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Chris Cuomo's COVID-19 Interviews With Andrew Cuomo Are Disgraceful

CNN should put an end to this bad family comedy routine—and start asking the governor real questions.


On Wednesday, CNN primetime anchor Chris Cuomo interviewed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) for the 10th time since the coronavirus pandemic began. The TV host's hardest-hitting question for his older brother was whether the COVID-19 testing swabs are too small for his gigantic nose.

"[The nurse told me] that I have a little button nose," the governor countered.

It was a moment that should have embarrassed CNN, whose journalists frequently—and often justifiably—criticize other networks for lobbing softball questions at President Donald Trump. And yet Chris Cuomo's employers have decided to let his bad family comedy routine play out night after night, as the brothers fake-argue about which one is mom's favorite, who would win in a fight, and where the tomato sauce recipe went.

Some viewers might appreciate an occasional light-hearted break from the constant stream of grim COVID-19 news, but this is getting ridiculous. The U.S. has now suffered an estimated 95,000 COVID-19 deaths, with 22,000 in the state of New York alone. Andrew Cuomo is the governor of that state, and the decisions he made have some bearing on that number. On March 25, for instance, Cuomo ordered nursing homes to admit seniors who had tested positive for the coronavirus; a wave of deaths in senior care facilities followed that decision. Grilling him about this misstep is no less vital than grilling Trump about his handling of the crisis—a task that CNN relishes.

If there's no way for an interview between two brothers to be anything other than farce, then CNN should ask the governor to appear on another show. This would help the network avoid such an obvious conflict of interest and one that it would take square aim at were it to appear on another network. One imagines that if Donald Trump, Jr., had a show on Fox News and used it to playfully antagonize Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner while thousands of elderly Americans suffocated to death, CNN would bash it as shamefully distracting state TV.

It's not just Cuomo Prime Time, of course: Much of the mainstream media has spent the last several weeks lionizing New York's governor for his handling of the pandemic. The case for Cuomo's competence appears to be that he speaks authoritatively and sympathetically in his press conferences—unlike Trump, who trips over his words, contradicts his advisors, makes outlandish statements, and lashes out at the press. But while Trump is sparring with a hostile media, Cuomo benefits from a media that wants to turn him into a sex symbol.

Policymakers of all political stripes deserve harsh scrutiny from journalists. That's why CNN should end the Cuomo & Cuomo Show. It's disgraceful, and the network knows better.

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  2. Why do you write about it?! Oh, the same reason you are on Twitter, you love this shit. Stop.

    1. Wait, what?
      Journalists shouldn’t write about humongous conflicts of interest because they find them unethical?

      There’s stupid takes and then there’s your comment.

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  3. “The case for Cuomo’s competence appears to be that he speaks authoritatively and sympathetically in his press conferences…”

    The left has always preferred rhetorical skill over competence. They are an easily enthralled lot.

    1. It isn’t just the left. My rule for corporate advancement is that your ease going up the ladder is directly proportional to how well you control meetings. Meetings are where you are exposed to people who don’t see your actual work. And those people don’t know if your work is a dumpster fire or god’s gift to the craft. All they know is that you sound competent or like an idiot. And yet in most companies those are the people whose feedback decides whether you get promoted.

      1. Easy big fella. You are letting out the secret to my substance-less modicum of corporate success.

    2. See Julia Roberts – and other celebrities – swoon over Fauci.

      Not the brightest bunch in the drawer I’ll tell you that.

    3. All this guy has done is bitch and whine that Trump isn’t doing enough for him. He has shown zero real leadership and done nothing but make things worse.

      1. He did give himself a huge raise during an emergency. While forcing
        people out of their jobs. What a leader?

        1. He’s the democrat’s dark horse stealth candidate n case Biden gs completely Hihn before the DNC convention.

  4. //If there’s no way for an interview between two brothers to be anything other than farce[.]//

    Um, it’s CNN.

    1. The whole network is a daily embarrassment.

  5. Governor Cuomo has done a fantastic job handling the #TrumpVirus — certainly a much better performance than those inept Republicans who have turned Georgia and Florida into slaughterhouses. He deserves a little friendly time with his brother.

    1. You started strong, but it fizzled.


    2. I keep asking myself which one is the smart one?

    3. I thought California was going to drown in Covid deaths because of the combination of an incompetent Democratic governor and a steady influx of Mexican immigrants who you whine about all day.

      So far no luck. Why?

      1. Ooh ooh, I know!
        Because the virus is a politicized seasonal flu?

    4. “He deserves a little friendly time with his brother.”

      I’ll bet they had plenty of that growing up. They were likely fucking each other.

    5. Not sure if this is a troll post or if you’re actually being serious in all your inaccuracy.

  6. and the network knows better

    Obviously they don’t. Good God, why does anyone watch TV news anyhow?

    1. It’s possible they do know better but just don’t care.

      1. There are levels of knowing and levels of better.

      2. Like the lost drunken men from Kentucky Fried Movie . . .

    2. There’s news on TV?

      1. Not on CNN.

  7. The Fredo’s need to go to the boat house.
    For any N.Y. D.A out there this is just a joke.
    I think their funny, like a clown. Here for my

    1. Chris “Fredo” Cuomo should go home and get his fuckin’ shine box.

      1. I’m picturing Anderson Cooper and his pals at the gay bar teasing Alfredo in this fashion.

  8. I’ll note also that governor Cuomo deflected criticism of his own actions and blamed Trump for it. It was the height of hubris. But no matter Trevor Noah is still in love with his man crush.

    Watching the parade of ridiculousness coming from Democrat governors has been tiring but at least we know their constituents are going to remove them from office come election time.

    1. “Watching the parade of ridiculousness coming from Democrat governors has been tiring but at least we know their constituents are going to remove them from office come election time.”

      You have been watching the big push for vote-by-mail, haven’t you? I wouldn’t be so sure in my knowledge that these Governors are going anywhere.

  9. The case for Cuomo’s competence appears to be that he speaks authoritatively and sympathetically in his press conferences

    Nope. It’s the same old government rewarding failure. Cuomo is a hero because look at how damn hard his job is! No other state has had to deal with the number of cases and the number of deaths and the number of problems New York has had to deal with! Of course other governors in other states might look like they did better jobs than Cuomo did, but that’s just because they weren’t dealing with a problem the size of the problem Cuomo had! What, you think that’s maybe because Cuomo is a shitty governor who did a shitty job at managing the coronavirus epidemic? How dare you!

    It’s the same with any government agency or program – if it fails miserably, well, obviously the problem was much tougher than anybody knew and they need more money and more manpower to properly address the problem. It’s simply not possible that the people in charge are utterly incompetent, they’re all experts!

    1. No, they have word for word, consistently said that Cuomo handled the epidemic better than Republicans, particularly DeSantis in Florida.

      They successfully drove DeSantis’ numbers down – a majority were saying he was doing a terrible job, even as the epidemic fizzled in Florida and burned New York down.

      The focus on Florida arose from the fact that DeSantis is a Republican who was speaking with Trump. But worse, he was speaking with Trump about doing something about New York. Even in the immediate two weeks of Covid-19, it became apparent that NY was not only failing, but that New Yorkers were travelling to Florida in great numbers and bringing the virus with them. So DeSantis asked Trump for help in this matter ….. twice!

      So CNN embarked on a campaign of deriding Florida and elevating Cuomo.

      So even though Cuomo literally got thousands of people killed by ordering patients with Covid-19 to be accepted at nursing home facilities, they continued pushing the narrative that DeSantis was failing in Florida.

      And the result?

      Well, Florida has done just fine so far. Greg Abbot made a helpful little graphic to show just how stark the difference is between the four most populous states in terms of their response to Covid-19 and their governance.

      This isn’t “a little bias” in the coverage. This is “we have always been at war with Eurasia” level lies.

      1. To take this one step further….Just how many deaths are on the hands of the MSM for their journalistic malpractice? What have they misrepresented that lead to the deaths of people?

      2. I’m starting to think that the weather has a lot to do with the severity of outbreaks. The early spring in the northeast was very cold and damp. Warm places seem to be having an easier time of it.

  10. Anybody else suspect those two used to wank each other off when they were kids?

    1. They do both give off a bit of an “ex-lovers who are secretly still in love flirting with each other” vibe.

      1. Which one is Jaime and which one is Cercei? Discuss.

        1. was *not* ready for that scene.

          1. Cersei should’ve won.
            Fuck Bran.
            They killed that show

            1. I don’t like Cersei winning but also think Bran on the throne made no sense. Hoping GRRM doesn’t end the books anything like the show ended

              1. Well, so far he’s doing a great job of not ending the books.

    2. when they were kids?

      That’s basically what they were doing in this interview.

  11. Nobody cares about either Cuomo.
    Nobody cares about CNN.
    Fewer and fewer care about Reason.

    1. Except the polls disagree.

      They’ve published a ton of polls that say that Cuomo is the top democrat because of his masterful handling of the Covid-19 crisis.

      No, that’s not a joke. The left has been pushing this hard across multiple platforms, but centered on CNN.

      Heck, even Jezebel has run multiple pieces about what a hunk Cuomo is. One writer even gushed… “Which brother do you think is hotter!?!” At Jezebel, for crying out loud.

      He’s being promoted as a last-minute pinch-hitter for Biden.

      So no, “nobody cares” can’t really be supported.

      1. It’s mind blowing isn’t it.

        He called anyone who wanted to halt flights, close schools and stop the Chinese New Years celebrations, “racists”, and he blocked Christian charities from providing aid cause they didn’t wax rhapsodic on anal penetration, and then when disaster strikes he blames Jewish funeral attendees.
        Cuomo’s also the man who deliberately placed very sick Covid patients into old age care facilities, spreading the illness like wildfire, and causing the deaths of thousands and infecting tens of thousands.

        Nobody has fucked up more and harder than Cuomo, or has caused more death. Not Whitmer, Trump, Newsom, Kemp, DeSantis or anyone.
        And yet the chattering classes have hailed the narcissistic fuck-up as the Covid Messiah.

        It’s like we’re living through the all the stupidest and most inane bits of Brave New World, 1984 and Idiocracy right now. Like maybe it’s a giant prank by the Davos crowd and one day we’ll wake up to shouts of “April Fools” on the morning news.

        1. I’m convinced that I’m being pranked. Where’s Alan Ladin? You can come out now…

        2. Phailing Phil Murphy and his little Health Commissar elf are responsible for thousands of nursing home deaths with their policy decisions.

          May they reap what they have sown. In a just world, they will receive strike for strike, blow for blow, lash for lash.

      2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is all part of a bigger script. The DNC will find a reason (force) for Joe to magnanimously step down, for the good of the nation. They declare him a “hero” and replace him with Cuomo the elder. Whether or not they buy him a beach house to match Bernie’s id up in the air.
        Fredo and his ilk will white wash any mishandling of the corona. He will be heralded as the second coming ala Barack Hussein Orgasm. He will be used as a conduit for WOC entry to national executive by way of DNC forcing a Stacey Abrams level running mate selection.

  12. Does this mean they’ve gone full Jon Stewart. They can slip the mask of “journalist who’s influential opinion should be taken seriously ” on and off at a whim without telling you which is which? The next time you say something jaw droppingly stupid, you can say it was the comedian talking. The next time you make something up out of whole cloth, you can say it was meant to be satirical. In otherwords, you’ll be completely above criticism. Well played CNN.

    1. “”The next time you say something jaw droppingly stupid, you can say it was the comedian talking.””

      You are a lying dog faced pony soldier.

  13. nightly Beavis & Butthead would be better.

    1. …and more intelligent.

  14. I have an expectation that a clown channel will hire clowns.

  15. The highlight of the covid journalism in America was the “the virus is raceless and genderless” talking point, which was a prelude to their predictable narrative that blaming China or using the term “Wuhan virus” would set off a wave of hate crimes against Asians.

    The fact that American journalists are singularly obsessed with Trump, while giving passing mentions to a fascist state that effectively launched the virus world wide and eliminated whistleblowers shows the depth of their moral depravity. CNN tried to defame a high school kid and settled out of court.

    1. The obsession of course extends to “Reason”. Half this article is “yeah, but Orange Man Bad.”

      Seriously, the hacks at this dump can’t write about *anything* without throwing in a handful of Trump digs.

      1. Do you just assume that any mention of Trump is “orange man bad” in intent? Looks to me like most of the mentions of Trump are criticisms of media double standards. The only real dig is the description of how he speaks, which seems pretty accurate to me.

        The guy is the president. His name is going to come up a lot.

    2. CNN tried to defame a high school kid…

      This should never be forgotten.

      1. Crap. Forgot about the two link filter.
        The most egregious offender on this one was NBC. After the first outlets online had run with the videos that debunked the narrative, NBC had the “peaceful tribal elder” on the Today show for an amazingly credulous interview.

        Then, as criticism of that interview built due to his dishonest and easily debunked interview, they scheduled a repeat interview and an interview with Sandmann.

        Savannah Guthrie, by now having full access to the online research which proved that Philips was a professional activist who lied about his past and about the encounter with Sandmann, ran interference for Philips in her interview with him, offering up excuses for his lies on his behalf, not even asking him to explain himself. Then she proceeded to surround and frame Sandmann, pressuring him to admit that the whole thing was his fault and to apologize to the elder Philips.

        If you go to NBC news right now, the top results are about this interview and how Sandmann approached and attacked the peaceloving elder, disrespecting the man who was only trying to help defend some innocent black passers-by from his schools racist attacks.

        1. The top two articles that Google returns about this interview are the above, titled “Nick Sandmann on encounter with Native American elder Nathan Phillips: ‘I respect him’”

          and another from NBC News, titled “Nick Sandmann on encounter with Nathan Phillips: ‘I wish I would’ve walked away’”

          It is bad enough that they were so blatant and open about their attempt to slander a bunch of high school kids in order to lash out at their political enemies who might dare support Trump – but they have persisted with pushing this lie, even after it has been fully debunked and long after lawsuits have been filed over the libel in this story.

          I wondered how dishonest they’d be about it… so I scrolled to the bottom of the articles. Maybe there would be some form of disclaimer. You know, one of those “since this interview was published, it has come to our attention that….” kind of statements.

          Nope. Not a syllable to that effect.

          When NBC does propaganda, they are all-in. They don’t back down. They don’t retract. They don’t even acknowledge that there is a controversy. In NBC world, Sandmann attacked an innocent man of peace because Sandmann is a racist who supports Trump and wears MAGA hats.

          1. And in support of a “media conspiracy” version of reality….

            The third link from Google about that interview was from


            I wasn’t sure where it was going at first. It seemed to start out perpetuating the lie… but then acknowledged that video had emerged that showed things to be “a little more complicated”. So I thought maybe they were going to take NBC to task.

            In fact, they were. But not for jumping to conclusions or railroading a teenage boy.

            Nope. Salon editorialized that NBC whitewashed the whole thing with a softball interview.

            Holy crap. This racist screed was written *after* the entire debunking was over.

            The kinds of kids whose mistakes are quickly qualified and smoothed over. Given enough opportunities to explain themselves and inroads to success, the Nick Sandmanns of the world are allowed to be kids who make mistakes until they are well into their 30s.

            So, by failing to properly castigate a bunch of white kids for not recognizing that Native Americans have been historically “othered” by society, the white culture is creating future serial killing klansmen, I suppose.

            That’s literally the narrative. “White people always get forgiven when they do the wrong thing.” And NBC participated in covering for white people when they interviewed Sandmann and didn’t call him a racist and beat him down for his open contempt for people of color.

            That’s your number 3 link from google about “NBC News Interview with Sandmann and native tribal elder”. Two links from NBC that go with the PR smear from the DNC, and one that goes full SJW.

      2. So did The Washington Post.

        Sick people.

  16. This is pretty funny: a bunch of critics slamming Robby for critiquing a sham TV interviewer. Especially the ones saying “just ignore it” or calling Robby’s critique shallow or boring or a waste of time.

    1. It’s pretty much automatic at this point.

  17. CNN has been relentless with the narrative the Cuomo is a hero and other states – particularly Florida failed miserably and got people killed.

    Here’s a little retort

    Not that anyone will care.

  18. Hey Robby!

    You start off with a little Robbyism — “CNN, whose journalists frequently—and often justifiably—criticize other networks for lobbing softball questions at President Donald Trump.”

    That’s a horrible, horrible piece of cover. There’s absolutely no justification for saying some friendly network lobs softballs at Trump. He faces more tough questions in every public event than Obama has in his entire political career. The only “tough question” that Obama faced throughout his Senate run and through his Presidency was from “Joe the Plumber”.

    He still has not been asked tough questions about the IRS scandal – let alone the tough questions that need asking about why his White House staff spent the last months of his presidency sabotaging the incoming President Elect. This was something they were so proud of and so confident that they’d get away with that they bragged about it in the NYT moments after the inauguration. Yet not one question about this historic departure from “The peaceful transfer of power” that has characterized this and all other successful democracies throughout history.

    Asking Trump a couple of “Boxer or Brief” level questions in the midst of this sea of “have you stopped beating your wife yet” coverage is hardly noteworthy. And nobody can pretend that even his friends haven’t asked the tough questions.

    (all of which is utterly separate from the question of the quality of the answers to those questions or the fitness of the person answering, so don’t get a bee in your bonnet about that.)

    You’ve done a decent job losing the “to be sure” tic. Even so, you don’t need to preface every criticism of the left with a backhand at the right. When it comes to press coverage of Trump, there really isn’t room for “both sides do it” cover.

    1. Furthering my comments on “tough questioning” of Trump, I’ll add that although he has faced consistently “tough” questions that are entirely crafted for no purpose other than making him look bad – even during the primary debates – he has also rarely faced competent tough questioning.

      There are a myriad of issues that require real exploration by the fourth estate. They’ve completely failed to do so because they are obsessed with asking questions about some tweet, or playing “gotcha” with something someone said a week ago that kinda but not really contradicts Trump.

      He’s proven to be surprisingly fluent in some areas when allowed to speak at length. But more often he’s proven to be utterly ill-informed and has brought forth bizarre claims and demonstrated a facile-at-best understanding of the issues.

      So a competent interviewer would not play “gotcha” with stupid, obviously mal-intentioned questions. A competent interviewer would simply open a topic and probe his views in a neutral manner. They call it “giving them enough rope to hang themselves”.

      There’s a reason competent politicians don’t do long-format interviews with hostile reporters. They run out of tested sound bites after about 30 seconds on a topic. A hostile interviewer would simply refuse to take a dodge as an answer, asking a few probative follow-ups. So they don’t do it. When they do, they are exposed.

      Trump would totally do it. He’d go on and on for an hour about something he was completely clueless about. Yet, because of the noise level, nobody is doing it. And Trump plays their outrage like a Stradivarius.

  19. Bless you Robby. You haven’t gone full retard yet (cc: ENB, Suderwoman, Boehm, Bailey).

    Full disclosure haven’t read the article but you’ve been a cut above the Reason goon squad for awhile + the headline doesn’t make me howl like a fisher cat. I guess at this point that’s where the bar is w Reason.

    1. What is up with the headline writing the last … well, year or two?
      Headlines that get way out over their skis. Headlines that are little more than clickbait trolls to the commentariat. The staff should demand better.

    2. And I’ll give Robby a pat on the back. He’s been getting better over time, and is probably the best they’ve got at the moment. He’s got a couple of good red-meat beats that he’s covering, and he’s the only one who’s been digging in on the media critique. That’s an important story with lots of detail to dig out, so I hope he keeps digging around.

      Someone is going to tell the story of how the media was so thoroughly subverted one day. That person is going to be famous. Might as well be Soave.

      1. Cyto- you single handedly commandeered this thread to the point that I have to leave. Thanks a lot dickhead. Get a life.

    3. It’s sad, but I agree. Outside of Stossel, Robby has probably been the best lately. He still suffers from his left wing bias, but has been slowly lessening his equivocating when the left does something wrong. He has always seemed to be decent at highlighting issues but fails when evaluating context and injecting sjw platitudes

  20. I do not understand. Can someone post the before/after where he imprisioned people in nursing homes. Did he do it to intentionally kill them? Is there any chance he wanted them there because he thought it might be safe? This article implies he gave the “orders” in March. In March trump was still downplaying this threat. I do not want to argue about Trump, I bring that up because in March there really were no tests. Hell its May and I have family in NJ and friends in NY/KY who cant still get tests. So how did people know he put them in old folks homes with covid? Exactly how many people were placed in homes

    1. The rational was that there was a tidal wave of cases headed to the hospitals. Keeping these people in hospital was going to kill millions, because there was just no room for them. So if they were not in immediate danger, they needed to be discharged to free up the bed.

      But where to go if they no longer lived at their own home, but in an assisted living facility? Assisted living facilities were rightly baring entry to people who either had the virus, or even had been exposed to the virus. This was the obvious stance for them to take, with a 50% mortality rate for their residents who came down with the disease.

      So what to do? The Cuomo solution was to help the hospitals out and order nursing homes to take the infected into their care. It is only logical. Those beds were needed for people who might die.

      That decision, and the fact that New York did not require masks on the subway until well after the virus had begun to wane are probably major factors in the horrific performance of New York with respect to the rest of the country, and indeed the rest of the developed world.

      1. I don’t know that we will ever even have an approximation of numbers, but here’s a contemporaneous article from the Wall Street Journal.

        In it they note the objections of nursing home officials.

        In other states and countries, nursing home residents make up 40-60% of the fatalities from Covid-19. In New York? We don’t know, because they are not reporting that number.

        1. The second link in my google search was this:

          It provides cover to New York, actually complaining that when they finally rescinded the order, they banned people with Covid-19 from nursing homes.

          he organization added that the “state has gone too far in banning hospital discharges of COVID-positive patients to nursing homes.”

          “This policy could lead to major delays in vulnerable people receiving the nursing home care they need or returning to the facility that is their home, and ignores the fact that several nursing homes in New York, at the state’s encouragement, have set up dedicated units that are effectively caring for COVID-positive residents,” LeadingAge New York Executive Vice President Daniel Heim said.

  21. CNN should put an end to this bad family comedy routine—and start asking the governor real questions.

    Robby, if you’re watching CNN, or trying to take it seriously, you’re doing it wrong.

  22. This just in: CNN is Democrat party propaganda.

  23. The more we read about this the sadder it gets. The Cuomo brothers are literally laughing about it while trying to frame Trump for their own mistakes.

    The very definition of evil resides in the Democratic Party.

  24. Fredo: ‘Yo bro. Why did you send Nonna to the old folks home to get La Rona?’

    Sonny: ‘Frateh, we all know Trump made the Corona and distributed it so that he could people to drink disinfectant to drive the stock price up!’

    ‘That’s why I love you bello. Always keeping it real bro. And I meant that!’

    ‘Well, we’re serious people and serious leaders here in Albunny.’

    ‘Ha! And funny too! No wonder you got this virus on the run!’

    “All those shadow boxing games we played when we were kids came in handy!’

    ‘I gotta tell the audience. He always won! And he’s winning here. You’re a hero. Like all those health care workers.’

    ‘And don’t forget Dr. Fauci!’

    ‘Of course, it goes without saying! Our entire house a shrine dedicated to this wonderful, humble, competent non-swamp creature! We gotta run. Thanks for coming on and talking science with us bro!’

    ‘Follow my nose! It always knows!’

    “Ha, ha! Love that cereal. We’ll be right back with Julia Roberts to discuss the evolutionary dynamics between SARS and Covid-19! You don’t want to miss it.”

  25. Sonny (Andrew) may be more competent than Fredo (Chris), but he’s still incompetent compared to Vito (Mario). There is no Michael in this comparison.

  26. If I wanted to watch something like this, I’d put on reruns of The Smothers Brothers.

  27. I don’t have a television.

  28. The only Andrew Cuomo interview I want to see is by the Plaintiff’s Lawyer in front of a Jury.

    1. Or by a federal prosecutor. A life sentence in a SuperMax facility should await every elite democrat.

  29. Couldn’t tell if this was a CNN or a Trump hit piece, since robby swings at both. CNN has been trash for years. Robby is just now figuring it out. Waste of time reading this article.

  30. According to the data at there are 3196 counties in the United States.

    Of those, 1541 (48%) have zero reported COVID deaths. I happen to live in one of these counties.
    A total of 1970 (61%) have zero or one reported COVID death.
    A total of 2458 (77%) have 5 or fewer reported COVID deaths.
    A total of 3075 (96%) have fewer than 100 reported COVID deaths.

    These 10 counties alone
    Essex County NJ
    Suffolk County NY
    Los Angeles County CA
    Nassau County NY
    Wayne County MI
    New York County NY
    Cook County IL
    Bronx County NY
    Queens County NY
    Kings County NY

    account for 35% of all COVID deaths in the US.

    We’ve shutdown the entire US, basically for the “benefit” of NYC (and across-the-bridge-Jersey and Long Island and bedroom communities in Connecticut), along with Detroit, Chicago, LA, New Orleans, and Miami.

    Meanwhile, some 5400 or so COVID deaths in NY State are being attributed to Gov. Cuomos orders that mandated nursing homes (you know, the places filled with the people seemingly most vulnerable to respiratory ailments, like COVID) accept active COVID cases (to keep them out of the hospitals??). This move is widely believed to have lit the proverbial match in nursing homes in NY State and ultimately killing thousands of the very same people we were all sheltering-in-place to avoid infected.

    1. New Yorkers can burn in Hell. They inflict so much authoritarian socialism on the rest of the country. They get what they deserve.

  31. CNN should put an end to this bad family comedy routine] Completely disagree. CNN should continue to reveal they are clown show supporting Dem politics instead of a news organization.

    1. And if they would jump into the clown car together we could take them out in one swipe.

  32. Now hold on, it’s not “rhymes with cuomo,” I’m missed something in the article because they bore me. Why is he touting what looks like an oversize colo-rectal brush?

  33. well if you have the time you can make a video on why YOU should wear a mask. ( and who does not have time these days you non essentials?). send it to Cuomo .. he will post them and the “public” will vote on which one they like the very bestest.. the weiner ( no relation to that other weiner) will get a prize. the prize.. the vid will be made into a public service announcement.. watch for it on CNN over and over and over..yes he really said that. like a kids coloring contest

  34. “you have rights. what you dont have is the right to infect another person.. no where in the Constitution does it say you have the right to infect another person. if you think so show me”. show and tell on Mr Cuomo and the Kids this am..

  35. What or who is CNN?

  36. “It was a moment that should have embarrassed CNN”
    Impossible…They have no shame. This interview proves it once again.

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