Social Justice

Kneeling in the Church of Social Justice

America certainly has work to do on race, but ritual and symbolic acts aren't the way forward.


Over the past several years, a social justice philosophy has arisen that is less a political program than a religion in all but name. Where Christianity calls for people to display their moral worth through faith in Jesus, modern Third-Wave Antiracism (henceforth TWA) calls for people to display their moral worth through opposition to racism. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, this vision has increasingly been expressed through procedures, routines, and phraseology directly patterned on Abrahamic religion.

America certainly has work to do on race. For one, while racism does not explain why cops kill more black than white people—poverty makes all people more likely to be killed by the cops, hundreds of poor whites are killed annually, but more black people are poor—they harass and abuse black people more than white people, and the real-life impact of this is in its way just as pernicious as the disparity in killings would be. If the tension between black people and the cops were resolved, America's race problem would quickly begin dissolving faster than it ever has. But making this happen will require work, as will ending the war on drugs, improving educational opportunities for all disadvantaged black children, and other efforts such as steering more black teenagers to vocational programs training them for solid careers without four years of college. 

These are real things, upon which we must behold scenes like in Bethesda, where protesters kneeled on the pavement in droves, chanting allegiance with upraised hands to a series of anti-white privilege tenets incanted by what a naïve anthropologist would recognize as a flock's pastor. On a similar occasion, white protesters bowed down in front of black people standing in attendance. In Cary, North Carolina, whites washed black protesters' feet as a symbol of subservience and sympathy. Elsewhere, when a group of white activists painted whip scars upon themselves in sympathy with black America's past, many black protesters found it a bit much.

Such rituals of subservience and self-mortification parallel devout Christianity in an especially graphic way, but other episodes tell the same story. Many conventional religious institutions are now rejecting actual Christianity where it conflicts with TWA teachings. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a chaplain was forced to resign after writing a note exploring the contradiction between roasting the police as racist and the Christian call for love of all souls. Unitarianism has been all but taken over in many places by modern antiracist theology, forcing the resignation of various ministers and other figures.

The new faith also manifests itself in objections to what its adherents process as dissent. A friend wrote on Facebook that they agreed with Black Lives Matter, only to have another person—a white one, for the record—post this reply: "Wait a minute! You 'agree' with them? That implies you get to disagree with them! That's like saying you 'agree' with the law of gravity! You as a white person don't get to 'agree' OR 'disagree' when black people assert something! Saying you 'agree' with them is every bit as arrogant as disputing them! This isn't an intellectual exercise! This is their lives on the line!"

This objection seems studiously hostile until we compare it to how a devout Christian might feel about someone opining that he "agrees" with Jesus' teachings, as if the custom were to think one's way through the liturgy in logical fashion and decide what parts of it makes sense, rather than to suspend logic and have faith.

The religious analogies pile higher by the week. Third-Wave Antiracism even has (metaphorical) sacrificial victims. The New York Times' food columnist Alison Roman is on suspension for criticizing in passing Marie Kondo and Chrissy Teigen for going commercial. Her sin? Criticizing not one, but two, people "of color." (Kondo is Japanese, Teigen half white and half Thai.) Teigen has openly said that she does not think Roman deserves to be canceled for what she said, but no matter. At the Times, the TWA must have its way.

A great many intelligent people clearly consider all of the glowering postures, verbal laceration, and dismissals to be somehow an advance over how social change worked in America in the past. The seismic civil rights victories of the 1960s came about through protest, no doubt. But absent in the annals of how we got from Selma to the election of Barack Obama is this focus on individual psychology as opposed to national social and political structures.

Martin Luther King was under no impression that all white people were going to fully "love" all black people. He spent his time working for gradual change in the world as we know it via endless exchange and consultation with the powers that be, not agitating for a vague utopian conception of a society devoid of any racist sentiment. No matter what evidence people find of King's fundamental radicalism, radicalism in his day was not centered around this recreationally aggrieved performance art, much less obsessively seeking to excoriate and destroy people suspected of impure thoughts.

The TWA adherent might object that today's strategy is a second step—that the battle of yore was against overt segregation and disenfranchisement, but today making an even more equal society requires this different approach. 

But why is all of this agitprop and joyous defenestration an advance over forging political change in the ways that have had such effect in the past? Those of us watching incongruously and needlessly acrid media posts and the yanking down of statues cannot help thinking the real motivator of the TWA posture is a simple joy in indignation and destruction, along with the comforts of group warmth. The white TWA adherent cherishes displaying virtue. The black TWA adherent has fallen for the Siren call of the noble victim complex, affording one the status of a Cassandra, a survivor, even the granter of absolution, as we see in some of the protest videos.

TWA people, to be sure, claim that all of this is ultimately about changing society. But in practice, the performance and fury are the main meal while the mundane but urgent work of changing society seems distinctly underplayed. One treatise on white privilege after another gives this away, such as Őzlem Sensoy and Robin DiAngelo's Is Everyone Really Equal? After almost 200 pages of teaching the reader that being a good antiracist requires bowing down to any claims anyone not white makes about race, we assume that the final chapter might show how this counterintuitive ideology is supposed to change the actual world. Instead, that chapter simply repeats the minatory mantras from the previous chapters.

If TWA were really a political program, it would focus much more readily on making change from the grassroots on up; the psychological cleansing would feel like a prelude cherished by a few but best gotten past as quickly as possible. The idea that political work must be preceded by a massive mental overhaul of the nation is not self-standingly obvious. It is a tragically fragile proposition that reveals TWA as in essence not politics but Sunday school.

The TWA world might raise another objection, one that must be heeded. Without the fever pitch of these voices, and the dread they instill in any white person chilled at the possibility of being outed as a racist in today's society, Tina Fey would not have pulled a few episodes of 30 Rock out of streaming because they had blackface depictions, the Dixie Chicks would not have renamed themselves The Chicks, there would still be an awful lot of statues of Confederate racists standing, and Rhode Island would not be excising the word plantation from its full name. The TWA message asks whites to look inside themselves to examine the ways they contribute to racism. This is happening to an unprecedented degree.

Yet we can be quite sure that the TWA position on these things, no matter how many and no matter how widespread, will be to dismiss them as mere optics, as if such things weren't what they seemed to be calling for in their furious policing of psychology. The new line will be that these changes didn't matter because they left "structures" of society in place. This bait and switch will not be a cynical ploy, but an inevitable outgrowth of the fact that TWA is a matter of ideology and attitude, not progress and pragmatism. Its liturgy requires that America always be a racist snakepit, redeemable only by a mysterious day when the U.S. "comes to terms with" racism. Just what those terms would be is never specified for a reason, which is that if there really were no racism the TWA adherents would lose their sense of purpose. (No, reparations won't do it. Look under the hood of the most prominent calls for reparations and you'll see that they say reparations would only be a "beginning.")

In any case, to be sure, names and icons are just optics. More substantively, TWA has helped create some movement in America's conversation about the cops, a problem central to black Americans' sense of discomfort and dismissal in America. But there are two problems. 

One is that truly reforming 18,000 different police departments, as well as the byzantine laws that quietly detour and destroy so many lives, will be a long, hard job of the kind King and his comrades so diligently and patiently forged. TWA activity, so focused on smoking out racist imagery, seems ill-suited to participate meaningfully in actual on-the-ground toil of this kind.

And second, we must ask: Is it necessary, for the cops to reform, that a food columnist be suspended for dissing a half-Thai model or that sincere Unitarian ministers lose their jobs?

Because this is so very much a TWA moment and because its perspective has been creeping into the fabric of educated American society over several years, we are becoming desensitized to how ancillary to civic progress is this peculiar, furious, and fantastical indoctrination. We seek sociopolitical change, yet we find on the vanguards a contingent who have founded a new religion. They insist hotly that they "really are right," because racism is bad, isn't it?

Indeed it is. But it is also bad for increasing numbers of Americans, out of fear for their social acceptance in wider society, pretend to subscribe to the semi-coherent tenets of an anti-empirical faith feigning higher wisdom with big words and manipulative phraseology. They see themselves as the heirs of bygone heroes who would actually have been sickened by them. Progressive Americans' task is not to learn charismatic but purposeless self-flagellational routines, but to fight injustices with sense and logic. Only TWA adherents think the two are the same.

NEXT: Trump Said ‘You Don’t Have To Drop Bombs on Everybody.’ He’s Right.

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  1. “and the real-life impact of this is in its way just as pernicious as the disparity in killings would be.”


    1. Just an FYI – Unitarians are not Christian. They belong on a burning pyre, along with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons.

      1. Lost me at “sincere Unitarian minister”. Like being a sincere proponent of pure 98.6 degree water, but without the wet part or the color meh.

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          1. no justice in this state for black people

      2. Master Cleanse: Why social justice feels like self-help to privileged women

        Anti-racism handbooks such as “White Fragility” are the new self-help books for educated, wealthy, white women.

        1. Gen X was the first generation in the US to come of age without a military draft and with cheap easily-available birth control, so their adult lives have always been within their control and always about themselves.

          Few of them have ever been poor, few of them have known real hunger (obviously) or experienced soul-destroying deprivation.

          That is why they indulge themselves in these bizarre acts of narcissistic self-abasement, why they celebrate their weakness, why they grovel to “prove” they are not racists (they are, they see themselves as “White Saviors”), and why they despise any person who shows strength and decency and character.

          Very sad to see. (And yes, many Gen Xrs and younger are not like this and are wonderful human beings.)

      3. Have you tried going to hell? You won’t find any Mormons there.

        1. You won’t find Saddam, either! Well, not after Satan broke up with him and sent him up there…

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        2. According to Toby, the Jews were right.

      4. When I was in high school, I used to hang out with the Unitarian youth group. I’m not sure they appreciated it when I said that the Unitarian Universalist Association was the Democratic party at prayer–or would be if they ever actually prayed.

    2. Goddamnit, am I the only one who thought the TWA moniker did not go far enough? Third Wave Antiracism Theology, or Theologians; AKA fucking TWATs.

    3. BTW the author is flat out lying when he wrote that the police kill more Blacks than Whites .. this is more garbage from this so-called “woke” libertarian rag. I use to think that there hope the movement but the lies from this editorial staff cannot be ignored.

      1. Or he could have been mistaken, or meant to imply a “per capita”. But let’s focus on one small mistake in an otherwise excellent article. That seems better.

        1. Perpetuating the myths of “systemic racism” seems like a rather significant “error”

      2. I’m sure this was a simple mis-statement of ‘kill more per capita’ or something.

        McWhorter is someone to follow. Intelligent. Rational. Great writer and linguist.

        I would have written ‘articulate’ but that’s racist.

      3. If the author doesn’t know that cops kill twice as many whites as blacks you have to wonder what else he doesn’t know. Facts matter. If you’re going to write about it, know your subject matter.

        1. Everyone has to virtue signal to some degree — OR ELSE!!

      4. AND, McWhorter is not a “member of the staff”.
        He’s a Stanford linguistics professor, and a man of considerable intellect and integrity.

        So, fuck you.

    4. If this TWA / Woke “religion” steps over the terrorist jihad white genocide line, where they start executing whites, the Wokes are gonna find out what real anti-racism is.
      Hint: It’s gonna involve citizens filling every Woke marauding on the streets with lead, the FBI, ATF, and DOJ hunting down and putting every Woke shotcaller in a cage, and every Woke academic or corporate hostage taker getting fired and ostracized as a fuckin terrorist collaborator.

    5. You tempt an extant and just God of Sinai when you assert George Floyd was murdered…and the false religion is Marxianity.
      I am reminded of the scene from the movie “A Few Good Men” when Jack Nicholson as Marine Corps Col. Jessep raises his voice in indignation saying “You can’t handle the truth!” then makes it clear the unintentional ‘Code Red’ death of undisciplined marine William Santiago was nothing less than an attempt to save the lives of marines if ever they went into combat.
      The death of George Floyd, while difficult to watch, was not murder but rather the truth people can’t handle as it concerns the difficulty of policing the dysfunction and extremely dangerous black subculture. Floyd’s death, however, was a perfect metaphor for the neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter; oppressive institutional racism with the knee of the white man on the neck of blacks…and the Marxian media chimed in providing false equivalences i.e. death for passing a counterfeit bill and in the case of Rayshard Brooks death for sleeping in a car. Both were lies in that in both cases the primary concern of those who called 911 was that Floyd and Brooks appeared too intoxicated to drive, which they were, and then both resisted arrest.
      The problem the politically motivated prosecutors will have in securing a politically motivated conviction against the officers charged with murder goes to procedure; both officers acted according to procedure…even the knee on the neck of George Floyd; intoxicated with a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl and amphetamine.

      1. Lookee here – an actual, in the flesh racist!

      2. No, George Floyd was murdered.
        Reyshard Brooks wasn’t murdered, but Floyd definitely was

        1. Yep, a crooked cop (as if there was any other kind) purposely deprived him of air until he was suffocated. I can’t wait to hear about these crooked cops’ “fun” in jail getting their back sides “enlarged” by the inmates.

        2. AND, even if it was murder, to assign the act to “racism” is disingenuous, if not downright mendacious: the two had a combative PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP from the officers’ “work” as security at a club.

          Possibly the most productive lesson from the whole fucking incident would be “Don’t go to clubs.”

    6. Look, black folks are as responsible for their own situation as anyone else. No one forces gangs with guns on black people. The overwhelming number of black people who commit crimes is their responsibility. I’ve gone into Cabrini Green, and it wasn’t too much policing that made that place a hell on earth.

  2. >>America certainly has work to do on race.

    dude no. i’m just fine, thanks. if you’re a racist fix it.

    1. America certainly has work to do on race.

      I’d like to see better F1 coverage, and when’s the last time an American took LeMans?

      1. Americans can’t do something for 14 seconds w/o looking @their phones how’s anyone gonna put together a team for a 24-hour race?

        1. You clearly haven’t traveled the world much lately. They have their heads buried in phones even in Thailand. I hear even in Toronto people use their phones in public–when they aren’t spreading love and tolerance.

          1. if I was a supervillain I’d put something in the phone chips to control everyone

            1. I already…

              oops, forget I said anything

            2. If I was a supervillain, I’d create a megacorporation that controlled the information that people could see. It would be so big and pernicious that people would consider it’s name as a pseudonym for finding facts.

              And just for Shits and Googles, I’d go with an ironic motto.

          2. Even in Germany, when they aren’t being gang culturally-enriched.

        2. Stupid comment above by a stupid person.

      2. We still have Daytona 24 hours.

        Anyone truly upset by the lock downs simply because I need my IMSA racing back?

        1. Nice to see there’s some culture left at “Reason”.

          1. Please s[are me the “woke” garbage..

            1. Wow. The “[” key is nowhere near the “h” key. Worst typo of the year, though absent the typo the post is left as a grammatical fail.

    2. White Americans can atone for their racial sins by waving a chicken over their heads and then ritualistically slaughtering the bird to cast out the sin of racism. Just make sure to swing the chicken hard and fast!

      1. Vegans are screwed…. again.

        1. Yet they never get porked, or receive hot beef injections.

      2. queue Sublime.

    3. I don’t even know what that means. Now granted, I’m just a fragile white privileged male who attempts to reason away, but for once can they ever give concrete examples? Or else you may as well just declare ‘systemic racism’ is real ‘just because’.

    4. Ditto.

      1. Yeah. I’m gonna need
        a) A definition of ‘racism’ that can be applied in an equitable manner.
        b) An explanation as to how and why ‘racism’ is worse than any other crime or abuse, such as rape, murder, theft or assault.

        THEN we can address whether or not I’m racist enough to require adjustment.

  3. I got some news for you;
    Hating a socialist because he is a socialist, regardless of the color of his skin is not racist.
    Trying to avoid responsibility for being a socialist by pointing to the color of your skin is racist.
    Ignore the “black” part, and read the politics of the organization.

    1. ^^^ BINGO

    2. Indeed. Best comment I’ve seen about BLM:

      Lives Matter.

      If you have to put a color in front of those two words, you’re a racist.

      1. Look no further than the reaction to the Slogan, White Lives Matter.

  4. Hey, hey, ho, ho,
    reparations got to go.

    1. If I sexually identify as a Black American, do I get reparations too?
      Asking for a friend…

      1. If you haven’t radically altered your census information, you may be missing out on some future opportunities.

      2. Penis extension??

  5. Anti-racism is evil, per se.

    1. Oh, do you have a Ted Talk or something to expand on this hot take?

    2. You can’t really be anti-racism unless you are anti-race.

    3. What if the concept of ‘race’ simply doesn’t enter into a person’s value system at all?

  6. If only those idiots kneeling in the photos felt as unsafe in white neighborhoods as they do in black neighborhoods.

    Not literally, of course. They would never be seen in a black neighborhood.

  7. Social justice warriors do their best work on their knees…if you know what I mean.

    1. Go on….

    2. “Hey now, don’t blame us! We just think pandering and virtue signaling feel really good! We never meant for it to come to this!……”

      Haha. Good job, SJW assholes. Thanks a bunch.

  8. If one wants to learn about racism, examine the Bureau of Crime Statistics over the last ten years and look at incidents of inter-racial commissions of violent crimes.

    Or, examine the percentage of black babies aborted vis-a-vis the percentage of white babies murdered.

    Or, examine the percentage of black babies born into single parent households.

    Or, examine the percentage of black youts who fail to graduate from high school.

    Or, examine the percentage of black youts who manage to find themselves in altercations with the king’s men.

    Said otherwise, race realism is for reals; anti-racism is for feelz.

    1. Statistics, like all math, is racist.

      1. Sexist, too.

      2. The facts as I understand it is that Blacks reprersent 24-28% of police killings while White represent 50-52%…Yes blacks are disproportionately represented just like Black homcides (by other Backs)

    2. Speaking of race realism: several years ago John McWhorter wrote an obnoxiously long essay ostensibly on why we shouldn’t talk about race realism. Nobody liked it, so it was published on National Review’s website because they’ll publish anything submitted by a black person. I suspect something like that happened here.

    3. That black people have more social problems than white people is itself evidence of systemic racism. Many of these moral failings you people like to lecture at them about are directly tied to discrimination in housing. People just like you denied black people systematically access to the same quality of schools and jobs and neighborhoods.

      But you are welcome to explain your alternate theory of why black people are especially prone to fatherlessness and crime. Go on, I’m listening.

      1. Tony would do anything to avoid putting blame on his beloved Democratic Party. Who passed the welfare bills that gave more money to families without a father than with, guaranteeing the disintegration of the black family just when they were finally getting their full freedom in the 1960s? Wasn’t the GOP, fucko.

        1. So why do black people almost universally vote for Democrats? Do explain and give as much detail as you like.

          1. Free stuff.

            And Donkey propaganda repeated by the MSM.

            1. I see. So not only are Democrats somehow giving free stuff only to black people, which they must subsequently squander (since they’re still relatively poor), but black people are much more easily hypnotized by propaganda than white people.

              Im asking what makes them so intellectually different from white people?

              1. “but black people are much more easily hypnotized by propaganda than white people.”

                Eh, Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany say No. White people are hypnotized by propaganda also.

              2. Im asking what makes them so intellectually different from white people?

                I don’t know the answer to that question but 100,000 years of human history in which they had the field all alone for 50,000 of those years and sub-sahara africans have always come in last everywhere they are.

                I don’t why that it is, but it isn’t ’cause whitey.

      2. Well, when you’ve been told that everything is so terrible and unfair by people like you for long enough you might get the notion that working hard at self improvement isn’t worth the effort.

        Keep pimping grievance and victim hood. It’s working so well! Haha.

        1. This stuff is so old-fashioned it’s basically comedy. Even your airhead SUV driving suburban white aunt is more sophisticated on race than “they just need more personal responsibility!” Reason is starting to look like a shitty swamp where goobers go to die.

          1. EVERYONE needs more personal responsibility. Socialism is the fiction that everyone can live at someone else’s expense, i.e. not taking responsibility for ones self.

            EISTAU Gree-Vance is 100% correct.

            1. No seriously this shtick is from the 80s.

              1. You’ve openly admitted you want socialism so you can stop working you worthless piece of shit.

          2. Systemic discrimination is an issue worth introspection, but the elites are no longer even calling it racism. The MSM and woke mob are calling us white supremacists. You think anything just will come out of this latest step in linguistics, professor? I hope my invisible hand signal to alert my fellow KKK members doesn’t shake the shingles off your $800,000 home, either one.

      3. No Tony, we like to lecture at you, about all the horrible things you white progressives have done to Black people. And how you just fuck everything up in general.

      4. “That black people have more social problems than white people is itself evidence of systemic racism”


      5. If you can blame black violence and black unwed mothers on whites, I can blame white racism on blacks.

  9. Just for clarification, the chaplain who lost his job a MIT was Catholic, not Unitarian.

  10. I know two (white) people who are flooding their facebook feeds with exhortations for other whites to feel white guilt for their white privilege. Fuck no; but since my only use for Facebook is to keep in touch with family, I;m not about to start flamewars and end up with more crap to wade through. If I were, I’d probably say something like ….

    White guilt? Am I supposed to blame my parents and their grandparents and so on back to Adam and Eve for not being woke enough to pick black spouses? Do I have slaves of any color to feel guilty about? You are the ones constantly pushing for more and more government. Do you realize that slavery, Jim Crow segregation, and Affirmative Action (which is racist by plan) were only possible because government mandated it? And yet you push for more government, more racism, more hypocrisy. No thank you, very much. You sneer at me for hating government; I sneer at you for enslaving me with your government. Where is your government guilt?

    1. Government is the systematic oppression that we all do together.

      1. “Government is the systematic oppression that we all do together” — Well said +1000000… This SJW protests so resembles the USSR riots. Blaming the ever-growing socialism/communism in the USA for all this would be hitting the hammer right on top of the nail.

      2. According to democrats, government is the one thing we all belong to.

    2. At this point? I’d absolutely lob grenades at people like that.

      They’ve had way too much of an unchallenged leash.

      Fuck them.

      1. This fellow needs more grenades.

    3. I’m reasonably sure some of my family are going to call me a racist and secret Trump supporter as we get closer to the election when they find out I’m voting for Jo.

    4. Almost everyone can find slavery in their ancestry if they go back far enough. It’s been the norm for thousands of years.

  11. Bow and kneel all you want. Just makes it easier to identify the weak people.

  12. When the 2020 Summer Olympics happen in 2021, wait ’til you see the public reaction to American athletes disrespecting the flag and the Star Spangled Banner. Progressives see themselves on TV and think that means they’re popular, but the public support for such antics is shallower than shallow.

    1. I hope the Nips use the Rising Sun flag during the opening ceremony. Koreans and Chinese will be super butt hurt!

      1. Including a flyover by Mitshubishi Zeroes during the opening ceremony?

        1. I don’t see why not…

          1. And seppuku for any athlete who doesn’t medal.

            1. Mushroom clouds on the American uniforms??

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  13. John McWhorter should also realize that the definition of racism has changed in the liberal worldview. Racism is now defined as prejudice AND privilege. With white Americans always having privilege and Black Americans always being oppressed, whites will always be guilty of racism and Blacks will never be capable of being charged with racism. This new religion on the left identifies fair skin with original sin and the only way to expunge that sin from American society is to exterminate “whiteness”. Sorry, but white Americans need to lay down, submit themselves to their betters, and die off.

      1. Oops I tried posting a thumbs up but I guess that doesn’t work here. THUMBS UP.

  14. So I am kind of curious why all this work on racism only travels in one direction. Are you telling me blacks are incapable of racism? Why is this uniquely a white upper class trait?

    I find it hard that a society that is willing to wage war, enact numerous programs for the benefit of, and embraces and celebrates the cultural contributions of blacks is racist.

    Sorry, not buying it.

    1. As little as 6 months ago, the Oxford definition of racism required “hatred”. It has been downgraded to merely “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism” [entirely subjective], and further goes on to stipulate that the aggrieved party is one of a minority. So apparently racism does only go one direction now.

      The words never change, but the words defining the words are always subject to the direction of the winds of political correctness.

      1. As words are generally descriptive instead of prescriptive, I can understand Oxford embracing a new usage.

        But I was thinking more in terms of what the black community (as multi-faceted as it is) is doing to be better neighbors.

        I mean it is one thing to lay the entirety of this grievance at the feet of whites. It is quite another, especially at this point and time, to point to anything that would assuage their wounds.

        Imagine a black person dropping to knees, begging for forgiveness for their crimes.

        I’d be repulsed by the entire affair.

        That some blacks seemingly demand these acts of contrition tells me that maybe the work on racism doesn’t come from my end.

      2. So the Oxford definition of “racist” is now, by the old definition, racist. That is, a negative attribute can only be ascribed to a member of a race which is perceived to have power so minorities, by that definition, have superior character.

        1. Males are a minority. (at least in the US and most Western countries)

      3. Literally Newspeak, from 1984.

      4. In other words, they changed the definition of racism to be itself racist. Fuckers need to die in a fire.

    2. It’s that nobody actually cares about the thoughts and feelings individuals have in their hearts. It’s not about the moral failure of individuals, it’s about how being born a certain race gives you a statistical disadvantage in society through no fault of your own. It’s about actual tangible rights and privileges in a society that punishes people for not being white. It’s why people care even less if someone from a marginalized group insulted in racial stereotype or whatever. It doesn’t actually contribute to a problem that exists. Just because you may be a moral ninny policing people’s thoughts doesn’t mean civil rights activists are doing that.

      1. Because poor white people just have soooooooo many “advantages”. Go fuck yourself, Tony.

        1. I didn’t say that. There’s plenty of work to be done to help poor white people, none of which libertarians are willing to do, of course.

          That’s not true; they are willing to go on the internet and bitch about black people’s fatherless homes. Keep up the good work.

          1. Fatherless homes are the source of much of the problem in white and black and Asian and Native American and etc etc etc ad infinitum groups.

            Try to imagine yourself as a single mother taking care of a couple of kids and working in a modest wage job. It’s got to be hell. And the kids are often the ones that get neglected or worse.

            The rate of children of unwed parents in black communities is about 75%. And you think that’s not a serious cause of problems??

      2. “…nobody actual cares about the thoughts and feelings individuals have in their hearts…”

        Unless it is racism.

        “Just because you may be a moral ninny…”

        Have you looked in the mirror recently? Or maybe outside?

        And of all the possible disadvantages anyone could be dealt from birth, from not being particularly bright to being ugly to an incapacity for social skills (hi friends); the only one that demands people grovel before them is being black.

        And somehow in the moral calculus, there is no inherent racism there.

  15. An open question for Mr McWhorter: You state that America has a long way to go on race because black people disproportionately end up… dealing with police. Pick a statistic that involves police and black people probably top it; just, unjust, it doesn’t seem to matter. So, after America has supposedly “gone a long way”, at the end of the rhetorical journey where does Mr McWhorter think “America” should end up? Does he perhaps mean that in the ideal future there will not be racial disparities in arrest rates, questionable traffic stop rates, police brutality rates, sentencing, etc? If so, by that does he mean that he hopes everyone is punished to the extent that black people are currently or the other way around? And what does he mean by “America”? Because America is not a person. America is 350 million people. Most of whom are “white” (an awful term encompassing everything from literal Africans to jews to irish), most of whom are not, some of whom are “black” (an equally awful term which includes descendants of slaves to pacific islanders whose ancestry hasn’t graced Africa in hundred thousand years). So who should be “advancing on race” exactly? Just the white people? Even if they aren’t racists and their parents immigrated to the US after the end of segregation? Do the black people need to be advancing on race too? What about the jews? The native americans? I recall racial tensions in my school years primarily being between the latino gang and the black gang. Do the latinos need to do the most “advancement” on race?

    No one who ever offers these bland platitudes about making “progress” on race ever answers these, so I just suspect that the answer is similar to exactly what McWhorter calls out in “TWA”: The progress will never be made and the racism will never be undone because then McWhorter will have nothing to write articles about. Those goalposts have wheels and the fast you push them the faster they move.

    1. McWhorter’s comments over “disproportionate dealings” conveniently leaves out the disparity between crime rates in largely black communities vs the average. Sorry, but shootings in largely white Wheaton IL total 1 for the last 6 months. That would be a slow hour on some nights in South Side Chicago.

      Of course there will be instances of disparity in treatment and they should be addressed when they are unjust. That said, an honest discussion of the topic cannot be had without inclusion of whether that disparity by race is proportional to the crime rates by community.

    2. Great post.

      The way I see it. Focusing on just police reform is a convenient scapegoat. Seems to me you can reform police but clashes with blacks will continue because the community isn’t addressing cultural issues that are part of the problem- e.g. children out of wedlock.

      You can’t pretend boys with no fathers doesn’t lead to bad outcomes.

      Seems to me reform is needed on all sides.

      Just my facile two cents.

      1. Seems to me…to be sure.

      2. Why do black people have more instances of fatherless homes?

        Don’t you think you should explain that before you start offering up solutions?

        1. Tony won’t blame the Democrats that caused the mess, because Tony is a fuckwit.

          1. But black people vote for Democrats at like 90%. So clearly black people not only have more fatherless homes but are also nearly universally subject to being duped by politicians to vote for their oppressors. Explain why you think this is.

            1. Promises of free stuff paid for by people you hate, and rationalizations for why your fuckups are never your fault?

              1. So black people are merely morally terrible people on the whole. Think that’s generic?

                1. People from all races struggle with doing the right thing. The Democratic Party has made an industry of stripping an entire segment of society of moral agency, giving people carte blanche to be truly awful, saying, “It’s not your fault; you’re a victim of racism. Nobody can judge you, because they don’t know how much you suffered. There’s no end to what you deserve, there’s nothing you shouldn’t get to tear from the hands of people who you’ve never met, who have never met you, or done wrong to you, because of the color of their skin.” How in the bloody hell is that NOT racism? I dare you to explain how that’s NOT racism, Tony. Go ahead; bring it, charlatan.

              2. Dturtleman is correct!

        2. I blame LBJ and the Great Society for incentivizing fatherless homes

        3. It’s obviously because of slavery. That’s why the percentage of blacks being raised in fatherless homes rises the farther we get away from slavery.

  16. There’s a rhetorical game being played with the Black Lives Matter movement. The words “Black Lives Matter” create an automatic tension in the possibility of dissenting from the movement. That’s by design.

    It’s like when I used to joke about being the executive director for The Center for Good Things that People Want. How could anyone disagree with good things, let alone good things that people want.

    Anti-Racism is another popular one. If you have an issue with anti-racism, then what are you left with?

    The other issue we’ve got before is what I suspect is the insistence that we shout a phrase, when in this case, there is an organization that bears the moniker, “Black Lives Matter”. I suspect that a lot of people are unwittingly aligning themselves with the phrase, while not giving much thought to the organization.

    I am personally becoming more rigid in how I see movements and phrases used in society. I am therefore relying less on ‘social decoders’ to tell me what a phrase or organization really stands for, despite the words used or openly available self descriptions and organizational goals.

    1. A good rule of thumb w/ people & many political organizations, their mission is 280 degrees from their mission statement.

      1. Argh. Edit button, 180 degrees.

        1. I liked 280, implying they were slightly west of southwest from their mission statement.

    2. If you have an issue with anti-racism, then what are you left with?

      This! The moniker is the lie. Race does not even exist in the way that they mean it. The observable differences in West Africans and Celts are the inherited traits passed on during millennia of physical separation. Differences in family lines, not differences in species, and as such will naturally disappear over time.

      The Marxists have added violent Muslim activism to their repertoire and imported the tribalism of the Middle-East to America disguised as anti-racism.

    3. Yes! There is actually quite some brilliance in creating a cross-reference on the terms. Black lives matter is both a concept and an organization. One cannot dissent from the latter without an immediate assumption that one is decrying the former.

      However, this is now entering a new phase of both political power and a profit center. As such and now that the phrase is repeated in many circles as or more often than the adhan is recited by the muezzin, and with the same religious fervor, expect that the organization will become the dominant if not the only meaning. In pure terms, it is the psychological concept of transference.

    4. The dishonest, manipulative use of words and phrases ensures cognitive dissonance and misunderstanding, which ensures there will always be a fresh supply of racists to call out. See how being called a racist is not supposed to be upsetting to a white person, lest they be guilty of white fragility, but *only* white people are called racist now, being racist (unlike absolutely everyone else) is still the worst possible thing anyone could be, and if you point out blatant racism on the part of the woke they flip out. The accusation is treated on one level as a physician diagnosing a malady and on another as branding an outcast with the mark of Cain. It cannot be both, but it is treated as such, and the honest emotional reaction to either (to be upset) is treated as further evidence of the problem. It’s all designed to make at least some people uncomfortable or disgusted enough to reject the idea out of hand, in which case, great: We have *openly* racist people to shame and cast out. White supremacy lives, as it has to, because otherwise the whole sick operation couldn’t keep grinding on.

      1. “It’s all designed to make at least some people uncomfortable or disgusted enough to reject the idea out of hand, in which case, great: We have *openly* racist people to shame and cast out. White supremacy lives, as it has to, because otherwise the whole sick operation couldn’t keep grinding on.”

        Far from being their enemy, SJWs seek nothing more than creating as many white supremacists as possible. It is how they legitimize themselves.

    5. Typical motte-and-bailey tactics.

  17. ‘If the tension between black people and the cops were resolved, America’s race problem would quickly begin dissolving faster than it ever has.’

    This ignores the tendency of grievance culture to find another, real or invented issue by which the ‘oppressed’ would be marginalized, ‘erased,’ ‘othered,’ and so forth. And, as stated above, w/ the horseshit power & privilege theory of racism, any anecdotal evidence can be expanded into full-blown systems. And no minority, or, in the case of women, majority, will ever be capable of racism, sexism, et cetera. Another feature of religions, the circular arguments that cannot be refuted.

  18. An innocent 16 year-old boy was killed in that illegal commie-hippie Chaz infested with degenerate losers.

    And know what? Left-wing morons are always babbling about various people having ‘blood on their hands’. You try and tell me how that twat Durkan and that son of a bitch Governor who DID NOTHING and encouraged this mess don’t have blood on their hands here?

    Durkan’s depraved actions led to the death of that boy. This could have been avoided. But they tried to make a damn idiotic social justice point and probably to spite Trump and now there are dead bodies.

    On them.

    And the voters too.

    Seattle needs to snap out of it.

    Minneapolis. You’re up.

    1. I didn’t vote for Trump. I didn’t vote for anybody.

      But the night he won, I have never laughed so hard in my life. Every time I would stop to think about the election, I would start laughing again. It went on for weeks. I’d be laying there trying to fall asleep. I’d start thinking about the election, and suddenly I was laughing all over again.

      I can’t really explain why it was so funny, but part of it had to do with how over the top sure of themselves the progressives were just before they slipped on that banana peel and took a pie to the face. If Trump wins this election, and I’m not saying he will, but IF IF IF he does? It may be even funnier this time than it was last time.

      They’re betting the farm of Jingles the Clown, and they’re sure they’re gonna win.

      1. I don’t know how funny it’ll be. They’ve lost their fucken minds.

        I can’t even converse with a couple of people I know they have TDS so bad.

        It’s worse than getting Covid-19 – aka Da Woohan.

        1. “I can’t even converse with a couple of people I know they have TDS so bad.”

          Doesn’t that make it even funnier though if they’re deeply, deeply serious right before they take a pie to the face–again–and then President Trump gives them a wedgie?

          1. Thing is…I see the polls where Trump is doing badly.

            But you look at the primary votes, and Trump still outgains Biden. And he had no actual competition.

            Something is not adding up.

            1. They need polls where Trump is doing poorly so if he wins again they can point to them while yelling the election was rigged.

              1. That, and they’re planning the most massive vote fraud the world has yet seen.
                But if Trump were really so unpopular, why invent another “Russia” hoax?

              2. How much is it that people don’t want to admit to a pollster they plan on voting for Trump? In today’s environment the pollster might be triggered and suffer from “vapors”

                Especially should it be a white suburban soccer mom just working for pin* money

                (*pin = cocaine that she buys downtown as a sign of solidarity)

            2. Some of it is bad polling methodology (i.e. non-representational population of those who would actually vote) as well as the fact that there is no way to quantify ‘care enough to actually vote’ in the polling. A lot of it, though, has to do with the fact that Biden is still unknown. The choice in most peoples mind when asked is Trump vs. Not-Trump where people get to project whatever characteristics they want onto the ‘not-trump’ option. As Biden is forced out of hiding and picks a VP (who will probably be controversial) the choice will become clearer and I expect the polls (if being done honestly) to narrow.

            3. Those polls are almost all of registered voters, which leans D. They’re too cheap to do a proper likely voter screen until just before the election.

      2. Haha. I laughed too. But, I can explain it:

        Tens of millions of white voters, the vast majority of whom hate no one, but who are silently tired of the notion that they have something to atone for, voted for the guy who wasn’t apologizing, even though many of them didn’t like him.

        Prepare to be laughing again this November. Haha.

        1. If white people feel that having to think about their complicity in an unequal and unjust society is uncomfortable, they might try imagining being black and walking down a street with a cop on it.

          “Don’t make me feel mildly uncomfortable or I’ll blow up the world with an orange fat man!” These people don’t deserve to be the master race if they’re going to be so childish.

          1. Tony ascribes things to all white people. You’re a fucking racist, Tony.

            1. There is no white person in America who, all else being equal, doesn’t enjoy an advantage over a black person. I said “all else being equal” so don’t distract from the point.

              1. Damn, dude.
                I think even David Duke would be embarrassed at how extremely racist your statement is

              2. And what color are you, Tony? Do YOU benefit from filthy white privilege? If so, hope you’re ready for your self-admittedly well-deserved gulag. Unless, of course, you’ve somehow made amends through groveling and/or bootlicking, so now you’re “one of the good ones”.

                1. Yes I do and I have no intention of giving it up until someone forces me to (they won’t). You only live once.

                  1. So, you’re an openly admitted hypocrite? Did you have your sense of shame removed shortly after birth, or were you simply born with a cavity inside of you, where it should be?

                  2. Tony: You are a socialist – an ideology with 103 years in power and more or less 100 million murdered. NO lives matter to a socialist.

              3. There is no white person in America who, all else being equal, enjoys an advantage over a black person. The advantages that white people statistically enjoy over black people come entirely from all else not being equal. But some of the advantages given to black people do come from actual legal discrimination in the form of affirmative action.

                1. So obviously this means that black people are over-represented in those institutions that practice affirmative action, and I’m sure you have in mind something specific that is required by law.

                  1. You know what? I shouldn’t have even mentioned affirmative action. I was just trying to create a contrast between imagined discrimination and real ink-on-paper official policy, but I didn’t intend to put the main focus there. So I’ll concede that point to you entirely in the interest of getting at the other half of my comment, which I feel is more relevant here. I want to hear you argue for the existence of white privilege. Assertions made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence, so I want to hear why you think white people’s better outcomes in society are attributable to something more than differences in choices and behavior.

          2. Haha. Wow, that’s some twisted logic, buddy.

            The woke demand contrition and self flagellation from people who have never hated anyone, and you don’t like the result?

            Take some responsibility. You created trump. And that is fucking hilarious. At least it is for people with a sense of humor.

            1. So black people lack personal responsibility, but white people can treat a presidential election as an opportunity to throw a tantrum and fuck the country up because they had to hear words that made them feel uncomfortable.

              Master race: you’re doing it wrong.

              1. Good thing that I, for one, never said white people are a master race, dumbass. If white people were master race, we’d have a hard time explaining YOU.

      3. Jingles the Clown was their best hope in bringing back those voters who defected to Trump.

      4. I also laughed, but I was simultaneously aware that the shock and outrage on the left would manifest into some nasty things.

      5. I didn’t and won’t vote for Trump, but if he wins, I’m going to celebrate that the Democrats lost.

      6. I don’t think it will be funny. You saw what they did for the last 3 years after they lost. If they lose again in November, I’m guessing they’ll literally start burning the place down (worse than they have been for the last month).

    2. Two unarmed black children were shot, one killed by CHAZ security.

      Prove me wrong.

    3. To the woke, a politician being an unprincipled shit stain is a feature, not a bug, as long as that politician will always cave their way. They *want* bottom-feeding invertebrates like Durkan or DeBlasio because they can be made to agree to anything the woke left desires. To normals on the left (who do in fact still exist), the alternative is always worse: Republicans are all racist, misogynistic xenophobes, and we can’t have that. The current crop of Democratic politicos are exactly what the woke crowd want, and the wokies are hopeless. The problem is how to convince the normies on the left to take off the blinders. These people do exist. I know and am related to a few. They see and hear what they want to see and hear, filtering out the crazy as long as it’s coming from what they identify as their side. So, Robin DiAngelo is just trying to start conversations on race, instead of dictating conclusions, and so on. They attribute automatic good faith to people like DiAngelo, Hannah-Jones, Coates, or Kendi. The trick is to make them see and hear what they don’t want to see and hear, and I haven’t found a way to do that.

      1. A man can’t be reasoned out of a position he wasn’t reasoned into.

  19. Blacks commit half of all murders. Cops rarely shoot or harass Asian and Muslims. Black drug users deal (out in public) or use drugs more in their crime ridden neighborhoods where police presence is frequent, which at least partially explains the higher black arrest / incarceration rate than whites.

    Here are some names of white people who were wrongly killed by cops in 2015 (HT to writer Coleman Hughes from city journal)

    Timothy Smith
    William Lemon
    Ryan Bolinger
    Derek Cruice
    Daniel Elrod
    Ralph Willis
    Jeremy Mardis (6 year old)
    Autumn Steele

    Duncan Lemp was killed in a no knock raid a day before Breona Taylor and Tony Timpa was knelt to death like Floyd. Most people have heard of any of these people. I certainly haven’t.

    America has little systemic racism. A nation with systemic racism cannot have a population that’s almost half foreign or non white. That’s just logically impossible. If any of these BLM people tried to live in Korea, they’ll run into a certifiable system that’s set against foreigners.

    We have union and government accountability problem. The left couldn’t care less about any of it, but the perennially aggrieved section of their rank who think everything around him is racist, will cherry pick certain incidents to confirm their worldview.

    1. I discovered Hughes last month. Digging him.

      BLM is a product of a pampered and prosperous society. They’re privileged in their own right.

      That they’ve been able to push it this far with mayhem and not face a backlash is further proof how good they have it. If I were them, I’d stay at this level and just shakedown dumbass white useful idiots and corporations.

      Like Sharpton does.

      1. Victimhood is the biggest privilege anyone has ever enjoyed in history.

      2. If you like Coleman, you should watch/listen to McWhorter (this article isn’t his best work) and Glenn Loury.

  20. All I’ve got to say is that thank God I’m a white man because I’m racist as fuck but it’s not my fault, I was just made that way. Surely you’re not going to suggest that I can or should change my inherent nature, are you?

  21. Align with us, take a knee, shout our phrase, or you’re the enemy? Hmmm, this sounds familiar. Remember when 2nd President Bush said, “You’re either with us or against us”? I remember progressives losing their shit about it. Oh, how hypocritical art thou progressives?

    1. Remember when 2nd President Bush said, “You’re either with us or against us”?

      This. This was the first momentous 21st century utterance of “take sides, bitch”. I hated it when he said it then and I hate what it looks like in society now.

      I am an individual, with individual rights. I choose not to take one of your stupid ass sides, and instead to get on with my life. So fuck off.

      1. Ah, but no decision IS a decision, and of course it is admission that you are a racist. Again, nobody can deny that you are either with us or against us. Regardless of fact, it is truth… the only truth that is acceptable.

      2. Remember when Hillary said it a week earlier?

    2. Principals over principles.

      If there’s one bunch that shouldn’t be surprised it’s us here.

      1. It’s also a false dichotomy. It tells (fools) people into thinking there isn’t other options available.

        1. aren’t other options.

          /looks nervously around for Nicole.

          1. (Hoists Lucerne hammer of grammar)

    3. Progressives: Coexist Convert or DIE!™!

  22. Okay so some of the performance art part of these protests is over the top. Washing feet? And the simulated whip marks on the back is over the top and a little creepy.

    The protests absolutely do need to focus more on grassroots efforts and less on performative displays of virtue.

    Kneeling by Kaepernick only mattered in the beginning because he was a person with a platform who used his platform to call attention to what he perceived to be a great injustice. But if everybody is kneeling then it is not a big deal. All you call attention to is a bunch of sore knees.

    1. This whole thing is a conspiracy thought up by orthopedic surgeons.

      1. Like soccer for middle aged people, but without the cardio.

      2. Wouldn’t surprise me. They are a shifty lot.

    2. I agree with Chemjeff.

      Now the world ends.

    3. “Kneeling by Kaepernick only mattered in the beginning because he was a person with a platform who used his platform to call attention to what he perceived to be a great injustice.”

      He was an NFL QB-impersonator who used kneeling to draw attention to his benching.
      And a low-IQ tool who bought into his new GF’s racism as a valid world view.
      Try again.

      1. And he was benched because he went 1-10 as a starting QB, which gets you benched on almost any NFL team.

        1. People forget/ignore that his only success came when Alex Smith was hurt two thirds of the way through the season. Nobody had film on him, and only a couple games by the time the playoffs came around. AND if Harry freakin Douglass doesn’t freakin slip and fall with 20 yards of open field in front of him, the freakin Falcons go to the Superbowl instead of Kaep’s Niners.
          But after that little run, teams had half a season’s worth of games on tape and an offseason to study, instead of a handful of games and only a week to prepare.
          They saw he couldn’t read a defense or hit mid range receivers consistently, and adjusted.
          Kaep didn’t, the team fell apart, and he pouted. He never got better and had to come up with an excuse why he WAS SITTING ON THE BENCH during the anthem and the Ferguson bs story was a convenient narrative to latch on to. The kneeling only came after he started taking heat and needed a better looking act

  23. Liberals have been asserting systemic racism by whites, aka, the man, since the cows came home. Dred Scott we ain’t. Sorry.

    That’s not to say we don’t have serious structural flaws.

    But preach a fiction long enough, and eventually it touches the border of fact. This fiction-fact as it enters and overcomes the social consciousness then morphs into an expedient and pretext for an individual’s indifferences to his own failures.

    The putative fait accompli becomes a source of doing little, less or nothing to advance one’s potential. Frustration, disillusionment and anger take over.

    It’s not an easy thing to watch the world pass you by.

    Consequently, too many blacks, for whom this myth is regurgitated and grounded, opt out of the struggle and find refuge in rebellion. Black youth especially follow this pattern, just as their parents and brothers often did. The cycle repeats.

    Spend a month in the jailhouse, as I did, and you’ll get a sense of the warped, if inevitable, psychology. A criminal, anti-social mindset becomes a chilling reality, much of it from a bitterness they own from being forever reminded how the man Is the monster of their plight.

    1. Yeh. Well put.

      Didn’t the term ‘systemic racism’ come from the Black Panthers movement in the 60s?

      1. That’s likely right. Not sure. I read a fair amount of Eldridge Clever ( eg. Soul on Ice), and he emphasizes the concept, but I can’t say he or his co-Panthers originated the phrase.

        Wouldn’t surprise me.

        1. Yea, Cleaver, too.

    2. Have you noted recently that one can’t even write a contrarian post anymore without including the obligatory, “That’s not to say we don’t have serious structural flaws” or something acknowledging that George Floyd was unjustly murdered. It’s like a hall pass or something that must be muttered before one can actually express an opinion that doesn’t bow to the power elite.

      Reminds me of a Jerry Seinfield episode about gay people where the whole show all the characters repeatedly use the phrase, “not that there’s anything wrong with that”. Most people actually missed the actual point of having to clear the path before giving an opinion.

      Similarly, past variations of this have existed for some time, the earliest of which is “my black friend”. I’m not suggesting that any of these are racist, but just that it is a shame that everyone feels a need to position themselves.

      1. Well, let’s be clear.
        This is not a ‘to be sure’ claim, nor any effort to ‘position’ myself or anything of the sort, it is clear statement of fact:
        George Floyd was murdered by a cop.
        How’s that?

        1. So we don’t even say “allegedly” to pay lip service to the presumption of innocence? I’ve read articles about Nidal Hassan (at least before his conviction) that referred to him as the “alleged” killer of 14 people at Fort Hood.

    3. Everything is so terrible and unfair. What don’t you get about that?


    4. “Spend a month in the jailhouse, as I did, and you’ll get a sense of the warped, if inevitable, psychology. A criminal, anti-social mindset becomes a chilling reality, much of it from a bitterness they own from being forever reminded how the man Is the monster of their plight.”

      I actually spent a month in a flight attendant training program for United back in 2014 and experienced something similar to what you witnessed inside a jail. The young black recruits basically recused to socialize with anyone else in the class. It began immediately. While we were given roommates, all of the young blacks ended up piling into one room days after the start of class. They kept to their group the entire time. The mixed class of whites, Asians, gays, older blacks were as open and kind as I’ve ever experienced. The mon-white millennials seemed unfazed, but students of my generation were appalled. But only one of us finally spoke up, she was a black women in her 50s and asked during lunch one day: What’s going on? Why are they acting this way? We were never like that. Don’t they realize how far we’ve come? Why are the doing this to themselves? Of the 8 black millennials, only 1 made it to graduation, and he quit after his first in-flight trip. The black millennials had self-segregated themselves to the point that failure was a guarantee. I had never seen anything like it. PC culture and the religion of racial identity has destroyed this generation. Honestly, only libertarianism can save black America.

      1. You just don’t get it, do you? That one black millennial quit because, being the only black millennial in his class, he felt isolated and was insufficiently equipped to cope with the endemic racism at United Airlines. United needs to address this problem NOW by hiring a shitload of new black flight attendants, instituting a comprehensive mentoring and support system for its black–excuse me, Black–employees, implicit bias training for its white employees, to educated them on how irredeemably racist they are. Oh, and it has to fire white employees who are insufficiently motivated to seek racial justice. What did you say your name and employee number were?

    5. Yup. The left has been pimping grievance and making excuses for decades. Somehow they seem to be oblivious to the corrosive and divisive atmosphere they create. Most of them are, anyway.

      I think some of them know exactly what will come of this. Bad hombres. Haha.

    6. Leftism is munchausen-by-proxy as political strategy

  24. Proof that white liberal political ideology today has a sacral and religious function to its acolytes.

    1. All too true. And also proof that the human mind, after eons of biological and cultural evolution, is prone to the same retarded delusions manifest in religious tribalism.

  25. So, does this original sin of unjust humanity apply to all peoples everywhere, or just to white people in the US? Both of the answers reveal a load of bullshit, but one is more shitty than the other.

  26. Here’s an idea. Just let the police take six months off, and see who the most violent people are.

    1. It’s a cult. A cult filled with miserable, aimless souls.

      Like any cult.

      Problem is this one has the state backing it.

      That’s worrisome.

      1. Maybe they’ll go out, Jonestown style.

        1. Not before killing a lot of blasphemers and unbelievers first.

    2. Don’t even need to do that. In some cities, there wouldn’t be anything to come back to after a month. Instead, start by not showing up for escort duty for big city mayors and guard duty for city council meetings. You want to see some nervous public officials? Stop giving them cover.

      Also, haven’t heard much from the Atlanta mayor since police spent a couple days on blue flu and not answering calls to certain precincts. All of a sudden, she’s all about rule of law at least with regard to police officers and their contract.

    3. We already know what happens when they take a week off.

  27. In solidarity to the rioters, my ‘kneeling’ is accomplished by arm-movements:
    And upward punch with a bent right arm, stopped by a cupped left hand just above the right elbow.
    I think that’s clear…

    1. Forgot the raised middle finger on the right hand.

  28. “Where Christianity calls for people to display their moral worth through faith in Jesus[…]”

    This is actually a misunderstanding. It is not through faith in Jesus that Christians display moral worth, but through faith that he rescues us from our just punishment. Jesus grants us his righteousness; it is not ours. Through Jesus, Christians are adopted by God.

    Now, it is true that once someone is part of God’s family, his behavior and desires will change (not perfectly and not immediately) to reflect God’s priorities: “You shall recognize them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:16). Christians are called to do works in Jesus’ name, but although this demonstrates a belonging in Jesus’ kingdom, the goal is to serve him, not show our own moral worth. In fact, Jesus’ harshest words were reserved for the religious leadership of that day who were trying to look righteous without actually becoming so. (In Matthew 23:27, Jesus says, Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness.”)

    1. Unfortunately for your rant, there isn’t a single piece of evidence that an historical jesus ever existed.
      In all likelihood, the claim was a local myth, so don’t bother hoping your BS will affect anyone’s opinion who doesn’t already share your superstition.

      1. there isn’t a single piece of evidence that an historical jesus ever existed.
        No, but there’s plenty of circumstantial evidence.
        That, coupled with solid documentation of early “Jesus people” sects as early as 60 years after he was purported to live by Roman writers, strongly indicate that there was a popular Galilean rabbi named Yeshua ben Yosef leading a messianic sect in Judea in the late 20’s.
        No serious secular scholarship doubts the existence of an historical Jesus.

        I was really disappointed with Hitchen’s writing on the subject. He quoted a lot of 19th century pseudoscience and dubious sources which was unusual for him.

        1. “No, but there’s plenty of circumstantial evidence.”

          There is none of that either.
          This is supposedly a guy who rose from the dead, walked on water, fed the multitude from pretty much nothing, and performed other ‘miracles’. You’d think there would be at least some contemporary writing about it. There is none.
          The best ‘evidence’ is some claims several hundred years after his claimed death; ‘these people talk about someone…”
          Nope, not even circumstantial evidence. Believe what you please, but don’t bother claiming there is evidence for your faith.

          1. Well no, you are incorrect and such comments are dismissed universally, even by non-Christian historians and scholars. The earliest evidence are the Pauline epistles which are indisputably attributed and are routinely dated to within 25 years of his death, and while a substantial number of people who were there were still alive to counter the narrative. There is no such dispute available in that time period.

            Outside sources include the writings of Josephus and Tacitus, the Roman historian, whose accounts are always otherwise accepted, had no Christian influence, and are again, within the lifetime of some individuals who lived then and are as “contemporary” as we are to the historical events of WWII. Tacitus referred to the Roman execution of Jesus who was called “the Christ”. It’s a fools game to argue that those without an agenda and who are generally considered reliable, suddenly deviate for events outside of their agenda AND make claims that can be disputed by those with personal experience.

            Further, the existence and execution of several of his disciples is also not in question. This isn’t to say that people don’t die for things that are untrue, but I’ll challenge you to find anyone who actually died for things he k.n.o.w.s are untrue or people they knew did not exist.

            Now given all that, you are free to debate deity, but the existence of him as an individual and that he was the impetus for Christianity is a bit of a flat-earther argument. Try reading outside your echo group. I don’t generally refer to Wiki as anything but a good starting place, but “Sources for the historicity of Jesus” is well documented with an amazing number of Notes and References.

          2. Jesus existed.
            He was a preacher/prophet, of a type not uncommon in that region and era, who brought Buddhist ideas and translated them into a Jewish framework.
            The myths of his life prior to resurrection are fairly unexceptional, and drawn from typical pagan narratives.
            He claimed to be the son of God, but he didn’t claim to be the only son of God. He was demonstrating a model for how one should think of oneself.
            The problem is, most of his disciples didn’t get it. They weren’t the brightest lot. The “kingdom of heaven” wasn’t supposed to be a temporal place, but an internal spiritual state of mind akin to Buddhist serenity and nirvana.
            Jesus was a guru. Unfortunately, his disciples thought him a messiah. He wasn’t supposed to die, though he didn’t care much if he did and certainly didn’t try to avoid it. Consistent with his Buddhism-inspired philosophy, his bodily death wasn’t something to be avoided.
            But it was a disaster for his camp. The messiah wasn’t supposed to die, he was supposed to lead the Jews to founding their Kingdom. Compounding the problem, his final utterance revealed doubt: “father, why has thou forsaken me?”
            “WTF?” His followers had wholly invested themselves in their messiah, and couldn’t emotionally just say “oops” and go back to normal (though some undoubtedly did). They needed a way to make sense of his destruction, as part of “the plan”. Fortunately, they lived in the Roman world which provided a template: Julius and Augustus Caesar. In Plutarch’s Life of Julius Caesar, we find a story – shortly after Caesar’s assassination, a friend of his was walking in the countryside along the via appia when all of a sudden Julius appeared and spoke to him. Sound familiar? Julius was later deified and, after another long and even more brutal Civil War, his posthumously adopted-by-will son Octavian adopted the name Augustus and ruled as the first princeps (emperor in all but name). Augustus would institute the worship/acknowledgment of Sol Invictus as monotheistic religious/spiritual embodiment of the Roman State through living god-emperor.
            Savior > martyr > resurrection > god/son of God simultaneously
            So the followers of Jesus had a lot to work with to rationalize Jesus’ death – Jewish tradition, Greek mythology, and recent history of Rome.
            Put it all together and Jesus the executed guru becomes Jesus the god/son of God who died for Man’s sins and founded the religion

            1. They needed to make Christ a spiritual, rather than temporal, messiah… since theirs had died, and they weren’t about to unseat Sol Invictus

        2. “ No serious secular scholarship doubts the existence of an historical Jesus.”

          Well, that’s a fuckin’ lie.

      2. By the same standards, there’s no evidence that Napoleon Bonaparte existed either, fucknut.

        1. Come again? There are primary sources on Napoleon. You can visit his grave.

          1. I have been to all three graves of Wild Bill Hickok, who is not known to have been dismembered prior to death. Go figure, huh?

            There are proofs of Napoleon, but don’t embarrass yourself by suggesting that a grave is one of them.

            1. Fine, so Napoleon was a hoax. What does that make Jesus?

              1. A superstar?

    2. That’s Protestantism not Christianity. And not even all Protestants.

      1. Well, you know, if you’re a Protestant or Evangelical, it should hardly be a surprise that you disagree with the Catholic Church.

    3. Wonderful, you triggered an atheist asshole.

  29. Bowing and kneeling doesn’t cost you anything. As long as problems stay out of your neighborhood, you can support anything. What BLM has to remember about their white allies is this: when violence began seeping into white areas, the bleeding heart city of New York elected a tough, law and order REPUBLICAN to clean things up, and it wasn’t pretty.
    Ironic to say this, but Rudy Giuliani may have been the most color-blind politician in New York. Sad to see him now.

    1. Actually, it was the black and brown neighborhoods of cities who demanded tough law and order back in the 1970s. It wasn’t until the Broken Windows theory was published in The Atlantic (1982) that whitey started to take note.

    2. People forget that Giuliani was the first SDNY federal prosecutor to perp-walk white white-collar criminals. It is sad to see him now.

  30. As usual, John McWhorter explicates a reasonable, centrist point of view, which is too rare. It’s not my point of view, but I appreciate it

  31. I highly recommend that any white privileged prog (Is there by other kind?) who feelz insufficiently anti-racist buy a can of brown shoe polish and…oh never mind

  32. I noticed the comparison of religion and socialism in college back in 1989. At the time I was grateful such secularized radicalism was restricted to campus, much like how I was satisfied religious conservatism was found mostly in isolated parts of America. The real world had a way of straightening things out for both groups. Capitalism forced one goal: profits. Then PC hit, mostly embraced by GenX women and Jews who had long secularized their religion generations ago, and corporate America realized there was more profit to be made by embracing PC than fighting it. My first years in corporate America post-college introduced me to this odd display of white condescending attitudes toward minorities that would make me laugh, a la Seinfeld. Last Friday my fortune 500 company announced mandatory racial sensitivity training to be held each Friday afternoon through summer. I’m no longer laughing. I left the Catholic
    church for the same punitive philosophy. Today’s cultural Marxism operates from the principle of original sin, a concept I vehemently oppose no matter whose pushing it. We will never dig out of this social mess until corporations start losing money on PC culture. Rainbow flags (ironically designed by a self-professed Marxist in San Francisco) and BLM mugs are top sellers. Meanwhile, we’re all living on one big college campus now.

    1. “Today’s cultural Marxism operates from the principle of original sin”

      Dude, that fits really good.

      1. Remember that Bhudism also started as a philosophy and eventually trandfirmed into a religion which is today followed by over a billion people.


    Michael Shellenberger, lifelong global warmist, has recanted bigly:

    On behalf of environmentalists everywhere, I would like to formally apologize for the climate scare we created over the last 30 years. Climate change is happening. It’s just not the end of the world. It’s not even our most serious environmental problem.

    I may seem like a strange person to be saying all of this. I have been a climate activist for 20 years and an environmentalist for 30.

    But as an energy expert asked by Congress to provide objective expert testimony, and invited by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to serve as Expert Reviewer of its next Assessment Report, I feel an obligation to apologize for how badly we environmentalists have misled the public.

    Here are some facts few people know:

    Humans are not causing a “sixth mass extinction”

    The Amazon is not “the lungs of the world”

    Climate change is not making natural disasters worse

    Fires have declined 25% around the world since 2003

    The amount of land we use for meat — humankind’s biggest use of land — has declined by an area nearly as large as Alaska

    The build-up of wood fuel and more houses near forests, not climate change, explain why there are more, and more dangerous, fires in Australia and California

    Carbon emissions are declining in most rich nations and have been declining in Britain, Germany, and France since the mid-1970s

    Netherlands became rich not poor while adapting to life below sea level

    We produce 25% more food than we need and food surpluses will continue to rise as the world gets hotter

    Habitat loss and the direct killing of wild animals are bigger threats to species than climate change

    Wood fuel is far worse for people and wildlife than fossil fuels

    Preventing future pandemics requires more not less “industrial” agriculture

    I know that the above facts will sound like “climate denialism” to many people. But that just shows the power of climate alarmism.

    Alas, Forbes has caved into the mob:

    And in a dramatic development yesterday, the Forbes website has abruptly taken down Shellenberger’s article. Dr Peiser said:

    “We should be grateful to Michael Shellenberger for his courage in setting out the truth about climate alarmism. And we should thank the handful of website and social media companies that have made a stand for free speech. Forbes, it seems, isn’t one of them”.

    1. The climate change cult and the cancel culture cult are quickly converging

    2. Visited family in a wealthy very white Boston suburb last week and it was entertaining to see lol these big houses with volvos and Mercedes in their driveways and BLM signs on their lawns. My guess is that they won’t be so woke when their kids don’t get into Harvard bc of their skin color, or they can’t pay for it because 80% of their income goes to taxes and paying reparations.

  34. Instead, that chapter simply repeats the minatory mantras from the previous chapters.

    Say what you will about the Bible, the ending gives you something different.

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  36. “You as a white person don’t get to ‘agree’ OR ‘disagree’ when black people assert something! Saying you ‘agree’ with them is every bit as arrogant as disputing them!”

    “You as a wrong thinker don’t get to ‘agree’ OR ‘disagree’ when the right thinkers put you up against the wall!”

  37. What I find fascinating is the tendency for humans to form religions. Michael Crichton did a nice speech before the Commonwealth Club in 2003 talking about environmentalism as the religion of urban atheists. I guess saving the planet didn’t have enough immediacy for some, so anti-racism is a rising religion. And as zealots so often do, they want the government to serve as their enforcement division. Religions have the capacity to do profound harm, but they seem to lose steam over time. And frankly, I’d rather be subject to the cancel culture than the Inquisition… at least for now. The counterbalance to sanctimony is ridicule. No offense to young McWhorter, but we need more Dave Chappelle.

    1. “Admit to your privilege and you’ll be spared.”

    2. Nice to see you again!

      The capacity for a religion is an important part of what made us human. The neocortex appears to have evolved in order to harness the benefits of religion as well as language.

      “Robin Dunbar argues that the critical event in the evolution of the neocortex took place at the speciation of archaic Homo sapiens about 500,000 years ago. His study indicates that only after the speciation event is the neocortex large enough to process complex social phenomena such as language and religion. The study is based on a regression analysis of neocortex size plotted against a number of social behaviors of living and extinct hominids.[15]

      Stephen Jay Gould suggests that religion may have grown out of evolutionary changes which favored larger brains as a means of cementing group coherence among savannah hunters, after that larger brain enabled reflection on the inevitability of personal mortality.[16]

      No culture survived long enough to be recorded in the historical record without religion, which, at the very least, suggests that having religion must have conferred advantages. Being so central to the evolution of our neocortex, I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to escape it. It isn’t just apparent among environmentalists and their obsessions with apocalypses and paradises but also in their compulsion to make sacrifices for a higher cause. And lets not forget their tendency to see things in terms of good and evil. You can see the same things among social justice warriors.

      Environmentalists and social justice warriors may not believe in the God of Abraham anymore, but they’re among the most religious people in our society.

      1. Do you honestly feel you have a solid grasp of the arguments and methods of the social justice crowd? Keep in mind that it’s all largely an academic discussion. The language and methods used by activists comes directly from race theory discussions at universities. It’s definitely not as simple as good vs. evil.

        Why people who have no stake in an academic discussion feel entitled to constantly bitch about the particulars of it is beyond me. You don’t see English majors go to the engineering college and tell them how to build bridges.

        1. None of your comments have made me laugh harder than this one.

      2. And good to see (or read) you as well. I know very little about the evolution of the neocortex but have made a note to learn more. Of course, given recent events you can imagine my surprise to find our species possesses them. I think it’s fascinating the way evolutionary changes that helped us 100,000 years ago have a way of biting us squarely in the ass today. I also think it’s amusing that the people who fancy themselves much further up the evolutionary ladder are subject to the same behaviors. They justify them with more syllables. Will we ever evolve beyond biology and tribalism… or should we simply find a comfortable live aboard trawler and observe the inevitable with Boodles on ice?

        1. Man and Civilization (his creation) are rivals.
          We have forgotten the need for harmony between them

    3. “we need more Dave Chappelle.”


  38. It’s an extremist political/religious cult with a totalitarian streak and intolerance for nonbelievers. Any logic or facts which contradict their dogma is regarded as heresy. With it suppression of dissent, its one of the most dangerous movements in recent history. Radical “social justice” may now be a greater threat than radical Islam. It’s fundamentally racist itself so anti-racist is not an accurate label.

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  40. Does a group that often lives in self-inflicted dysfunction ever have work to do? Stats on crime, single parent birth, dropping out, and various other negative factors are not caused by white malefactors, so when can we reasonably expect the perpetrators to get it together?
    Third-world immigrants who didn’t even speak English have surpassed a large cohort of the native born. Individuals like McWhorter are not a social anomaly; society is filled with black professionals, so it’s not a case of some secret formula shared by the very few.

  41. Apparently, Rhode Island is moving to delete “and Providence Plantations” from its official name.

    1. I’m over here waiting for the inevitable referendum to rename Washington State.

      1. How about British Columbia?

        1. Or the District of Columbia?

          1. Columbia was to be the original name of the state. 🙂

  42. Apparently, you can take the human out of the cave mythology but you can’t take the cave mythology out of the human.

  43. This piece is inaccurate. Cops do not kill more blacks than whites. Blacks are shot at a disproportionate rate, but at at 13% of the population, commit 50% of the murders.

    1. What do you suppose makes black people more prone to murder? Can I get an answer to this question for once?

      1. Why don’t you answer this question? You seem to have all the other answers. I’m betting you will blame “white racism,” lol. Blaming the victim and absolving people of personal responsibility. After decades of your approach destroying black communities, maybe we should try a different one.

        1. So black people murder more because they are less personally responsible than white people. And why is that?

      2. 1. I think you have an answer in mind and are not actually seeking one.

        2. There isn’t a simple answer to such a complex problem. There are many answers, many possibilities. And I don’t think black people are inherently “prone” to murder. (That’s actually more offensive and racist than the salient point: blacks commit more murders, but I don’t think they are born “prone” to commit murder.)

      3. What do you think, Tony?

        1. Silly person, Tony doesn’t know how to think.

        2. My position is clear: if being black means you and the people around you are more likely to commit crime, have chronic disease and broken homes, and have worse education outcomes, two possibilities present themselves. Either being black is somehow genetically correlated to worse social outcomes, or being black comes with less opportunity to escape social maladies for, you know, whatever reason. Maybe centuries of maximum oppression followed by a a century and a half of active measures to keep them ghettoized in every way.

          1. You and your ilk would know all about “active measures to keep them ghettoized in every way.”

            Everything is so terrible and unfair! Haha.

            1. It is terrible and unfair if being born black means you are overwhelmingly more likely to grow up with limited wealth and opportunity. I assume you’re not in the habit of blaming people for the circumstances of their birth, as inconvenient as it may be for libertarian philosophy.

          2. So when black people behave badly, it’s white people’s fault.

            To make up for 400 years of oppression, the police should either not arrest black people when they commit crimes, or should take affirmative action to arrest a lot more white people to bring the numbers to something more like the racial breakdown of the nation at large (or if you want to be more granular, of the local jurisdiction). Of course, that might lead to more black people being victimized by crime, so we’d have to take steps to address that disparity as well. Perhaps another affirmative action program, this time to encourage white people to rob, rape, and murder other white people. But wait–that might be racist too, because we’d have to offer incentives white people to get them to commit crimes without offering the same incentives to black people. I’M SO CONFUSED.

  44. You all are making great points. What a refreshing comment section free of cursing and 2-party dribble! 2 things always stand out in seasons like this: 1) Why are we surprised that people are acting like animals when that’s all they’ve been taught they are, from birth. In the religious temples of the public schools, Darwinian evolutionary theory is taught as fact. Who cares about anything, why is anything worth having an opinion on, who matters, “black” or not if we’re just evolved societies of bacteria? We’re all just fizzing different brain chemicals, right? Nothing matters if that’s the case, not black lives, not your kids, not your health, not your cute puppy, not your favorite football team…nothing. 2) Why have moral outrage that “black” people have problems with the magistrate/police, when you’re allowing “black” people and non-“whites” to be murdered at the rate of 1,000-3,000 per day in the name of indulgence, selfishness, cowardice, and convenience? So, again, “Black Lives Matter”. To who? Why? It’s hilarious when you consider that most people who subscribe to BLM, even half-heartedly, probably embrace their origins as “fish to philosopher”. So if you’re just advanced primordial ooze and there is no standard outside of what is concocted between your ears and manufactured by your own emotions, you don’t get to have an opinion. Why pursue immaterial things like logic, justice, math, love…why be self-refuting and inconsistent? Many people are doing just that…they’re acting like the animals they were taught to be…not caring about harming other image-bearers of God, not caring about anyone’s personal property, just living out the jungle. I posit the only way for “blacks” to be about the business of lifting up “their people” is to be outside the murder buildings with the Christ-followers, stopping the black teenage mommies from going inside and allowing someone to murder their babies inside their tummies. Barbaric, repulsive, specifically called out by God as NO, Sixth Commandment; Black Lives Matter needs to be about Commandment issues first, before addressing issues of shade of brown. Quick thought for the person somewhat indicating that Adam and Eve were “white”: Since we’ve all descended from those 2 original parents, Adam and Eve were most likely Persian in complexion, or a medium brown…from which all the shades of brown are possible, even by simple Punnet Square. So we’re all shades of brown. Even the U.S. Marines get it more factual than most; i.e. “light green” and “dark green”. We need to stop camping out and dying on the hill of shades of brown and start considering the fact that all of us die. Why is that? The Bible says it’s “wages”; it’s what we’ve earned and what we’re due. The more we are upset and outraged by what we do that is against the Creator we all know, the better off we’ll be. We all know the building has a builder, the painting a painter. Nothing can’t make anything…neither can “nothingness”. Start w/ the Moral Law, the Ten Commandments. Start w/ the stuff we all do to our families, friends, neighbors. Whip those issues first, then move on. The more we look at removing the beam/railroad tie out of our own eyes before looking to remove specks from other people’s eyes, the better off we’ll be. We spend a metric ton of time trying to fix other people. You, the observer, can’t fix racism or classism, you can’t fix a thief, a liar, a pervert, a murderer. Those are God-sized problems that the person you’re observing has to walk away from; “flee” from, as Jesus noted. Once you come to know your Master, then be about the business of “rescuing those who are stumbling toward the slaughter”. This has all been spelled out to us in great detail, over thousands of years. We still have copies of those instructions, those letters. The Bible is still there to read. We are like the Word indicates. We’re silly, chasing after idols, chasing after things that don’t satisfy. Our hearts ARE desperately wicked and the depths of our depravity are unreal. But we have hope. We don’t have to accept lies, things we know are wrong. We can simply be about our Creator’s business, turn away from the things we all know full well are “wrong”; there is such a thing. What we’re all ticked off about, going on around us now, is “sin”, the rebellion we see not against each other, really…it’s against Creator God…and not just some indiscernible “god”, The Creator God you encounter in His letters to us, the “Bible”. Jesus is reviled, God is reviled in our marketplace of ideas, worldwide, no other idea, entity, thought receives as much disdain. But we’re just making His point! These people in BLM, Antifa, CHAZ, the people concocting this Covid “pandemic”, the magistrates dictating silly measures we all must take to avoid some nebulous invisible plague…are all making His points for Him. Lies, deception, wanting other people’s stuff (coveting), jealousy, cowardice, intimidation, murder, idol worship. All front and center, in living color, for all to see. We need to be a people ticked off at rebellion against God and not just pick specific rebellion to camp out on. We are all riled up and ticked off and done with all this mess because we know it’s wrong. We’re not supposed to live like this. Most of us want to take good care of people, love our families, and enjoy our neighborhoods. Those are all God-honoring pursuits…and show obedience to The One we already know we owe every heartbeat to, who allows every atom in our body and around us to remain composed in just the right fashion. We gotta be about Him and not silly tribal warfare. Our lives are worth more than this. Every life, conception to great grandparents.

    1. You are a false prophet and God is a superstition.

      1. You’re a fucking moron that can barely tie your shoelaces. Go die in a fire, you will eventually anyways.

        1. A godly man I see.

  45. It’s fascinating that the one thing that finally started chipping away at Trump’s core support wasn’t his ongoing treason, incompetence, or even his bungling of a pandemic. It was cop abuse of black people and racism. I would never have picked that one. And you guys with your “But black people don’t have fatherzz” near self-parody puts you square on the other side of 80% or whatever of the country that finally recognizes the problem. I don’t know how this happened. I was told that black people being uppity with their demands for basic rights would turn off people en masse. Seems like it’s just you idiots. To be fair, black rights historically has been a turn off for white voters. Not anymore. Now someone explain why that’s a terrible development.

    1. What about the racism of the Left, capitalizing on an isolated tragedy for political gain, encouraging people to go into crowds and spread Covid, killing tens of thousands or more? What about the rights of all those killed by black criminals, including other blacks? Or don’t they matter in your liberal woke world?

      1. Does living in a rational non-woke world mean we start treating black people as inherently more prone to violence? Think that will help?

        And what isolated tragedy? At no point since the end of slavery have white people not brutalized black communities. If they ever are so uppity that they gain some wealth for their community, white people come along and literally burn it all down. Black Americans have lived with an unbroken pattern of active attempts to keep them in a worse society than white peoples enjoy. Nothing isolated about it.

        1. “…….they gain some wealth……. white people come along and literally burn it all down……”

          Yeah. Everything is so terrible and unfair. Why bother trying if some cracker just gonna come “burn it all down”? There’s always the streets.

          Wow. You are one sick puppy.

          1. And what are you doing to help?

        2. You’re right, but those white people pulling the rug out from under black people are Democrats, historically and today.

    2. I think it’s more that no matter how compelling the shit show, Americans have a finite attention span. No reality TV show lasts forever. This isn’t a Presidential term; it’s the Tiger King and it looks like it won’t be renewed for a fifth season.

    3. <To be fair, black rights historically has been a turn off for white voters. Not anymore.

      Not any time in the past 55 years or so. It was white people who enacted the Civil Rights Act of 1964, you know.

  46. It has been my experience that female leftist radicals have done their best work on their knees…if you know what I mean, and at a very affordable price.

  47. TWA isn’t the religion, it’s just one tenet – Liberal Guilt is the faith.

  48. I heard Goody Proctor say, “All lives matter!”

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  50. So we’re in opposite world now. Actual examples of racism must be called “anti-racism”.
    If telling someone they are not allowed to criticize people of other races, in ways that have absolutely nothing to do with race, because of their race isn’t racist, I don’t know what is.

    And it’s pretty ridiculous when you include all non-white people in the oppressed class. Marie Kondo is Japanese. Japan is a prosperous, established nation who has a colonial history as nasty as any white people country. Do they really need the protection of woke asshole Americans?

    1. Didn’t you hear? Logic is “racist”, just like math is “racist” and anything else that could produce cognitive dissonance in your average progtard.

      1. As is being smart or successful or mentally stable, apparently.

        How is it not seen as incredibly insulting and racist to suggest that black people can’t be expected to use logic and reason and be functioning members of society?

        1. It’s kinda hard to pimp a victim narrative while acknowledging that the victims are responsible for their own lives.

    2. Most of the guys and gals I keep up with from med school are all Asian (was my closest friend group at the time). We were talking about this the other day.

      Essentially they were celebrating, jokingly, getting the best of all worlds. Woke people dont bother them, or demand their action, scold lack of action, scold over-action, or really even concern themselves with them at all. No one expects political action or demands their support.

      Some even will lump them in as a tortured minority so they get extra protection. They enjoyed the same kind of upbringing and environment as I did (albeit they mostly grew up wealthy, my family was pretty lower-middle class…but same city and 2 parents at least). And now we all sit in the 1% and I am basically to constantly apologize for it because of my “privilege” while they can live lavishly, celebrate, and even get some woke credentials for being a minority group.

      Also hilariously, especially the 2 Japanese ones, are some of the most elitist and racist ones I know. They are constantly talking shit about being “superior” asians to something like Vietnamese or Chinese cohorts. It is seriously some hilarious shit to behold…man those asians got it figured out

      1. Japanese are quietly, politely, convinced of their own racial superiority. But they have to take a back seat to the Koreans. I have a suspicion that the reason that Koreans are burning with resentment over the fact that they were ruled by Japan from 1895 to 1945, while the Taiwanese (ruled by Japan for the same period) aren’t, is that the Koreans think they are the greatest people on earth, and that it was a violation of the fundamental order of the universe for them to be ruled by any ethnicity inferior to themselves (and even worse when the Japanese tried to get the Koreans to adopt Japanese language and culture).

  51. The mindless millennial is incapable of independent, reasoned thought. The adults allowed the mob grow, they nourished it and this is the result. You reap what you sow. Now what dumbfuck?

    1. I think the mindless of all cohorts are incapable of reasoned thought.
      Millennials are getting old. We’re going to have to start beating on whatever the next one is called.

  52. “But making this happen will require work, as will ending the war on drugs, improving educational opportunities for all disadvantaged black children, and other efforts such as steering more black teenagers to vocational programs training them for solid careers without four years of college.”

    I realize this is politically inkorrect in a Reason comment section, but the proportion of foreign-born population in the US is higher now than since the 1920s. Visit any construction site or meat packing plant and you’ll find 90%+ of workers are first generation South or Central American citizens. They’ve taken all the vocational jobs away from African Americans and lower class European Americans.

    1. They’ve taken all the vocational jobs away from African Americans and lower class European Americans.

      Employers have chosen the highest value solutions available to them.

  53. Unlike some, I don’t take religion or religiosity personally. I’m more comfortable around doubters and skeptics than true believers and zealots… but I’m pretty tolerant of anyone who stays off my lawn. As for “privilege” or “lives matter” or the identity-driven politics, my issue is the subordination of individuality to the collective. I may be privileged based on gender, race, etc., but to the extent someone is going to piss in my cornflakes, I prefer it be done recognizing my bowl of breakfast cereal as individual rather than indistinguishable from every bowl with a penis.

    I’m no evolutionary biologist, but I’m guessing the evolutionary predisposition to religion (tribalism with incense, incantations, and predatory sexual behavior) has something to do with preserving the group and enforcing group norms. Of course, it took about half a minute for someone to figure out it religion was also a handy structure for maintaining personal power and extracting concessions from individuals. And it’s no surprise that many religions jumped immediately into the sack with other power structures, even with the foundational texts of the religion would seem to dictate otherwise.

    I feel like there should be something pithy I can add regarding L. Ron Hubbard, but that seems lazy.

    1. Humans are naturally inquisitive.
      What sets Man apart is our imagination – to see cause and effect not physically present.
      We are programmed to try to figure things out.
      But ultimately things are unanswerable. All that is cannot be figured out.
      Religion gives us something in place to satisfy our instinct to understand and explain what is beyond human capacity.
      This is necessary for survival.
      Confidence (with faith) is Man’s greatest power, and greatest vulnerability

    2. Acknowledging individuality destroys the notion of collective guilt and grievance. That’s the last thing the grievance pimps want.

      1. our system is protect only white people that’s why black people are killed everyday

  54. Cops shoot more whites than blacks … get your lies straight Reason.

  55. It’s called white masochistic privilege (WHIMP).

  56. According to FBI and other sources, police kill 50-100% MORE whites than blacks.

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  59. I have tapped out on trying to please these people. I will continue to want the best for them, but I am done with actively trying to help or show any support.

    Try to voice some support? – it’s not YOUR place to speak on the issue, YOU didnt experience this; you dont have the answer, sometimes you have to shut up and LISTEN!
    Try to shut the hell up? – why aren’t you saying something?! Silence is violence!
    Try to be an ally? OK, but you better ally in the approved fashion of the day, in the exact way we say, and you still will probably catch shit for it anyways.
    Also be prepared to bow your head and apologize for your color and privilege, because nothing says “I want equality” like constantly bringing up the difference between people and their skin color, even when they are trying to be an ally.

    I will actively push for police reforms I believe in, and appropriate punishment of murderous cops, but nothing more.

  60. our system is down and thats why no justice

  61. Yes, of course.
    But also of course, no!

    Why is this so difficult?

    Racism…as a particular garden-variety form of human hatred … is not going away. Ever. As long as humans hate — for reasons both rational and irrational — hating on the basis of race will be a part of who we are. Not all of us, of course. Not even most of us. The vast majority of Americans KNOW racism is wrong. We reject it absolutely. But for some of us, sure, they’ll hate the Other because of skin color. And some will hate on the basis of religion….and some because of accent….or ethnicity….or gender….or sexual orientation…. or weight…. or or or or. Humans find reasons to hate because we’re human. This should not be news to anyone.

    So the Puritanical urge to ‘cleanse this New Original Sin (Hatred Variety 2B) from our souls is pointless. It’s also extremely dangerous. KNOWING what evil lurks in the hearts of Men, the New Red Guard does not hesitate to embrace Orwellian Thought Control (complete with Thought Police and Self-Righteous Collaborators) and the requisite Public Humiliations.

    At its peak the Stasi is estimated to have employed 2% of all East Germans as informers building files on 35% of the entire population. You can’t be too careful, I guess….especially when you simply KNOW people are thinking wrongly, speaking sinfully, or possess art, images or writings which The Council of What’s Approved Today has otherwise damned.

    What we witness in the streets and schools and news-rooms and communities and townhalls of America is no different. As McWhorter notes, “You as a white person don’t get to ‘agree’ OR ‘disagree’ when black people assert something! Saying you ‘agree’ with them is every bit as arrogant as disputing them!” Thus spake the New Jacobins.

    Welcome to the Auto-da-Fe; welcome to the Time of the Great Cancelling.

    But Mr. McWhorter himself falls prey to some of the same kind of ‘magical thinking’. He tells us, “For one, while racism does not explain why cops kill more black than white people—poverty makes all people more likely to be killed by the cops…they harass and abuse black people more than white people.” Of course he means ‘more’ not in absolute numbers (for that is patently untrue) but as a percent of whole…as a rate measured against ‘normal’ demographic rates. But to reach the conclusion that ‘racism’ drives police behavior is to skip over the logic of First Causes….and the hard edge of Occam’s Razor.

    Is it not more reasonable to conclude that police behavior, focused as it is on the prevention and punishment of crime, will focus more upon criminals and high-crime neighborhoods and high-crime scenarios than non-criminals in non-crime neighborhoods? More crime yields an increased police presence, yields increased police/civilian interaction, yields more cop/criminal violence. They go together like a horse & carriage.

    If I beat you in a race 10 out of 10 times, isn’t it more reasonable to conclude that I’m faster than that the race is fixed?

    He suggests….”If the tension between black people and the cops were resolved, America’s race problem would quickly begin dissolving faster than it ever has.” And this is very probably true. But what is the source of that tension if not a crime rate which is 2.5X that of Whites (significantly higher we we’re talking about young Black men). A murder rate of 8X? Is there a tension between the Black community and police because the police are racist….or because crime is endemic in that community?

    Equally he suggests “ending the war on drugs”….would help. But simple possession is not what is putting a disproportionate number of Black men in prison. Rather, as Prof. Loury of Brown points out, “the street trafficking in drugs in large urban
    areas is largely in the hands of black and Latino
    youth”. If we ‘end the war on Drugs’ do we equally legalize dealing Coke, Meth, Ecstasy, and Heroin?

    Mr. McWhorter points to the fact that “The TWA message asks whites to look inside themselves to examine the ways they contribute to racism.” He feels this is a good thing. As seemingly positive examples he underlines “30 Rock blackface” censorship, and the Dixie Chicks changing their name to Chicks. The problem is, both of these examples of “mea culpa” self-flagellation are asinine. It’s just a skit; it’s just a name. That’s it. That’s all. And what is demonstrated by the endless prostration before the God of Anti-Racism is not self-awareness but fear combined with an epidemic stupidity. If ‘Dixie’ is a forbidden word, what about ‘South’?

    Just how idiotic can we become?

    Yes, Mr. McWhorter’s absolutely right — the current Movement is not political, it is religious. It is not Thought we see being demonstrated on our burning streets, it’s True Belief. And as Hoffer pointed out, “Hatred is the most accessible and comprehensive of all the unifying agents. Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a god, but never without a belief in a devil.” And the Devil, for those whose who drive our new Krystallnacht, is not the Jew (at least not yet); it is the Boogeyman White Racist.

    And they see Him everywhere (as the Devil always is).

    Mr. McWhorter ends by saying, “Progressive Americans’ task is not to learn charismatic but purposeless self-flagellational routines, but to fight injustices with sense and logic.” Again, he is absolutely right. But it is not a Progressive responsibility…it is – as it always has been — an American responsibility. But in order to fight injustice, we must first learn to recognize injustice. And looking at what the Mob now chases, that is proving to be an impossibly challenging task.

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  63. “At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a chaplain was forced to resign after writing a note exploring the contradiction between roasting the police as racist and the Christian call for love of all souls.” — This is deceptive. He was forced to resign for saying that George Floyd “had not lived a virtuous life.”

  64. I ALWAYS appreciate whatever John McWhorter writes, because he is so logical, full of common sense — and brave. He writes the truth, the consequences be damned. I could not agree with him more! I am very upset by this new religion, and I fear that it will do more harm than good. Social change requires hard work. Are the protesters and thought police ready to sit down and work with those who may disagree with them, in whole or in part, and compromise? I think not.

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