Brickbat: Whose Side Are You On?


Douglas County, Nevada, Public Library Director Amy Dodson insists that a proposed library diversity statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement was not an anti-police statement. "It simply was meant to state our inclusivity at the library, that we are open and welcoming to everyone and we treat everyone equally," she said. But that's not how Sheriff Daniel Coverley interpreted it. "Due to your support of Black Lives Matter and the obvious lack of support or trust with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, please do not feel the need to call 911 for help," Coverley wrote in a letter to the library. "I wish you good luck with disturbances and lewd behavior." A sheriff's spokesman later said that despite Coverley's letter the sheriff's office would continue to respond to 911 calls at the library. The library board later postponed a meeting to discuss the diversity statement, citing "community response."

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  1. “My response was rooted in my belief that these issues need to be openly discussed in a way that values diversity and law enforcement.”

    Feel secure, Douglas County, that your sheriff isn’t prone to knee jerk reaction.

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    1. “You can clearly see from my bodycam footage that he repeatedly assaulted my boots with his face.”

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  4. The proposed language echoes a pledge signed by 180 public libraries backing open access to the facilities regardless of race, gender and sexual orientation and decrying racism.
    What was the need for the statement? Did the Douglas County libraries deny access based on the criteria provided and are now changing their ways? Or was it a need to signal allegiance to the cause.

    1. That was my thought. Unless this library hasn’t been inclusive previously, then it’s unnecessary virtue signaling. And anyone whose made the mistake of using #blacklivesmatter for any reason except to call police racist has been corrected (see Lemon v. Cruz).

      The sheriff overreacted, but at some point, and somehow, the useful idiots need to be convinced to stop being useful idiots, before they become too useful.

  5. Well, it’s the Washington Post, so I’m going to reserve judgement on this until the National Enquirer or the Onion or some other reputable news source weighs in on it.

  6. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, then, clearly feels that Black Lives do NOT Matter!

    In retaliation for the retaliation, the Douglas County Educational Ministry of Truth, next, will threaten to keep on taking in taxes from Sheriff’s families, but REFUSE to do their duties to indoctrinate Sheriff’s children!

    (WHO, then, will enforce tax collections, for funding these not-being-delivered services? Since all of the sheriffs are in a tiff? Stay tuned! Same spat time, same spat station!)

    1. In retaliation for the retaliation, the Douglas County Educational Ministry of Truth, next, will threaten to keep on taking in taxes from Sheriff’s families, but REFUSE to do their duties to indoctrinate Sheriff’s children!

      Heh. 😀

      Though, given that they had almost certainly already refused to do so for all the children in the county, does that make that more like “pre-taliation”? 😉

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  8. A sheriff’s spokesman later said that despite Coverley’s letter the sheriff’s office would continue to respond to 911 calls at the library.

    “As we have told you repeatedly, a deputy is on his way.”

  9. The guiding principle and revealed truth of the current era:


    And then you must evangelize your chosen side at every opportunity.

    1. It isn’t enough to not be a terrorist. If you aren’t doing everything possible to stop them, you are a terrorist.

    2. I choose the U.S. Constitution…. The precise supreme(<-Keyword) law that a Republic is based on instead of relying on party wars Democracy creates.

    3. But I hate both the cops and BLM.

      1. Just wait until BLM are the cops.

        1. Will they hate themselves?

    4. I choose my side. My side consist of exactly three people, Me, Myself, and I.

  10. Is that the same BLM which was extorting store owners in Louisville with threats of violence if they don’t hire more Blacks, sell more Black-made products, and contribute part if their income to social justice causes?

    1. Yep. At this point, if you choose to support BLM, then you get what you deserve.

    2. Link please

        1. “Black folx” – AYFKM?

          You’ve got to love the irony of socialist identitarians demanding cuban-americans adopt their socialist views.

        2. I suggest saving the webpage (download the page, not just the link), and also the pdf of the demands. For some strange reason, these things keep disappearing once their existence is publicized.

        3. The threatened repercussions [from the BLM(?) distributed flier] also made Ahamara Brewster, and other members of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party, stand in solidarity with the Cuban-Americans who gathered outside the restaurant Sunday afternoon.

          “If you want help from someone, there’s a way about doing it,” said Brewster. “You know, being diplomatic about it, but you don’t threaten anyone.”

          What planet am I even on, any more?

          1. Right. When the Revolutionary Black Panther Party is disagreeing with BLM, that stands out.


            Apparently the Revolutionary Black Panther Party also has some internal disagreement regarding who is actually a member. The above-quoted Brewster is mentioned again in the link I posted. Accusations flying of who’s an FBI infiltrator and who isn’t.

            Beyond the way the demands were stated as a threat to the Louisville businesses, presumably if a business or nonprofit board does hire or appoint 23% Black staff, presumably those Black individuals would be under tremendous pressure. Where would the business find the correct candidates? Would they fire someone in order to hire a Black person if they can’t afford additional employees? What kind of lawsuit would that generate? What would happen to the Black people who get hired this way, if they deviated from the party line? Would they be working for BLM or for the business or nonprofit? What would happen to the business if they fired someone, with or without cause? The law of unintended consequences is invoked over and over.

            I think the “well-meaning-white-liberals” are desperate to believe the civil rights movement is alive again and they desperately want BLM to be wholesome, pro-Black in a positive way, and oriented to a positive future. I can’t say that BLM has never been that, but it becomes clear it is not always that, just like the movements in the 50s and 60s. That being said, I know the Panthers have done positive work in recent decades. Where are the Black Panthers? Is a very good question to ask about the various protests. They probably are there, but I don’t see the organizations merging, and that is interesting.

  11. So much stupid on all sides. First, it’s a public library, so it’s a taxpayer funded part of the local government. It’s therefore outside its purview to make political statements or “statements of support.” Second, the Sheriff’s office is a public organization, also taxpayer funded, so it doesn’t get to pick and choose who it works for.

    So basically, you’ve got a librarian who wants to engage in politics on the taxpayer’s dime, and a sheriff who wants to pick and choose who he serves and protects. Toss them both out on their asses.

    1. but silence is violence now, they have to make a statement, and it has to be the right kind of statement with approved opinions

    2. The problem is that many Black LM supporters have been conditioned to believe such statements of support aren’t even controversial, i.e. that a library making such a statement is on the order of, “Have a nice day,” or, “Read more books.” So why would any taxpayers object, huh?

  12. Library shows solidarity with groups opposed to police murdering Blacks. Police tell library to shove off.

    Gosh, Nevada.

    1. It’s racist because it makes the ‘blacks’ distinction significant. A slogan such as “Stop killing innocent people” (which coincidentally BLM hardly has a speckle of substantial evidence to support) would sure save the group a heck of a lot of grief.

      Think about it, “Library shows solidarity with groups opposed to black police murdering white’s” — It’s got racial bias written all over it.

  13. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the sheriff’s an asshole.

    Also, I remember a time when libraries were about books, not making political statements.

  14. Aren’t libraries just flouting intellectual property laws anyway? Shouldn’t everyone have to buy or pay-per-read to access books? What about the authors?

  15. I don’t see how “That’s mighty white of you.” isn’t the *exact* response Sheriff Coverly should have given.

  16. How many black people are there in Douglas County? What percentage are in prison? “We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our Italian-American brothers.” is a great message about inclusiveness and all but it rings a bit hollow the day after the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.

    It’s not like the library was denying entrance to black people or allowing officers to stand on black people’s necks before BLM (right?). If the only widespread violence the county has seen in its history was a recent response to the nation-wide wave of “mostly peaceful” protests, I could see how the vocalized support for BLM could be interpretted as a slap in the face.

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