Brickbat: Reading Is Fundamental


Students in China returning to school will find fewer books in their libraries, much fewer. Reacting to a government edict to remove books "that damage the unity of the country, sovereignty or its territory; books that upset society's order and damage societal stability; books that violate the Party's guidelines and policies, smear or defame the (Communist) Party, the country's leaders and heroes," teachers have removed hundreds of thousands of books from school libraries across the country. Reuters reports that just one middle school removed books about Christianity and Buddhism as well as George Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984.

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  1. Looks like China is upping its bid to be the Nazi Germany of the 21st century, although I’m kind of surprised they didn’t have some sort of public display to mark the occasion… like a big bonfire.

    1. China is upping its bid to be the China of the 21st century. Fixed it for you.

      Mao made Hitler seem like a piker. He managed to call off more than Stalin, who in turn killed off more than Hitler. But we were allies with China in WWII, and there were no ovens, so we don’t think about it.

      1. Well said B-Buck; I’ve often wondered at all the horror of Hitler exterminating some 6 million while both Stalin and Mao racked up a much higher body count. Watched a moving documentary on Anne Frank the other night, but where is the anguish over all the Ivans and Wus who paid the ultimate price? I suppose if we have to be allies and no one can pin the horror on racism or genocide, it more or less gets a pass. And no one seems to mind much if anyone decides to wear a Che shirt, but a swastika? Holy scheiss!

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  2. Commies gonna commie.

  3. How long until that comes here?

    1. Pretty sure that that ship has sailed.


    2. It’s already been here and will continue to be with us for the forseeable future. It is just a matter of which group of people is more vocal than others about censoring stuff for whatever reason.

      Take a look at what has happened to Huckleberry Finn over time. It’s been banned for all sorts of reasons at different points in time.

    3. January?

    4. In a much lighter form, it’s been here for ages. As leftie as they tend to be, librarians love their books more than partisan membership. So we have had relatively few book bans compared to some countries. BUT WE HAVE HAD THEM. Books banned for all sorts of dumb ass reasons, from BOTH sides. Huckleberry Finn, Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, Heather Has Two Mommies, etc. What they have in common is that they were in school libraries and a parent or two got their noses in a snit. At various times both The Bible and The Origin of the Species have been banned from school libraries.

      What we haven’t had, however, is a nationwide ban an anything except a single book (The Anarchists Cookbook). Because our libraries are run locally and funded locally and by the state. But the Federal government has been creeping into local schools more and more over the decades, and it’s only speeding up.

      1. The librarians that I used to work with would pull “subversive” books off the shelf is someone complained, then hand the book to me and tell me to put it back when they leave.

  4. Read 1984 while you still can.

    1. The Eleventh Edition will always be available.

    2. There has never been a book named 1984.

      1. Doubleplusgood.

    3. Let’s not forget Fahrenheit 451.

  5. Forget it, Chuck. It’s China.

    1. Gordon, as i have stated elsewhere, i don’t understand why so many are still enamoured with modern football, perhaps you are to young to remember paying on the gate, terraces, an atmosphere that in some cases had the hairs on the back of your neck up, tinged with a bit of menace! Players who were paid well but still had roots in the community and clubs that while not perfect by any stretch still felt “owned” by the community HERE►ReadMore.

  6. Not gonna lie, surprised they allowed Orwell in the first place

    1. “Not gonna lie…”

      Unlike every leftie ever.

    2. It was published in an age when the only thing that could get a book banned was fucks and blasphemy. Hell, you could even buy Mein Kampf at the time! But it still caused a major row when it was published. Especially since it came from Orwell, a confirmed socialist. (Yes, Orwell was a socialist).

      1. I’m going to reply to this post instead of the one at the top of the comments because, the adbots have shat all over that thread and my reply would be along way down from your comment.

        My point about China being the Nazi Germany of the 21st century is that most people are unaware of just how much worse Stalin and Mao were than Hitler. Thank’s to Commie brainwashing of Western “intellectuals” (of whom George Orwell was one), the abominations of “International” Socialism/Communism have largely been ignored. Meanwhile, the opprobrium attached to “National” Socialism/Fascism is known to everyone.

        I’m merely seeking to highlight something that has been deliberately kept in the shadows, namely that Communist China is today actually Fascist China in all but name. Perhaps then, all those who like to hold China up as some example to be followed can be publicly ridiculed for admiring Fascism. No one ever seems to get properly shamed for admiring Communism, with all its attendant mass murder, slavery, persecution and torture.

        Communist cheerleaders need to be treated like naughty dogs by having their faces repeatedly rubbed in their own shit until the realize what foul creatures they really are. [I wouldn’t actually do that to a real dog; I have too much respect for them. But, I would gladly rub Communists’ faces in shit for all the evil they have brought forth on the Earth; I have no respect for them at all.]

    3. Surprised they’re still allowing him everywhere except that middle school?

  7. Words are violence.

  8. Cultural Revolution 拏兩個 or more.

  9. George Orwell’s Animal Farm shall be replaced with Xi’s Uyghur Farm.

    1. Happy productive peasants are the pleasure of the proletariat!

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