The National Guard at the Lincoln Memorial


D.C. National Guard members blocked access to the Lincoln Memorial on June 2 while protesters gathered around the reflecting pool where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963. The National Park Service told New York Times reporter Katie Rogers that the memorial was blocked on the orders of U.S. Attorney General William Barr.

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  1. The cost of these protections should be borne by the rioters who should be identified from the numerous videos of looting and burning.

    1. You mean the police? Most riots these days don’t start because protesters are violent, they start because police unlawfully attack peaceful crowds and the crowds resist – then police justify the attack retroactively by claiming that they only attacked to stop rioters.

  2. Fucking ridiculous that we tolerate looting and trashing monuments. The rioters should be shot. Protestors should be welcomed and even encouraged; they help bring issues to the national consciousness. And then American society acts.

    There is a world of difference between a rioter and a protestor.

    1. Looting stores, I’d agree on the shooting part. Destroying a monument? Normal riot dispersal methods are good enough. That’s probably because I believe these monuments should be privately funded on privately owned land. I’m not big on the look how great our government is and the government gets to decide who people should look up to, aspect of public monuments.

      1. “I’m not big on the look how great our government is and the government gets to decide who people should look up to, aspect of public monuments.”

        Welcome to the world of symbols.

        Wondering when counter protestors start showing up to where the Nation Guard are deployed and start setting fire to Antifa/BLM flags or carry nooses to provoke a response; how well that is going to play out.

        Welcome to the world of symbols.

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      2. “Normal riot dispersal methods are good enough.”
        Not in Philly. Cops used tear gas to stop protestors from spilling onto the Interstate. Now they are under fire for this “violent assault” on “peaceful demonstrators.”

        1. stop protestors from spilling onto the Interstate.

          “The carnage was attributed to pedestrian error on the part of many people.”

      3. You should read “The Righteous Mind” by Jonathan Haidt. The book goes into explaining certain moral foundations of various political persuasions. You seem to be on the Libertarian persuasion, which promotes liberty to the exclusion of every other foundation, but I think you could learn something about the rest of the country (particularly those who promote sanctity and loyalty).

        1. A very good read. Haidt also suggests that modern liberal thinkers also have a selective moral focus, centered on protection from harm and the type of fairness that requires equal distribution. But lately, I see the progressive-liberal ideology reinforcing sanctity and loyalty.

          1. That’s because what you term progressive-liberals are actually ultraconservative fanatics of a non-theistic religion. They may not agree with any of the tenets of ultraconservative Christianity, but the form is the same. If you directly invert any of the slogans of the Westboro Baptist Church or Nazism, you will see what I mean.
            Oddly enough, they seem to have found common ground with ultraliberal anarchists, probably using them as useful idiots to pave the way for their agenda, as in CHAZ, where the anti-cop / anti-authority sentiment quickly gave way to borders, threats for conformity, segregation, and repression.

            1. Anarchists never contemplate what would happen if a few people banded together to impose their will on the individuals around them. Basically becoming a bandit gang.

              Inevitably, when that happens in an anarchy, the anarchists band together too and start making rules for everyone to obey.

              The irony is that they don’t realize that that’s the basis of every single government they rebel against – protecting people from bandits.

              Every government we have today got its start the same way, some are just more evolved than others.

    2. Nope.
      There aren’t any legitimate protesters anymore.
      There’s only whiney little larpers, marxist agitators, and useful idiots.

    3. The main difference between a rioter and a protestor is whether police have unlawfully attacked a peaceful crowd yet.

      President John F. Kennedy made a comment once about peaceful change becoming impossible making violent change inevitable.

      And that’s exactly what happens when a peaceful crowd gets unlawfully attacked by police – the protestors resist, the police escalate, the victims of police keep resisting and it gets called a riot.

      1. Complete bullshit.

        Videos show dozens of incidents where stationary police have rocks and bottles thrown at them. That is the most common violent initiating event .

        Police do initiate violence when given the job of clearing people from some space, like that church where Trump had his photo op. Many of these are legitimate moves to save property or prevent conflicts with opposing factions (not so much in the current rioting).

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  4. Seems reasonable considering what’s been happening to various monuments recently.

  5. Pulling Honest Abe out of that chair seems like it would have been a tall order.

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  7. Holy fuck! Putting masks on soldiers and police is NOT a good idea. We have seen what a little authority does to guys who know they can be identified. Give them anonymity and a riot and people are going to get killed.

    1. the mask are for their protection from covid

      1. None of those will keep out a virus.

    2. OK, So what’s the downside?

  8. If this is how conservatives wish to spend their final six months controlling federal authority for a generation, let them have their fun.

    1. Can’t wait to open those re-education camps, eh Rev?

      1. He sure seems to want to tear down the Lincoln Memorial.

        1. Oh yeah?! Well if you knew a little history you would’ve learned that Lincoln might have probably said awful things about something, and that could’ve probably been racist.
          He’s practically Hitler…

          Also, statues, monuments, symbols and everything else should be privately funded on privately owned land, but they’re not. That means that they’re owned by everyone. And if a tiny minority of everyone wants to destroy them all because year zero, that’s their right.

          1. That means that they’re owned by everyone. And if a tiny minority of everyone wants to destroy them all because year zero, that’s their right.

            Assuming this is not sarc, does this mean that one Klansman has the right to burn down the African American museum in DC? That’s where you are going.

            Commonly owned items should only be modified or destroyed based on the desires of a majority of the owners (or by some pre-arranged protocol).

    2. Why limit it to a generation? Once you enact open borders, you can go on to enact postcard naturalization and nationwide ballot harvesting, and pack the Supreme Court to ensure a ruling that racist speech (i.e., anything to the right of Joe Biden, and probably including a lot of his past statements) does not enjoy 1st amendment protections. At that point, it would be surprising if the Bolsheviks–excuse me, the Democrats–never lose an election again. (We can work out details afterwards, such as whether a defanged Republican party would be allowed any seats in the legislature, the way that a tame CDU was allowed a handful in the East German Volkskammer.)

    3. Did you clear this post with the “common sense free speech committee”?
      You are soon to be defined as hate speech.

    4. Careful what you wish for, Rev, – you might get it.

      History shows what typically happens when Marxists gain power. You’d likely end up against the wall before me. The only other difference is that I wouldn’t be surprised to be there.

  9. And looking at the picture, not a single firearm among them.

    1. Good solid men of discipline and courage.
      (don’t go looking around the corner)

  10. I have to have rtfa but was Robert Kennedy not attorney general in June 1963?

    1. *hate*. and now I see where I read it wrong also der.

      1. We all make allowances these days for the mental impact of the months of internment imposed by the governments.
        And this time we had to provide our own camps.

  11. It seems America has missed a great opportunity for public art to have been spray-painted on the memorial. complete with misspellings and little cocks and balls.

  12. I have to say I’m glad. I love the Lincoln memorial, and I’m really over this destruction of symbols and the rewriting of history. Slaves freed themselves, did you know that?

  13. So this is what my country has come to? Great.

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  15. That must be sooooooo boring

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