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Several law student groups have invited me to give Zoom talks this Fall, and I enthusiastically accepted. It's less engaging, of course, than an in-person talk, but there's no travel time and no travel cost, so I'm much more open to such invitations than I had been to in-person speaking engagements.

And this reminded me that I wanted to offer this more broadly: If you have a group of any sort, such as

  • your junior high or high school students,
  • students in your home-schooling group,
  • your college or law school classmates,
  • your lawyer group,
  • your nonlawyer group,
  • your podcast or video audience, or
  • who knows what else,

and you wanted me to give a Zoom talk about

  1. free speech,
  2. religious freedom,
  3. gun rights and gun policy,
  4. the Supreme Court,
  5. the Constitution generally, or
  6. maybe even some other topics,

just e-mail me at volokh at law.ucla.edu and let me know the circumstances.

Naturally, I'd prefer talking to larger groups rather than very small groups (though that might be easier to do via video, if you gather audience members from various different locations); and the sensible topics might differ from audience to audience. But I'm flexible.

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  1. Your offer is both generous and heartwarming.

    Thank you for your service to education on Free Speech.

    PS: I have no such group. my sucking up is genuine 🙂

  2. What about lonely individuals who just imagine they’d really enjoy hearing you talk about, well, anything?

    1. BTW, I firmly agree with @The Drill SGT that this is a very kind offer. I imagine any group would be edified by hearing your thoughts on any of those topics. [Or on language, math, computer programming…]

      Also, thanks for teaching me the word “ligeance”.

  3. I’d like to see a Zoom debate between Professor Volokh and the Reverend (although I doubt the latter would reveal their identity let alone agree to such a debate).

    It wouldn’t take much time – maybe five minutes before the Reverend mysteriously loses their internet connection at the very end of a rant.

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