Andrew Cuomo's Coronavirus Response Has Been a Failure

The media's fawning interviews obscure the New York governor's record.


If you're wondering how New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sees his state's response to COVID-19, check out the pandemic poster he recently unveiled. In it, the coronavirus is a rocky summit that New Yorkers scaled with "the power of we," bolstered by additional assistance from health care workers, essential workers, out-of-state volunteers, and his daughters, Cara, Mariah, and Michaela. (The family dog, Captain, stands by for moral support.) Washed ashore is a cruise ship besieged by an octopus, which we can assume is also, in some sense, the coronavirus. "WINDS OF FEAR" blow around while President Donald Trump sits lazily on a half moon crescent. Underneath, a man dangles precariously from "Boyfriend Cliff," perhaps an homage to quarantine relationships gone astray, maybe a more pointed jab at daughter Mariah's boyfriend, Tellef Lundevall. (Sorry, Tellef!) But it's not all doom and gloom: Atop the mountain is a rainbow, studded with a "Love Wins" banner, presumably a shout-out to the gays.

"Forget the politics," the poster reads, in a quote attributed to Cuomo. "Get smart!" 

The Democratic governor has been the subject of several fawning media interviews over the course of the last few months, many of them conducted by his own brother, CNN's Chris Cuomo, with whom he's enjoyed a string of scrutiny-free conversations. This past Monday he appeared on Jimmy Fallon's first night back at NBC's 30 Rock Studios for a lighthearted back-and-forth; Fallon praised how "honest" and "smart" Cuomo is. "We're just worried the infections are going to come from the other states now, back to New York, and that would be a tragedy," Cuomo said, lauding New Yorkers for "taming the beast."

Passing the buck to other states is a savvy political move. But it obscures Cuomo's own response to COVID-19. As of today, New York has seen more than 32,000 of its residents die from the disease. That's more than seven times the deaths in Florida, about nine times the deaths in Texas, and more than four times the deaths in California. It dwarfs the totals in many European countries, and it nips at Italy's heels. Of the state's total, more than 22,000 deaths came from New York City. Compare that to America's other densely populated metropolitan areas: Los Angeles has recorded under 4,000 deaths, Boston has just over 1,000, Miami is at 1,202, D.C. has 571, Houston comes in at 491, and San Francisco has logged 50. 

Cuomo certainly isn't to blame for all of the state's troubles. Plenty of politicians performed poorly, from President Donald Trump down to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, and some factors were outside any official's control. But the governor did plenty wrong.

Let's start with his most egregious misstep. In late March, when COVID-19 measures were still in their nascent stages, not much was known about the virus. One thing that was known, though, was that the elderly were significantly more at risk to die should they contract it. Yet Cuomo issued a mandate requiring nursing homes to accept residents who had tested positive for COVID-19, including those who were still at risk for spreading the disease to others. Since then, around 6,500 people in those facilities—about 6.5 percent of the state's nursing home population—have died of COVID-19. That's more than any other state's total death toll, save for California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Massachusetts.* Cuomo has declined to share which nursing homes were affected. The directive was not reversed until May 10.

Earlier in March, the governor adopted a blasé attitude about the virus. "This isn't our first rodeo," he said at a March 2 press conference, after the state's first known case was announced. "We should relax." The governor assured everyone that he was implementing a robust contact tracing program that would track down everyone on the patient's flight from Iran. That never happened.

Once the outbreaks became more widespread, hospitals across the country began depending on their state governments for oxygen supplies. (Remember that, at the start of these lockdowns, the initial goal was to stem the spread such that hospitals and the emergency stockpiles weren't overwhelmed.) An over-reliance on Cuomo proved to be a fatal mistake. According to an investigation by The Wall Street Journal, many ventilators sent from the state and city, as well as some from the federal government, were old and faulty, and many patients died on them.

A spokeswoman for NYC Health + Hospitals told the Journal that many such machines "were not 'ready to go' when they came" and often required additional maintenance. Several health care workers claim that patients assigned those ventilators often worsened with collapsed lungs or similar complications as the machines were not able to provide proper support.

What's more, Cuomo's near-exclusive focus on ventilators neglected to address other hospital needs, such as the demand for supplemental oxygen and oxygen monitors. (Note that the market would have been able to step in here: A spokeswoman for Airgas said in an interview with the Journal that, though the company saw increased demand, it was never unable to fulfill a request for oxygen.) The lack of vital-signs equipment proved detrimental as well. Health care workers detailed stories of patients pulling off their oxygen masks while alone. Without monitors, they died. 

Meanwhile, Cuomo got drawn into a public power struggle with de Blasio. The mayor announced a city-wide shelter-in-place on March 17; Cuomo squashed that on March 18; then Cuomo issued his own stay-at-home order on March 20. Something similar happened when de Blasio announced that the city's schools would remain shuttered through the academic year: Cuomo declared that only he had that authority and described de Blasio's order as the mayor's "opinion." (New York City almost always makes its own decisions about school closures.)

Whatever you think about either of these policies, the uncertainty engendered by the Cuomo–de Blasio feud did no one any good. A "truly effective leader," Anthony Fisher wrote at Insider, "would work this all out behind the scenes and not in front of an exceptionally anxious public in need of clear guidance on how they're allowed to live their lives during a crisis with no end in sight." And that back-and-forth may have had consequences beyond prompting confusion. The Journal reports that patients in New York City were often transferred between hospitals without the relevant medical and treatment information, even when those patients were not in stable condition. The city blames the state and the state blames the city.

But mixed messaging defined Cuomo's initial response to COVID-19, which teetered between cavalier and dismissive. Though he's said he wishes he "blew the bugle" sooner, he has spent considerably more time blaming the press, the experts, and the president.

New York's crisis moment has passed for now, with the curve flattened and daily deaths bottoming out. De Blasio celebrated a milestone on Tuesday, announcing that, for the first time in months, New York City went a full 24 hours without registering a single death from COVID-19. That's good news. But if the government's response hadn't been so incompetent, that landmark may have come a lot earlier.

"Tell the People the Truth and They Will Do the Right Thing," the pandemic poster reads, captioned above a cartoon image of Cuomo. If only he took that advice.

CORRECTION: The original version of this article understated the number of states with total death tolls higher than New York's nursing home death toll.

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144 responses to “Andrew Cuomo's Coronavirus Response Has Been a Failure

  1. someone needs to tell Reason its only couth to criticize republican governors botched responses to all this

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    2. Andrew Cuomo’s Has Been a Failure

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    3. I really worry about Fallon’s health after seeing him interview Cuomo.

      Was Jimmy at least wearing a dental dam?

    4. The Cuomo brothers are living proof that intellect and honor really do skip a generation sometimes.

      1. Or a whole family.

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    6. Go ahead and name a few of those whom you allege, okay? Can’t do it?

  2. check out the pandemic poster he recently unveiled.

    I’d rather check out how that *unnecessary* crap was paid for.

  3. Binion’s criticizing someone other than Trump? I think Billy’s been abducted and was forced to write this against his will!

    *checks article for hidden messages*

    1. He also blamed Trump. It was just a sideswipe.

      1. At what point does dem stupidity or liberal lunacy sink to the level of stand alone criticism?

        Apparently never.

    2. Tulpa wrote the article.

    3. And it’s not April Fools day either.

    4. Binion is a sniveling nevertrumper hack. This article does nothing but reinforce that fact.

  4. In late March, when COVID-19 measures were still in their nascent stages, not much was known about the virus. One thing that was known, though, was that the elderly were significantly more at risk to die should they contract it. Yet Cuomo issued a mandate requiring nursing homes to accept residents who had tested positive for COVID-19, including those who were still at risk for spreading the disease to others. Since then, around 6,500 people in those facilities—about 6.5 percent of the state’s nursing home population—have died of COVID-19.

    Earlier in March, the governor adopted a blasé attitude about the virus. “This isn’t our first rodeo,” he said at a March 2 press conference, after the state’s first known case was announced. “We should relax.” The governor assured everyone that he was implementing a robust contact tracing program that would track down everyone on the patient’s flight from Iran. That never happened.

    According to an investigation by The Wall Street Journal, many ventilators sent from the state and city, as well as some from the federal government, were old and faulty, and many patients died on them.

    What’s more, Cuomo’s near-exclusive focus on ventilators neglected to address other hospital needs, such as the demand for supplemental oxygen and oxygen monitors.

    Meanwhile, Cuomo got drawn into a public power struggle with de Blasio. The mayor announced a city-wide shelter-in-place on March 17; Cuomo squashed that on March 18; then Cuomo issued his own stay-at-home order on March 20. Something similar happened when de Blasio announced that the city’s schools would remain shuttered through the academic year: Cuomo declared that only he had that authority and described de Blasio’s order as the mayor’s “opinion.”

    I just hope everyone remembers these failures and others in 4 or 8 years when Cuomo runs for president and the media is giving him daily blowjobs over his “leadership” during the pandemic, but I’m not gonna hold my breathe. People are fucking morons.

    1. I just hope everyone remembers these failures and others in 4 or 8 years

      No one remembers them now.

    2. And those morons don’t appreciate being fucked.

  5. O/T – RBG is not in the hospital for an infection as was reported over the past few days – she’s in yet another round of chemo, this time for liver cancer.

    1. *** rising intonation ***

      Or COVID.

      1. If it was COVID, they would have said so, since they (probably) can’t blame RBG’s cancer on Trump.

        1. You underestimate them.

    2. If she croaks before the election, get your popcorn ready. It’ll be quite the show.

      1. Imagine if she kicks off between a Biden win and inauguration. R’s still control the Senate!

        1. There’s no way a competent set of politicians would wait and let the next administration take the appointment.

          And the left has shown that they are willing to burn the country down to win small political points. This would be armageddon. Probably would end with court stacking.

          Worse…. what if the election also flips the Senate? Then court stacking actually becomes a possibility.

          What a crap fest.

          1. Court stacking SHOULD result in “dissolution of the Republic.”
            The next step for the deranged leftist usurpers masquerading as judges would be to declare the entire constitution, “unconstitutional,” an illicit document ratified only by rich white males, making it void ab initio.

          2. McConnell stole a nominee from Obama so fuck you and your rules. Seriously fuck you guys.

    3. I learned in college it’s a form of misogyny to suggest that powerful women “aren’t physically up to the task.” We saw this in 2016 when the media irresponsibly blew Hillary Clinton’s minor fainting incident way out of proportion. As if fainting in September weather is all that unusual.

      RBG will be fine. She’s probably healthier than I am and I wasn’t even born yet when she joined the SC.

      1. “…and I wasn’t even born yet when she joined the SC.”

        You sir are a lying sack of shit.

        1. OBL was born sometime in the last 2 years.

      2. Ancient Greece was the dominant empire when RBG joined the USSC.

      3. “RBG will be fine. She’s probably healthier than I am and I wasn’t even born yet when she joined the SC.”

        She’s been dead for months. They sent her body to the hospital for another round of preservatives.

        #WeekendAtBernies #DeadParrotSkit

      4. As if fainting in September weather is all that unusual


      5. I witness misogyny, tyranny, white-male-cis-fit privilege and supremacy every time I look in a mirror.

        The delusional and deranged leftists who despise police, prisons and punishment, would demand my instantaneous death if I were permitted 5 minutes at one of their rebellion riots to calmly describe my fervently held views on American government, society and justice, race, sex, culture and human nature.

    4. So let’s see; colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, malignant nodules on lungs [metastasis anyone?] and now liver ca; and she is eighty fucking seven years old.

      Not gonna make it to 2021; get ready for the show of a lifetime.

      1. Come inside, the shows about to start
        Guaranteed to blow your head apart
        Rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth
        The greatest show in Heaven, Hell or Earth

        1. +1 for ELP.

      2. “Not gonna make it to 2021; get ready for the show of a lifetime.”

        I gotta assume Trump’s got a short list in the top desk drawer.

        1. An arch-conservative woman of color would be perfect. Lesbian and anti-abortion, black immigrant from Haiti would really set them off.

    5. I hope it’s just serious enough to force her to leave the court.

    6. But the old crone just refuses to go. I keep praying, to no avail. Ruth’s gotten my hopes up more times than a narcoleptic nympho stripper.

  6. “Cuomo certainly isn’t to blame for all of the state’s troubles…”

    His is entirely to blame. He is the goddamn governor. He made the decisions that cost those people their lives.

    I guess “the buck stops here” ended with Truman. The last decent Democrat before the crazy times.

    But am I surprised the media is fawning over Cuomo and his ilk? Not likely. They long ended their relationship with the truth.

    1. Exactly. He craves the power to make decisions for everybody, he wants the credit when things go right, he can damn well take the blame when tings go south.

      But my first thoughts were that Dr Cuomo fits the Get Smart title by damn sure.

      1. When have you ever seen a modern democrat take responsibility or be held accountable for their failures?

        In Cuomo’s case, they’re trying to use this as a basis for making him a future presidential candidate. As democrats always fail upwards.

        1. So is Trump not even president anymore on FOX News?

    2. NY’s Governor Andrew Cuomo made some bad decisions that did cost people their lives, but then again, so has POTUS Donald J. Trump.

  7. Cuomo isn’t the only governor who fucked up. Phailing Phil Murphy, governor of NJ arguably did even worse, and phucked up more. NJ’s harpy health commissioner promulgated the same regs as Cuomo, mandating that nursing homes take KungFlu patients. All of which was in direct contravention to the known data and science at that time. Thousands died. Yes, thousands of elderly nursing home residents died.

    It is really a shame we mere citizens cannot sue public officials to hold them to account for their gross negligence.

    1. Pretty sure that bitch harpy from hell Whitmer did the same in Michigan. Then implemented some of the harshest lockdowns in the country on everyone else. Maybe she was hoping it would distract from the mass murder?

      1. If blue state governors had been trying to maximize the death toll in their states (and by extension the country), in order to cause mass panic and justify economy-killing lockdowns, what would they have done differently?

        1. Gauleiter Wolf still leads the pack:. PA’s death rate percentage from nursing facilities is about 65 percent.

          1. Yep. All those states forced patients into nursing homes. Without those states, this whole thing looks VERY different.

            1. I mean, we’ll see if it’s avoidable. GA & FL have been notably hyperfocused on nursing home prevention. If the deaths per capita in a year look substantially different than the disaster in NYC/Metro then that football can be spiked.

              For my money the rapid spread throughout the southern portion of NJ nursing homes post-lockdown (a lockdown which was quite strictly observed in NJ, mind you) points pretty firmly to the mandate as a significant factor.

              1. Florida already looks drastically different than NY.

        2. Alot! They are nowhere near as clever or cunning as you’d like to imagine.

      2. Michigan even was sending CoVid patients in their 20’s and 30’s to nursing homes.

        I can’t think of a worse idea, unless you were actually trying to kill off elderly people.

    2. The best part is the rushed after-action reports put out by the NJ and NY DOH’s absolving the governors/commissioners of all blame and blaming… eeeevil profitses!

      1. Andrew Cuomo has investigated Andrew Cuomo and is happy to report that Andrew Cuomo did nothing wrong!

    3. If you subtract NY and NJ deaths the country as a whole is doing amazingly well.

      Even with those deaths we are still doing better than most of Europe.

  8. It’s New York, who cares?

    1. Other than asshole NYers who think the world revolves around them, no one. Although we’ll care in 4 or 8 years when Cuomo runs for president.

      1. What about those assholes down in Florida, out in Texas, Arizona and California who think that the world revolves solely around them?

  9. I thought Trump was 972% responsible for all coronavirus response. I thought the governors and mayors received daily orders from their Trump Phone and were merely following orders.

    1. No, they all shouted “Federalism” when Trump wanted to reopen the economy, they own it now.

      1. It’s all Calvinball. Trump supposedly had the power to order a national lockdown in January, and so he’s responsible for every death in the country. I’m sure the media would have responded to Trump basically putting the entire country under martial law during the middle of his impeachment with their trademark rationality and sobriety.

        On the other hand, he didn’t have the power to order a national reopening, because OrangeManBad.

        1. If Trump had ordered a nationals shutdown the screams of “Dictator” would have been deafening. They are already often enough.

      2. They don’t have to own anything. They control all of the methods of communication and reporting. They set the narrative.

        Trump can claim anything he wants… As agent Smith asked Neo, ‘what good is a phone call, if you cannot speak?’

    2. Donald Trump was criminally irresponsible in his responses to the Covid-19 virus. He deliberately lied to the American people, claiming that it was under control, when it wasn’t. Moreover, Donald Trump knew about Covid-19 last December and this past January, and did nothing to rein it in when it was still relatively easy to contain. He really screwed the American people–big time.

  10. The poster is a classic example of what happens as a result of “design by committee”

  11. What really annoys me, and has been annoying me for most of a half century, is the fawning worship media and its disciples have of large intrusive government.

    Remember when the media hated GWB? Remember the instant the media turned around and loved him because he chose to go to war? Yup, it’s not about the ideology it’s about flexing of power. And Cuomo is flexing his. As much of a tool as Trump is, the real reason the media hates him is because he’s not consistently flexing his power. The few times when they did grumbling admit he wasn’t a total failure was the few times Trump actually did flex.

    It boils down to the worship of men in power and the their use of that power.

    Now “media” is a broad term, but this is mostly the same media (NYT, etc) that praised Stalin, and actively covered up his murder of millions.

    1. Aw, poor bitch is whining about “big government.”

      Hey asshole, the government should be as big as is needed. There is no adjective that defines a size.

      Had big government really acted we would be done like New Zealand. South Korea or even Germany.

      Or fuck it, even with a flawed model, like Sweden.

      Instead we have Republican douchebags getting all the PPE and HCQ(LOL) stretching the curve.

      Fuck off to Tulsa, bitch.

      1. Unlike Korea we have 50 semi autonomous states. By the time NY decided to throw a coronavirus party and ship infected people to nursing home, it was too late.

        Korea relaxed regulations so private companies could pump out testing kits. The CDC (which is responsible for testing here) didn’t recommend testing for healthy individuals for nearly 3 weeks until Pence finally lifted that restriction. Tell me again how “big government” would have made a difference.

        Sure we could have just shut people inside their homes like China, but most Americans wouldn’t be down with that.

        1. You’re trying to reason with a Marxist. There is no point to that.

          Better to just get rid of them.

        2. So what a bad idea having 50 semi-autonomous states, huh?

    2. This article is a partisan hack job. I read enough on here to know that the authors aren’t stupid or ignorant. The assertions in this article ignore timeline of the pandemic. Willful ignorance does not produce reason.
      New York was introduced to the strain first and with the largest magnitude, while the country was still grappling with what to do. The rest of the country had the benefit of not being exposed as early and the benefit of those states that were taking proper containment actions. they also had the benefit of the CDC getting better information on what actions to take against the coronavirus. Also the country had time to ramp up mask production, sanitizer production, develop safety protocols for places of work, contact tracing, and medical capacity. The current surge is in States that chose to shove their heads in the ground literally coughing up their geographical & longitudinal (that means time) advantage. It’s also in States that experienced fatigue from implementing best practices. Look back in six months and see where the death toll is.

      I’m not saying Cuomo is a saint, nor his response to the pandemic without flaw. But to call it a failure is ridiculous. NY’s recovery looks more like the rest of the world not the like the US which chose to politicise and even worse turned it into a partisan tug of war.

      Somehow a narrative of economy vs. pandemic response was created. Instead of pandemic response for the saving of the economy. Same with schools. Politicians saying school must go on no matter what missed the bus on that one. The opportunity was here and they whiffed by trying to deny validity of the pandemic and the necessity of the response.

      1. “NY’s recovery looks more like the rest of the world not the like the US which chose to politicise and even worse turned it into a partisan tug of war.”
        I think what you mean to say is “The steep curves are over, and nowhere was as steep as NY”

        Imagine actually thinking that NYC “beat” the virus by socially distancing. Remember when 2/3 of hospital admissions were from people staying home?

  12. Forget my previous comment…this is how the poster was designed

    Designed by AI after it absorbed nothing but years of talking points from CNN and NYT

  13. I’m curious. Is anyone else dubious as to whether his brother ever actually had COVID (a la Magic Johnson and AIDS)?

    1. Let him fuck your wife, at least she’ll be satisfied, bitch.

      1. It would probably be fun for someone to break your neck with their bare hands.

        And for the record, I’m pretty sure the only ‘action’ Fredo is capable of is bitching and moaning during his road rage. Like when that guy called him Fredo. Which Fredo didn’t like.

        Anyway, go drink some Drano.

        1. ‘Roid rage’.

          1. Right? WTF? Again, does anyone believe Fredo had the WuFlu? Magic never had AIDS.

      2. Satisfied by Cuomo? You’re quite imaginative.

        Why so sensitive? Was cuomo your sorority sister? Had you already transitioned back then? (I can’t remember, sorry).

        P.S. I hope the new hormone blockers are helping with the unwanted facial hair.

  14. Cuomo is a disaster and should be tried criminally for killing the thousands of elderly in the NY nursing homes due to his orders!!! Also, mayor de Blasio (communist) should be dragged from his position and arrested by the same cops he disrespects… Believe me, I’m living in this shit hole of a city and see what these leftist communists are doing to destroy this city day by day!!!!

    1. My sympathies. I’m old enough to remember when it wasnt a shithole. And since I left 2 yrs ago I can barely stand to return just to drop my kid off to my ex. It seems worse everytime. When I heard about the defund the police crap I immediately thought of my old hood in the south Bronx. The criminals will take over like the old days and then we’ll see who the real ‘victims’ are.

  15. Good heavens. That poster is creepy AF. Naked propaganda.

    1. Naked propaganda? You were looking for kids, weren’t you?

      1. Umm, no.

      2. Jeffy loves American kids…….. as objects of lust to be sodomized by his illegal alien pedophile friends. Who, by his estimation, have every right to be here, no matter what.

  16. In all of the effusive cocksucking of Cuomo, I haven’t heard of any specific useful thing he’s done. (Doing PowerPoint presentations doesn’t count.)

    1. All he did was bitch about ventilators, even though the idiot had tens of thousands of them in storage. He also whined incessantly about how Trump needed to do everything for him.

      This was in between effectively murdering many thousands of nursing home residents with his actions.

      Can we finally all band together and get rid of these democrats? Or does everyone want to wait until the country is completely gone.?

  17. The idiot with the steepest curve is bragging about how awesome he is.

    “We got done with corona first” isn’t a brag when he was trying to slow the curve. He did the worst, he has the steepest curve. But the upside of that steep curve is that now he’s done. Just like Italy and Sweden and the rest of the northeast.

    Yet he’s doing “victory laps” against the states that actually flattened the curve and delayed (not eliminated!) their peaks.

    Bring back the tar and feathers for this asshole.

    1. The steepest curve was because of Trump playing Apprentice with resources, bitch.

      They have it under control now. Go fuck your cat.

      1. Care to back that up with specifics, you dumb cunt?

  18. Which number is bigger, the number of Americans killed in 15 years of fighting in Iraq, the number of Americans killed in 19 years of fighting in Afghanistan, or the number of Americans killed in 3 months in NY Nursing Homes?

    Would you believe one is equal to the other two combined?

    1. And if they were able to get that nearly-dead body to a hospital before death, they don’t even count that. “It’s in the hospital stats”

  19. Cuomo is your classic leftist pigeon playing chess: knock over the pieces, crap on the board, then strut about as if he’s won.

    1. Some of the worst cities as far as crime rates, poverty rates, institutional injustice, poor education, quality of life, ect. have been run by Dems for decades. it seems like a long con game that is basically, yeah this place is awful, but imagine how much worse it would be if WE weren’t in charge. We CARE about you. The other side doesn’t CARE.

      Personally I think most of us could stand a whole lot less caring. Coumo cared thousands of elderly people to death with the stroke of a pen, but is blaming everyone who goes out for a nonessential reason (which include protesting) as selfish spreaders of death undoing all his herculean efforts.

    2. Pushes wood. Thinks he’s a GM.

  20. I hereby propose that the state of New York be renamed.

    All hail the great state of Idiocracy.

  21. Still no libertarians in a pandemic. All you bitches do is whine about Democrats first, and blame everyone avoiding blame for Trump.

    Not one solution from libertarians. Not one.

    1. Protect the at risk, stay home if you’re sick?

      More and more it looks like as long as you didn’t kill your own people by forcing covid patients into nursing homes, your healthcare system isn’t in any real danger.

    2. Funny, most the stories that Bailey has written directly blame Trump for not providing adequate testing. But considering all your other reality lacking posts, pointing out facts will probably be useless because you’ll just ignore them.

    3. “Still no libertarians in a pandemic.”

      But we got fucking ignoramuses; one posted this.

  22. Cuomo is convinced he did a wonderful job considering that nobody else had it as bad as New York. It doesn’t occur to him that he’s the reason New York had it so bad. Just stupid.

    1. He thinks he magically beat the virus instead of it burning through while he had his pants down. Everybody will know the truth soon enough when this “magically” declines in the south like it has in the northeast.

  23. Were there any heathen Chinee laughing in the background?

    1. And are they peculiar?

  24. New York State is racing New Jersey for the highest COVID-19 death rate in the nation (around three times the national average or more) and Cuomo is still the pandemic hero to Democrats.

    Go figure.

  25. Given the monetary incentives to blame the flu for any and all deaths, it’s not likely we’ll ever get an honest count.
    Regardless, even if you accept the current over-count, we have given the government control of most of our lives and most of the economy over an illness which has yet to kill more than 1/2 of 1/10 of 1% of the population.
    Anybody else see that as a bad bargain?

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  26. NY gives Cuomo 70% approval rating. It’s Chinatown there, so to speak.

    That’s indicative of how coronavirus isn’t scaring that many people, even in NY. Most people couldn’t name a single person in their immediate circle who died from Covid. For most, Covid is a starting point for political discussion, and how you see it depends on your agenda. All those liberals who decried lockdown protesters changed their minds quick when BLM hit the streets.

    But we’ll start to see some real fallouts from covid lockdowns next year. A nation of 330 million people cannot live on “takeout and curbside” retail and service, and many more of those businesses will starting closing if the economy is inactive during the holiday season. The government can’t keep giving out free money forever.

  27. “NY gives Cuomo 70% approval rating.”
    The cowardly piece of lefty shit JFree must be cheering in the stands.
    “Democracy” is not evil on its own, but there’s evidence that it’s a long ways from what we need.

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  30. Which body count is higher?
    The number of dead Americans killed fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, or old people killed in NY Nursing Homes the last 3 months?
    What if I told you one figure eclipsed the other two combined? What if we went back 30 years to Gulf War I?

    How about Black Americans killed by the police this Century? Including the violent felons killed committing crimes. Or how about all black lynching victims since Reconstruction? Still not as many as the Nursing Home victims Cuomo killed in just 3 months

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  32. Christians, Wake Up, we are headed to ONE Central Religion, One Central Government led by the Satanic Liberal DIMS. Quit fighting over Mask and start fighting to save our Religious Freedoms.
    Not allowed to go to church but it’s ok to riots, destroy property, kill, easy to see where this is going.

    1. I’ve met some literal satanists. They were libertarians. Go figure.

  33. The scary thing to me is that if Trump were a democrat, the media narrative would be 180° opposite of what it is now, and millions of ‘smart people’ would feel complete justified in going along.

    I am sick and tired of political tribalism.

  34. Is that ranting and raving supposed to mean something to those who are not mentally challenged because their parents are not brother and sister, or who were not dropped on their head at birth, or who were not exposed to pesticides as young children when their brains were developing?

    It’s called “population density” – A pandemics best friend (but it appears that you Conservatives want that title for yourselves.)

    That and Demented and Deluded Donald singling out the Chinese, who themselves are victims of the Conservative Socialists running China, for racist attacks while ignoring the actual source of the coronavirus that hit NYC: Europe.

    Also good to know that Conservatives think that NY’s governor had the authority to shut down all international air travel to NYC – JFK is the largest entry point for international arrivals to the United States.

    Unlike NY, Texas and Florida have no excuse.

    P.S. This is what NYC would look like under a Conservative government:
    With Up to 40% Infected, a Haredi City in Israel Becomes Coronavirus Central

    In Israel, no place seems to have been struck harder by the pandemic than Bnei Brak, a city of 200,000 that teems with religious fundamentalists. It’s one of the poorest communities in the country. Bnei Brak is also the 10th most densely populated city in the world, but that’s only one reason why the coronavirus managed to race through the population. . .

    1. ^ Is this sarc or the ravings of a fucking lefty ignoramus?

      1. Yeah, that really makes no sense.

        It isn’t as if others were not sounding the alarm. FL governor DeSantis went to the Trump administration twice early on asking them to do something about NY and their terrible response.

        But he does raise a question about population density. India and Africa are home to a great number of cities that are even more densely populated, poorer and with less adequate healthcare than NY. Yet we have not seen an explosion of COVID in these cities as of yet. I wonder why?

  35. Reason apparently doesn’t understand or refuses to accept that many of what are being called “Coronavirus deaths” in this country are not in fact really Coronavirus deaths.

  36. “Cuomo certainly isn’t to blame for all of the state’s troubles. Plenty of politicians performed poorly”

    And how did the American people, the individuals, perform? The first line of defense is the individual. Why doesn’t Reason own it’s own philosophy and criticize the individual?

  37. Your analysis of the death total from nursing homes in NY doesn’t mention the state’s method of calculating Nursing Home Deaths.

    With only 6k deaths in nursing homes, that number is suspiciously low. Other states report 40% to 60% of deaths coming from such patients. But 6k out of 30k is way lower.

    So why? Is it because NY counts someone who gets into trouble while in a nursing home and is taken to the hospital as a hospital death rather than a nursing home death?

    It seems that the story is even muddier than portrayed here. That nursing home number should be much closer to 20k, and given the fact that they forced contagious patients back in to nursing homes while most other states did not, I would expect that number to be even higher in NY than in most places. In fact, this policy could help explain much of the NY “excess deaths” problem.

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  39. “Andrew Cuomo’s Coronavirus Response Has Been a Failure.”

    A failure?
    How can anyone call killing off 32,000 people a failure?
    What’s wrong with you people?

    1. in fairness, only a subset of the 30+ thousand deaths are on him.

      With Florida as a reasonable example – larger population, more large metropolitan areas, but none as large as NYC, older population filled with retirees living in assisted living facilities.. So probably a larger vulnerable population by several percentage points. Therefore, a charitable comparitor.

      So take out Florida’s death toll and you have only 27k deaths that could conceivably be attributed to Cuomo’s leadership and decisions. So really only about 85% of the death toll can be attributed to Cuomo and DeBlasio at this point.

      The good news for them is that they have already decimated the most vulnerable population, so that total probably won’t rise all that much more, regardless of what actions they take.

    2. How can anyone call killing off 32,000 people New Yorkers a failure?


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  41. His interviews with Fredo are unintentional comedy.

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  44. Sure compare reactions to an outbreak prior to 100 deaths nationally to the vast ‘stupid’ of the governors in Florida and Georgia now

    Cuomo looks like a genius in comparison

    1. NY 1,673 dead per 1 million
      FL 232
      GA. 298

      Cuomo’s a fool, as are you.

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  49. Andrew Cuomo, finishing the job of destroying NY state his father started back in1982. Between him and Fredo they don’t have two fucking brain cells to rub together.

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