the article, but it should be

    1. Their actions line up well with the opinions of Goldman Sachs executive Phil Murphy. Their state funding probably skyrocketed from this.

  9. Last I checked, the First Amendment still guarantees the right of religions to burn heretics.

    1. Only if you use carbon-capture technology.

  10. “Deputy General Counsel Ellen Bailey, who said the sole basis for the remaining charge is Dailyda’s Facebook post and at least one other person’s comments on his pos”

    Yep he is responsible for other peoples comments on his post. That the equivalent of saying all of the people buttplug responds to are responsive for child porn

    1. It would be interesting to know why he’s any more responsible for their comment than Facebook. And by ‘interesting’ I mean predictably retarded, biased, and self-contradiction in defense of the status quo.

  11. Stockton … has charged doctoral student Robert Dailyda with disruption

    “Charged with *disruption*”? WTF? Is NJ the UK?

    University officials say other students found the post to be “offensive, threatening and concerning.”

    And *other* students found the post to be “innocuous, enlightening, and entertaining.”

    1. The UK gave us the Magna Carta. NJ gave us Bon Jovi.

    2. Is NJ the UK?

      I’m sure they see the UK as a role model at least.

    3. Anarchy for the NJ is coming some time and maybe …

    4. “For some, [hooliganism] was synonymous with crime itself, applicable to all illegal acts. For others, it connoted a particular attitude with which certain crimes were committed, such as extreme cruelty. And there were those for whom hooliganism represented a state of mind, a psychological condition of ‘moral insanity’ or ‘moral nihilism.

      “Rural Crime in Tsarist Russia: The Question of Hooliganism, 1905-1914,” author Neil B. Weissman

  12. “As a public university, Stockton must tread carefully with metaphorical political rhetoric; we hope that this is not the hill Stockton wants to die on,” Greenberg wrote.

    Heh. 😀

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