To Get Americans Safely Back to Work and Play, We Need Cheap and Plentiful At-home COVID-19 Testing

Enable people to act responsibly toward their neighbors and co-workers.


A hand-held 15-minute COVID-19 antigen test has received emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, announced medical technology company Becton Dickinson (BD) in a press release today. The test works by detecting the presence of coronavirus proteins using specific antibodies embedded on a test strip coated with nasal swab samples, which is then inserted into BD's proprietary cell phone-sized BD Veritor System platform.

One huge advantage is that the test can detect COVID-19 infections not only in patients showing symptoms but also in pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic people. There are more than 25,000 of the testing machines already located in hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, retail pharmacies, and doctor's offices around the country.

Becton Dickinson's testing machines sell for about $300, and the tests themselves are about $20 each. This compares to at-home molecular diagnostic tests that cost more than $100 and take more than two to three days to obtain results from offsite laboratories. The company says that it will roll out up to 10 million tests by the end of September and that it is working toward the capacity to manufacture 2 million a week.

While BD's new COVID-19 test is certainly a helpful step forward, much more (and even cheaper) antigen testing is needed to control the pandemic and get people back to work, argued an op-ed last week in The New York Times.

I made exactly the same case back in May: "Testing yourself and your family every day for COVID-19 with a cheap, easy-to-use, 10-minute test could be the game-changer for crushing the epidemic and getting everybody safely back to work and play. Widespread deployment of home antigen testing could make this scenario possible."

Basically, COVID-19 antigen tests would work much the same way that at-home pregnancy and HIV paper strip tests work now. A fast positive test would enable infected people to voluntarily, quickly self-isolate, and thus break the chains of infection that are fueling the epidemic.

The Times op-ed suggests that fast at-home tests would enable people to act responsibly to protect themselves, their families, their neighbors, fellow bar patrons, and co-workers from this scourge:

Would everyone take a paper-strip test every day? Here market incentives will surely help. Once they are provided to all, employers would likely require their workers to take time-dated pictures of their negative test results before coming to work. Colleges would require students to do the same before coming to class. Restaurants could accept reservations only if accompanied by negative-test pictures. In short, everyone will have an incentive to test themselves daily to participate fully in the economy and return to normal life.

Once paper strips' efficacy is definitively proved and they are cleared by the F.D.A., Congress can quickly authorize the production and distribution, for free, of a year's supply to all Americans. Then we'll have not only a true day-to-day sense of Covid-19's path. We'll also have a far better means to quickly contain and end this terrible plague.

How much would such testing cost? The good news is that other companies are working to create antigen tests that cost as little as $1. At that price, daily testing for a year by 300 million Americans would amount to roughly $110 billion. However, weekly testing by nearly everybody would probably be more than sufficient to crush the epidemic, and that would cost around $15 billion. That testing price tag would be a bargain when considering that the Congress has already passed legislation authorizing more than $3 trillion in various forms of coronavirus aid.

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  1. Nope.
    You and rest of the progressive totalitarians need to be summarily executed.

    1. Wow. First post did not nail it.

      I too, think Bailey is wrong here. Calling for him to be killed is a bit much.

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      2. Yes, summary execution may be a little too far. How about cancelling him? That would be so much more humane.

      3. We have tested enough,sick ones will stay home,scared ones will hide in the cellar,let the rest of us go about our business.

      4. Why? Ron Bailey and his Lefty tyrants are calling for freedom to executed.

        Civil war 2.0 already started. Lefties are attempting to destroy America and steal your property.

        There is zero authority for government to force people to wear masks, close businesses, stay home or any of the other tyrant shit they are pulling.

    2. Jesus, Nardz. Calm down.

      1. This shtick where you cry all the time is played out.

        1. Think you need to worry about your mate, Nardz.

    3. 1] Less than 1% of the population has been tested as confirmed and a third of the total are in nursing homes or in NY, FL, or CA. Whether they were exposed or not, the other 99% of the population has survived for the last 4 months COVID-free and see no reason to bother with this without being forced. The majority of these aren’t gonna test daily even if you gave it to them for free. Hell, that percentage won’t even brush their teeth daily.

      2] Big corporations might play ball with requiring a daily test because of PR blackmail, but probably not for long. Smaller companies not a chance. And restaurants on the verge of collapse who put this hurdle on their customers won’t be around long.

      3] So long as there are a handful of positives and no herd immunity, this doesn’t get “crushed” anyway. And it still won’t die out even with a vaccine because there are a lot of people who don’t trust them at all, let alone brand new ones brought to market for panic plus huge money. This shit doesn’t die off till herd immunity.

      1. Funny how every advanced nation on earth has indeed “crushed” this. Gee I wonder how they did that.

      2. Unfortunately in CA all businesses will play ball as long as every case, no matter where contracted, counts as a workers comp case.

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    6. This all needs to stop now. Open everything back up no restrictions. Per the N.I.H. Circa 2005 chloroquine works on SARS and coronavirus.
      Hydroxychloroquine is its safer little brother. Also per the CDC July 3rd this current made up crises is teetering on the knifes edge of no longer qualifying as an epidemic. Yet the only thing I keep hearing is about a spike in new cases. Who cares the number of deaths has hit daily lows. Enough articles about how you should be scared. How we can’t reopen schools or restaurants. Enough chicken little bullshit. Bailey do your damned job as a journalist you’re supposed to be holding those in positions of power accountable not parroting their Fear mongering. We have had a cure from the beginning where is the tar and feathering of Dr. Fauci for sitting on this information. We’ve known about the efficacy of chloroquine since 2005 15 freaking years. How many articles have you written about that. Instead we get tons of articles about how Trump is such a dummy for suggesting hydroxychloroquine might work. And people wonder why journalists keep getting called fake news.

  2. “”We Need Cheap and Plentiful At-home COVID-19 Testing””

    What about accurate?

    1. That would be nice Vic.

    2. We need a test that is almost 100% sensitive, but a sensitive test that gave false positives 50% of the time would be useful because it would allow the other 50% of us to get to work. As of today, the best test we have that is cheap and easy enough to be administered every day to everybody is a thermometer. That is neither very sensitive nor selective, but it can be done every day.

      1. “TESTS ONLY 50% ACCURATE SHUT THE WORLD DOWN!!!” – Ron and the other Karens

      2. Why does it need to be selective? It’s not as if Covid-19’s the only febrile disease that can be transmitted!

        1. That should probably read “specific” not “selective”. Specificity is the ability of a test to correctly detect people without the disease. For a test like this sensitivity is more important, as you want to ensure you catch nearly all true positives.

        2. No mission creep there.

      3. A test with a specificity of 50% wouldn’t be that good though in a scenario described here, where testing was daily or even weekly, as most people would, at some point, get a false positive test.

        1. We can all stack the extra COVID test kits in the closet next to the several cases of latex gloves.

  3. We are crushing it anyway. The death rate keeps going down and even the new cases has started to fall.

    1. Yeah, when the media is constantly screaming about the rise in cases, but never mentioning the deaths you know it’s getting better.

      1. When deaths skyrocket in a couple weeks as predicted based on the lag time between infection and death, will you be here saying you were wrong, or will you move on quickly and confidently to the next thing you’re wrong about?

        1. (patriotic choking noises)

    2. Georgians have been free for months now and we have 2800 deaths of Kungflu infected in 6 months.

      All sorts of out of staters come to Georgia because most of our businesses are open. Georgia is another scientific example of how undangerous this virus is in the real world.

  4. Harvard expects students to get tested every 3 days.
    All paid for by Harvard and tuition, right?

    1. Probably, but Harvard students are whiny little compliant bitches who were so verklempt over a Trump win that they had to postpone their finals.

  5. To Get Americans Safely Back to Work and Play, We Need Cheap and Plentiful At-home COVID-19 Testing we need to stop looking for absolute safety.


    1. We cant reopen until nobody dies ever again.

      1. That’s what’s a concern.

        We went from ‘flatten the curve’ to ‘we change our mind we want to go to zero!’

        Fricken total BS.

        1. The amount of mass hysteria, Stockholm Syndrome, and groupthink on display across the world is truly breathtaking. Rather than being incensed how easily the alleged “Land of the Free” became the “Land of the locked down,” many “Americans” just beg to be even more restricted so they can be less afraid of a disease that has turned out to be about like a slightly worse than normal seasonal flu. To them, I’d quote Samuel Adams (and then explain it’s not just a beer), and say,”May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

          1. Bailey is as Bailey does.

            Next he will offer you some brochures from the Church of the Anthropogenic Global Warming.

          2. We’ve doubled the number of maximum annual flu deaths in three months, and that’s not counting the people who are permanently disabled.

            I’m curious, are you one of those non-coercion people who thinks all old and sick people should be locked up indefinitely for your benefit?

            1. Certainly not. Any person should be free to go out and do anything he wants (that would have been legal before the pandemic), with anyone he wants, wearing anything he wants (and not wearing anything he doesn’t, if you catch my drift).

              If the old people are not afraid of the risk, it’s their choice as free people. If the young are not afraid of the risk, which is smaller for them but not zero, it is their choice as free people too. There are means for people who are vulnerable and concerned to protect themselves that can be quite effective, but it’s going to take more than cloth or “surgical” masks. N95 and eye protection or it’s a good luck charm!

              1. In Georgia there are a bunch of old people not wearing masks and going into businesses. Its glorious to see real Americans effectively telling the elite to fuck off.

          3. ‘many “Americans” just beg to be even more restricted’

            I doubt that. They want _others_ to be even more restricted. It’s like all those who voted for Prohibition, and kept on drinking.

        2. Kungflu hysteria is 100% political. The mayor of Atlanta announced she was infected but asympotmatic.

          Who cares? What other American cares what some mayor is infected but needs no medical attention? Answer none.

          Democrats want Trump out and destroying the economy is the only way..they hope.

          MAGA 2020

  6. So what’s to stop this being done for every disease imaginable? For the flu, for instance, which kills quite a few people a year?

    The other thing is, what will happen to people who test positive? Will they be forced to isolate themselves? Who will pay their bills while they can’t work? Who will bring them food?

    1. Well yes, but that’s so next year. In order to keep people in line, fear of pandemic and hiding in the basement must become the new norm.

    2. The other thing is, what will happen to people who test positive?

      Since we are in a country without mandatory sick leave as an employment benefit, it’s up to individual companies how they will handle that.

      Will they be forced to isolate themselves?

      Most Americans are willing to self-isolate when they know they have an infectious disease. There are always some who refuse to do so, and at times courts and law enforcement have stepped in to enforce a quarantine.

      Who will pay their bills while they can’t work?

      Quarantine for infectious diseases is typically measured in weeks, not months. As such, most people still have jobs after quarantine is over. In the case where they do not, we have unemployment benefits.

      This ties back to the first question though: it’s up to individual companies whether or not they pay employees to stay home and get better, or if they perversely incentivize employees to come to work sick.

      Who will bring them food?

      Typically this will be people in their social network. In the rare cases of state-enforced quarantine, the state typically performs this duty.

      All that said… we kind of went through this, on a national level, a few months back. If you’d been paying any amount of attention, you would have already known this.

      1. Why was California shut down for 3 and a half months then, if quarantines are only 2 weeks?

        1. Telling time has not been in the school curriculum for years, much less reading a calendar.

        2. With worse outcomes than Texas who did just about the opposite. Or similar but slightly worse outcomes than Florida who did just about the opposite. Segregating a large uninfected population while the virus is still circulating is not a good idea. Or maybe it almost doesn’t matter what one does?

          1. The media is lying. Infected does not equal seriously ill and requiring of medical attention for Kungflu.

            The infection rate of kungflu is ~1% and the death rate for those under 65 is still less than 2%.

            We either got bioattacked or God is try8ng to balance the social security budget.

        3. Tyrants like escherenigma are liars. Hence the lie.

    3. Who will pay their bills whle they can’t work?”
      You will.

      Who will bring them food?”
      The same expendable “essentials” who have been doing it for the past four months.

  7. Fuck you Ron.

  8. was anyone safely going to their jobs before March 12th?

    1. Sssshhh, ignorance is bliss.
      We’ll all live forever if COVID doesn’t get us

  9. The Reason Science Guy does it again….Mr. Bailey, thanks for the insightful observation that easy to administer, rapid response testing would greatly help matters. Wow. Really? You know, I was just sitting around for months wondering how the country would get out of this mess. /sarc off

    Could you please do more articles educating us about the virus itself?

    1. “Could you please do more articles”

      Oh god please no

  10. lets put a tester at every public entryway to public events and every store that will solve the unsolvable problem. since testing is useless for anyone who doesn’t have the antibodies and isn’t sick. Ironic that the healthy must be punished and denied work and must wear specific clothing to separate them out from the rest of the infected. what kind of distopian movie are we remaking here in real life

    1. A shitty one.

      1. SQRLSY interest intensifies…

    2. The question is always, “who tests the testers?” Also, would you trust a DMV employee with your life? Bitches…. every one of them.

  11. Isn’t the NYT engaging in the same kind of happy talk wishful thinking they blasted Trump for?

  12. Wow. And I thought I already read the dumbest solution to a made up problem today. When is anyone going to admit we screwed the pooch on getting the most out of testing months ago? Even the CDC has admitted they cant stop the spread because its every where now. What exactly is everyone testing daily or.weekly at home going to do except give the government more control over our lives and let them present the illusion that they are actually doing something useful?

    1. That’s it. Testing and contact tracing got a good rep because countries that did it early enough, like Good Korea, got results while the epidemic was still manageable by that means. Now that it’s pandemic, everyone wants to fight the previous war.

      1. We could have been like the Good Korea if our president weren’t a piece of shit.

    2. Even the CDC has admitted they cant stop the spread because its every where now.

      Did anyone ever actually argue that we could stop the spread? Oh, I know that that was the unstated premise of much of the early lockdown, and it fooled a lot of the rubes into assuming that was what was going to happen. But anyone with half a clue knew the viral cat was already out of the bag by January if not earlier.

  13. So, this used to be a Libertarian website, right?
    Open borders, bigger government, and pro-BLM?
    Did I miss the ultra left-wing re-branding memo?

    1. Nope; you didn’t miss a thing. It has been here every day.

    2. You left out a lack of respect for private property rights.

      1. Dalmia telling us that speech is just like violence.


        This place has gone to shit.

    3. But you do have 4 Jeffs here defending reason with everlasting breath.

      1. The interns have to do something in between coffee runs.

      2. And now the Marxist BLM, for some weird reason.

    4. You forgot hate speech codes so we don’t make anyone cry.

  14. It’s unnecessary as the true fatality rate is known and this is similar to a bad flu year.

    Open it all up and our economy will be returned to mostly normal.

    What needs to happen is shutting down scare outlets like CNN which hasn’t been news for a couple of decades now.

    1. America’s horrible fear mongering news is actually making news here in italy. Italians can small fascism 5,000 miles away.

  15. Cheaper and faster is to shut down all social media for six months.
    As long as this site is going to go all fascist, let’s cut to the chase.

    1. That is actually the PERFECT solution.

  16. We can’t safely go back to work until the Democrats are back in power

    1. Coincidentally, this is when monuments will be marked safe again and the lion will lay down with the lamb.

  17. With the virus this widely disseminated, there’s no way you could get enough people testing often enough and then self-isolating to have an effect on the total number who’ll eventually get it. I think transmission’s going down faster on its own because of the number who’ve already acquired immunity.

    1. Pretty sure Bailey hissed, and pulled his cape over his face at the sight of that URL.

    2. Ron Bailey is hostile to hydroxychloroquine. He won’t write about it.

      One-Sided Bailey is his Indian name.

  18. Yes, rapid at-home testing would be ideal. It should be that way not just for coronavirus but for a host of other diseases as well. That way individuals can make an informed decision without venturing out in public as to whether they ought to self-quarantine or not.

    1. Hey Jeff, someone made the claim the other day, I think it was Tulpa, but not sure, that you’re fat. Is that true?

    2. You know what else would be ideal? You putting down your cookies for a meal or two.

      1. Fuck off, asshole.

        1. So that’s a yes?

          1. But you think I’m a liar, right?
            So it doesn’t matter how I answer your stupid little question. You’ll think I’m lying no matter how I answer, right?

            Oh wait, you won’t think I’m lying if I answer in a way that allows you to crap all over me.

            So my answer is:
            I am simultaneously fat and not fat at the same time.

            Because no matter how I answer, you are going to believe whatever you want to believe anyway.

            1. No, you’re fucking fat. And you would rather force 330 million people to change their lives rather than you change yours. You’re the asshole here. I’m not asking anyone to change their lives.

              1. You are a fucking liar. I never once demanded that anyone be forced to do anything. You are a complete asshole who hates me and will lie about me or anyone else who stands in the way of your glorious Team Red Utopia.

                You are a disgusting human being. Even Tulpa is not as bad as you.

                1. Sounds like you need a nap.

                  1. Fuck off, dickwad.

                    1. You just seem really angry this evening. Did you have a bad day today?

                    2. I am tired of people like you who treat people with whom you disagree as evil cretins rather than just interlocutors with honest disagreements.

                    3. You’re evil because you really stated multiple times per should wear a mask or government would make them. Do you understand? Why such dishonesty. That was said not once but many times jeff. Stop denying what you said.

                    4. “I am tired of people like you who treat people with whom you disagree as evil cretins rather than just interlocutors with honest disagreements.”

                      You’re a real laugh riot, you lefty shit:

                      July.6.2020 at 9:48 am
                      —They have been finely tuned over the past 50 years to resist outside oversight and sudden change.—
                      “No wonder conservatives think they are perfect.”

                      I repeat: Do lefty shits ever post without some mendacity or other?

                    5. “honest“


                    6. per should wear a mask or government would make them.

                      It is an observation, not an endorsement.

                      You think it is an endorsement because you’re a dishonest shithead.

                      Now go back to eating crayons.

                    7. Fuck off, Sevo. You know what libertarianism needs less of? Old crusty farts who think that the world revolves around them.

                    8. It is called coercion you lying piece of shit.

                    9. “…You know what libertarianism needs less of?…”

                      I’m “crusty” only when dealing with lying lefty shits; exactly that of which libertarianism needs less.
                      So please, make your family proud and the world a far better placee: Fuck off and die.

                2. Yes you fucking did.

                  “Wear a mask or the government will make you” is literal coercion house fucking lying piece of shit.

                3. Lying jeff.

                  chemjeff radical individualist
                  June.30.2020 at 10:28 am

                  And again if you object to the oppressive public health measures, don’t mock the voluntary ones, because those are the alternative to the oppressive ones.

                  chemjeff radical individualist
                  June.30.2020 at 10:17 am
                  you know, if you object to statist oppressive public health measures, like lockouts, for good reason, then it behooves you to not ridicule people for engaging in voluntary public health measures because that’s the alternative to the oppressive ones.

                  If you dont volunteer you will obey!!!


                  chemjeff radical individualist
                  June.30.2020 at 10:35 am
                  the alternative to voluntary public health measures, is oppressive public health measures. It is not “no public health at all”.

                  Keep mocking people who choose to wear masks, and don’t be surprised when the state decides to force masks down your throat when infections spike.

                  chemjeff radical individualist
                  June.30.2020 at 10:57 am
                  This is the type of attitude that will get mandatory masks forced down your throat. You should be thanking people who are slowing the spread of the disease not ridiculing them.

                  Those cookies probably dont taste good do they?

                  1. Lol. We should start a betting pool for how Lying Jeffy will spin it when he’s caught lying. Cuz I can already see how this one will go.

                    1. Jeff really did think the mobsters were trying to make sure the shopkeepers didnt have any harm come to them. I mean they plainly said so: “I’d hate to see something bad happen to this place.”

                    2. As far as you are concerned, everything I say is a lie, except those things that I say that you think you can use against me. So what difference does it make what I actually say? You will just treat me like garbage regardless.

                    3. It literally does not matter what I say or do. You are going to troll me regardless. Just like Tulpa. Does it please you to realize that you are little more than a Tulpa around here?

                    4. I quoted you multiple times flatly saying to voluntarily comply or government will force us. That is coercion. The threat of force for non compliance.

                  2. Yeah, you are too stupid and dishonest to distinguish between observation and endorsement.

                    If you don’t take reasonable public health measures, unreasonable ones will be imposed upon you. That is not an endorsement of unreasonable public health measures. That is a statement of reality.

                    You would rather blame the messenger than do anything about it. Because all you care about is the culture war and “pwning the libs” instead of developing a voluntaryist framework for public health.

                    You are worse than useless. Go back to Breitbart. It is where you belong.

                    1. Lol. No. I understand completely what you said. You are telling others to come or they will be forced to. It is quoted clearly.

                      What you attempt to do is then say you arent for the force, but it will happen. You wont even stand up against said force. Because you’re not a libertarian.

                      Tacit agreement is still agreement.

                      You dont get to say people will be forced and then claim you’re against the force.

                      It is dishonest and you attempting to have the cake you just ate.

                      Grow up, read a book, stop lying.

                    2. If you don’t take reasonable public health measures, unreasonable ones will be imposed upon you.

                      I am fucking WARNING you. But all you want to do is to shoot the messenger. Because you think the messenger is a “librul proggy”. Because you are an idiot who cannot see beyond the end of your tribal nose.

                      Go back to Breitbart. That is truly where you belong.

                    3. You are just inventing controversy to virtue-signal to the other petit-fascists around here that you are on their side.

                    4. Tacit agreement is still agreement.

                      So this is where you out yourself as a white supremacist for your ‘tacit agreement’ with the Charlottesville protests, right?

                    5. Fuck off, Jesse. You are not worth the electrons required to carry your message here.

                    6. So upset you’re talking to yourself.

                    7. “If you don’t take reasonable public health measures,”

                      By which you mean wearing a mask for fear of what the government will do if you don’t.

                      ” …unreasonable ones will be imposed upon you. ”

                      By which you mean wearing a mask for fear of what the government will do if you don’t.

                      You’re right about the mask requirement being unreasonable, but to suggest that being unreasonable is a reasonable response to people not doing what the government wants them to do “voluntarily” is absurd. If the government will only accept one given action, there’s nothing voluntary about it. That means it was never a “reasonable” anything to wear a mask because Big Brother wants people to visibly demonstrate their willingness to prostrate themselves before their “public servants.” That’s about the only thing masks actually can do, other than be annoying as hell and really stupid looking.

              2. And you would rather force 330 million people to change their lives rather than you change yours.

                This is Jesse’s lie about me. He will never recant his lie but it is a lie. He is a dishonest dishonorable douchebag who will not treat anyone outside of his Team Red tribe with even a modicum of decency.

                1. It isnt a lie fucktard and you know it. Multiple people called you your assertion of government mandates for not being voluntary compliant. You’re a fucking lying pos.

                  1. It is a lie.
                    Link to any place where I advocated for government-enforced mandatory masks. Go ahead. You can’t do it and you know it because you are a lying shitweasel.

                    1. Quoted you 4 times fatty.

                      Volunteer or you will be forced to.

                      That is a threat

                      You probably believe the guy who tells the woman “stop making me hurt you” as well.

                    2. I have never advocated for mandatory mask wearing.
                      You are lying when you claim otherwise.
                      You lie deliberately because you cannot argue the issue on its merits. All you can do is smear.
                      Because you are a sad pathetic human being.

                    3. Truth is optional to people like Jesse. All that matters is seeing Trump re-elected.

                    4. chemjeff radical individualist
                      July.6.2020 at 11:18 pm
                      Truth is optional


                    5. Oh look. R Mac can quote me out of context and get a hearty chuckle out of it. I wonder what R Mac thinks that accomplishes.

                    6. Lol, you’re so dumb you don’t realize you answered your question.

                    7. So you get a chuckle at someone else’s expense and that’s it. Got it.

                    8. (Chortle)

            2. So that’s a yes?

              1. It doesn’t matter how I answer. You are going to believe whatever you want to believe about me anyway, just like Tulpa.

                  1. Actually, the answer is no.
                    But you won’t believe me anyway.

                    1. Could’ve just said that in the first place.

                    2. Or maybe the answer is yes.
                      What the fuck does it matter to you?

                    3. It matters you’re a fat fucking liar who is now denying he stated if we dont voluntary comply government will make us. Your words. You were called out by many people. You then said it a half dozen more times. You’re a statist who wants government to protect you because you prefer cookies to walking.

                    4. I just found it an interesting claim. A simple no from the start would have ended it, but you’re the one who made it into a bfd.

                      Which means you’re probably fat.

                    5. Skinny people who asked if they are fat laugh it off.

                      That has not happened here.

                    6. if we dont voluntary comply government will make us.

                      That is kinda how government works. They pre-empt reasonable voluntary solutions with their own unreasonable involuntary ones.

                      If people do not act responsibly, the Karens of the world will demand compliance with a government diktat. Surely even you are bright enough to understand that.

                      So fuck off with your immature behavior.

                    7. So you were threatening coercion because you want safety. We are in agreement. Thank fucking God. Now stop lying about what you plainly said.

                    8. So you were threatening coercion because you want safety.

                      *I* am not threatening a damn thing.

                      It is THE STATE that is doing the threatening.

                      A person with an IQ above room temperature would understand that.

                      Even you understand that, but you are a dishonest Team Red shithead so you feel compelled to twist what I wrote.

                      You are a sad pathetic human being who should go to group therapy with Tulpa to find some meaning in your life that does not revolve about insulting people and sycophancy to Team Red.

                    9. Jesse, you are an asshat who will not let this go because you cannot stand to be shown up by someone whom you perceive to be a “proggy librul”.

                      So you are going to continue to lie and lie and twist and twist.

                      Because you have no ethics or morals, only this slavish devotion to Team Red.

                      Really, go get some therapy. Both you and Tulpa need it.

                    10. Man Lying Jeffy is MAD!

    3. I feel like being nice. So if you even understand basic analytics here you go.

    4. That would set the blacks against Indians and Asians since both these ethnicities are more successful than blacks in education and careers. Asians are also more successful than whites in education and careers. Should the Asians be paying everyone else? This is the reductio ad absurdum logical argument Click For Full Detail.

    5. Chemjeff is absolutely right here. Not sure what all the fuss is about but there’s nothing bad about affordable home testing – only good things to look forward too. So long as commie regulation doesn’t block it through some “racist” claim 🙂 lol..

      What’s amazing is the USA being the first to create this ( I’m under the assumption this was developed in the USA )?

  19. A well written and detailed destruction of the current covid hysteria.

    1. Gee, Jesse, I thought we couldn’t trust models. They’re just elitists lying with numbers trying to force us into compliance with their totalitarian statist plans.

      1. These arent models fucking retard. He mentions his model but the article is based on current analytics dumb fuck. Do you even understand the difference? He mentions his model in 2 sentences. the rest is based on analysis of current numbers.

        Holy fuck you’re an idiot.

        1. Liar. You are a completely gaslighting douchebag. Every bit of his article is a model of one sort or another. You don’t even know what a model is. You are an ignoramus who should go back to his right-wing Facebook feed and let adults discuss complex issues.

        2. The ONLY reason you cited this guy is because his model is one that has a conclusion that aligns with your preconceived ideological prejudices. That’s IT. Other models you are free to discount as “elitist experts lying with numbers” or some such because they don’t give you the results that you like. It is just one more piece of evidence that you are a complete Team Red lackey. Nothing you say should be regarded as anything but GOP messaging. Not an honest argument, not an honest discussion, just manipulation trying to get people to vote for Team Red. Because you have no self-respect and no self-dignity and only find self worth by shilling for Team Red. It is a sad and miserable life.

          1. Read the article you fucking literate fat trash. He is talking current numbers. He even quotes fucking Nate silver saying the same thing about the spikes.

            You really do revel in ignorance. Ignorance must be chocolate sprinkled in your house.

            1. I’m sad for Lying Jeffy that he’s fat. Between that, and being dumb and dishonest, his life has to be extremely difficult and lonely.

              1. I can’t imagine your life as a dishonest asshole is worth much.

              2. And you know what? Even as worthless as your life is, I will stand up for it. You have rights just like everyone else has rights. I’ll stand up for your rights even as I stand up for the rights of mass murderers. Because every human being deserves as much.

                Would you stand up for my rights? If push came to shove, would you stand up for my right to protest, to be free to express my Creator-given rights? I would bet that the answer is no. You’d be happy, just like Nardz and Jesse and the other petit fascists around here, that if I’m sacrificed to the wolves that the world is a better place. Well that is wrong. Every human being deserves to have their rights respected. That includes you, and that includes human garbage dumps like Jesse and Nardz. I’ll stand up for your rights. Will you stand up for mine?

                1. You seem really upset. I think you should take a break.

                  Hey, remember that time 30 minutes ago when you said Jesse should go die in a fire?

                  1. Hey, remember when you wouldn’t mind me being executed?

                    1. Holy shit, someone tried to execute you?

                2. Fascists?

                  Jesse is a fascist because he opposes all forms of coercion, even to the point where he sees calling something “reasonable” and then saying you had better do it or the government will make you as coercion?

                  Have you seen what fascists think about coercion? They’re kinda for it.

                  1. Does Jesse want to force old people to stay locked up indefinitely?

                3. I’m mostly a lurker but jeebus fat jeff or whatever you are called…you are a moron.

            2. Asshole, go die in a fire. Every other word from that guy is a model.

              Here is an excerpt from my high-level model that shows the fatality rates by age group (adjusted for the under-reported infections).

              But context is important when deciding the level of response on a personal and community levels. And the reality is there are greater threats to us. And because most of us don’t look at actuarial tables every day, we need something to compare Covid19 to that we’ve already “implicitly” accepted the risk for in our lives. Below is a good matrix and the above mortality table should be helpful to do just that — i.e. contextualize it into things we’ve already evaluated and decided are worth living around.

              Which is a fancy way of saying “compare this model to that model”.

              The whole fucking thing is a comparison of models.

              1. That’s weird….. I thought you were sticking up for everyone, but now you want Jesse to go die in a fire? What’s wrong with you? You really are a terrible person. What if he did it and you found out about it? You’re like this miserable fat hater or something.

                1. Lol. I swear Jeff is a masochist.

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  20. Testing is no good unless you test everyone every few days. So you’re clean — congratulations, you might catch it an hour later and not know it for a week. And pretty soon Gavin Newsom will be mandating everyone gets tested every week before they go to Safeway.

    1. What alternative do you propose? The fantasy of locking up everyone with risk factors (meaning half of America) and you (obviously a specimen of health) going about normal life?

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  24. Get real Ron.

  25. Why test if nobody but you knows the results and you can infect as many people as you don’t care about?

    1. thats where forced daily reporting on an app will be required just like in China.

      1. You don’t think your every move is being recorded already? You’re delusional.

        It’s technology that enables it and humanity that uses it.

        You’d rather be dead? Just leave both behind.

        1. A scumbag bigot and a slaver besides.
          Fuck off, slaver

  26. Life is not safe. Work is not safe. Play is not safe. They will never be safe. There’s a 100% chance of death for everyone alive. As causes of death go, this stupid virus is hardly the killer the media makes it out to be. We can’t stop the deaths anyway… all we can do is delay them a bit and hope that a vaccine or Superman or benevolent space aliens will come save us before the borrowed time runs out. The best we can do is reduce the odds of spreading the virus with any contact, but a bit of simple math will tell you that if those odds are not reduced to zero, all you’ve done is increased the mean time before infection. It’s still coming, and the only thing that will end that is herd immunity– which the governments and media seem to want to prevent at all costs.

    Magical thinking is a delusion, and kicking the can down the road and calling that “saving a life” because by then there surely will be something that saves us. Unless there is a vaccine, which is by no means a certainty, we have to act on the assumption that there never will be one. Hiding behind masks and cancelling everything and suiciding our economy won’t save anyone, unless you call a COVID death in November instead of the preceding May to be a life saved.

    It says “Liberty” on our coins, not “Safety.”

    If you’re vulnerable or easily scared, take measures to protect yourself. Don’t bother with a good luck charm like a cloth face covering or a “surgical” mask (which if you read the box, actually will say “non medical” for the kind you can get)… you need more than a talisman, since it’s a virus, not an evil spirit. Use N95 respirators, properly tensioned, which actually have a chance of stopping an aerosol virus, and are readily available once again, and have been for some time. If you don’t normally wear glasses, wear safety goggles or use a face shield, as a virus can get in through the eyes. Don’t _ever_ touch your face with unwashed hands (that’s a hard one). Wash your hands a lot, or use sanitizer. Gloves won’t help unless you constantly change them… the virus does not get absorbed through the skin on the hands. Avoid crowds, stand away from people, and certainly stay at home if you can.

    Do whatever things you think are appropriate to protect yourself, and stop demanding that the rest of society act to protect you. It’s your job, not theirs. No one has the duty to stay at home or wear a mask because they might possibly have been infected by a virus they don’t know about that might possibly infect people even though the viral load is so low that the host isn’t even aware of it. Leave the rest of us alone so we can go out there in society, around people, in groups, without masks, letting nature take its course. Let us voluntarily take the hit that we will almost certainly survive with no lasting effects, the hit that you cannot afford to take, rather than trying to prevent us from doing that and building herd immunity, the only thing that will actually save your life, not just extend it a few months.

    More confirmed cases of COVID are not bad. More deaths are bad. More people with lasting effects are bad (and surely that number is directly related to the number of deaths, as both are a function of severe ARDS, and quite possibly cytokine storms).

    The number of deaths per day in the US is a third of what it was a few months ago, even as the number of new confirmed COVID cases continues to skyrocket higher than it was back then. That’s cause for a cheer, not panic. Less deaths, more herd immunity is GOOD. It means we are getting closer to this stupidity being over, once and for all. We’re all on the virus’ hit list, and more of us who have had our turn at the plate and survived is not a bad thing, not at all.

    1. There are fewer deaths because people are hooked up to blood oxygenation pumps in ICUs.

      It’s a costly and drastic lifesaving measure learned through plenty of trial and error.

      Maybe you or your loved ones will get to try it.

      1. Maybe that’s from dumbasses making themselves Hypoxic from wearing the face diaper of obedience 24/7 and not some fairy tale of a plaque.

        1. You must be Trumps advisor.

      2. there are non invasive oxygenators out there. what they have been doing is causing more harm than good.

        1. What, ventilators?

          They force air into damaged lungs causing more harm than good. 80% of people on ventilators die.

          Maybe if you shared your better Critical non invasive oxygenation Method here we could pass it along to the medical community.

      3. And maybe you or yours will. We’re all going to get it. Don’t kid yourself. It’s either that or herd immunity comes first.

    2. Deaths lag a few weeks after detection. We had a massive surge in cases after the lockdowns were lifted, and deaths will probably shoot up correspondingly in a few weeks.

      “Everyone dies, why do or think about anything?” is a… valid attitude, I guess. Just as long as you don’t insist that something else matters. If preventing mass death isn’t the business of society, then neither is college students engaging in mild protest, or whatever you care about.

  27. Ron is starting to sound a like a paid shill for CVS.

  28. We need a good 5 cent cigar too, but wishing doesn’t make it so.

    1. Thanks to the “progressives” “sinners tax” otherwise it would be 5-cents

  29. Yes, send your DNA in to the government with your full name and address attached… What could go wrong?

  30. Wow. Most of you are so paranoid it’s funny. I get that you don’t want the government to have your DNA and know if you have the COVID, but both Google and the government—wherever you are from—already know more about you than you could ever imagine. To increase consumer confidence, we need to get a handle on this shit, and convince people that they have a handle on their own shit, and let people know that they are clear and/or if they have already had it and so may be immune. That is why it is a good idea. It is voluntary, not required, so all you scared little mice don’t need to participate. We need this as part of our plan to get the economy going again, Even if you believe the lockdowns were unnecessary, what is done is done, and we need to get things going. Yes, this disease is dug-in to the United States, so that this will be a slow burn at least for the next few years, or worse, or until we get a vaccine. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take effective measures, Face masks are part of the reason that Japan has such a low rate of spread, despite their similar economy and bustling society. Why are so many of you so resistant to possible good ideas?

    1. It’s just another form of panic during a pandemic.

    2. “…It is voluntary, not required, so all you scared little mice don’t need to participate…”

      This sort of naivete is so amusing.
      Say five years old?

    3. They’re never gonna believe you about the masks.

      Reason’s comment section is where reason goes to die.

      1. N95 or it’s a good luck charm.

  31. Will the At-home COVID-19 testing be multiple choice or essay?
    I hope it will be multiple choice.
    I’m not one for studying.

  32. Toddlers crying that you’re being asked to please not shit in the middle of the living room. What a political movement you guys have here. Truly impressive feats of maximum man-baby-ness.

    No a mask isn’t a simple precaution taken to help end this nightmare sooner rather than later. It’s TYRaNny!!!eleventy! Christ, get a life assholes. Not everything is an Ayn Rand novel starring you.

    1. Actually, we have no problem with being ASKED. Instead, we’re being forced to eat the shit in the middle of the living room under the guise that it’s good for us.

      1. And there are many who like the taste, like the Marxists masquerading as libertarians on this site.

      2. Exactly, a distinction that only matters to a big fat man baby.

        Laws and rules exist for people like you, whiners and troublemakers, not those who voluntarily do the right thing.

        1. Good ideas never require force, Tony. Only bad ones.

  33. Come on, guys, say it with me now: “IF IT SAVES JUST ONE LIFE!”

  34. sounds like Howard Stern these days. So much for reason.

  35. Excuse me if someone else here has pointed this out already, but I really can’t let the claims shown here pass without a comment. While I am sure that most here have a touching faith that, because this test is offered by a private company in search of a profit, the magic invisible hand will assure us all that it will be a great solution for us all, we should consider the following.
    The writer recommends that this test could be used by a general public, even those who are asymptomatic, to glean usable information about whether or not they have been infected by Coronavirus. But, try as I might, I cannot find any information on the company’s website about the test’s sensitivity and specificity. All I can find, under info for health care professionals is some less than helpful boilerplate that, if one gets a false positive, then one may needlessly spend a time isolated and if one gets a false negative, well, you might be set up to infect others. But nothing about the rates of each.
    Now a false negative could certainly be disastrous, especially if one is using the test to decide whether to visit Grandma or your niece undergoing chemo. But these are generally not a problem; a diligent person would likely test several times to be sure and three tests with 95% false negatives would give a 99.998% reliability. But what about false positives? If one is testing in a an asymptomatic general population, the prevalence of infection could be as low as 1% (much higher rates shown currently come from the large percentage of symptomatic testing). A 95% specificity (not that unusual in even clinical tests) that gave a positive result would then mean that you really only have a 20% chance of being (or having been) infected. And false positives can be the result of specific characteristics of an individual such that it may well show such a result repeatedly. A 90% specificity or less (likely in a “quick and dirty” home test) would give little information to act on.
    Sorry, but this sounds like just another “copper infused mask” or homemade Hydroxychloroquine therapy.

    1. lol… And there’s a 1% chance the sun will collide with the moon, the earth will fall off it’s axis — Well, crap; I guess we’ll all just DO NOTHING….

  36. Why is Reason promoting this bullshit? You test today and you catch the virus right after testing, then what? Viruses don’t go away because people hide from others, you got to live, and die, with them. Very few have died from it and we’ve allowed the state to fuck us under the guise of health safety…

    1. This exactly. But no one is going for it. No one. Catch the evening news today by any chance? That fever pitch they start every broadcast with? The gloom and doom predictions of 200,000 dead by November—Gasp! (interesting date, BTW)? The “experts” shaming us into wearing masks and staying inside? The interviews with 20-somethings in the hospital with COVID and the weary healthcare professionals who care for them?

      That’s what the vast majority of our fellow Americans are buying and acting on accordingly.

      1. The shame of voluntarily wearing a mask is much greater than what any Karen could ever impose for not doing so.

        I can understand people begrudgingly masking if refusing means not being able to do something they need to do, like earn a living, but if I were in a job like that, I’d be looking for something else from the moment that the mask order was handed down, even if it represented a reduction in pay. But to do so when not coerced just says you’re either a simpleminded dolt or a jackboot licker of the highest order. Forcing me to say that is a violation of my right to free speech! (That’s an angle I’ve never seen anyone use before.)

        As always, I am not referring to N95 respirators (or better) here. I mean the masks or face coverings that most of the people use. A N95 at least protects the wearer… one without an exhalation valve protects both wearer and those around him. It’s actually got a chance of stopping virions.

        Improvised, cloth, or “surgical” masks are good luck charms at best, and can actually increase the risk to the wearer and those around him.

        The studies that conclude that most of the virus is expelled in droplets, and that find that a mask can stop droplets, do not consider what happens to the virions after the droplet, now adhered to the mask, evaporates. Viruses don’t evaporate. Without the droplet to increase its size, the virus can whistle right through the mask like a mosquito through a chain link fence the next time the person exhales. Now you have an aerosol virus, and that can stay in the air for hours, where the droplet would have dropped to the ground within six feet.

        When you add to that the frequency with which masked people touch their faces with their unwashed hands, you have a worse risk for virus transmission in both directions than you would have without the mask. That just *might* be why the CDC, the WHO, the Australian health service, etc., did not or do not recommend mask wearing by regular people (and the CDC still doesn’t if it is the flu we are talking about, even though it’s pretty identical to COVID in its transmission profile).

        Fauci’s reason for the CDC’s about-face, the “I was tryna save the masks for doctors” excuse, makes no sense. Improvised masks were never in short supply, since they can be made from any cloth at all, or even a paper towel and some rubber bands (which I have seen people using).

        A more likely explanation is that he told the truth at first, but the decision to give the states the backing they needed to require masks was made. Fauci (as the visible spokesman) was the one who had to fall on his sword and deliver the new message, in direct contradiction of the advice that was uncontroversial and widely accepted by medical science at the time he gave it.

        Regardless of why he did it, the fact is that he did lie as he said he had. The real question is when… and we have no reason to believe his nonsensical explanation when we know he lies.

  37. I see unreason is still pushing the tyranny lefty Narrative.

  38. Congress were STUPID to saddle us with three TRILLION dollars in mostly play-favourites debt, and otherwise mostly useless.

    And they are flat barmy if they think they’re going to buy me a year’s supply of these tests and that I’d actually TAKE them daily, or een weekly. NO WAY am I sticking that swab that far up my nose on a regular basis. There HAS to be some other way of getting the samples.

    What I am STILL wondering is WHEN will governmnt get behind recommending, or even funding, a simple and cheap regimen of daily supplements all but guaranteed to keep anyone from getting that or any other virus. NOT ONE government agency has come forward with any such recommendations that I am aware of. Many different professionals I’ve read all have very similar recommendations for what works. I’ve been taking a shortened version of them for years, have never gotten a flu shot, never gotten the flu, and when some viral creeping crud DOES try and get me I kick the doses way up and just plain don’t get sick. Meanwhile the friends who “gave” the bug to me are down and out for a week or two, and stil feel like garbage two weeks later. Me? I’m maybe under the weather for a day, then back fully functional, if very tired and sore. NEVER down for more than a day. And rarely even get that bad. My cost buying at retail, runs about a buck and a half a day. Not even the price of a tank of fuel.

    WJY do not government ever address this? Ninety percent of the folks who came symptomatic, of ANY age (I am well into the “dangrer zone” much bandied about. So what? ) Not only do the gummit dweebs force us to stay home and INSIDE (I refuse…) they don’t even recommend taking the Vitamin D we are NOT getting because they force is to hunker down away from the sunlight. Gotta love gummit theeeenkeeng.

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  42. No, we don’t need more testing. The pandemic is over. We don’t sit at home in fear of the flu or test people who don’t seem sick for it. We don’t even test people who do seem sick for the flu, in most cases.

  43. So here’s my question about testing. If I test positive as either active or with an antibody test, when I recover can I stop wearing a mask? The logic of the mask no longer applies right?

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