Brickbat: Good Neighbors


When a mob of radical Hindus attacked several Christian families in the Latehar district of Jharkand state in India, the Christians went to the police. But instead of arresting the attackers, cops told the Christians they should either convert to Hinduism or move. The Evangelical Fellowship of India reports there were 135 cases of persecution against Christians in India in the first half of 2020.

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  2. Unless I missed it, the linked article includes no response from authorities to the story.

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  4. Those darn Christians, always causing trouble.

    1. Not enough lions?

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    2. They keep doing the same thing in India that gets them in trouble with Salafists in the Middle East, Communists in China and Progressives in the West; existing.
      How dare they.

  5. Christianity has been in India since the first century. Why is there a sudden push to persecute Christians? Is this just something Modi stirred up, or has this going on for a while?

    1. I dunno about causes, but the Vatican seems pretty convinced that things are getting worse:

      The watchdog group recorded 293 incidents of anti-Christian persecution in the first six months of the year.

      Six of those cases resulted in murder. Two women were raped and killed for their faith, and another two women and a 10-year-old girl were raped for refusing to renounce Christianity.

      Uttar Pradesh “remained the most hostile state against Christians in India,” noted the report. Sixty-three hate crimes were reported there.

      Police threatened one pastor with jail for him and his family if he did not forsake Christianity, according to the Persecution Relief report.

      1. I’m baffled by the idea that a Hindu devout enough to want to persecute people for being members of another religion — and therefore presumably therefore a believer in reincarnation in a form appropriate to ones karma due to one’s actions — would rape a ten year old. I mean, that sorta sounds like begging to come back as a whole series of extra ugly, malformed, and misshapen cockroaches.

    2. It’s Modi. He’s cracking down on non-Hindu religions. He’s a nationalist of the Old World type. It’s all about his tribe, and his tribe are Hindus. I have a friend native to India and he’s a big Modi supporter. Imagine Trumpism translated to the subcontinent, but with race and religion taking the place of immigration as the hot buttons.

      Has it been going on a while? Probably simmering under the surface. Just like Trumps base was simmering under the surface and surprised the entire Republican establishment.

      It’s populism.

      1. But Progressivism and Marxism are not pandering to populsim, eh?

        ALL politicians pander to populism, dood. ALL of them. One way to tell you are partisan is whether you think your side is not pandering to populism.

      2. “It’s Modi. He’s cracking down on non-Hindu religions. He’s a nationalist of the Old World type. It’s all about his tribe, and his tribe are Hindus…”

        Threatening to turn a blind eye towards India entering into union with Pakistan, might be useful to induce the Pakistanis to clean up their act re: helping the Taliban retake Afghanistan. India probably could pull it off, if they wanted, and if they had some help with locating and neutralizing Pakistan’s various deterrents.

        India still has a giant Muslim minority. Is Modi doing anything more than ‘normal for India’ in persecuting Indian Muslims? I know India has cracked down periodically on Sikhs—mainly to prevent Punjab from going independent—and now Christians, but are they doing things like banning Muslims from political office, military service, or education now?

      3. I bet the Biuddhists aren’t having trouble with the Hindus.

    3. I know that there’s been some recent pushback, including not allowing Christian business people to reside in India, and not allowing Christian child sponsorship agencies to operate in the country.

    4. It’s been getting worse but it predates Modi.

      Arguably, the conditions that allow such persecutions are also the conditions that allowed Modi to come to power. Also arguably, he has made them worse.

      1. Rampant corruption and a culture that doesn’t really even make much pretense of treating people equally before the law?

  6. they should either convert to Hinduism or move

    to a place where they should either convert to Islam or move.

    1. “If you don’t like it here you should move!”

      Call it deja vu, but I recall hearing that much closer to home.

  7. The Portlandia version:

    “They should convert to progressive socialism or move.”

  8. So much harmonious diversity.

    1. Show me any “diversity” that isn’t exclusive and intolerant of any contrary point of view.

  9. Really? Nobody goes for a Shikha joke?

  10. According to Biden/Harris (and Shikha), all Hindus are practically libertarians and we should give them refuge in the US from those Christians who are persecuting and oppressing them.

    1. I’d be willing to bet that most of the ones who have fairly recently come to the US saw all the dead bodies, trash, and raw sewage floating down their sacred rivers back in India, heard about someone’s new wife getting set on fire, experienced various riots (including anti-muslim ones) and national disasters, and thought, hey, I love my native land, but it sucks too much to go on living here. Doubt most are practicing libertarians, but I’ve yet to see Hindus in the US persecuting anyone.

      1. Well, except for the Dalits working in tech. But they don’t count.

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