Brickbat: Truth in Advertising


Several employees of the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) office in Prescott were fired after after a photo of them circulated showing them wearing T-shirts that read "professional kidnapper" on the front and "Do you know where your children are?" on the back. They were worn during work hours, according to the Arizona Republic. The T-shirts were an apparent attempt to mock critics of the DCS, who accuse it of being biased against parents and being too eager to remove children from their homes.

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  1. It's good to see a public employee taking pride in their work.

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  2. No protests against them by the lefties. I guess BLM only when it’s on TV.

    1. I'm not sure that 'outrage tends to be lower regarding things not heard/known about' applies particularly to leftists...Also, note the employees were fired, the heart of BLM claims is usually about the impunity of government employees.

      1. Also note that BLM is complaining about lives being taken, not taken away. If you get your kids taken away from you, you'll get a day in court to show that it was wrong to take your kids away from you, and if you do, they'll give your kids back. If the cops shoot your kid, proving that they shouldn't have won't get them back to you.
        This has been today's lesson in false equivalency.

        1. When will you be conducting a lesson on missing the point?

          BLM is complaining about way more than just wrongful deaths at the hands of state agents.

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  3. "The T-shirts were an apparent attempt to mock critics of the DCS"

    Government employees need to realize that their jobs entail great power over their fellow citizens who yet, in theory, are still their 'bosses.' These two things being true, 'mocking' their critics is going to almost always be, *at best,* inappropriate 'bad form.' You're a public servant, you don't get to be 'cute' about your employers on the job.

    1. It also seems bizarre to "mock" one's critics by wearing clothes that explicitly supports the criticism. Who thought that would be a good idea? It gives the impression that they work inside an echo chamber and don't expect anyone from outside their bubble to see them.

      1. I've done that, many times. Most famously among my friends, Radio Hanoi called us a pirate ship, and I've bragged about being a pirate, even got one job because I put it on my resume and the interviewer figured it was a hook (!) worthy of an interview at least.

        1. It's all part of Being a Pirate

      2. "It also seems bizarre to “mock” one’s critics by wearing clothes that explicitly supports the criticism."

        Yet another person on the Internet who's never heard off sarcasm. Where have you all been hiding?

        1. So just to be clear here, what is your opinion on their decision to wear those shirts, and the decision to fire them for doing so?

      3. Probably the same idea as GWB had in looking under the tablecloth and quipping, "No WMD here."

  4. If only all government employees could be fired so easily.

  5. Dress code violations are the worst.

  6. When will people ever learn that in the age of social media you can get away with NO THING?

    Meanwhile the bots are out of control on this site; they're so bad they're spamming each other.

    1. I've noticed that too. It seems like almost half the comments are fucking spambots. Annoying as hell. Recently I've been clicking on the "Flag as spam or abuse" button on some of them just to see if it makes a difference but it doesn't seem to matter. I still see the same spambots with some of the same handles that I know I've reported, sometimes multiple times. So obviously the button doesn't result in the spam accounts being suspended or deleted or anything. Near as I can tell all it does is remove the comment so you don't see it next time the page loads, but who cares about that? I already skip over about half the legitimate comments anyway so it's not that big of a deal to skip over the spam too, I was just curious if flagging them did anything to reduce the volume but it doesn't seem to matter.

      1. This page really needs some sort of moderation. I discussed this years ago, and was against it. But I've changed my mind. Moderation does not mean thought police. It means keeping a civil conversation. Heck. go the Reddit/Slashdot way and have comment scoring, so low quality scores get hidden, but no comment gets deleted. People who want to see the trash can choose to do so.

        At the top of the list is of course the endless spam. These are actual accounts, not throwaway accounts. So there's no excuse for them.

      2. They make me LOL because I start "hearing" them in the same tone of voice as the surrounding comments, and it comes out funny as hell. So they should keep it up.

  7. The T-shirts were an apparent attempt to mock critics of the DCS, who accuse it of being biased against parents and being too eager to remove children from their homes.

    Agents of the state are often offended by the truth.

  8. the Jim McMahon Offensive.

  9. In 1991 I testified in Court against a CYS worker. I was eating lunch with a friend when we over heard her saying to another worker that she had a woman's infant taken away from her because she didn't like her when they went to high school. She was actually bragging about it. My friend asked if I had heard it and I said that I had. We went to see her boss who was a County Judge. He started an investigation that resulted in the Mother getting her baby back. The County settled with the Mother and fired the two workers, who promptly got jobs in CYS two Counties away.

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