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The city of San Diego has been paying about $18,000 a day for the past three years to lease the former Sempra Energy headquarters. But asbestos issues have prevented the city from occupying the building. It has been empty for all but one month since January 2017. When a local TV station obtained documents that showed, among other things, the city did not seek an independent assessment of the building, City Attorney Mara Elliott opened a criminal investigation of how reporters got the material. The station posted to social media a copy of a letter from Elliott warning it of the investigation. Hours later, after numerous complaints from the public, the city announced it was dropping that investigation.

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  2. So there is still journalism going on out there somewhere?

    1. At least the people who suggested it have resigned, and I’m sure no other place will hire them after they hear that they wasted millions of dollars of city money. hahahahahahahah. *sigh*

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  3. I have space they can rent for much less. I assume that it doesn’t have to be in the San Diego area since they aren’t going to occupy it.

    1. Plenty of empty space to fill at Chargers games!

      1. Since they aren’t going to occupy the space, it can be any size and anywhere. They can rent the head of a needle in my wife’s craft room for much less than that building. I’m just trying to save the city money. I should get a reward for finding a cost cutting option.

        1. I should get a reward for finding a cost cutting option.

          Governments don’t give out awards for saving taxpayer money.

          1. Sure they do! “Your cost cutting got our department’s budget slashed. Here’s a pink slip for your efforts.”

            1. No, you transfer Mr. Helper to your biggest enemy’s department, singing his praises about how many efficiencies he’s discovered, and let him wreak havoc on their budget.

        2. so you have found angels in the form of men, to dance on the head of a pin, while governing San Diego and not blowing the citizens’ tax money on unused buildings?

      2. parking is still 100 bucks though.

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  4. So they aren’t going to investigate how the city fucked up and they aren’t going to investigate how the public found out that the city fucked up? That sounds fair.

    1. shouldn’t all the city business be open to the public? they’re not spying on LA are they?

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  6. City Attorney Mara Elliott issued a statement saying the whole thing was a mistake. “The letter my office sent earlier to an NBC reporter never should have been sent,” Elliott wrote Friday afternoon. “My office has never — and will never — prosecute a journalist or compel them to reveal confidential sources.”

    So, Mara is opening an investigation into who made this “mistake”, right? RIGHT?!

    1. “The letter my office sent…never should’ve been sent.”

      Alright everybody, who made the cardinal sin of letting the public know what we were doing in our public offices?!?!

      1. “The letter my office sent…never should’ve been sent.”

        That could be classic Yogi Berra, if it were at all funny.

    2. Another mistake that should be investigated: How Mara got a law license.

  7. Around $20 million for a building they can’t use?

    Follow the money.

    1. Exactly. Who are they renting it from?

    2. “Follow the money.”

      Right to a major political donor, would be my guess. Who promptly kicked back a percentage to the campaigns of the city leaders that would oversee this kind of lease.

      It’s not theft or a bribe because….reasons.

  8. How much are they asking in “COVID” relief from the feds?

    1. more than 18 thousand a day, no doubt

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  10. About 30% of the comments on this thread were bots; I flagged each of them and they, amazingly, just disappeared.

    Is someone actually at the switch on these shitbirds?

    1. Bot Lives Matter!

    2. I flagged a bunch, with time stamps all before your comment. Looks like they got revived.

    3. They only disappear for you. The rest of us go through the same shit every day too. And every asshole parasite will post again in full view on the next thread. And Reason does fuckall about it because it is an SEO strategy giving the illusion the discussions are more active than they really are.

      1. >>And Reason does fuckall about it because

        we rail on their journalism all day.

    4. How do we know you’re not just an anti-bot bot?

  11. The national freakout over asbestos continues. Yes it’s dangerous. Yes it’s carcinogenic. Yes people die from it. But it’s only dangerous when it’s dust is inhaled. And since it’s a rock, it’s pretty damned safe.

    The problem comes about when you disturb it so dust forms. That makes it particular hazard for roofers and floorers and those who are removing it. But your nice popcorn ceiling is safe, unless you poke it with a stick. And even then it probably won’t bother you you’re doing that continuously over time so you breath in the dust over time.

    The asbestos flooring is even safer. It was designed to be stepped on. Literally. But start taking it up and the guys taking it up are producing dust. Which is a problem if their job is taking it up all the time. Which is why there are specific industry guidelines on how to take it up. Wear a mask, spray down the surface with a water mister, etc.

    In fact, the recommended practice for a stable absestos floor is… just lay new non-asbestos floor right over the top of it. Can’t do the same with popcorn ceilings because those do degrade over time. But the flooring doesn’t.

    But then a city like San Diego comes along and sees that a building as asbestos in its flooring and proceeds to abandon it when there’s nothing at all wrong with the building. Sigh. For the price they’re renting it for they could have gotten rid of it safely. But government’s don’t work that way.

    1. Yeah, but it’s in CA, so the asbestos might as well be plutonium for all that they’re going to be allowed to work on it.

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