COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine Race Rushes Toward the Finish Line

Safe and effective vaccines by the end of this year?


One silver lining (if one can call it that) to the surging number of COVID-19 cases in the United States is that it provides plenty of scope for testing the many new vaccines that are being warp speeded through development and deployment.

The biotechnology company Moderna just launched the first Phase 3 clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine in the United States today. In the Phase 1 trial the vaccine was generally well-tolerated by the volunteers and induced an immune response in all of them. The new clinical trial will test for efficacy and safety by enrolling about 30,000 volunteers of whom about half will be injected with the vaccine while the other receive placebo. Both groups will will be tracked to see if those injected with the vaccine were much less likely to get the disease than those in the placebo group.

Moderna's vaccine is based on a novel technology that uses messenger RNA (mRNA) to trick the bodies of vaccinated persons into making viral proteins that mobilize their immune systems to prevent coronavirus infections. Moderna has received nearly $1 billion in backing from the U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Department. If all goes well, the company could deliver 100 million doses by early fall.

Another mRNA candidate vaccine is being developed by the German company BionTech in partnership with the American pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer. The companies announced earlier this month that the vaccine induced a strong immune response among the volunteers in their Phase 1/2 clinical trial in Germany. They will launch their Phase 3 trial for the vaccine by the end of July. They plan to seek regulatory review as early as October 2020. The U.S. government has agreed to pay the companies $1.95 billion upon the receipt of the first 100 million doses, following FDA authorization or approval. The U.S. government also can acquire up to an additional 500 million doses.

The pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has teamed up with researchers at Oxford University to test and manufacture their COVID-19 vaccine. The Oxford vaccine genetically engineers a mild cold virus to include proteins from the COVID-19 coronavirus that will induce an immune defense against the disease virus. The technique has previously been used to develop vaccines that successfully protect against other pathogens, such as the viruses that cause flu, Zika, and Chikungunya.

The Lancet reported last week that the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine proved safe and effective in a Phase 1/2 trial. The Phase 3 trial for the vaccine has already begun in the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa. AstraZeneca has a $1.2 billion contract with HHS  produce about 400 million doses of the vaccine and the firm has contracted with the British government to produce up to 100 million doses, adding that 30 million may be ready for citizens in the U.K. by September.

Lagging somewhat behind in the COVID-19 vaccine race is the American company Novavax which plans to roll out its Phase 3 trial in October for its vaccine made by sticking viral proteins onto proprietary nanoparticles. The company has not yet reported the results from its Phase 1/2 trials, but has nevertheless teamed up with drug manufacturer Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies to scale up vaccination production to 100 million doses by the end of 2020 using a $1.6 billion warp speed grant from HHS. President Donald Trump visited the Fujifilm factory in North Carolina earlier today where he announced an additional $265 million contract with the company to manufacture the Novavax vaccine.

These are just the four front runners in the race to develop and deploy vaccines against the COVID-19 pandemic The urgency of defeating the coronavirus scourge has finally jumpstarted the cavalierly lethargic regulators at the Food and Drug Administration into action. Shrinking development times for vaccines from more than a decade to perhaps less than a year could save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Full disclosure: I have signed up to be a volunteer in one of the Phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trials. I have not yet been picked to participate.

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  1. Will the vaccine be mandatory? What is the libertarian solution if I refuse to take a vaccine?

    1. If you’re a reason Koch libertarian they will expect you to take your medicine.

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    2. What is the "libertarian" solution if I refuse to take a vaccine?
      What is the libertarian "solution" if I refuse to take a vaccine?

      With the shifting positions it's possible that libertarianism now categorizes people's behavior as a problem in need of solution a priori, but when I started paying attention to and supporting libertarianism it definitely did not.

      1. The libertarian solution is that no physician, nurse, or other health worker is compelled to treat anyone they do not wish to treat. Thus, I'd like to get back to treating the patients who come to my hospital for all manner of conditions other than vaccine preventable illness.

        In other words, my libertarian self would like to not be compelled to treat your unvaccinated libertarian disease.

        1. Thus, I’d like to get back to treating the patients who come to my hospital for all manner of conditions other than vaccine preventable illness.

          First, your dumb, lying ass doesn't own a hospital.

          Second, your dumb, lying ass agreed to work for the hospital you don't own.

          Third, your dumb, lying ass took the Hippocratic Oath, I had nothing to do with it.

          Fourth, every day the evidence further reveals that the odds are decent that I've already had the disease or something close enough and didn't even know it.

          So, if you don't like what you volunteered to do at the hospital you don't own, by all means quit. If you're anything like the hospital employee you've projected yourself to be, the ones I've worked around and had to deal with, the one's who consistently blame others for their own *series of* bad or stupid decisions, you won't be missed.

          1. By retaining your citizenship you implicitly agree to certain responsibilities in service to the community that permits you to live and prosper. But if you want to act like a child and not take your medicine, perhaps you'll be more comfortable under house arrest until you decide you don't actually have a right to infect other people with your diseases. A pandemic is where libertarian ideas go to die.

            1. Hard to argue with Totalitarian Tony's logic here if you grant the basic assumption that the state owns "your" body and by its grace alone "permits you to live and prosper" as it sees fit.

              Even if the pandemic scare is just a calculated political hoax designed to shame and coerce people into public acts of submission and self-abnegation, the state is well within the confines of its unlimited powers to impose such demands on its subjects -- and to ruthlessly punish any recalcitrant individuals who resist.

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    3. Exile and/or pariah status sounds pretty good.

      You can join the other very Reverend "contributor" with his group of "highly scientific well educated left wingers" i.e anti-vaxxers, anti-nuclear power, anti-GM/GE, pro-homeopathic remedies and have a circle jerk.

    4. The libertarian solution is that you don't have to take the vaccine, but you might not be allowed into Walmart.

      1. You're not allowed into our libertopia community. Because our entrance rules require vaccinations.

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    6. True libertarian position: if the vaccine prevents me and my loved ones from getting sick, what you do is irrelevant.

    7. Non-Aggression Principle: Don't initiate harm or violence. Usually stated without the "harm" part. But it's there. Some purists like to stretch the violence part to include harm, but not all harm is a deliberate act of rights violation.

      Libertarians (as opposed to contrarians) understand about negative externalities. They're okay with reasonable pollution controls. They're okay with vaccines in general. Vaccines slow and restrict the spread of diseases. Not getting vaccinated means you are imposing a tiny and minute risk to other people. By itself it may not mean much, maybe you end up transmitting a disease to only one other person. Or maybe you don't transmit at all because you never got the disease because all your neighbors did the right thing and got vaccinated. Or maybe you end up being the next Typoid Mary. The point is, exposing your neighbors to an increased risk of infection is a violation of the Non-Aggression Principle.

      Libertarians may disagree with the form a vaccination rule, but do agree that such rules are generally necessary. (Not all, of course, some are medically illiterate, but that's another topic). There are other people who call themselves "libertarian" but who are not, who do not understand what the NAP means. These people are contrarians and their overriding principle is to automatically gainsay everything an authority does. So they're automatically opposed to vaccines when it's a Democrat governor signing the bill, or when government in general does something, or some hated group says something. Such people infest the Reason comment section. Do not mistake them for libertarians.

      1. Choosing not to get jabbed with a metal implement is not a violation of the NAP.

        1. A healthy person has no duty to quarantine themselves, and no duty to vaccinate themselves. An infected person has a duty to not expose others.

          There's a small risk of injuring or killing someone every time you drive your car out of your driveway, but that doesn't mean you have a duty to avoid leaving your driveway, or a duty to wrap your car in bubblewrap.

          1. Typhoid Mary thought she was healthy and thus had no duty to quarantine herself.

  2. This is legit the first time in my life where I fully think big pharma is driving much of this bullshit. Also I find it hard to believe you can have either in a matter of months. such a coincidence the timing of all this and schools possibly coming back are on a collision course with a presidential election.

    1. I am/was thinking similarly. It's a rather perfect storm of pharma with tons of trial experience getting told they're being allowed to cut corners in a trial that's going to be valid by the slimmest of statistical margins anyway.

      We've already seen HCQ, a medicine used for decades, get punted back and forth. As long as the vaccine doesn't directly kill people at a rate greater than COVID, even if it's just saline, it will be a success.

      1. Dammit, the little we know about Covid-19 pathogenesis says that the severe cases are triggered by the body's immune response — and here they're going to be artificially inducing endogenous production of one of its antigens?!!

    2. Don't forget to teach your children gender identities in kindergarten. If they feel like they are in the different body or want to play with different toys (an indication of gender dysphoria), they should immediately medicated with the hormones that will allow them to develop with their preferred gender identity. I'm sure Big Pharma is not behind the LBGTQ+ parades and NGOs working to promote transgenderism.

    3. The covid19 (over) reaction might be the most evil thing the US ruling class has ever done to we the people.

      I'm honestly amazed yall aren't more horrified by the lengths they've gone to to get rid of orangemanbad and put us "in our place"

      1. Agreed. It's mindblowing after looking at the figures. Total scam.

  3. The U.S. government has agreed to pay the companies $1.95 billion upon the receipt of the first 100 million doses, following FDA authorization or approval. The U.S. government also can acquire up to an additional 500 million doses.

    So, once we've vaccinate the ~30M or so who are at extreme risk, then vaccinated the 60M who are over the age of 65, then vaccinated the other ~285M Americans, what's the plan for the remaining 250M doses?

    1. That's what I was thinking. Why do they need 500 million?

      Will some of that find it's way to Mexico and Canada?

    2. Boost shots. Most vaccines must be administered in multiple doses, separated in time, to achive full efficacy. That's almost certainly going to be the case here, too.

      1. ^This

        We also don't know how long the antibodies will remain in your system, CoViD boosters may become part of your annual checkup or flu shot

        1. On yearly checkups, not necessarily. This vaccine will treat a specific COVID-19 virus and a few of its mutations that still produce the same immune response. Flu vaccines are a panacea of what are the likely strains (which is defined as producing a different immune response in the human body) of the flu viruses in any given year, which is why there is a need for a different vaccine for those each year. It's also partly why flu shots don't always work. Sometimes the strains we get are not what we though we would get.

          The main reason for more COVID vaccine doses than people who need a vaccine is that there likely will need to be booster shots if the initial shot does not build up the proper levels of B-cells and/or T-cells. T-cells really seems to be where the immunity is coming from. T-cells don't produce antibodies like B-cells, but there are people who have been exposed to SARS in 2003 who have no antibodies in their system, but when re-introduced to the SARS 2003 virus, exhibit an impressive T-cell responses preventing infection, even today, 17 years later. Both memory B-cells and memory T-cells can and do hang around and spring into action when needed, despite the body not actually having actual antibodies present in their system. Adaptive immunity is an amazing thing.

          Of course, it's also possible that we *do* get different strains of the COVID-19 virus, and then we would need more research to develop the right vaccines and we'd be in a similar situation as we are with the annual flu strains.

          1. The main reason for more COVID vaccine doses than people who need a vaccine is that there likely will need to be booster shots if the initial shot does not build up the proper levels of B-cells and/or T-cells.

            This is incorrect. Not that people won't ever need boosters but booster shots doesn't explain buying what is effectively 2-3 yrs. worth of an effective vaccine up front.

            This is defense-style contracting applied to medical R&D. In 10 yrs. this pandemic prevention will have a budget and keeping the rate of increase in that budget constant from one year to the next will constitute a 'budget cut'. Leftists will still decry actual military spending.

      2. Boost shots. Most vaccines must be administered in multiple doses, separated in time, to achive full efficacy. That’s almost certainly going to be the case here, too.

        This still doesn't make sense. You only need 350-375M in Oct. and then another 350-375M in Dec.-Apr. I might surmise or agree that they need an extra 150M for overage and stability testing or whatever but then the taxpayers shouldn't be covering that cost (not that they should be covering any of it but...). Moreover, 'high' coverage rates for the flu shot, including multiple doses, in any given year are on the order of 175M Americans.

        I'm pretty sure it's what Rufus said, plus overage, plus the government never pays for exactly what it needs when it can get twice as much for twice the price.

      3. Reading it further, only 100M doses are available this fall, the government is buying 500M in total, up front.

        The government is overtly guaranteeing to buy every vaccine for $20 for the next several years, up front and before trials.

        Fuck. I guess that whole socialized medicine, science/military-industrial complex nonsense that Eisenhower was yammering about was just a bunch of bologna.

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    2. Did you not read the last paragraph? He's already volunteered to be first

  5. Safe and effective vaccines by the end of this year?
    Effective? I really hope so.
    Safe? Most likely

    The problem will be any real or perceived problem that occurs over baseline after the first of next year will be grounds for endless law suits. Pure chance dictates rate of either cancer, heart/ kidney/liver disease, halitosis, baldness, or whatever, will increase slightly early next year. And then the the lawyers advertising on daytime will come crawling out.

    1. The government will protect itself and pharma from any such lawsuits. It's an emergency, after all.

    2. effective: hopefully, but not likely

      safe? hahahahahahahah

  6. I suggest new legislation that forbids Patient & Copyright on any product / discovery that received any grants from government.

    We have to pay for their R&D and then allow Corporations to hold patients on it for profits? Na, Don't think that's fair. Frankly; I'm not sure why we're being forced to fund this R&D anyways. If it has promise it will sell and be profitable that's what business progress is all about. If it shows no promise people aren't going to waste their time on it (Only gov spends billions on well, nothing at all).

  7. "Safe and effective vaccines by the end of this year?"

    I'll believe it when it happens. I won't hold my breath waiting.

    Covid19 is a derivative of the common cold. They've been trying to come up with a vaccine for the common cold for as long as the idea of vaccines has existed and they've made zero progress.

    1. The reason there is no common cold vaccine is because there are over 100 different viruses that have a generic set of symptoms that we call the common cold

      1. Still waiting on arizona becoming a dead body apocalypse.

        You were so certain too.

        1. Yea, AZ's case rate has been dropping since ~July 10th. The death rate is set to nose over about this week or next.

          In fact, all over the country case rates have either peaked or they are starting a downward trajectory.

          1. Almost like the virus has a natural curve and nothing we can do can stop that, only delay it.

            Just like everybody understood back in March.

          2. it was a totally predictable spike in cases from the mass protest super-spreader event.

        2. They did what they needed to avoid the capacity problem. The difference is that they actually understood the problem and pretty much skirted the edge. You otoh don't understand what is going on and believe that that active constraint to reduce infection means the virus is just like flu.

    2. Well, there are two major groups of viruses that cause what we call the common cold: rhinovirus and coronavirus. Coronavirus is responsible for about 15% of colds. I've never had the flu in my entire life, but I get a cold twice a year.
      I have no point, just talkin'.

      1. I’ve never had the flu in my entire life, but I get a cold twice a year.

        Since the age of about 13, I've never had an illness that took more than 48 hrs. to clear, and I don't mean the show-up-to-work, eyes-and-nose-red, coughing, "I'm in recovery" clear. I mean eyes-and-nose-clear, hit-the-gym-before-work, go-out-after-work clear.

        The idea of being in bed sick for a week or even 3 days without some sort of injury or underlying chronic medical condition is foreign to me. And I don't consider myself to be some kind of invincible, wannabe Navy SEAL, internet badass either. I meet plenty of other people who are the same or similar (e.g. suffer migraines and, absent migraines, haven't taken a sick day in years).

        I'm sure this state won't hold up for the next 40 yrs. but to limit today based on 40 yrs. from now or 30 yrs. ago is exceedingly stupid.

    3. Since Fauci believes it is more likely than not that we will have a vaccine by the end of the year, I very seriously doubt it. The guy has had a long and distinguished career of being wrong about pretty much everything. God bless government work.


      Nothing makes sense. If it's proving to work what's with the vaccine rush?

      I've smelled a rat in all this since May.

      1. If it’s proving to work what’s with the vaccine rush?

        As above, not just the rush either. We've got people lined up to get the vaccine just so they don't have to wear a facemask anymore and we're still buying vaccine into the next 2-3 yrs.

        It's like the ACA didn't work so they're going to treat healthcare like a threat and move to the terrorism/defense spending model.

    2. Youtube has already removed that video

  8. Gee, if I were a suspicious person I might be inclined to think there's a lot of players in this game who have a lot of financial insensitive to ensure the panic continues. If enough people are terrified to resume normal life without a vaccine, the actual risk continues to be irrelevant. The only way they cash in is to get a vaccine to market while the fear factor remains high.

    Also, are we to believe a vaccine can be ready to go in months but normally takes an average of 10 years because of government regulation? While beaurocracy is hell on a good day, other factors like a need to make sure there are no longterm effects that outweigh the benefits should be emphasized in any article about COVID-19 vaccines.

  9. You know who else rushed towards the finish line?

    1. The sperm that became my daughter.

    2. Oscar Pistoleous?

      1. That's not the only thing he rushed.

    3. Jesse Owens?

    4. Dale?

    5. The Manhattan Project?

  10. I'm glad we are rushing towards a 10k a dose vaccine instead of using HCQ and other prophylactics. Nothing says progress like ignoring cheap generics and waiting for the expensive drugs.

    1. Where do you get 10k a dose? The article says $2B for 100 million doses. That's $20 per dose for the first batch.

  11. Notre Dame withdrew from hosting the first debate. Democrats surely happy to not let Biden go live. Especially since it is a question if he is even alive.

  12. So either these vaccines cannot truly be safe, or the feds have a lot of regulation slow-downs over the last quarter century to explain.

    Or even both.

    1. The regulation slow-downs are definitely there. One good thing this virus has done is to expose the CDC and FDA as unnecessary and harmful bureaucratic bloat.

      They lied about masks from the start. They screwed up the first run of their own tests and delayed deployment of tests from external sources. They pushed economy-killing lockdowns for no good reason. It's hard to see how they could have messed things up any worse than they did.

    2. There is also the fact that a lot of money is being thrown at this, which allows companies to buy additional equipment and hire more people.

      I'm sure the companies have also put other projects and research on hold and are putting a much larger portion of their R&D toward this than they normally would devote to a single project

    3. Better still, the same regulatory clusterfuck that caused the pandemic panic is being used as cover or justification for its even more oppressive and invasive solution.

      "The disease was much less deadly than we said it would be and we've been pretty reliably wrong and hamfisted in our application of social solutions but the vaccines going forward will be socially and politically emaculate. There will be no problems with adverse reactions or vaccine mandates going forward. Trust us."

  13. There is going to have to be liability legislation. The vaccine is going to be taken by billions of people. Some of them are going to have nasty side effects

    1. Don't worry, there will be. The government will protect itself and pharma because this is an emergency.

    2. You obviously have no clue. Congress got rid of liability for all vaccines way back in '87.

  14. No need for masks, just wipe everything down.
    Still no need for masks, but while you are wiping everything down, stay six feet apart.
    OK, so now we need "cloth face coverings" masquerading as masks; and yeah, keep wiping everything down AND staying six feet apart.
    The numerous delays and reviews for all the medicines are necessary for safety.
    OK, maybe we can let a few of the necessary safety protocols slip just this once, because this is different. Because.
    Now you HAVE to wear "cloth face coverings" masquerading as masks, OR ELSE!
    Trust us, we're from the federal government, and we know better than you what you need, what you feel like, and what you damn well better put up with.

    Welcome to the revolution; we lost.

    1. All of that is just water under the bridge. The real crime was pushing for extensive lock downs. Wearing masks (or not), wiping things down (or not) and staying six feet apart (or not) imposes added costs on businesses, but probably not much more than would have been imposed through voluntary actions as concerned people responded to the virus however they saw fit.

      The real damage came from pushing state and local governments to outlaw certain types of work for no reason other than politics. they knew the virus was going to kill tens of thousands. They knew there was nothing they could do to prevent it. But they wanted to look like they did everything they could so their supporters wouldn't blame them with the death toll came it. After taking "strong" measures to fight the virus they now claim to be heroes because "it would have been much worse otherwise!", even though their actions really just made things worse for everyone. The CDC should never have indulged the politicians, but then, the CDC is led by politicians.

      1. The fascist loving companies that hate competition needed government to step in to enact uniform and unconstitutional mask requirement nationally or they might be bankrupted by companies that are not requiring masks.

        Watch which companies are doing what and how they beg fascist intervention. The german companies that supported hitler and nazism did the same anti capitalist stuff.

    2. and keep washing your hands all day, even though it didn't stop doctors from getting COVID-19, because it's airborne

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  16. "Rushes Toward The Finish Line?"

    We don't know whether they're headed in the right direction yet.

    1. Any direction except yours is just fine.

      And stay downwind of people you stinky bastard.

    2. Why are you anti-science?

  17. Also, from the site you volunteered at

    "Most studies require coming into the research site for 10 or more visits over 1-2 years."

    That's kinda the rub. We're skipping over that 1-2 year process of seeing if the vaccine has any long term effect

    1. Good point! And it's not just that they propose to place vaccines into wide use before even accelerated safety trials can be completed - go back and note all the new technologies being used to create vaccines. No one can know the risks of those.

  18. I predict the vaccines will be available to the general public on January 20th exactly. Biden will take the oath of office, unroll a "Mission Accomplished" banner, and immediately resign to let his VP become president.

    1. And then black lesbian marxist will get so far over her head even she'll ask for some white businessmen to save her ass.

      1. I hadn't heard Lightfoot was on the VP list.

    2. Nah, he'll resign after the 2022 midterms. That way his veep can serve 2 two full terms on her own and run as an incumbent both times

    3. Silly rabbit, even democrats know Trump is being reelected.

      Otherwise they wouldnt be ruining the USA economy for Joe Biden.

  19. mostly peaceful side effects

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  21. 'Safe and effective vaccines by the end of the year'
    Hey Reason, shove this big pharma shilling story where the sun doesn't shine.
    This thing reads like it's a PR piece......
    Hydroxychloroquine is working just fine, people have linked videos and studies proving this...many countries are having success with it
    most Libertarians smell a rat...both w Covid and with Reason

  22. Moderna's vaccine is based on a novel technology

    "A novel technology for a novel virus!"

    It looks like societal things will get a *lot*, um, weirder after the vaccine(s) are "ready".

  23. Hope Vaccine will willsoon!

  24. Look, whenever the overlords decide to end the panic, they will begin the next phase of pandemic theater. That will center on the magic vaccine, and most of the sheeple will embrace it with the same irrational fervor as they did the hopeless fear of the first act.

    Of course, there will be plenty of political manipulation and spinoffs from the vaccine program that we can look forward to.

    1. It's depressing - dissenting thought is swept under the rug. However you feel about masks I asked a simple 2 questions after our County and State mandated masks indoors. 1. What happens if the numbers don't go down with this rule? and 2. How often is this mandate reviewed or does it have an expiration date. Rather than address the questions I had a reply of " Sorry you are misinformed on the facts of the virus but this is for public safety" - Great it was like a Spambot that didn't want dissenting thought responded back. That was the moment for me.

      1. Your "what if?" has already been answered by evidence from every corner of the planet. When it expires depends on how long it remains necessary.

        There are people with real problems in this world, you know.

        1. Tony we definitely have different opinions on this but what if isn't a reason for continuing course and the words remains necessary. I feel and I don't mean it to be mean but it's an obtuse answer to just not having an answer.

          1. I would suggest that if the government really wanted to oppress you, it wouldn't do so via a fashion statement.

            1. So you're dodging his question because he called you out for dodging his other question?

              Never change tony bologna.

        2. yup, in California we were wearing masks for 4+ months, and we still had a surge in cases after the mass protest super-spreader event.

          1. Georgia doesnt have unconstitutional mask requirements and we have 3500 deaths while infected since march 1, 2020.

      2. It’s depressing – dissenting thought is swept under the rug.
        Great it was like a Spambot that didn’t want dissenting thought responded back. That was the moment for me.

        It's not even dissenting thought, just thought. It was like a Spambot didn't care except that you make its task more difficult with your notions of rationality and self-awareness.

      3. Who actually wears a masks and does what the tyrannica states governments are demanding?

        I dont.

    2. That will center on the magic vaccine, and most of the sheeple will embrace it with the same irrational fervor as they did the hopeless fear of the first act.

      Of course, there will be plenty of political manipulation and spinoffs from the vaccine program that we can look forward to.

      I don't think it's even that big of a predictive leap to assume that there will be mandatory vaccinations. Maybe not nation-wide but almost certainly locally.

      Children who don't get the disease, don't die when they get it, and don't spread it as readily will be forced to get the vaccination to attend school whether they're already immune or not, whether the vaccine is effective for an entire school year or not. You'll be free to keep your children home to avoid the vaccine but, just as before, your tax dollars will not be refunded.

      If you could imagine the military putting on the 1938 War Of The Worlds broadcast as a psyops tactic to get Americans militarized and prepared to go to war, this is what it would've look like. The only difference is that instead of the military-industrial complex going to war with Nazis who killed 12M people, our government-medical complex is going to war with a virus that hasn't yet killed 1/10th of that number.

  25. I wonder how many lackwit Trumpians will decide that the government coming to vaccinate them will be their Last Stand and dominate the news cycle with their various embarrassments. The contradictions are always fun. Is the virus or the vaccine a China hoax? Both? Is resisting government compulsion compatible with constant common fascist worship of the head of state?

    1. Yet it's mostly Hollywood liberals who don't give their kids measles shots.

    2. I wonder how many lackwit Trumpians
      I'd put the over/under on that at about 100. Not news.

  26. Other versions of SARS have been around for years with no vaccine. SARS-CoV-2 is also unlikely to have any effective vaccine.

    There may well be vaccine tests, but people would be foolish to sign up for them.

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  28. Check out the doctor video that went viral where hydro is discussed as areventive drug for Kungflu. Twitter took down the videos because it rattles the Lefty narrative.

  29. Regone piro yo sesuk? neng warung ono ora?

  30. That's great news, I hope that coronavirus go away so we could travel all over the world.

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