Brickbat: Thank You for Your Service


A state investigation of a Massachusetts veterans home where 76 residents have died of from coronavirus has revealed errors that Gov. Charlie Baker called "horrific and tragic." The biggest mistake at the state-operated Soldiers' Home in Holyoke, according to the report, took place on March 27 when the home combined two dementia units into one. The move placed more than 40 veterans, including some who had already tested positive for the virus, into a space meant for 25.

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  1. I am zero percent shocked this occurred at a facility meant for veterans. Never has there been a better example of why you don’t want the government providing all your services than anything to do with Veteran care.

    1. The Bureau of Indian Affairs begs to differ.

      1. Why does the US government have an agency focused on extra-marital relations among Hindus?

        1. the agents enjoy the Hindu-p0rn

      2. Oh yeah, I’d heard they’re a grade A fuck up too. Though, unlike the VA, they don’t get the double whammy of both parties throwing money at them constantly, so they can’t blame funding for being incompetent.

  2. The bureaucracy has found you expendable.

    1. They have at least found you non-essential.

    2. “We will feed the homeless to the homeless, and solve two problems at once!” – A bureaucrat, probably.

      1. Efficiency bonuses for the entire staff!

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    3. To the bureaucracy, everyone who isn’t part of the bureaucracy is expendable.

  3. Nursing home have been dumping grounds for the elderly through this whole ‘crisis’ . Many officials have lots of explaining to do.

    1. Nursing homes have been dumping grounds for the elderly for at least 50 years.

      When people decided they didn’t want grandma around the house any more, and that institutions with public and private support would take her, the nursing home industry boomed. Of course, quality costs money, so many of the homes were and are dreadful. That medical science can extend life, or at least delay death, also increased the portion of zombies in the homes.

      To be fair, in the context of a pandemic, homes for the elderly could be a good solution to protecting the vulnerable. The traditional alternative with many generations living together, has proven at least as tragic in cultures where it persists.

      1. Would you rather die at home with family or locked up with a bunch of people who don’t care about cleaning your sheets or if you can make it to the bathroom

      2. People whose parents have assets are becoming more reluctant to put Mom and Dad in a nursing home, knowing that if they do that Medicaid will suck up their entire inheritance.

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  4. Nursing home have been dumping grounds for the elderly through this whole ‘crisis’ . Many officials have lots of explaining to do.

  5. But 25 and 40 are just numbers. As long as they can show their work, the answer is correct. #supportcommoncore

    1. This made me laugh out loud

  6. I’m not clear on the problem here. Is there something wrong with putting infected people in with non-infected people? Because that would be news to the State of New York as well. Putting infected old people into nursing homes along with uninfected people is the best thing to do for them, even if the nursing homes don’t want to take them you just force them to do it anyway.

    1. Pennsylvania and Michigan also. They’re the reason 43% of all Covid deaths are in these facilities

      1. And New Jersey.

      2. In Ohio about 70% of “COVID deaths” have been in nursing homes, with most of the rest in prisons and group homes.

    2. Was I not supposed to do that? Because nobody told me not to do that.

      1. That’s Cuomo’s excuse. Trump didn’t tell him not to lay waste to nursing home patients.

      2. Then you have qualified immunity.

    3. I think that without clear precedent coming from an earlier situation substantially similar to this one, the workers could not possibly have known that doing this was a bad idea.

  7. I blame those who run these homes as much as the governors who forced them to take the infected. If they had refused, gone to the families and press and told them what was happening would have been a different story. Instead they rolled over and said yes sir. The one I read about that did refuse, the person running it is still there and the home is still running and without the mass deaths.

    1. According to today’s newspaper, the Democrats have blamed Trump for all the deaths in nursing homes because he was slow to act when the pandemic started. These kinds of front page headlines are just about all that is needed, if repeated over and over again, to guarantee Trump isn’t re-elected.

      1. “These kinds of front page headlines are just about all that is needed, if repeated over and over again, to guarantee Trump isn’t re-elected.”

        Or – – –
        That kind of continuous blatant lying will result in another win based on the votes of people who never talk to pollsters.

        1. Or the people who deliberately lie to pollsters.

    2. “I blame those who run these homes as much as the governors who forced them to take the infected. If they had refused”

      Perhaps you missed the stories that explained that the nursing homes in New York did initially refuse to take covid patients and that the New Your government threatened to revoke their licenses if they didn’t change their tune.

      1. And??? Perhaps you missed the story of the one that did stand up to them, still has its license and no deaths? Or that I wrote they should have had gone to the families and the press. If my father was in one of these homes and they called me I would have blocked the entrance until they dragged me off. I’m betting there are a lot of other family members who if they had been contacted by those running these homes and heard what was happening would have done the same. Instead they just silently let it happen, letting their fear of financial losses take precedent over the lives of the residents.

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  9. Cuomo is a fraud. Even at the beginning of this virus outbreak in America, it was known that the elderly and immune were the most likely to die from COVID. Cuomo never heard of Italy I guess.

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