UConn Will Pay White Fragility Author Robin DiAngelo $20,000 To Train School Administrators

The three-day retreat will help 44 top officials "come to grips with the critical questions of racism and inclusion."


The antiracism consultant Robin DiAngelo is having quite the summer. Her 2018 book, White Fragility, shot to the top of the New York Times bestseller list after the death of George Floyd brought renewed public attention to racial issues.

She has also come under considerable and well-deserved criticism for her suffocatingly racialized worldview, which reduces every person to a color and posits that their interactions with people outside their race will necessarily be fraught and painful. John McWhorter, a professor of linguistics at Columbia University, called White Fragility a "racist tract" that "diminishes black people in the name of dignifying us." His was one of many negative reviews to come DiAngelo's way this year. A New York Times article pointed out the absurdity of one of the central tenets of white fragility training: that positive traits like hard work, individualism, and valuing the written word are characteristics of white culture.

You might think such strongly expressed concerns about her underlying outlook and method would prompt a university to think twice about hiring DiAngelo to train its staff. In most other circumstances, university officials would denounce and flee from a book described as a "racist tract"; Tulane recently canceled a talk by an author whose clearly anti-racist book was unfairly accused of being racially harmful.

But this fall, the University of Connecticut plans to send four dozen top administrators to a three-day workshop where they will study antiracism under DiAngelo's tutelage. For her services, the author will be paid $20,000.

That high price tag is not surprising. News reports have already revealed that DiAngelo and other diversity lecturers often charge in the $10,000 to $15,000 dollar range for a few hours of work. (She even charges $320 per hour for a phone call.) Teaching white corporate executives, school officials, and nonprofit employees to reflect on how their whiteness affords them great advantages and contributes to systemic inequalities is a lucrative enterprise for DiAngelo (who is white).

The problem here isn't that DiAngelo is coming to speak. Public universities can and should use some of their funds to bring interesting speakers to campus, even if their ideas are thought to be harmful. That is, after all, one of the points of having a university: to consider and debate controversial ideas. People who disagree with DiAngelo's ideas should not be afraid of having her share them in a forum where she can be heard, challenged, and rebutted if necessary.

But DiAngelo will not be speaking in a public forum. She will not address students directly. Critics will only be able to engage her ideas in secondhand form, after they have been put into practice by administrators who set rules regarding how people are allowed to interact with each other on campus. DiAnglo is not going to UConn to engage in the give and take of ideas. She is training the university's employees, with the explicit expectation that they will put her recommendations into practice.

UConn President Thomas Katsouleas said as much in a press release, though he put it rather differently: "This retreat will help University leadership come to grips with the critical questions of racism and inclusion, and to bring those insights back to our campuses." Beware the new insights of the campus speech cops.

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86 responses to “UConn Will Pay White Fragility Author Robin DiAngelo $20,000 To Train School Administrators

  1. Translation fire whitey unless they bend the knee. Oh and don’t let them attend our precious university.

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  2. What's happening in our society with this wokeness/BLM/systemic racism/disparate impact/equality of outcome garbage, if allowed to continue without serious challenge in the "mainstream" culture, is going to destroy our society.

    I wish Reason would push back harder and louder about this nonsense.

    1. Private companies. Sure it is federal dollars and state dollars funding them. But Reason has seemed to be okay with private censorship and cancel culture. They don't seem to understand coercion can come from any entity, not just a government.

      1. Doesn't seem that way to me. Soave and Gilespie at least have been writing on the subject pretty well, I thought.

        1. To be sure...

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        2. They have recognized it in limited usage. Not as an issue at wide level. Their level of recognition is akin to FIRE about 10 years ago, or whenever they started. They still refuse to do things like recognize mob violence in the protests and such. They refuse to recognize collusion in Silicon Valley to shut down and harm competitors while creating massive censorship. Etc. Etc.

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        3. Soave’s articles seem to be pretty brief lately while a lot of the others are way too long winded and repetitive or wandering from point to point.

          This could be balanced a little better, to be sure.

    2. The purpose of what is going on is exactly to destroy our culture. It's a communist revolution.

    3. It's too lucrative to big business. Who do you think keep race peddling blackish monsters like DiAngelo in business?

  3. John McWhartor is exactly right, this woman is racist as hell. The whole book treats blacks as powerless subhumans who are forever at the mercy of all powerful white people. The whole point of the book is for white people to see their inherent racism such that they can then benevolently allow the powerless black subhumans to overcome oppression. The book is written in the same fashion as a book arguing for animal rights, only with black people as the animals.

    White Fragility is truly peak woke white people. DiAngelo is the kind of person that makes you admit that Malcolm X had a point hating white people. She was exactly the kind of white person he most hated and with good reason.

    1. She's a complete, wall-to-wall racist.

    2. Malcolm X had a really good point. The white bourgeois liberals are the worst and by far the most racist.

      1. The hardest people to deal with, regardless of the issue, are the ones who believe they know everything. There are a lot of ignorant hicks in the world who recognize the limits of their own knowledge. There's precious few intellectuals who can recognize there are fields in which they are not experts.

        1. "Intellectuals" = Useful Idiots that rely on 'grants' (i.e. stolen money) because they add no real VALUE to individuals of society that would never willing pay for the garbage they spew/create.

    3. White Fragility? More like White Myn's Burden, am I right?

      1. It really is. There's something incredibly patronizing about how the establishment left treats minorities.
        Your new-caught sullen peoples, Half devil and half child" has been their modus operandii since the 1850's.

        1. They love democracy which is telling the minority you lost, take a hike.

    4. "The book is written in the same fashion as a book arguing for animal rights, only with black people as the animals."

      Wow that is brutal. But about on par with what I've read

    5. John McWhartor is exactly right, this woman is racist as hell.

      Are you sure?

      If I could get $6,666.67 dollars (plus expenses?) to teach classes on why we should follow the Smurf Code of Conduct, I'd happily write a book asserting the Smurfs created the universe and that we must follow the Smurf Code of Conduct in order to not insult our creators (of course, that book has been written many times so I'm a bit late to that game and there's already too much competition in that domain). If I could keep my schedule full, that's about $1.7M per year (plus whatever I might get from my books). I'll happily regurgitate most anything for over $1.78M per year.

      Maybe she just read the tea leaves and discovered an opportunity just as many television preachers have done.

  4. I thought I was taking advice from a Chinese Black woman!

  5. If I were one of these Administrators, I would hire an attorney now and plan out how I was going to use this training as evidence in my upcoming multi-million dollar discrimination lawsuit.

  6. When is someone going to go after this bitch for appropriating grievance culture. If I can't open a taco truck without being problematic, why does she get to profit off white guilt? Oh yeah, white guilt was invented by white people.

    1. I want to see a black person go after her. She is almost a parody of the smug condescending white liberal. As much as I can't stand her being a white person, if I were black I would hate her with the heat of a thousand suns.

      1. McWhorter *did* go after her. What good has it done in Connecticut?

        I wonder what exactly she *could* do to cut off her sweet gravy train? Eat Wonder Bread? Have sex with a man?

        1. Having 'liked' a Jordan Peterson video.

        2. I would say blackface, but that might increase her chances of becoming the governor of VA.

          1. Or having a successful late-night show on ABC.

          2. Or Prime Minister of Canada.

      2. ^This. Being pandered to and infantilized has got to get old at some point.

    2. Everything is so terrible and unfair.

      Bitch is ripping me off.

  7. This is why I love capitalism: I can make a pretty good living never having to talk to these people.

    1. HR has scheduled you for a sensitivity training. Mandatory.

  8. "Train"... I'm not sure that word means what you think it means.

  9. Well, if she gets $20,000 speaking fees for telling university administrators how much they suck, and how collectively guilty they are, and she can just write any old shit and have people lap it up, it's no wonder that she looks askance at individualism and valuing the written word.

    But I wonder about the hard work part. To paraphrase previous commenters, does she put a lot of work into teaching that hard work is a white thing, or does she just phone in her lectures, rambling at random, eating off the buffet table, and clocking out early?

    Or is she one of those intellectuals who, with a zeal worthy of a better cause, puts in long hours at proving that hard work is a sucker's game?

    1. Just remember, when taxpayers decide to stop financially supporting colleges, it is ONLY due to "anti intellectualism" and not wasting money on shit like this.

  10. It's a fucking struggle session.

    1. A struggle fucking session, AKA rape.

  11. Or they could cut tuition by the 20k plus the expense of room and board for the 44 retards, and cut the 44 retards from the staff. Let's be honest if you can take 3 days to go to this you are by definition not essential

    1. These are the "Top Men."
      Not like teachers, or people who actually do the work.

  12. Have these people ever met a black person?

    1. No, but she watched a documentary about them once.

      1. Actually, she just read a synopsis of a review about a documentary

        1. She didn't understand In The Heat of the Night

          1. She thought Roots was a comedy.

        2. Read a tweet about a synopsis of an article.
          It changed her life though.

  13. race pimps gotta race pimp.

  14. Hey Robby, in case you're having trouble finding news stories about individual rights infringements on college campuses (ha!), I wouldn't mind seeing a follow up to this incident that garnered national headlines a couple of months ago...


  15. Warren got $300K for a 1-hour speech at Harvard, and she's only getting $20K for 3 days? Cherokee privilege at work.

    1. Clinton has the record; it will probably never get broken.
      (Unless Biden gets elected; then Hunter will bust right through)

      1. What's Hunter's speech about? How to smoke crack, have illegitimate children and still have your rich and powerful dad get you a job on the board of a foreign oil company that you're clearly not even remotely qualified for and never actually attend? It seems a little niche.

        1. I imagine Hunter will eventually end up hosting "beat the market" seminars at the Airport Radisson.

        2. And a little wordy.

      2. ""then Hunter will bust right through)""

        He'll be worth every hryvnia.

  16. We have a term for white people who think success, intelligence, and other positive traits are the domain of white people.

    White supremacists.

    1. "Blacks and Mexicans are lazy by nature, and we must celebrate that!"

    2. Yep.

      What I don't get here is that if blacks are genetically different from white people in that they lack the hard work gene, so what? If black people, through no fault of their own, simply can't compete with white people, what are we supposed to do about it? Make white people stop working so hard? But it's genetic, it's in my genes to work hard, I can't help it if I'm white and predisposed to hard work any more than black people are genetically predisposed to avoid hard work.

      Or are you simply saying that since it's not black people's fault that they can't compete with white people, that when it comes time to divvy up the rewards of the work, black people should get an equal share with the white people even though white people did most of the work? That is, black people ain't going to join in your culture, but they'll damn sure join in sharing the rewards of belonging to your culture. That sounds kinda like the story of the Little Red Hen, the point of which wasn't that everybody got equal shares of bread regardless of how little or how much they shared in the work of producing the bread.

      1. Had a demo with a customer rep for a new computer measuring machine at my shop a few weeks back. (Yes, we are buying equipment). Engineers and machinists talking about datums and planes and feature finders. I thought this is the most white guy conversation ever.

        Manufacturing can be a good ticket to the middle class, especially if you get into the technical aspects of it. But this kind of work has a type. That’s just how it is, man.

        Not a good idea to vocalize that thought, of course, true as it is. Math is racist, after all.

        Is this the world the progs want? Yup.

    3. Bingo! Winner winner! Cultural appropriation idiots are in the same mindset. You cannot wear that Chinese styled dressed because you're not Chinese. So, what you're really saying is Chinese should only sell clothing to Chinese, Whites to Whites, Blacks to Blacks, etc? Their circular logic is 100% racists. It's incredibly sad that they cannot see how racists they really are.

  17. Best self promotion since selling the Emperor his new clothes - - - - - -

  18. Why do they have to pay this silly woman to teach this silly idea? It's such a simplistic way of looking at life they could get a 10 year-old to teach it, and pay the kid with ice cream.

  19. h/t Eminem

    Though she's not the first queen of controversy
    She is the worst thing since Rachel Dolezal
    To do diversity so selfishly
    And use it to get herself wealthy

    1. Haha. It’s all about opportunities, man.

  20. I fully support fools wasting their money.

  21. This is truly scary. But it does appear
    To be a Lucrative business to peddle
    This shit

  22. Because heaven forbid anyone should ask any of us lazy ignorant black folks what we think about racism and diversity training. It's amazing how the people pumping anti-racism the hardest and making a fortune to do so are really the biggest racists. I've worked hard my whole life. How exactly is the black community being helped by paying white people tens of thousands to indoctrinate others with the narratives of white guilt and black dependency? This is a racket pure and simple. This lady is full of crap and im pretty sure she knows it and is laughing all the way to the bank.

    As a black parent I would take my kid out of UConn and make sure the administration knew I was paying tuition for my child to be educated and not indoctrinated with this patronizing and condescending BS!

    1. Yup. Black people should be insulted by this. It’s fucking evil.

  23. UConn is a PUBLIC university. Therefore, implementing this DiAngelo lady’s “sensitivity” or fragility or whatever plan would be coerced speech and also a violation of the right to free association paid for by the people of Connecticut. Doesn’t sound constitutional to me.

    1. As an official training program, it has to be taken that DiAngelo's theory represents UConn's policy unless explicitly disavowed.

  24. You might think such strongly expressed concerns about her underlying outlook and method would prompt a university to think twice about hiring DiAngelo to train its staff. In most other circumstances, university officials would denounce and flee from a book described as a "racist tract"

    Why would you think that? Universities have been a hotbed of racism, eugenics, and segregation for more than a century, adding more and more socialism into the mix starting in the 1960's. This is neither new nor surprising.

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  26. She has found a lucrative grift. The whole "white fragility" phrase is her saying that people taking her seminar objecting to her theories only goes to prove how racist they really are. Her schtick is nonfalsifiable by her thinking.

  27. You need to be virtue signaling when you make a hard Left turn, or you'll get a ticket.

  28. U Conn, or Con U?

  29. positive traits like hard work, individualism, and valuing the written word are characteristics of white culture

    I'll take her at her word since she's a (self-proclaimed) "expert".

    However, hard work, individualism, and valuing the written word seem like good things that seem to tend to advance cultures that have those traits. Perhaps I've got a "white bias", but if I had to pick one of two companies to bet on where the first is run and staffed by lazy hive mind followers who don't value reading and recording their discoveries and the second is run and staffed by hard working independent minded people who share their discoveries and learn from other's discoveries through the written word, I'm pretty sure I'll invest in the second rather than the first.

    Since she appears to want someone's culture to change, it seems she's preaching to the wrong crowd - she should be targeting HBCs, Shakedown Sharpton, BLM founders Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi, Jesse Don't Get Between Me and a Camera Jackson, and the next Michael Brown. But, perhaps, they won't pay her $20K for three days of enlightenment.

    About the only rational explanation for her actions that comes to mind is that she feels that Blacks are, as a group, genetically unable to exhibit such traits. With this belief her approach might make sense - equality can only be achieved by throttling the more productive group. She's an "expert", so I guess I should take her word for this -- but I somehow can't quite convince myself (perhaps it's my "white fragility" seeping through).

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  31. You guys have it all wrong she's a satirist.

    1. That'd be some deep deep cover.

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  33. Robin's smug, sneering answer: Fuck off. I got mine.

  34. Is it time to abolish the Board of Indoctrination YET???

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