Brickbat: Whose Side Are You On?


Douglas County, Nevada, Public Library Director Amy Dodson insists that a proposed library diversity statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement was not an anti-police statement. "It simply was meant to state our inclusivity at the library, that we are open and welcoming to everyone and we treat everyone equally," she said. But that's not how Sheriff Daniel Coverley interpreted it. "Due to your support of Black Lives Matter and the obvious lack of support or trust with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, please do not feel the need to call 911 for help," Coverley wrote in a letter to the library. "I wish you good luck with disturbances and lewd behavior." A sheriff's spokesman later said that despite Coverley's letter the sheriff's office would continue to respond to 911 calls at the library. The library board later postponed a meeting to discuss the diversity statement, citing "community response."